Rossi in Talks With Home Depot For E-Cat Distribution — Interview With James Martinez on Ca$h Flow Radio

James Martinez, host of Ca$h Flow radio conducted an hour-long radio interview with Andrea Rossi on December 29th, 2011 in which many topics connected with his work on the E-Cat were discussed. He discusses the plans to produce low-cost E-Cat units, and says that the cost of the E-Cat will be so low that it will be able to pay for itself in a few months.

When asked how much it will cost to get an E-Cat, and where people will be able to get one, Rossi says the target price will be between $1000 and $1500 for an E-Cat with the power output between 10 and 20 kW which will be able to provide heat and air conditioning for the average home. He says that the cost of the fuel for the E-Cat will be about one sixth of the cost of average heating and cooling the average home.

Rossi says they are getting very advanced in organizing the production technology to produce one million E-Cats, and he expects the production will begin in Autumn this year. He is organizing a network that will cover all the world with the center of production being the United States and states that ““We are in talks with Home Depot for the diffusion”.

Rossi talks extensively about how he does not worry about all the controversy surrounding his work — that he finds that he must concentrate on the work at hand and not get involved in dealing with the skepticism that surrounds it.

Rossi explains that Leonardo Corporation will communicate with local contractors to provide instructions on how to install E-Cat plants, and those contractors who wish to will be able to sign up to be certified technicians for installing E-Cats. Rossi also says that he is running test E-Cat units in his own home and in the homes of members of his team.

The interview can be heard here.

  • Mandrake99

    Assuming Rossi is legit:

    What I think is really clever about his strategy is the way he is keeping it all a bit murky.

    Imagine if he did the definitive tests that proved beyond all reasonable doubt that it worked. A wall of money and intellectual effort would be directed to commercialize LENR and it might leave him in the dust.

    This way, no one it quite sure and it gives him a huge advantage in rolling out his plans. In fact the longer he can keep it all shrouded in uncertainty the better.

    • Gustavo

      If that is true, why make it public?
      My opinion is that he has make it public enough to defense him from all that dangerous people from oil interests. I would be scared…definitely a great strategy.

      • The only reason to make it public is to prove that it’s not a ponzi scheme. Part of the money donated by dummy investors is reinvested in infrastructure to make the manufacturing and distribution of the product look and feel real. The ONLY thing that Rossi has to offer is the manufacturing and distribution effect.

        • Steve Robb

          Riiiight! That explains why National Instruments is involved. It’s all an effort to enhance the effect. I can’t believe how easily some people can generate and swallow their own propaganda.

        • Gustavo

          Who’s the dummy investor? If somebody had paid for 1Mw plant, had made a test before. Do you know any other investor?. Please, share that news with us!

    • daniel maris

      I tend to agree…I am beginning to wonder whether he is a commercial genius as well as an engineering one! If he can rapidly expand to say 10 million units per annum, he could go through the energy market like Spanish flu went through the population in 1918. Within a decade he might have cornered the whole market.

      If he really can sell them at $1500 that will be stupendous.

      • Ged

        His previous work long ago on turning organic waste into oil was a success (Petrol Dragon), and way ahead of its time (at the time it was laughable, now it’s part of the major alternative energy strategies trying to get us off of mined oil).

        This does lend credibility to the idea he has experience with this sort of stuff under his belt already, and so can move ahead in such a savvy way.

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  • arian

    Article about e-cat from

  • Wes

    This is good news, indeed. Home Depot would very likely verify Rossi’s product claims and production capacity before entering into serious negotiations. If Home Depot confirms serious negotiations are in the works, credibility leans in Rossi’s favor. Of course the reverse is also true.

    • Frank

      Do you believe that any major reseller would consider to sell a device, which claims to function on nuclear reactions (LENR or cold fusion), as long as it is not 100% ruled out that this device doesn’t create any radiation or accumulate any radioactive waste?

      If Rossi would intend to distribute such a device in near future, he would have to allow independently testing immediately.
      But up to now he didn’t give any of his e-cats to an university for testing.
      Doesn’t this alert you ?

      • Wes

        Yes, Frank, I know: the Energy Tooth Fairy comes to Home Depot and saves the world on a shoe-string budget.

        It is the New Year. I resolved to become more positive, perhaps even optimistic, knowing I am opening my self to a justified round of Nerf blasting by the realists on this site. Nah…Rossi is Pinochio.

        I tried.

