Rossi Says Production in the US Has Begun

In another one-word major announcement, Andrea Rossi has signalled another milestone in the commercialization of his E-Cat technology. The following exchange took place on the Journal of Nuclear Physics yesterday.

Q: Has production begun yet in your US facilities? Or are they still starting up?

A: Begun.

As with many of these compact responses, Rossi manages to raise many more questions than he answers. He doesn’t say anything about where the production is taking place, what components are being made, or at what capacity things are being produced — no details at all. But this is Rossi’s style, as careful as he is about what he discloses. But a few more pointed questions from JONP readers might manage to get some a bit more information from him about the situation.

  • Paolotini

    Rossi’s style is scam-style 🙂

    • Luca Salvarani

      Rossi is not like Solyndra or other so called “renovables” bullishit backed by Obama and his media friends that brainwash Americans… Rossi doesn’t cost you nothing! If e-cat works it would be great, if not only Rossi would lose, certainly noy you… in any way can only benefit from Rossi. I’m not 100% sure but I think he deserves AT LEAST consideration and confidence.. As an Italian I’m proud of him. I also think you will regret your harsty and unfair judgment.

      • He doesn’t deserve any consideration or confidence if he’s scamming investors. Without any identified customers one can only assume it’s a scam.

        He does causes me, the average guy on the street, trouble. I need to know how to plan my construction projects. By claiming he’s got something that will solve the energy mess but not coming out with it for all to see he creates confusion and consternation.

        • Luca Salvarani

          1) I can understand your point of view. I’m also eager to know more and more because of implications if it works!
          But you must also recognize that Rossi doesn’t owe us nothing! We aren’t creditors, bondholders, stockholders.. or Rossi’s employees… In general I think also he’s very open compared to the average businessmen. I’m not saying you must unconditionally trust him, I’m just say he deserves, as we say in Italy, the benefit of the doubt (I hope also in English this expression exists because it explais exactly my thought).
          2)I pointed out the example of Solyndra not only in financial terms (it has been costing American friends a lot ,on the contrary e-cat hasn’t!) but mainly in disclosure terms: Solyndra gave a lot of information, detailed plans, involved investors likely giving them nearly all possible information … and the resulf is disastrous.. so I’m just suggesting not to hastily judge e-cat basing on disclosure or Rossi’s way of communicate. You could have done it in another way but Rossi’s one is rational and functional to protect industrial secrects. If I would be his investor I not only would approve it but I would claim it.

        • Cliff Bradley

          Here is my advice. Just continue as you would have without e-cats for a few more months. Keep an eye on this and if you have the desire to be an early adopter, you’ll have your chance. It should not affect your current construction projects or your planning.

          On the other hand, if you have the desire to invest, then it looks to me like you’re out of luck for the time being. I doubt that we’ll be able to invest in the e-cat until it has been sold and proven over and over – maybe not the science, but proven that it works regardless of the science.

          By the time we are able to invest, the science will be well on the way to being understood. I think that Rossi just wants to create working products that will go into people’s factories and homes. I don’t think he much cares about people’s curiosity or plans at this point.

          Of course, I could be wrong, and maybe this is a scam, but if so, Rossi is going about it all wrong. He really looks like an inventor who is trying desperately to keep his invention secret while trying to get patent protection so he can reap the benefit of years of struggle, sacrifice and risk.

          I for one wish him well and hope he makes piles of money on this.

        • Luca Salvarani

          I forgot this:
          1) Rossi isn’t involving any investor at all! just because it’s too early and it entails much more discolure and it’s to risky NOW.
          2) Of course he must account for potential clients but NOW you aren’t a potential client. He’s selling only 1 MW plant…
          3) From the early beginning he has always told that he can’t disclose the identity of the Client…
          so he hasn’t reneged on his word.
          PS I’m also “an average guy on the street”… beautifull expressio! and sorry for my not perfect English.

          • First question, does Rossi have investors? Second question, how can one tell if it is a private enterprise?

