Rossi: Electrical Production “Very Close”, Deal Signed to Make it Happen

News out of the Andrea Rossi camp has been relatively quiet of late. The flurry of activity surrounding the October demonstrations has died down, but it appears that Rossi is not relaxing in his efforts to move his technology forward and bring it into the commercial realm. One of his stated goals is to have E-Cats be able to provide electrical power as well as heat, and he has recently reported progress in this regard.

A recent remark on his Journal of Nuclear Physics Site indicates that Rossi is getting even closer to being able to make electricity efficiently:

Q: Are you going to use the first 1MW plant for producing electrical power? If yes, have you redesigned the plant’s layout?

A: no. We are not yet ready to produce electric power, even if we are very close. I want also to say that an agreement we reached yesterday will accelerate this development.

So a frank but encouraging response from Rossi. It is interesting that he is making agreements with outside entities — this would seem to be highly necessary thing for him to do if he is going to be able to expand as rapidly as he hopes. Looking forward to more details!

  • Jerry

    Turns out Rossi has confirmed that Ahern’s tech – DOES NOT WORK and will not work.

    • Johannes Hagel

      Can you explain better? In what way Rossi has proven that Aherns method does not work? Any references?

    • Robert Mockan

      >Jerry, Ahern is not using Rossi process as evidence for his hypothesis, but that of Arata and Miley. I admit the Ahern presentation was a disappointment because he did not show any math analysis of the hypothesis. And the hypothesis he talked about is not even his, but dates back over 15 years to others suggesting the idea that phonon vibration modes can add enough energy to hydrogen to cause fusion.The idea was subsequently found lacking in many important details, and failed to explain fusion with the metallic lattice nuclei, or the whole nuclei fusion of elements found in other experiments. But it would be in error to claim that Rossi confirms Ahern is wrong.

      • ?

        Robert, you have mentioned at some places around here that there have been similar devices based on the same or smiler phenomenon. Are there any devices that were more efficient than Rossi’s?

        • Robert Mockan

          Rossi has not provided enough information to make comparisons to the E-Cat.
          Technically, efficiency is energy out divided by energy in (NOT power out divided by power in). And is it the “cold fusion” phenomena in general, or the nickel hydrogen process in specific? I have alluded to “similar” devices, but I refer to the phenomena in general. As far as I know no other gas loaded nickel hydrogen process with the power ratios that Rossi talks about have been built by others. Take that for what its worth.
          On the other hand, if I answer your question the way I would like, my answer is likely to exceed the required suspension of disbelief needed to even evaluate the evidence before dismissing it.
          Oh well, I’ll take the shot.
          The efficiency of the system described at the following site is greater than any nickel hydrogen system, regardless of how they are loaded with hydrogen, that I am aware of.

        • Robert Mockan

          Here is the other answer. Here are some resources to help decide for yourself if there are “similar” devices more “efficient” than the Rossi E-Cat.

          And I would be amiss not to mention the “black hole” of cyberspace where information about all subjects energy related that are “too good to be true” end up after being rejected by the scientific community, the peer reviewed science journals, and also fail 100% duplication because there are too many unknown uncontrolled variables in the experiments. The Rex Research web site is also well known to all the
          tin foil hat crowd because it includes ALL the fringe subjects, not just about energy. Click on the energy and transmutation subjects and you will see what I mean. Have fun.

  • Zzzz

    Please stop: I’m bored! When will this slow motion “train crash” end? Rossi has nothing, and for an unknown reason keeps on fanning the flames of the non-event of the decade.

    • Johannes Hagel

      If it finally should turn out to be a hoax its double frustration. First the long waiting and finally disappointment. If – as I still believe – the e-cat (or LENR) is valid we will be finally rewarded for our patience. Lets hope for the best!

      • admin

        Good reminder about patience, Johannes. There is so much hope regarding this technology that it is understandable that people want to know everything about it as soon as possible, But with any major enterprise things take time, problems need to be addressed and solved and work needs to be done.

