Defkalion: Independent Testing Will Begin Feb 24th

A post on Defkalion Green Technologies’ forum addresses the Dick Smith offer to Andrea Rossi, and the beginning of third party testing of their Hyperion reactors.

So far we have not officially received (through a telephone, letter, fax or e-mail) any such offer published in different sites. If the offer and the “donor” are real, we will accept the challenge, performing a test under the protocol we have announced in our last Press Release (viewtopic.php?f=4&t=926&start=210).

In case this is a real proposal, we will accept an official letter and a proof of donated funds from a prime bank before any such testing.

Also note that our first independent official tests are starting on 24th of February 2012. No “donations” or any money where required or offered for these independent tests.


It is unclear if Dick Smith would extend his offer to DGT, and we should note that DGT are offering only to perform testing according the protocols they have laid forth for those invited to their labs to test. Smith’s motives in making the offer to Rossi seemed to be to expose him as a hoaxer/scammer, and he may not have the same opinion about Defkalion.

The starting of independent testing at Defkalion is very interesting, especially since they have said that the visitors will be at liberty to publish the results of their testing — something people have been waiting for for a long time.

  • Alexvs

    Are the DGT test protocols public? If so, how can I get them?

    • HanzJager

      Try their forum if you want to know more about the tests,

    • Alexvs

      Thanks, I will try.

    • Lu

      DGT has said that they will release the test procedures (protocols) before hand and the results afterwards but it is dependent on them receiving it first from the independent test groups. They also said we they are willing to stream the tests if the testers want.

      There is not a lot of wiggle room here. We shall shortly see.

      • Ged

        I am honestly excited. This is how testing should be done, no if, ands, or buts. Question is merely if they’ll actually go through with it, but the truth is about to come out one way or another.

        • dragon

          I think they will go trough with it. Problem is … what is happening after. Defkalion are energy elite guys and it looks like Rossi also sold his (soul) E-Cat rights to big energy elite guys in Italy.
          So, in the end we might end up with … well, lets say it… NOTHING.

          • Josh

            If LENR works, you’ll sure have it.
            “Elites” think business, same as you. Such an invention will bring them big money, no matter what they currently do or sell.

          • psi

            Gotta agree with Josh on this one. If this process is as basic as it sounds to possibly be, it cannot be monopolized. Competition will drive the price down. On the other hand, the first innovators need access to capital to proceed to commercialization. That’s just reality. So, contrary to some posters, I feel no criticism towards Rossi striking a deal with anyone – as long as such a deal enables, rather than prevents, the emergence of the tech. I find it impossible to believe that Rossi, after all he has said and done already (good, bad, and less than beautiful….all of it) would sign an agreement that would impede the full and rapid dissemination of the tech.

  • daniel maris

    Didn’t Dick Smith say the DGT tests would never take place?

  • dragon

    Well, at list we have a date. That is better then no date.

  • Steve Robb

    Hate to hijack the thread but Rossi has made it clear that he is selling distribution to various parts of the world:

    So he is in fact taking money from people without yet having a product to show. This borders on fraud.

    • HanzJager

      He is being given money. I’m sure he isn’t forcing people to hand over their cash. Just because he doesn’t have something to show us doesn’t mean he isn’t showing investors something. If they are dumb enough to hand over money before verifying the ecat actually works then they get what they deserve.

      • Roger Bird

        It depends upon how well his “customers” are able to think. If they are senile or retarded, then the moral problem is with Rossi. If they are perfectly capable of clear thinking, then they share with Rossi the culpability because people have been screaming “test first before you buy” about Rossi from one end of this globe to the other. There is a moral component to refusing to think.

      • Ged

        He deleted and didn’t reply to my comment asking about connections to the enormous private company EON, and the even bigger world wide public company Enel. He’s definitely been getting funding, and so much behind the scenes stuff has been going on without him having to do more than “engineer style” demos… He’s got an inside into the corporate world. Question is how and through whom?

