Rossi says Robotized E-Cat Factory Becoming a Reality, Making New Inventions By the Day

Andrea Rossi is talking like a man with the wind in his sails. In another recent comment on his Journal of Nuclear Physics blog he reports that things are moving along nicely with his E-Cat project:

Every E-Cat will be supplied with 2 refill charges, one inside, one for spare: after 6 months the Customer will make easily the extraction of the used refill and put the new one, sending back to our local Agent the used refill; we will recycle it and give a new spare to the Customer, so that after the next 6 months he will repeat the operation. We are making inventions by the day on our E-Cat, and covering all by due patents. Meanwhile the factory with the robotized line is becoming a reality. We are making a big job, here in the USA.

With comments like this, and others he has made recently, we have to be at a point now where we must declare Rossi either to be a total fraud (or lunatic), or that he is really doing what he says. I don’t think there is room for a middle ground any more. You can’t make a case that he is simply mistaken in his measurements, or he as discovered a tiny, but unusable source of energy. Rossi is acting like a full-scale industrialist, a modern day Henry Ford, making power, not cars, for the people. He certainly has a ‘big job’ ahead of him, but he seems to be going at it with unquenchable energy and determination. If he can pull this off, he will be rightly referred to as a revolutionary.

  • Peter Poulsen

    Pictures or it doesn’t happen!

    Seriously though.
    Rossi is saying alot of great stuff, but little proof to back it up sadly.

    Give us pictures, videos, comments from independent people, comments from your partners… anything!

    • kryptomaniac

      How about his fully detailed business plans, and his supplier/parts list?

      Would that make you happy?

      • Janne Strom

        kryptomaniac on February 2, 2012 at 7:51 pm

        How about his fully detailed business plans, and his supplier/parts list?

        Would that make you happy?

        That would make me so happy.
        Do you have that information?

      • Gabe

        Bit of a straw man there, don’t you think?

        Asking for some kind of proof of these claims of a burgeoning industrial juggernaut isn’t quite the same as asking for all his trade secrets. I would say they are in no way equivalent. There are so many parties that would need to be involved in what is being described it would be incredible to not have some willing to state “yes, we’re involved in aspect XYZ of this venture.”

        • kryptomaniac

          Perhaps I see it a bit different as I come from the ‘tech’ world.

          Some companies show you stuff YEARS before it will actually/if ever ship.

          Others, more increasingly due to Apple’s influence, don’t say much until all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted and shipping is right around the corner. The smaller companies drop clues and teaser web pages to get emails of people that might be interested and build some buzz.

          IF Rossi is full of it, he’ll demonstrate that conclusively in the next few quarters.

          But the other players in the game, the NASA and SRI(?) videos about LENR tell me that it’s very likely that Rossi is onto something. And it’s not apparently not very complex at all in the end.

          Never been to his blog, but it seems he’s building buzz quite nicely.

      • Peter Poulsen

        as Gabe mentioned he doesnt need to give us much. But all this big talk he does, has to be backed up by some kind of proof… Anything really.
        Otherwise he should just shut up until the product reaches the consumers.

        But im happy his statements have been soo gamebreaking recently, because he cant possibly go back to his empty warehouse in bolognia anymore, and developing on his E-Cat without proving that all this was just empty promises.

        At this stage his partners must have spent millions to reach this state of development with multiple technological breakthroughs for the E-Cat and construction of a fully automated E-Cat factory.
        No way they will be abandoning that money without a word.

        I think we will soon learn if he is a fraud or not. He cannot really hide the truth much longer.

    • daniel maris

      The strange thing is, if he was a fraudster, he should be able to knock up a few photos that would keep the true believers on board. It’s kind of positive that he doesn’t…

  • Bill Nichols

    Has National Instruments (NI) backed out yet of the contract after 2+ months? Nope. Any comments from Home Depot refuting E-Cat after almost a month? Nope. Any other company saying anything against Rossi? Not aware of anyone. These all say something.

    2 cents.

