Rossi: National Instruments Helping E-Cat Plant Become a “Magnificence”

Andrea Rossi yesterday expressed his pleasure about his collaboration with National Instruments, the Texas-based company who is providing the instrumentation for the E-Cats being manufactured by Rossi’s Leonardo Corporation. When asked by a JONP reader whether the National Instruments enterprise was going well Rossi responded:

“National Instruments is the best Partner a manufacturer of plants of high technology can have. We are learning from them, and thanks to them the 1 MW plant we are finishing for our Customer is growing up a magnificence. Useless to say, all our plants will be supplied by the control systems of N.I. We are honoured to be supplied by them. The most important thing of their working way is that they do not just supply their technology, but they teach to you to grow up in its knowledge to make you able to peer-interfacing with them, like they do not just sell you good fish, but also teach you how to fish, so that fishing is empowered.”

Ever the student, it looks like Rossi is delighted not only with the instrumentation itself, but also with what he is learning — and how he can apply that to the development of his invention. A partnership like this is going to be very important as Rossi tries to build a robust product, and to establish himself as leader in the commercialization of LENR — he has mentioned that he is working on other agreements, and also an outsourcing network. The “quiet period” that we seem to be currently in (with no customers coming forward publicly) may not apply to what is going on behind the scenes.

  • andreiko

    Geen olie maar ROSSI.

  • morse

    The Maya’s already knew that 2012 will be a year of change and that a new era is going to begin

    • Steve Robb

      What horse pucky.

  • M.Hat

    “A partnership like this is going to be very important as Rossi tries to build a robust product..”

    Do you mean to imply that his Ecat system is not currently robust?

    • Rockyspoon

      No “Model A” is as robust as subsequent models. That’s why it’s named with the letter “A”. (I believe Rossi’s E-Cat could be called the “Model A E-Cat”, it is that primitive.) But remember the “Model A” got us down the road and there were thousands of men lined up to buy one. That said, Ford would be pleased to see where his initial concept has ended up and we wouldn’t be where we are in automobiles without the Model A.

  • daniel maris

    Well interesting and encouraging. We know what the supersceptics will say, but I think this has the ring of truth in as much it appears Rossi has been faced with some real time control issues and perhaps NI are bringing to bear the sort of knowledge of feedback information systems that will enable the Rossi machine to operate more effectively, over a longer period.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    The statement from NI that they are NOT Rossi’s partners should be along shortly.

    • Steve Robb

      Based on what, your wishful thinking?

  • Bill Nichols

    Rossi’s communication about NI is noteworthy and what I expected, that’s the way NI works from past experiences. Since NI acknowledged they are contractually a supplier for Rossi…this is what I was waiting to hear. Recall I’ve stated: myself, among with many others suggested NI as a possible partner for Rossi to consider many, months ago.

    As I’ve stated in an earlier post, if the E-Cat doesn’t work, you’ll know by NI’s action to maintain their credibility, they really are a top notch company.

    In managing new technology programs, there is a roadmap of decision points (PDR–preliminary design review…CDR–critical design review and so on).

    So I’ll “speculate”…the most important are in points 5, 6 and 7 below.

    1.) The way Rossi has commented is a significant positive. Because if there was nothing here…he wouldn’t have known to state the above without the experience(s).

    2.) It is highly likely we already know all we need to know about E-Cat’s real viability and future by NI actions already (still there). It should be certain within the next few months at most.

    3.) NI will (is) be a key partner to open doors for Rossi (already likely has).

    4.) It’s all about relationships…if NI is on board, Rossi will have the numerous opportunities he wants.

    5.) The biggest future challenges (if E-Cat is commercially viable) is his leadership and management skills. That from history is where most inventors and entrepreneurial folks struggle.

    6.) Piecing all things together, from working on several, multi-tens of billions of dollar future technology programs, I’d be surprised if NI is already convinced this is worth their while. Essentially, I’m stating actions and behavior support the E-Cat is real and commercially viable already.

    7.) The patent issue(s) will be resolved quickly (if not already).

    This is…again…a significant statement by Rossi as he’s revealed a lot to those who have worked in these areas.

    Connecting the dots…my view is NI very likely would comment back on Rossi’s comments above if he didn’t have what he says he has. They haven’t, have they?

    Could be a watershed moment.

    2 cents.

    Bill Nichols

    • bachcole

      Bill Nichols, thank you for your excellent input.

    • Steve Robb

      Well done.

  • George

    The patent issue cannot be resolved unless Rossi reveals the catalyst. End of story.

