Why Is Rossi’s Bologna Factory So Cold?

Someone asked Rossi a question that probably has crossed a lot of E-Cat watchers’ minds. The recent videos of Rossi in his Bologna factory show him sitting inside in a heavy overcoat with heat producing machines surrounding him. We have heard Rossi and Focardi say that in the past they were able to heat their premises with E-Cat power — why should there be a cold building then?

Today a reader asked this question: “In your last video interview in a warehouse…you are seated and to your left is a vertical heater with a diffusion cap for heating the space. If, as you say, there are ecats heating your home as well as others as test devices, why are there not Ecats heating this warehouse as well?”

Rossi responded:

Good question. As a matter of fact, we use the Bologna Laboratory only for experiments and tests, not every day but only now and again. When we open the laboratory after some day of closure of the same, in this season it is very cold (between 2 and 5 Celsius degrees). The Laboratory has a surface of 1000 square meters ( about 10000 sq. ft.) and a height of 6 m ( about 18 ft) for a total volume of 6000 cubic meters. To heat a 6000 cubic meters room from 3 Celsius degrees ( the temperature of Bologna on the morning of that day) to a temperature of at least 15 Celsius degrees with a 10 kW heater like the E-Cat takes many hours, so we needed the help of additional heaters. The E-Cats we test 24 hours per day are installed in rooms that are used in continuous, not now and again.

Its interesting that he mentions almost in passing that he has test E-Cats running 24 hours a day — something one would expect if he was planning on selling heaters in the near future. There has been some speculation that he is only able to maintain his reaction for a few hours at a time. Of course, his comment above won’t convince skeptics that he has what he claims, but it was not intended to do that. It seems like a straightforward response to an honest question.

  • daniel maris

    Interesting…if true. 🙂

    Hurry up Rossi and give us something to celebrate.

    • Roger Bird

      I agree 1111%.

  • Steve Robb

    Well, this must be the “embarrassing” news of which Francesco was warning us.

  • Peter Poulsen

    He have time to make videos, so how about if he next time could make a video of that E-Cat which supposable are running 24/7.

    • daniel maris

      But then, if he was a fraudster, wouldn’t that be the easiest thing in the world to stage: videoing a bogus little E cat supposedly heating up a room.

  • Pete

    I can think of NO reason whatsoever (besides e-cats not working) why they couldn’t have 1, 2 or x number of 10kw E-Cat running in the factory heating it 24-7.

    It’s practically free energy right? right? So why not?

    • Tom

      He doesn’t have unlimited Ecats at the moment and a room that size would take considerably more than 1 or 2. To meet his goals I think he has priorities over his own comfort.

      • phil


        If it produced a higher net output of energy, then why does it need a seperate power source (mains power) for the fans?

        because it doesn NOT produce energy, that’s why.

    • Bob

      If that particular building is unattended much of the time there may be perfectly valid security and product secrecy reasons to not leave samples of a new, “secret” product in an unattended building.

    • Brad Arnold

      Actually, Rossi has said that the home E-Cat (i.e. 10 kilowatts of heat) only gets a COP of around 6.

    • Roger Bird

      This actually supports some of us contending that he is having trouble with sustainability and control. He may not want to have to bother with “units” that are not stable and controllable if he is doing other things.

  • Roberto

    If he was intentionally fraud he had payed more attention to communication and heated the room by common power.

    • daniel maris

      Precisely. There are a lot of obvious things that a fraudster would do. He would for instance have run the E cat for 24 hours plus, not a few hours.

      • Roberto

        I didn’t focus this detail. Thank you. (I apologize for my english: ‘paid’ not ‘payed’)

  • lol

    Well, that means also that the 1MW container is not worked on continuously or at all?

    Yeah, I know he is busy building his 1 million cats factory.

    How can anyone take Rossi seriously?

    • Tom

      I take him seriously because it is a very serious situation we are in and his invention could have some very serious effects.

      How could somebody consider Rossi’s actions as trivial or unimportant?

      • Rogerborg

        People with cancer will pay for the most ludicrous wonder cures. It doesn’t mean that they work, or have any “importance”, it just means that shysters thrive in bad times.

    • Roger Bird

      I take him seriously for a lot of reasons. 1st, LENR has been duplicated numerous times and numerous scientists, some from prestigious scientific organizations like SRI and NASA, have put their reputations on the line by stating that they have duplicated LENR. 2nd, I take Rossi seriously because many NUCLEAR physicists and other scientists who have visited Rossi have said that he seems to have something real.

  • Robert Mockan

    He did not say if the E-Cats were being tested at that facility, but if they were, they would be under going what is called “burn-in”. That is when an electronic or electrical device is powered up and runs for some hours or even days to weed out all malfunctions that might be caused by operation. IF they are burning them in there, I would think the problem at the factory would be getting too hot inside. One E-cat putting out 10,000 watts would not have much effect, but 100 of them? That would make the inside of the building a furnace.

