What Can You Do To Help LENR Succeed?

I received the following from an E-Cat World reader today and it is reposted with permission.

My name is Rui Ribeiro, I post as “racribeiro”. I have been following E-Cat World for two months now and use it as my major news website about this subject. I started as a skeptic, but now I’m really conviced that LENR exists. I’m not so sure that E-Cat or Hyperion are ready for market, but there are good chances that they are.

My main concern is about not letting this go to oblivion. This and other websites are great but, unless the information about this technology reaches the masses there will be always a chance of concealing and blocking it. So… what do we need? We need social networking at is best. We need for the thousands of people that visit this site to start doing “their thing” and push the information on social networks and making direct contacts with the right persons.

So… what have you done for LENR today?

* have you posted a link on your Facebook page?
* have you sent a link to your journalist friend?
* have you posted a link on a mass media TV/radio program?
* have you sent a link to your physics professor?
* have you sent a link to your mayor?
* have you sent a link to your science/innovation/economics minister?
* have you sent a link to your prime minister?
* have you sent a link to your president?

(only send this e-mail to people that you have a personal bi-direction relationship with)

By dessiminating, at least, the doubt about LENR we all, as a community, will be raising the awareness of people about it. Lets force polititians to make a move!
The problem now is “the link”. I believe that here, on E-Cat World, you should provide brief web page that will take 1 minute long to read with the major references to the LENR effect: the NASA links, the “60 minutes” video, and Rossi videos. It should be clear, unbiased and written in such way that people will who may be inclined to be skeptical will give it the benefit of the doubt and repost this on-line.

On my part I’ve done my homework. Every day I post something about LENR on Facebook (my friends now know that it exists!), I’ve made some contacts with a national TV journalist and aa high graded physics professor. I’m going to use my personal credibility with them to make them pay attention to this. Once you get the attention of guys like these, they will go on and push others…

Rui Ribeiro

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  • fly

    Marketing, marketin and only,…. marketing!!

    Indepedent test, why?

    Results: scam, scam only,… scam!!

  • Jim

    If it works, then it will succeed on it’s own. All it takes is a working home unit that can be demo’d, and all the stores will snap them up to sell to homeowners.

    If they aren’t sold in stores, then it will happen by 10000 individuals buying them and showing their friends. Trust me. Get a few thousand sold and installed in homes, and the media will jump on the story.

    • Alain

      not thousands, juste one or two, to individuals who can make advertizing to their relatives, and since everybody is relative to everybody by less than 6 friend, the planet will believe.

      assuming it is not a scam… but scam with that number of really registered society, many real professors, the wife of rossi, real board of directors, journalist, pretended clients on video… jack bauer story are more easy to believe than that hypothetic méga-scam.

  • Well we can always ask Jack Bauer of 24 to get the truth out of Rossi. Until that happens take a ticket and get in line is all the average guy can do to help LENR succeed.

    • Alain

      why should any serious gov/biz try to find if it is false.
      MIT and the press say it is fake.
      MIT faked the proof by tweaking the key measures, because anyway it was working, despite their bad will… otherwise the press won’t have decided that it is a scam.
      if facts and theory disagree, fraud the fact report… principle of modern funded science in a mediatic world.

      page 12 and after

  • Nino

    Nikola Tesla
    Wilhelm Reich
    Stan Meyer

    Andrea Rossi
    Ismael Aviso

    Gli ultimi due faranno la fine dei primi tre …… dimenticati.

    Così vogliono le sette sorelle.

  • LENR4you

    Dear Mr. Rossi,
    think not only in megawatts.
    Also µW are interesting.
    The world’s smallest Stirling engine measures a few micrometers. Built in Stuttgart Germany:
    That’s the advantage of LENR energy: Scalable Nuclear energy densities from µW to GW.
    Greetings LENR4you

  • andreiko

    Misschien een idee voor een muzikale tekstschrijver

    E-CAT lijkt een mooie basis voor een refrein.

  • Gérard” the french”

    It’s true! I say the same thing

  • Paolotini


    • Tommy

      Do you people really need to call it out if it’s a scam? I understand it very well could be a “scam”, unlikely as that is, but I wouldn’t think twice about the person who called it first and Rossi wouldn’t either.

