Dick Smith to Work With Defkalion to Arrange Testing of the Hyperion Reactor

Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith has indicated on Ecatnews that he is willing work out a testing procedure with Defkalion Green Technologies. DGT had said recently that they would be willing to accept the challenge to successfully demonstrate LENR in return for $1 million from Smith — an offer that Andrea Rossi turned down.

Smith is insisting that respected members of the scientific community be involved in any testing, and states openly that he does not expect DGT to meet his testing requirements. He says, “unfortunately I am convinced that the offer will end up like my offer to Rossi. They will find some excuse to delay or back out . I have seen it all before!”

With Defkalion willing to step up the plate now there will likely be a flurry of activity and negotiation between them and Smith. DGT have said that testing is to commence on Feb 24, and Dick Smith may want to be one of the first to take a look at their Hyperion reactors in action, and publish the results. Smith is even talking about having the whole event televised live.

  • david

    I don’t trust Dick Smith. Anytime someone is motivated to find fault they are likely to whether or not it really exists. I am happy Defkalion is willing to do this but they need to be careful.
    On the other hand if Smith does try to be dishonest and Defkalions reactor does work it will be he who is discredited.
    At this time I feel DGT is more likely to have a working system than Rossi. They may have used his tech and improved it enough that it works. If so Rossi is simply buying time until DGT goes public before going after them for his share of the money. I really don’t care, I just want the thing to work.

    • Rhys

      first off, I want this as much as anyone. Near free energy would be an amazing advancement for humanity as a whole. However I worry that many people will react the same way as you if it is shown to be a scam, this will mean that some people may be scammed and purchase a expensive box of pipe fittings

      • David

        The same way as me? How am I reacting? I just want it to work. If it is a scam and it doesn’t work it won’t be nearly as damaging as all of those selling magic weight loss drugs. It isn’t like its going to send the middle class to the poor house!

    • daniel maris

      I agree – the offer is not to be trusted. He’s prejudged the issue and already said DGT are scammers.

      There is a rumour going around that he has investments in alternative energy. Does anyone know if that’s true, because if he does, then surely he should have declared that interest at the outset.

      • Dave

        Any rational person has to prejudge DGT and Andrea Rossi as hoaxers/scammers until they provide the evidence of their extraordinary claims. Mr. Smith is just looking for the evidence in his challenges.

        • daniel maris

          NOt at all. Since LENR has been confirmed by NASA using a similar process, and since Focardi, a leading scientist in the field, worked closely with Rossi, as did DGT, it seems irrational to assume a scam.

          It is more rational to keep an open mind and see what happens.

  • OK so you’re the real Dick Smith. But who is the real Dick Smith? My apologies but I have never heard of you. Perhaps a bit of background would be of use here. Also who are these Swedish scientists he has sooooo much faith in?

  • psi

    I have to agree with David. Dick Smith has already predetermined in his own mind the result of the tests. I’m underwhelmed by his integrity. I have no problem with him saying “I’m not convinced. Show me.” But he’s already formed his conclusion. Apparently he’s just SO much smarter than Focardi, Essen, and Kullander, not to mention the folks at Defk. The best medicine for that is instant karma. Here’s hoping for all the best for Defk, Mr. Rossi, and all the courageous scientists and thinkers who continued working even when the rest of the world scorned them.

    • The Plumber

      Your right, Dick is making another un-offer.

    • RichyRoo

      Dick Smith is an agenda21 eco-stooge nowdays, his alternative energy investments will be destroyed by LENR if it comes to market, he will declare it a fake no matter what the results. And will use his wealth to discredit anyone who calls him out on it.

      • Petrol

        A statement made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

        • Steve Robb

          So, where is the evidence to back up your statement?

          • Petrol

            What assertions have I made? None at all..

            What evidence am I obligated to provide to back them up..none at all.

