The National Instruments/Rossi Connection Strengthens Case For the Validity of E-Cat

I’ve been thinking about the question asked by Mark Gibbs on the Forbes web site yesterday: why do so many people believe so categorically in the validity of the E-Cat. There have been many well-reasoned responses on the Forbes site, as well as here on E-Cat world. Many people have noted the supportive statements coming from respected people who have observed and examined the E-Cat — and the data coming from various demonstrations that Rossi has held.

Another strong piece of evidence for the E-Cat being what Rossi claims is the involvement of National Instruments. Rossi has said that the contribution that NI has made to the development of his invention has been tremendous. He said that future E-Cat models will operate using control mechanisms created by NI.

The interesting thing is that National Instruments has confirmed that they are working with Rossi. If Rossi was using their name falsely, they would most certainly come out and deny that they were involved with him. But the contrary is true — in a press release dated November 14, 2011 entitled “National Instruments Empowers Big Physics Solutions”, NI made the following statement:

NI has contributed product solutions to some of the most advanced projects including the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and tokamak fusion device control systems. Additionally, the Leonardo Corporation has intentions to incorporate NI tools in its control system.

In addition to this press release, Stefano Concezzi, Director of NI’s Science and Big Physics Segment, told Sterling Allan of PESN that the connection between NI and Rossi was real, saying, “I would love for him to be right. We support every kind of research for the betterment of human kind. Whoever is interested in doing that, we would be happy to support.”

National Instruments is a leading creator of hardware and software products used in all kinds of engineering projects around the world. The fact that they are collaborating with Leonardo Corporation in the development and production of the E-Cat seems to be a significant piece of evidence in favor of the E-Cat’s validity.

  • Kim

    Could someone call National Instruments
    and get some New Qualifiers…. you know yea nea or
    the fence position.


  • atanguy

    “Leonardo Corporation has intentions to incorporate NI tools in its control system.”
    It’s ‘intentions’ to include some existing tools. Hardly a cooperation of NI in the project…

    • Wolf

      If Rossi is just an ordinary buyer with no cooperation going on between him and NI – then why would NI put out such a statement in the public, where they put Rossi on the same level with CERN and LHC? NI has a lot of reputation to loose. Perhaps its an error. But the press release is from November 14th and it hasn’t been retracted or changed…

      • seppl

        why they do it?

        cause money is a bitch.
        so they write back what wonderfull projects are using their instruments and also that one company wich was asked.

        this is only marekting so stop interpreting a sentence into a conspiracy theory.
        i think NI gives a s**t about the e-cat as long as there are no REAL autonomous tests are done.

        don’t mind me wrong i really like the idea of e-cat and hope that it finaly will be true but until now no real evidence has been shown up.

        why isn’t there simply an e-cat livestream shown on a website where everybody can see that the device puts out more energy than it uses and that over weeks and months. cause when rossi wants to start manufacturing then the e-cat must already run continously.
        that would proofe everybody without geting any risk that details go outside.

        • RichyRoo

          Its true that there is not concrete evidence of the e-cats function.
          But I am soooo tired of people asking for a ‘streaming web cam’ of the device, i mean what on earth is that going to prove? Anyone can point a webcam at a box, hook up some faked meter and say ‘hey look it works’!
          The only proof which will exist this year is if they go on sale and they work as advertised. Thats it, no scientists, no webcame, just customers getting cheap energy.
          Please stop with the ‘webcam’ thing, its not making you look smart.

    • HanzJager

      Ya I’m sure NI mentions every company that “intends” to use their equipment with in a news release. No big deal hey?

    • HanzJager

      Ya I’m sure NI mentions every company that “intends” to use their equipment with a news release. No big deal hey?

      • daniel maris

        My understanding is that NI is a huge company and has hundreds of customers. There was no reason to single out Leonardo as far as I know. I think the mention means they are excited by what they see on the instrument readings.

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  • gerard

    As Mr Diesel who in his day was supported by major industrial, we know the rest of the story, its engine supplier for motive power …

    Andrea Rossi is also supported by major companies, participating in the E-cat, (a power generator), a specific purpose, to make money …

    is a clear sign.

  • OnTheWaterfront

    This is beyond obtuse, this is no differently than me using GE light bulbs in my factory, and then saying GE is involved with my company.