        • dragon

          It looks like they got him good. He is one of them now, not one of us. He likes “power” more than “giving”. This guy is no Nicola Tesla… Looks more and more like a JP Morgan boy.

          • Steve Robb

            Nicola Testla may have been brilliant but he died poor.

    • Roger Bird

      Semantically speaking, it does not border on fraud. It may be a part of his fraud, or an important play in his con. On the other hand, if he is not conning anyone, then it could just make good business sense.

    • Robert Mockan

      Venture capitalists and entrepreneurs often invest in an idea before commercial products are being marketed. That is how one gets in on the bottom floor, and rake in the profit. For example if I were approached with offer to finance my projects of course I would take it, even though I am still in R&D stage on many of the projects that interest me. If Rossi said he had the E-Cat product ready to ship out the door, and people sent him money, then yes, that could be construed as fraud. Otherwise, how he handles his finances is absolutely no ones business.

    • psi

      I find it interesting that you confuse investment with fraud. Some investments turn out to be fraudulent. For example, to date all of the billions of dollars invested in so-called “Hot Fusion” would appear to be part of a fraud. After decades there is still no hope of a commercial product from these investments. Will Rossi’s investors turn out to have been “frauded.” Maybe. But it is only reasonable to assume that before they parted with money, or made promises of more money, they became privy to more facts, Sir, than you have.

  • sapain

    gentlemen, would u please start ur lenr engines and advance to the starting line. the race is about to start.
    rossi with his slimmed down, fine tuned ecat.
    dgt with their mean little green machine.
    the new comer from africa,hosting a wild but yet tameable non lenr engine has entered.

    the crowd is getting larger, a stir is in the air as the spectators move for a better view.

    on one side of the track, the nwo, with their army of sabateurs and on the opposite side, the freedom force, with their determination against defeat.

    • Kim

      Don’t forget Plasma Erg (intelligentry)


    • dragon

      I am definitely on the Freedom Force.
      And when I say that I mean a Star Trek world, where MONEY don’t exist. With free energy money will become obsolete.I think LENR can get us closer to that dream.

      • Thanks Ivan. That is a very, very interesting delovepment. I wonder if the scientists at Shell will have to submit their work for peer review and publication in respected scientific journals in order to be taken seriously .or if just the fact that they work for Shell will be enough for scientists to take notice? It looks like Rossi’s approach to fly commercial was the right one after all.

    • Burt

      Africa newcomer? Please give us a link!

    • psi

      And here is a link showing the seriousness of plasmerg/intelligentry. I think we are living through very exciting times. Hope is emerging from Pandora’s box…..

  • Defkalion does have a history of delays and lies. They announced they would stun the world in a few weeks, and 16 days later all we got was a “spec” sheet that could have been done by any 15 year old.

    I really hope they do test before the end of the month. I believe wholeheartedly in LENR as our next green energy source and believe it will remove 600 million smog producing cars and trucks from our roads over the next decade.

    I just have a problem believing defkalion. They say they are ready for public testing yet not a single person has ever claimed to see a Defkalion product.

    Nobody has seen anything from Defkalion except am”spec”‘ sheet and a few sloppy low resolution photos, and a sloppy video. My 13 year old son could have shown as much proof as Defkalion.

    He could fake a spec sheet and take low resolution photographs as good as the next guy if he wanted to. I hope Defkalion is legit, as they claim a much higher heat, and we could power vehicles with that much energy. It would require a sizable car/truck to contain all the generating equipment (possibly a trailer even), but it is still a possibility based on their information.

    I will be surprised if the feb 24 scheduled testing date
    (according to their forum) is not completely ignored.

    I also hope I am wrong.

    • dragon

      Here. Just for you:

      Alan Sterling: he touched the Hyperion and even got a picture of it.

      • Nice. Maybe there is hope.
        That is the exact same model they used in the spec sheet and looks a lot less sophisticated than the computer mock up in the spec.

        I was under the impression Sterling Allen was denied access to their lab until this article.

