Defkalion Green Technologies Release Video of Hyperion Testing

Today Defkalion Green Technologies released a short video of some testing taking place on one of their “bare” reactors. Recently the company issued an invitation for qualified professional organizations to come and do some testing at their Greek facilities — so this gives some idea of what they will be dealing with. On their web forum, DGT made the following comment about the video:

“As you can notice, this is a setup with one Hyperion “bare” reactor testing. The setup of the third party indepentent tests is with two identical reactors (one active, one not-active) working/tested in parallel, as described in our latest Press Release.”

  • Johannes Hagel

    I just hope that soon some third party representative will be there and really doing the test. From this short video sequence we are not able to draw any conclusion. Or are we?

    • Roger Bird

      This video was not intended to prove anything to people who need more proof.

      • daniel maris


  • morse

    Looked more professional than Rossi’s device but that doesn’t prove anything.
    Real testing and confirmation will have to come from third party independent scientists.

    • Roger Bird

      If the E-Cats or Hyperions start selling for a few months, I won’t be waiting for some scientists to tell me that they work.

  • Steve Robb


    • HanzJager

      Almost as much as your post. I don’t think it was meant to be anything revealing. They just wanted to show that they are actually working on something and by the looks of it they have been. I will agree that it is worthless if you were looking for proof it works. Otherwise I can see some value in the video… some.

      • Delta

        They’ve got a fair amount of paperwork (drawings, designs) on their website so somebody has been working on something.

        But I don’t buy the nickel power or LENR. They seem to be variations on the same theme:
        A lower energy status of hydrogen, meaning you can extract energy from water.

        This would be nice but it requires new physics (it’s really not compatible with current physics).
        If you base your machine on new physics, you’ve got some work ahead of you.

        • Ged

          You’d be surprised how much new physics is discovered in the nuclear and quantum fields, all the time. The LHC is discovering new physics purposefully, by testing theories we have no other way of know if they are right or not. Besides, there are already testable theories out there to explains LENR, dealing with the really bizarre behavior of Bose-Einstein condensates (look up super fluids to get an idea of what we’re just starting to learn about this fifth state of matter).

        • Jim

          Plenty of adequate physics at, new energy times and cold fusion times…

      • Roger Bird

        HanzJager, I agree 1111%

      • Alain

        moreover as the same kind of animal,
        I feel that they are HAPPY, PROUD, passionate…
        like a dad giving cigars to all the neighbors for the birth of a beautifully daughter…

        won’t you be in their position?

        me I would, and my filming would be sooooo bad…

    • Steve Robb

      I am a “believer” but am now beginning to understand the perspective of the doubters with the gushing acceptance, by the believers, of this video as something upon which to hang one’s hat. This video is pathetically useless.

  • kalleb

    If the test was really independent, the test scenario was given by the tester, not by Defkalion.

  • Steven

    I too, hope that all this business clarifies itself as soon as possible – one way or the other. This limbo is unwelcome. But let me say one thing: If Rossi and Defkalion are scammers (both can’t be unintentionally wrong) they will have done a huge disfavor to LENR research. A huge disfavor!

  • clovis

    Hi, fellow big thinkers.
    I too see nothing important here.
    And at first glance, i would say from the looks of the lab and equipment used it did not look very professional.
    NOTHING HAS CHANGED, just some big ss flanges too make it look strong, and it looked kind of fake in my opinion,but as you know everybody has one of those
    as well. smile

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  • Stevie G

    Defkalion – will SOON have to face the same rath that Rossi has had to endure – this should be fun to watch the show ! Stay Tuned …

  • RobertM

    This is a huge joke! Laboratory? I have seen automotive shops with more professional and more sensitive tools.

    Where is the steam? Where is anything besides tubing and a box covered with aluminum foil?

    This video is just 3 guys with a cellphone camera in a garage uploaded to youtube. I could make a better “video” without trying.

    • sapain

      wasn`t edison`s workshop in a boxcar

    • HanzJager

      Waiting for your video… can’t wait!!

    • Johannes Hagel

      Right – one has the impression, they could do better. However, as mentioned before, it must be very easy to prove a COP of 20 even if the error margins are bigger than they could be by using more elaborate equipment. For a good working prove it should be ok like that!

    • Sanjeev

      >>>>I could make a better “video” without trying.