    • MarkusMeng

      When you read what Rossi claims is the patent input, you will find easily that there is absolutly no specific description in his (potential) patent. A serious verification team can’t give the patent on it, because it does not say anything.

      It is very well possible that Rossi did find something. However it looks very difficult to control. And as long as he is not willing to join his knowledge with a big company being able to make professional products, we may never know.

      • Rockyspoon

        No need describing the process to the betterment of your competition when at this point the US Patent Office summarily rejects all patents based in whole or in part on “cold fusion”. You might as well be spitting into the wind.

  • John E

    Why is it that Rossi’s “official” site ( never has any news like this?

    I’d love to know that this is all is actually proceeding as described, yet the E-cat story is still being fueled by the hopes of those who want this to be true. Interesting hearsay, speculations and anonymous assertions but not much in the way of facts to verify and build.

    This does not constitute proof of fraud by any means, but the perfect execution of a scam would play a lot like this has unfolded so far.

    And I’d really like for the E-Cat to be the real deal.

    • Rockyspoon

      I haven’t seen where Rossi is approaching big capital sources for gazillions of dollars for this. Such would be your “perfect execution of a scam”.

      Face it, Rossi is a bit eccentric, but I say “thank goodness”; it was eccentrics the past 300 years (include the Founding Fathers if you will) that have pushed the current paradigm in all fields to where we are today. I personally don’t believe this is a scam and I’ve worked extensively in a particular field where that’s a constant problem, namely mining of precious metals–that field is replete with scammers and promoters. This (Rossi’s enterprise) does not have the specific signatures I’ve seen in many scams.

      But I’m with you–I’d also really like for the E-Cat to be the real deal. (Does LENR work? Yes, as evidenced by hundreds of labs worldwide. Does Rossi’s device work? I’m predicting it will work a whole lot better once they put tailored instrumentation on it; once the theory has been worked out; and once they’ve had some time gathering feedback on initial models and making upgrades. Does that mean Rossi will be successful finacially (perhaps the ultimate measure of business success)? Only time will tell, but it appears he’s taking the correct steps to be successful.)

  • John

    I can’t help think that Rossi is piggy banking on the name of National Instruments. So what exactly, are NI offering? My guess: some software, a thermometer, a resistor and a voltmeter. That’s it, really. The whole idea is that you measure energy in and energy out. Energy in is measured by having a resistor, and measuring the voltage drop across it. That way, you measure the current moving into the system. You also need a voltmeter, to measure the voltage of the electricity moving into the system. Multiply voltage by current and you have power.

    You also need to measure energy out. You can do this by measuring the temperature of the system. You know the heat capacity of the system. It might be 1 kilowatt per degree celcius. Or any measured value. If the system produces electricity, you can measure this just like you can measure the incoming electricity.

    Really, this is not a big deal. It is not “proof” that there is something going on here. It is 99.999% likely that NI don’t know (or care) whether there is actual LENR happening. So long as Rossi pays the bills, they will work with him.

    I might also say, what exactly are NI actually offering? How much does it cost? Are we talking about $1000 of instrumentation, or $100,000 of instrumentation, support and a few dozen programmers?

    I may sound negative, and that is not my intention. What I’m trying to say is that this is *not a big deal*. So he bought some instrumentation. That does not mean LENR works or not works.

    • bachcole

      John, the only thing that you got right is the added expense. I am with Omega Z that control is very likely an issue and that NI would help with control of the process.

      And I doubt if NI wants to have the reputation of working with a scam artist.

    • Steve Robb

      The purpose of the controls is not just to measure the inputs and outputs but to control the output. And I suspect that is much more complicated than you depict.

    • Charles

      Bang on. NI does not know or care about Rossi’s eCat-astrophe.
      Trying to gain legitimacy from their name must be a well used scammer’s technique.

  • Omega Z

    Many Agencies NASA, the Navy, & Universities around the world have produced excess heat with the LENR process using both different & similar catalysts. Some even more then Rossi. Day to day results very wildly with the same setup. NASA among others even have patents on their LENR projects.

    Rossi started out with much higher excess heat then now. LENR works within a specific heat range plus or minus. To low a temp & the process stops. To high a temp & the Nickel melts. Process stops.

    Rossi has gradually scaled down to the point where he can maintain some stability & control. This Control is what Rossi brings to the LENR process. This is the real secret he is trying to protect.

    The Control of this process seems to be problematic even at lower output. You still require a grid connection & most likely Skilled personnel to maintain stability & control for sustainable operation 24/7. So much for 1 cent per Kilowatt.