    • P Schmidt

      Sadly the line of comments above is proof of the immaturity of many on these lists. Smith is simply making an offer and Defkalion has taken him up on it. Smith has neither pre-judged the results nor cliamed that he knows what they will be.
      Smith is well known in Australia and New Zealand as a succesful businessman and a man of his word.
      As a well known entrapaneur, you can garantee that if the tests work he will a) make his donation as offered and b) chase investment himself. Why wouldn’t he want involvement in what could be the best opportunity of his life?
      My own view is that both Rossi and Defkalion are the real deal however one unforunate observation I have noted is that when anyone places a challenge vs either party, many on the lists lose their objectivity and immediately attack those asking questions A little more maturity and introspection please.
      Smith is a skeptic – he’s entitled to be. But a skeptic is not the same as a fanatical non-beleiver. A skpetic simply says ‘show me’. This is all that is happening here.
      Now lets see what develops.

      • diafol

        hear hear

      • daniel maris

        We’ll see. I have made a clear prediction. No test will go ahead with the involvement of Dick Smith. It will end in a dispute over protocols.

        DGT will however go ahead with its 7 tests. I don’t believe as some (was it Smith) claimed, that the tests will be postponed.

        There you go, couldn’t be clearer!

        If I’m right then I don’t think it’s immature to warn against handing Dick Smith a propaganda victory.

    • Hurly Berl

      Yup. Gotto wonder why is Smith so anxious to “get in on it?” When Defkaleon has claimed public testing starts in a week?

      Is Smith a grandstander looking to fly another helicopter around the world? Sit down Dick. We’ve had enough of you.

      • Petrol

        Every day that goes by represents investors standing to loose real money should product fail to work as advertised.

  • Congrats to both Mr Smith and Defkalion for agreeing to go forward with this test/bet. Hopefully this will happen on or near Feb 24th and give viable proof one way or the other of (commercially viable) LENR.

    Game On – the world is anxiously awaiting the results!


    re-posted from Defkalion website:

    “If the offer and the “donor” are real, we will accept the challenge, performing a test under the protocol we have announced in our last Press Release

    Also note that our first independent official tests are starting on 24th of February 2012.”


  • sapain

    smith will b one of many groups testing, still would like to c him or dgt doante the $ to some educational institute promoting lenr.

  • Paul Livingstone

    Dick Smith is a very well known Australian. Indeed there wouldnt be many Aussies who are not aware of him to some degree. He earned a name in business with ‘Dick Smith’ Electronics and some years ago became fairly reknown for his attempt to fly around the world in a Helicopter and for starting the Australian Geographic Magazine. He is always known to be generous, to encourage the wealthy to share their good fortune and frankly, I believe him to be a man of integrity.
    Of course he is skeptical, after all, how many Cold fusion reactors are you aware of in popular use?
    I think Mr Smith would be very, very pleased to have Defkalion prove the reality of their Power systems. The reality of that alone would be worth far more than the $1 Million.
    Go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Smith_(entrepreneur) and you can quickly see that Dick Smith is what we Australians refer to as ‘Fair Dinkum’ (honest, truthful and a man of integrity).

    • So he’s your local Australian showman.

    • Stephen T.

      Yes, civility is important and we should all try to contain our various enthusiasms as we continue this difficult waiting game. Let’s just try to “play nice”.

    • Allen Perry

      So, for the 2nd time I ask him to simply purchase the 1 megawatt unit from Rossi and test it to his own heart’s desire under the guarantee provisions which he won’t do.

      • Bill Withers

        That would require Dick to put his money where his mouth is. Doubtful he’s that honest.

