Rossi: 10,000 Home-based E-Cats Have Been Ordered

The goal that Andrea Rossi set just over two weeks ago of having people sign up to order 10,000 small E-Cats for domestic use has been met. On the Journal of Nuclear Physics today is this exchange:

Q: As one who has signed up to receive a home plant when they become available I am curious to know if you have attained the 10,000 unit potential orders you are shooting for? Can you tell us the number of requests received to date, or if you have achieved your stated goals, yes or no?

A: Yes.

This achievement shows there is a substantial level of interest in this technology and a considerable amount of trust that people are putting in Andrea Rossi and the things he is saying. Of course since no one has been made to make any payment for these pre-orders yet, so many of them could be considered “soft”; a more true test of customer commitment will be when funds are asked for, and it is unclear when that will happen. If all these pre-orders were to convert to real ones, Rossi would be able to raise at least $54m — potentially much more if orders are still rolling in.

It will be interesting to see what his next step will be. If he asks these potential customers for deposits now he will certainly be opening himself up more to accusations of fraud. No one has seen these E-Cats yet, and it is still unknown whether governmental regulators will allow these units to be used in homes. But if production is to begin, Rossi will be needing funds, and apparently people are to be willing to pay for E-Cats even if they have no solid evidence that they work, or if they will be allowed to use them.

  • David

    It’s absolutely impossible to have a nuclear device (legal) at home. It’s just too dangerous.

    • Francesco CH

      It has to be possible if it is intrinsic 100% safe

    • John

      Isn’t a smoke detector a nuclear device? I believe it uses a radioactive element to detect the smoke. Such a device is allowed in the home.

      • Ged

        Yes. Americium is a radioactive element commonly used in smoke detectors (or was). Radioactives are in a lot of common household items.

    • not-a-lawyer-but

      You cannot prove E-Cat is a “nuclear device”. No ionizing radiation, no actinides, no deuterium, helium-3, lithium-6, no fission products, no neutrons, no megakelvins — nothing to show. For what any lawyer would care, it is powered by magic, which is not illegal or regulated. Case is closed and thrown out of the court, ANY court.

    • not-a-lawyer-but

      Right, and one more thing. You can buy tritium-lit wrist watch — it is a bunch of tiny nuclear reactors converting beta into light. Legally, it is by far more “nuclear” than E-Cat.

      • The same goes for some smoke detectors, they too use radioactive substances and are for consumer use

    • D

      If you can have microwave ovens at home it means you can have an e-cat at home.

      (Don’t open them)

      • morgan

        A microwave sized device with more out than in?

        I’ll have one, please.

        Let me know when Comet or Curry’s have ’em in stock.

    • Wes

      Regulatory agent: “I see that e-cats are wrapped in radiation-absorbing material.”
      Rossi: “Actually this is just strong packaging.”
      Agent: “In that case would you mind unwrapping one and standing next to it while it’s running?”
      Rossi: “Uhhhh. All e-cats are undergoing testing now and cannot be touched. Come back in the Spring.”

    • art

      Smoke detectors are “nuclear”.

      • David

        Not any more, Nuclear smoke detectors are forbidden in the Netherlands. All the smoke detectors now work with some infrared beam.

  • Martin6078

    Once upon in the past computers are estimated five for the whole world.
    David, please read the notes of A.R about E-Cat.
    kindly regards:

  • ?

    “Yes”, is hardly a statement.

    • Ged

      The question was left as a “yes or no” at the end.

      • It could mean, he met his goal of testing the market and scaring the competition. He might not have had 10K orders yet.

        • sapain

          rossi probabaly has over a 100k worth of prospect orders

  • Matt

    So was he just waiting until someone asked him on his website if the number had been reached? Normally once you hit your target you would let the people know, send out a notice

    • admin

      That is not always Rossi’s style. Many of his important announcements come as responses to questions.

  • Annoynymous

    Yet no real evidence the whole thing works.
    Mysterious silent customers, “SNAKES” and all that crap.
    Unfortunately it start to look more and more like a scam.