    That’s where National Instruments comes to the Table. Check them out. They build controls for Nuclear Power Plants among many other sophisticated technologies. They would have the expertise & personnel to develop & fine tune the Controls for just this project.

    Rumor was the First customer was a large American concern who’s able to cut through Red Tape to bring the 1Mw plant to the U.S. Said to start with the letter “N”. The Buzz Mentions it may be NASA or the Navy.

    National Instruments also begins with “N”. Also signs an agreement with Rossi to build the controls within a couple weeks of this First sale. They Officially Confirmed this Agreement.

    I read where N.I. Denied being the First Customer, But I’m not sure if this was Official or just a Rumor. It Doesn’t matter. I’m sure they would deny it regardless. They don’t want a bunch of curious people bugging them about details of which they can’t disclose anyway. A Non-Disclosure-Agreement would be in Effect. Releasing any Information could result in a Lawsuit not to mention damaging their Image & costing them both present & future customers.

    It would make sense that they would want a 1MW plant on the premises for Developing a Control System that is highly dependable. After all. It’s claimed in the agreement they want their LOGO visible on every control panel. If it works, it’s also a good way to Show your clients your on the cutting edge of new technology. Having the first operational 1MW E-cat in your plant is good for business purposes besides reducing their Utility costs.

    Having facilities in dozens of Countries, some where Utilities may not be dependable would be reason enough to purchase an additional 13 1MW E-cats. Especially if Rossi’s October 28 tests were convincing enough to their experts to know they can make them dependable.

    As for Rossi’s patent being held up by the U.S. Government. If this E-cat works, How many Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations would it take to put Pressure on the U.S. Government to Grant his patent. Especially if these Corporations are already involved in sophisticated projects for the Government. Maybe Rossi is Crazy. Crazy like a Fox.

    If my speculations should be right, I still don’t expect N.I. to Volunteer this information until others have purchased E-cats & proven it to a viable technology to the rest of the world. They don’t want the hassle.

    • Omega Z

      To clarify, If the E-cat pans out, I asked how many Billion dollar Corporations would it take to pressure the U.S. Government to give Rossi his patent.

      The number of Corporations who would Greatly benefit from this Technology would grossly out weigh the number involved in fossil fuels. Besides, The Oil, Gas, & Coal industries would survive. Just at a smaller scale.

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  • Omega Z

    For those sold on the E-cat or Like myself who thinks it’s a good possibility that Rossi has found a way to Control it in a dependable manner. We hope!!

    Take a Reality Check.

    If this Flies, It’s not cracked up to be what you think it is. This is a Major First Step. A Major Shift in the system. But, It’s got a long ways to go before it becomes what your expecting.

    What’s presented. A 15Kw E-cat. Converted to Electricity provides 5Kw. That’s Enough to run your cloths dryer & maybe a light or 2.

    With National Instruments involvement in control panels, I’m sure this will all be scaled up, but it will take time.
    For the home market, you will have to build them for Peek Demand. That’s everything in your home that can be on at any given time.

    For every home to be off the grid in the U.S. would require possibly a 3 to 4 fold increase in total U.S. Generating capacity of today. Maybe more. The reason for this is that Power companies can level capacity out for peek demand for of the whole. Individually you lose this ability.

    Defkalion (Possibly a Rossi competitor) mentioned the capacity to build 300,000 units a year in the factory there planning. That’s a far cry from the 4 million a day for 6 years plus to meat world demand.

    In reality, it will most likely be a 20 year plus transition. Don’t disappoint yourself with unrealistic expectations. If it works, just be happy were heading in the right direction.

    I myself realize the 15Kw E-cat for what it is even if it works. I also realize what it could become.

    In 1980, Home computer processor chips worked with 8 Bits at about 2-MHz. Today they work with 64 bits at 4-GHz. That’s 2000 times faster. The Laws of Technology would dictate that the scaling up & improvement of an E-cat would be much quicker.

    Also remember that at this time it’s nothing more then a souped up water heater. Converting to Electricity will make the unit cost more & cost more to be installed by trained technicians. Also Rossi says it will cost about $20 every 6 months to recharge it. When the service tech puts a $40 part on you washing machine, did it cost you $40. Just saying…

    I expect the End product if it works will be much more then the $550 mentioned by Rossi for the 15Kw E-cat, But much cheaper then what we rely on now over a 20 year plus projected life cycle.

    On a final note: I’ve noticed a couple posts on other sites stating that it wouldn’t be susceptible to an EMP. It will have Electrical components, SO– Only if you live in an underground shielded home.

    • bachcole

      8 bits at 2-MHz divided into 64 bits at 4-GHz is 16,000 times “faster” or more powerful. You forgot to include the difference in bits.