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  • Les

    While Home Depot would be great — They are not exactly on the leading edge as far as offering energy efficient devices — Do they even carry On-Demand Water Heaters?

    • Steve Robb

      I think you completely miss the point.

  • Sanjeev

    This is a big chance to verify the claims. If HD says they are going to retail the Ecats, then there is a good chance that everything is true about the Ecats.
    Its as good as a customer verifying his purchase.

    But he is in ‘talks’ and it may or may not become an agreement. Very early to say anything. Wait and watch.

  • Sanjeev

    If first gen home Ecats are to cost $1500 then one can safely say that after a year or two you will get them at $150.

    • Steve Robb

      You are stretching things a bit. This is not like mass manufacturing computer chips. You shrank the time frame and exaggerated the reduction of price to a ridiculous degree.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    So, is anyone going to ask Home Depot if Rossi is in talks with them?

    • Steve Robb

      Why don’t you ask them?

  • Alexvs

    Anyone believes all this stuff?

    • Robert Horning

      Nope. There is not a snowball’s chance in the proverbial hell that Home Depot would make such an early move without extreme confidence on the part of their board of directors and CEO that the E-Cat is legitimate and actually produces energy.

      They have enough money to self-finance a scientific study…. if they were so inclined. Still, I have extreme doubts that this would happen.

      Let me be clear…. are we talking the same “Home Depot” that is traded on the NYSE with the ticker symbol “HD”, and not some mom & pop lumber store that has used the same name for decades in a very small market? (Yes, that can happen sometimes)

      I want to emphasize that as soon as Home Depot makes an announcement in support of the E-Cat, it would be grounds for a shareholder lawsuit against the CEO and board of directors for potential mismanagement of corporate funds and tarnishing the reputation of the company, and could spin out of control in a hugely negative fashion. It is for this reason that until the science has been settled and some entrepreneurs take the early risk to sell these devices and explicitly “prove” that they work by generating actual energy in real homes or businesses that companies like Home Depot will never, and I repeat never sell these in a retail environment.

      Assuming that the E-cat even works, and I have serious doubts at the moment, once this initial market has been established and the device has been proven to be really working is when you will be seeing stuff like Home Depot, IKEA, and Wal-Mart selling these devices next to their plumbing fixtures and home improvement goods.

      I suppose Rossi could “talk” with Home Depot about something like this, but it certainly wouldn’t be a major distribution deal that is being considered. All that implies is that he got somebody at the company to agree to an interview… possibly somebody following the E-cat story and simply trying to get a bead on who Andrea Rossi really is.

      • Aussie Guy

        Rossi is not a fool. He mentioned NI and many called him out on it. Later NI confirmed the information. Now the same with Home Depot. While you may not want to accept it or your paycheck may depends on the Home Depot deal not being true, Rossi would not make that announcement unless it was a done deal.

        Rossi has also stated that his home and the homes of his employees are heated with E-Cats. Plenty of installs for the Home Depot people to see. Oh and BTW why would Home Depot care how the heat is generated as long as the “Black Box” device was certified?

      • Steve Robb

        It will be a very dark day in hell and unpleasant to hear the sound emanating therefrom of you crunching on crow.

        I have he has many irons in the fire.

        IKEA and Walmart sell what now? They don’t sell such stuff as central air-conditioning units.

        If you feel the management of Home Depot is mismanaging money why don’t you go huffing off and bring that up at the next board meeting?

  • Robert Mockan

    Home Depot will not sell shit unless it is certified by an NRTL (National Regional Testing Laboratory)in accordance with the applicable ANSI codes, at a minimum. Otherwise it would be liable for product safety incidents. Same for installation contractors.
    Trying to introduce the technology in the USA manufacturing environment is …..stupid. The drinks are on me if any Ecat sales at the retail level happen in the USA before 2015.

    • Steve Robb

      You have a valid point.

  • Robert Mockan

    Rossi may progress to selling E-Cats at retail in 2012, but probably not in the USA. However, is that a good thing without more testing? From my own research of the LENR field I believe I know even now how an E-Cat might explode, affected by an alternating external magnetic field. And then there is the variation of output of most LENR devices correlated to sidereal time. Unless the theory of the devices is nailed down, it is conceivable a sudden burst of energy could happen that would destroy the nuclear active catalyst. 20 years ago I had conversations with a friend where I articulated why we might not see LENR technology (called “cold fusion” back then) ever developed into retail products. The reason being that any design could also be used to transmute elements if the element is introduced into the nuclear active region as an ionic compound. And some of those elements could become radioactive isotopes. Today there is not one of the about 30 main hypothesis about what makes LENR go, that prohibits the scenario of modifying a LENR device to make dangerous isotopes.