  • Kwhilborn
    February 17, 2012 at 3:20 am
    Take a hike Dick!
    You are not helping anything and just make yourself look pretty stupid.
    LENR is a real green energy that not only has successful peer reviewed papers, but Oxford University has published a peer reviewed book on LENR. I can understand how someone not willing to open a book on the topic could think LENR is not real.
    NASA and MIT and Brian Ahern, etc. are among at least 16 separate entities that have replicated this particular hydrogen/nickel reaction.
    LENR reactions are not the real questions as far as Dr Rossi and Defkalion go. There is a reaction but it can generate uncontrollable heat and meltdown the metals used in the reaction. The questions are can and how can they control this according to their claims. Defkalion says they get burst energies implying start/stop process, and the Dr Rossi method seems to involve keeping the temperatures low. Can we believe either?
    Dr Rossi has had access to millions of dollars many times
    In his life and has had dealings with president Carter and has sponsored a formula 3′race team. Dr Rossi has enough experience to command
    a 6 digit salary, yet he has been working on this (according to skeptics) scam for the past 5 years. I have not found any method to invest with him either. A scam scenario makes little sense.
    I wish Dick Smith and his “offer” (notice quotes), would vanish. We are allegedly scheduled to see Defkalion start testing within 1 week on Feb 24th. How can Dick speed up that!
    I think the “offer” is grandstanding or not from the real
    Dick Smith. Yes dick; we are happy you have that much to “fake offer” people.
    Please dick. You have already promoted the idiotic concept that NASA/MIT/Oxford wired the leads wrong and were too stupid to notice.
    Please Dick go away! Just imagine how stupid you will feel when this powers your Car in a few years.
    Try reading a book.

    • Petrol

      Whatever happened to extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims?

      It is a straw man to assume Rossi and Defkalion must have working product just because there is evidence for LENR.

      Smith has stated all he wants is a credible third party test. Is there any credible evidence for an ulterior motive as you seem to suggest?

      The only thing I care about from this forum is credible independent verification Rossi/Defkalion work as advertised. This includes full independent control over the test protocol. If you think this is a waste of time it is certainly your right.

      • Incorrect!
        I did say the question remains that Defkalion or AR can control LENR.

        I also said there is nothing all this negative press Dick is generating cannot speed up the process.

        I can understand attacking these 2 groups as they have not demonstrated their claims, but Dick Smith has openly attacked LENR which is plainly idiotic and completely uninformed.

        LENR is a repeatable process that generatesich excess heat. It is beyond debate as to whether this is true. Read the book from Oxford University on the topic. It is now available on amazon.

        No; Dick Smith is arguing against LENR.

        I am saying LENR is already accepted, but it remains in question anybodies ability to control it.

        I also want reliable independent tests, but it seems obvious that Dick Smith is probably trying to generate some doubt in the LENR field in efforts to dampen LENR research, and possibly protect his own alternative energy or oil interests.

        Imagine if this idiot Dick Smith came out a few weeks or months before.
        Maybe Sidney Kimmel and others would have held back on millions of dollars in investment.

        It is my educated opinion that Dick Smith is a complete idiot in regards to LENR. I also do not believe this is even an offer from a real millionaire butler likely someone with a fake email.

        A millionaire would probably read about an alternative energy before insulting it.

        I pity the fool.

        • Petrol

          Again you **are assuming** Rossi and Defkalion has even reproduced LENR in commercially significant volumes. Why?

          I don’t care about engineering issues with regards to control. where is the evidence of reproduction of ANY LENR by either group?

          I don’t care who the messenger is or what their motives are. It could be crusty the clown for all I care. If the test regime and associated data are legit thats all that matters.

          It is the evidence rather than agenda that matters. Lets judge the merits of the process and results after we have them. Right now we have nothing but personality disputes.

  • daniel maris

    There ain’t gonna be no test!

    Smith has already stated DGT are scammers. He’s not going to give $1million to (people he thinks are) scammers. So that means the protocols will amount to him or his appointees being able to declare a “fail” by fiat. But before a test stage is reached, he will declare it all a scam because DGT refused to adhere to scientific and verifiable procedures.

    If there is no trust, all the protocols in the world mean nothing.

    • Daniel M. Basso

      Protocols exist exactly to deal with the trust issue. If you have a scientific (verifiable, repeatable) method of test then your prejudices don’t play a role at all. The results then can speak for themselves.

      • daniel maris


        Not true. You have a naive view of science.

        Plenty of scientists have confirmed esp etc but James Randi doesn’t trust them and insists on his own protocols. But many believers in telepathy think his protocols are not just scientific but designed to produce results showing telepathy to be non-genuine.