  • Frank Foster

    has anyone seen Andrea Rossi

  • Bej

    I’ve told quite a few people about it. I’ve told friends, relatives and co-workers about it, and periodically bring it up again to tell them about recent developments.

    I went to the NPR Science Friday website (for the radio show) and gave them the brief story and asked them to look into it and cover it. I searched their site and they’ve never mentioned it. It would be good if others also send a note to Science Friday – a lot of science nerds listen to that show.

  • Gregory P

    Seriously Rui Ribeiro, you just need to leave him alone, and stick to what you are good at, not try to tell Rossi what or how to progress his invention.

    Actually pathetic that you think you need to push Rossi to make his invetion work.

    • Tommy

      Pathetic you think Rossi DOESN’T need help. The more people that know about LENR the better for business and with Rossi busy on advances in his technology, he has not the time for media whoring.

      Seriously Rui Ribeiro, well written.

    • racribeiro

      Hi Gregory,

      If you read carefully you will notice that the message is mainly about LENR. This “effect” bust be brought to everyone. We need to get LENR acknoledged by everyone and create a general public awareness to it. Once we get there, polititians will start looking at it in a different way. What we, as a community, must not let to happen is to allow this technology to be “forgotten”.

      I’m ok with whatever Rossi does with its invention. My main concern is that we shouldn’t (can’t!) dismiss LENR just because there are some doubts, which I share, about the e-cat.

      The message is clear: If you believe that LENR is real, use your contacts to dessiminate it.

  • daniel maris

    My view is that both Rossi and Defkalion appear keen to have people in general believe that they have a working machine. I think it’s helpful to them to tell them what we think would be persuasive. Neither Rossi nor Defkalion have really clinched the deal yet, though both have put quite a bit of information that suggests they may have something that works in reality.

  • art

    The BEST thing for LENR would be to establish its scientific credibility through credible testing.

    • Wes

      Excellent suggestion. Enough with LENR folklore. End the “Willy Wonka” demostrations. Get real.

    • Alain

      if the machine works, and the client know it,
      defkalion and rossi have no incentive in prooving it works to the mass, and especially not to the Seven Sisters…

      maybe is it why their demo are not so proving to viewers… because their goal is to proove to the client, in the room!

      we are not so important.

      • Tommi Elonen

        Considering they now plan on building E-cat for every home, I think the general public is important enough that they should indeed PROVE that it works.

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  • Sojourner Soo

    “* have you posted a link on your Facebook page?
    * have you sent a link to your journalist friend?
    * have you posted a link on a mass media TV/radio program?
    * have you sent a link to your physics professor?
    * have you sent a link to your mayor?
    * have you sent a link to your science/innovation/economics minister?
    * have you sent a link to your prime minister?
    * have you sent a link to your president?”

    **** Yes, to all except contacting my mayor. But I have done all the others and more. I’ve written to so many people, all to no avail. In my local community online news service, I posted a few articles, only to be called a scam artist (the result of posting a link about the pre-order option at ecat.com). In addition to being told to F**k Off, I was also threatened and informed that I would be reported to the local police as a “scam artist,” even though I never asked for money , nor does ecat.com. So, you see, shilling for Rossi carries some personal risk. A friend has also been banned on the Facebook page of my country’s Energy Minister, Joe Oliver, after having EIGHT of his Rossi E-Cat posts deleted. I made the decision that I will no longer shill for Rossi until he proves his E-Cat is real, somehow, someway. I don’t even post articles on my Facebook page anymore. I won’t unless it’s an article which says scientists have confirmed it’s real. We did our part. It’s now time Rossi did his. NO MORE FREE ADVERTISING. It will take an army to win this war and Rossi is expecting his ‘fans’ to do all the fighting on his behalf, while he shoots his big mouth off on his blog. Do an independent demonstration that proves the thing works. I’m “off” Rossi, until he starts acting like an adult.

    • Bob

      Everyone should watch this 12yr old Documentary
      Heavy Watergate: The War Against Cold Fusion


      • MikeRobeer

        Thanks for the heads up on that documentary Bob. It’s interesting that MIT has met with Rossi based on the history of MIT’s stance on Cold Fusion.

    • Well said. I am also “Off Rossi”.