  • Fly

    I did not bring forward a single dollar…

    • idan

      the main question in this whole project is – is the u.s goverment is sleeping while someone is producing one of the most importent thing in the history of mankind since ever and letting a person named andea rossi to take creadit for it and letting him to be the most richest guy on the planet in few years to come ?

      i think this whole thing is a HUGE SCAM, no more.

      not only u.s goverment will desire this technology , but the whole world would like to put his hands on this kind of technology.

      i think people are living in a dream more then reality, i cant bealive for one second that the goverments would sit back and let the show go on without them.

      specialy on unlimited power supply in theory.
      this dream is a wet dream since ever , and will change the world from one edge to the other, and not a single orginization wouldnt do everything to get his hands on it, not rossi or his company will be able to stop them from getting the technology . specialy not him or people from his side.

      too much money is involved in this kind of technology and wayyy too much power.

      the goverment which will have this tech will be the strongest one in the world.

      so in short words, dream on people, this is just a SCI FI crap, and from what i can understand (after reading alot of articals on this project in the past two weeks) , looks like a HUGE SCAM , international scam that alot ofpeople are falling into it and investing money on something that will not happen, any how not by rossi or defkalion.

      only huge resorce goverment can do such thing , and rossi is not the wheel founder, and is just doing another scam like the ones we saw in the passt few years by others, not only on tech issues.

      good luck for all , and rossi , i wish you best! but from what i assume, if this was real.

      the whole world media would have broadcast the “special test” you did some time ago, and the whole world would talk about the next thing to become real soon.

      we are underestimating the media power , and they – specialy they wouldnt miss such a scoop!

      dream on people , dream on.

      • The US government isn’t sitting back. They just aren’t telling us how much they are involved. My thoughts are they have NASA, and possibly MIT working together to recreate Rossi’s work, and try to be first to patent it. If the government patents is first, Rossi can’t sell any here, or can’t compete, and they can keep it in their pocket. By the way, if that happens, we won’t see a dime less on our energy bills. In fact, we’ll probably have to pay more as taxes for all the R&D. When they have Rossi’s goat, they will call it all a hoax, and Cold Fussion will once again be put in the closet. But, you or I won’t hear a wisper.

        • sapain

          rossi has applied for a patent in the usa and probably world wide. if some one patents before him, it just opens the door for everyone.

          • Mike

            The US government cant patent it first, US law dictates the first to invent is the real inventor. If they ever tried then Rossi could simply use an old research book to prove he was the first inventor of this product. Simply reverse engineering one of his e-cats would be sufficient to prove he had invented the technology first and therefore assisting him in overcoming and previous prior patent application.

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  • Everybody has soap in their eyes because they’re focusing on “does it work” and “prove that it works”. Take a step back and forget about whether or not it works. Ask instead “are there investors” and “how much did the investors pack into this venture”? If Rossi got his hands on money he can use a portion of it to make it look pretty darn real. However Rossi’s money matters are his private business and he doesn’t have to reveal them to anyone. So you won’t find out about investors unless he fesses up and tells you.

    OK, so who can answer the above financial questions? People with enough money to have a pretty good business intelligence machine at their disposal. What are these people doing? Warren Buffet two days ago announced that he’s buying a solar ranch in California. Bill Gates is in talks with China to produce a clean and safe cheap Chinese nuclear reactor.

    Another entity that can and should know is the government. The laws are set up to protect companies from being sued for claims that are extravagant but possible. If somebody goes out and makes way out wild claims in order to defraud investors, then that’s a crime.

    You and me can’t look at Rossi’s finances and inspect the investors in this venture. But the attorney general can.

    • Wes

      Governments usually make a clear distinction between selling a product and selling an investment. People selling non-existent products go to jail. If Rossi accepts money for an e-cat, a legally binding transaction has occurred. If Rossi fails to deliver on a completed transaction, he may end up spending time contemplating the nickle-plated bars in a jail cell.

      Considering his distinctive look, a “Rossi-on-the run” from customers/investors would likely have to hide out in some low-key remote location where money will not buy you much. If this is a scam, I cannot see any happy ending for him.