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  • daniel maris

    To Dick Smith –

    Can you let us know what the position is regarding the rumour that you, or companies/organisations you control or may be associated with, have investments in alternative energy in Australia? IS that true or not? If true, do you not think you should have made that clear at the outset?

  • Andrew MacLeod

    I have a feeling there will be no agreement to test protocol. It could be on Mr. Smiths side or DGT but in the end Mr.Smith will end up saying. “See no test this a scam. I have seen it all before.”

    • Josh

      He also explains himself pretty reasonably, and provides Firepower International as a case for supporting his reasoning.

      To be honest, the last weeks prove that his worries are justified.

      It would have been nice if he didn’t make that comment, but it seems he’s nonetheless willing to negotiate a fair test, and let the facts speak.

      Let’s see what comes next.

  • Gordon Docherty

    It’s particularly important that Dick Smith say before the testing that he has no direct interests in other “secret” LENR developments to which claim can be made that they predate DFG or Rossi – that he not observe the system and then claim that he or a rival have already been doing that “for a while”. After all, if such a system exists, it would only be right to declare its existence beforehand or, otherwise, state that he is unaware of any such system that could be claimed to have a prior claim (whether or not there is such a system, if he doesn’t know about it, he doesn’t know about it. Period.)

  • Steve Robb

    I suspect Dick Smith is a square and honest person who enjoys life and likes to insert himself into the picture to have a little fun. He is also generous. But like all people he has preconceived notions as to what is the truth and if he was to be the sole judge as to the usefulness of the test he would misjudge and declare it a failure unless a spectacular success well beyond the protocols of the test. The test must be conducted by scientists that are associate with neither. If a test is performed on Feb 24 that clearly shows a high COP I suspect Mr. Smith will withdraw from testing. BTW the test on the 24th will not test the gross energy output of the device only the COP.

    • Robert Mockan

      Smith is not clear about what he wants proven. That LENR is real? That COP can be high? He can have both those questions answered with a phone call to scientists who have done so, even years ago. Does he want the Rossi E-Cat or Hyperion reactor operation proven? But that is not what he is asking. He wants a demo with “respected” scientists to observe and report? Been there, done that. And it will not answer his questions. I was at the Anaheim Power Gen meeting when the Patterson power cell was demonstrated last century. I spoke with Patterson about the technology, standing there watching the cell in operation. Observed the power cell in operation, watched the measurements being taken. The deal was next step was the marketing of … hot water heaters! COP estimated at 1000. LENR proven.
      Smith is willing to give away a million.
      I wish he would make clear what he is really after, because if it is proof of COP or LENR, that has been done. Not just with Patterson, but at least 11 other documented success stories to “prove” the same.

    • Daniel M. Basso

      “[…] the test on the 24th will not test the gross energy output of the device only the COP.”

      Enlighten me, please. Aren’t these variables tied together? To measure the COP you have to measure ‘the gross energy output’.

      • Steve Robb

        If you put one joule in and get twenty out you have a COP of twenty. But the system can do nothing more than that over a 24 hour period it is of little commercial value. It is however of scientific value as it suggests something interesting is going on assuming it cannot be explained by conventional physics.

        • Steve Robb

          I meant to say “But if the system can…”

    • Robert Mockan

      Another week until Feb 24. I can wait. But I suspect that what ever Smith is looking for, what ever questions he wants answered, the test(s) will not answer them. If he has preconceived notions that “cold fusion” is a scam, then he will continue to believe that, and not his lying eyes regardless of the outcome of the test(s).

  • Tom Krieg

    Fortunately, it is fairly easy to determine by the tone of the comment and the content those that have not taken the time to understand this topics. However, it is distracting to wade through all of the BS to get to the legitimate comments.

    Since the ramifications of the application of this process have a high impact on the world, I will plod along. I can’t help but reflect on Galileo. He was confined to House arrest for the rest of his life for his earth centric ideas. We have a little of that going on now. I have noticed that most of the bad comments have little to do with whether LENR is real and more to do with slander and bravado.


    Be Civil, be patient, be thoughtful. Time will expose the truth.

