Rossi on Dick Smith’s Offer: “I Do Not Need His Money”

Well that didn’t take very long, and Rossi’s response to Dick Smith’s offer of $1 million in return for a successful demo of an E-Cat is consistent with what he has been saying for the last few months:

“This is a Clownerie. If this guy wants to test a 1 MW plant and has 1 million to spend he can buy a 1 MW plant, with a regular contract, that gives him all the necessary guarantees and to us the logic financial guarantees. Our plants Are tested by Our Customers and the Consultants they choose. I have not time at all for this clownery. Besides: when Our E-CATS will be in the market, this “millionaire” will have the chance to buy for few hundred dollars an E-Cat and test it as he wants, so why waste money? I do not need his money.”

There’s a certain logic to Rossi’s response: Smith can buy a 1 MW plant, (apparently he can afford it) and would get his money back if it didn’t work as advertised — or he could wait and buy a small E-Cat when they come on the market. I think, like everyone else, Smith is wanting to know for sure if the E-Cat is what Rossi claims it to be, but we don’t know if he will be willing to purchase a plant to put it to the test.

If he did purchase a plant he could test it thoroughly and let the world know the results — which would be very interesting for everyone following the E-Cat story.

  • dsm

    I love it

    Open letter to Dick Smith 🙂

    Dick, Buy a 1MW eCat, you get to test it yourself however you want to before you pay in full. Rossi offers money back if it doesn’t work – he even allows the money to be placed in escrow.

    Then you could sell it off at a profit (you know how to do that better than most I know).

    Just think – strip out the 125 smaller eCats then have them sold off to the highest bidders.

    Way to go 🙂

    Doug M

    (As Bugs used to say “how now brown cow” – a quote from looney tunes seems highly appropriate)

    • Kim

      I love Andrea Rossi

      Always remember however this all plays out
      that Andrea Rossi will still go down in history
      for his unrelenting contribution to the science…

      Got to love it


      • Astral Projectee

        I doubt Andrea Rossi will be the first one to make it to mainstream market though, as Defkalion is aiming to sell this summer.


        • dragon

          Lets hope that someone is getting to it this year: 2012.

        • dsm

          Defkalion are *not* selling LENR devices – where did you get that idea ?

          Defkallion are selling a manufacturing franchise. There is a massive difference between the two.

          Doug M

  • Tom Krieg

    Atta boy, Rossi.

    That was the proper way to respond. I am proud of you!

  • Sparks

    Maybe Smith’s rationale is that he wants to test an existing unit, because that testing could be done “right away,” as opposed to him waiting in line for his 1 MW e-cat to be constructed and delivered.

    The motivation would be to gain an investment edge, something wealthy guys like him crave. The thing ALL investors want is “Inside Information” that falls short of being considered illegal. In this case, he wants to know in advance if this thing works or doesn’t work. If he waited in line for his e-cat, its success and functional parameters would be “public information” and hence worthless to him, by the time he gets it. He wants to know NOW where to place his energy investment bets.

    So, would this explain his proposal?

  • s

    Everyone has their own opinion on this topic, I guess. In my opinion, Smith should not have focused his prize solely on Rossi. He should have set it up as a $1Million LENR prize open to any individual or team that was first to demonstrate >1KW power with a COP of >=8 for a time span of 5+ hours. The deadline could have been 6 months to a year out and Smith would handpick those who would perform independent black-box verifications and measurements.

    • Robert Mockan

      I second that!

    • dsm

      IMHO Dick was buying redemption – I doubt he had any intention of parting with his $1 mill.

      However Dick is a very generous philanthropist.
      He is at heart a very good man.


      Doug M

  • Astral Projectee

    It would be in Rossi’s best interest to not do the test as that would buy him more time so that nobody could suppress it. As they are in a catch 22 where right now so if anyone would try to stop the E-cat they would be acknowledging that it works. And that make them look unintelligent and looked down on by many in the political and scientific community.

    Note if anyone were to suppress the E-cat I doubt that they would be successful. Only a few would try such a thing most people including the rich and powerful would welcome LENR, IMHO.


    • Josh

      Enough with the conspiracy theories already.
      Sure some tycoons in the energy biz will see him as a competitor, but new energy devices are produced every day (solar, thermal, wind, biological) without “suppressors” killing the inventors.

      For every potential competitor, there’s millions of potential customers, and thousands of potential business partners, even some form the traditional energy industry.