    • Wolf

      The difference is that (for your example) GE would be saying that they are involved with you… So (combing back to Rossi and NI) – if NI doesn’t have any inside knowledge – why would they put out a statement like this?

      • And why would they mention CERN in that statement? Lightbulbs should be out of the relative statements. They are creating a monitoring circuit for him.

  • Sparks

    How can anyone read NI’s statement, “I would love for him to be right,” and not realize that NI is saying they (NI) are not convinced?? And if NI are not convinced, despite all the direct access they have in working with Rossi, what are the chances that this e-cat thing is panning out? This is a bombshell quote.

    • Roger Bird

      I agree. If NI were convinced, they would not say “I would love for him to be right.” This is where wishes become belief, by ignoring statements like this. NI did NOT, I repeat, NOT say that they believed that the E-Cat actually works. Perhaps they will. But they haven’t!!!!!!!!!

      • Wolf

        You have to differenciate: NI didn’t say “I would love for him to be right”. This was done by a single person. NI posted the thing where they put Leonardo Corporation on a Level with CERN. NI has a reputation to loose – so why would they do that? And if they have found out by now that the reactor is not real – so why haven’t they retracted the press statement yet? In case that everything is just a fraud, this would be embarassing for NI. Therefore – you can interpret the saying “I would love for him to be right” as “I know more but i can’t tell you right now”, because he is just not allowed to say more in the public… At least it is a possibility.

        • Sparks

          Yep, just a single person, who happens to be “Director of NI’s Science and Big Physics Segment.” Let’s wait to hear from somebody more in more of a position to know, such as, uh, sorry, need a little help here, err, ….

        • Roger Bird

          Wolf, you could be right. With your analysis, it does look good.

          • Kaiser David

            This is from NI Website:

            Innovators throughout the world are using the NI graphical system design approach to efficiently address the world’s grand engineering challenges in medical technology, urban infrastructure, alternative energy and other critical applications. In physics specifically, NI has contributed product solutions to some of the most advanced projects including the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and tokamak fusion device control systems. Additionally, the Leonardo Corporation has intentions to incorporate NI tools in its control system.

        • daniel maris

          I agree. I think they must at least be aware that Rossi has a device which shows on their instruments real energy gain. But of course they don’t know exactly what is causing those instrument readings and they will be aware of the vociferous anti-Rossi campaign,so they will be hedging their bets slightly. But I think the fact that the Corporation gets an honourable mention is significant, suggesting NI feel the balance of evidence is on the plus side.

  • Roger Bird

    I emailed someone named Zandra something about Rossi at National Instruments, back and forth twice, a couple of weeks ago. Then she did not respond. It has been several weeks. I got no confirmation that they even knew anyone by the name of Rossi.

    • daniel maris

      Well that’s a bit silly. If they know Leonardo Corporation they know Rossi.

      • Roger Bird

        Well this lady was in the USA and the contact we know for sure was in Italy. Perhaps Zandra figured out that I was not a customer and went on to other things.

    • lark

      I rang Europe yesterday and asked if they knew Rossi, they also didn’t know him.. Is he even real?

      • Nicholas Payne

        I was talking to a NI rep in UK a few weeks ago. He said everyone in the company knows about the e-cat and are following it with interest

        • Charles


  • Roger Bird

    Someone somewhere said that National Instrument evolved from Texas Instruments. That would be a good guess because TI swallowed up National Semiconductor in 2011. However, it is not true. And their tasks are very different.

  • Roger Bird

    My mother used to say that her mother used to say, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” (This was before there were very many cars in the world.) National Instruments did NOT confirm that the E-Cat worked. Any other interpretation is wishful thinking. An acceptable interpretation could be that they did not want to alienate Rossi or anyone else or that they were hedging their bets. But they did not say that they were working closely with Rossi on his E-Cat project that they have seen with their own eyes that worked; they did NOT say that.

    • daniel maris

      Well I think we can infer: Rossi must have some sort of device which NI are working with. I doubt that Rossi simply phones up and asks for “Labview X” or whatever. Surely there must be some interaction to justify NI including reference to them in a press release.

      I think NI are cautious in the sense they can’t vouch for the process (they don’t know what the catalyst is or how it works exactly – they are dealing with the feedback issues). They realise Rossi might be having them on. But I read their comments as indicating that, if Rossi is not commiting a fraud, then this device is v. significant.

