The Dawn of the Energy Age — Article on LENR

Mark J Belanger, a columnist writing for South Coast Today, a local magazine based in New Bedford, Masssachusetts writes a comprehensive article about LENR in general, and Rossi’s E-Cat in particular. He takes the view that LENR’s time has come and that Rossi’s and others’ devices (mentions Defkalion, NASA also) will totally transform the energy industry. Belanger’s outlook for the current energy industry is bleak. He sees LENR taking the place of every other form of energy in his geographical region within a short period of time.

Within five years, the number of gas customers for the Middleboro Gas & Electric Department will start to plummet. Within 10 to 15 years, there won’t be a single customer remaining for either gas or electric. The year 2012 will be looked at by future historians as the dawn of a new age of man – The Energy Age. This will happen because of widespread adoption of a new power source that will provide heat, cooling and electricity for your house for less than $100 per year. It will produce no waste of any kind: No radiation, no greenhouse gases, not even ash. It will replace oil, gas, and coal power plants as well as solar panels and windmills.

Belanger’s perspective is not new. Like many others, he paints a rosy scenario — who would not want cheap, clean and abundant energy? However when you start to think of the implications of change on the rapid scale he expects, you wonder what the implications would be for the world will be. For example, right now the natural gas industry is booming. Many projections In the United States, and many people are working for a US energy infrastructure around natural gas (e.g. the Pickens Plan) Russia comes to mind also — the primary supplier of natural gas to much of Europe and Asia. If LENR replaces gas as the primary form of domestic and industrial heat, there would be huge economic and political disruptions that are very difficult to predict.

It’s interesting to find such a thorough treatment of LENR in a publication that is not directed towards the scientific or academic community — is a local news and community site for people living in southern Massachusetts. Another sign, perhaps, that the topic of LENR may begin to be a part of the national and international conversation.

  • Alexvs

    Perhaps an essay about cheap and personal “energy generator”. Other essays about alien invasions are very interesting too. But all of them are “what would happen if…”

    • Roger Bird

      Alexvs, keep reading and watch your mind change. My mind flip-flopped many times before I settled on 100% certain with LENR and 85% certain with Rossi/Defkalion being able to supercharge it and control it and sustain it. My money is on Defkalion breaking out first.

  • JDP

    If its real, the changes for mankind and the world will be enormously positive like nothing else that has occurred since we discovered agriculture.

    The problem is no one knows for sure if this is real or a pipe dream. Many of the proponents right now seem to act in the same fashion as people of religion its all based on faith.

    The DGT tests if they happen, will hopefully put this to rest one way or another.

    My fingers are crossed hoping for the long shot that this is the real deal.

    • DSM

      There is nothing wrong with getting excited about the potential. But, I agree some people are counting their chickens before the eggs have even been laid let alone hatched.

      For myself, I am enjoying being a spectator & hope it does happen exactly as Rossi claims. I do like to see the little guy succeed against the ‘impossible’ odds.

      It is so ironic that he can’t patent it in the US because the US patent office says it can’t be explained. So Rossi’s only real option is to just go & build & sell the unexplained devices.

      Doug M

  • DSM

    The geopolitical ramifications of Rossi being accurate about his eCats & his manufacturing plant about to be built, are enormous.

    – Oil futures will run into problem
    – Iran’s nuclear ambitions start to become irrelevant
    – Gas industry will be challenged
    – Denmark’s economy will take a hit as export of wind generators become moot
    – Russia’s re-arming & re-establishment of its power will be blunted
    – India will get a massive kick in lifting its economic base (cheap energy & masses of people)
    – China’s expansion will not get nasty as oil availability dries up
    – Arab nations will take an economic nosedive unless they adapt (Dubai & Abu Dhabi will suffer in particular)
    – Japan’s dependance of foreign energy will be greatly reduced
    – Nuclear power stations will go away
    – National electricity grids should become redundant
    – Space exploration will become a whole lot cheaper and available to more nations
    – The potential for spin-offs from the transmutation processes is the tip of an iceberg of ‘new science’
    – A lot of science reputations will be severely damaged & some damaged ones rehabilitated

    And so on

    Doug M

    • kryptomaniac

      “Iran’s nuclear ambitions start to become irrelevant”

      How do you get that one? An Iran with Nukes without oil income would be MORE dangerous. Think NK on steroids. If all they have to sell is nuke tech, then that’s what they’ll sell.

      “Space exploration will become a whole lot cheaper and available to more nations”

      Not sure where you get this one. NASA has used nuke power for satellites/probes for years.

      Now ecat power on the moon/mars….

      • DSM

        Got it *directly* from a presentation by Dennis Bushnell – given to a NASA event on 22 Sept 2011 (look him up). Repeated by Zawodny (look him up too).


