University of Bologna Statement on E-Cat Testing (UPDATE: Rossi States Work Continues)

This statement (translated by Google) was made on January 25th by the Department of Physics at the University of Bologna

Bologna, January 25, 2012 – The Department of Physics, University of Bologna says that the contract signed in June 2011 between the Department of Physics and the EFA Ltd. (the company owned by Italian Andrea Rossi) was terminated due to failure to meet the conditions of the terms. There’s no relationship between the Department and the EFA Ltd. in connection with this contract. However, the Department of Physics has made ​​available its experience and its equipment to carry out independent measurements on the production of heat by the equipment’s e-cat in order to provide an answer to the entire scientific community and the general public about the phenomenon. The measurement results will be published.

This seems to say that the formal agreement that was in place between the university and EFA is no longer in effect, but that the the offer from the physics department  to test the E-Cat is still on the table. It should be noted, however, that in the past Andrea Rossi has said that all testing  and research activity was to be done privately, and the test results were not to be made public. This statement indicates that it is the intention of the Department of Physics to publish the results of any testing they do. It’s unclear if Andrea Rossi would agree to this way of proceeding — he has said repeatedly there will be no more public tests.

UPDATE: Mats Lewan of NyTeknik quotes Rossi as saying, “the work of the University of Bologna has already started with meetings together with National Instruments to prepare the whole system analysis.”

  • Jimr

    Why cant Rossi be quiet. His statement that Krivet is wrong is obviosly now a lie. He just cannot help himself from over stating, exaggeratiing, and being overly optimistic.

    • Francesco CH

      Krivit says: “no more tests at the University of Bologna”, but if you read the statement of the University you can discover the opposite:

      “the Department of Physics has made ​​available its experience and its equipment to carry out independent measurements on the production of heat by the equipment’s e-cat in order to provide an answer to the entire scientific community and the general public about the phenomenon. The measurement results will be published.”

      • PersonFromPorlock

        You misunderstand them: what they’re saying is that they’re open (“has made available”) to a bid to do tests IF they get to control the procedures and publish the results. Given Rossi’s actions to date, that’s basically “no more tests at the University of Bologna.”

    • Lévi

      I have a feeling Francesco CH could be Mr. Rossi himself. His english, the terminology, just a guess 🙂

      • Johannes Hagel

        As much as I do believe that LENR is real and close to go to the market, I also have to admit that for me it becomesmore and more difficult to understand Andrea Rossis behaviour. It seems to be intentionally chosen in such a way as to minimize his credibility! It appears so irrational that sometimes I ask myself if we have a sort of paranoia showing up? How else these self destructing ways of acting can be explained?

        • Francesco CH

          WTF, I am Italian: this is why my English is sometimes broken.

          Especially when I get pissed off.


          And my name is FRANCESCO, I am quite sure about that

          • Lévi

            I am sorry, I didn’t want to insult you, I am also confused about the whole situation,

          • Luca Salvarani

            X Francesco
            Tanto lo sappiamo tutti che 6 Rossi… ci mancava solo questa -)
            Cmq sul blog di Passerini ci sono aggiornamenti ma non ho il tempo di tradurli!

          • Francesco CH

            Luca Salvarani,

            ma chiediglielo a Daniele chi è Francesco CH… Io sono quello che ha scritto l’articolo di 22passi sul TRIMprob / TRIMprobe di Clarbruno Vedruccio, una invenzione importantissima e praticamente sconosciuta!

            Comunque a volte commento anche lì, se lì vedi qualche mio commento fammi pure un saluto!

          • Francesco CH


            ah ecco ora ho letto:

            ” ci mancava solo questa -) ”


            ma rob de matt!!

  • Francesco CH

    You need to wait some days in order to clearly understand the situation.

    The tests on the E-Cat at the University of Bologna are going to start and the results will be public.

    • redflatliner

      How many days….?

      • Francesco CH

        Ok now the situation is a bit clear:

        Rossi told Ny Teknik that “the work of the University of Bologna has already started with meetings together with National Instruments to prepare the whole system analysis.”

        And you can bet for sure that both National Instruments and the University of Bologna will not deny this statement from Rossi.

        • Francesco CH

          CORRECTION: “a bit clearer”

  • adam

    What is Rossi trying to hide from the results of an independently verified test. This will not add to his credibility.