    If you wish to investigate something, the bricks and mortar for his large factory should be tangible by now.

    Where is it?

    • Kim

      I agree, there should be tangible evidence
      of a factory given the production schedule

      This really bothers me.


      • Defkalion is said to have facitities
        and buildings for factories in Greece and Malta. The licences of the soon to be announced companies will result in
        worldwide production since they are in production licenses.

    • Phil Luchesi

      Tom, you are correct with the exception that Galileo was arrested for proposing the Copernican concept of a HELIO-centric cosmos – not earth centric.

      I wonder if this blustery Mr. Smith will offer NASA a million dollars to prove their recent video confirming LENR?? Why should Defkaleon get the money when dozens of highly respected labs and scientists have confirmed the technology?

      How about it Mr. Smith? Will you be willing to give NASA $1M if they prove they confirmed LENR? Wouldn’t that be a more generous, productive use of your money??


      • Jack

        I don’t think Mr. Smith is after some anomalous heat effects reported by NASA and other scientists but industrially usable LENR in kW/MW range as claimed by Rossi and Defkalion.

      • Tom Krieg

        Your right and I am wrong. But, you got the drift.

        Brain fart.

    • Robert Mockan

      Has any body simply called the company and asked to speak to the public relations official, or even to customer service? If a company sells anything they have to have a customer service department, even if it is one person who just answers phones.

  • arian
  • Josh

    Dick’s ID has been confirmed:

  • Daniel M. Basso

    I think all evidence so far points to Defkalion having a working technology. But the call for tests and description of the testing protocol does not make it clear whose measurement equipment will be used. It would obviously be unacceptable for them to require their own equipment, and that is the only thing I can think about that Mr. Dick Smith could manifest against their protocol.

    In any case, it would be nice for both parties to openly state the motives for not accepting each other’s requirements, as Mr. Smith is convinced it’s going to happen.

  • Bill Withers

    This millionaire Dick Smith is more of a kook than either of the e-cat builders. Couple years ago he assembled a bunch of blonde bimbos and $1M dollars to persuade the Australian public to stop reproducing. Excuse?


    In this Andrew Bolt article from the Herald Sun, Smith is pictured with a suitcase full of $1M cash, apparently to bribe people to quit having children. “Clownery” indeed.

    • Robert Mockan

      Uh oh, population control and the “sin” of greed!
      Green philosophy political agendas, radical environmentalism, “sustainable growth” by deindustrialization, ad nauseam. It is getting clear now what Smith is up to. It has been widely feared by statists for the fascist state that developing cold fusion would put a stake through the heart of the insane vampire oligarchy squid
      seeking global domination. Thanks for that reference that reveals the Smith agenda, and what side he is on.

    • Fibber McGourlick

      He’s not a kook. Human overpopulation of the planet is destroying nature. It is the principle cause of pollution and global warming. A significant part of humanity lives on the verge of starvation and the number is increasing rapidly. In some parts of the world people are on the verge of dying because of the lack of potable water. You call him a kook. I calll him a visionary and I thank him for his good work.

      • Robert Mockan

        Everything you said is true, EXCEPT the part about Smith not being a kook. Take a look at how he handled the advertising in that one reference! He uses sexy blond bimbos and a suitcase full of money to convince people not to reproduce and not be greedy! Give me a break. The solution to the EFFECTS of population is PROGRESS to apply science and technology to at least maintain a balance for support for all people to live a high standard of living, not control by insane oligarchs who are USING the problems, AGGRAVATING the problems, for their own agenda of self interests. Obviously society everywhere can not keep adding the population number of cities to their growth without building the cities! Cold fusion can help make that future happen.

      • Robert Mockan

        Why is it people do not want to understand we live in an infinite universe with growing evidence there are thousands, at least, earth type exo-planets in our galaxy, and possibly millions, and there are billions of visible galaxies. Population growth is not a problem.In the short term ignore star travel, that still leaves this solar system, and space habitats, that can easily support, not billions, but trillions of people!

        Lack of vision is the problem.