        Doug M

    • Roger Bird

      Doug M

      Iran’s nuclear ambitions will not become irrelevant because their ambitions are not about energy, unless you include as energy a nuclear explosion in Tel Aviv. Iran’s nuclear ambitions are about hatred of Jews and the West. The only thing that LANR will do to Iran’s nuclear ambitions is to hopefully bankrupt Iran so that they cannot proceed with their nuclear ambitions.

      • daniel maris

        I agree Roger. In fact, in some ways, have a cheap form of in situ energy generation without the need to build supply lines or deliver oil, could make secret nuclear facilities in mountains even more impervious to attack.

        • Roger Bird

          And more difficult to detect.

      • Heinz

        What does LANR mean? Low Anarchy Nuclear Reaction?

        • Alain

          LENR is Low Energy (=cold) Nuclear Reaction
          LANR is a variant that explain better the probable mecanism : Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction.
          this mean that the reaction happend in a metalic atom lattice.

      • Alain

        geostrategy is more complex than their clown show. their real enemy is saudi.
        their bomb is simply a way to sanctuarize their homeland, from US and Israeli bombing.
        Until Irak and afgan failure, invasion of Iran was nearly sure, and it was rational for them to seek sanctuarization.
        however if US is becoming more calm, israel is becoming totally irrational with a surprising stupidity.
        The way they behave with they only potential allies, like Lebanon or fattah, is strategically absurd, and méga-stupid, if not totally monstruous humanly…

        in fact from friend here, the country is becoming crazy, like Iran revolution at the beginning… they are at a moment they could trigger WW3.
        Democraty is controlled by religious extremist… permanent war make people stupid, and they vote for stupidity…

        Iran is probably frightened by those unpredictable Israeli, but also by Saudi who hate the Siha, like Iranians… I won’t be surprised if they push israel and US to bomb Iran… they are probably behind the recent terrorist attack in Iran, helping mossad with Sunni/Wahabi/Salafi networks.

        the only good new, is that thanks bush, Irak is now Siha, allied with Iran…

        Armadinejad have no real power, and all the power in in the “expert committee of mullah”
        For armadinejad, complaining on US and Israel is a way to control the population… a bit like US do when they talk of Iran and NKorea… dodging method to avoid talking of unemployment and cost of living.

        when/if Iran have the bomb, the zone will calm down, especially if oil get cheaper.
        nobody will dare/want to put their nose there…
        just have to give antipsychotic drugs to Israel. I’ve known them much smarter…
        maybe the economic crisis, and the war induced depression.

        • DSM


          As usual – interesting thoughts – thanks

          Doug M

      • DSM

        Sorry but it is simple economic logic – Iran would quickly run out of money to pursue its nuclear ambitions if the Western embargo now being put in place is as effective as it will be if no one else wants to buy Iran’s oil.

        So people just point out where Iran will fund its ongoing nuclear ambitions from if its sources of income that fund such activities, dries up or is choked off.

        Doug M

    • daniel maris

      That’s a good list but you could probably keep writing for the next 24 hours and still not be near anything like an exhaustive list. You could have made similar lists about the arrival of steam power.

      I think certainly some countries will be big winners and some big losers. The Japanese look like they would benefit greatly. UK may be middling, given our oil and gas reserves. Russia and many midEast countries will be big losers and many will become failed states.

    • Ged

      Oil futures are in no danger. Even if we switch all our combustion and energy production away from oil over night, we still need it for the production of plastics and other petroleum products (such as white petrolatum which is extremely useful for treating wounds). So much depends on oil, it’s mind boggling.

      We will always need oil. On the other hand, if we’re not burning it for energy, we can rely more on bio oil instead of mining crude.

      • Alain

        not exactly.
        not using oild for heating (few years), nor moving (a decenny) , and the anticipation of that fact will kill all prospection and research in oil, and also in bio-oil.
        the result will be cheap oil from the beginning, then less production, but much less consumption…
        plastic and chemical industry don’t need much oil, compared to todays energy usage…

        so oil will became rare, by lack of prospection, thus more expensive again, but it won’t be a problem anymore… raising price will call for prospection and drilling, but just what is needed

    • sapain

      i agree with u, all fission energy will take a seat at the back of the bus. countries will wake up and realize and say what r we argueing about. with the implosion of monetary value of resources that lenr will bring, the world`s thought will shift. war is based on greed of resources, basically energy ie. need more human slaves, need more oil, need more money to gain more power and control, lenr will stop this in it`s tracks.
      iran would green itself with plants, iran will barter it`s plastics, use plastic to desalinate water to go green. iran is targeted for it`s oil and fight against the us dollar, once lenr kicks in, the target will disappear.