    • Ged

      That’s a good point. No refutation by UL either. No one has come out against him. Even the University stuff was just a “paid contract over, but here’s our labs and personnel free of charge to do measurements of the E-cat”.

      On the other hand, that doesn’t tell us all that much either, people could just be mum.

      We will find out soon! We know for a fact Rossi met with the Governor of Massachusetts to have production of the E-cat be performed there. So if he’s really setting up a robotic lab, my guess is that state’s the location. Where in that state? No clue. If we could track down his site, we could learn a great deal.

      • psi

        After that Rossi said the first factory is going to Florida. But it looks like if that is a success Massachusetts may be next, which would be nice.

        • Luca Salvarani

          1) Of course Rossi will produce in a right to work state! And this is the same reason he has left Italy (I’m sad but totally agree with him on this!). The People’s Republic of Massachusetts is much more fit for research and development, not production!
          2) In my view the production will not produce many jobs indeed it’s heavily automated to keep costs low! On the opposite the savings that e-cat will made possible would generate thousands of jobs so the cold North where people spend much on energy bill will be the top beneficiary. Another point is that e-cat will produce a lot of LOCAL jobs where they will be installed and manteined so all cities and states will get huge benefits!

    • Alain

      personaly rossi is a bit strange, and now he admit that until NI and the client help him, his reactor was unstable…

      look however at defkalion, they started to work like NI or the client… 4 month later they launch an announce. 2 monthe later you learn the the reactor can go to 650, that it is so stable that they dare to let it be tested without coolant…

      this technology works and is simple.
      maybe Rossi is a strange business man smelling sulphur… bur look at the board of director of defkalion… the same board as a gaz boiler company :


      George Sortikos, born 1942 – Chairman
      Engineer. Ex banker and industrialist (high tech ceramics). Ex president of the state owned Greek Industrial Investment Bank (ETBA) in 80-90s and founder of Omega Bank.(90s)

      George Xanthoulis, born in 1987 – Deputy Chairman,

      Aurel David, born in 1969 – CEO
      Swiss, Banker with vast experience in project finance and logistics. Ex president of a Montenegro Bank.

      Alexandros Xanthoulis, born 1954 – Board member, representative of Praxen
      Macro-Economics, Greek-Canadian. Former EU officer, Head for Energy and Financial Reconstruction EU delegation in Central Asia (90s).

      Christos Stremmenos, born 1932 – Board Member
      Chemical Engineer. Professor (retired) in the University of Bologna, ex Ambassador of Greece in Italy

      Ioannis Chatzichristos, born 1958 – Board Member
      Mathematics/Systems theory, vast experience in software development, management and IT project management.

      Andreas Meidanis, born 1953 – Board Member

      Mouafak Saouachni, born 1961 – Board Member
      Medical doctor, Greek-Israeli, responsible in labour health and environmental safety

      Andreas Drougas, born 1945 – Board Member
      Mathematics/IT, ex-executive consultant in LARCO (Greek Nickel mining co, now state owned), vast experience in management consulting and IT

      All these info is public in Greece (Government Gazette for private companies)

      If you still doubt, and think that this gang of business aristocratic bourgeois plan a big scam and then to go to madagascar…

      • Luca Salvarani

        It doesn’t mean nothing! Even Enron or Solyndra or Parmalat ecc.. managers, engineers were competent people with years of experience.. The same for General Motors and many other companies… They have been boasting for secretly and illegally copying Rossi (their words, not mine).. and now they have a fantastic COP, 650 celsius, stable reaction…. and why not the philosopher’s stone… all much better than the real inventor who has been working on this for years…. No my friend you go to Madagascar… or Greece that is quite the same!

        • Roger Bird

          Luca, the heavy people in those Boards of and Defkalion live and die on their reputation. It means that LANR-on-steroids is real and moving towards marketability.

      • Roger Bird

        And check out the people at They also are loaded with heavy hitters. (That’s a baseball term.) Click on “People”. These kind of people live and die on their reputations. As far as I am concerned, LANR-on-steroids is a done deal and headed for commercialization.