      At this point I’m starting to view him as a child killer.

      I am certainly done portraying Andrea Rossi in a positive light.

      I believe he cannot make this product stable based on NASA and Defkalion remarks. I actually hope this is true at this point.

      Because if it is real……..

      The prices also seem crazy.

      The reactors appear to be so simple I am guessing they could mass produce for $10 each. Aside from a lid there is no moving parts. I see electronics at my dollar store that seem way more involved.

      Like I said I was a fan, but this “I will build them all” business plan is slow moving and deadly. People are dying everyday because of smog/oil wars/and lack of food and water.

      Cheap energy could solve desalination problems in parched countries, and provide arid farmland.

      I would have been the first to give Andrea Rossi Kudos, but now I think he is just a money hungry power plant developer that is as greedy as Mr.burns from The Simpsons. I am not just saying that because of the obvious resemblance either.

      If he has the ability to prove cold fusion to the world and he doesn’t then he is committing murder. Money, Money, Money, Money.

      Maybe if a few other fans convert he will see the Evil of his way.

      How many children die everyday from lack of clean water?
      (3 900 everyday based on 2004 WHO rates)

      That means that 1 423 500 children will die if it takes the world 1 more year to start implementing LENR to desalinaze water. Even a cheap LENR reaction of 100+ degrees could be used to desalinate water. Any steam will do.

      He could have been a hero, but instead is a “businessman” as if that excuses the deaths we could attribute to him.

      Does this sound harsh or fair? What would you do if you had this knowledge? Try to save a child’s life or make your millions?

      Andrea Rossi can stay atop Mount Crumpett and sneer at the masses. I hope his name is forgotten.

      • Uranox

        Who really killed was those men who destroyed Pons and Fleishmann in 1989. The same men are still working hard to hide any scientific evidence of LENR. Just an example, here in Italy happened the same as P&F to Antonella De Ninno (in 2002) who showed strict correlation between heat generation and 4He creation during a cold-fusion reaction. She cannot even publsh about the work (Rapporto 41 – ENEA) and was soon moved to other researchs.
        So what should Rossi do ? Should he fight alone against the SPECTRE ?
        Rossi wasn’t helped by anyone in his effort and even sold his house and borrow money to get the ECat done. It was hard work for him and took several years of his life. I think it’s natural that he want to “get rich” with his creation.
        Rossi also said that for a complete disclosure of his device we simply need to wait the grant of the patent. He always answer to anyone who want to study his device “Buy one and study as you want”.
        I think the world should be thankfully with Rossi who could even sold his project to someone whose only interest is to put it in a drawer and forget it. Keep in mind that many people even died for much less than this attack to oil power.

    • racribeiro


      If you don’t want to make any personal marketing to e-cat or any other product, it is fine. But don’t let people to forget about LENR.

  • Brad Arnold

    There is a new clean energy technology that is 1/10th the cost of coal. Don’t believe me? Watch this video by a Nobel prize winner in physics: http://pesn.com/2011/06/23/9501856_Nobel_laureate_touts_E-Cat_cold_fusion/

    Still don’t believe me? It convinced the Swedish Skeptics Society: http://www.nyteknik.se/nyheter/energi_miljo/energi/article3144827.ece

    LENR using nickel. Incredibly: Ni+H+K2CO3(heated under pressure)=Cu+lots of heat. Here is a detailed description of the device and formula from a US government contract: http://www.lenr-canr.org/acrobat/GernertNnascenthyd.pdf

    This phenomenon (LENR) has been confirmed in hundreds of published scientific papers: http://lenr-canr.org/acrobat/RothwellJtallyofcol.pdf

    Here is a PowerPoint presentation by George Miley of the University of Illinois who has successfully replicated the LENR “cold fusion” reaction: https://netfiles.uiuc.edu/mragheb/www/NPRE%20498ES%20Energy%20Storage%20Systems/Nuclear%20Battery%20using%20Clusters%20in%20Nanomaterials.pptx

    According to Forbes, electricity will be “too cheap to meter” if Rossi’s Oct 28 demonstration succeeds: http://www.forbes.com/sites/markgibbs/2011/10/17/hello-cheap-energy-hello-brave-new-world/

    Here’s the latest, according to MSNBC it passed the test: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/45153076/ns/technology_and_science-science/#.TrNo9rJqwe4

    By the way, here is a current survey of all the companies that are bringing LENR to commercialization: http://www.cleantechblog.com/2011/08/the-new-breed-of-energy-catalyzers-ready-for-commercialization.html

    Brad Arnold
    3033 Monterey Av
    St Louis Park, MN 55416
    [email protected]

    • Alexvs

      As I have already stated, LENR is as old as 1933 achieved by Frederic Joliot and Irene Curie.
      Harnessing energy from these reactions is just what have not been demonstrated neither by Rossi nor by Defkalion nor by anyone else.