  • Alain

    The Energy age is not a good term.
    many of the big revolutions are Energy Revolution…
    the animal revolution, the slave revolution, the steam revolution, the electric revolution, the oil revolution, the nuke revolution (some anticipated too early the solar-wind, but failed)… and this one, the LENR revolution.

    each time we discover a new eve cheaper energy source…

    there are other typical revolution…
    the information revolutions : language, writing, printing, telegraph, telephone, radio, computers, network, mobile phone,internet, web, web2, mobile internet…

    other are food revolution, often linked to energy revolution :
    neolithic, cattle, milk, corn, potatoes, cheical fertilizers, pesticides, safer pesticides, GMO… next maybe hydroponic, heated greenhouse, desalinization or artificial light, or algae, or fishbonds bloom… will see.

    • Francesco

      This revolution is about stepping beyond newtonian physics and Einstain’s relativity. this revolution ultimately leads to what now we call “metaphysics” or beyond physics. This revolution and the technology that will emerge will cause a major rethinking of practically everything, not only energy. Tapping into a new clean energy souce means rewriting books and current education. it means rethinking transportation. it means rethinking current medicine. it opens up to space travel but also to hyperdimensional and time travel. moving beyond current physics models is a totally different revolution.

    • daniel maris

      I agree Alain. I think there will be a new agricultural revolution. With energy so cheap you can afford to grow plants in greenhouses, polytunnels and urban farm towers using prodigious amounts of artifical heat and light. Not just your own plants, but plants from all around the world, including tropical species. If water is a problem, you can take water vapour from the atmosphere and recycle within your enclosed environment.

      The big losers here could be the growers of tropical foods. But all agricultural exporters might lose out.

  • 600 Million smog producing cars off the road within 10 years is my bet as well. We can now replace batteries with small generators.

    Actually we have 3 energy choices for cars although electric will probably win in my opinion.

    We could go Hydrogen vehicles with electricity so much cheaper hydrogen will also be cheap and could
    power your current car with only slight modifications.

    We could go electric replacing batteries with e-cats and generators. Why would we need tiny leaf like cars though. I want an e-cat powered motorhome that I can drive across the country for less than $20. Let’s make all cars really really big.

    E-cats produce steam, so a closed loop steam engine may be viable. This seems like the most awkward transition however. The e-cats have slow start/stop times and currently opperate in “bursts”. It might take some engineering to make steam powered cars possible yet it is a third option.

    600 million smoggy cars/trucks off the road. Sounds nice for our lungs.

    What about boats. Do I really want a sailboat when I can speed across the ocean in a powerboat for only a few dollars worth of nickel. Ocean liners can convert their huge fuel tanks to hold more fresh water and give longer more speedy tours.

    With portable power people could have the comforts of home almost anywhere. You will see many people living in the middle of the ocean just because they can.

    It is nice to see news reporters finally recognizing one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of history.

    • Omega Z

      kwhilborn… Not to burst your bubble. I hope this pans out like many others.

      But at present we don’t know(Even if LENR WORKS) if it will function in a vehicle of car or truck scale. The instability of these vehicles may be to ruff for them to function properly. Rossi has mentioned large water craft & trains will happen before cars & trucks. Possibly because of this reason.

      Hydrogen has it’s own transport problems at this time(Safety), so I would bet Electric cars at least in the near future. Possibly Fuel Cells after that. Both fueled from home setup.

      With current Electrical conversion, the cost of 1 cent per Kw would actually become 3 cents. Still much cheaper then the 12 cents per Kw we pay now.

      Just so you & everyone else knows. $20 dollars a year is a misconception in most cases. If you have a 4000 Sq, Ft. Home in much of the U.S., It would require 4- 10Kw E-cats to heat it. That would be 4x$20 figure you run them year round for heating & cooling. $80 bucks. However, That’s a far cry from $200 plus for 1 month.

      Basically what I’m saying is the more E-cat power required, the more fuel used. More cost. 1 cent per Kw for heat. 3 cents per Kw Electrical.

      Rossi implies a recharge running a 10Kw E-cat flat out every 6 months. Longer if shut down from time to time. He’s also indicated there will be a thermostat type of control, so I assume this would vary the recharge cycle. Basically, the control panel will alert you to when a recharge is actually necessary according to his latest statements, but you should get a minimum of 6 months flat out run time regardless.

      I believe these Mis-Perceptions by many people on these sites just add fuel to fire for the Skeptics. The- It sounds to good to be true argument therefore…

      If the E-cat pans out & becomes proven, then anything is possible in the future given time.

      • Ged

        I like your analysis, Omega.

        If the E-cat works, and that’s still a complete unknown, the best application for it in terms of vehicles would be to use it to power recharging stations for electric cars and trucks. Since it’s small, it’d be easy to put high powered (thus quick recharge times) mini stations in places like parking lots, to make powering electric vehicles convenient and much cheaper than now.