        • Luca Salvarani

          We will see! If Defkalion really will do what it’s promising I would be the first to apologize and thank them. And I would also be very happy because what matters to me is the final result (very low cost, endless and cheap source of energy) and not WHO makes it! But until that I absolutely don’t believe to them at all (for istance I have listen and read Stremmenos criticing Defkalion… and he’s a Defkalion insider)! Call me mad but I strongly trust in Rossi.

    • daniel maris

      I agree – that’s definitely all on the positive side.

    • John

      > Has National Instruments (NI) backed out yet of the contract after 2+ months?

      They never confirmed any contract or even commented on this matter.

      > Any comments from Home Depot refuting E-Cat after almost a month?

      Home Depot never confirmed or even commented any negotiations.

      > Any other company saying anything against Rossi?

      Any other company saying anything about Rossi?

  • Walter

    time will show, if Rossi said true.
    For now its not very clear.

  • Jason

    In any case, we will know next year. Either he delivers or he does not. I am betting that he will deliver.

    • Steve Robb

      I’m sure we will know sooner than that. It news doesn’t break within four to six months of the set up of the factory then it does not exist. You just can’t keep that a significant and controversial a development quiet forever.

  • Rossi

    Yes, Just like Henry Ford, if Henry Ford had built a million car a year factory with out ever producing a working car first

    • dsm

      Who says Rossi doesn’t have a working eCat (apart from MaryYugo & its clones) 🙂



  • psi

    we must declare Rossi either to be a total fraud (or lunatic), or that he is really doing what he says. I don’t think there is room for a middle ground any more. You can’t make a case that he is simply mistaken in his measurements, or he as discovered a tiny, but unusable source of energy.

    Yep. And given those choices, I am going to bet for the time being at least that the second option is the correct one.

    • Either he’s a fraud or lunatic or he really is doing…

      Or the mafia is forcing his every move and statement which would mean he’s perfectly sane and not pulling a fast one and he really is not doing…

      Or he owns 20% of the company and the marketing department told him to stick with the party line…

      Or his wife owns the patent and I don’t want to get censored so I will stop with this what if…

      The list goes on and on. To say he’s either a fruad/lunatic or it’s real may not accurately reflect reality.

  • the snake

    Rossi’s always talking about “we” but so far no R&D team has been seen. Sadly, all these kind of announcements are getting more and more ridiculous. I believe he enjoys the media attention, and as much as Kim Schmitz, finding out how far he can go on an insane trip of self-importance.

    • Erik Petersen

      Agreed, can we at least see some pictures?

  • Al S

    I’ll pay $500 for that e-cat heater, to take one grand kid’s cold house hot off the meter! That’s a start that will blow real fast, the minds of the current power caste! In the meantime chill a little more, the new power’s coming, that’s for sure.

    • Erik Petersen

      And that’s a rap.

  • jfab

    I would like if someone would send a guy over there (wherever that may be) just to see what exactly Rossi is doing all day long. Maybe someone could simply pay a private to investigate a bit on what/who/where. When I see how much time Rossi spends on his blog everyday posting silly answers, I doubt he’s doing much.

    • dsm

      If you have the money I’ll go do the investigation. Pls send me $10,000 to get the tickets & for some accom. Better still just send me an Amex Gold Card.

      Joking aside. There must be millions of us who want to peer over Rossi’s should day to day 🙂

      Doug M

      • Just for the record, I could do that Italy recon for a tenth of what you cite if there are enough interested people. I might even be willing to set up some kind of contribution mechanism where I would match euro for euro (real money…lol) up to some predetermined amount (since it would be a nice Italian vacation for me anyway…)

        I’m hooked up on just about every social site there is as well as being a blogger from an era BEFORE blogger was blogger (Pyra Labs). I was also quoted in a newspaper story a few years ago concerning my involvement with authorities in bringing about an end to an internet scam that at the time was quoted by the Attorney General of Florida as the largest of its kind in history.


  • Sparks

    Could somebody on this blog remind us where this rapidly progressing, robotized, mass production factory is located?

    • In the marketing department.