          • Luca Salvarani

            To Emperor Rossi

            2) It’s very simple: it’s not a PUBLIC COMPANY (a company listed on regulated market such as Nasdaq, Nyse or Borsa Italiana for istance…)! Rossi hasn’t beeing offering any financial instruments to the GENERAL PUBLIC.. so it’s a private company.
            1) I don’t know but very likely there are also other few investors (minority shareholdes or creditors) apart from Rossi.. so Rossi has disclosure duties only with them… certainly not us!

      • Dave

        Luca why are you proud of a scammer? It’s obvious that the E-Cat doesn’t really work. It doesn’t even output enough steam in his own silly desktop demonstrations.

        • Luca Salvarani

          It doesn’t seem me so obvious! I’m specialized in finance so I don’t know much about phisics, thermodinamics and mechanics… In any way if it doesn’t work nobody of us will lose anything… but if it works all of us will gain a lot! I’m happy because Rossi fights in the international free market without public subsidies and in Italy few entrepeneurs do so and this is an hard fact!

    • Giorgio

      No name for your style…!!!

  • I think LENR is real, but if he could keep it going longer than a few hours he would show people. He obviously has not overcome that problem.

    In all of his demonstrations the reactions won’t stay stable and he has to shut it down. Then I guess he must cool it to start over.

    Not being able to run it for 48 hours straight is why Defkalion allegedly would not pay him 15 million dollars.

    I like the concept, but think someone else other than rossi will bring it to market first. If you buy rossi you are going to buy an inferior and unstable product.

    These were known flaws in his equipment, and if he overcame the stability problem he would be more than eager to show the world if only for legal reasons.

    If someone comes out with a stable version before him then he will lose all rights to the invention despite his Italian patent. Unless he can prove he has a stable one.

    • Larry

      Hi KW:

      question: How do we know that they do not have a stable/self sustainable long term device? Don’t we only know what has been fed us? I would say that this technology is, in fact, ready to rock. We are all “victims” of what we read and see and hear. I think that the information given is suspect and remains this way in order to keep the idea alive that the technology is bogus(but maybe not!) And what of the mysterious AmpEnergo? Are we to assume that that they bought into this thing without having a product that could self sustain?
      And here is a real doozy. How do we know that they didn’t give the technology to Rossi? Point of fact is that we do not know. What I am saying here is that there is more than meets the eye. Too many mystries to my taste.

      • Hampus

        Focardi had a test that lasted for 18 hours.

        • Giuseepe Levi, not Focardi, tested, with Rossi a 10KW e-cat for 18 hours.

          Focardi saw an earlier prototype work for weeks heating Rossi’s workshop in Bondeno.

      • Many fronts say Rossi has an unstable product, and it would seem to make sense.

        Defkalion and rossi made a surprise departure from each other during the summer. Months later they say it was because rossi could not keep his reaction stable for 2 days straight. A deal worth 15 million was forfeit.

        NASA also claimed he has not been able to run his demo long enough.

        The stability seems to be lost in his system based upon eyewitness accounts and from peers.

        It would only make sense that if he overcame the problems he would wish to prove this both for the world and for the courts. Even the reactor model he switched to is supposed to be superior in design but defkalion claims they had involvement with that design.

        Too much info says the rossi reactor is good, but unstable.

    • Cliff Bradley


      It sure sounds to me like you are trying to shame Rossi into giving you some information that he just doesn’t want to.

      If Rossi says that production has begun in the U.S., then I believe him. I’m as intellectually curious as the next guy, but I’ve waited this long and it will be at least a year before I can buy something to heat and power my home, so I’m content to wait longer. What else can I do?

      If everything Rossi has shown is valid, then he has a very strong incentive to keep everything secret and keep people guessing. It is critical that he put working e-cats on the market and that he get his patents before people disassemble it and learn the secrets and start replicating it.

      The stability of the e-cat is not particularly interesting nor is it such a difficult engineering problem that I can believe his team has not solved it. It is certainly not the show stopper you imply.

      Just wait for the first few e-cats to come out in a few months. If they work, we’ll know it then. If they don’t we’ll know it then. Stop trying to shame Rossi into telling you enough so people can build their own.