  • Zoltan Freitag

    In questi tempi di declino Andrea Rossi è l’unica luce. La stella più brillante del firmamento scientifico. Mi sto prodigando per far sapere a tutte le persone che conosco direttamente ed indirettamente la portata della sua scoperta. L’umanità deve essere grata a quest’uomo. E lo sarà, si spera.

  • Alain

    for the french speaking (and google translation users)
    you might vote for the question to areva
    already answered, but voting might raise their eyes

  • Scott H

    Here’s a new article by oilprice.com that is pretty good except it should say it’s LENR not Cold Fusion. I don’t think a lot of skeptics realize that the energy may be coming from an unknown nuclear reaction.

  • Prediction

    If the E-cat is real, it does not need marketing: free energy will sell itself.

    On the other hand, if it is real:
    – why is Rossi not interested in how it works? He mumbles some scientific terms that mean, at best: ‘no cold fusion but something else’. Why jump to mass production when you don’t understand the fundamentals? This makes no sense.
    – Why has no independent journalist or scientist been allowed to witness a demo? (note the word ‘independent’).
    – Where have those ‘10000’ people ordered their E-cats online? Who are those people who ordered? Do you know one?
    – Where does the capital come from to mass produce these things? Who produces them and where?

    So… it’s a scam.
    Sorry people.
    No free energy.
    Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

    • Matt

      Each number corresponds to your questions:

      1. Rossi is an engineer. Edison didn’t need to know exactly how light works in order to make a lightbulb. In fact, I’m pretty sure he did trial and error until he found the right material for the filament. I think this was probably Rossi method.

      2. To make money, to be the first. If LENR is real, it makes perfect sense that it will be utilized. If Rossi knows this, it makes perfect sense to push forward as hard and fast as possible.

      3. Paranoia. Also, I’ve heard the reaction doesn’t stay stable for long periods of time. But really, if you had the next world changing energy invention, you wouldn’t be showing it to anyone. Especially not when competitors would use any and all means to get your secret from you.

      4.10000 people really isn’t that many people. Maybe you can’t quite wrap your head around the 7 billion figure?

      5. As far as capital goes, supposedly Rossi sold his house and various assets to keep going. Also, he did sell 13 1Mw plants for 2 million each.

      Anyway, at first glance these would be my responses to those questions. It seems like the different versions of the same questions keep popping up, as if there are no reasonable explanation for Rossi’s actions. I don’t know if people just really underestimate the level of paranoia that Rossi may be experiencing or they could be paid shills of other energy producers who frequent these sites to discourage support. (Taking off the tin foil hat now) There really is no way to tell one way or the other yet. It’s too premature to definitively say it’s a scam. Is it wrong to hope? I don’t think so. I’m not investing any money. I don’t lose anything, except a little faith in humanity. Maybe the naysayers just don’t have any of that faith left in them.

  • Spock Lives

    Following up on ruberio thoughts. With the growing community of supporters has anyone thought of trying to use crowd funding as a way of purchasing a machine?

    • Matt Smart

      Okay you may be onto a good idea here with crowd funding, I would be willing to put down GBP 50.00/ USD 78.00/EUR 65.50 into the pot and get a good deal from the Rossiman then we could get the thing tested finally, yes we would all look like complete mugs/muppets/idiots if this is a scam and his royal Rossiness would be a richer but he would certainly poorer morally.
      If this thing is real we would get great publicity for LENR and could donate it once proved to work to desalination charity so that it could provide plentiful clear clean water to a poor, dry african nation.

      Worth a risk I think, who wants to sort this out? I think it would have to be all very transparent and the money holder would have to be a recognised bank or a safe on line crowd finance sourcing company.