        As it stands now, relying on the main power grid for charging electric vehicles proves a massive problem. The more of those cars we get out there, using 100’s of kilowatts, the greater the exponential strain on the power grid will become. I don’t think our current grid system could handle that with as old as they are. So, a small electric generator like the E-cat could potentially alleviate much of that burden.

        To me, that’s the best use of it, and far more realistic than sticking it directly inside a vehicle, from what we know of it now.

      • sapain

        hydrogen will be used for off road transportation, how about the thought of on the fly inductive charging and/or direct use. powering transportion with road imbedded inductors. i like the thought of, as kwhilborn say, motor homes but only with wings. lenr is real, has been since 1989. the battle is over keeping lenr contained.

      • I agree that Andrea Rossi version of the ecat is not fir for cars. Although we can generate cheaper electricity with any steam from these devices they are currently tending to “melt down” if they are run too hot.

        First defkalion says they have solved a heat problem by using bursts of energy output. I guess they start and stop it?

        There is currently over 100 billion dollars being spent on green energy research worldwide. If LENR gets a seat at the forefront then it will replace most other research and could have billions upon billions of dollars thrown at this.

        So far we know Andrea Rossi has sold his home to fund his research. How can that compare to a Billion or Billions of dollars?

        When I suggest Cars/Trucks will carry this technology I am doing so with much forethought.

        It would currently be possible to run an ecat car/truck based on the Rossi e-cat, but it would require a 20ft trailer being towed behind the vehicle to provide the power. There are steam to electric generated cars on youtube even now, but none relying on e-cats for steam.

        If Defkalion is true to what they say, then they are much closer to this sort of car technology.

        I am not speaking blindly. I understand the Widom-Larsen Theory enough to explain it rather well, and have seen other possibl new physics debated in this such as the Quantum Ring Theory.

        Once research facilities and auto manufacturers decide they are going to go with e-cats we will see a lot of changes to the tech in only a short time.

      • Steve Robb

        “The instability of these vehicles may be to ruff for them to function properly. Rossi has mentioned large water craft & trains will happen before cars & trucks. Possibly because of this reason.”

        The above quote for me closes the question as to whether you have anything going on upstairs.

        • Omega Z


          Consider that the secret ingredient isn’t a secret ingredient per-say, but the disposition of the nickel powder.

          Sinta forge. A process of using powdered metal, pressed into shape/molded then heated to high temp to produce parts, gears, etc..

          Nickel nano powder pressed into a strip or some other shape known to Rossi that efficiently catalyzes.

          This would fit other researchers developing a lattice for best results. Originally they tried for the best quality metal electrodes & had poor results. It was the lower quality electrodes that produced the best results. Imperfections, pits so forth. The lattice they’ve developed provides for supper fine openings allowing the process to work.

          Rossi may have figured this out & working within limited funding, used the pressed process because of costs. Rossi is an engineer & would be knowledgeable of the sinta process. This would produce a fairly high quality lattice frame work without developing new technology to produce it. The equipment is readily available. It would also be a cheap.
          Leave out the high temp. The product is ready to use.

          This would explain a couple things about the E-cat.

          The Lattice would have a limited life that would be measurable. This could fit the 180 day of heating before deterioration takes it’s toll. Only 10% of the nickel is used, but the other 90% could be deteriorated to the point that it’s no longer workable. At least not efficiently.

          If the E-cat runs out of control & gets to hot, the nickel would melt together destroying the lattice works & fail.

          This nickel strip or shape is press formed. It would be delicate/brittle. It would handle being on a train or large water craft like large yachts & so forth, but may not handle most vehicles hitting potholes & such.

          Stating a secret ingredient is vague. It would also explain nothing of interest being found in the couple of samples that Rossi had analyzed after some run tests by outsiders. At least no secret ingredient residue.
          But I could be wrong.

    • Francesco

      really big cars may not be an issue in a “Free energy” world. however if everyone wants big cars we may have an issue with natuarel resources. just because the future opens up to “free emergy” it does not mean that everything should be wasted! a car needs to be as big as it makes logical sense to be! let’s get out of the logic of opulence and waste. Nikola Tesla was running an electric car by tapping into radiant energy from the aether. Opening up to “free energy” means rethinking current physics models. once mankind will be able to do this, out of the hat will come things way more “powerful” then Ecat and Hydrogen. Let’s us not limit ourselves on grounfs that Ecat sounds great. Think bigger that the big motorhome you would like to have, but stop thinking that the worlds need the old “american” model of “everything big”. Francesco

      • Alain

        today the speed limit of cars, the size limit of car, is traffic…

        here scooter and bike become popular because driving is impossible in urban zone… despite the high mortality of scooter (bike much less, but more tiring/sweating)

    • daniel maris

      I did read that steam engine cars have v. good torque.

      I suppose that you could have a motor running all the time and venting heat…but that might be an issue in a garage.