      • Roger Bird

        Charles Ponzi, I laughed.

        With all the competition that Rossi has (assuming that the damn thing works at all), he has to boost what he has with words in order to scare the competition or scare off competition.

        • Peter Poulsen

          Roger Bird i think you hit the nail on the head with your comment.

          At this state it seems more like grandiose words than actual facts.

          He need to show proff otherwise i see his words merely as a mean to either keep the scam going, or scare his opponents into thinking he is further in the development of the E-Cat than what he actually is.

          • Roger Bird

            Yeah, but I don’t think that it is a scam, yet. Business people often use words to try to defeat their opponents. But I do hope that Rossi gets something big out of this, assuming that he is not deliberately scamming.

        • That wasn’t meant to be a joke. Marketing 101: If you want to sell a new game changing technical device the price goes up, way up, if you claim that you’re going to manufacture it compared to if it is just available for sale just like that. The more you threaten that you’re going to blow the competition out of the water, the more they’ll take notice and raise their offer for what you’re selling to the highest bidder.

    • Brad Arnold

      Rossi has said FL (what city either he hasn’t said or I at least haven’t heard).

      • Robert Black

        Leonardo is located in Bedford, NH. Home of Segway. There is no evidence that Leonardo is hiring…anyone, though Segway is. including 3 jobs on their robotics mobility platform.

    • Robert Black

      Massachusetts. Technology beltway. Is the most likely location when it becomes a reality. (read Rossi’s statement above–it’s “becoming a reality.” More robotic manufacturing in MA than any other state.

      • Bruno

        Rossi said that he’s USING robotics, not developing robotics. Being near a robotics center is no reason to situate a widget factory there. Especially in a high cost of businss plac like MA. That being said, there is certainly a lot of local brainpower in MA to help with LENR. In a sense, this is all mental masturbation, since we really have no proof of anything. No proof that the cat works; no proof that he actually sold the 1MW cat to the mystery “customer”; no proof that he’s even building a factory.

      • john29302

        Rossi likes Fl. I went to an alternative energy hho games festival there and there are all these enrgy startup hawkers there. plus ther is several cnc factories and equipment that are shut dpwn due to economy.

  • admin

    I have just removed a number of posts that are getting into religious arguments/debates. I try to moderate with a light touch, but E-Cat World is not the place for religious arguments.

    • Sparks

      Thanks. Your generally light touch has been much appreciated. In this case, your hammer was needed.

  • Dave

    If Rossi couldn’t even deliver a working 1MW plant back in October how is he going to be mass producing working E-Cats a few months later? This is just more grandiose claims by a man who has zero credibility, but you “truthers” eat it up like candy.

    • Tom

      And you dismiss it like excrement. His grandiose claims are possible. Rossi seems to be working at an amazing capacity and is in for a tough time ahead, yet he is hanging in there. I have yet to see any credible evidence against his aspirations. Peoples cynical and unenthusiastic judgements simply tell me those people don’t want him to succeed, for what reason I cannot say.

  • Brad Arnold

    What I would like to know is if Rossi’s team has matched Defkalion’s claim to have “spread out” the LENR reaction within the reaction chamber so as to boost temperature and COP. On the other hand, that recent Defkalion video seemed to show a pressurized hydrogen container (score one for Rossi who has incorported the hydrogen within the reaction chamber, doing away with the pressurized hydrogen altogether).

  • Dr. No

    S. Krivit says that Rossi is “promoter”. Perhaps it is a “good-mentioned scam” to make this possible new energy source publicly known and seriously researched. If so, he has great success – NASA, US Army, NI, MIT, various other universities, etc. now seem interested and active.

    • jetmech

      While I do work for NASA, I do not speak for them.

      As for what people are trying to read into this video, specifically my use of the word “demonstrated”, it is my professional opinion that the production of excess energy has been demonstrated when the results of the last 20+ years of experimentation are evaluated.

      I did not say, reliable, useful, commercially viable, or controllable. If any of those other terms were applicable I would have used them instead. If anything, it is the lack of a single clear demonstration of reliable, useful, and controllable production of excess power that has held LENR research back.