      Who wants to join?

      • racribeiro

        Great idea!
        Who is credible and active enough to start such pitch?

        • Matt Smart

          That is the issue that would need to be solved so the fund could be trusted by anyone willing to risk some money and who ever does this would have to be the most credible trust worthy person/organisation, and ideally some sort of lawer would have to be involved who already deals with crowd sourcing contracts so that all money is passed to the Rossi company and we receive back a fully working e-cat for our money for testing at a trust worthy independent organisation.

          • Robert Mockan

            Depending on how many people would buy in could purchase a MW unit, but by then possibly a regular home E-Cat will be available. No need to re-invent the wheel. Go here and see how crowd funding can work:
            Who leads, and what exactly is the purpose? Who leads is any body who wants to, who can demonstrate the ability to do so, and who can demonstrate the professional integrity to follow through on a agreed upon contract with all funding sources. The contract could read something like this:
            “Crowd funding of E-Cat purchase to reverse engineer it to determine elemental and isotopic composition of fuel before operation and after operation, by submitting samples of fuel for analysis at certified national testing laboratory.”

            Not rocket science. The only thing of value is that fuel. Once the composition of the activator is known it can be duplicated.

      • admin

        A while back I wrote to Rossi asking if he would support such an idea. Never got a response from him. I think he reserves the right to refuse to sell a 1 MW plant if he doesn’t trust the buyer’s intention.

        I think it would be important to get Rossi’s ok before embarking on a crowdsourcing mission.

        If he is in favor I’d be happy to promote the venture on this site.


        • Matt Smart

          That would be the 1st hurdle, but the major sell with this idea is that we give a 1 mw plant to charity after a positive test result. This would be a win, win for all involved so Rossi would possibly agree so.long as we could prove it works and we give it to a desalination treatment org in africa once we are happy it works at the end. Credit for Rossi, credit for science, credit for lenr, credit for those who think this is true, and credit for the eventual recepient..?

      • Spock Lives

        Kickstarter.com and http://www.indiegogo.com/. Are two mass platforms that would be appropriate. There are many others as well.
        Those sites explain how the money collection works.


        • admin

          I just wrote this to Andrea Rossi on his JONP blog:

          There has been some discussion on my E-Cat World Site about the possibility of creating a consortium to receive donations from
          people for the purchase of a 1 MW plant for the purpose of testing and evaluation.

          Once the testing was complete the plant could be donated to a needy organization in need of heat — perhaps a hospital, desalination project, etc. (you could choose the final recipient)

          Would this be something you would approve of and cooperate with?

          • Spock Lives

            As Spock has said,”the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” You are right. I am sure that a charity component is the best way to go initially. It would make sense to team up with an existing charity. I would guess that concept will be well received among donors interested in LENR and energy solutions.
            I have seen some reports about 10,000 people pledging to buy an ecat home system. As with everything related to this product I can’t discern fact from fiction but I would expect that many people would pledge some amount similar to what Matt has mentioned.

  • Zero

    Where the heck is Ampenergo in all this? I don’t believe we’ve heard from them, ever.

  • Alexvs

    Be very aware of Admin’s post. Now I know he is an honourable man.

  • Pachu

    I think the best insurance is to open source the tecnology. Like several webs are trying to do.

  • Gregyl

    As much as we all pray and hope to buy one or two it isn’t possible. I want one or ten… but that ain’t gonna happen… Sad . Really. .. ( This is old news… So many new found technology/inventions buried in the toilet my friends….the shit water won’t flow no more……)
    Do you ever wonder Why?
    So far as I feel it right in deep of heart is, these powers be guys will not let it happen, my friends. These are top 0.000000000000000001% of humanity that controls our sorry ass of 7 billion lives and tell us to kiss their butt on the way to our grave. There are few of those guys names come mind but ain’t gonna asy it here. I could get killed over it…

  • Gregyl

    Hey Matt Smart. I’ll join ya… Buy the machine as a group ??? Good idea . Lets do that before it’s too late…I’ve bad feel..
    …If Rossi will build one for us.
    It would’ve been a real nice if ya all good fellas were close by…

  • john e

    No one is in a position to help — at least not with integrity.