      • I did side with Rossi. It is from announcements from Defkalion and NASA that the instability makes sense.
        I do think LENR is now a viable energy source, but I think we will see it from different angles.
        I don’t think he had enough money to throw at his reactor problem. I honestly believe if he can get it running continuously he would be bragging and more than happy to show it off.
        Seriously.. Look at other fronts. We have at least 10 other people making this. Ahern/Miley/Nasa/Piantelli/Defkalion/ and more…
        Wouldn’t the first person to show a stable device have a better court case when patent ownership comes into discussion?
        I believe in Rossis device, but the longest it has been seen to run without problems is 18 hours. Then it needs to be cleaned and restarted. I just think it needs work.
        Defkalion says they have a product, but cannot even produce a picture of it.
        Who knows?

  • daniel maris

    Did you mean to write: “He doesn’t indicate etc.” rather than “He doesn’t know…” ? Presumably Rossi does know where the manufacture is taking place, if it is taking place.

    • admin

      Thanks Daniel — it was a typo

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  • s

    Does anyone know if the Physics departments at the two Universities are still going to perform R&D and analysis of the Ecat? Or is the “customer” now in charge of R&D too?

    • Luca Salvarani

      Good question! Let me make a guess based on latest Rossi’s post:
      1- Rossi has already starded the R&D! with his customer, likely a military one (Naval Research for istance) with superior and comprehensive technical and theoretical skills and knowledges, that Rossi couldn’t ever afford. This cooperation seems be very effective producing remarkable improvements such as electric production very fast (Rossi told about 2 years for electric production, and home e-cats produce only heat… now in few weeks all is changing!)
      2- Rossi has already much improved his early plain-vanilla theory and commercial phase is getting closer, probably much more than he had forecasted.
      3- At this point the contracts with 2 universities are much less good for him. To get this point think that here in Italy all universities are state owned and managed… so there’s an incredible inefficiency! The involvement of university of Bolonia is a matter of controversy here… expecially among state ineffective bureaucrates.. Here we are not like US or UK… things of days need weeks or months… it’s a matter of permissions, unclear responsibilities, uncertainly about who must decide, times, structures and instruments to work and so on…. So the best option for Rossi in going on the collaboration with the Customer, and BYPASS university as istitution, working closely with those professors (Levi’s group) PRIVATELY! This would be far more quick and effective! And most importantly: far more confidential!!! indeed from a financial point of view (sorry but this is my way of thinking and the only topic I know well) the bulk of Rossi’s company value is knowledge! and it could easily evaporate with a public research… too much risk! For example as public employee Levi at least would have some disclosure duties, he can be influenced, it would be hard or nearly impossible to prevent others to make very simple tests and discover the materials in the e-cat core… all unnecessary potential but almost sure threats for Rossi! If I woulb be a Rossi investor, expecially a shareholder I would oppose these contracts!!! Rossi can have the benefits of Levi’s group collaboration without related big risks… and now he has the financial means to do it…
      4- When Rossi want to do something he’s always quick and determined! So if he hasn’t yet started the collaborations with universities it’s likely he’ll never.
      Sorry for my not perfect English.

      • Lei ha parlato bene ( you spoke well )

        • Jean-Michel Bolomey

          I second that!

  • The cost is crazy, so blackmarket will win this war.

    Despite regulation, this will be one of the most sought after technologies on the planet. Internet plans will pop up and be removed on a consistent basis, and thousands of backyard mechanics will produce these. They will pop up like pot dealers, and none of the items for construction are illegal. (If the police even found a house selling them, the owner could just say it is for some other kind of fusion research)

    Reactors have no moving parts except for loading Nickel, and honestly can probably be mass produced for under $10 each from what we have seen already. The shielding and piping, and generators, and everything else can also be replicated for reasonable prices.

    I think the black market will be the number one competition here, and it would be wrong to assume any “secrets” will not soon be exposed. How many billions of dollars are spent on research of green technologies already? Are all these divisions of green energy like wind power, solar power, sea power, etc. going to continue their research after this technology is accepted. Probably not. Why would anyone want a windmill when we just created efficient electricity/hydrogen/heat from Nickel without any waste? Nobody will. It will be a dead business, as will most of the other research facilities.

    Many of these unemployed scientists (the ones who don’t develop black market ecats), are going to need a new thing to research, and voilà – many of them will end up researching Fusion. Things will improve at rates nobody can comprehend on this front.