      There have been many attempts to twist the release of this video into NASA’s support for LENR or as proof that Rossi’s e-cat really works.

      In my scientific opinion, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I find a distinct absence of the latter. So let me be very clear here. While I personally find sufficient demonstration that LENR effects warrant further investigation, I remain skeptical. Furthermore, I am unaware of any clear and convincing demonstrations of any viable commercial device producing useful amounts of net energy.

      Every attempted demonstration of a LENR device that I am aware of has failed to meet one or more of these criteria.

      Joe Zawodny

      • Roberto

        Healthy skepticism. Thank you.

      • Paul Maher

        Hello All,

        The sum of mans knowledge has been plotted over the last 10,000 years or so. It is of a logarithmic nature. We are coming off the toe and preparing to go vertical in a number of areas.

        This is not a time for naysayers. This is a time for forward thinkers. I spoke with one just the other day. Robert Godes, the driving force behind Brillouin Energy, in Berkeley California qualifies as a Forward Thinker. You should give him a call. Joe, I watched that video at least 10 times. You sounded like a forward thinking and profoundly hopeful fellow.

        Is not condensed matter and related new technology the coming source of energy with the potential to turn the planet around?

        Best Regards, Paul Maher

  • Robert Mockan

    Any body interested might like to visit and read commentary #51 at titled “The Next Big Thing”, and then maybe visit the guest book and leave a comment there about the E-Cat. Commentary #51 on the home page (can’t miss it), talks about Rossi and the E-Cat.

  • Magneto

    If Rossi is covering all his new developments with patents then surely someone could find a record of these with the patent office?

    • Skeptic

      Not necessarily. Some countries patent laws keep patent requests closed while they’re being reviewed.
      Also a patent doesn’t necessarily have to work or exist. You can patent something you have thought of (but not built yet).

    • Seer Clearly

      In the US, the patent office refuses to grant patents to cold fusion apparatuses because of the prospect of humiliation by an skeptical scientific community. This means that Rossi will have to keep everything he does secret. The result is that indeed he looks like a scam artist. Once the product ships, however, keeping it from being reverse-engineered will be a problem. Perhaps he thinks he can achieve full patentability by then.

  • Skeptic

    I totally agree with the observation that there is no middle ground.

    Unfortunately, Rossi says we have to wait 18 (!!) months before we see something.

    I can’t buy into that. Why not?
    Because I can’t buy that in 18 months he plans to release 1.000.000 machines.
    If you produce such a new device, you need to field test it and you need to entice your potential customers.
    But Rossi is talking about robots.

    Think about your father or your neighbor: will they replace the central heating system that keeps their families warm, with a controversial device without a track record, that they have never heard of?
    They won’t. They will ‘wait and see’ and Rossi is stuck with 1.000.000 fantastic e-cats which are a hard sell.
    If he wants to actually sell them when they’re done, he has to warm his customers, and he needs to field-test his e-cat.
    He says a real product is 18 months away but why can’t he showcase a production sample?
    Where are the field tests in an actual house?

    Ah yes, and the theory behind what’s going on inside the e-cat has some holes. It still does.
    A real running e-cat sample would take a lot of uncertainty away. I’ll come back and post I was wrong all along.
    But so far: Nothing tangible.

    I love Rossi’s story but when I step back from ‘wishful thinking’, I see nothing tangible – really nothing at all.

    • Tom

      Maybe the 1,000,000 Ecats is the field test. 1,000,000 units really wouldn’t be hard to sell worldwide, especially if it works. As soon as one is sold and proven to work, the rest will sell themselves if Rossis statements are true. Even if it isn’t stable, there would no doubt be that many scientists waiting to get their hands on one. It would certainly give Rossi data to help iron out the kinks. It could be released with a disclaimer indicating the instabilities and dangers, which are likely to be minimal. I do think it is a long shot to pull something like this off but the world gets crazier by the day.