        More reason to be hopeful.

        Notice Sterling says testing will begin next week, yet now we get forum news stating it will start on the 24th. The 24 th is a week from now.

        I will be excited as hell if this proves true before the end of April, but would not be surprised over “delays”.

        Despite Sterling Allen, I am still wary of Defkalion.

        Defkalion censors their forums. I was removed as a forum member and had all my posts deleted (most were about car modifications), because I asked the question “has anybody anywhere ever seen a Defkalion product?” You can verify this by searching “Kwhilborn” on their forum and you will see responses to me, yet my original posts were

        I am a supporter of LENR, but have been underwhelmed by what Defkalion has shown. Let’s pray they are legitimate and have what they say.

        If they do, then they deserve successful copyrights for achieving heat greater than AR can keep stable.

        It will be exciting to see. I hope you are right and Defkalion is everything they claim to be.

        • Apologize for misspell of name Alan Sterling and hope this is correct.

          • Nope Sterling D. Allan. I was closer in my original comment.

          • Ged

            Whenever I hear his name I can’t help think of sterling silver. Ironically, that’s helped me remember it.

        • dragon

          I am on Defkalion forum as well.
          They seem pretty tight on releasing info, which is OK for a company on the verge of a big breakthrough.

          With all the attention they gathered up until now, I will be pretty surprise to see that Board of Directors they paraded on the forum, explaining all this as a scam.
          Those guys are not Rossi.
          Those guys look dead serious.

          And in my view, I am pretty happy that Rossi is not al we got. He already seems bought by the big energy elite. I mean, it looks pretty stupid… he can make the world free of elite and what is his first move? He sells his little Leonardo Comp to Big Energy Comp? Is that what a normal person will do? Basically he gave the E-cat with R&D decision and all to the fucking enemy of the people…. I hate that move. I hate it because it shows ugly greed on his part. I am telling you right now. Rossi is no Nikola Tesla. And history will show this.

          • E-Dog


  • “Smith’s motives in making the offer to Rossi seemed to be to expose him as a hoaxer/scammer, and he may not have the same opinion about Defkalion.”

    Lets see, Rossi pulls a scam. Defkalion, armed with the scam’s knowledge pulls off the real thing. Yeah right! I can believe that Rossi is struggling with a technological sticky point. But either they both have high COP LENR or neither of them do.

    • Ged

      Rossi’s strategy is similar to that of a massive corporation that already has markets it will be successful in selling products within. Defkalion is acting like a start up company, proving their worth each step of the way.

      I do really like Defkalion’s approach, and I believe it’s the right way to do things.

      • psi

        Assuming this technology is real, each approach has its merits. Clearly they are competing with one another, pursuing different strategies. That, to me, is one of the strongest arguments for the legitimacy of the technology. As another poster commented, you don’t sit down to a serious poker game unless there’s a stake involved. And this game is clearly a serious one.

    • psi


  • Don J

    At least some DGT testers must have licensing in mind. Why else would they or DGT care. There is no way some Corp. Is going to part with 50 mil. for licencing without having absolute proof. Once testng starts and there is positive results, repeatedly, the mainstream press will cover it and the money will rush in. With a positive outcome you could assume Rossi skceptics are wrong too. If I had it, I would pay a million just to see the look on Krivit and Smiths faces.

  • Fibber McGourlick

    It would appear that Cold fusion is about to come in from the cold… Now if DGT really does successfully demonstrate their device this month, as promised, this would clear the way for them to immediately apply for a U.S. and world-wide patent. I think patents for viable, proven inventions are granted on a first come, first serve basis, so I wonder where this scenario would leave Rossi? Out in the cold, maybe? Perhaps Mr. Rossi would be wise to immediately arrange for an scientifically qualified party to independently test the E-cat and provide the necessary proof of its viability so he can get his patent application in the works without delay. Yes? No?

    • Thomas

      As far as I know Rossi has already applied for patents in different parts of the world.

