In New Video Rossi Discusses E-Cat Models and Revolution

The Swedish website has just released a video of Andrea Rossi taken on January 12th in Bologna, Italy in which he talks about his E-Cat production plans. There is not much in this video that he has not said before, but he emphasizes once again that the plans to launch a revolution with the domestic E-Cat, and that in order for a revolution to be successful, it needs to be popular — i.e. it must be priced low enough so that everyone can afford to purchase the technology.

The video shows a 1 MW plant in the Bologna factory, and observant viewers of the video have noted that this looks very like the plant that was tested by Domenico Fioravanti on October 28th. A reader on Rossi’s JONP site asked him if this was the same plant and Rossi replied saying, “Yes, it is the same: we are still working on it with National Instruments and with the Customer. It will take another month before it will be ready.”

Rossi also has stated that the assumption that the 1 MW plant had left the factory and been delivered to the customer is wrong. “I never said that the 1 MW E-Cat has been already delivered to the Customer, probably it has been a misunderstanding due to not precise translation. As I repeatedly said, the 1 MW E-Cat is still in our Bologna Factory to complete the control system upgrading we are making with National Instruments and to make modifications asked from the Customer. The plant will be delivered in the next 1, maximum 2 months.”

  • I honestly wish Rossi the best but I think it
    would be quite a feat to produce 1,000,000 home
    units in 2012. If he is ready by the fall he would
    have 100 days of production. I hope he can make 10,000 units.

    Just think, 1,000,000 units in 100 days would be 10,000 home heating units a day, he needs 100
    robotized production lines making 100 a day.

    If each unit wheighs 100 pounds that is 1/3 of a pound per person in the US and 4,000,000 cubic feet at 2 feet squared.

    Such a large operation and physical quantity
    cannot go unnoticed and there would have to be
    an lot of shipping.

    This level of production can be reached but in
    projected time span it would be a formidible task.

    • daniel maris

      I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick, probably due to translation issues to begin with.

      The position as I understand it now is that Rossi hopes to have his production facility set up by the end of 2012, although he said 12-18 months, so it might be as later as June 2013.

      He has talked of Autumn 2012 being the target for having the production capability in place.

      • clovis

        Hi, Daniel.
        I agree, that’s the way i see it as well.
        I believe Mr. Rossie, is proceeding in a structured manner, and as fast as money can bring it about. and that can be very fast if you demand it.–Clovis.

  • morse

    He is very careful in his words:
    “We are not alternative but integrative”
    Like he is saying to the big oil, gas and electricity companies, don’t be afraid :-), my technology will not revolutionize. Hard to believe honestly if the e-cat works.

    • Harold

      Not so hard to believe. He mentions using ecats to preheat water that is used in conventional energy plants, saving some of the oil or coal normally used in this part of the process. This is what he means by integrative. That is not to say, they could take over an even larger role in energy production later on,

  • Filip

    My name is Filip Schrooyen, I am a contemporary artist.
    I am lets say a ‘liketobeliever’, still. But I am very worried. I have to be sceptical. A colleague, also Belgian artist has introduced an installation a few years ago, see It produces s***(really, it is a great work!), just like the Ecat does now, it produces s***
    Say it out loud when you read the sentence.It is funny how it look simular to the Ecat, look at the table model.
    In the new video Mr. Rossi reminds me of Uri Geller, not of Einstein,
    not of an artist, because only an artist can invent a device like the Ecat. You need to be a creative thinker, just like Einstein was, and Edison, etc …There is like a little more than over 2000 believers on the planet, they deserve a little more respect. So, Mr. Rossi,please place a webcam(first) than place a cheap wooden table in the middle of your ’empty’ factory, than put on the table a test model of the domestic Ecat, plug it in for an hour so the core can heat up, put the end of the Ecat, where the steam is coming out into a transparent bowl so we can see the steam coming out and then unplug it, so it can run 24/7 in selfsustainig mode, that’s it, I will stay by my computer with liters of coffee. I hope everyone understands the irony in this message, also you Dr. Rossi. Thank you.

    • daniel maris

      Edison wasn’t really a creative thinker. He was someone who worked hard on a problem breaking it down and trying lots of different methods. In fact, Rossi is very much in Edison’s mould: he didn’t invent LENR. He heard about it and saw its potential.

      The webcam idea wouldn’t satisfy super-sceptics. It is easy to rig something fraudulent up.

      • Filip

        Maybe, but it would satisfy me and many others, no monitors, no computer, no measuring, no cables, only an Ecat on a table in the middle of a concrete floor. Easy for someone who can make a million of these things in a year.
        Really, I hope he is right… for my kids.