  • Adrian Ashfield

    My article published in the DelcoTimes beat this one by a month.

    • Roger Bird

      Actually, I saw the article.

  • Omega Z

    Like most people, Mark Belanger of South Coast Today, Is naive of the task at hand.

    This is the mentality of Most National Leaders in the World. This is exactly the reason they will try(Or Maybe Have) to hold it up or delay this technology as long as possible. They believe it would be highly disruptive to the World Economy. They also have a lot to lose considering Nations own or control 90% of the Fossil fuels available in the World.

    How many years since Katrina hit New Orleans, A Single City & they still haven’t Fully recovered. People still on waiting lists to get work done.

    I’ve posted several times that if LENR works, It will take at least 2 decades for it to become mainstream. Even then the process won’t be complete. 90% to 95% High Efficiency Gas furnaces have been available for 20 years & still millions of homes in the U.S. don’t have them & that’s with heating costs trending up all the while.

    Rossi has plans to produce a Million E-cats a year. Big Deal. That means nothing.

    Why? Because his 10Kw E-cats are capable of heating a 1000 Sq. Ft. home. Most homes built in the States today range from 2500 to 4000 Sq, Ft. Add 1 E-cat for each 1000 Sq. Ft.

    There’s 7 Billion people in the World and the Number is increasing. Do the Math. Also between 50 & 60 percent of the Energy used in the World is industrial or business.

    Conversion from Heat to Electric is about 1/3rd. Just to give you an Idea, A 10Kw E-cat means If you have 2 people using blow dryers to dry their hair at the same time, the E-cat is maxed out.

    I’m sure in time they will develop the technology to improve the Electrical conversion rate to 50 to 60 percent. Maybe higher. This will take time & it also has to be economical. Even then the E-cats will have to be scaled up to produce some where around a 100Kw capacity for the average home. There’s also many other technical problems to be worked out such as ramping up & down the Electrical production in real time.

    All of this will take time. Even building a factory to produce these E-cats can take a year or 2 & they will need several thousand to meet World demand. That requires a lot of capital.

    As the E-cat comes online the cost of Fossil fuels will decline which will have the effect of reducing the rush to convert. At some point some rules & regulations will have to be imposed to push the conversion. Such as Replacing wiring in your home has to be up to code even though the old wasn’t.

    A 20 to 30 year Conversion isn’t all Bad. In fact it would be best. If things happened over a few years 10’s of millions would be out of work. What good is an E-cat if you lose your home to Foreclosure. You don’t have to work in the Fossil fuel Industry to lose your job. All jobs are interconnected to some extent. If someone lost his job at an Oil company, he won’t be buying a house or building one. This applies to everything including a job at a fast food joint. Less customers, Less Jobs.

    Oil won’t disappear. Neither will Coal or Gas. Their used in everything around us. About 10 to 15% of the plants in the U.S. that burn coal has nothing to do with Electrical Generation. 60% of oil isn’t used for transportation. However the price would decline & the products made from them would eventually decline to some extent over time. That’s a Plus.

    A slow transition will allow people who lose their jobs to be retrained for the new jobs created. People trained to install & service the E-cats. This means minimal disruption. Even if E-cats were readily available with all the add-on components that would be required today, you would find yourself on a long waiting list of possibly years. The infrastructure & trained personnel will take time to be setup.

    A million a year. At 1 million 10Kw E-cats per day would take several decades. You would be 1 of Billions of people who would want one. Take a number!!!

    • sapain

      once lenr runs, 1 million ecat per yr won`t happen, it will be more like 1 million a day, all nations will be producing as the thought of oil dependancy disappears in blink of the eye. the only disruptions is to the oil producers, the world is very intelligent and can adapt over night. the world infrastructure is already in place. lenr is an adaptable energy source not the emergance of a new system, it takes 10-20 yrs for a new system to emerge. electric motor r now being produced, vehicles r now produced, thermalacustics r now being produced, it is the question of fast adaption can happen and it will happen as fast as lenr can be made.

      • Ged

        No, I think Omega Z’s analysis is far more realistic. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, if the e-cat even works.

        Adoption takes time, a lot of time. This is because of market momentum and inertia. It’s very hard to change over existing systems rapidly, as people are resistant and like to stick with what they know works. Even if the E-cat and LENR are everything they’ve promised, even if they are everything and more, it will take a long time for people to change their habits and budgeting to integrate the technology–and there are always limits where specialized systems will perform better. Not to mention currently the E-cat is a heater and doesn’t directly produce electricity.

      • Exactly. Andrea Rossi will not be able to meet demand of this and improved Black market e-cats will be the wave of the future.

    • Steve Robb

      Oh baby! Is this overwrought or what? I suspect Omega Z has some kind of skin in this game. Otherwise…save me Omega Z, please save me from myself and my deluded beliefs. And thanks much.

