Cold Fusion: A Resurrection and an Inconvenient Truth (A view from Europe)

Submitted by French reader Gerard Briand, a self described “self-taught thinker” and a professional in the field of building and construction. Many thanks to Claude Thiebaut who assisted with the translation.

Since the cold fusion of Andrea Rossi faces the dogmas of science, political conservatism and obscurantism from established energy interests, is Rossi’s strategy of fait accompli and the evidence that has been provided so far sufficient to impose the obvious technology?

If we refer to the ancient history of science and recent cold fusion claims by Pons and Fleischmann (1989), we see that we should not lack the character to tackle the certainties and defend the violent attacks from all sides. Cold fusion has already suffered severe consequences by being dragged through the mud, but perhaps now the whole environment has changed since we live in very different times..

In these events we must not see only the dark hand of conspiracy; there are also professional careers devoted to the hot fusion field with theoretical convictions about nuclear energy, educational and research programs, brilliant applications of nuclear energy, all involving much money. It is very human to be destabilized by challenges to a lifetime of work and an understanding of physics that has been established by the fathers. It can therefore be easy to deny, in collusion with parallel interests, the evidence of the implementation of the process of cold fusion.

Mr. Rossi and others are fighting against the dogma of a majority of scientists and politicians, media and major energy interests that would be put at a competitive disadvantage if cold fusion “finally came out of the woods.” But I think yes, they are on track, the battle has just begun and recognition in the public arena will take time. The most violent charges are yet to come, so we must turn to the forces of progress and credible personalities who will validate the technology.

I am now convinced of the validity of the concept of cold fusion, and there is no doubt that a new game is in progress, certainly much more violent than in the Pons and Fleischmann case. With the recent advances of Andrea Rossi, it is clear that it will be difficult. The suspicion of fraud is strong, and diverse and varied interests who fear of losing credibility and the dogmatic stance about the laws of physics are a major barrier. But the needs are such that it will tip the balance, I hope.

Mr Andrea Rossi, a great strategist, understands that the best angle is to popularize the revolutionary concept of cold fusion. He can expect little help from conservative European powers often in the pay of lobbies, including nuclear power in France, but also at home in Italy.

The huge financial investment in programs such as ITER are the mark of submission of the European powers to the interests of energy producers who want to keep the energy monopoly that made it so powerful. It also helps fill the coffers of nations when they are shareholders, with whole populations subjects of this monopoly. This great collusion of interests, intentional or not, results from the dogmas of experts and serves to stifle competition.

In Greece, Defkalion takes the rear, with or without the support of Rossi, and creates a positive competition that might be called “energy democracy”. At the same time still in the strategy of fait accompli Rossi moves his project in the United States on several levels. He bets on the entrepreneurial spirit of America and a market traditionally always ready for major innovations as evidenced by Tesla and Edison. The US is also less subject to nuclear power and has an awareness that their oil lobbies are at an end. The endless rise in fuel and energy prices along with the global crisis, plays into Rossi’s hands. The current administration’s policies supporting alternative energy, in comparison with “Bush oil dynasty,” can probably help, directly or indirectly by accelerating the recognition of cold fusion.

Today Mr. Andrea Rossi took checkmate in the first round; he has played against the blank face of financial interests of certainty in scientific dogma and advances. If other parts of the world will come and support us to make the switch permanently to a new energy era, their needs may such that they will tip the scales in favor of the “Holy Grail” of energy.

This would result in a chaotic period as was experienced in the last industrial revolution, we can not escape the brutal technological breakthroughs and the abandonment of “new technologies” such as ITER, made obsolete by Rossi’s cold fusion.

  • Lovely article.

    But I still think we should get a posse together and steal one of these contraptions.

    I hate the suspense! Does it work or doesn’t it?

    Rossi you teasing bastard! You should be held down and tickled with a feather on your bare feet!

    So, lets find out where one of these multitude of built and “working” cheap energy devises are and steal it! Study it and set it free on the interwebs, for all the world to share.

    Anyone up for it??

    • Well LENR has been replicated on ten fronts or more now and most assuredly does work. Whether Andrea Rossi has such a device is only a probability since he started the “race”, I think perhaps he’s legit.

      No need to steal a LENR device though, a Guy named Chan has put instructions on the internet to build your own, and they are very specific and free.

      That’s on which is a site promoting open source ecats.

      • damn I just dry cleaned my ninja outfit..

      • Jerry

        Here we go again, the nut cases start coming out of the wood work with a build your own cold fusion device that they charge 49.95 for the plans to build on, we need to help shut those sites down.

        • Bill Colias

          I guess I’ll now have to charge 39.95 for my plans.

          • Robert Mockan

            What a bunch of price gougers!
            I can offer my plans for free!
            (And they will be worth every cent you pay for them!)

        • Wes

          And… they throw in plans for an anti-gravity device which can double as a time machine… for FREE!!! Does it come in green?