    Most of us hope that this is all on the up-and-up and that the technology is feasible. But NONE of us actually know.

    Right now this is all about hope- which is a fine thing— but what we need is time for this to play out before we can recommend this in good faith.

  • heinz

    So if you really are interested in helping the LENR research/community then don’t post anything about any news that are not important. If there has been nothing about a LENR device that could actually be called “independent testing”, then any other news is just hot air, which means it could still be a hoax. So:
    – don’t post about it
    – don’t facebook or twitter about it.
    – don’t whatever.. etc…
    In case it is a hoax, you would feed it, and probably gain revenue to the fraudsters. In the end it would just harm the serious researchers reputation and the reputation of the research field of LENR as a whole, which isn’t exactly fluctuating anyway.

    • heinz

      I follow all about ecat reporting since the announcement on January 11, 2011. I am a close friend of dr. Michael McKubre, Dr. Francis Tncella and many others of the cold fusion community. I know everything there is to know about Joseph Papp’s Plasma energy Conversion Technology and I have engines operating according to my US Patent .

      • GreenWin

        Heinz, please tell us more. Was this Joe Papp’s Noble Gas engine demonstrated in the Public? The one that blew up with Feynman present?

        Also, is there any truth to the rumour that Papp’s technology came to him from non-human sources??

        • heinz

          We know almost everything about Joseph Papp!. We plan to do a full featured documentary. I am involved with the Joseph Papp Saga since December 26. 1999 when Jimmy Sbory visited me at my my home in San mateo. I have offices and Laboratories in Palo Alto California next to Stanford University. Dr. mcKubre, Dr. Tanzella, Fr. Ned Britt, Dr. achim Weidemann and many many others are my advisors. I am running Papp like engines with Plain Air but can also run them with inert Gases.

          Hwinrich Franz Klostermann, born January 31. 1930 and going very strong. I am a German Citizen with legal green card immigration Papers. I have worked for Siemens in Germany and the IUSA , With picker international, with General Elctric and Philips the nether land/the USA. in there Medical divisions. I am a radiation expert. I was responsible to supervise the first and only Batatron at MD Anderson in Houston in 1963. I have traveled in almost all States in the USA.

          Do you want to know more. Glad to share, because I am Mad at this point “Livid” that nobody wants to listen. I believe that I have found the secret to the Papp Pulsed Plasma energy Conversion Technology. I am ready to announce to make it open source for the world Community to use. It is very exiting.

          • Robert Mockan

            So how does it work? Last I read it had something to do with arc discharge in noble gases inside concentric metal shells with holes in them. The expanding arc discharge of the gases going through the surrounding metal shells creates an electric current in excess of the arc discharge that adds to the power going into the discharge thus creating excess power. Correct?
            Question: Where does the excess power come from?

          • I am just re-reading your US patent with some interest. (7,076,950). I was surprised that you used gasses other than noble gasses. I have money to invest in this technology and would like to visit your operation.

        • heinz

          Joseph Papp fled from Hungary in 1957 flying a single engine private plan into austria. Then he immigrated to Canada. Tayed there 10 years. then in 1967 he arrived in the Los angeles Are the USA. Most of the information is already on the Internet.

          Tom and Bob Rohner of West Liberty Iowa worked with joseph Papp. Joseph Papp moved his family to Ormond Beach Florida but stayed in one of Bob Rohner’s home in Iowa when they build what we call the 3rd Generation Joseph Papp engine. The third Patent was filed by Joseph Papp in 1980 and the US Patent was issued in 1984 and the patent expired on January 31. 2001, January 31. is my birthday.

          Bob and Tom Rohner, the rohner machine Company build the third generation engines according to Papp’s specifications. 2 Engines were finished within about 6 months and then they were trucked to Ormond
          beach Florida. I believe 6 people of the Rohner Machine works went to Floriad and it took them about 6 weeks to get the 2 engines going. Engine number one had a problem and thus it went with the ‘Rohner’s back to Iowa. Engine # 2 third generation stayed and worked in Ormond Beach Florida until Joseph Papp died of colon cancer in April of 1989. On august 15, 1989 The Rohner/Hansen Research joint venture was formed with Bo, Tom Rohner and Mr. Hansen. Hansen was a Millionair and funded the Rohner hansen joint venture for about 2 years. Then in about Mid 1990 Hansen terminated the funding and put all the materials and machinery in Vault and it stayed theree until the 15th of april 2008. Frank Andres was the Physicist Scientist who did most of the work for 2 years. I have visited Frank Andres in March of 208 and arrangements followed to bring most of the materials and engines back to Iowa by Bob Rohner. Tom Rohner died early this year having pancreas cancer. He died in Bangkog Thailand because he had gone there with his Brother Bob. Tom got infection and died.