    I will probably see Nickel powered flashlights within ten years, that have reactors, and electricity generation inside. Tiny hand held units.

    It is amazing how little protection most governments can offer against black market items, and Fusion “kits” sold over the internet.

    The only way to curb black market is to make these affordable. If a reactor cost $10 to mass produce then don’t charge the people $1000. Many kids will start building these in their back yards, and many may get hurt.

    There is not much to these reactors, and the catalysts will be improved upon and will not remain secrets for very long.

  • earthhydro

    The more debate on what happens after its here the more nonsense it creates in favor of Rossi. The focus of one verifiable ecat will do fine. Its like the implications of the science is the science. Wrong. Buncha lard _ _ _ es pecking keyboards aint the same as churning out the described item…the ecat. it is a mere assertion from one man…a man with a philosophy degree. One overlooked angle is he plans to disappear after big oil writes a big fatty for his great work. If he understands money like we know he does….the wordsmithing aint no scientist words….its a money man. You think he is both a money man and a scientist? He would be a first. well one was henry ford….but that was a device that was proven. this unproven arena is 10 times more unlikey…no 1,000,000 more time unlikely to be a dud. 2 companies promise table top cold fusion devices for 5 – 10 thousand USA dollars for a 10kv heater. an over unity device. and then there is the big mega ones. sounds like someones nose is growing.

  • Omega Z

    Rossi is sometimes his own worst enemy.

    Question? Whats the status of production in the U.S.
    Rossi-Answer-> Begun!

    If you discover that no plants are producing E-cats, even if you believe in them, you start to be skeptical. Did he lie to us.

    He signed a contract with a Major Company to start building the control panels for these E-cats. This Company has verified that this contract has been signed.

    If this Company has actually begun design to manufacture these control panels, Then Rossi’s Statement is TRUE, though you the reader may considered this misleading.

    If this is the case it would be better for Rossi to post this fact on his website with verification from the Company. This would increase Credibility.

    Many indicate they would build their own or buy Black Market units. Then you wonder why he is so secretive. Dah!

    Many wonder why Rossi is taking the route he has. Considering that the U.S. Patent office is holding his patent in limbo, I would probably do as he is doing. Getting enough E-cat units out their to large customers who have money will push the process over the top & a forced patent of some sorts through the preponderance of working evidence.

    Why not turn it over to big Corporations. Because- They won’t invest the Billions necessary with out patent protection. Also he could lose control of the project by way of loopholes found by Corporate Lawyers & your Cheap Energy process could be hijacked & become priced out of the consumers hands. Back into the hands of the present Energy Companies.

    As for the money he makes off this, he has stated a couple times that half of these profits will go back to building & Improving the E-cat & half to go to helping Children suffering from Cancer. I wonder if someone close to him has suffered from this disease or WHAT?

    The LENR process has been proven by dozens of what many consider reputable researchers including entities such as NASA & others. What Rossi seems to bring to the Table is Control-ability with sustainability. (I believe it’s a work in progress.)

    For those who would Steal this Technology to build their own, From what I’ve seen & the projected costs when these become available, you’ll save little if any money & be liable for anyone who should be injured or killed. Few of you have the proper equipment(or now how) of which you would have to include in the cost of building one. Selling them to fiends & neighbors would also leave you liable for injury plus Lawsuits if his patent is granted. Do your research & you’ll find these devices can be deadly if you get it wrong.

    Even if you succeed in building these E-cats you still need the proprietary fuels. Also- The Next person who has a breakthrough Idea may just build a product for himself & say screw you. Innovation from people who push the limits may drop to a trickle or stop all together. Even if their Altruistic, many expect acknowledgment for their work and/or to be compensated for their time, effort, & expenses.

    If Rossi were greedy, he could easily charge half what energy costs today & be considered a hero. He doesn’t appear to be trying to do that. Although I do expect the consumer costs to exceed his projections. Their are certain costs he hasn’t calculated such as technicians to do installations among other things.

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  • PersonFromPorlock

    I’m sure this is true, for certain values of “Rossi,” “says,” “begun,” “production,” “US” and “true.”

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