Community Group Created at National Instruments to study LENR

Here’s a little piece of information that might support the case for National Instruments being involved with Andrea Rossi — as Rossi has consistently stated is the case.

National Instruments hosts a user community where NI staff and customers can form groups to work together and discuss various topics A group in this community was formed on January 12, 2012 titled ‘LENR’. The description of the group reads as follows:

This group is created to discuss Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR) and related concepts (Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions, Chemically-Assisted Nuclear Reactions, Superconductivity, Superfluidity, Quantum Critical Points, etc), R&D, technologies and applications

The group is private, so none of the contents of the discussions are public, but members of the community can apply to the group owner to join. The group owner is named ialvarad who is listed here as an employee of National Instruments.

There’s no mention here of Rossi or Leonardo Corp. but this group’s creation might be another indication of some interest in the LENR field at NI.

  • daniel maris

    Yes, that’s certainly encouraging I would say.

  • Roger Bird

    I tried to register and got stopped here: “Your Login”. Too bad. But the good news is that NI is seriously looking at LENR.

  • I worked with NI LabView and with NI motion control boards. If NI is into it it must be ancient obsolete and last decade’s model. I wouldn’t hold it against NI personally however. The entire manufacturing and laboratory automation and controls industry is backwards backwoods. The words new innovative cutting edge and NI do not belong in the same sentence or paragraph for that matter. If NI is working on it today, expect it to be available in the next decade, 2020+.

    • Alain

      maybe is it why they are good in industry engineering…
      in industry, beeing of the last century is a bit a compliment…

      anyway one key reason why a corp like NI jump into LENR is maybe that …

      they have seen it with their eyes (and thermometers).

    • Roger Bird

      Emperor Rossi, did they fire you or something?

      And with a handle like “Emperor Rossi”, me thinks that the poster protests too much. Do you disbelieve Rossi and are trying to make his work sound bad? I worked with LabView about 28 years ago and thought that it was the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees.

      • The owner of this forum bans people willy-nilly so I and several others had to morph our names.

        I didn’t get fired by NI. I used LabView. It sux. But like I said I wouldn’t hold it against NI personally. Purchase any computer product made in Germany today. Go to your local Fry’s or Best Buy and try to find a computer that it will work in or with. I rest my case. The manufacturing and instruments industry is perilously behind the rest of everybody. I worked for NASA for 15 years. After getting a layoff I heard “you’re a dinosaur” at many interviews. When you have $700M USD satellites at stake you dare not make an unsafe risky move and you use technology that is old tested and proven. The point is NI = ancient obsolete junk that nobody wants or uses anymore. They are so ingrained in the old-reliable mantra that they should not be depended on to produce something new and innovative.

        • daniel maris

          I don’t see anything very unimpressive in the Reuters profile for the company, which has sales of over one billion dollars. If Rossi had gone with some innovative start-up you would have said that showed he couldn’t get interest from a properly established outfit,that they suspected he was a scammer.

  • jfab

    You say it’s not clear whether the group has NI employees involved, but the “owner” of the group (I suppose it’s the guy who started the group) is Igor Alvarado, an engineer at NI.
    best regards

  • Steve Robb

    Here is Celani’s presentation to World Sustainable Energy Conference, Geneva Switzerland, Jan 10-12

    • Steve Robb

      From that paper: Among other things, it is a pity that excellent experiments, like those performed by NASA, were not immediately made public, but after 15 years: the reality of LENR was reconfirmed, even in gaseous environment (D2) and high temperature 350°C), after only 9 months from F&P first paper! The reconfirmation of the 1989 NASA experiment as performed on Dec 2009, perhaps to be concealed in the same way… but luckily it was found, by chance, in August 2011!

      The first report was supposedly found stuffed in a drawer somewhere and the second was found floating about on the internet. I wonder what the hell is going on at NASA?

      • The scientists at NASA are lighting farts and calling it cold fusion.

        I don’t know what was worse, the NASA video claiming that they are doing what Rossi claims to be doing or the snippet of disclaimer on Joe Zawodny’s personal website which claimed that anything he said in the video he said with his fingers crossed so it doesn’t count.

        • daniel maris

          Er yes, you wish to give the impression Zawdony issued something like a retraction. He did no such thing. It was billed as a clarification, whereas it “cloudification” of his meaning, designed to prevent LENR going mainstream.

          • sparks


          • Joe Zawodny and NASA media relations dropped the ball on this one. The only clarification possible is an overt admission from NASA that they goofed and we’re all human, we’ll understand. The video was quite clear. Dr. Zawodny’s backtracking was quite clear. You claim it was to prevent LENR… I claim it was a goof plain and simple.

          • daniel maris

            Where exactly did Zawnody retract anything he said in the video?