  • Tom

    Screw patents. The world is now amalgamated via the internet. Release plans online for the device, make it open source and BAM, the name Rossi will go down in history with the best of them. Saviour of earth!!!

    • bachcole

      But Tom, will being famous help pay Rossi’s bills and help pay for development?

    • Steve Robb

      In a world chock to the hilt with cynics, releasing the technology will not greatly speed up its spread and Rossi will not make a return for all his hard work. He should not give anything away and not waste time with more demonstrations. He owes us nothing.

      • Tom

        No, but wouldn’t it be dandy if Rossi was 100% selfless. I look forward to whatever comes from this tech, so long as it’s not nothing. Never know, he might go down in history for what he is doing already.

        • Rockyspoon

          No, it would NOT be “dandy if Rossi was 100% selfless”. Look, my life experience has indicated that something that’s “free” is worth every penny (and to be avoided at all cost). When I buy something, I pay hard-earned, money that’s in limited supply for something that’s worth more than what I pay. Should it be “free”, then in theory I haven’t made a good investment. Why? Because if it is “free” I can’t demand that it works for me. If I pay a fair price (he makes a profit; I expect to leverage the device to also make a profit) then that’s a win-win situation (based on a money-back guarantee so I know the technology and business model is legit). Please, do NOT fall for the “free” meme–that’s the worst possible scenario. The world wants cost-effective, limitless, affordable (compared to current energy prices) energy and by utilizing such, will spark a world-wide renaissance in productivity, social and technical advances, and standard of living. (Ever thought of a world in which EVERYBODY was “middle-class” or above; in which there was nobody starving or living in squalor? The E-Cat can make it happen, but only if Capitalism (as defined above) is applied in getting this product built, optimized, and used.) I say Rossi should be a rich man because he has enriched an entire planet. He should also get a Nobel and commendations from all governments, his contribution is that paradigm-shattering.

  • Bill Nichols

    Note Rossi comments the past 24 hours support my points in the earlier post on this thread.

    For example…take 2 and 3 below…

    Dear Neil Ferguson:
    1- We registered” E-Cat, Energy Catalyzer, The New
    2- yes: when it will be re-engineered by the
    Customwer and NI it will be unrecognizable inside.
    Outside the same, just a container, to make it easy
    to be transported.
    3- You are right: many particulars of the version
    tested on October 28th have been a makeshift.

    Warm Regards, and thank you for your attention: and
    Merry Christmas!

    Again, this should all be intuitive and logical in development toward efficacy. To restate, if NI says nothing…it says something (positive) about what Rossi is saying.

    Continue to maintain what Rossi has is nascent application of LENR.

    Also propose within the next 5-20 years Science will be revitalized, speaking as a scientist. This is my utmost hope, also w/r/t mathematics which attempts to describe our natural world.

    Bill Nichols

    • Steve Robb

      Do you mean revitalized w.r.t. an honest application of the scientific method and honest peer reviews?

      • Bill Nichols


  • carbonat

    I really wish this technology is for real, but the more I look at the vids and info that has been published on the web so far the more skeptical i become. Just look at this:

    – No continuous water flow meter: Pump flow was assumed to be constant, but flow surely decreased as pressure in the chamber increased. A peristaltic pumps DOES drop flow when it is are forced to inject water at a higher pressure.

    – Temperature continuously decreased after heating was turned off. So water was keep boiling at expense of this.

    – Allegedly, heating must be turned on for 10 minutes every 30 minutes of operation, presumably increasing boiler temperature: Now that’s accumulating heat for the next run.

    – Never ever has been unveiled a run of more than about 30 minutes operation. This alone is highly suspicious.

    – Since only 30 minutes were operated, any net heat balance that could exist can be explained by some sort of chemical reaction in the boiler, thus needing repeated fuel recharges for it to work.

  • Francesco CH

    The guys at NI are experiencing a lot of problems with the E-Cat.

    The inside reaction is not dangerous, but it is a “wild cat”: the E-Cat shows a sort of “random” behaviour, and the software they are developing is quite complex.

    In a 1MW plant there are more that 50 E-Cats, and each of these behaves quite unexpectedly. Hence reaching the full automatisation of the process is a tough task.

    • Lu

      This is what DGT has said and has claimed to have solved. It is also probably why Rossi only guarantees a COP of 6 while DGT it is much higher. Only conjecture on my part. We shall see.

    • Bill Nichols


      Interesting you state this. Analysis of the data from multiple Demo’s have also suggested this to me which I’ve stated in previous posts and to Andrea Rossi.