      • That’s if Rossi takes front money for a product, which he doesn’t. I suspect his money comes from investors. As people see that manufacturing and production is ramping up they will be inclined to invest more and more. The Ponzi scheme comes into play when only a percentage of investments is used to perpetuate the manufacturing and production infrastructure and the rest is pocketed. You may never see the customers but you sure will see alot of factories and production popping up in of all places reputable Massachusetts. The con is that some dummy will think gee this thing must be real, otherwise how could they have all of these plants which produce the devices up and running?

    • Johannes Hagel

      A scam? Could we really imagine that a reputated professor like Sergio Focardi having worked for years in this field would cheat by stating that the E-Cat in fact works? And Kullander and v. Essen? All paid by Rossi? Seems unlikely. However, I could well imagine that the technology does not yet work as desired (maybe a problem of stability of LENR?) and needs more time for development.

      • sdb

        Why pay all of them?

        You cannot fool all of the people all of the time. If someone matters and cannot be fooled, then you pay them.

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  • sapain

    lenr is totally different than hot fusion. tritium is being produce using heavy hydrogen which means that neutrons r being absorbed and not released into the enviroment. lenr is at the point or close to it for continous output by many researchers. rossi has a patent pending only in italy and no where else, would u drop a gigga $ idea without protection. be patient, lenr will soon be out one way or another

  • Steve W

    So Rossi sets up this pre-order e-cat campaign to get 10,000 customers and when he supposedly reaches his goal, instead of making an announcement, he simply answers “YES” to a question to a poster on his message board? If you read his message board, it’s as if he’s answering these questions with a magic 8-ball. In addition, 10,000 is a huge number for a device that’s un-tested, un-proven and frankly even if it works as reported- far from a commercial product. I’ve been following this story for a long time, and think if it’s real, will completely change the world in profound ways, yet I’m not interested in buying this thing yet. The only reason I can think of for buying it would be to reverse engineer it. In the movie “a Christmas story”, the dad is all excited about getting his big award. All it is, is this tacky lamp that looks like a woman’s leg. He’s so excited about getting this award, he displays it in his front window. His wife looks at him like he’s crazy. So what, people are going to set this thing up in their basement, hook it up to a hose and do what with the hot water? Rig-up some kind of heating system for their house with it? Maybe hire an engineer to rig something up? The wife asks “what are you going to do with the hot water?“, he replies “use it instead of our hot water heater to save money.“. She replies, “how are you going to hook it up?”. He replies, “I don’t know yet.” She asks, “how much did you pay for this thing, honey?“ He responds “$5,000.00”. She says, “the sticker on the side of our water heater says it costs $314.00 a year to operate, the wash basin is almost full, don’t you think you better turn this thing off?” He responds, “I’m not sure it turns off”. The wife (annoyed) goes to shut the water to the e-cat off. He shouts, “No you can’t do that!”. The wife asks, “why can‘t I?” He shouts nervously, “it’s a nuclear reactor, it needs water to keep it cool or it could explode.” I think you can imagine what happens next.

    • John

      I can imagine… Either the e-cat gets too hot causing the nickel to melt, ceasing the reaction. Or, the e-cat cools down too much, the pressure ends up getting too low and the reaction ceases. It will NOT explode :/

    • william

      Lots of houses are heated with hot water (hydronic)heating, particularly large ones in colder climates. It actually delivers the most even heat available, if you use radiant floor heating, or base board radiators. A 250,000 BTU/hr oil fired boiler, might cost $5000, and then will use 3 gallons of fuel oil ($11.00) per hour, if fired continuously. At that rate, it would take 455(1360 gallons of oil)hours to save enough oil to pay for it’s self. My dad used to, go through that much oil in a season (big, old, poorly insulated house). Luckily, oil was 10 or 15 cents per gallon, and he bought most of it in the summer, when it was cheaper.
      A house with a forced air system is easily converted from a furnace to a boiler, by the installation of a hot water coil in the duct work. The furnace can even be kept as a backup.

