New Cold Fusion Success Claim: “Aussie Guy E-Cat” Says he Has Fleischmann-Pons Effect Devices Working

A very interesting discussion is taking place on Vortex-l, the online email discussion list for cold fusion, where a poster nicknamed “Aussie Guy E-Cat” is sharing information about Fleischmann-Pons Experiment (FPE) devices he has obtained from an Asian source, and which he plans to use to commercialize and demonstrate that Fleischmann and Pons were correct in their cold fusion claims.

In the discussion thread Aussie Guy writes:

The 2 cells were obtained from an Asian source. They are on loan for 3 months. The source will work remotely with our local uni to get them operational. They output greater than 1 watt with a COP greater than 5. We are funding the work at the local uni. The uni can publish the results from the cells we make locally. The source has received an up front payment. They will receive further funding as the cells are proven to work by the local uni and further funding when our replicant cells become operational.

We plan to make our replicant cells available to other FPE researchers. These cells are not capable of delivering a E-Cat or Hyperion level of performance. They are designed to prove F&P were correct, the FPE is real, to silence the FPE deniers and drive scientific investigation of the FPE. Our desire is simple. To accelerate the acceptance of the FPE, to get the effect properly understood and to see FPE devices powering our planet. OK, along the way to make a few dollars as well.

This poster had hoped to purchase a 100 kW E-Cat plant from Andrea Rossi, but Rossi was not willing to sell a scaled-down large plant, so it appears that Aussie Guy has looked to other sources for small-scale devices to demonstrate the reality of cold fusion. The fact that he is working with a local (Australian) university will be of interest to the many people who have been hoping for independent third party testing of cold fusion devices by qualified scientists. AG says that eventually the plan is for him to manufacture simple FPE demo devices that can be sold to the wide market.

This is another interesting development in what seems to be a growing momentum in the area of cold fusion research, and the positive results reported are encouraging news for all who are hoping to see a rapid emergence of a new and improved energy source for a world that is very much in need of it. 2012 could be shaping up to be a banner year for cold fusion!

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  • Pingback: New Cold Fusion Success Claim: “Aussie Guy” Says he Has Fleischmann-Pons Experiment Devices Working()

  • E-dog

    Go Mate go!!!
    Why does it take one nice Aussie guy to make it all happen!
    Those Yanks have probably been doing it for years and keeping it wrapped up..
    The Russians are probably selling it on the black market somewhere already.
    The greeks are playing catch up.
    The italians are all talk.
    The English and French are no where to be seen!!!
    The Chinese are ready to copy the hell out of it.
    The Japanese are still busy cleaning up..
    Go Aussie guy go!
    Change the world mate.
    We will back you!! All the way!!!

  • daniel maris

    All the best to Aussie Guy in 2012. Replication confirmation will blast a hole in the wall erected by the supersceptics.

  • mike

    Cold Fusion is coming out of the wood work all of a sudden, I seen Aussie guy of at Rossi’s blog, lets hope he is serious about this, we need all the cold fusion we can get )

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    If you are as frustrated as I am about the LENR situation and believe as I do that LENR is an important energy source that the world desperately needs, please read on:

    I sent the following email to my Federal government Representatives please add or delete your own thoughts on the subject, but please write your Representatives.

    It is easy, google “” enter your zip in upper right hand corner. Click on your Reps and write.

    “Dear Representative:

    Subject: LENR Fast Track

    There is a preposterous situation occurring within our government that I hope your leadership can correct. Our Patent office refuses to grant patents for LENR reactors because it is their position LENR is impossible. LENR has been demonstrated in hundreds of experiments by many scientists around the world. In fact, Mr. Andrea Rossi has demonstrated his reactor many times and it has now been demonstrated the reaction can be reproduced from his patent application. This bureaucratic or purposeful obstruction is stalling a revolutionary energy source the world desperately needs. Your leadership is required now to remedy the above situation and to put LENR patents on a fast track. Thank you.”

    • Robert Horning

      LENR patents do not need to be put on a “fast track”. What needs to happen is for some legitimate science to be conducted on the topic and for honest control measures to be placed on the variables or even to be able to identify what those variables that induce fusion or not to happen. Some of that is known, but obviously a whole lot is not known and there ***is a problem*** with trying to reproduce results of those who have claimed to have produced a LENR reaction of some sort and even trying to determine if nuclear reactions are happening at all.

      Until the science is settled, I don’t think it is the role of the USPTO to act as a referee on the topic of if LENR is valid as a scientific concept or not. It is for that reason, and that reason alone, that I think it is even appropriate for the USPTO and other patent offices in other countries to reject LENR patents altogether, much less put them on any sort of “fast track”.

      If you want me to send this opinion to each and every member of congress, I would be more than willing to do that. I believe skepticism is legitimate. This is not to imply that this is a fraud, but merely that saying “we don’t know” simply means just that. We don’t know and wishing it does work isn’t going to help in the discovery process to determine what exactly is happening with LENR devices.

      • Wes

        Exactly. The onus to prove a working invetion is on the applicant, not on the USPTO.

      • RichyRoo

        Science is never ‘settled’, thats just a propoganda concept from the CAGW fraud.
        Patents dont require any science, they are a legal construct not a scientific one.
        Its nonsense to think that a theoretical framework is required before an invention can be used or patented, cavemen were using fire a long time before anyone had any idea how it worked.
        Patents should be provided on the basis of novelty and use, and the current ‘special’ restrictions on LENR patents should be removed, no other remedy is required.