          John Rohner did not work with Papp. John Rohner joined Bob and Tom Rohner in early 1980 and he got all the information Tom and Bob Rohner had. Then on /december 26 2008 , I believe it was there was the Interview with Sterling Allan and John Rohner. From that Interview forward What I =call the Rohner family feud started on the Internet. John Rohner being the bad guy with lies over lies on the Internet about Heinz Klostermann, CEI, his brothers Tom and Bob.

          Dr. Michael Girouard invested in John Rohner $535,ooo Dollars. Dr. Giourard has filed lawsuits against John Rohner. On January 29th20011 Dr. Mike Girouard had found my phone Number through google search and he called me. about my US Patent. On February 2, 2011, Dr. Mike Girouard and his wife Sandra visited me in San mateo and Palo Alto. I showed Dr. mike Girouard working pulsed plasma technology and he decided to invest in me. We formed Unity Indutries Inc. of Palo Alto and Dr. Girouard invested.

          • Spock Lives

            Fascinating! What is the present state of products at Unity Industries?

      • Wes

        Website or blog available on this?

        • heinz
          • heinz

            Publication Number US7076950
            Application Number US/10/823966
            Assignees CLEAN ENERGY INC
            Filing Date 13 Apr 2004
            Issued Date 18 Jul 2006
            International Patent Classifications F01B29/00
            U.S. Classifications 60/513 60/512 60/515
            Internal explosion engine and generator having an explosion chamber, a movable member forming one wall of the chamber, a charge of non-combustible gas sealed inside the chamber, means for repeatedly igniting the gas in an explosive manner to drive the movable member from a position of minimum volume to a position of maximum volume, means for returning the movable member from the position of maximum volume to the position of minimum volume, and means coupled to the movable member for providing electrical energy in response to explosion of the gas. In one disclosed embodiment, the movable member is a piston connected to a crankshaft, and it is returned to the position of minimum volume by a flywheel on the crankshaft. In another, two pistons are connected back-to-back in a hermetically sealed chamber to prevent loss of the explosive gas. In one embodiment, the electrical energy is produced by a generator connected to the crankshaft, and in the other it is produced by a coil positioned near a magnet which moves with the pistons.

            Independent ClaimsClaimsDescription
            1. An internal explosion engine and generator, comprising an explosion chamber, a movable member forming one wall of the chamber, a charge of air sealed inside the chamber, a one-way valve in communication with the chamber for admitting additional air to the chamber if the pressure in the chamber drops below a predetermined level, means for repeatedly igniting the air in the chamber in an explosive manner to drive the movable member from a position of minimum volume to a position of maximum volume, means for returning the movable member from the position of maximum volume to the position of minimum volume, and means coupled to the movable member for providing electrical energy in response to explosion of the air.

            10. An internal explosion engine and generator, comprising a cylinder, a piston movable within the cylinder to form an explosion chamber of variable volume, a charge of air sealed within the chamber, means for admitting atmospheric air to the chamber if the pressure in the chamber drops below a predetermined level, means for periodically, explosively igniting the air in the chamber to drive the piston between positions of minimum and maximum volume, a crankshaft driven by the piston, and a generator connected to the crankshaft for providing electrical energy in response to movement of the piston.

            17. An internal explosion engine and generator, comprising a cylinder, a pair of pistons connected together for movement in concert within the cylinder to form a pair of explosion chambers of variable volume, a charge of non-combustible gas sealed within each of the chambers, check valves for replenishing the gas in the chambers by admitting additional gas into the chambers when pressure in the chambers drops below a predetermined level, means for alternately igniting the non-combustible gas in the two chambers in an explosive manner to drive the pistons between positions of minimum end maximum chamber volume, a magnet coupled to the pistons for movement with the pistons, and a coil positioned outside the cylinder near the magnet for producing electrical energy in response to movement of the pistons.