    • misterCool

      I have be thinking for months about who he reminds me of and then bang you got it!!! Uri Geller that’s it from how on i will name him Uri Geller when i need to talk of him…..

      • I say Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. It is not just because of the resemblance either.

        He seems to be greedy about his power plants. Some people might share their findings with the world to promote a new safe green technology that can reduce smog and global warming. Rossi won’t even confirm his invention is stable. He says it is but the longest stability demonstrated is 18 hours.

        I used to be a AR fan, but now I see he either does not have anything or he is more concerned about being the next bill gates than saving lives.

        He claims to have sold a few of these at a tidy profit already. Why not retire and make e-cat open source. He does not look like he will live forever anyways as he is already close to retirement age.

    • PersonFromPorlock

      Geller is good: another good comparison is with Dogbert (from the American comic strip ‘Dilbert), whose scams are carried off with arrogance, panache and bafflegab.

  • lol

    And another guy has compared the video from 28th to the new one, and noticed that it is the same container placed at the exactly same position as if it never had been moved.

    Welcome to the Rossi circus. Enjoy the show. ROFL.

    • daniel maris

      But the latest shows it with a heavy lifting device, consistent with it having been returned to the site for modification as Rossi answered on his site.

    • HanzJager

      That didn’t look like the same position to me. I watched both videos. Did you? As Daniel mentioned this was already addressed by Rossi on his site. One thing I will do is enjoy the show. Will be fun to see how this all turns out!!

  • Markus

    I think you have misunderstood. He hopes to start production in the fall of 2012, and reach a capacity of 1,000,000 yearly. So one million units would be reached in the fall of 2013.

    At least that’s how I understand it.

  • Andrew Macleod

    Maybe we’re all mistaken in his words. 1 000 000 e cats to be produced starting in autumn. This doesn’t mean he has to produce one million in 2012 just that by the fall of 2013 he hopes to have produced 1 000 000 units.

    • Ged

      Aka, a production order.

      That’s the best interpretation, since mass production can’t go forward till certifications are complete (and thus no more revisions of the technology are necessary for marketing this version); and those certifications will take months.

      Still, I am growing a little more wary.

  • Karl A

    Rossi’s business strategy is to quite obvious a smart manoeuvring by an inventor and entrepreneur, which he truly is. To my mind we have to be grateful to his openness via his blog and various interviews where he obvious also seeks inspiration and ideas for himself and his team. From what I see Rossi has delivered thoroughly enough, what he announced during 2011. It’s still enormously impressive if Rossi just delivers half of what is claiming in the coming year 2012.

    Still he really owes us nothing especially in comparison to tax paid members of science community that remains suspiciously silent including main-media, which are the ones that should be blamed. These should at least openly seek the truths or at least show some courage. There are few examples of course. It’s not bad to be critical but most of the angry and unreasonable comments are likely from paid (probably also tax paid) naysayers that take part in forums on CF/LENR topics. It does not seem that main media and the major science community show any sign to wake up the CF/LENR segment within short. The safest is of course to enter the scene when the battle is already won, which is most likely a matter of time.

    The latest Rossi announcement may lead to a massive spread the low cost Home 10-20 KW E-Cat devices globally. This seems to be a reasonable route to take for him to secure his CF/LENR solution the get a foothold on the market. With this approach Rossi obviously seeks the spread E-Cat to the masses through word by mouth as grass route phenomena.

    No matter where the first 1000 customers will be located in the world, Africa, Asia, Europe, North or South America. I do not think there needs to be a million initially. Once such the seed of 1000 is planted in the mind of the masses, the fire of this message will be impossible to stop. A natural obstacle to pass in spite of CF/LENT environmentally friendliness, might be regulatory issues for some time. It is easy to foresee to happen initially at least in US and Europe even if these regions will benefit considerable from this this new energy resource because of their of shortage of oil and gas.

    However, the fact that anyone can buy the product and produce his/her own energy environmentally friendly almost without any cost will certainly create a roar of angriness if anyone try to stop an unjustified roll out of this technology in any country. To my understanding Rossi movement towards the mass market also indicate not only that he is in a hurry to be the first one to take a grip on the market. It not only indicate that CF/LENR is for real and it will produce what he says and it will be fairly easy to copy once it out on the market. CF/LENR is a likely en enormous gift for the survival of human beings and species of the earth in this critical time. Regardless how it goes I think we all will benefit greatly from it and I think owe Rossi et al in this field a lot.