            And it’s not paranoid to point out that the energy sector is very big business which lobbies government and influences all sorts of public bodies in all sorts of ways.

        • Luca Salvarani

          X Il Duce

          Scusami ma non potresti cambiare il tuo nick name per favore? Lo trovo come minimo di cattivo gusto. Grazie.

          • Steve Robb

            Translation of above: Excuse me but can you not you change your nick name please? I find that at least in bad taste. Thank you.”

            Personally I think the nickname suites him personally as many of these snarulous disbelievers have a very strong authoritarian bent.

          • Luca Salvarani

            To Steve Robb

            Maybe you don’t know but here in Italy when you say “il duce” all people (and I really mean ALL.. even children) think to Benito Mussolini and it’s at least insulting! Expecially on an American site. E-cat will be our best ever, on the opposite Mussolini has definitely been our worst ever!

  • Martin

    Thats an interesting snippet…

  • Alex

    By the way it is very easy to get to the point where it is written that the founder of this group is NI Employee.

    • Sanjeev

      Quote> “and it’s not clear whether the group has NI employees involved”

      I think only NI employees are involved, including the group leader, as he Alex said.

  • Sanjeev

    It is a positive sign.
    Interestingly they have grouped LENR with Superconductivity. It seems that they know something which many do not know.

    Some more people have connected Superconductivity with LENR , I forgot where I read about it.

    LENR is now as mainstream as any other new physics.

  • Alexvs

    All this chuckle has nothing to do with Rossi’s E-Cat. You could discuss the sex of angels too. But the sad reality is that the E-Cat story remains as always was: hoax (being benevolous) / scam.

  • Good to see other people (besides NASA) jumping on top of this as well.

    @owner of this website:

    The title of your website’s frontpage, which is also listed in Google’s results, is still “Andrea Rossi’s Cold Fusion Reactor”.

    It’s pretty clear that this is no cold fusion. In fact, it’s LENR. Perhaps you ought to modify the title to more accurately reflect the facts.

    Other than that: great site!

    • Frank

      Great site?
      In question of promoting the ‘Rossi-saga’: Yes, you are right
      In regard of serious journalism and research: Sorry, I don’t agree.

      Just one example:
      It’s known (and even acknowledged by Rossi) that in contrary to blog-entries on this site ( e.g. ), the allegedly sold ‘1MW container’ is still in Rossi’s workshop and has never moved one inch.

      Why is there no new blog-entry which clarifies the misleading earlier statements/implications that the 1MW plant was taken away by a customer?

      • admin
        • Alexvs

          Sorry, these are excuses.

        • Frank

          Sorry, the link you have copied into your reply don’t work for me, because it is a link to edit the blog-entry.

          And sorry if I have missed your ‘clarification’. – I was wondering how I could have overlooked it.

          Because you copied an ‘edit’ link into your reply, I thought I’d better check with ‘google archive’ whether the blog entry has been modified.
          And yes, google archive tells me that have added ‘some clarification’ into the blog ‘New Rossi video …’ recently – but you didn’t mark the ‘update’ as you did in other blog entries.

        • Frank

          Sorry, the link you have copied into your reply don’t work for me, because it is a link to edit the blog-entry.

          And sorry if I have missed your ‘clarification’. – I was wondering how I could have overlooked it.

          Because you copied an ‘edit’ link into your reply, I thought I’d better check with ‘google archive’ whether the blog entry has been modified. 
          And yes, google archive tells me that you must have added ‘some clarification’ recently – but you didn’t mark the ‘update’ as you did in other blog entries.

      • daniel maris

        So you maintain this master scammer Rossi, didn’t realise he was giving away his secret by showing the 1 MW container in his second video? Is that it? The scammer fouled up big time! I think even an average scammer might have realised the problem there.

        I think it’s more a sign of basic honesty, although Rossi may have been pleased to give the impression that it had been taken away before.

        • Frank

          Please note, the video in which the container appears is not ‘his’ (Rossi’s) video.
          It was done by the team behind
          So, it could easily be that it was not Rossi’s intention to capture the container in the movie ( at least not in that detail that it could be identified as the same one as from Oct. demo), but he just couldn’t prevent it.
          There are many other explanations how this ‘mistake’ could have happen.

          You mentioned Rossi’s honesty.
          Don’t you think it would have been a good sign of honesty if Rossi would have posted once (before it became indisputable that the container is still in his workshop) on his JONP something like:

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  • Alexvs

    This site is tendentious, lacking of rigour and trying to sustain itself (self sustaining mode) by proposing extravagant threads which bring no new idea, no new horizonts and a lot of disappointing to the early believers.

    • HanzJager

      Well… bye then. o.0

    • John E

      It is true. I have not seen even one new horizont on this site.

  • Robert Horning

    There is nothing to see here. Somebody who was on the discussion list with what amounts to be a public forum created a group to talk about LENR. This is utterly meaningless and should not be viewed as anything official from National Instruments. For all you know, it could be a hoax in and of itself simply to see if folks all wrapped up with the E-Cat might bite and make up stuff right out of the Aether.

    Seriously, give this a rest. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, National Instruments is not endorsing the E-cat, does not certify any results from the E-cat, and their only tie to Andrea Rossi is strictly as a parts supplier. Nothing more. They may have some engineers following some sort of unusual specification to build some instrumentation, but that isn’t the same as actually building the E-cat itself or really even being a “partner”.

    There is nothing more to see here…. move along!

  • clovis

    Hi, Guys.
    Man, what a bunch of skeptics on this morning.
    It important in my opinion to have someone to take the opposite side of the conversation, for balance .
    But come on guys try to keep it civil, that way you keep some acceptability about your self.
    we’er only here to talk about this tech not to make someone look foolish, if you can’t keep it civil move on to some other blog, your not wanted here and you can be ban real easy.

    • Robert Horning

      Be extra careful of the ban. The fact that skeptics are even coming here ought to be seen as a refreshing breath of air that people with opinions different from your own are willing to participate in an open dialog.

      I agree when it degenerates into personal attacks and name calling it crosses the line, and I have unfortunately seen some of that happen here as well. But don’t take all skeptical criticism of the E-cat as if they are somehow heretics in the Church of the E-Cat and therefore need to be excommunicated.

      Honest skepticism of the technology but having an open mind willing to accept bona fide proof and legitimate scientific inquiry into the concept of LENR and whatever it is that the E-Cat has become should be welcome here. Don’t confuse skepticism with simply trollish behavior, and acknowledge that even proponents and even “fanatics” of something like the E-cat can also be trolls.

      I have extreme doubts as to if Rossi is really producing something more than a heating coil from a coffee pot using anything more than resistive heating from electrical current, but I’m willing to be convinced otherwise. Some of the fanaticism lately in terms of the proponents of the E-cat have all but firmly convinced me that the whole thing is an elaborate hoax, but I’ve kept the door open for the possibility I’m wrong.

      That is in fact the only reason I’m even bothering to reply here, or even read this particular website. If the 1% chance that this is legitimate technology (in my own opinion) it is worth not only monitoring what is going on but to try and even be involved in promoting the concept once I have been convinced this is something other than a hoax.

      From what I’ve seen, the promoters of the concept are more likely to shoot themselves in the foot saying or doing something that wrecks any public relations good-will that is building up over the concept. I certainly am prepared to write the whole thing off as a con game, or at least a scientific curiosity that doesn’t produce anything practical. Even for those who are active in LENR research, the claims of Rossi are simply beyond description or even reason in terms of the energies being produced, the scale of the devices, or the simplicity of the machinery. It just seems like something too good to be true, where experience shows is more often a dead end not worth following up on.

      • sparks

        Good sane points, Robert. Some posters on this site are a bit too much into the religious zealout mold, causing them to view skepticism as tantamount to blasphemy.

        I’ve been checking in for almost two months now, and my original impression still stands for me, which is that any viable productization of e-cat is out 5 years, best case. Rossi only gives out little teasers, but they (and other observations) seem to indicate a process with major, as yet unresolved problems.

        If Rossi’s e-cat produces the large amounts of excess heat as advertised, it will be a huge leap for LENR and for science. HOWEVER, it will not be easy to find a “killer app” for a process that generates modest temperatures and requires stringent control systems to keep it sustained. Maybe for centralized power generation, but not for the home, not in any near time-frame.

        I think Rossi is not so much a scammer, as a scientist/engineer who has had a long obsession with LENR (not a bad thing at all) and who has come across an incredible breakthrough that works for “fleeting” moments of time. I think he is overwhelmed (rightfully so), trying with all his might and resources to resolve the sustainment problem, and at the same time feeling that he owes it to himself to reap the financial rewards of his work (also rightfully so). So list me among the skeptics, but one who is sympathetic to Rossi, as the embattled entrepreneur, at the same time. But bottom line: This will not solve the global energy problem anytime soon, because we already have dirt-cheap natural gas (in the US, anyway) against which even wind energy cannot compete economically. An e-cat home heater, if it can be made to work reliably, may be a significant help in Europe, but my prediction is that it’s 5 years out at the very least (if ever practicable at all).

  • Jonsey

    Maybe I missed this, but can someone steer me to independent information providing evidence that NI is actually in any way formally and officially working with Rossi? I don’t mean Rossi saying words, I don’t mean the fact that someone in NI has started an internal discussion forum that considers (among other things) LENR, I mean a NI-released corporate statement that they’ve got an agreement?