      • kevin

        I think Chan is related to the company he talks about supplies all his stuff, its a marketing ploy for nickel powder and the other stuff he promotes

  • Rockyspoon

    It will warm my heart to see the energy cartels, especially those making $billions in the middle east off high-priced oil, fracture and face competition over which they have no control.

    Power to the people!

  • scott

    I believe there will be resistance from both sides of the political isle. This administration has funneled billions to his preferred donors in the alternative energy sector and received more from BP than any politician ever.
    It is going to take all of us to demand that the road blocks ahead be removed and properly placed funding begins.

  • earthhydro

    The obvious isnt stated much. the one con that fits since Rossi started is getting a settlement from big oil. its like a poker hand. will they call his bluff?
    Rossi is a philosopher. with a degree in it. ever notice how he is so good at how scenarios play out before hand? Scientist aint no good at this. he is. people dismiss this money source. Big oil has written many a buyout for devices that hurt their business..

    • Johnny Thunder

      Rossi is not a philosopher but he has a PHD.

  • Robert Mockan

    Hot fusion research with plasma will not be adversely affected by cold fusion research with condensed matter. They both have their place in science research and development. In any event hot fusion technology for power is closer to realization than many outside the field realize. Vested interests in the status quo have fought a losing war against progress since before the advantages of progress were even acknowledged. Going back not just years, but centuries. Progress covers a lot of territory. Clearly there has been a huge effort to delay social evolution, and maintain political and monetary systems that serve an Elite, rather than humanity as a whole. People in the industrialized countries with even a low standard of living live well compared to billions in countries that have not enjoyed all the benefits of progress. Right now, literally billions of people live a hell on earth, that should NEVER have been allowed to develop. Rossi is trying to make a difference. He may not succeed in overcoming the resistance by vested interests in the status quo to applying nuclear reactions in condensed matter to improve the world, but his efforts are being noticed.

  • Yo me inclino a pensar que dadas las condiciones del mundo en materia de energía y en materia de crisis en la estabilidad socio-política de muchos de los ejes dominantes que siempre había tenido el planeta, considero que el E-cat viene a dar la resurrección y un nuevo respiro a este eje de poder, tan es así que no han esperado para tener en primicia uno de los primeros artefactos representantes del llamado “santo Grial” de la energía.
    Soy altamente creyente en que la humanidad debe cambiar hacia un modo de vida más igualitario y menos egoísta. Considerando las espectativas, cualquier LENR ó E-cat será un motor que impulsa hacia esto.
    Ruego porque sean buenas manos las que tomen estos inventos, ya que en lo que he leído de Andrea Rossi, me parece que el ve negocio, pero además habla de precios razonables. Pues que esto no se convierta en promesas vacías solamente está por verse. por eso creo que el 2012 será un año de muchos interrogantes por resolver. Esperemos que se resolverá uno de los más grandes que ha padecido el hombre, (la abaricia y el egoismo), para que así triunfe la igualdad y la democracia.

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  • Wayne

    The sad truth-Einstein who is often quoted as the most intelligent man who ever lived layed the groundwork by which modern science has made many advances.Near the zenith of his career he made a statement which should stop the skeptics in their tracks.He compares all his wisdom,knowledge and progress to but one grain of sand amidst all the sand on all the sea shores on this earth.
    With the humility to make a statement like this he was truly a great man.How sad to see scientists dictate that anything outside the confines of physics as their finite minds understand it is an impossibility.To have the audacity to critisize and attempt to publicly humiliate those who somehow have the courage to escape these confines makes one truly a selfish person,I believe were Einstein living he would be saddened by this conceit.Mankind needs to explore other grains of sand and there are many to help themselves to new energy sources, etc.

    • Newton said that, not Einstein.

  • Tommi Elonen

    “Cold fusion has already suffered severe consequences by being dragged through the mud, but perhaps now the whole environment has changed since we live in very different times”

    This is just stupid. The cold fusion has been rightfully sneered upon, because IT. HAS. NOT. WORKED. The chance of political environment does not help cold fusion rise up, but a WORKING cold fusion will do this.
    That’s the differense. So far, Rossi can claim he has a working unit, but as long as nobody truly neutral has actually seen it, well…

    Also, to think that current nuclear power plant makers would try to silence this discovery is unrealistic. If anything, they would/should be thrilled of this new NUCLEAR reaction. The key is in the nuclear. They can continue in business, if they adopt this new technology. The current lifetime of nuclear reactors is actually quite short, and after Fukusima there has been almost no new power plants started. The nuclear power plant makers should be DESPERATE for this technology, to kickstart a whole new direction of nuclear plants. The old plants get shut down, and no new plants are being made. They are soon out of work, if they don’t get an alternative like E-cat.

    So don’t blame the world for not taking this new invention in with open arms, blame the developer of this technology for not proving the world that this technology works. This time.