    Is Home Depot going to be selling E-Cats any time soon?


    • Steve Robb

      “Today there is not one of the about 30 main hypothesis about what makes LENR go, that prohibits the scenario of modifying a LENR device to make dangerous isotopes.” That strongly suggests that your “theory” is B.S.

  • Dave

    More lies from Rossi. There is NO WAY Home Depot would be in talks about distributing a product that hasn’t been shown to even work yet.

  • Sparks

    This press release demonstrates once and for all that e-cat is at the level of a child’s fantasy, and e-cat’s supporters are thinking like children.

    As others have pointed out in their responses here, safety and certification concerns alone would require years to put to rest. Do I have to spell it out? How is Rossi going to gain government laboratory safety certification when he is unwilling to reveal the details of e-cat? Even at 10 KW, this will be the highest-power APPLIANCE in any home. Even if the appliance could gain safety certification, its installation would require new building codes, permit processes, and inspections. Yet Rossi says it will be retailing in the Fall! Sorry, this was Rossi’s Hail Mary pass. Wake up supporters. The dream is over, and you’ve been had.

    • Roger Bird

      I believe in LENR. Sparks, you could be right. What he says seems like someone who is manic depressive, in the manic phase. His grandiose plans seem to be getting ahead of social, political, and economic reality; and I am not talking about the laws of physics kind of reality reality.

  • Aussie Guy

    Rossi is smart. He is going after the lowest hanging fruit. Home owners. With Home Depot doing the sales and installations, his 1 million units will be needed to fill the Home Depot warehouse and store shelves. Rossi never mentions a company name unless the deal is done. Like he did with National Instruments. I would suggest Home Depot people have seen demos of the units that are installed in Rossi and his employees homes. Doing the business this way, Rossi is avoiding getting the power industry upset as the first wave of E-Cat home units are only thermal generators. Likewise the automotive industry with his 10 – 15 year comment on E-Cats in cars. The technical issue there is getting rid of the 70% of the thermal energy that can’t be converted into electricity. Only other pathway is to develop steam cars but still the Carnot cycle limits HP generated from the steam. Either way there is significant waste thermal energy to be exhausted into the air. So the best low hanging fruit? Home heating and A/C. Good move Andrea Rossi.

    • Frank

      Hey, maybe Rossi just bought Home Depot shares before making his announcement. – That’s what I would call going for the low hanging fruits … 😉

      A plan to sell a nuclear reactor to home users without any long time independent testing is nonsens!
      According to his own statements the reactor transmutes Nickel to Cooper, so it is a nuclear reaction where you would have to suspect that it creates harmful radiation and radioactive waste.
      Do proof that this is not harmful it would require extensive tests done by authorized institutions. – But up to now Rossi didn’t give any e-cat to an University for testing (in contrary do his earlier statements)

    • Robert Mockan

      Retrofitting a house for E-Cat home heating and A/C?
      Not likely affordable. Replacing a gas burner or electric heating elements of a central A/C is not doable without replacing the entire system. Last time I checked replacing a furnace in a house I owned the price was $3000, including labor. And that was conventional design with volume manufacturing production that kept prices low. It used a $49.00 gas burner plate. The rest was the motor, blower system, controls, connecting to the house distribution duct work, framing to fit into the original enclosure, insulation, and so on.
      So let us add a $1500 E-Cat to replace the $49.00 burner plate? And now have forced air convection heating… how? Getting hot water from an E-Cat is not the problem according to Rossi. OK. But that radiator that the hot water goes through with forced air circulation for heating is straight automotive design. And that is going to take up a lot more room than the original A/C space. But let us move on. A/C means cool air also… how? How, exactly, do you get A/C from a heat source for home cooling, that can be integrated into existing A/C systems without major re-design of the whole system to use absorption refrigeration technology. Can’t do it with conventional systems, or heat pump systems. They all use electricity. Rossi can have the best darn nickel hydrogen heat generator on the face of the world, and it does nothing to reduce the cost of retrofitting any house to use it. Instead it makes retrofitting much more expensive. I can see building a new house with all unproven E-Cat based A/C. Uh huh. Like I’m going to pay for it… NOT! Once the A/C system is proven, then it would sell. But get all the work done in 2012 to retail E-Cats in the USA? Nope. Not going to happen.