      • Charles

        That’s a huge IF.

  • Wolf

    One more thing: The statement from Stefano Conzezzi was made on November 11th or earlier. The press release from NI came on November 14th. Again: If they know that the thing is a fraud – why make the press release? And not just “a” press release, but one like that?

    • Roger Bird

      Wolf, your analysis is good. One thing is for sure, they did not know that it was a fraud. They may not have known for sure if it was any good, or they may have known that it was good. But they did not know for sure that it was a fraud.

  • sven

    According to NyTeknik, the problem with the e-cat on the 28th Oct test, was a control problem. Trying to maintain it in the self-sustaining mode, they almost lost it into a thermal runaway that would have damaged the units. National Instruments have a series of of-the-shelf available control modules that can be easily installed and programmed using a system called LabView. This system is almost the default selection if someone has a control problem that needs to be resolved quickly due to it’s simplicity. It is therefore most likely true that the NI modules that he put into use with the e-cat have improved the operation stability of the e-cat. On the other hand, buying an of the shelf system from a respected company does hardly improve someones credibility.

    • Roger Bird

      I remember LabView. In the 1980’s it was very cool. So 30 years later it is even better.

  • Brad Arnold

    From the statement, it looks like NI is in the same boat as the rest of us: Rossi is taking steps that don’t make sense unless he has something.

    I’m sure the NI statement is acknowledgement that if Rossi has something, then it will be BIG for NI. A LENR generator like Rossi claims is a game changer, and NI is hitching a ride by being a main vender.

    Although to be fair, the above statement by NI isn’t exactly a testimonial.

  • Roger Bird

    In all of the alternative, unconventional health forums I was ever in, the skeptics did not back off. They were constantly there as a huge bane of our existences I believe that I see very few of them around these pro-LENR — pro-Rossi sites because we have the science to back it up. They either refuse to read/view the evidence, like Craig Binns, or else they review the evidence and either go away or become one of us.

  • Guy Parent

    Rossi made an agreement with University of Bologna to probe the physics of his invention. He has until mid January to make his first payment. Let’s wait a few days and see how serious he is.

    • Steve Robb

      And if he decides to put his money toward the commercialization of the device and not toward the investigation of the underlying physics what would that mean besides that he has changed his mind about the usefulness of pedants verses businessmen?

  • Robert Mockan

    E-CAT control problems may be thermal related. LENR devices using a metal and hydrogen have been documented as changing output with temperature, and over time, as the unit operates. That may be because of changes in the active metal configuration. What Rossi may be lacking in the control of the E-CAT is an accurate way, or perhaps just an easy way, to determine the state of the system. Turning external power on and off to the unit, or operating at reduced output, to maintain “stability”, is not a reassuring comment. Rossi needs certification, but he also needs E-Cats that do not blow up, or shut down, for unknown reasons. The first time that happens, it will not matter if he has government approval to sell them or not, he would be out of business.

    • Steve Robb

      Very true. Reliability is of paramount importance when you enter the home user market. Large corporations can afford to fiddle with devices that they understand are the first generation of nearly prototype devices. But customers whom demand cooling on a very hot day and are disappointed could become your end.

      • Robert Mockan

        Indeed. When I bought my 70,000 BTU gas fired heater for a work shop I powered it up, and it worked well. But that same week when I was refilling the fuel tank with kerosene I lifted it onto a table to handle it better (weighs 40 pounds), and suddenly noticed kerosene all over the shop floor.
        Turned out the fuel tank had split a seam along one of the welded joints and when tipped forward even a little, fuel leaked out. So got out the paperwork. Turns out you can’t return it to Home Depot (where I bought it) but would have to ship to the manufacturing company for repair or replace. The shipping cost would be on me, of course. So went over to automotive store and got some fuel tank sealer (one of the Bondo products) and sealed the tank myself with a kind of putty material that hardened.

        I can easily see a lot of pissed people with bad E-Cats. And with a million units that Rossi wants to well there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of inevitable problems that need repair. And they all will have to go back to the manufacturing plant.

        The forced air kerosene heater I bought is a brand from a company in business for over 10 years. The repair problems Rossi will have with a NEW product, that can not be fixed in any way by the user, are the kind that can, and have, sunk even big companies trying to introduce new porducts. The scrutiny the E-Cat will be getting in the market place may become legendary.