      • Fibber McGourlick

        I understand his patent application was refused in the U.S. because of his failure or unwillingness to demonstrate his invention. The U.S. is the gold cup when it comes to this sort of thing.

        I believe he’s applied for one in Italy,but I don’t know if it’s been granted there. I’m not aware of an application in any other country. Correct me if I’m wrong.

        • Brad Arnold

          I believe Rossi (as well as Defkalion) has come to the conclusion that the patient issue will not be resolved anytime soon (if at all). Just like the patient lawyer said a few months ago published in one of the cold fusion websites: it will predictably be the wild-west, with no one having patient protection.

          In my opinion, while Rossi has a patient pending in the US, he is still going ahead with commercialization, hoping his Amazon-like pricing plan combined with a big head start will give him the competitive edge.

          Maybe once Rossi successfully commercializes his E-Cat in the US, it will give impetius to the powers that be to “greece” the wheels, and give him the patient in the US, which will then pertain to the rest of the world too (although given the respect many areas of the world have for patient protection, it might not do that much good).

        • Ged

          I believe he was actually awarded the patent in Italy. It’s just a regional one though, and I don’t speak Italian so I can’t see how applicable it’d be to Defkalion’s tech.

  • s

    Well, next week might be the moment of truth, finally, for cold fusion. After being disappointed by the Oct 28 “test”, we should finally learn whether this technology is viable or not in the KW+ power range.

    • Whoopie!!! We’ll know testing has begun. We won’t know when it will end. We don’t know who is the tester.

      For all we know Defkalion owner’s father in law’s company might be doing the testing and they’ll be finished in November.

      • Tom

        Could be, but we wont know until we know and until then I’ll be hopefully waiting in suspense.

        • You’ll notice that a feature of all of these LENR news claims is future tense.

          > Testing Will Begin Feb 24th

          • Fibber McGourlick

            Were you the guy saying the same thing about powered flight in 1902?

          • psi

            @ Fibber –

            Yes, I recognize the tone of voice. The same guy, no doubt about it. When he first saw fire he said “it’s too hot.”

      • psi

        The first tester will be testing on behalf of the Greek government. We do know that. You might be happier next week if you were less smug this week. At least that’s what I’m hoping. 🙂

        • I don’t know. I worked for NASA for 15 years and had a very high opinion of that institution. Dr. Z’s LENR shenanigans managed to destroy my opinion of the agency in the course of one day. If by Greek government you mean some guy who is about to get laid off who happens to be a cold fusion enthusiast functions on behalf of the Greek government then thanx but no thanx for that kind of tester.

          • Brad Arnold

            Mr Ponzi, why the pessimistic tone? Are you cynical by nature? I don’t mean to personally attack you, but it seems your guilty until proven innocent attitude is irrational and idiosyncratic. Do you have a stake in making sure LENR stays in the box?

  • Ron

    Well, one would hope this will be good. However, I see one potential pitfall. The potential exist for powers that don’t want to see this go to market soon (or never)could participate in these test and deliberately post negative results to cloud the issue and muddy the waters. And the more prestigous the institution the more mud that they cna rake up. I hope that Dekalion has some way of keeping this from happening so that they get a fair hearing and not a stacked jury.

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  • The search for a reliable method of producing energy from renewable resources is more urgent today than ever before. Did Nikola Tesla truly invent a “free energy device”?

    • Peter Hunt

      Be interesting to see if Mr. Smith is a four flusher or will he pay?

  • Fibber McGourlick

    Anyone know how Defkalion’s (24 February start date) tests are doing?

    • James Pelsor

      Can’t find anything except an oblique reference in another ecat site that testing has been delayed ???

      • Delayed until they can pinch an Ecat to cut in half and find out how it works…

  • tom h

    “Tests with the presence of high level Government officials have been concluded. Opinions and results were very positive.

    Announcements will be made upon mutual agreements, at a time yet to be defined.

    Tests continue with international Authorities in the coming weeks.