      • Sparks

        Robert, shame on you, lurking on a site for children! Children need fantasies such as provided by this site to develop their creative skills. Hard reality is counterproductive at these early stages. For now, let them dream, and later, the creative joy provided by dreaming such as this will propel them forward to embrace more critical thinking skills as they mature. It’s all well documented in child development textbooks.

        • Matt Smart

          Yes what Rossi is saying is quite literelly shocking, (no pun intended Sparks!)it is very easy to put this news down, and anyone who thinks there may well be a chance that Rossi is right or even part right about what he intends to do children or not.

          Even if Rossi is part correct in his latest news about the distribution at some point in the near future through any network of the e-cat for domestic use, it is indeed very ground breaking news.

          I imagine the oil and gas industry trolls will now be on high alert all over this as they have been all over the ecat already, and short of assignation will be doing all they can to rubbish these claims. The best of luck to them I say, the sooner Rossi sells the e-cats on the open market the sooner we will see the major shift away from fossil fuel usage as our main source of energy provision and the end of the boring trolls. But we now have a whole year of very agressive retaliation from the fossil fuel industry to look forward to and I’m sure they will play very, very dirty in their final death throws, don’t you agree Sparks?

          Also Sparks please also keep in mind that a child like imagination and creative skills are found in almost all genius class people, if that was not the case we wouldn’t have seen most of the world changing innovations in science, technology and art of the last 150 years. Early ‘critical thinking’ in development has also been found to kill many great ideas which should have developed naturally but were stunted early by so called ‘critical thinkers’. What you really need Sparks to succeed is a bit of both in the correct ratio and the correct interlect to use them both to your advantage, I’m very sure you do not have that ablity so you just carry on with your, “everyone else is simple and childlike but me” approach I’m sure it suits you just fine.

          • Sparks

            Oops, looks like I struck a nerve. Nice creative set of ad hominems, Matt.

            I’m convinced we are experiencing peak oil, and I have a set of solar panels on my rooftop, so I am not an oil industry shill. Moreover, I have several patents and inventions, a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and dozens of refereed professional journal publications that seem to contradict the other ad-homs you deployed in your response. So this is just one example of how wrong you can be. Time to reexamine your other assumptions, in particular, your need to believe claims that can be so easily refuted based simply on the complexity and time required to get the claimed manufacturing process underway (never mind the physics).

          • Matt Smart

            Your reply to me on a now dated thread certainly smacks of “everyone else is simple and childlike but me” eh sparks?

            I think you will also notice my 1st reply to you was not backing what Rossi is claiming about getting a million home e-cats ready for production by this October into homes in the states, I agree it is indeed quite a difficult claim I think from his vision there is certainly a shred of truth about what can be achieved but his vision will have to be reeled in a little. So what, you are making out that it is game over for Rossi, wake up and smell the coffee folks a little bit of an over reaction I think there old boy/girl and not a great argument why for why we are all being scammed.

            It is also interesting that you are following your own posts so closely, I really cannot help but have trouble with anyone who is so against the e-cat spending/wasting their time to follow up on each new claim that comes from Rossi or any news that is shared on these or any pages relating to any e-cat story. What is is that is drawing you back over and over again to this story if you think it is some sort of scam? Why waste your time so much, come on walk away, it is really easy.

            Anyone who is an oil industry stooge can quite easily claim they have a wind powered arsehole and that their car runs on unicorn droppings and oh yeah happen to have all of the relevant qualifications in the world to back them up as an authority. It is as you will know called disinformation, and has been used countless times already in this e-cat debate, are you trying to save us from ourselves or is there something more sinister at hand? Come on be honest?

            Scepticism is all fine by me, it is the Maryugo type that you have to be aware of and you are running so very close to that Mr/s Sparks. I’m really sorry if I’m wrong about you but there you go.

          • Sparks


            I, like many “detractors” on this web site, am very interested in whether a solution to our energy needs will be forthcoming. Contrary to what you may think, the negative voices on this site are those who in fact care the most about the quest for new energy sources. So I am trying to contribute to a groundswell of negative voices compelling this jerk to Put Up or Shut Up. In that enterprise, I seeded a couple of threads with provocative statements, and I revisit them from time to time hoping that somebody who actually knows something will respond. No luck so far. Despite my interest in this topic, I’ve concluded that this is a dry hole and will not be checking in regularly as a result. So to mirror your question back, why do you waste YOUR time here (rhetorical — don’t bother to answer).