        If it wasn’t for Professor Focardi’s insistance on going public last January, we may not have heard anything about the E-Cat yet. Rossi has been working in the public spotlight since then, and naturally people are wanting him to deliver the goods right away. Like you, I hope for the best, and try to be patient!

  • daniel maris

    Looking forward to ANY details I would say!

    Rossi’s resolution for 2012 should be “I am going to offer the public some persuasive evidence of the operation of the E Cat”.

    • The public is not Rossi’s source of money. Investors are. I would guess that most investors who pack money into this sort of thing are too rich to care about the little bit that they risk in proportion to their total wealth.

      The public is an innocent bystander. The only way that we can be hurt is if we change our plans or act on the most probably false information that Rossi is giving in order to manipulate investors who are giving him money.

      For example, I had to cut a check for $8000 USD recently to connect my ranch to Edison power. In the back of my mind I was asking myself should I wait for Rossi’s off-grid solution?

      • Hampus

        There are no investors! Hi is selling ecats, that is how he makes money.

        • I believe so much in his customer that I had no trouble sleeping after I wrote the check for the Edison connection. Besides, we have meth thieves on the ranch. Anything that can be stolen will be stolen and used to buy drugs. If this box of his costs $6000 Euro then I would prefer to pay $8000 now and connect to Edison.

          • Hampus

            The overall cost for electricity will go down. So I don’t think you did a bad choice. You have people on meth on your farm?? . Is that a big problem in the countryside?, drugs I mean.

          • Ranch not farm. And yes, theft is the number one problem to overcome with off-grid installations in rural regions. The devices are not cheap and there is nob

    • DARIO

      Tutti sanno che una cosa è impossibile da realizzare, finché arriva uno sprovveduto che non lo sa e la inventa.
      Albert Einstein

      • DARIO

        Everyone knows that something is impossible, until it reaches a fool who does not know and invents.
        Albert Einstein

  • Francesco CH

    Andrea Rossi
    December 8th, 2011 at 4:23 PM
    Dear Steve:
    We are working very hard to make our plants. Today, for example, we have finally selected the primary liquid that will run through the primary circuit to make electric power, a very important achievement along the path of the evolution of out plants, working with our Customer.
    Warm Regards,

    • scott

      Does this give anyone here a clue as to what system he is going with to create the electricity?

  • Fly

    Rossi has shown what are three things: words, words, words… Only words

    In Italian: parole, parole, parole… Solo parole

    • Hampus

      And some test with a few scientists.

  • Tommi Elonen

    The fact that rossi is even thinking about making electricity with his E-cat is actually a sign that his might be a hoax after all.
    No sane person would do that. (Well, it might explain it though..).
    The key word is specialization. Rossi might be expert at making the E-cat, but he should leave the electricity generation to other parties, who know their field. That way he can focus on his core area, the E-cat.
    Even on conventional power plants, DIFFERENT manufacturers make the furnace and the turbine.

    • Tommi Elonen

      To add:
      Rossi is apparently trying to make an universal machine, that can do anything. If can generate heat, it can create electricity, I would guess it can soon be used as a cooking stove.

      He is trying to make the machine so irresistable, that everyone wants to buy it.
      It all looks good on paper, but unless it can be confirmed to work, by neutral third parties, it’s all for nothing.

      • Francesco CH

        Do not forget the use as refrigerator

    • scott

      It would help him at demonstrations if he could show a measurable electrical output.

      • Steve W

        He could plug in a toaster with the electricty produced. He could then serve toast to those observing the demonstration. Who knows, Krivits might not have been so critical had he been served some toast.

    • Ged

      Your logic makes absolutely no sense, and in fact is utterly backwards. For instance, a nuclear fission reactor is simply a glorified water boiler. In the end coal, natural gas, nuclear power and the like are all just steam generators, simply using different methods to make the heat. Heat is converted to electricity using steam as an intermediate. The e-cat makes steam, so all anyone has to do is work out the technical engineering details to hook it to a turbine/generator. Putting all this into one neat little package is highly important if the e-cat is to be successful in the market, especially at the consumer level.

