Jed Rothwell Reports Cold Fusion Research Shut Down at the US Navy’s SPAWAR Program

According to Jed Rothwell, cold fusion researcher and owner of the website the US Navy has closed down cold fusion research at its Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command.

Rothwell believes that recent media attention surrounding cold fusion is the likely cause of the closure of the program. He writes, “The people in charge of the Navy and the DoE know nothing about cold fusion, and they do not care about it. When they get letters from scientists or members of the public saying “someone in your organization is committing fraud” they do not ask questions. They close it down, whatever it is. Their main concern is their public image with the taxpayers. The
last thing they need is to be accused of countenancing academic fraud or crazy research.”

This is of particular interest here because according to Andrea Rossi, representatives of SPAWAR were present at his October 2nd E-Cat demonstration on Bologna. Whether they had any connection with the mystery military customer who bought the first 1 MW E-Cat plant is of course unknown.

For a little perspective on the Navy’s involvement in cold fusion research, SPAWAR held a conference in 2009 in which they reported on research done in the cold fusion/LENR field, the proceedings of which can be viewed below.

  • Matt Smart

    As a lot of you are American tax payers, I would ask your representatives in congress (or what ever you call it) to look into this and report why they have stopped the research? I think you have a right to know, and if you somehow manage to find out, let us all in on what they are playing at?!

    Could be worrying or it could be something to do with the fact that Rossi or another has come up with a technology which far exceeds what they were researching at SPAWAR so they had to close it and maybe start researching from another area, possibly NASA or another large govt funded body instead.

  • jeffsmathers

    With the evidence of the energy output of Rossi’s Ni-H system the micro/milli watt output of the D2&Palladium research may be just a needed ‘reset’ for reevaluation and revamping of a newer research platform to deal with the higher measurement dynamics.

    This platform of Ni&H energy will undoubtedly see the installation within some converted nuclear submarine within a few years I am sure.

    • Steve Robb

      The temperatures put out by Rossi’s device are not sufficient for driving steam turbines. You need temps into 600 celsius.

      • EnergyGuy

        That’s true, but they can work on the temp/pressure problem and get to the 600 deg. Celsius in < 1.5 yrs, I think. Rossi et al. have done the basic work (assuming it's true, that is), and the rest is hard-slogging boiler engineering.

  • Erik

    NO, the earth is flat and the center of the universe!!!

  • Milo

    Isn’t it more likely that they shut down the program because someone found the solution and they have no patents for it? The reason they were researching must have been because they needed the technology. I’m sure they are just as happy buying the finished product from Rossi.

    • Rui

      I think your theory is the most correct one. Though the conspiracy theory that big oil is shutting down on Rossi’s operation also doe snot seem unlikely. I just hope that, in case it’s seen that there’s an attempt to shut down Rossi, he’ll do the right thing and make it loose.

  • George

    Can’t Rothwell talk to his contacts at SPAWAR and find out what the reason was for the closure?

  • sapain

    if u watch the video it`shows u how to develop lern, problem is getting d2

    • Steve Robb

      D2 is easy enough to come by and relatively cheap.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    I smell coal, oil and gas!!!!!!! White your government Reps

  • RAY


    • Steve Robb

      Obama may be an unoriginal law professor incapable of thinking outside of the box but he is not the evil behind everything of which you disapprove. You are showing your conspiracy-theorist/psychotic side.

  • Robert Mockan

    LOL! The insane oligarchy strikes again.

  • Lynn Henke

    I wouldn’t suspect it was due to President Obama. It is the Republicans who don’t want anything to compete with their oil company contributors.

    • Bruno

      Obama is the Commandere in Chief. The Navy and SPAWAR report to hi. If SPAWAR shut down their LENR research then it is due to Administration policy, not due to republicans who do not control the executive branch.

    • Jo Erson

      Come on get your head out of the sand. During the last presidential election Romney was brave enough to say he believed LENR had been achieved in Utah. The Democrat’s ridiculed him mercilessly for speaking out. I don’t think that Big Green Groups want a solution to energy. They have too much to loose.

  • K Reilly

    I don’t think they can shut something down that never used that much government money in the first place. From what I gather from reading the email is that they used their own equipment on their own time. It seems like these people just need a different place to do it now.

  • Johannes Hagel

    I found the following recipy in “Independent E-Cat News”. Seems very simple to try out for somebody with some home craft equipment or am I mistaken? Anybody willing to try it and report on it?


    Thicket Reply

    December 19, 2011 at 9:20 pm


    That’s very creative.

    I don’t want to seem like a wet blanket, but this procedure seems to use amorphous nickel instead of nickel in a crystalline lattice. Maybe I’m missing something.

    You can always purchase crystalline nickel and avoid the complications of making it or not having it.

    Related, although somewhat different, there doesn’t seem to be anything to manage the active catalytic surface area of the nickel.

    I think it’s cool if folks try this experiment. It’s a great learning experience.

    It’s a lot more rigorous than anything Rossi has demonstrated

    • Johannes Hagel

      Sorry this was already a comment. Here follows the recipy:


      arian Reply

      December 19, 2011 at 7:12 pm

      Phen formula from

      The Ni powder, most pure and finest grade, is handled in dry box under inert atmosphere. It is mixed with 5 % by weight carbon powder, subjected to 500 C and degassed with a vacuum pump to prepare the surface and clean out any oxygen/oxides clinging to it. The surface is cooled. The chamber is pressurized with hydrogen to 2000 psi and heated to 200 C after the gas line is closed. When the pressure reaches stability the chamber is cooled. This process is repeated five times to fully load the Ni. This reactive powder is mixed with 10% by weight ferro magnetic Fe powder and an equal weight of magnesium powder using the same careful techniques given above. 2 grams of this mix is placed in an 8 inch lenth of 1/4 h Cu tube welded shut at one end. The open end is fitted with a hydrogen uptake valve. A second 3/4 gcopper tube is capped at one end and filled with mineral oil after inserting the reaction chamber. The tube is placed in the center of a 1000 coil of magnetic copper wire such as Belden Part No. 8054 which is connected to a source of alternating voltage adjustable from 25 cycles per second to 100 MHz. Using a thermocouple immersed in the oil, connected to an old computer, the RFG is adjusted to supply inductive energy to the Fe powder within the inner chamber raising the temperature to 250 C. The fusion is adjusted to self sustain and allowed to maintain the process for one year.”