  • Roger Bird

    Hey, I believe in the reality of LENR. But I have to say that Rossi is either on the verge of a huge marketing triumph, or he is a megalomaniac. He sounds like a major bullshitter. I sure wish we had some confirmation other than what Rossi says.

  • Roger Bird

    If a person were an attention hound, then what Rossi is doing would be exactly what an attention hound would do. I believe in LENR. I believe that it is unnecessary for Rossi to be behaving as he is unless he is an attention hound. If his machine works, he doesn’t need to post on forums, giving us little tidbits every other day.

    Rossi could also be trying to scare off the competition.

    And it is possible for a person to be an attention hound or be trying to scare off competition and still have a LENR that he cannot control or a reaction he cannot sustain.

  • Can’t wait for tomorrow’s blog entry about how Lowes is going to sell Defkalion Hyperions. Really! Sooner than later!

  • Scott H

    You don’t have to over react to this people. All he said was that he was talking to Home Depot. He didn’t say he made a deal and they would start taking orders. I hope in the near future he will be able to sell them through Home Depot, but like you say there are some pretty large hurdles.

    • Sparks

      Home Depot isn’t the issue. Rossi said they “will begin production in Autumn.” So factory construction must be underway now, right? Where? How could they be building a factory, or even planning to build a factory, if they haven’t gotten approvals, safety certifications, etc. from the local government? Tooling up a factory, even given certifications and approvals, is not an overnight affair. Never mind certifications for the appliance, what about permits from the city for the factory? That alone can take a year. Not to mention, being that this mass production is a commercial venture, not military, where is the capital coming from? Who are the investors? With all the doubts and lack of proof of viability, what venture capitalist would be willing to sink significant sums of money into this? Even the risk of failed safety certifications would be too much for any VCs with real money. It all reminds me of the South Park episode, “Underpants Gnomes.”

      • Scott H

        I understand your doubts and frustration. I too wish we had more to work with. I’m sure he is learning what he can and can not do. He may have trouble getting everything done by autumn, but a lot of people didn’t think he would meet his October 27th deadline also.

      • John Hardman

        When Robert Fulton first broached his intentions to install a steam engine in a sailing ship for propulsion, all hell broke out from the hallowed Halls of Academia. It was the butt of endless National and International jokes and non-stop ridicule from self important opiners World Wide. None the less Mr.Fulton soldiered on with purpose, determination and was undaunted.
        “Fulton’s Folly” made it’s debut in the Hudson River surrounded on all sides by jeering crowds of skeptical onlookers. Cat calls and rude, crude remarks reached a fevered pitch just as the Steam whisle blew and “Fultons Folly” steamed away from her moorings; to start a new page in the History of man’s forward advances.
        There is always an entourage of nay-sayers and detractors that spontaneously appear like toxic mushrooms when ever a new or untried path is being investigated for new or untried possibilities. Can you immagine the flak that The Wright Brothers took over the very thought that a heavier-than-air machine could ever in a million years succeed in getting aireborne. There is room beneath this abbreviated missive to chronicle at least 500 reasons why Rossi’s ECAT or LENR will never work for a myriad of reasons, but I have opted out on using that room for anything but praise for the likes of Senor Rossi..(and Christopher Columbus too)
        Make God bless this enterprise and allow Humankind to advance to a higher plateau of understanding and development.

        • edward

          At least Fulton did something to prove to thousands of people that he could do it. Rossi needs to do the same thing.

  • John Tess

    Seems to me the device will be cheap but relatively speaking the fuel will not be. Much like current computer printers the actual machine is very cheap to buy but the ongoing costs of ink cartridges is disproportionately expensive. You have no choice but to purchase a very specific expensive consumable vital to use the device. Check the price of nickel. One sixth the cost of conventional electricity sounds exorbitant to me considering the abundance of nickel. Take into account processing and ”catalyst’ additives which could be platinum or chook poop for all I know and it’s still pricey. Servicing and ongoing fueling is where you’ll get hit. Eventually, like ink cartridges being refilled and reused, people will work around an alternative. Maybe buying bootleg fuel, less efficient perhaps but free of the shackles such a device may involve.

    • Omega Z

      I Agree & Disagree.

      Rossi has said abut $1000 to $1500 dollars for a home unit that produces Electricity. Installation will be extra. Several thousand I’d guess comparable to having a Furnace & A/C unit installed.
      He also said this would power an A/C unit & a few none essentials.(Lights??)