      Assuming the device is working like advertised and it isn’t a hoax, of course. But wanting to make electricity out of it does -not- increase the likelihood of it being a hoax, but rather -decreases- it, as that is the sensible, logical next step, and absolutely necessary for consumer market appeal.

      • Tommi Elonen

        I’m sorry, I wasn’t very clear.

        What I’m trying to say, is that sure, with electricity you can do all those things. But for what? To demonstrate it works?

        The steam is all that matters. With steam, you can do whatever you want. Steam is everything the Rossi NEEDS, to demonstrate his device.

        The fact, that he has chosen NOT to demonstrate the function of his machine through this simple and measureable way, but is instead now aiming for electricity, tells that something is wrong.
        With steam, he could make exact measures of the devices working.

        If he starts creating electricity from E-cat, it will become increasingly difficult to measure the energy produced. Turbines and excess heat will all lose some of the produced energy, only part of the original energy goes to electricity.

        The steam measurements would be much more reliable way to measure the energy the E-cat is producing.
        The electricity is just a public stunt.

        • Cliff Bradley

          Interesting. You guys don’t get what Rossi is trying to do. He’s trying to create something that is useful for people, not to prove his system. That’s all you think about, prove that it works. Rossi is convinced that it works, and wants to sell units to people.

          Who actually cares about measuring anything as long as you can run your house on it and just recharge it once or twice a year?

          Here is what is important. Provide something that your average user can use. They can’t use steam, but they can use electricity.

  • georgehants

    What do we know.
    We know that Rossi single handed has put a squid under main-line science and probably sped up the research on Cold Fusion by 10 years even if he has nothing, and for that he deserves the Nobel Prize.
    In less than one year more has been learned and old Truth’s revealed than in the previous 23 years.
    The fraud and incompetence of science and the persecution of P&F have become clear.
    It would be great to receive a Christmas present from Rossi or Defkalion but if not we can hopefully look forward to positive developments in the new year.
    They have still only been at it for one year, so have plenty of time before we can complain at the delay,
    about another 22 years going by establishment science.

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  • Steve W

    I have been following this story since March and I certainly hope the E-cat is all it’s been reported to be- it would be the greatest single leap in technology of all of human history. But, why does Rossi think he has to develope all the other subsystems? It’s as if Edison invented the light bulb but wouldn’t let anyone test it difinitively. Instead he would give progress reports on how the lamp fixtures were coming along. All this is becoming increasingly annoying. I really wish I never started following this story and just found out about it on CNN if it’s real. It would have saved me a lot of time. I’m done, I’m not telling anybody about this thing anymore.

    • Francesco CH

      Producing electricity is not a mere “subsystem”, it is the CORNERSTONE, it is the most important application of Rossi’s invention.

      • Steve W

        You’re missing the point. Rossi invented a new method of LENR- thats his intelectual property claim. Why should he waste time on electrical generation that a thousand other companies are more qualified to handle? He should license the heat source that goes into say a Lenox furnance, a Generac home generator, a GE electrical generation plant, etc. To think that Rossi is going to come out with an electrical generation system for his E-cat that isn’t going to be chewed up and spit out by big industry competition is naive. The time spent monkeying around with electrical generation could be spent on improvements to his reactor core.

        • nate

          If you read the stories from the last few Weeks you will see that the claim is the ecat as sold does not produce enough heat for use on a power production system but recently with the help of new partnes have started top be abler to produce higher temps needed to power a steam turbine

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  • Frank Zamburro

    What a load of loosers, knockers are a dime a dozen
    geniuses are precious and rare,
    Mr. Andrea Rossi is the saviour we needed at this junction of evolution on this degraded planet, yet our greenies are screamers et al global warming yet
    their silence is deafening.
    I am sure that if he were a Jew or an Anglo the media would be frantic.
    Congratulations Mr. Rossi