      But… can you produce free energy ?

      Or a hollywood quality video in HD size is going to save the world?

    • Roger Bird

      RobertM, I haven’t seen you around here before. If you look at the bigger picture that includes LENR and all the videos with scientists poking around Rossi’s demo, you would not be quite so sure of your naysaying.

    • Alain

      this is indeed the video of an engineer, with no degree in filming, filming colleages.

      about the no steam it is the dry test,as they propose for independent tests…
      just let the reactor heat, and when it is burning hot, compare with the same reactor empty heated the same way…
      if one is 620C and the other just 120C, you got it COP=6 (roughly assuming room temp of 20. computation are more complex).

      if you assupe the COP of 20, and reactor temp of 620C (room 20, thus +600C)
      then the same reactor empty shoul warm only to 50C (+30C)

      this method of calorimetry is rough, but it is like measuring a current (heat flow) with a voltmeter (temperature difference) and once unknown resistor(thermal resistance) by comparing with the same measure for a given known current (known power)

  • sapain

    lol in a good way
    looks like my workshop 3yrs ago when i built my owwn solar trackers, heating systems etc.
    exploration of thought is always fun.
    to all the tinkerers, have fun, keep up the good work and ignore the nah sayers, they don`t understand

    • clovis

      I think Jesus, said almost the same, when he said, to paraphrase father forgive them for they know not what they do — or say.— smile

  • Paul J

    A thread on isotopic enrichment of nickel, from a couple of weeks ago, is being revived in light of the recent mention from DGT that they are still “trying different catalysts” which is about as close to an admission that they do not really know Rossi’s secret.

    • Roger Bird

      Not necessarily. They may be trying to better Rossi and their own performance.

    • Alain

      they migh look for a catalyst that work in different situation.
      that sustaine higher temperature, above 600C, or works at lower temp, allowing quick start just heating water…,
      or a catalyst that starts more quickly, is more stable, less expensive, or just they do research, just to find possibilities, in case it can be useful later or help undesrtand the system, or guess rules…

  • Ged

    There is one thing Defkalion is doing completely right (in their forum comment), and that is having a control reactor for the tests. That’s science right there. Doing tests on a working reactor in tandem with an offline reactor (control), will give a much greater degree of confidence in the meaning of any results. It is the scientific way of doing things, nothing is a stranger methodological approach.

    Be interesting to see how this goes. Of course, if Defkalion tests positive, we know that’s true of Rossi’s device as well, since Defkalion is based on his technology.

    • clovis

      Hey Ged.
      I agree,Mr Rossie said he alone knows the recipe.

    • Sanjeev

      The only interesting thing in the video is the graph in the end. I guess everybody missed it here.

      In my opinion, which can be wrong, the red and blue plots are temperature vs time. The red one is for the control reactor (with no powder) and the blue one is for working reactor.

      You can see that initially temperature rises in both cases, this is when the electric heater is turned on. At one point its turned off and the red one drops down (gets cooler), while the blue one continues indicating that the reactor is producing heat.

      There, you have the proof right there, if you believe that DGT did not fake the plots.

      • Roger Bird

        Sanjeev, you are right. That was a very nice thing to see. Since the graph before it was unreadable with my computer, I didn’t pay much attention to the second one.

        Also notice the variations. Is this a stability and control problem? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • Roger Bird

      Not necessarily. The whole stability and control issue has yet to be proven or even demonstrated by either Rossi or Defkalion.

  • Thomas

    Honestly, Defkalion is doing something right … They show tests and try to proof their technology.

    On the other hand Rossi is trying to keep everything secret and there is always a light flavour of fraud in the air.

    I guess, if everyone is satisfied with the results of the testing of Defkalions reactor, it doesn’t matter who the “real” inventor was … Transparency will pay out

    • daniel maris

      I’ve minimal interest as to who first commercialises LENR but I am eager to know when it will happen.

      • Jim

        That’s my view. The lenr, canr, cold fusion, etc. sites have plenty enough science on them to keep my on the edge of my chair. I don’t know how Rossi is going to survive commercially after G.E., Dow, Shell, Samsung and China Inc. get serious about researching it. Hopefully he will get some credit and decent financial reward. He will have done much good by being the lighting rod, literally.

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  • Mumtaz

    Rossi is right.
    All the previous inventors showed their inventions i got nothing – only cick in the rear.
    All died poor i got nothing – the bloody investors got every thing.

    • Mumtaz

      That will be the end of islamic terrorism around the world – all terrorism opperations were financially supplied by the mideast islamic petro-Dollar.

  • fritz

    … oh my god …
    I should build my own e-cat.
    Even if the bolts of that e-cat look little bit of overdose – that chunky 10$ multimeters are quite scary.
    Even if they now the catalyzer secret – this looks more like a chinese replication – first try to copy of something you still don´t understand.
    I would estimate that AR is about 12 months ahead.

  • Mumtaz

    Rossi is the first – He worked on his invention few years ago , not onl today.

  • Mumtaz

    That will be the end of islamic terrorism around the world – all terrorism opperations were financially supplied by the mideast islamic petro-Dollar

    • daniel maris

      There will be many geopolitical implications – certainly there will be some dampening of petrodollar terrorism. But remember, a lot of the people with those petrodollars will have many sources of wealth now – not just oil.

    • I’m sure the bulk of the media and the science community think it’s bunk, or simply don’t know what to make of it.
      Perhaps that good, there’s a Lotta dangerous and powerful loonies out there who will shit bricks once this hits prime-time.
      Here’s an article that touches on the subject:

  • Robert Mockan

    LOL! Looks almost exactly like my workshop!
    I could probably make a video myself showing exactly how to make the fuel, load a reactor of my own design, and take measurements. But from past experience I know exactly what would happen. Skeptics would say it does not prove anything, without third part replication by “professional” scientists. People already convinced would say it is already proven, so what is the point.
    And if I offered the fuel for sale the government would come down on me like a ton of bricks.
    Come on Rossi, save me and so many others like me a lot of grief. We do NOT want to confront corporations with vested interests in the status quo who do NOT want to see this technology developed. They have lots of many and big clubs.

    • Steve Robb

      I’ve only been following AF since the beginning of Oct ’11 and but “I feel your pain.” Hope that didn’t come across as too creepy.

      • Robert Mockan

        Not creepy at all. In fact, people who can NOT “feel the pain” of others have created the problems in this world. If they could feel, they might be less inclined to maintain the hell on earth they are largely responsible for.

  • Lu

    One of the Greek Corner responses from Defkalion translated by Google:

    Dear sdritsas,
    As indicated on the card at the beginning of the video, this included photos and video downloads from tests conducted at three labs in the period November 2011-January 2012. Downloads and results from different laboratories and tests that are not intended to propagandize or explain anything via the image.

    Therefore this video, requested insistently by many friends of this forum-and think of you, is not suitable “tool” for the interpretation of phenomena or the calculation of the performance of reactors or for any other conclusion, and the duration of but also because of deliberately “scattered” content. Consider it as an honest view of some of the places where they work every day our people.

    Anyway will follow within the next two months many days completed tests in the presence of independent scientists from Greek and international laboratories and institutions, which will be the consistency of the projected image with independent measurements and results, as we will explain the third credible and prestigious independent scientists.

    Thank you for your attention and your interest

    • Steve Robb

      It is obvious that much is lost in the translation. Though I hope for my daily dose of what I am sure is a bright future, this video does nothing in any way, shape nor form to move me further toward that end.

  • Mumtaz

    Actually it is a new phenomena discovered.
    Now we need a new theory to explain it or ask the creator(God) to reveal , the secret.

    • Mumtaz

      The present atomic theory doesn’t work with this new phenomena.

      • Steve Robb

        Yes, we need a new god.

        • Mumtaz

          Steve ……You already have a new God, The money and the world’s desires love.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    It looks like all the color-coded wires in the closeup at around 0:15 are the same color (white, blue stripe). Strange, that.

    • Alain

      the answer of defkalion on that subject (that electrons don’t care of color of insulant) is funny…
      I would have written it the same.. conspiracyst are so funny.
      every behavior of DGT is logical when you think like an engineer and a worker in a corp…
      the reason of the video is that THEY ARE PROUD…
      and probably the boss is furious (maybe he shut up not to demoralize his precious team of “metal-geek” he hired not so expensively) that they put their blair witch video, without polit buro control by the PR.