      • George

        It is not the job of the USPTO to decide what is science and what isn’t. The problem with the Rossi device is it is not Patent-able because he has not revealed the “secret sauce” that makes his device work. No patent can be given when the details of how it works are not give. This is a completely asinine discussion and one which everyone on this site gets caught up in over and over!!!! NO PATENT HAS EVER BEEN GRANTED FOR A DEVICE WITHOUT A DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVICE!!! If Rossi wants a patent all he has to do is reveal his catalyst until he is willing to do that there will be no patent…period!!! The fact that he is not willing to do that should raise serious concerns for anyone aware of the patent process.

        • Robert Horning

          Which is all the more reason why the “fast track” is not needed for LENR devices. Either the description is sufficient to ensure patentability or it is insufficient… at which point the patent will be denied.

          I didn’t say it was the job of the USPTO to decide what is science, but I am pointing out that it is not for the USPTO or any other similar office to “bless” a technology like LENR as a real concept when there are serious detractors claiming it doesn’t exist in the first place.

          Part of the problem here is that the USPTO has the additional requirement that any submitted inventions must be capable of being built by “somebody skilled in the art”… in other words in theory somebody who knows nuclear physics in some depth should be able to re-create the device from just the description. At least in America, that is patent law and something of a requirement for patentability.

          One of the reasons for this requirement is to cull out perpetual motion devices. Sadly, they still get submitted to the USPTO in large numbers even today, where holding the patent is being used to justify and rationalize why investors ought to be involved with developing the product. That applies to Rossi and his E-Cat because that is precisely what he is trying to do as well… use the patent as “proof” that his invention is real.

          Proving that the E-Cat is real shouldn’t rely upon the patent.

    • Bernie, I admire your idea and I plan to send a letter to my rep about LENR. But you badly need to revise your letter. You must be one of those engineers who are notorius for living in their own little geeeky worlds. You need to define LENR. Nobody in the political world knows what it means. So they will throw your letter away just as they do the many, many other letters they get, most of which are from cranks and other idiots. Please change define LENR in your letter.

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  • PersonFromPorlock

    So far, AG is Rossi with better English: a device from an anonymous source delivered to an anonymous buyer to be tested at an unnamed university… results to be announced later.

    Well, maybe.

    • daniel maris

      Yes, Aussie Guy seemed a bit critical of Rossi’s liking for secrecy – now he seems to be playing the same game.

      At least Rossi named the universities he is working with.

      • Wes

        Which universities confirmed they were working with Rossi?

  • It isn’t the mandate of a patent office to prove or disprove a science.

    The mandate of the patent office is to grant a time limited monopoly on a product to protect the inventor from losing money and to encourage innovation.

    What is required is that there is a good description of the uniqueness of the functioning of the product.

    The job of protecting the public from products that do not work is the consumer protection agency and other laws.

    If they refuse patent a product that sells and works and the inventor loses revenue from copy cats the next 20 years the patent office would not forfill the mandate of protecting inventors from such losses or foster innovation.

    • Stefan

      Unfortunately the patent office rules favor mediocre patent officers; as any government organization it is prone to favor mediocrity. To go through patent process is mostly to deal with “human factor” and less with invention… “Fortunately” it is manageable and sometimes even helpful to obtain a patent.

  • Tobias Brox

    I return to this blog every so often … my question is “has e-cat or any other low energy fusion power been independently verified by non-anonymous people yet?”. As far as it’s not, I believe it’s nothing but a mish-mash of religion (when someone honestly think they have achieved cold fusion even though they have nothing but experimental errors – and needs further investments to carry on) and hoaxes (people that know they have nothing but hope to gain a good income stream from gullible investors). Rossi seems to be in the second camp (half a megawatt energy production after the nearby power generator was shut down – that can only be real or a hoax. No independent non-anonymous confirmation of the observations and said diesel generator creating lots of noise even though it allegedly was shut down – that sounds much more like a hoax to me).

    Every time I’m here I conclude that I’ll stick to my energy stocks …

  • john E

    Time to move on from this web site. With Hearsay and unverified news remaining its mainstay there seems to be nothing to adds to anyone’s discernment despite the amount of work that goes into keeping it updated.

  • Aussie Guy

    We plan to go public when we have replicated the loan cells and the replicated cells have been independently tested. As of now I have 2 loan cells that have not been independently tested. They may be duds but I think not as I saw them working.

    As Dr. Bushnell, NASA’s Chief Scientists said recently, 100s of labs around the world have working cells, generating more excess heat than can be accounted for by chemical means.

    You think one or 2 of those 100’s of labs would not be interested in earning money for the short term loan of a working cell or 2?


  • Tom

    The things no-one knows today could be common knowledge tomorrow. What Aussie Guy is doing is the road forward.

    Present this problem to the next generation of scientists and I guarantee it will be solved 100x faster. What’s the best way to convince a uni to invest in this sort of study?

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  • björn eriksson, sweden

    People believe their eyes.
    Set up a demonstration at a university.
    Invite everyone interested.
    Invite media aswell.
    Tell people to bring their phonecameras and upload on internet.
    Invite sceptic physicians.
    There you have it.

    • bachcole

      Yes, it would appear that Aussie Guy has no need for secrecy, so why the secrecy.

      YES, I believe in LENR. But why the secrecy with Aussie Guy????