      • Skeptic

        So if there is an error that needs to be corrected you have just produced and distributed 1 million devices which are now in need of repair. If you can repair the defect at all.

        To check out if the technology works in a household setting, if it performs and if it doesn’t break down, you can do with a little under 1000000 units.

        Carmakers Honda, Toyota, GM, Ford: Lots and lots of recalls. And that’s for a 100 year old concept. Those recalls are not about space age technology. Heck, Toyota had to recall a faulty floormat.

        Rossi: From a video of an alleged labexperiment to 1000000 flawless reliable appliances in one step.
        I’m sure it will be all right, as long as his factory has robots.

        • Tom

          Yes, if there is an error or defect, he will have to recall units, worse things have happened. If he can get them out at $500 a piece, there should be room for error and repair. In any case the only way to get the show started is to get the tech out in the open.

          You can compare as many car/tv/appliance manufacturers as you want but this is different. Rossi is obviously taking a fresh, unproven route but revolutionary products always do.

  • david

    Anyone know where this factory is located? Have we heard from anyone working there? Don’t they have janitors or some other low paid labor? Is this factory underground somewhere? They have to be paying taxes, payroll and be contracting some of the work out. If they are going to make a million of them they have to buy materials. There has to be a trail.
    I have had an open mind but this is impossible to hide from anyone with some resources. I’d love to see this site offer a reward for an employee to come foreword and spill the beans about what’s going on.

    • Tom

      Good luck to the employee in the following law suit. Let’s be honest, without the media attention, no-one with the resources cares for an investigation that could end up in court. Rossi is definitely taking a very classified approach to his business and is most likely taking precautions to protect his privacy.

  • Stephen

    I would love it to be true…

    But it is most likely just fake: this simply does not make any sense. This guy is keeping us all discussing about this unproven miracle technology. Delaying forever, sistematically dribbling critical issues, betting higher and higher and then retracting, never paying his bets, never reaching any turning point.

    He is a great artist. And we are his masterpiece.

    • HanzJager

      “He is a great artist. And we are his masterpiece.”

      I’ve had similar thoughts Stephen. 🙂

  • ups

    If anyone remembers, about 6-8 months ago Rossi was posting about 200-300 kev photons radiaton in his device which absorbs by lead and transfering to IR fotons. Now he get 511ev gamma photons. I belive in CANR/LENRLANR/CF, but Rossi’s style? May be he had discovered two types of cold fusion? 🙂

  • Raul

    In one year we will see if this is a scam or not. Just wait and time will tell.

    I believe his is not lying us just because he is not asking for money in any way.

    • “I believe he is not lying us just because he is not asking for money in any way.”
      Very valid point. Rossi hasn’t tried to take my money, hasn’t even provided a way to give him my money.

      However, it does appear that he has taken money from some. I know of no one that gave him money that couldn’t afford it, and that didn’t have a demonstration first.

  • Dennis

    The best thing you folks can do today is to buy the stock “HD” and take the information about they going to distribut this heater for real.

  • New terms:

    A state of reduced common sense brought on by the exuberant and irrational belief that the Rossi E-cat is real.

    LENR’s permit (spoken as “learner’s permit”)

    The license one grants himself to extrapolate marginally believable and difficult to reproduce new physics phenomena as an immediately viable consumer oriented product that will answer to all of mankind’s energy problems.


    • Improved:

      .. that will answer to all of mankind’s energy problems…sometime early NEXT year….


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  • “With comments like this, and others he has made recently, we have to be at a point now where we must declare Rossi either to be a total fraud (or lunatic), or that he is really doing what he says.”

    I clearly see a third option, that he is an exaggerating (lying) bombastic entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are famous for their exaggeration (lying). That does not mean that his technology is not substantially as demonstrated.

