Australian Entrepreneur to Give $200k to Charity if Rossi’s E-Cat Proven

Dick Smith, an Australian entrepreneur and member of the Australian Skeptics group has promised to give $200,000 to the Byron New Energy Charitable Trust if he can be convinced that the E-Cat is a valid technology. Andrea Rossi is to appear via Skype to discuss his technology at a community meeting in Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia at the Ex-Services Club tonight (January 13th)

Smith has tasked Ian Bryce, an aerospace engineer to assess Rossi’s technology on his behalf, and if both are satisfied, the funds will be donated to the charity.

More information can be found at this article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

  • First 🙂

    But besides that, I have a friend who works at CERN who wasn’t familiar with this site but is now. He’s going to take a read and give me his 2 cents on the subject…

    • Kai Tønder


      when you got an answer, let us know what your friend thinks 😉

  • Dave

    Rossi will never take him up on the offer. He’ll mumble some kind of nonsensical excuse.

  • arian
  • Loop

    Very strange request from Dick Smith, its like saying if you prove the e-cat, we will gather the grapes from the field and make the vine.
    Why would Rossi bother with the $200,000 for the Byron New Energy Charitable Trust, is that trust in the Andrea Rossi name , will he get the benefit that he is a donor.

    • Ged

      From the Sydney Morning Herald: “The Byron New Energy Charitable Trust, founded by a local retiree, Sol Millin…”

  • Well, if no argument could convince him, he’ll spare $ 200K. It’s great to be dumb!

  • sapain

    with each passing month, lenr is really starting to b recognized. rossi is doing a good job.

    • OnTheWaterfront

      To bad he didn’t do a better job marketing himself when he was turning industrial waste in to fuel oil.

  • Robert

    I think we know what some people are heating their hot tub with and it’s not LENR

    • James Rovnak

      Search Web for “I Believe in the E-Cat” U Tube video and I dare you to listen to it a few time! Retired Nuclear/Mechanical Engineer

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  • I really disagree with wasting time on pseudo sceptics. They are never satisfied till a unit is in the shops and advertised on TV. Only then is it real and so let’s not waste time on this.

    • Kudos to the Entrepreneur. The money was probably earmarked for charity anyways, but that is some very nice incentive.

      The NASA video showed LENR acceptance by the greatest scientific organization on the planet, and everybody should forward that video (from the nasa website) to their local politicians and media outlets. Friends and family as well.

      People cannot call you a kook if NASA is supporting it now.

  • bna

    Hi all,

    I attended this meeting last night. Quick synopsis available here: