A Note on E-Cat World Moderation

The purpose of E-Cat World is to provide news, information, comment and analysis about Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology. As most people can tell this site is supportive of Andrea Rossi’s work. As I have said before, I am satisfied by the evidence that we have been show so far that Rossi has made a tremendous step forward in terms of energy production with his invention, and that the E-Cat has the potential to be a groundbreaking invention that could be of great benefit to the world.

That said, I am certainly aware that to many, my position on the E-Cat is controversial, and that there are people who take a different position regarding the technology. I understand that there has not been enough evidence presented so far to convince many people that Rossi’s claims are legitimate, and like everyone else I look forward to more detailed demonstration of the technology in the future.

I have tried to moderate comments on this site with a light touch. If someone is going to disagree with me of any other poster, I am not going to ban that poster, or delete posts. I have no problem with civilized debate. Where I do draw the line is when people get personally insulting to other posters, or even to Rossi himself. It’s very possible to disagree with someone in a reasonable way. I don’t want to have a web site that is filled with insults, personal attacks, mockery or sarcasm — from people on any side of the debate. If people can be reasonable and mature in their discussion, posts and posters will be left alone. If things, in my opinion, cross the line from mature debate to meanness and nastiness, then I’ll start moderating.

Thanks to all who provide informative and interesting contributions here!

Frank Acland

  • Nice going Frank. I posted a comment regarding defensive pessimism on your previous post. I don’t see it showing up. I tried posting it again, but WP said it had detected a duplicate comment.

    Is my post still awaiting your moderation? Maybe your spam guard caught, because I put a link in it to another site. Maybe you can have a look to see what happened to my comment.

    • admin

      Thanks for letting me know. For some reason it ended up in my spam filter, not sure why. I have approved it — nice post! Thanks.

  • MikeRobeer

    Hi Frank, I look forward to looking up your site the first thing every morning.

    I want to stay up to date on everything ecat and it saves me tons of time. I also like that it is kept friendly. There are tons of other places for people to complain and argue.

    Thanks, it’s a great service. Mike

  • clovis

    Hi. Frank.
    Didn’t want to cause a fuss, but i have seen a few sites get taken over by a bunch of foul mouthed jug heads, when at first the site was very informative, and a nice peaceable place to have a intelligent conversation. get turned in to a insulting slug fest.
    Not what i want,—smile– And thanks for keeping it a good place to come and see what is the latest on e-cat.
    I enjoy it very much.

  • Sanjeev

    I’m very happy with this site and Frank’s work is great. I like the high signal to noise ratio here. Don’t need to wade through stuff for hours to get the gems.

    Sometimes the ignorant ones do show up here, but they don’t stick , may be because of the fact that this site radiates positivity, which does not match their frequencies.

  • Jeff

    I haven’t read your site in some time and don’t plan to visit again.

  • philippefx

    Hi Frank,
    Your site is on my list of daily readings. Keep it on please. And many thanks for the infos and the moderation’s job.

  • edog

    Relax Frank.
    All ist gut ya!!
    I love reading the comments, harsh funny or lame.
    Dont dish it if you cant handle it, is my advice to your readers. 🙂 happy happy joy joy!

    • Steve Robb

      “Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.” That sounds good but in a sense it really is a recipe for trouble. Every system needs damping including people. We all need to try to be just a little better better (possibly obviously better) than the other person to prevent the discussion from being rolled into the gutter. If I had the patience of an angel, I would ignore the nasty people, but I am not and sometimes feel compelled to respond. When I do I try my level best to say something that is constructive in some way.

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  • Roberto

    I think that open mind is for ‘belivers’. I’m very happy with this great post: http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg62237.html

    I’m not subscribed to the vortex message board because I’ve no useful infos to post, I’m just curious and often read it. Thank you William. It is right. There’s lot of paper the pseudo-skept say does not exist. I was aware of it, despite I’m from IT and not physics field.

    PS. I’m sorry for eventual refuses, en is not my first lang.

  • Rogerborg

    I imagine that the mockery and sarcasm will stop as soon a reputable peer reviewed organisation replicates Rossi’s results, or E-Cats or a competitor are in service with happy owners.

    That can, of course, be interpreted a couple of ways.

  • Mike M

    Its pretty clear that there are many Anti – Alternative Energy people posting on these forms these are people working for Oil Companies and other sectors that will be affected by LENR, we know who they are by their posts that mostly filled with useless negative banter.

    • Robert Horning

      This isn’t really true. Don’t get caught up with conspiracy theories where they don’t exist, and note that there are some legitimate skeptics around that want to share their opinions.

      While there may be some people currently employed by petroleum production and distribution companies (aka “oil companies”), I don’t think all or even most of the skeptics… including myself… are employed by those organizations. I wouldn’t mind getting some money from a petroleum production company, but I’m not. Don’t take my work for it though.

      The problem here is painting everybody with the same broad brush, not thinking that there are people from a very wide variety of backgrounds that are here to read these posts and even the comments.

      BTW, I want to thank Frank Acland for a very reasonable and thoughtful editorial on this issue. I am skeptical, but I am trying to have an open mind about what is going on here. If this technology is going to have any chance to be developed or especially sold, it must be done with civility and acknowledging that there are people with some very different world views that must be won over for this to be successful.

    • Colin Connaughton

      I am not working for oil or anythng similar. I only read about ecat about a week ago. I am not an academic but I do have a math/scientific background (PhD in mathematical physics). I have only two things to say about ecat. 1) I don’t believe that it is possible to have cold NR and I therefore do not believe in the ecat. 2) I advise against anyone investing money in this venture unless that person is prepared to lose her or his money. Thanks.