      You’ll need a larger Unit to cover Peek Demand in your home. That’s everything that could possibly draw power at 1 time.

      Rossi says about $20 to recharge the Unit every 6 months. What’s a repairman charge to install a $20 part on an appliance. Best figure at least a $100 bill.

      Still this would be comparable to paying only 2 one month Utility bills per year. The Units are expected to last about 30 years & I believe a 20 year guarantee has been mentioned.

      I also figure the power output will be greatly increased over time as they gain a better understanding in controlling them. These power cells are capable of much more power then they presently produce. There power is scaled back at present for safety purposes.

      This will be a major societal shift if these work, but I feel many people will be disappointed. The transformation will take several decades even producing several million units per day. I don’t believe the Average person understands the magnitude of the scale.

      As for actual nickel used in these units. It’s only a small fraction of what we presently mine. Each unit will use about 1 ounce every 6 months. Of this 1 ounce, 90% will be recycled. So in reality, they only consume about 1 ounce every 5 years. However, I believe this number could change when there scaled up. There’s also serious research that indicates other metals may be usable in a similar setup, though maybe not as efficiently. For now.

      This is just the first step. Like any new tech, the cost will gradually drop over time & capacity will increase.

  • sapain

    if rossi got lenr working no way would he go to a university and go through what P&F went through. certification is done by certified labs and as long as no harmful radiation is detected and there r safty mechanism in place it would pass. rossi has the government in a catch 22 about lenr and is working it to his advantage.
    once lenr is offically working i would like the world to throw a party for F&P, they more than deserve it.

  • atanguy

    Beginning on January 23, 2012, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Electrical Engineering Prof. Peter Hagelstein will teach an Independent Activities Period (IAP) course titled “Cold Fusion 101: Introduction to Excess Power in Fleischmann-Pons Experiments.”

  • It is very foolish to consider that every time someone interviews Andrea Rossi, Andrea or whatever the interviewer have spoken, must be taken with a simple interview with a man who is now news. And every word that Rossi rule could be being misinterpreted or incorporating some assumptions, which are only especaulaciones on what exists in the background.
    I think like many others, in the sense of this forum. the news is part of a supplement to actions that will come and I seem so logical as getting up, bathing, dressing, traveling to work and then take a comfortable rest, not because it will omit some details of endend in the good sense of what normal and everyday. That is precisely what we must follow patients, but be very careful to make the first customers of so able invention. “The ECAT is a gem that renews the hopes of clean energy for our society”.

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  • dwight

    the thread after the article is more interesting than the article itself. i would suggest that there are many obstacles and issues with conversion to a power system such as this. however, the history of technology is full of innovative ideas that require early adopters to make a “switch” to something new. if, and when, the switch is successful, the mass follows. you’ll always have people that cling to the past (some people still think that carburetors are better than fuel injection systems…they probably never flew a plane upside down). i’m not technical enough to know if rossi can be successful with this device. i don’t know if the market will adopt it. but, if it is successful, if adoption does occur and the logistical issues can be resolved, this is a game changer on a global scale.

  • Mike Sullivan

    I think that the readers are ‘missing it’.. The process, from what I see, involves hydrogen (has to be produced from water and usually involves an HHO generator). ….and Nickel(powder) (cheap)

    I am fairly certain the cost of operation for the 1 to 10 ratio is the cost of the electricity to convert the water to hydrogen and to sustain the cold fusion plasma reaction

    so …a little water… a tiny bit of nickel powder and some electricity to bust the hydrogen out…output equals 10 times the actual cost of the sum total of the costs of the components..

    This is what I am seeing…anybody find out any other info?

  • Mike Sullivan

    IMO very similar to the “Bloom box”—Google it..

    Natural gas in …Oxygen in…goes through process/cell …out comes power on a ration of about 1/10 or 10 times more than cost of actual components..

    Like a “multiplier”.. not free… but end cost is much lower.

  • the snake

    So what should be the problem to sell this product, provided it exists? Rossi continuously makes big waves with fantasy numbers and scenarios. What sense would it make to negotiate with Home Depot or whatever retailer now. Once he has a good product, he could sell it to conditions he would dictate and retailers would need to kiss hiss a**. The secret customer who already bought the e-cat is said to be the US military. I really don’t believe that, if it was like that, we would have heard about it.

  • Ribot

    E-cat + IKEA?

  • Marco

    Rossi! come on!! Italy is with you! change the world has become possible

  • Marco

    e-cat + car = electric car! wonderful

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