  • J R Ewing

    We at big oil are saddened to hear of cold fusion research comming to a end at the Navy. Rest assured that we at big oil will continue to provide the country with all the oil necessary regardless of where we have to go to get it.

  • Sanjeev

    The most likely reason for shutting it down there is that after much research they found that LENR cannot be made into a bomb of any kind.

    • Cliff Bradley

      LOL! Actually, it would be very useful in nuclear submarines and other naval ships. It doesn’t have to be made into a bomb.

      I agree that bureaucrats tend to blindly bail on anything that could possibly cause them problems.

      However, I think it might be that their research is going nowhere and they have seen some LENR projects working. So, shut what you are doing down, cut your losses, go get something that works.

  • M. Albert

    The video presented clearly showed positive results, yet the people who were there had no questions and seems showed little interest in the speakers. It seems that the NAVY isn’t interested in things that don’t go BOOM!

    I suppose this is understandable seeing as they are the military and their primary focus is defense, but at the very least these scientists should be given the chance at another government research agency.

    Or perhaps more likely is that these guys ran with the Ni-H idea from Rossi using their systems and have far surpassed him. As above posters have mentioned, the tech may be getting moved to a bigger research facility.

    I have this feeling that this is going to be announced at the right time by the US, and by the right time, i mean right before those things called elections that are coming up 😉 Obama announces free energy and promises its development, thereby securing reelection.

    I just Rossi doesn’t get left in the dust, though if he does, i hope he will be remembered for having the courage to come out with it.

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  • Wes

    I think it more than coincidence that the SPAWAR efforts were shutdown around the height of the Rossi’s publicity. Should Rossi fail to deliver his e-cat technology, his publicity may backfire, making it more difficult for stuggling LENR pioneers to obtain support for their efforts.

  • Brad Arnold

    How wildly humorous. It just reinforces my opinion that we need to get North Korea to convert to LENR. Monkey see, monkey do. Once the dumdums in the US military see their rival using it, then they will go for it in a big way. Besides, Leonardo and Defkalion are going to be manufacturing and selling tens of thousands of LENR generators next year, so it is only a matter of time that the news gets to even the most rarified levels of our society.

  • arian

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  • Jimr

    I don’t know who this Jed Rothwell is, is he really knowledgable of the Navy,s workings, most of this info would be at least classified if not higher. We are all assuming what he says is true.

    • Steve Robb

      Why don’t you try Googling Jed Rothwell and you will find he runs the site and is the author of “Cold Fusion And The Future” which you can download for free from his web site.

  • Gabriel Paredes

    I think you’re all wrong. The E-CAT will be for the people. Research done by the DOE and the NAVY is great, but it wont stop the people from creating an E-CAT market. The problem lies in that people keep looking to officials to say YES to cold fusion. Do you think Steve jobs had his first computer approved by the government? NO. Uncle Sam may already have similar technologies above our classification level… They also may be shutting the facility down because they found their answer. If they complete their mission, they may create a new project to solely research a specific type of LENR. The ECAT works… There’s been little to no disagreement; it wont matter who says yes or no, the people will bring it to market.

  • alex

    I want to know who sent the letter(s).

  • Steve Robb

    The only possible positive spin I can place on this is that the purchaser of the 1 Mw plants was in fact the Navy and they concluded that they needed these people and resources to be concentrated on a Nickel-hydrogen process and not more experimental evidence as they are now believers. What they need now is a means to boost the temperature so they can produce high temperature steam suitable for steam turbines or even better direct conversion to electricity.

  • jhpace1

    I think too m any people are looking at this the wrong way.

    SPAWAR claims it is shutting down the LENR research that the Navy has been doing. Some suspect this is because of Andrea Rossi and his declared success at Nickel-Hydrogen cold fusion.

    #1 – Higher-ups to the SPAWAR realized that they were doing the same research as this new, highly publicized cold fusion and became embarrassed, pulling the project.
    Entirely possible. Generals and Admirals are politicians, not revolutionaries. If civilians with an agenda start e-mailing, telephoning, or talking to military leadership about “embarrassment”, they WILL pull the project.

    #2 – SPAWAR realized that civilians had succeeded where they had not, and pulled the project.
    Also entirely possible. Military people want to have something civilians do not: weapons, computer systems, surveillance systems, energy systems. If you can buy it commercially, they why make it for fantastic cost at taxpayer expense? You lose your exclusive “tactical advantage”. This can also turn a “slightly black” project “deeper black”, as the military tries to make something that has lots of bells and whistles on it 20 years before civilians can come up with the same.

    #3 – the scientific community, learning that someone had succeeded in bursting their paradigm bubble with cold fusion outside the US, doubled their efforts to get inside-the-US research cancelled by any means. Not embarrassment, but agenda.
    Also entirely possible, and even a mix of all three is possible. Scientists and people with an agenda are more than willing to deny, deny, deny and promote one study out of a hundred that says “fraud!”, rather than look at the real research, if it fits their world-view and dogma.

    All this means delay, delay, delay on US citizens being able to purchase an Andrea Rossi e-cat for their house or neighborhood with their own money and having a unit transported into the US for home use.