      I’ve heard from others, and appears from some of the limited data on-line, the thermal output variances can exceed 10 percent. I also need to see data that this device has been properly tested across the full suite of environmental parameters (Temp,Pressure, Density, E-M, and so on).

      The E-Cat “instability” of reaction has long been a number 1 concern for me. NI will decide if they consider this “safe” or not to commercialize and proceed accordingly w/ options and recommendations.

      If not viable yet, they could assist in future R&D.

      This is one reason why I state this is a nascent technology. Realistic expectations, good planning are needed.

      The last 5-10 percent of performance, often consumes the majority of time to bring on-line most new technologies.

      Find your comments reaffirming from a phenomenological framework.


      Bill Nichols

      • Francesco CH

        What I indended to communicate is what my sources at NI say to me: they tell me that the E-Cat does work, unfortunately it an incredibly wild beast to tame.

        COP 6 is all you need, because COP 6 converted in electricity production is COP 2 which eventually means COP ∞ in a “self-regenerative” system.

        • Francesco CH


        • Pietro

          Hi Francesco,

          You have just had a very important statement there — this might be the first 3rd-party confirmation of e-cat working in reality. Can you confirm that someone at NI who has 1st hand experience with the system told you that it worked “reproducibly” (no matter if there is some wild-cattyness at the moment)? Is this source repliable? What are his/her qualifications?

          • Pietro

            source repliable == source reliable

          • Charles

            You are all delusional. NI is in no way a partner in this crime. They can supply and instruct on their measurement products, but to suggest that they endorse or cooperate on the Mystery of eCat is total rubbish.
            You nut jobs have no shame.

  • jack

    Paradigm shifts are always treated the same way by the predictable crowd, just look at the Wright Brothers.
    The Paris edition of the New York Herald summed up Europe’s opinion of the Wright brothers in an editorial on February 10, 1906:
    “The Wrights have flown or they have not flown. They possess a machine or they do not possess one. They are in fact either fliers or liars. It is difficult to fly. It’s easy to say, ‘We have flown.”

    Rossi has cold fusion or he has not cold fusion. He possess a device or he does not possess one. He is in fact either doer or a liar. It is difficult to produce excess heat . It’s easy to say, I have excess heat.

    • Dan Woodward

      It is easy to say “I have excess heat”, and it is not even too hard to prove it! Rossi (and Focardi, and Pianelli, etc.) have proved it to my satisfaction. When they add a generator to it, I will buy one for home use.

  • Bill3

    NI is a good company to work with. If you’re using their equipment and software, they have a tech team which will help you do what you want to do. Anybody can buy the devices they produce. And they have great ech support if you want. So the way it is reported that Rossi phrased the interaction with NI could be as simple as he purchased computer interfaces from NI and they are helping him get it functioning the way he wants. Which proves nothing to me at this point. A transfer of technology from NI is what they do, there is nothing extra ordinary about Rossi using it.

  • Espererar was that, as Andrea Rossi a person with the necessary seriousness, be associated with a manufacturer of electronic controls technologies and tip. I see nothing strange in this, and instead, this will bring more success to Ecat, knowing how seriously working in National Instrument.
    The world is facing the most valuable discovery of the century, and this will be no hair taken. I hope that soon we can end the mystery and keep only hearing positive news for the world to live better, with an invention that will be good for all humanity.
    Good Christmas and a promising and prosperous 2012 for the parent Ecat and Andrea Rossi, Sergio Focardi, NI, and everyone else to wait patiently …

  • Brad Arnold

    Good think N.I. is giving Rossi’s E-Cat a professional look. Defkalion appears to be light years ahead of Rossi when it comes to polished look. My bet is that Defkalion and Leonardo combined production will only be a drop in the bucket to world-wide demand for LENR generators in the short run.

    By the way, don’t hold your breath for Rossi to get a patient on his “Italian Sauce,” and if that is the hold up to Rossi being more open, then we’ll be waiting a long time for any progress on that front. Instead, I bet LENR companies will go full speed ahead while the legal issues are still unresolved.

  • What is interesting though is that when one searches for Andrea Rossi in the site of National Instruments nothing is returned. However with the search term “Leonardo Corporation” the following is returned:

    “Innovators throughout the world are using the NI graphical system design approach to efficiently address the world’s grand engineering challenges in medical technology, urban infrastructure, alternative energy and other critical applications. In physics specifically, NI has contributed product solutions to some of the most advanced projects including the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and tokamak fusion device control systems. Additionally, the Leonardo Corporation has intentions to incorporate NI tools in its control system.”

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