      • Omega Z

        Steve Robb

        I have now skin in the game anymore then anyone else here who hopes the E-cat pans out.

        Just being realistic about the E-cat at present. If it saves a couple hundred a month in heating would be great. Anything else that develops would be icing on the cake.

        It’s present size & productivity is limited. Also converting heat to electric is about 1/3rd. Higher efficiencies are possible, but costs quickly make it prohibitive. We need breakthroughs in other technologies to make it financially practical.

        To understand the scope of market size, you would need approximately 2 10Kw E-cats per person in the world. Maybe more. That doesn’t include business & industrial needs(60%) of all energy use.). It also doesn’t include new demand that it would be possible to use E-cats for. Desalinizing water, etc…

        People talk about using them in their cars. We don’t even know if they would function in something as unstable as a car platform. Also at present you need an external electric supply for it to function. A simple battery won’t cut it. Converted to electric car use even if capable wouldn’t produce enough energy. Converting water to hydrogen combustion engine or fuel cell from a home unit may be a better short term solution as it could do this 24/7.

        Cost will play a major factor. If it works, the e-cat would most likely be very cost effective for hot water, home heating, & cooling, even if it requires several $1000 (Heat pumps aren’t cheap)for additional materials & installation & multiple E-cat units. After that it gets kind of dicey. It depends a lot on further breakthroughs.

    • Anthony

      5 kW hairdryers ?! You must have some kinda hair !!
      I think you mean 500 watts, so you could have 20 running at once.

      • Omega Z


        A 10Kw E-cat converted 1/3rd Electric just over 3Kw. Most hand held blow dryers rated at about 1200 to 1500 watts Bought many in the past for my kids. 2 & your done. Most clothes dryers have 2 elements rated between 1800 & 2600 watts EACH. An average Refrigerator on the other hand requires about 600 to 800 watts peak at start.

        So you know there’s no ill will intended, If I was younger & healthier I’m probably the guy you would want for a neighbor when you get your E-cat. You cold ask me to help install it as I have most or all the skills to do it & It would probably only cost you a beer or 2 for my labor. Sorry additional materials you would have to cover.

      • Omega Z


        A 10Kw E-cat converted 1/3rd Electric just over 3Kw. Most hand held blow dryers rated at about 1200 to 1500 watts Bought many in the past for my kids. 2 & your done. Most clothes dryers have 2 elements rated between 1800 & 2600 watts EACH. An average Refrigerator on the other hand requires about 600 to 800 watts peak at start.

        So you know there’s no ill will intended, If I was younger & healthier I’m probably the guy you would want for a neighbor when you get your E-cat. You cold ask me to help install it as I have most or all the skills & equipment to do it & It would probably only cost you a beer or 2 for my labor. Sorry additional materials you would have to cover.

  • sapain

    2012 maybe the yr all nations in debt claim bankrupcy, realizing that the termm austarity now has no legs.
    the term nwo will be redefined as true freedom from dependancy slavery. no longer will man b dependant on something that on or two will control with ease.
    governing systems will change as dependancy wanies and new thought processes emerge. i look towards the day that man realizes that they r one and not look at each other as multiple races, putiing aside nationality saying i`m not french, russian, amercian, chinese but i and we r of the same species, leading to a world with no boders that all may say the world is my place of birth and with it the undienable right to go where ever, when ever with out question. no need for passports, driver liciences but just a simple hello and hand shake and do u need any help.
    with dependancy gone creative will flourish.
    those multi trillionaires must b starting to weep, they r losing the right to interest on something they do not own.
    go lenr go and don`t look back.

  • NASA does not have a device. NASA is a great institution. I worked there for 15 years. It’s achilles heel is tech transfer. The place is willing to overlook severe malfeasance and corruption as long as they have something to show for it in the free enterprise system. You can completely destroy and ruin a project worth $100,000,000 USD of taxpayers money within NASA if you create a company that employs 2 people and generates an income of $100,000 USD in the free enterprise system. You’ll even get pats on the back for doing so. Take a look at this website: Search for the term L1 & L2. L0 – raw data from spacecraft, L1 – prepared and packaged data, L2 – science data processing algorithms applied to data, L3 – visualization This is what Dr. Joe is supposed to be doing and what he gets his paycheck from you and me the stupid taxpayer for doing. In the Organization Charts I bet there is no LENR & Climate Science group, section, or division. It’s this one guy’s pet hobby project I bet. Being supported by you and I the stupid taxpayer no doubt. His job is to work on Earth Observing Systems (EOS). Which part of Observing does LENR fit into? One has nothing to do with the other. They’re skew fields of science. To take this guy’s video and automatically extrapolate it into the statement that “NASA has a device” is shoddy journalism.