  • Dave

    Roger, just give it up already. Anybody with any kind of critical thinking skills can see that this and Rossi’s E-Cat are both fakes. There won’t be any products to buy.

    • daniel maris

      And LENR as well? That’s fake? Focardi’s a fake?

      • Mumtaz

        So if it is fake , what is the purpose of that fake ?
        Let us wait and see.

        • Dave

          Mumtaz we’ve been waiting for months. It was supposed to be clear that the E-Cat worked when Rossi debuted his 1MW plant back in late October, but all we got was more of his BS. We got a test that didn’t run long enough to show anything with a plant that only outputted 470KW connected to an unexplained 500KW generator sold to a secret customer. Later we see the same 1MW plant that Rossi originally said was sold to a “satisfied” customer and taken away by them turn up in Rossi’s lab for “improvements,” never having left Rossi’s possession. How much evidence is going to hit you “truthers” over the head before you get it?

          • Tom

            None of what you mentioned is evidence. Just negative speculation. Sounds more like impatience than critical thinking to me.

          • Vlad

            I am following Rossi from the Jan 14 2011. From the beginning it was exciting and interesting… but longer we wait, less interesting it become. I just tired to see all this strange behavior from Rossi side. Defkalion adds an additional oil to the fire with this suspicious video. It looks like I almost stopped to believe.

            All recent test do not proof anything, too many inconsistencies, too many very custom made things. All these experiments look like physics lessons from school.

            Just talks, talks… and talks only from Rossi.

            If Rossi does’t show good demo in the nearest feature, all of that is a scam.

          • Tom

            @ Vlad
            No proof does not equal proof against. Rossi could release the Ecat in 5 years without ever proving a thing. He could never release it and it might only mean he couldn’t reach his goals and his business went bust. A scam infers he is making a gain from it. That hasn’t happened yet and won’t happen till he starts selling the things and that wont happen till it is proven, so bad luck, we just have to keep waiting.

          • sparks

            That’s what I’m projecting: 5 years, best case, assuming he can solve the sustainment problem.

          • Roger Bird

            Dear Dave, none of us are truthers. We are all “hopers” and excited folks. I am not a truther. Calling Rossi a crook is in the same epistemological arena as saying that the E-Cat works for sure.

        • lenner

          Why wait and see?
          What’s wrong with saying ‘you claim it, you prove it’ to these nickelpower-scientists?

          ‘Nickelpower’ is really a list of claims about measurements that don’t add up. Not reproducable and not explained.
          ‘I have measurements I cannot explain’ is a far cry from ‘I can produce power on demand’.

      • power from water?

        The LENR that you find on ‘nickelpower’ is all based on ‘blacklight power’.
        They claim that LENR is not fusion, but hydrogen converting to a lower energy state.

        However, when confronted with the statement that the laws of physics do not allow a lower energy state than the ground state, they claim new laws of physics.

        These new laws allow lower energy states, but fail to describe normal observed behaviour of atoms. So those new laws are in themselves inconsistent, incomplete or just plain wrong.

        It would seem that finding new laws of physics is not so easy.

    • Roger Bird

      My critical thinking skills are just as sharp as yours, Dave Your social thinking skills are the problem. Why would all those scientists sign off on LENR and be excited about Rossi and Defkalion, which is all that I am.

      • Dave

        Roger, name the scientists you claim as “signing off” on LENR? Name one that has endorsed Rossi? Even his friend Focardi won’t back him. Why do you think Forcardi is staying silent in all this?

        • Roger Bird

          Josephson, Celani, Sven Kullander, and many other have signed off on LENR. No scientist in his right mind has signed off on Rossi.

          You would know this if you had bothered to look at the LENR evidence. But you didn’t and therefore are caught short.

          • Bruno

            All have hedged their bets saying that independent testing needs to take place. None of them have said that they are convinced, because all of the tests were under Rossi’s control. They’ve all said that before they could be certain, a properly run validation test needs to be run by an independent 3rd party. hat hasn’t happened yet. In fact, Rossi has steadfastly refused to let such a test take place. It’s all hot air.

    • Roger Bird

      Dear you-all,

      You should all know that Dave is a patho-skeptic. He used to frequent nickelpower. He is one of those types that will not even look at the evidence. I guess he came here to show us how to NOT look through Galileo’s telescope.