  • Jake

    Read this to get a more rational view on AR’s claims:

    • Robert Mockan

      Interesting. The January video seems a bit misleading, doesn’t it? I would think one using steam generation to demonstrate power output would at least be collecting the condensed water from the steam to measure the volume of water per unit time, and equate that to the power needed to evaporate the water. Even if the apparatus were fully instrumented for measurements of flow rates, temperatures, and so on, why wasn’t the condensed steam being collected? The hose went into a hole in the wall? Where, to the outside of the building?

      • daniel maris

        You can always improve on a demonstration, but it seems to me that a real fraudster would have taken care to supply all the data you mention. His focus would be on producing a whole stream of “convincing” results. What could be easier that maybe hooking some secret power cable up to a machine via perhaps a bench leg with some contact point being hidden.

        Then Rossi could produce all this stuff you are interested in. He could also have kept the “test” going for much longer – indefinitely in fact.

        • Jake

          A clever fraudster may do that.
          No one is claiming that AR is clever.

          • Tom

            I claim he is cleverer than pretty much anyone.

          • Tom

            Not in a fraudulent way though.

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  • Dennis Drumheller

    Rossi uses “the Bologna Laboratory only for experiments and tests”. The 24 hour testing (burn-in) is being done elsewhere. Sounds good to me.

    As a software developer I use a Research & Development environment (R&D) for experiments and tests. There are more robust tools and test beds available there for experimnenting and testing. My burn-in would use tools more directed at performance and bottleneck analysys.

    • Jake

      Your analogy is lacking.
      The software you build (I assume) can’t save -you- money by using it.
      Had you tried to sell me a product which could save you money, personally, and I would had discovered that you purchased a competing product for your own use, that’ll be the end of the collaboration between us.

  • Stop that nonsense, analyzing the facts that mean exactly nothing. Too much is already said and done. In this moment it seems that Rossi is up to something, but there is as yet not a definite proof. That is not likelly to change up to the launch of the commercial product.
    I even suspect that Rossi is intentionaly vague, leaving enough room for doubt to create a controversy. Then it is a good marketing trick that has nothing to do with science or technology.

  • wikilern

    If for now everybody knows that Rossi using only nickel powder and hydrogen can run his device, how is possible that millions of scientists and inventers around the world making some combinations can´t find the way how duplicate the e=cat?

    • daniel maris

      Well, that’s an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence…

      You say there are MILLIONS of scientists testing LENR formulae. That’s a lot of scientists. Where’s your extraordinary evidence for that incredible claim?

    • Brad Arnold

      Are they also using a frequency modulator in combination with different catalysts? Also, preparation of the nickel is very important. In other words, there are many variables.

    • Alain

      I’ve discussed with many scientist, and most never accept even to consider it, or even read peer review paper by serious organizations…

      and by the way, the few one that test Ni+H have something hot.
      some says that rossi simply use the Edison-style try and test method, instead of modern scientific method like understanding what is happening and testing what seems logic… it seems we don’t know how to make research without theory.

      note that Defkalion, who is not researchers but engineers, have found 2 methods in 7 month (according to celani of 22passi.it,their first reaction was at 400C, and now at 600C)…

      modern scientist lack imagination, where engineer just follow the facts and try much more.

      sad story on science evolution when theory works too much for too long.
      next drama will be when science will take numerical model as reality, despite the facts… oops it already happens in climate and finance.

      • Roger Bird

        Alain, you said it so well. The reason, I think, is that scientists are morally and socially arrested at the middle school level; they are vicious and jealous and will tear others apart given the chance. They, as a group, have not developed the sense of honor or caring. Look at the history of science: Wegener was ripped 50 years for saying that the continents moved. Notice how so many scientists are so quick to claim that Rossi is a crook; this is so common that we don’t even realize how dreadful saying such a thing is. Scientists are all in their heads, and not in their hearts, where honor and caring and character come from.

    • wikilern, “how is possible that millions of scientists and inventers around the world …”

      With the millions, nay billions of scientist attempting to reproduce the Ni + H = heat equation, why aren’t we getting gazillions of “failure to reproduce” reports?

      Here’s 8 top scientists, plus 4 others who have achieved the Ni + H = heat reaction: http://nickelpower.org/2011/12/30/replicators-as-if-december-30-2011/

      The following are surely as stupid as Rossi, right?

      Dr. Brian Ahern, Ames National Laboratory
      Dr. Joseph Zawodny, NASA
      Quintin Bowles, University of Missouri–Kansas City.
      George Miley, University of Illinois
      Piantelli, University of Siena
      Mike McKubre, SRI
      Francesco Celani, National Institute of Nuclear Physics
      M. Swartz, MIT

  • Kim

    Andrea Rossi says “Yes”

    Guido Chiostri
    January 29th, 2012 at 1:14 PM

    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi,
    is it possible to see pictures of the rooms where E-cats are tested 24 hours per day ?