    • Ged

      I haven’t read the article, and don’t feel like doing so (as just the short snippet posted here looks way too over the top), so I can’t say if he actually claims NASA has a device, or if he’s just mentioning NASA’s patent application. If he claims they do have a device, without presenting evidence beyond just that video and patent application we have so far, that is indeed shoddy journalism.

      • Everything that goes on at NASA that is not a military secret can be verified by the general public. It is a government institution. The article claims a working prototype of Rossi’s device has been submitted to UL. If it even occasionally generates gamma radiation (see previous blog post) a working prototype cannot leave the shop floor where it is made without FDA approval. FDA approval can be verified. The article claims Defkalion is letting independent parties test their machine. If Defkalion is so open the names of the independent parties and their test schedule should be made available. All of these things are verifiable if a reputable journalist does his homework.

    • Steve Robb

      “His job is to work on Earth Observing Systems (EOS). Which part of Observing does LENR fit into?”

      That’s right! Keep your nose to the grindstone and shoulder to the wheel, your lousy Dr. Joe! With narrow minded people, Charles Ponzi, like you pushing and shoving others about the world would fall into dust and you would have no clue whatsoever as to why it happened.

      P.S. I’ve always found it odd that you would adopt the name of a scammer to post under.

  • Roberto

    Late 2012 – The Dawn of the Energy Age – Mayan Predictions? 🙂

  • Sanjeev
  • Sanjeev
  • Sanjeev

    The 10kw ecat pre-order count is 100,000 now.
    However, I have no reason to believe this figure. And frankly I do not understand why an honest and reasonable man would go on making unsubstantiated claims every day. I do not get the plan.

    • skeptic

      The pieces don’t fit.

      Nothing tangible, no prototype, but the promise (savor that word!) of one million devices – a long, long time from now.
      Not a word about field testing – those million devices are going to be flawless from the start. From videotaped lab experiment to home applicance in one giant step.
      Gamma rays which will not be of any concern to any consumer authority.
      Gamma rays as proof of fusion but all the other pieces (fusion products, isotope ratio’s) don’t match.
      Fusion is not the energy source, says Rossi, but he is not even remotely interested in what the energy source might be.

      Dear believers, Rossi is selling dreams, and you love to dream his cheap CO2-free future.
      Doesn’t it all sound a bit too good?

      • daniel maris

        Well of course you are loading all the sceptical points on one side – they are all quite valid. But on the other side you have:

        NASA and others confirming that LENR is for real.

        NASA’s patented method sounding like it’s quite close to Rossi’s.

        The fact that Focardi, a leader in the field, has worked closely with Rossi and hasn’t disowned him.

        The confirmation that National Instruments are working with Rossi.

        The fact that Rossi did give live demonstrations.

      • Steve Robb

        Your working of the subject now has a tone of desperation.

      • Jim

        On the contrary, Rossi showed his prototype in a live demonstration. Nor was the video taped lab experiment to home appliance simply one giant leap, considering that he sold a dozen of the 1MW units.

        But even if it was one giant leap, so what? Didn’t the telephone go from a lab experiment to home appliance largely in one step?

        “Fusion is not the energy source, says Rossi, but he is not even remotely interested in what the energy source might be. ”

        Really? You got that from him somewhere? Rossi is an inventor and a businessman, and as such is more interested in the applications of the discovery than an academic might be, but you don’t know that he hasn’t figured out the energy source.

        Computer circuits worked long before science figured out what exactly was happening. Electricity was harnessed before we really understood what electrons are, or even in which direction they move.

    • Brad Arnold

      I’m sorry Sanjeev, but how many things do you say each day that are “unsubstanciated?” Generally, people don’t gossip with affidavits attached. As Rossi has said from the beginning (i.e. over a year ago at his Jan. news conference): ‘The time for words is over, and only successful commercialization will convince people.’ In my opinion you are attaching to much importance on validation – it is just chatter until successful commercialization is achieved.
      If you are eager for independent validation, then look to Defkalion who has (presumably) chosen 7 independent labs to validate their LENR generator. Of course, the watch the “skeptics” try to discredit whomever comes out with a positive report – again, only successful commercialization will squash those “skeptics” and “pessimists” (then they can just buy one and test it themselves, and they will go on to poo-pooing another black swan event).

      • I’m all ears. Can you name the 7 labs and the time schedule?

      • Sanjeev

        Validation is important, but I’m not calling him a scammer if he chooses not to validate it. A product will be ultimate validation. Everything is fine up to here.

        The other major claims which are made by him every other day involve no secrets and should be substantiated by stating hard facts, may in press conferences with names of the partners, companies, contractors involved. Just like all other reputed cos do.

        “The time for words is over”. 🙂 It is ironical that all he does is throw words around.

        It is very likely that he got some breakthrough in LENR but he is not able to handle it effectively.
        I’m more hopeful about DGT and others.