    Mainly all wealth and economic development the last 70-80 years have been based on cheap oil and gas exploration that is soon to decline. Any nation or business that wants to be in a lead in an open market needs of course to take advantage of cheapest possible energy. Some countries would even go to war to get their hands on such resources. If CF/LENR proofs to be the cheapest and cleanest energy solution, everybody will finally go for it. The practically unlimited and clean energy resource that is potentially obtainable from nickel power and light hydrogen under heat, pressure catalyses as Rossi at al claims will likely serves such purpose.

    • Kim

      Very well stated and thought out.

      Thanks for your time and words.

      History will show the courage of this great man.

      Its now becoming the peoples choice, as to how
      our energy future will look like.


  • Roberto

    I asked Andrea to his blog to explain that if you sold a 1 MW e-cat, why is the latest film, is still in the same place. Instead of answering my post.Do blocked today believe in this device, but I see that this is plain fraud hoax. Rossi begins to contradict his earlier statements about the sale and deportation of 1 MW e-cat.

    • Ged

      It’s actually consistent with things he’s said for awhile (I don’t remember anything about deporting the device after the test), where he’s been mentioning working with NI and the customer to retrofit the plant with better controls. He’s been saying that since the 28th test with no change.

      Now the question is if it’ll ship out in the next month or two as planned.

    • Tony

      He’s answered other people’s, probably nicer, comments about this.

  • Roberto

    I asked Andrea to his blog to explain that if you sold a 1 MW e-cat, why is the latest film, is still in the same place. Instead of answering my post.Do blocked today believe in this device, but I see that this is plain fraud hoax. Rossi begins to contradict his earlier statements about the sale and deportation of 1 MW e-cat.

    • Yes. He also has backtracked on his claims that the e-cat will be able to produce household electricity.

      He goes on about how that can be solved within a few years. A few years? Didn’t he already tell us electrical generation heats have been sustained?

      Sad video 🙁

      • Sojourner Soo

        The following excerpt is from the Smart Scarecrow, Rossi interview transcript. Perhaps you should read the transcript comments about electricity and the upgrades being made to the 1MW plant bought by Fiavoranti. In fact, read the whole transcript.

        “S. … Via email, a Wolf Fisher asked this question, “In the past year, in the tests that you have run, how often did the E-Cat work as you wanted it to, and can you perhaps tell us how good it is working now, because of the better controlling hardware and software from national Instruments.

        A. Good question. Yes, we are working very well with NI, and we are learning a lot from them. And surely their technology is helping us in the stability issue, and this will be very useful, mainly in the path to arrive at the production of electricity. Because you could ask me why are you able to produce heat, and are you not yet able to make electricity. While it will be very easy turn heat into electricity, it is not a big issue to turn heat into electricity. Yes, theoretically the effect is that to make electricity with acceptable efficiency, you must have temperatures of at least 400 Celsius degrees. And which means kind of around 1,000 degrees. And this factor makes unstable the reactor. Now we have a very good stability now, and the E-Cat up to 120C degrees is very stable and works properly with no problems at all, without peaks. One year ago we had problems of peaks, that made unstable the reactor. Now, after one year we have reached a very good stability until 120C. So to make heat is not a problem. To go higher than that, because you know, theoretically should be easy to raise the temperature. Because you put in series instead of in parallel the E-Cats, and put them in series you should raise the temperature. Yes, this is true, but unfortunately when we arrived to high temperatures we had problems. And, but we are resolving these problems. And we are resolving this problem with the help of the customer that had bought the one megawatt plant. By the way, you have assisted to the test of that plant. Because I invited you. And with the help of National Instruments which is a wonderful, a wonderful supplier, because their philosophy is to teach to their customer to fish. They said to me in one of the first meetings I had with their managers and their scientists, they said we want to teach to your company to.. We want not just to sell to you a fish. But we want to, we… we want they said, you to learn to fish, because if you learn to fish, we can go fishing together. And upgrade together the technology. And this philosophy of theirs is a philosophy that will give very good results.

        S. Regarding the E-Cat unit that you said you have submitted to underwriter laboratory, my understanding is that when you present something to underwriter laboratories or UL, it basically has to be the embodiment that is going to be used by the customer. So it is already fully engineered for production, and the UL stamp is the final stamp before it is handed to the customer. Is that unit the one you have developed previously, that for example I witnessed that you just mentioned on October 28th, in Bologna.

        A. No. The unit that has to be certified is the unit exactly how it will be when we will put it in.. we have made prototypes of the unit which is much smaller, much lighter, etc. Because it is already engineered to be produced in big quantities. So it is already engineered, and it has been assembled along the directions that already the engineer of UL that is.. I am working with gave us.