      So, if Rowwi has something he should have shown it long ago.
      By every rationale sign, he’s just a dumb hoax. He surely won’t get away this time, since he raised too much attention.

      • dsm

        Every rationale sign ?

        I have looked for such signs but just can’t see them.

        This is where we all have our views & what makes debate worthwhile.

        Bottom line is the truth will emerge at some point then we can move on.

        Rossi either goes to jail or gets a nobel prize – I’d prefer to see him get the Nobel – he has put in at least4-5 years with Prof Focardi on this.

        Also, everytime any of us calls Rossi a fraudster we really are calling eminent professor Focardi one too & I guess also Prof Strammos and should that include Prof Celani & Prof Levi ? …..

        It is easy to focus on 1 personality & attack just that 1 but Rossi isn’t in this on his own.

        Cheers Josh

        Doug M

      • daniel maris

        The Russian state is happy to have journalists murdered by politicians and gangsters… why should the killing of someone who threatens the state’s revenues and thus the state’s entire security be such a crazy conspiracist idea?

        Remember, Russia has immunity for people who murder abroad in the name of state security.

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        • Rob

          OMG I about died reading this… Thank you one of the truest funniest I have read in a while… Well said sir…

          • Rob

            What did the masochist say to the kirvitist? Be my spokesman. Be my agent/PR Officer.

        • sapain

          there is also a picture of a kirvit in the forbes article.

  • Rossi may be accepting Dick Smith’s offer.

    Dick, go ahead and put the $1m in escrow pending validation/delivery from leonardo corp. Send your two guys to Italy and if it works with COP of 8 for 5hrs, take delivery, if not walk away and keep your cash. Change the world or end the speculation, that simple.

    $1m gift or price tag is just semantics and tax rates.

    Rossi – So when can Dick expect to take delivery?

    • dsm

      Where did you get the $1 mill price tag ?

      I checked Rossis catalogue there are no discounts on $1.5 mill ?


      Doug M

      (The $1 mill was the bet not a buy & Rossi said nothing about dropping his price)

      • Tom

        Rossi – “If this guy wants to test a 1 MW plant and has 1 million to spend he can buy a 1 MW plant.”

      • If Dick Smith is willing to offer $1m to see it working, surely he will offer $1.5m to take one home after the show.

        Go ahead Dick, if you want to move this forward, put $1.5m in escrow for the bet/gift/purchase (whatever you wants to call it) of a 1MW unit.

        Change the world or end the speculation!

        By the way, If you dont want to keep it after the demo, feel free to send it my way, I will pay for shipping.

        cheers, Tyler

  • Lu

    Posted by Steve Krivit on his blog. Presumably he sent this email to Rossi on his own initiative. Let’s see how far this goes. My guess is Rossi ignores it or dismisses it.

    Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 17:59:52 -0800
    To: [Rossi, Zyga, Gibbs, Smith]
    From: Steven Krivit
    Subject: Fwd: Re: Smith Offers $1 Million Prize for Successful E-Cat Demo

    Dear Mr. Rossi,

    If Mr. Smith purchases an E-Cat now, any size E-Cat, how soon can he get it delivered?

    Warm regards,


    • Lu

      Looks like Krivit moved this comment to his post to the post itself ….

  • Camilo

    Krivit is now asking Rossi when he can deliver any size of e-cat for the price of US$1 million. I wonder if that will work for Rossi, but by the tone of his response, I doubt it. I got a chuckle as Krivit signed his e-mail to Rossi as “Snake”.

    • Ged

      For 1 million Rossi delivers a 1 MW plant. So, what’s the fuss?

  • Oprah is now asking Rossi when he can appear for not one but two million big ones.

  • Stephen

    I think there is just one clown in this story… and his show is getting a bit boring.

    • Raul

      If you think it is boring why are you following it? I cannot understand skeptics reading these posts and writing disheartening comments.

      I am atheist but I’m not visiting catholic webs to tell them they are wrong.

      • Steve Robb

        I suspect these skeptics are the type of people that like to throw rocks at chained dogs.

        • Fisher

          I wasn’t a skeptic at first but have started being skeptical. I am following it because news of it is regularly being made public.

          It’s become a silly reality TV show at this point. Still I am interested in how it turns out. Salvation or train wreck, it’s still an interesting read and well within everyone’s rights to comment on to the negative and I know that sux for you.