      • Steve W

        The point is, the e-cat in it’s present form isn’t really a practical product yet. If you want an ecat to use as a boiler to heat your house then you should be able to buy a boiler with an e-cat reactor as it’s heat source that any hvac guy can install without having to rig something together. BTW, a 10KW ecat translates into about 34,000 BTU’s so it doesn’t have nearly the capacity of a 250,000 BTU boiler.

        • Bernie Koppenhofer

          “The point is, the e-cat in it’s present form isn’t really a practical product yet.” Are you serious…..think desalination….and half the world’s population needing water!!

  • J M Hunter

    How does someone get on he list to order one of these?

  • idan

    this is getting weird more and more.

    how come a patent like this , with all do respect didnt had the MEDIA COVER as it should be.

    this is a ONCE IN A GENERATION thing, if its true then the MEDIA should have been all OVER this topic.

    this is the main question, how come ?
    the whole world is in WARS since the 1900’s over OIL and energy resources , and finally when there is a SO CALL almost free energy source, no one is in intrest ?
    is every one are blind ? , is it not worth the media cover ? ,

    one of the things the since community is actually exists for , is no more then NAME for the HISTORY ,
    what do i mean –> when a person manufactoring something so special , so uniqe and as i call MANKIND change . the first thing he wants his its name all over! , which brings me to the first question i asked, how come there is no MEDIA intrest ? how come ? .

    this is pretty unusual , specialy for this kind of technology.

    ANDREA ROSSI – CALL UP PRESS CONFRENCE , and bring the information for the WHOLE WORLD.
    if its actually works as you claim it is, and you giving yourself the privilage to take PRE ORDER’s , then why not to make a HUGE MEDIA VIBE ? .

    its a WORLD EARTHQUAKE issue.
    shoudl solve half of the world problems.

    i’m starting to think people here are so naive, that they dont look at the big picture, which is , this cant be true unless there is big media cover and explanations.

    best luck andrea rossi and other working companies which looking since the early 80’s to get this technology working.

  • Wez351

    The Govt has a problem, If they threaten Rossi, he can just put the information out on the internet then we will have it for free! I belive Rossi is negotiating his retirement! My two cents


    • idan

      you live in la la land maybe…
      the u.s can do whatever they want, not only , the thing is about other countries – russia china etc… they have enough spy’s and people to do whatever they want,
      as an israeli i can tell you alot about this kind of things –

      take iran as an example – “unknown bombs” all over the place in the past month and more to come,
      this is really hard to take an exacute on enemy teritory – so think how easy it is to do so on friendly place.

      you think too small – i think maybe too big. but im realistic, this project cant be going on without the eyes of the u.s goverment taking it seriusly – specialy after all the latest updates,

      so this is why im asking all the questions – how come this project is not published all over the media etc… ?
      this is why i smell scam , or not working project (in real time – and every thing we see is fake or wannabe real).

      think about all this – and think about the potential of the technology and realize how far mankind can go with this kind of tech,

      no person or goverment who has resposiblity for their state , or personal pocket will give this technology so easy and so chip!

      this is illusion! this cant be real unless we see it go on the media all over the world and hear about a BIG KNOWN orginization giving comments about it and stating this is for REAL.

      good weekend all.

      idan c.

      • rb

        Watch the movie Thrive and you will learn that the media are owned by the dinosaurs.

    • tommy

      As long as he keeps the plans in his grip, it’s easy for governments to repress. The only chance it has is if the inventor is generous enough to release the plans freely on the internet.

  • Kevin A Dooley

    When Nicolia Tesla invented AC current, he was treated in much the same way that Rossi is being treated now.Many many thousands of people in the US and all over the world have profited from Teslas inventions, but you wont find much major press coverage of his work at the time he invented AC, mostly he was called a scam artist by Edison and other prominent americans .
    and it was claimed at the time by these people that AC was dangerous. Now we all benefit from his invention, and every motor running in the world is an AC machine at the most very basic level.
    Tesla died in the US as a poor man.
    This is the Amarican way!

    • covjek

      His name was Nikola Tesla.

  • tommy

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Too many hoaxes.

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