      • Dave

        Roger, no. *You* are the one who won’t look at the mountain of evidence against Rossi’s E-Cat. You believe it works or might work because you want to believe, just like a religion.

        • Roger Bird

          Dave, again you are wrong. And since it is a social matter, it is big no surprise. You ultra skeptics are ALL socially retarded. I believe LENR works because of the heavy weight scientists who say that it works. I am inclined to believe that Rossi is for real because of the heavy weight scientists like Lewans, Focardi, Celani, Kullander, etc. etc. who are inclined to believe that it works.

          I want to believe that I can fly, but I don’t believe that I can fly, not without a ticket and a security search. You believe that Rossi is a crook and have said so, but your evidence that he is a crook is no better than my evidence that he is for real. However, given the evidence that I have that he is for real, I don’t sign off on the reality of the E-Cat works. But you sign off on the reality that he is a crook, despite contrary evidence.

      • lark

        Dick Smith – A wealthy Australian Entrepreneur showed some interest in E-Cat investment in Australia but has since decided he doesn’t have faith in Rossi or his product.

        I noticed the last ‘information lacking’ and ‘context deprived’ sentence. Typical of mainstream media – create some extra negative spin by leaving out the important details.

      • power from water?

        If you look at nickelpower, two things:
        1. Most of the items are just claims en rumours added to stuff the list. The one or two which make some harder claims are not verified.
        2. Don’t just click on ‘nickelpower’. Search for ‘hydrino’.
        There are a few reports that test the validity of the theory. It does not comply to standard physics. It requires new physics. And the new laws of physics that hydrino-theory formulates, do not explain normal observed behaviour of atoms.

    • Roger Bird

      Dave, your idiomatic express “give it up already” is as though I was making some kind of effort to believe in something that is obviously not so. Quite the reverse is the case. I have to make an effort to remain skeptical of Rossi and Defkalion. The evidence is quite impressive that they are both true, but it is not proven. And being skeptical is different than calling them crooks, which you are doing. In fact, calling them crooks shows a lack of critical thinking skills. You don’t know that they are crooks, and clarity of thought includes not going past the evidence and not jumping to conclusions and being comfortable with uncertainty.

      I confess that I am tired of the uncertainty, but being tired of the uncertainty is not an excuse to jump past the evidence.

    • Rhys

      How can he expect to make money if it dose not work, the alternative is he has been working on a rick roll for more than 10 years this to me seems unlikely. Now dot get me wrong, I wont pre order without independent testing but that will have to happen for it to be sold and then it will be tested again by a plethora of bloggers scientist and other interested parties, then we will have prof/disproof till then be sceptically and withhold judgment.

    • Paul Richards

      Yes so was Galileo a fake to for a long time, to the “true believers” at the time that is.

      Your stance is appropriate, this Rossi device requires a change in value systems as well as a shift in scientific understanding. Typically everyone goes through the five stages of grief over changing value systems.

      It’s ok, where you are is fine.

    • Jim

      Better tell MIT it’s wasting its students’ tuition money. And while you’re at it, remind them that it was MIT staff that so thoroughly trashed Fleischman-Pons in ’89.

      • evleer

        It surely looks like MIT has come around on the subject of Cold Fusion.

        Too bad they used their stature 20 years ago to kill almost all efforts in Cold Fusion research by discrediting it. Imagine where this technology might have been today, had it received proper funding and the research efforts it deserves.

  • predictions…

    If you want to know if a woman is pregnant, do you:
    – wait for nine months to see if she delivers a baby
    – have a pregnancytest today

    That’s what’s happening with Rossi. The number of apparatus he promises to deliver get bigger every time, but he says to wait for tens of thousands of e-cats in 18 months – or longer.

    It looks like a mother who’s making up names for the baby but hasn’t done a $4 pregnancy test.

    • SH

      Let us add to your analogy the fact that if the amount of food consumed by the woman stays the same, and her belly start to grow. A $4 pregnancy test becomes irrelevant.

      • predictions…

        You’re saying
        – let’s save the $4
        – wait (and wait) for
        – circumstantial evidence that cannot be checked for sure, or could also be explained by too much McDonalds.

        Nice, let’s stick with this analogy.

        Pretend you are in an internet-relationship with a woman who claims to be pregnant. (fortunately she’s not asking for money). She’s discussing babynames with you.
        Meanwhile your friends wonder if she’s pregnant at all.