        LOL! Good luck Rossi!

    • Bruno

      If the device proves unreliable in its operation, yet still demonstrates over-unity energy production, then, while Leonardo Corp. might go out of the business, the “cat will be out of the bag” and LENR will be established and will take root. That’s what really counts. As much as I’d like to see Rossi make a ton of money (assuming that he’s not running a scam), in the end what I really want is a dense & clean new source of non-fossil fuel energy. NOTE: We still don’t have corroborated third party evidence that Rossi’s ecat works. In the article above, the Director of NI’s Science & Big Physics segment is quoted as saying “I would love for him to be right.” He didn’t say that the ecat works. Presumably NI & Rossi have been playing with an ecat for at least a month. Wouldn’t NI have seen something convincing by now?

  • The involvment of NI means only that they have a suitable equipment for a good price ! E-cat working or not, Rossi’s company will pay !

  • wolfgang gaerber

    NI offers expensive equipment targeted for research and educational use.
    Using NI COTS products to control a consumer e-cat would make no sense in my understanding of cost sensitive embedded control.
    If it comes to lots of e-cats operated and controlled simultaneously as a single device providing a stable output power – NI technology makes sense – at least in the phase where the control loops and the needed parameters are subject to change.
    The envolvement of NI tells me that he understood that there is a need for a professional partner to target the control issue for the 1MW plant.
    Another reason for NI could be that they are interested to target the mass market – so this would mean a win-win situation for both parties.

  • Gunnar

    E-cat, and in general edge science, is a worry for most people that live (and get benefits from that) to serve the rulers of the world. The rulers are corporations, military complexes, financial system. These entities admit no dissension, no alternative versions, no freedom of thinking in a different way but the way they command to us. So the people that serves theose entities attacks any attempt to change status quo, as a good dog watch.
    They know that exists many scientific phenomena that are perfectly real, but they try to frustrate scientist and invetors, because the world must work using oil, carbon ,nuclear and we must pay fees to corporations for obtains energy that we could get free or at least to a much lower cost. They want that energy production is a polluting process, because pollution is a source of money and a method of social control, pollution generates social terror and terror makes people more pliable. They want that a common influenza becomes an apocaliptical virus so they can sell us vaccines. They want sovereign states to collapse under public debts, so they can lend money and in return they obtain political and life control over billion of human beings.
    LENR, e-cat and other amazing, but real, scientific discoveries are a seriuos threats to this global order.

    • George

      Frank, why do you allow crap like this comment from Gunnar on your website. It completely discredits any scientific value on your site. You need to keep your site about the news associated with E-Cat and LENR NOT about paranoid schizophrenic meanderings.

      Mr. Gunnar, go see a shrink and get on meds before you end up hurting yourself and/or others

      • Matt

        Oh dear, it is very simplistic to call someone paranoid if your head is in the clouds and you are ignorant about how the world really works.

        Those in control don’t like to lose control of anything unless they allow it for some other selfish reason. That is a very easy human nature thing to understand, everything else just follows on from there.

        And no before you ask I’m certainly not a conspiracy theorist, I’m more of a realist with an open and inquisitive mind.

      • Robert Mockan

        Any body who has followed the marketing “progress” of the Black Light Power corporation understands that vested interests in the energy status quo have Rossi in their sights. He has commented the Leonardo Company is a well armed war ship. One ship against the Empires fleet(s). Rossi is not the first to fight, and
        Gunnar is not wrong. Let us just hope he is not completely right.
        And by the way, BLP technology is anticipated to cost $25 per kilowatt of electricity. Not $150 per kilowatt of heat, but …$25… per kilowatt.. of electricity at the wall socket.

      • tony o reilly

        George, my dear chap, you need to get out more or at least take your head out of the science books and try to gain a larger more comprehensive view of reality.This is very,very big and is a game changer for humanity in relation to breaking control and freedom.your prussian school masters would be very proud of you.The schumann resonance is rising and can not be stopped, bring it on
        In La Kesh

  • EC

    Enough already. Before Home Depot, or any other responsible retailer, would handle this product they would have to be assured of it’s flawless, continuous operation for months or even years. Yet Rossi refused
    to allow his most recent public test to exceed 5 1/2
    hours because doing so would be “boring”.

    How can any rational person take him seriously?

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