University of Bologna Director of Scientific Research Says Rossi Partnership is Dead [UPDATE: Rossi Denies]

Steven B. Krivit of New Energy Times is reporting today that the research partnership with between the University of Bologna and Andrea Rossi had been terminated. Dario Braga, director of scientific research at Bologna told Krivit that since Rossi failed to make the first progress payment, ““The contract ended on January 15 and has been canceled by the university . . . therefore, there is no further relationship between the university and Rossi or his company.”

In a recent interview with, Rossi said that he was “organizing a work with two universities” and that he was working with scientists to ensure that E-Cats would be safe and work properly. He said he would not name the universities because he wanted to work “in peace.” Previously, Rossi had named the universities of Uppsala (Sweden) and Bologna as places who would test the E-Cats, but apparently there is a new university involved since Bologna is off the table.

Rossi seems to be concerned about privacy and secrecy, which makes it difficult to get a clear picture of what is happening regarding the research and development of the E-Cat. It may be that the research project he had planned with the University of Bologna is not as crucial as it once was since he has been working with National Instruments and Domenico Fioravanti, the agent for the mystery customer who purchased the first 1 MW E-Cat plant. Rossi has reported making great progress with the help of these new partners. Financial constraints may also have been behind Rossi’s non-payment.

It’s not surprising to see Rossi’s strategies and priorities changing in the light of the recent commitment to start mass producing e-cats in the near future He is going to need a lot of help to be able to reach his goal — but it now looks like it won’t be coming from the University of Bologna.


  • Tom

    Could it be the Uni of Bologna got paid off by the mining companies? Even if LENR is real, it may never see the light of day. Rossi may have lost the battle but not the war.

    • Joe

      Mining companies? I thought the customary fall guys were Opec Hitmen or the CIA on orders from BIG OIL.

      Opec Hitmen and CIA assassins everywhere will be much maligned if Rossi fails to wake up one morning taking the magic secret to the great beyond.

  • the snake

    This is getting fishier each and every day. First the mystery military customer, who doesn’t want to take away the 1MW although the testing allegedly demonstrated that the device was working pretty well. Now another mystery university, 50.000 potential customers who want to buy the product and signed up with Rossi, etc.

    Sorry, I can’t believe this. Still hope that Defkalion takes on with the show.

    Atte. The Snake

  • daniel maris

    Yes, Rossi has only himself to blame if the snakes take advantage of this sort of thing! 🙂

    We have to keep some balance. There is no doubt he worked on prototypes with Focardi. There is SOMETHING there. Whether he has 50,000 pre-orders may be another question…whether he really is going to be involved with two universities is another matter…

    “We shall see” is my motto – for the present.

  • Frank

    I’m sure that in case Rossi’s invention would work as claimed, every University would be more than happy to get the chance to work with this device and to do research on it.
    So, if the Uni of Bologna would see a minor chance that Rossi’s e-cat ‘beeing real’, they would not giving up to get a hold on it.

    Seems like they are not very confident that Rossi has made a ‘world changing invention’ – and they supposed to be well informed, because of they are ‘much closer to Rossi’ than most others.

  • All I’ll say is that if/when Rossi introduces his technology to the world, this declaration of bad blood, and the U. of Bologna’s announcement will hurt them badly. Its interesting that their complaint is that they were not paid. I find it baffling that the U. would need to be paid to confirm the greatest revolution since the invention of the wheel.

    • Kim

      I Agree with the Baffling part of U. of Bologna.


    • john29302

      The italians have horrible mail and oarcel service look on ebay and basically italy is not allowed recieve packages. they disagree and want something for nothing, not as bad greeks. but very close. more suckers over here in us of a. but ole pinochio has grown his nose some since that last pack of lies. if he is lying about his device then he needs an investor to maim him.

  • Petrol

    What a bunch of Bologna. Obviously we don’t have those ever important details but any university that would charge to test an actual working device does not compute.

  • Francesco CH

    LISTEN C A R E F U L L Y :

    • Lévi

      No more mysteries, we have enough open questions, who are you and how are you related to Rossi or Krivit to state such a phrase, please…

      • Francesco CH

        If am right then I am reliable, if I am wrong then I am not reliable.

        So, you will see V E R Y
        S O O N if I am the one who jokes or it is Krivit who tells bulls**ts!!!

        • Lévi

          thanks! convincing!

          • Pachu

            lol, dont you get it ?

      • Jake

        Judging by the CAPS and tone, it seems like AR himself.

  • Torbjörn

    Mats Lewan have a new blog 🙂

  • Jane from Sussex

    Head’s Up – One to watch?:
    The address has stopped diverting to Google Green, and now has password restriced access – perhaps they are building the site…… I wonder who owns it.

    I’m still waiting for the proof, like most people here, but regardless of the eventual outcome, following this story is more fun than most of the mainstream entertainment out there. (Note to self, must get out more)

  • Gwandau

    Everyone familiar with the rigorous test methods that the e-cat has been subjected to by the high ranked and well known physiscists involved in the tests know that there is no way for An drea Rossi to fool these guys.

    What was absolutely evident in the tests is the fact that no known fuel or energy source could fit into
    the volume of the reactor and create the amount of energy observed by the physiscists.

    LENR is for real, that is not the issue here.
    What is the real cause for worry is the direction things have taken due to Andrea Rossis aim for personal wealth.

    A discovery of this magnitude is a direct threat to the energy cartel, and the only reasonabel move for Andrea Rossi would be to go open source. That way he would get his Nobel prize and become the most welcome person on our planet. He would need no money.

    The direction things seem to have taken is very similar to other scenarios were US has been engaged in supressing inventions that threatens the economic structure.

    By appearing as ahigly anonymous buyer and ordering every MegaWatt unit available they have first of all secured the direction of the big unit production.

    Secondary, the delivery of any domestic units has to be stalled somehow, and if successful in delaying the delivery date enough into the future, they have succeded in creating a growing distrust.

    So the natural reaction of the average private buyer
    is that if the delivery of your domestic unit keeps being delayed means he must be a scam, and the Andrea Rossi invention is effectively suppressed.

    So besides the mysterious potential buyer that have ordered every possible MW unit, who are the guys that have promised to start the robot line in Florida?

    Am I the only one that have seen this pattern?


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  • I do not know which way to dance. Ampenergo death yesterday,
    now that of University of Bologna.

    • Happily, denied by AR for the last. And Ampenergo ? I like much Ampenergo
      which prepare our brilliant future with incommensurable LENR Ecat technology
      for a global world and improvement of humanity.

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  • To Mr. A.Rossi, or the purchaser of Mr.Rossi’s IMW E-CAT or anyone who has personal knowledge:

    Question: Is the alleged successfully tested, claimed as sold and fully paid for, Rossi 1M E-CAT currently functioning and performing as intended?? If “yes” and scientific and government observers are permitted to view that fact, imo, that will satisfy existing “honest skeptics” as well as fulfill patent- granting requirements. No?

    Comments please.

    Thank you,
    Gerald Stern