        • Steve Robb

          If his tact is to avoid people and institutions to which you are attached and instead to go the route of commercialization at all costs then in the mean time all you should expect from him are words/plans/outlines of what is to come which will in the swamp the world of the unbelievers.

          I recently met a person in a chat room of that was specializing in plasma physics. He seemed directionless with respect as to whether he should continue pursuit of his speciality. I asked him if he had heard any interesting stories from the “cold fusion” front recently and was given a very cold shoulder. Too bad for him.

  • Steve Robb

    “Another sign, perhaps, that the topic of LENR may begin to be a part of the national and international conversation.”

    Let us not poke our heads too high nor lift our hopes too high. More weighty stuff has snuffed better.

  • Sanjeev

    Billionaire helps fund MU energy research. And it is the cold fusion research he is funding. This is a big news indeed.

  • Steve Robb

    The oddest and weirdest of weird things that are displayed on sites such as this are the “nay sayers.” Better known as those who would run interference, and I suppose at some level feel they are correcting and saving the “blievers” who have a deviated from the true and narrow path of physics as understood by the priesthood for the past fifty years. Oh, help me please, lawd, hep me! I am drowning! Come rescue me dear Search Light Henry! Help me!

    • Joe

      The “nay sayers” are those that don’t blindly accept cold fusion experiments and theories at face value until something is produced that can be verified by being successfully replicated independently. This is the underpinnings of science, versus depending on personal or popular belief/faith like religion or sorcery.

      • Steve Robb

        I think we are experiencing spillage from where any sort of discussion of such matters is verboten! I hope you catch my drift.

      • Jim

        It’s one thing to be a skeptic, but entirely another to be a nay sayer, especially as there has been dozens of researchers getting results over the last 20 years, not to mention plenty of reason to believe that the several companies involved in developing this technology would have a hard time making a successful scam when they aren’t taking money.

  • Eliot Bernstein

    The Disinformation Smear is On but what amazes me after reading the articke below debunking LENR with no real info, is that NASA then went out and filed Cold Fusion LENR patents of its own????​news/2012/​Report-4-Rossis-NASA-Test-Fails​-to-Launch.shtml

    New Energy Times – Report #4: Rossi’s NASA Test Fails to Launch

    Eliot Bernstein​lewisglarsen/​nasa-zawodny-uspto-patent-a​pplication-on-lenrs-no-201​10255645-published-oct-20-​2011

    NASA- Zawodny – USPTO Patent Application on LENRs No 20110255645 – Published Oct 20 2011

    A NASA LENR-related patent application that lists Dr. Joseph Zawodny as Inventor, senior staff physicist at NASA-LaRC, was published by the USPTO on October 20

    • Ari Latvala

      Dear Mr. Eliot Bernstein,
      Concerning the case “NASA- Zawodny – USPTO Patent Application on LENRs No 20110255645” (later PA1), following observations:
      1. The NASA patent application PA1 is written by extremely broad scope terms, and as such, aims potentially to cath all future LENR commercialisations, if such are released to the market. Potentially this would be good cash generator for NASA.
      2. The PA1 fails to pass the threshold of innovation demonstration via any machine realisation.
      3. In one scenario, USPTO would grant both patents, PA1 as the realisation is in the form of patent application and device of Dr. Rossi, if commercialized.
      4. For Dr. Rossi, the US UL certification, if done, could serve as evidence supporting his patent application.
      4. Such double patenting outcome would support stressed NASA funding for next 16-18 years.

  • Pipmon

    LENR is indeed an idea whose time has come. What does this mean? Well I’ve always been puzzled at the attribution problem for all major inventions/discoveries. Did Bell invent the telephone first or did that Russian guy? (Note that his name has even dissolved in time!) And so it goes for just about every major discovery or invention of the kind that is an incremental step on previously known science.
    So it is with LENR. We are at a time when the basis science for it is becoming known to enough people that the next step, controlled and scaled CF, is a natural evolution. Rossi, Defkalion, Brillouin, Miley etc.. Who will be credited with the last step? Does it matter?
    Surveying the general technological field I see an incredible explosion in all directions, of the same kind. In every domain, collaborative work via the internet, developments in quantum computing, control of biological processes at the very molecular level, nano-materials whose properties are astounding, (becoming transparent on demand, conductivities thousands of times higher than copper etc..), prostheses starting to really talk to the recipient’s nervous system, and similar advancements in every direction we look.
    At the same time, astronomers come to tell us that, lo and behold, contrary to our naïve understanding of not so many years ago, there are apparently thousands of earth-like planets not that far from us!
    So in an age that is, curiously and hopefully momentarily, tending to negativism and fear-mongering we are in fact poised for the incredible inevitable logical step forward. Only those whose mind-set is positive and who are ready and eager to surmount whatever obstacle are invited to come along!

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