          Personally, I think Rossi needs to just pony up with a simple test that allows others to see that it is indeed ‘unplugged’, measure the input and output of the device for a period of time that would allow for known processes of creating energy and this whole drama would be over.

          Rossi would be the savior of the world but rather he keeps putting everybody off again and agian. A proper test has never been done and, with no evidence and a proponderance of drama, it just looks really bad.

          Those here who are bad talking the others here who are skeptical are amusing. How can they actually blame anyone for being skeptical under these circumstances? As for following the story and commenting in the forum here…It’s a public forum!

        • Stephen

          We are the true chained dogs… with AR throwing at us promises of a magnificent future… keeping us waiting for a demonstration than never comes. Instead we are just covered by words, promises, quarrels, etc. To me the behavior of AR is simply not understandable.

          It would be very nice if this technology were really working and… Take this: I hope Mr.Rossi will prove I am just a big MORON for not beliving him. I would be SO happy to find out I am that kind of moron one of these days.

          But, hey, just don’t ask me to bet on that!

      • Stephen

        Good point and interesting comparison. Unfortunately this is not religion. It would be nice to reach conclusions on this kind of things based on FACTS and not FAITH. Leave the faith to the church… good point. No problem with that.

        I am one who thinks that LENRs are a very interesting subject and I tried to believe in this story in the beginning… however this is clearly getting harder and harder by the day. What disappoints me is that if this is all fake as I suspect (note I have no direct personal interest in LENRs… I am just honestly curious and I would like to understand if they are real), I think it will actually harm real research.

        For these reasons from time to time I try to understand what’s going and usually I am kind of p****d off by what I find. My dishearthening comments are to bring you down to reality, some of you seem to need this.

  • Jack

    Why should Rossi accept this challenge? It looks like there are enough idiots that will send him money without asking for proof.

    Can’t await Rossi’s reaction to this document.

    • Josh

      What do we see in the doc?
      Could you please explain?

    • Codybear

      This document looks like a fake. I have a hard time believing that a letter head going out from a company has such an obvious mistake with the “Suite” abbreviation. And the spaces in the telephone number make it look like someone from Europe or elsewhere is responsible for this fake. I’m more inclined to say this is fake than real.

      • Roger Bird

        There is also some place in Florida that I never heard of called “BEACH MIAMI”, or else it is a fake.

        • Codybear

          Oops, I missed that glaring mistake as well and the zip code for Miami Beach is in the wrong place. Clearly, this is a fake.

  • mark

    I am not saying it is not as expected but this last nail in his coffin. Close down this charade! There is still few websites making their money out of the visits but this is not going to last.
    I am out of here.

    • Steve Robb

      Goodbye, we will miss your kriviting.

    • Roger Bird

      mark will be back. He is a serial kriviter.

  • morse

    As said before, the story and soap drama continues…and what a story it is !
    I am sitting at the edge of my seat and can’t wait to view the season’s finale 🙂

    • Daniel M. Basso

      My thoughts exactly. 🙂

      And agree with those who said Mr. Smith should buy a 1MW plant. He could later donate it to a school, hospital, or university… although the later would certainly use it not for energy generation. 😉

  • gerard2012

    Trojan alert

    Mr. Dick Smith is a trojan

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  • clovis

    LOL,it would seem that if you want to take a peep, it will cost you 1.5 big ones. and then take a no.# smile

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  • Dave

    Rossi claims he had to sell his house to get money to develop his E-Cat, but now he doesn’t need an easy $1 million just for getting his product verified? He’s insulting the intelligence of the entire human race.

  • Is Rossi serious???

    5 hours of testing; let’s say it takes a day to set it up, that is $1.000.000 in 13 hours.
    That’s $77000 per hour. Most people don’t make that much in a year.
    Sounds like the best job EVER, but ‘Rossi has no need for it’.

    So Rossi says ‘buy one of my many 1MW plants or wait 18 months for a small e-cat’.

    If Dick really wanted to buy one of Rossi’s many 1MW plants, it would turn out that there is only one, and alas, it’s not for sale.
    As an alternative, Rossi offers his empty ‘wait 18 months’ promise.

    Rossi plays his part as he should. He is the magician who say’s ‘No, you can not look into my hat but you can watch me produce a rabbit from it’.
    Rossi is telling Dick to take his seat again while Rossi performs HIS show according to HIS script.