“Chan” Announces E-Cat Alternative

Last November a poster on the Buildecat.com site announced that a poster going by the name of Chan was working on building an E-Cat-like reactor, and went as far as to post the Chan Formula on that site. Since then, Chan has been rather quiet — until now.

I just received an email from Chan who provided me simply with a link to a site called Chan Fusion Power which provides very brief details about the design of the reactor that he is working on.

Key facts given so far are:

  • 10 MW plant inside a steel shipping container
  • Reactor core is a steel container filled with oil electrically heated to 100 C.
  • 1000 10 kW cartridges housed inside the container
  • Ambient temperature water is heated to 100 C via heat exchange design in reactor
  • RFG input maintains heat of oil after electical input
  • Cost for the reactor will be $100,000

Chan states that, “All progress will be reported on this web site. I am too busy to waste time on communications and certainly do not need publicity. This site is simply an announcement of an alternative for those planning on using low quality heat on a very large scale.”

There’s no other information to evaluate this announcement by, but I know there has been some interest in this project — if nothing else it shows that some people are taking Andrea Rossi’s claims seriously enough to try and emulate and surpass the E-Cat.

  • Joe

    If this free energy stuff is real it looks like Martini & Rossi will end up like Nikola Tesla and rightfully so. The irrational belief one can control an idea the world over is foolish. But i doubt some star trek utopia is in the cards for the human race. Everything has been a long hard slog so far and i don’t think that will change, no free lunch.

    • HanzJager

      But things are changing regardless of what happens with Rossi, Defkalion or whoever. The long hard slog is going to be a thing of the past if you look at where we are going and how fast we are going there. Here’s to the future… cheers!! 🙂

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    No photos, no data, signs of commercial (why start with a 10 MW plant? Why take the same path of Rossi?) and engineering incompetence (1000 heating elements??), already giving prices, total lack of communication except short and one-way sentences from time to time, lack of useful patent information, lack of a proper website domain, and the list could go on. I’ve never been really convinced that this guy has actually something (or even actually exists), and this last update makes me believe it’s some kind of hoax created by a Rossi skeptic to make fun of his followers at some point. Or worse, a publicity stunt to attract visitor to the buildecat.com website.

    I don’t think that visibility should be given to this individual until he shows something tangible and/or backs up his claims with verifiable data and coherent information, something that somewhat has been done by Rossi so far.

  • Lu

    I also hear that Chan is talking to Walmart about selling these 🙂

    Also looks like to me Eff Wivakeef = Shaun Taylor = Aussie Guy E Cat doing damage control over on Vortex.

    Never a dull moment in E-Cat land!

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      No, they are not Aussie Guy, I suspect they’re organized users mostly from the PeakOil.com forums who after hijacking the resident cold fusion thread by posting nonsense i.e., trolling, they started attacking Vortex-l with the same strategy.

      look for yourself:

  • Sanjeev

    How can anyone take a guy seriously who uses bright orange comic sans over a jet black background to announce a earth shattering invention. 😉

    I don’t have any reason to believe even a bit of what this guys keeps claiming. At most it seems he is playing copycat (or mirror-me kinda kids game) with Rossi and mocking his every step. At most it looks like an intentional ‘smear’ campaign. (Not very effective of course)

    Normally I don’t discourage such claims or make strong opinions, but this guy is just beyond the line.

  • Chan still has his own updated instructions to build one on buildecats.com

    Follow his many detailed instructions and build your own.

  • Brad Arnold

    What a useless venture, it sounds like Chan is light years behind Rossi, Defkalion, and others. Never the less, it is a novelty and a great human interest story. Perhaps Chan will get employement in the growing field of LENR research and development.

    Wonder if he is using a frequence modulator? Bet not.

    • Andrei

      He’s a little bit late but he live in China. He can produce the reactors at very cheap price and he have a huge domestic market to start

    • Ged

      You should read the experiments he’s done. He’s been working on replicating Rossi’s work for a long while now. Being in China also gives him a huge advantage in the lack of regulation of items and extremely low costs.

      Still, if I’m wary of Rossi’s claims, I’m even more so this. We’ll have to see.

  • Thomas

    Chan’s website is a joke … Every 6year old could put this online.

    Only claims, nothing more 😉

    How often did I read something like “I’m going to do this or that” and never anything happened …

  • edog

    Chan Formula? = 4Chan Mula..

    • Ivan Mohorovicic

      Yes, it’s likely to be something like that, in my opinion.

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  • Nonono

    That just looks like a lazy Copy Cat for me!
    Someone who needs attention

  • Sanjeev

    http://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg62240.html

    Cleanup happened on vortex.

    Because of such people skeptics are ashamed of calling themselves skeptics. I’m still looking for a skeptic who can conclusively disprove Rossi’s claims instead of just slinging mud.

    • Steve Robb

      Love the “thoughtcriminals” and “ungood” references from 1984.

    • Keef Wivanef

      Very simple.
      Rossi fails the test of “scientific method”
      If you reject that principle then you are relying on faith rather than evidence.
      Clearly a lot of people would like to believe that science is “just one point of view” and that there are mysteries which science cannot explain.
      If you choose to go down that path then you should beware of the sharks…..there’s a lot of them about!

      • George

        so did cave men need to reject fire when they discovered it because there was no scientific method to verify it?

        • Keef Wivanef

          Scientific method
          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          The chief thing which separates a scientific method of inquiry from other methods of acquiring knowledge is that scientists seek to let reality speak for itself.

          Caveman 1
          I observe that fire is hot.
          That is nice.
          Caveman 2
          Let us enjoy the benefits of this fire perhaps in future years some scientist can explain how it works.

          Now if only the Ecat could be shown to get hot.
          (without the need for a 450Kw generator connected)

      • EnergyGuy

        That does *not* mean that Rossi’s system does not work, only that the scientific method was not used (though he should have used it, to be sure).

  • Everyone is looking at that site.

    Chan put plans for a build your own on


    It was meant to be an open source ecat website for those in support of an open source ecat.

    That is why it is suprising he wants money for one, on such a poor one page website.

    Was the email from Chan? The same Chan from buildecats.com his instructions to build your own are there as well as instructions from someone else to build your own now.

    buildecats.com has 2 sets of build your own instructions from 2 different people.

    • Lu

      This is from Chan from one of his posts:

      “Hope this is of help. I live in tropics and work outside under a tin roof. A large fan is used to cool me and blow away possible combustible gases. Concrete blocks are easy to set up for protection.
      I picked plantains for 6 mos to afford a good used glove box. Warning, moisture and air must be avoided at all costs. ”

      If he’s legit (and I hope he is) I hope someone helps him out with his business plan.

      Also I think the Defkalion announcement is huge:


      This LENR story gets more interesting every day.

  • Linda

    After looking at the build.com plans and some of the horrified comments, it appears to me that Chan is on a suicide mission.

  • Roger Bird

    So much talk, so little even a slight indication that it is real. At least Rossi has some pretty impressive demos.

  • mike ashby

    the rossi technology i believe to be authentic.the, any government may declare a matter of national security and close it down.stopping further development.the nechnology needs to be open sourced so it can’t be supressed