        • Ron

          This is just religious insanity. The cost of us sending any reasonable number of people off planet is beyond reach not to mention any livable planet would be many light years away. We would need to send billions of people to other planets and won’t send even 1000 in the next century and it won’t be to livable planets. Our eco system will crash from overpopulation unless it starts to decline now. Unfortunately, the very smart only reproduce a little while the masses go like rabbits.

          • Robert Mockan

            Not difficult with vision. There have been 4 different mass transportation systems for space access designed, and technically feasible. If the needless wars (courtesy of the insane oligarchs) were replaced with building one or more transportation systems ( for a fraction the cost of the wars), we would already have the capability to send “millions” of people into space…NOW!
            Here is one example of the technology still waiting for people who want to live in the future, instead of return to living in caves. Because ultimately there is no middle ground. The fate is a future, or caves.

          • daniel maris

            Well I don’t think we will be transferring billions off Earth but you are a bit behind the times. Space X (Elon Musk) have already slashed launch costs down to something like $5000 per kg. He thinks he can get it down to less than $500 per kg, which is a complete game changer.

            Overpopulation is a serious issue, but the proper is coming under control in most parts of the globe.

          • Robert Mockan

            @ daniel maris

            And that is good news. But the space “train” in the original design could propel 1,000,000 tons per year into orbit. An expanded design with 10 tubes and launching at the rate of one “car” every 12 minutes, could propel 100 million tons into orbit, per year. Global employment to build space habitats, with all the infrastructure
            needed to colonize space, such as life support, personal space craft, colonies on the moon and Mars, colonies on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, will always seem like science fiction to even young people living today, not because it could not be done, but because it was not done. The private space ventures are important, but have you researched the several efforts that were begun last century and then stopped for “political” reasons. The future that could have been is still being destroyed, every day, even though little advances are allowed to keep people hopeful.

        • Daniel M. Basso

          Population growth IS a problem, right now. We are still far from having the required technology for living off-Earth. Read the book “Packing for Mars” for a brief view over some problems that we still have to solve.

          And even if we had that technology it would probably not be economically viable for even longer.

          And even if it was economically viable, why do you think people would be willing to leave Earth? Try to realistically assess the characteristics of our global population, and reach the conclusion by yourself.

          Science fiction is great, I love it, but you better not confuse it with reality.

          • Robert Mockan

            It remains science fiction because applying the science was stopped. The turning point came in the early 60s, a half century ago. That was an opportunity to develop nuclear pulse propulsion. If that had been done, there would have been colonies on Mars before the end of the 20th century. That would have been the game changer. There are ample reasons to expect that what would have been learned on Mars would have created a future today that would be unrecognizable to the one we have.
            The future is fading away, like some alternate science fiction universe that we almost stepped into. I do not know if you have kept up on the geo political economic reality of today, but what I have commented about may very well remain science fiction for the rest of our life times. As to problems of population growth, there always was the “other” option. You know, the extermination one.
            Or they are just left to die with famine, disease, and in poverty. What future would you have preferred?

        • tom h

          lol you need come back to reality mate.

          • Robert Mockan

            The reality is, I admit, that people are not acting upon the solid research indicating “peak oil” is real. The question has been how can their apathy be turned into action, before an “end game” of famine, disease, poverty, war, and … the operative word…death, results? I’ve always believed in applied science and technology. Not that it can solve all problems in the face of exponential population growth.. it has not, can not, and will not. But the future is waiting for people who can see their way clear to grasp it. And applying science and technology is the only way to get there.

    • Josh

      What does it have to do with LENR?
      I completely disagree with him on the breeding thing, but hey, it’s his money, and as long as he doesn’t infringe violence upon anybody, he’s allowed to do with it whatever he wants.

      Now, I hope he’ll be able to get an agreement on a test protocol with Defkalion. That’ll be great.

    • Roberto


      • blah

        Sounds like it. But no matter, Smith’s background suggests we factor in his possible motives just like Rossi, et al. At this point there is simply no way we the public have enough information to judge lenr one way or the other. Personally, I think if we don’t have some definitive proof in a year, then we never will.