        S. And so, that you have such a unit handed to UL, is a strong indication of how far along you are toward production. Congratulations are to be offered.”

    • Tony

      He’s answered other people’s, probably nicer, comments about this subject.

  • Alexvs

    Sorry. I have got the worst impression from this video. I changed my mind from considering E-Cat a hoax/scam to think of a mistake/ measuring error. Now I change back again.
    You can harm anybody not only stealing money but also letting grow expectations which cannot be substantiated. Uptodate I have written posts from time to time, I have been banned, I have amused myself, I have joked, I have tried to explain what is LENR and why it is potentally viable.
    But now I want to warn. Even if Mr. Rossi is not asking for money, he is feeding the illusions, the good faith and the expectatives of many people whose nescience (not ignorance) hinders them to get a consistent understanding. And this, although from an ethical point of view, is scam.

    • Tony

      Maybe he can’t be bothered answering idiotic statements?

    • Well we don’t really know Mr. Rossi’s money situation. He’s a private citizen and his bank accounts and assets are none of our business. Rossi might not need to ask for money. People with deep pockets and a sense of urgency to save the planet might volunteer their cash.

      Dr. Zawodny’s video however is another matter. It also feeds illusions and good faith and it has the NASA/government logo attached to it.

    • john mccullough

      I disagree with your comments. This maybe a hoax, I don’t know. I am an engineer with extensive background in external heat engines and it is very difficult to make a decent electric generator with only 120C source. The best market for his device is a pre-heater for a water heater which is what he is making. So that all seems quite normal.

      Having dealt with scientist and the commercial world, I wouldn’t allow people to see the device until I was ready to sell. Peer review is just a headache to achieve nothing but to tell everyone your product’s secret.

      My only question is: Is it really producing excess heat that can’t be accounted for chemically? Fusion has orders of magnitude more energy density than chemical reactions so this should be easy to test. My understanding is he did a black box test that showed exactly that, but the problem is they didn’t do all the measurements at the same time. That is stupid. It would be nice to see another black box test where the measurements are all done at once with real time reading. This should be easy. The only measurements needed if the box is isolated is volume of box, weight of box, water in, water temp in, water out, water temp out,run time. Once the energy produced exceeds all known possible energy densities then we know its amazing even if we don’t know what it is. Of course doing the test is easy. The hard part is they have to be done by a group that everyone will believe and most scientist won’t believe until they can buy one so what would be the point.

    • daniel maris

      So you’re saying LENR is real but that Rossi, although he had the detailed aid and assistance of Focardi, a leading scientist in the field, cannot possibly be genuinely working with LENR.

      Now that’s an extraordinary claim.

      • Alexvs

        LENR implies nuclear signature. It is as any other nuclear reaction. The extraordinary claim is that Ni H be an aneutronic reaction.

  • ściema

  • Robert Mockan

    The stability issue refers to the NAC (nuclear active catalyst) being damaged by the heat release.
    If pockets of activity exceed the design prarmaters for removal of heat from the active regions, then the nickel powder lattice structure will sinter or fuse. This is an engineering problem and solvable.
    Reverse engineering the existing design approach can be done without access to a unit. For example, the volume of NAC is a critical design paramter. The prototype may have used powder in a chamber, and the original E-Cat design size would have been dictated by the preliminary engineering thermal analysis.
    By going to a tube of fuel concept and doing analysis for that specific volume and shape, the design approach can be incrementally improved to higher thermal power output. One of the reasons the patanted Piantelli process uses metal plates with a NAC surface is that they are dimensionally stable and the analysis of plates with thermal exchange is amenable to established textbook engineering analysis common to heat exchanger design. Rossi evidently, from his comments, used the loose powder approach in his prototypes. That may have been an error, given that he is having these stability problems. I will be interested to learn how he eventually solves the problem, enabling consistent operation at the maximum temperature of nickel NAC.

  • Frank

    Today, published another video/interview with Rossi.
    One Rossi-statement: ‘We are going to work together with two universities, but prefer not to mention them by name.’
    Wondering what in Rossi’s language ‘work with universities’ means. – Anyway, if all it’s done undisclosed, then I don’t give much credit on that.

  • Robert Mockan

    The conventional nuclear power industry had to solve similiar thermal problems during development. It tried tubes of fuel, pebbles, dissolving the fuel in water, plates, fluidized beds of particles, and tried heat exchange fluids like helium gas, hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas, water, and so on.
    Since the nickel NAC can operate in compressed hydrogen that would be a useful heat exchange medium. Rossi commented there were certification issues using compressed hydrogen. Regrettable but understandable for a domestic appliance. The canister (tube) of fuel approach he decided upon, with an included hydrogen storage compound, probalby can be improved also from a loose powder. Good work, Rossi.