  • Peter Soloman

    Its amazing how people take internet released news as the truth each and every time – this is a clear case of ABUSE – everyone knows Krivit it against Rossi at every turn, he is in fear of loosing his own funding to author his website and he was also REFUSED access in Italy to Rossi so he posts internet lies.

  • Skeptic

    Very odd.
    A simple message from the University ‘We tested this thing and it produces xxx KWh of power’ would be nice.
    Yet Rossi wants testing and outcome to be private – read: he will do the announcements.

    Unless he’s faking the whole thing of course, in that light it would make sense not to let the university test it and publish about the test.

  • Steve Robb

    Research costs money and takes time. Perhaps Rossi is short of time and would rather spend the money developing a product. It may be that he feels the Edisonian approach to invention can still carry his invention forward into a safe, and reliable product.

    • Robert Horning

      I’m just wondering aloud here…. is Andrea Rossi running short of money altogether?

      The cynic would simply say that the University of Bologna simply wants to stay away from Rossi, but if that was the case I’d have to see it is too late for that anyway. The only other real explanation is that Rossi simply lacks the money and the resources to actually pay for this kind of test.

      My own experience in terms of working in a university research environment (I spent several years as research assistant including far too much time spent writing contracts and negotiating with would-be sponsors of research programs at that particular university), this sort of research proposal can get pretty expensive very quickly, and any sort of school worth working with will insist upon cash being put up front first.

      Assuming that Rossi even is being honest here and trying to set up a production line for the E-cat, I would have to assume that he is running short on cash at the moment. That wouldn’t be unexpected as any sort of engineering project where you are trying to move into production will have unexpected expenses and difficulties… where the expenses escalate the closer you get to actually releasing a product. Rossi doesn’t seem like somebody with particularly deep pockets either that would be able to pay for the kind of research that would be expected out of any university worth hiring at this point and be able to get the E-cat into production unless some outside investors are already involved.

      • GreenWin

        Why PAY when he can get the same done for FREE??? Is this hard?

        • xy

          Thinking about AR, how funny style (don’t get me wrong) he has, the above just right. AR focuses on the production and his business people just told him he should not spend a million USD in Bologna and rather finish the production facility. Many scientific teams would do that for free and offers are in I guess. …AR is so lame with his PR that Defkalion and others might just beat him on that soon. I am kind of sorry for him. He should hire PR professionals.

    • daniel maris

      I think that word Edisonian is entirely appropriate here, from all that we know.

  • s

    As I became wearied by the constant claims about the Ecat with, in my opinion only, minimal to zero scientific evidence to back up those claims, I vowed not to post on this topic until there was significant news on the Ecat one way or another. This definitely qualifies as significant news.

    The university of Bologna seem s to have terminated the contract with the inventor’s company. If this is indeed the case, this is highly negative news. Also, the university appears to state that they will only test the device if they can publish the test results, whether the tests pass or fail. This would also seem negative as the inventor appears to have stated he desires only private tests until the device goes to market.

    Many websites seem to spin everything concerning the Ecat into the most positive or least negative opinion. The University of Bologna might be taking a necessary more pragmatic approach in saying it has been over a year since the device was introduced. Let us test the device independently and publish the results to prove whether it actually works or not.

    • Ged

      It’s actually hard to tell what they are saying in that release. I’ve had to read it several times, as my initial reaction was like yours.

      It seems that the -specific- contract from 2011 has been terminated (Rossi didn’t make the payment for that contract to continue after it’d been in effect for a year?), and they say “There’s no relationship between the Department and the EFA Ltd. in connection with this contract.” Notice the end of that sentence, that’s the key point: “in connection with this contract.”

      They then go on to say they are making the department’s equipment and exertise available to test the e-cat and publish the results. Which is… what the original contract was for, right?

      So it’s like… they terminated the contract and instead gave Rossi all the testing resources for -free-, that the contract had originally given for a -price-. So nothing has been lost, and instead Rossi can now do things without a charge to use the University to test the E-cat. Maybe there was more to the original contract than we know?

      That’s what the language says to me, but it’s really rather confusingly stated.

      • s

        The statement seems to possibly imply, in my opinion only, a breach of contract might have happened that possibly led to termination of a contract. This, if it is the case, is a serious deal. Anyone is free to interpret this in the most positive/least negative way, if they choose to do so.