    “Mr Andrea Rossi, a great strategist, understands that the best angle is to popularize the revolutionary concept of cold fusion.”

    He might be an engineer, but he is not a great strategist. If he had, he would have already convinced the world that his invention works, and made sales with current nuclear power makers, on HIS terms. All this little home heater business… this is just so SMALL. He could do this on his spare time, after he has leased the invention to the major nuclear powers.

    “He can expect little help from conservative European powers often in the pay of lobbies, including nuclear power in France, but also at home in Italy.”

    Like I said, this is very distorted and untrue view. The nuclear powers would be HAPPY to get this technology.

    • Omega Z

      If LENR works & is adapted to produce Electricity, Each business will have it’s own power plant. Each home will have their own power plant. There would be no need for Centralized Nuclear Power Plants.

      Oil, Coal, & Natural gas will still be around as there all used in hundreds of products. It would just be at a reduced level & cheaper. A major example: All 3 of these fossil fuels are required to make Steel.

      Only 40% of Oil is used for Gasoline in the U.S.

      • Believer

        I agree, the energy producers would be out of business soon. Rossi has no reason to deal with them and they know it. They completely lack the infrastructure to develop and market his technology. They certainly have capital, but he should be able to get that somewhere else, since his invention is nothing less than revolutionary. So why involve the energy producers in the process? They are of no use for him and to let them have a share in this, would be a complete waste of money.

        Even if he did, selling a generator to everyone, maybe only once, doesn’t quite fit their business model. They prefer dependent customers. Why selling them something, which would make them completely independent when in terms of energy production? At best they’d set up power plants. But that wouldn’t even remotely utilize this technology to it’s full potential. What cold fusion (if it works, which I hope it does) basically means is major economic and possibly even political changes (no more “wars for oil” maybe). At least some of those in power couldn’t possibly be interested in such a thing, unless they are willing to give up their status quo, which history has proven they are not. That’s why I think there are people, who would like to prevent this at least as long as possible. The best thing for the energy producers would be to have cold fusion not even being researched properly.

        But, of course, once market introduction of this technology becomes inevitable, everyone wants to have it. Did we reach that point? I’m not sure yet.

        In any event, Rossi has to be as careful as possible in preventing his technology from being stolen. So it is more than understandable, that he will not reveal how it works, as long as he has no international patent.

        All the best from Germany

        • Tommi Elonen

          Please get real.

          People already can generate their own electricity, with solar or wind. The electricity companies are not afraid of that, for the sole reason that it’s MUCH more efficient to generate the electricity on large scale, than on small scale. If electric companies would adopt E-cat, they could sell the electricity for much cheaper, than it costs to create it at home.

          Some homes, who want to be cut out of the grid, could create their own electricity, byt they would still require REFUEL and SERVICE, done by authorized electric companies.

          Also, most homes simply cannot house the E-cat. Apartments for example. How about public lighting? Road lights? This all requires electricity. It would be totally unrealistic to expect all power companies to die out, if E-cat works.

          “They completely lack the infrastructure to develop and market his technology.”

          I think you just brainfarted.

          “At best they’d set up power plants. But that wouldn’t even remotely utilize this technology to it’s full potential.”
          On the contrary, this would be the most efficient and most sensible way to utilize this technology. As I mentioned above, it’s much more efficient to generate the electricity all in one spot, than to spread it out. Bigger plant, bigger efficiency.

          Take for example a windmill.
          It’s much more efficient to use one large windmill, than several small windmills, even if the wing area is identical.

          Same with turbines, large turbine is more efficient than several small ones.

          • You are missing the point. Solar works during the day, great, Wind works when the wind is blowing, again wonderful, the E-Cat if it works, works all the time.

            So you get a steady source of power that you can rely on. Now the question of Price comes into play and at what amount can you ‘repay’ the cost of your investment back. I believe the current price tag is too much for true competition with Energy Production. However if the Price fell to about $1 Million USD and the electrical output could reach as high as 250 KW then you have a viable investment. Taking just 4.6 Years to pay for the system against commercial entities.

            This would mean that were you to finance this out for 5 years you would be paying the same amount for electricity that you would have paid anyway.

            This would change the dynamics of ‘power’ as small group could purchase this device and lease it out and pay over the course of 30 years as little as two pennies ( USD ) per Kilowatt hour.

            That is why it would ‘change’ the way energy is done, barring that the electric companies could compete with that, which might happen but it completely changes the dynamics of supply demand curves.

  • sds

    “Methods and apparatus for energy production through the amplification of energetic reactions. A method includes amplifying an energy release from a dispersion of nanoparticles containing a concentration of hydrogen/deuterium nuclei, the nanoparticles suspended in a dielectric medium in a presence of hydrogen/deuterium gas, wherein an energy input is provided by high voltage pulses between two electrodes embedded in the dispersion of nanoparticles.”