  • Robert Mockan

    I notice people in this forum still question Rossi veracity. The best explanation about why Rossi might be perceived as less than honest was written by Jed Rothwell recently and is posted at[email protected]/. It is the commentary titled
    I know some creative people who imagine a future that should have happened, but did not. They often merge their tenses when talking and writing, as if the future were the present, or already happened and is the past. That is because they literally live in a reality interface where they are continuously trying to create a new reality where their hopes and dreams for the future overcome the resistance of the present to change. They do not lie, in the sense of trying to deceive others. But sometimes the tenses denoting past, present, and future, get mixed up. Rossi could easily say the 1 MW unit shipped, when it did not, because he believes so strongly it “should have, could have, would have…” that for all practical intent, it did. But it is not a delusion, because he knows it is there in his factory being worked on. The detail that it is still there, is just a small…detail. When it is ready to ship, it will, and in his mind that is practically the same as saying it already did. When you talk to people like Rossi, or listen to what he says, keep in mind that people can be complicated. It also helps to know a great deal about the LENR subject, regardless of what Rossi says or does, because that makes it much easier to separate fact from fiction.
    Creative people often live for a future that no body else understands.

    • daniel maris

      The super-sceptics have painted Rossi as a master fraudster able to inveigle all sorts of scientists, journalists, government people, and commercial companies into promoting his fraud.

      Do we really think that it wouldn’t occur to such a master fraudster that people might compare the two videos and notice the container was the same…? That seems to stretch credulity.

      Rossi has some explaining to do and I am not sure his glib account exonerates entirely him from a charge of dishonesty about the fate of the first unit as originally described. Maybe he is not as honest as the day is born…but one can be less than a saint and still produce innovative world-changing technology.

      National Instruments are co-operating with him on something. Let’s not forget that.

      • Wes

        Obsessive inveiglers are notoriously shoddy when it comes to protecting their credulity. Politicians are a good exmaple.

  • Ron

    I would like to see a representative of Mr. Rossi contact Cyclone Engine technologies when he is ready. They have a closed circuit steam engine that could drive a generator. Cyclone uses external fuel combustion but I think Rossi’s E-Cat could just generate the steam for it directly. This would allow the use of low temperatures (120C) to do work and stay stable.

  • Sanjeev

    Andrea Rossi
    January 19th, 2012 at 10:35 AM

    Dear Giuseppe B.
    The 1 MW plant has been accepted and the sale has been confirmed after the October 28th test, as I said. We decided together with the Customer and National Instruments to make all the control systems and all the fixings of the gaskets in our factory of Bologna, instead of in the Customer’s place. The delivery will be made within one, or maximum 2 months, when all the works will have been completed. A misunderstanding, due to bad translation, has made thinK the plant was already in the place of the Customer.
    Warm Regards,


    This should clear it up. This also means that so far nothing is delivered and probably nothing was paid.The container is sitting there since 3 months now.

  • the snake

    it’s over, it’s over. The 1MW does not work and won’t ever. As I said before, this multiple e-cat setup is supposed to do a cycling process between single e-cats that emit heat for a very limited time due to some conventional physical battery effect. Rossi recently made more spurious claims and the 1MW has failed within its specification. The 1MW is not working at all. Even if it would produce 100kW would be great, but it’s nothing.

    • Roger Bird

      I think that we should keep a list of all of these skeptics, and if and when the E-Cat is proven to be real, we publish the names of these pathological “scientists” for the world to see what morons they are.

      Of course, it goes both ways. But most of those cheering Rossi on are not convinced that it works. We are merely hopeful and encouraged. But the pathological skeptics are positive that the E-Cat does not work; and I don’t see how that has been proven. And these pathological skeptics are positive that Rossi is a crook, which has also not been proven.

  • Pontus

    It might be interesting for Rossi to work with , they are working on a technology to turn infrared radiation directly to electricity using carbon nano-tubes. In this way the 520 Mev infrared photon produced in the Ecat may make electricity directly and more efficiently. It would be really cool instead of the photon being absorbed in the shield to make steam to drive a generator.

    • Joe

      It might be interesting for someone other than Rossi to try out the e-cat in private to prove to the world that it works outside the company and direction of Rossi.

  • Roger Bird

    I found very interesting the guy in the background walking around and checking a few things out. If Rossi is a crook, then this guy is also a crook or very stupid. He is a Rossi employee. He is keeping things secret. He is being paid.