        • Ged

          The breach was a missed payment, or so it was said in the last news update on this site, “Dario Braga, director of scientific research at Bologna told Krivit that since Rossi failed to make the first progress payment…”

    • Peter Soloman

      Thanks Frank for clearing up this mess, Kravts has decided to print lies about Rossi BEFORE knowing the truth.

  • Francesco CH

    There are two universities working in parallel and with the same setup: Bologna and Uppsala.

    • Tony

      Where do you get your info from?

      • daniel maris

        Francesco’s info seems v. reliable. He wasn’t phased by the Krivit and was adamant his claim that the Bologna-Rossi relationship was no more would be proved wrong…so it appears, from the words of both Bologna and Rossi.

        I think we can trust Francesco. We should ask some more what he knows.

        • Jimr

          Krevit said the research at Bologna had been terminated, Rossi said that was untrue,and it evidently had been terminated. Only the Ecat measurements will be continued at Bologna Univ.

          • Ged

            I thought that was the whole point of the agreement to begin with, but maybe it was for deeper mechanistic research too? It seems like nothing has changed other than they are giving Rossi free access to their facilities and expertise to validate the E-cat.

        • Francesco CH

          What I can add is this: probably the results will be published at the same time. Both independently to each other, but at the same time.

          Hence it will be a “big bang”, or a sort of…

          • Pachu

            Since you are so well informed, may i ask, do you know what are the objectives, goals of these paralell studies ?
            I mean results of what ?

        • Steve Robb

          My sarcasm meter is giving me a high reading.

    • Francesco CH

      ☺ “Hate the sin, Love the sinner” ☺

  • Sparks

    First it was contractual problems with Defkalion, now it’s contractual problems with U of Bologna. What’s up with Rossi and his contractual relationships? If he can’t deliver on terms that he signed up to on legal documents just months ago, how can we expect that he will ever deliver on the non-binding claims he is making on this and other websites? Doesn’t this indicate a credibility problem?

    • daniel maris

      Yeah, but Defkalion confirmed Rossi had a real device that worked – though imperfectly. So,unless you believe Defkalion were lying or part of a wider scam, then you have to accept Rossi has a real device (which he may since have improved with NI’s help).

      • Pachu

        Yes. still Rossi’s behavior could hold the progress of the device.

        Its dangerous to depend on a person and Rossi’s has not shown a team that can hold the project its all depending on him.

  • Steve Robb

    I believe the agreement with the university was to perform research into the basic physics of the phenomena. As such it could take years to truly develop the data into a theory and science that would allow the next step outward to a new more reliable, high performing device. If Rossi is pressed for time and money he should put it all on the Edisonian approach to building and marketing a product. It is nice of the university to say they will cooperate with Rossi if he wants to perform a test of the device.

    • admin

      I agree, Steve. Especially nice if the university will do it for free — and if they publish the results of testing it will be a big boost for Rossi and will surely help his marketing efforts. Two universities, like two witnesses, is better than one.

  • Bruno

    Sorry, but I smell a scam here. At every step of this process where we were supposed to be presented irrefutable proof, we’ve been disappointed. The 28 October test was supposed to have been televised by CCTV, managed by an independent 3rd party for a big name customer with unimpeachable credentials and whose name we would be told. Instead we saw a test that was run and tightly controlled by Rossi, using instruments with unconfirmed validation for a secret customer that conveniently wished to remain anonymous. We recently learned that the supposedly sold 1MW ecat is still sitting in Bologna. Supposedly the Universities of Bologna & Upsalla were to do validation work, but we learn today that Bologna cancelled the contract with Leonardo Corp. My guess is that Upsalla will follow suit very soon. A few months ago I was extremely optimistic, but my optimism and enthusiasm began to wane after the 28 October test. At this point I have to say that I believe the ecat does not work.

    • Kim

      Its really not about the E-cat

      Its About the Science of LENR
      Its Real, and in its infancy.

      If we can get the oil retards to stop
      Checking their wallets every five seconds
      we could develop this into paradise on earth


    • Roberto

      Independent test:
      – one lab reports (partially?) positive
      – another lab reports (partially?) negative
      – e-cat is unstable and is not reliable technology
      – everything remains the same
      – Krivit continues his way
      – believers continue their own
      – AR continues to push for production

      I believe that:
      – the process can work
      – people involved must declare marketing news to break competition and keep focus on them
      – devices are “young” and need more time to grow

      This is just my personal independent external opinion.