  • John

    Just to be clear: He is using an unlicensed nuclear power device to head a factory? I wonder how many laws he’s breaking, especially since italy is a “nuclear free” country with the corresponding laws in place.

    It’s highly unlikely that he has an official certification for his device. Such things take ages, and usually require several independent expert witness to review the design for safety.

    • Greg Goble

      for economies of mud huts.

      I’d like to see an Ecat device that works as a space heater with the heat passing a 1 gallon or two gallon removable cooking container for cooking of food, rice, stews, or vegetables. Preventing deforestation. Allowing nutrition for families without reliance on firewood or charcoal production. Start up by a small roll out solar panel, going into self sustain mode, Affecting business as usual for villagers, bush individuals, and refugee camps worldwide. Possible?

    • philippefx

      There is no proof the ecat works through nuclear reaction, just supposition.

      • Roger Bird


    • will

      You seem to be forgetting that “the authorities” have not acknowledged that a nuclear reaction is taking place in the Ecat. so according to them he does not need a license.

      In any case, I would imagine that the rules regarding “nuclear free” status are based on threat of radioactive isotopes being released. According to Rossi, this is nor a concern with the Ecat.

      In order to penalize Rossi for using a “nuclear device” the authorities would have to test and confirm that a nuclear reaction was taking place.

      Apparently, not even Rossi has succeeded in dong that to the satisfaction of skeptics.

  • andreiko

    Stop met speculeren en fantaseren wacht rustig af de dreun van de waarheid is dichtbij!!!

  • nima

    Defkalion GT

    You can watch some shots from our internal testing on Hyperion “bare” reactors in one of our labs at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuRGpRZ1t5E

    Thank you for your attention

    • Greg Goble

      as i said before… for economies of mud huts.

      I’d like to see an Ecat device that works as a space heater with the heat passing a 1 gallon or two gallon removable cooking container for cooking of food, rice, stews, or vegetables. Preventing deforestation. Allowing nutrition for families without reliance on firewood or charcoal production. Start up by a small roll out solar panel, going into self sustain mode, Affecting business as usual for villagers, bush individuals, and refugee camps worldwide. Possible?

  • londo

    Isn’t it a bit strange that the 24/7-ecats always are somewhere else?

    • Jake

      Everything in this story screams hoaxes and lies.

      AR has every possible motive, commercial and personal, of proving his device works.

      The failure of him doing so, combined with his criminal record, yields a very high probability of a scam.

      • Jonathan D

        I don’t see a reason for a business to prove that a device works when you don’t have the device to offer. Once you have a device to offer then you have reason to provide proof. On the other hand, if you were an academic, you would have good reason to provide proof and get credit.

        • tom

          So if it works why can’t he offer it? Or proof? If one man with minimal funding can do it imagine what a university research department could do… oh wait they can’t as it doesn’t really work!

  • Allen Perry

    Forget the heat output. I just want to see a finished electric generator to run my complete household needs on pennies per day that runs at least 6 months on a charge and a low cost recharge. Address that please.

  • Stephen

    The guy is always behaving strange… patent protection looks like a fake excuse: he’s hiding something, something else. He could solve all doubts once of all, very easily and be celebrated as the savior of humanity. I am sure there is no need to break any of his secrets. Just let people place their power and temperature meters correctly. Why doesn’t he allow that? Why risk to have somebody else reach the market first? The greeks, for instance? An obvious answer is: because it is all fake.

    I hope you can prove I am wrong, Mr.Rossi, and do it fast. I am afraid you will not.

    What disappoints me is that I am convinced there might be something real in LENR. And it would be very important to seriously investigate if this is true or not. I wonder if this guy will screw it all up by dicrediting once again the whole field with the biggest scam ever.

    • Stephen

      Hey… maybe somebody just paid you to do that?! Screw it all up? Mmh, that would make sort of sense, finally, but unfortunately I am not a fan of conspiracy theories… At any rate, this whole e-Cat story is SO weird! maybe too weird. There is something I must be missing: it just doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Bertil Nilsson

        Stephen, you are right, it does not make sense. Probably this is because the reason of Rossi´s efforts is not rational but somehow emotional. He probably doesn´t understand himself why he is engaged in this quest so how could we?

        • tom

          To bullshit us all and get a load of free money for his highly flawed pseudoscience project?

          If it worked he would either be at the bottom of a pond and big oil would be developing it, or receiving billions of investment.

  • cornillon

    Some critics are legit but as a small inventor myself, the task of building prototype , testing, demos, and the marketing are good enough for several teams of specialists. So i will give Rossi time and credit for trying to do it all by himself. The fact that he is weird is also acceptable. Otherwise we would already have the tech by now if it was linear thinking. Last i know a number of scientist, and engineers, very qualified but most of them have little or no imagination. just like on average the general population .

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