  • Sanjeev

    Mainstream article on International Business Times AU

    Cold Fusion: The Impact of Rossi’s E-Cat to the World

  • Alexvs

    I have been following the E-Cat issue since aug/2011 and after the oct 28th demo I have written some posts expressing my skepticism about it. Perhaps being excessively critic or unpolite caused that some of my posts were banned.

    After the title of present thread “What can you do to help LENR success” I think I have a response which I want to make more explicit.

    Again, I will mention the crucial experiment carried out by Irene Curie and Frederik Joliot (1933) bombarding an aluminium foil with alpha rays coming from an Alphastrahler element (210Po ?).

    From now on, E represent the energy (can be positiv or negativ)

    Following reactions were proved:

    27Al(stable) + 4He -> 30P(unst) + n + E
    30P(unst) -> 30Si(stable) + e+ + E

    The possible reaction

    27Al(stable) + 4He -> 31P(stable) + E

    was not detected.

    In any case, alpha particles have overpassed the Coulomb barrier.

    Other known nuclear reactions run similarly as for instance radiating light elements with alpha particles yields:

    10B(stable) + 4He -> 13N(unst) + n + E

    ??Mg(stable) + 4He -> ??Al(unst) + n + E
    (Mg has three stable isotopes)


    24Mg(stable) +4He -> 28Si(stable) + E
    25Mg(stable) +4He -> 29Si(stable) + E
    26Mg(stable) +4He -> 30Si(stable) + E

    were not detected.

    Apparently the alpha particle 4He behaves as 3He + n. This is not easy to understand because the binding energy of 4He is bigger than that
    of 3He (round 20 MeV).

    Many other nuclear reactions involving low atomic number elements has been described and replicated with different results.

    It is taken for sure that the decay rate does not depend upon other physical magnitudes, i.e. temperature, pressure… Well, may be, but in experiments with controllable alpha energies the
    influence of other magnitudes as ionisation level, temperature, magnetic fields and state of target should be further researched.
    I have thought a kind of sputtering system that uses He instead or Ar, an orthogonal incident angle and regulable up to 500 KV voltage could yield
    a lot of information about reactions mechanisms.

    I mean, alpha particle is an Helium nucleus plus a momentum.

    I mean, 62Ni + 1H -> 63Cu + ? + E may occur or not depending upon H pressure, H temperature and H ionisation degree.

    The value of every phisical magnitude even if supossedly have no influence in the experiment should be measured and controlled.
    My personal assumption is that the problems with replication arouse from not considered experimental conditions.

    As said I am not Rossi believer, but I believe in LENR. Because it is real.

    • Very interresting. Don’t forget that you put in contact a nano powder with more than normal density Hydrogen quantity. Statisticaly, the occurence of collisions increases. And don’t forget the mysterious catalyser….

  • last publication test:

    Personnaly, I initiate since january 19, a topic on the french speaking website (www )econologie.com (www) econologie.com/forums/reaction-de-focardi-rossi-est-ce-la-fusion-froide-vt10384.html . I also announced by mail 1 week before the october 28th test to several important belgian newspapers, but they made NOTHING: even not a response to my mail ! I also speak about the e-cat on my personnal website: ( www ) replication-meyer.be.ma . And I fought against the deletion of Wikipedia.en . But, in fact I’m still waiting for a convincing test of a basic unit, far from Mr Rossi. If Mr Rossi, in place of selling ONE big “secret” 1MW unit sold a lot of little 5 KW units, for example to R&D departments of heating/furnaces/boilers manufacturer I think that everybody should be convinced. I’m still waiting a Rossi’s customer who say ” yes, it’s works: here are the proofs !”.
    E-cat is too marvellous to be real ! I don’twant to open it ! I don’t want steal Rossi’s secret !I want to test it !

  • alv

    Hi, how about getting in touch with “The Big Bang Theory” series producers and make the cast speak about it on an episode ?
    Sorry if it sounds stupid, i´m just a regular guy who came along this information.
    BTW, i really, REALLY hope this is real.
    We, the people, need this.
    Un saludo.

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