    • LEVI Strauss

      Question! Has Rossi or anyone asked you or anyone else to buy anything, give him a down payment or invest? Has he profited in any way off you? No! Then shut up. Until he starts taking your money and not producing, you have absolutely no right to call it a scam. You can “wait until you see it in operation”, you can disbelieve as long as you want. Even NASA now believes. So crawl back in your hole.

      • Mr. Cole

        What if Rossi is simply insane?

  • clovis

    Did people catch this part of President Obama’s State of the Union speech:

    “I’m directing my administration to allow the development of clean energy on enough public land to power 3 million homes. And I’m proud to announce that the Department of Defense, the world’s largest consumer of energy, will make one of the largest commitments to clean energy in history — with the Navy purchasing enough capacity to power a quarter of a million homes a year.”

    Does anyone think that this mention of the Navy might have some tie to the military client that Rossi speaks of who bought an eCat and ordered more?

    • Kim

      It could, but it was very vague


      • LEVI Strauss

        When Obama says “Let me be clear”, it’s “code” for “I don’t have a clue what Im talking about.”

        • clovis

          I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.—smile

    • Sparks

      My guess: After the Solyndra mess, he doesn’t dare say the “s” word (solar), so he just says “clean.”

    • Steve Robb

      You’d better not expect much in the way of originality from a lawyer.

    • Mr. Cole

      First, he is talking about public land – that likely means solar/wind. Second, he refers to the Navy – who has already been purchasing relatively large amounts of biofuels. Neither sounds like ecats to me.

  • s

    The positive spin at all costs seems to continue. The university seems to imply that, after termination of the contract due to failure to meet terms, they are willing to perform independent/autonomous (perhaps meaning independent of Rossi and/or Focardi and/or Levi) testing with the only stated goal of proving or disproving to the scientific community whether or how the phenomena behind the ecat works. They did not say they would be a free R&D lab for Rossi. They did not say Rossi would be involved in the testing in any way. They did not say they would keep any of the measurements or test results private or proprietary for Rossi’s benefit. It is possible other arrangements have been made that do not appear in the statement. But the statement above seems to be very direct as to the goal of any ecat testing by Bologna without a new agreement.

  • George

    I have seen more FUBAR in my life! I have no idea if Rossi is for real or not. But he sure is making every effort to present himself as an incompetent businessman. I guess in a few weeks we will read that National Instruments has cancelled its contract as well.

    • Pachu

      How is San Diego weather these days ?

  • Roger Bird

    The uncertainty and waiting and craving is killing me. I am reminded of when I was a teenager and craved sex so badly that my eyes bled. Please, someone come forward with absolute proof, and please, no more talk.

    • daniel maris

      LOL – That’s very funny RB. Also I guess with your name (a command to go forth and do it) the desperation was even greater (this will only make sense if your home language is British English!).

    • Steve Robb

      Thanks for the laugh:)

  • Sanjeev

    DGT : “Pay? Why scientists should pay to do their job?”

    This should answer some of the questions asked here on whether DGT is charging for tests.

  • edog

    Mystery blue box sank ‘cold fusion’ for Dick Smith

    is AussieGuy Sol Millin?

    Sorry if youre not Aussieguy

  • Lévi
  • Skeptic

    It’s the same old straw-argument, put forward by Rossi to stop people asking questions about his device.

    – No device has been demoed or verified by an independent observer. Even though this is easy to do: Just let a test-setup run for a week: This Has Never Been Done.
    – Yet we’re supposed to argue about pre-orderings and the number of Universities that have turned down Rossi (update: No, update: Yes, update, update, update: I don’t care).

    Demo one, Rossi. You can do it without dismantling the device or giving anything away.
    But it doesn’t work, does it?

    Tell us the reaction, Rossi.
    Which isotopes of nickle are involved? To which isotopes of copper do they fuse? Why are no by-products created, where are the unstable isotopes, decay products?
    Why do you claim that ‘fusion is not the main powersource’? Fusion is the most powerful powersource, are you trying to imply your device works on an even more powerful one?

    No answers, only strawman-arguments, put forward by Rossi for us to debate about.

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  • Ben

    Ho-hum… Wake me up when all this fluff is over… Seems like Mr. Rossi is way over his head on this business and marketing side of things. Just share the secret already! I’m afraid that with all this game playing he has been doing that he might loose out in the end.