  • Sanjeev

    DGT: “Testers will be pre-announced, if testers have no argument on this.”

    It seems no faceless testers for DGT at least. The first tester will be greek govt (not sure), the names are important.

    I feel that DGT should proceed with tests by *qualified* people and keep the dicks and harrys and wannabe heroes in the end of the queue. This will be for the benefit of all.

    • Again future tense. When it comes time to deliver the information will be completely watered down or incomplete and will be followed by yet another future tense announcement. These guys have invented a time machine as far as announcements go.

      Also NASA and Dr. Zawodny have destroyed and compromised any credibility that the government had.

      One guy who works for the Greek government and takes a vacation or sick day off to do testing at DGT labs does not constitute “Greek Government” to me.

      • daniel maris

        You’ll be perfectly entitled to make these criticisms when the tests take place…but can’t you be patient? Let’s wait and see…

        • joe

          You do know that people speculating on these issues will no affect on if these devices are real or fraud. It does not matter how many believe in or don’t believe in LENR as this will not change the fact if it is real or not.

          Always questioning everything and making people justify their discoveries again and again is part of science. Why only in Cold Fusion field is questioning results always frowned upon?

      • Ged

        “Also NASA and Dr. Zawodny have destroyed and compromised any credibility that the government had.”

        How so? And that’s the US government, not the Greek government, by the way.

        If they say the “government” (Greek in this case) is going to test their device, they should only be saying that to mean in an official capacity. So, we shall see.

        • How so?

          Everybody is talking about NASA and LENR. NASA organization is made up of directorates, divisions, sections, groups, and last but not least teams. Can you name a directorate, division, section, group or even a team that is named LENR or pertains to LENR or devoted to working on LENR? I don’t think so. Yet I can show you dozens of instances of claims that NASA is working on LENR on the internet.

          One hobby enthusiast within NASA who has a hobby dabbling with LENR and a boss who can’t say no to his use of company resources to promote his pet projects does not mean that NASA is seriously working with LENR.

          • dragon


      • Gregory P

        well, if you are so sure that this is all a big scam, then you would have no problems buying a massive long position in EXC the huge nuclear operator in the US. You could then show us your positions in your brokerage account as verification.

        Myself, I have lots of put option positions on old energy companies that would be hurt and call options on companies that will benefit.

        I think you are just here to stir things up. Put your money where you mouth is and show us how confident you are it is a scam !!!!!

  • Roberto

    What kind of a tester is somebody who announces: “

    “unfortunately I am convinced that the offer will end up like my offer to Rossi. They will find some excuse to delay or back out. I have seen it all before!”

    This statement is a good reason to give up. Not an excuse.

  • Cliff Bradley

    Advice to Dick Smith. Just buy a 1MW plant. They are for sale now. If you are who you say you are, then you have the money, so JUST BUY ONE.

    • Jimr

      This may come as a surprise to you but, only one has been shipped and it does not work as yet.The customer and Rossi and National Inst. are working together to try and correct problems.

      • Josh

        I’m surprised to know that there -is- a customer.
        Do you have more details?

        • Jimr

          I only have the info supplied by Rossi, if he Is telling the truth it was a U.S. Govt. customer, In a later statement he said they were working together to solve the problems. it could all be a big lie but I take MOST of it as reality.

  • Fibber McGourlick

    I have two wishes. I hope Mr. Smith will persevre in his quest to get DGT to permit a fair test of their invention–if that is possible. If it is not possible to arrange such a test within a reasonble time, there’s your answer. My second wish is that Mr. Smith never again looks at these comments.

  • Mike MacDonald

    Seems Dick has managed to give DGT one hell of a lot of publicity,, judging by all the flamin hot air here.

    Seems very few can just wait and see without trying to present their “Ego’s” and opinions — to us who sit on the fence just hoping to see the world get changed!

    If it is a scam 50% will be eating Crow! 15% will change their bet and the rest of us will be very sad.

  • Roger Bird

    The good thing about this is that if Dick Smith says that the Hyperion is for real, then the doubts will evaporate.