        She may claim her belly grows, but how can you check it? And if it is growing, is she not just eating at McDonalds too much?
        But when you ask for a simple test, she acts like she didn’t hear you. On several occasions.

        I promise you one thing about this woman:
        That baby won’t be there in 11 months, and by then she’ll be claiming that this is a very special baby, and you’ll all be much happier because you waited so long for it.
        Meanwhile, she’s still refusing tests.
        Your friends point out that one photo’s of her belly a pillow is visible beneath her clothes.

        • Brian

          Poor analogy. If a woman is pregnant, that is no extraordinary claim.
          The woman (Rossi) in this case claims to be pregnant by a unicorn.
          That is an extraordinary claim which requires more evidence to believe it than ‘wait to see if her belly grows’.

  • daniel maris

    Would a scammer really go to all that trouble? Why not just put a fake box on a table, have it chugging away. Why spend all that time creating such a lab scene?

    • Brian

      Who knows?
      Because he wants attention?
      Na, I don’t believe that.

      – Because he really believes he has ‘anomalous measurements’ that can ONLY be explained by a radical discovery
      – Because he’s read about hydrino-energy or nickel energy and believes he can make it work

      Here is Rossi in his lab, and he measurements are a bit off even, though his device won’t run self sustained.
      He’s in a modus where traditional physics is just a bunch of nay-sayers, and they are just afraid that their paper proofs are worthless once his e-cat is revealed.
      Unfortunately his e-cat just doesn’t run… not yet. He believes he can make it work… if he just has more time.

      Unfortunately for him he is trying to defy the ‘traditional boring old’ physics.
      And even though someone stated on this forum that new things are discovered every day: CERN is all about experiments to confirm what theories predict. This strengthens theories and it’s new because it hasn’t been done before.
      It is not about throwing out old laws of physics on a daily basis.

  • SeanM

    Defkalion was not in the business of LENR before Rossi, but it appears they have the the magic dust that makes the Hyperion run, looking forward to a real DEMO.

  • Hurley

    I am still optimistic but I can understand the sceptics. This is beginning to look like Blacklight Power.

    • Robert Mockan

      More than just beginning.
      From an article published 2005 about Black Light Power:”..the first product built with Blacklight’s technology, which will be available in as little as four years, will be a household heater. As the technology is scaled up, bigger furnaces will be able to boil water and turn turbines to produce electricity.”
      I’ve studied everything available about Black Light Power technology. I’ve also studied everything available about LENR technology. Both fields were promising hot water heaters years ago. Now Rossi is promising a hot water heater.

      Like you, I understand why people are skeptical.

  • the snake

    At 0:56 we see how the H-tank is attached to the reactor. It looks like a design feature. Blacklight results revealed that H is depleted. Defkalion stated the test will be 48h. With a full tank of H, there is no proof of an energy source.

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  • Omega Z

    Einstein’s theory that Planets Gravity & Mass could bend light was debunked twice before it was confirmed 2 years latter.

    It breaks the Laws of Physics. I would venture that what man understands about the Laws of Physics would be a single grain of sand compared to the beach. If we survive the next 1000 years, they will be discussing how primitive our thinking was in the 21st. Century.

    Yes, There are scams out there, but 80% of the breakthroughs in technology & knowledge come from those who think outside of the mainstream.

    Mainstream Science can so easily get locked into a train of thought, that it impedes progress. It goes against the laws so why even attempt it. The fact we don’t understand all the laws & exceptions be dammed.

    Of the 20% of breakthroughs that come from mainstream Science, half of them are by accident. Results they never dreamed possible because of some rule or law. You would think this would teach them to have an open mind.

    2 Cavemen of Science sitting by a camp fire. 1 suddenly jumps up & throws water on it & Exclaims “My god man, Do you realize what you have done. We can’t make or use Fire until we have a Working Theory on how it works. You are band to the outlands.”

    1 caveman sitting by a fire, Listening to his former colleague screaming in the distance. Having not seen the Sabre Tooth sneaking up on him in the dark.

  • Jack

    Hi, to what it’s worth I have a friend that work at their newly opened offices in Greece. They are certainly not fake, on the other hand this technology seems to good to be true. I wonder how would oil companies let this go and not make it disappear if it is indeed the real thing.