    • the snake

      Actually as a entrepreneur he’s pretty bad and up to now he has no staff around him and any sort of a team which would be necessary to realize his visions. All such previous attempts somehow always failed, like the corporation with Defkalion, the universities, the alleged company in USA he first mentioned, etc. Now he says to get on the market in 18 months, that’s up from any previous projections. My assumption is, the e-cat is based on r&d that was done by Blacklight, maybe with a few modifications. There is energy production, however this comes from depleting H. The second version of square e-cats were rather bulky, I assume they contain some H tank that allowed to extend the heat production duration. Rossi would have thought, he was able to cycle between these e-cats to overcome the depletion and recovering issues with the catalyzers, however this doesn’t work and won’t ever.

      • Rockyspoon

        How do you know he “has no staff around him and any sort of a team”?

        Do you have access to his payroll?

        On the other hand, I’ve heard him reference a bevy of workers that help with this project–they’re not invisible but he keeps them busy rather than in front of the cameras.

  • sapain

    i question a few things.
    why the cancelation of oil from canada.
    employment is said to be rising-who`s highering.
    obama is pushing alternative energy.
    could these b pointing to lenr and rossi.

  • Pontus

    I would like to see ecat make electricity direct from the infrared heat. Maybe Rossi could use high-temperature photonic crystals to do this:

  • Translate
    Andrea Rossi
    February 7th, 2012 at 2:41 PM
    Dear Harold:
    Pre-order accepted.
    The price will be between 600 and 800 US$.
    The E-Cat will be able to be applied to any existing heater.
    Warm Regards,

  • Gregoryyc

    My friends. I am just gonna have some fun throwing $ numbers around so have patience.

    I just took a look at an amazing $$$$$$$$$ market size for LENR/Cold-Fusion. It is so freaking huge it makes your head spin and never to stop. Ok lets put a number on it.
    World energy was 2400TW in 2008. Lets assume Ecat and Hyperion will sell 1MW generators for $1M, which equals to $1=1W (industrial).
    And lets call 0.1% market penetration/replacement as success per year. So that would take 1000 years for complete change over. Hey I’m not gonna survive that long but I’ll try ..How else am I gonna see the new world you guys are talking about before I go HUH ?

    Anyho, 0.1% is 2.4TW = 2,400,000MW
    At 1MW = $1M = $1/W
    How much is that going to my bank account ?
    Walla. It is: $2,400,000,000,000 !!!!!!!!!
    $2.4 Trillion

    Now Dr. rossi did say that for home heating units he’ll charge $50/kW. = 5 cents/W
    Another Walla yet ! $120 billion !!!!

    So averaging out between home ecat type and industrial types and assuming 50/50 spread. Around $1.3 trillion.

    And that is just to satisfy existing replacements. What about all those newbies ? I heard that would multiply 100 folds total users easy around the world. so the 2.4TW goes straight up the scale to 240TW .

    Now that will then make it to become $130 Trillion/yr business. …for 1000 years !!

    And you have to manufacture 240,000,000 1MW size E-cats.

    And I heard somewhere’s that Dr. Rossi wanted to allow 100,000 units per licensee per country ? At that rate you will need 2400 licensees over 2400 countries.
    We only have 110 or so countries , counting those mickey mouse island nations with only few thousands people even. So…We’ll need to go take over Mars and Venus and the whole lotta solar system planets in a hurry to make that number happen.

    And all that money !!!whoww !! you will make that much for 1000 years give and take few years. !!!!!!!

    Good thing is with E-cat propulsion you can go anywheres without tooo much problem.

    I don’t know .. but I think I’m gonna go have coffee and go to sleep ………..

    • Alex

      So you’re saying that the current dirty 2400TW took a 1000 year as well? I guess not.

  • People have short memories. Those with longer memories will recall that at the beginning of 2011 Rossi’s ‘story’ was that production and sale of ECATs would be underway in the final quarter of 2011 at an annual rate of 300,000 units. Now it is the start of 2012, and the current story is that production will be starting in the final quarter of 2012 at an annual rate of one million units.

    I remain optimistic but, not unreasonably in my opinion, uncertain.

    All I can say is that if by this time next year the story becomes that production will commence in the fourth quarter of 2013, at an annual rate of three million units, Rossi will lose me as a believer. But I suppose the one-year slippage may quite reasonably be explained by the issues with Defkalion.