Dick Smith Suggests Testing Protocol to Defkalion — Wants Rossi-Like Test.

Dick Smith has been making some more comments about testing protocols at Ecatnews. Apparently he does not want to get involved in days-long testing — he would like to see things kept short and see definitive results. Here is a comment he made he made about what he is proposing:

You heard it here first,. I have emailed the CEO of Defkalion extending the $1m offer providing a testing protocol can be agreed on.
I have stated I only require a six hour test period and I am suspicious of their proposed 96 hour period as no person can remain awake that long!
I have said I only require measurements of the input and output power and asked what COP they can achieve. I have also asked what their test input power would be.
Obviously the type of power output and gain must be similar to what Rossi claimed.- not low output that is not commercially viable.
I will be away from my office until Tuesday so finalization of an agreement will have to wait until then.
Interesting times!!
I have also asked the date they would like to do the test.

So we are seeing some of the conditions that Smith is laying down. He wants to see a test that will span a working day, and he wants to see output power that will show that this technology could be put to use and make a difference in the real world. It’s interesting that he cites Rossi’s claims. He challenged Rossi initially to replicate the test that was observed by professors Kullander and Essen in March of 2011 which impressed them enough to convince them both that some unknown nuclear reaction was taking place. It will be interesting to see if Defkalion can do a Rossi-like test.

  • AstralProjectee

    Waiting anxiously for a successful test. Time for LENR to shine.


    • Fingers crossed Defkalion can deliver the goods right now.

      I am an optimist on this one – most of the facts really do seem to add up. Except of course for the one fact that it really is just too good to be true.

      It would rank with fire and electricity in terms of importance to humanity. The mind can only ponder at this point in awe and hope.

      In any case, definitely hoping the tests will be gentlemanly and provide accepted proof, one way or the other, to the world, scientific community and investors.

      lets get the bet on.


  • dragon

    Time to shine or time to dive.

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  • Robert Mockan

    Dick Smith is pefect example that being rich does not mean acting smart. The 96 hour test would answer every persons question about the process being useful. 6 hours does not do that. A person does not have to be awake for 96 hours, that is why one has computerized data acquisition, spread sheets, chart display and print out. One can measure the electrical power going into the system, but only “accurate” flow calorimetry is going to provide sufficient information to determine output thermal power. The unit will need to be instrumented with temperature sensors, flow meter, external pump, and so on. The test equipment used need premeasurment calibrations. The person to set up the calorimetry should be Dr. Dennis Craven. The journalist on hand should be Jed Rothwell. The test supervisor should be Dr. George Miley. If it is to be televised exeprienced personal in that deparrtment need to be there. Finally, to nail the test results into the public mind permanently, ex governor Jesse Ventura should be there. These are the people needed to plaster test results across the face of the USA.
    And for Europe, Russia, China, Japan, each country should send there own team to observe and report. Every body shows up, the test gets done, the results get posted, and cold fusion becomes reality to every one of the billions of people in the world.

    • I’ll bring the girls.

      • Steve Robb

        I’ll bring the beer.

        • Robert Mockan

          And if tricky Dicky shows up, take those wire cutters away from him.

        • E-Dog

          I’ll bring the fire truck!

    • psi

      Great ideas. Getting JV on the scene would really amp up the entertainment value and get the media’s attention.

      • Steve Robb

        I hate to admit it but I suspect that is what is needed.

  • sapain

    smith c it working for 6 hrs he knows sustainablity has been achieved

  • Am I reading this correctly? Rossi’s is the gold standard of LENR tests??? If that’s the case why doesn’t anybody believe his device is for real? Am I missing something?

    • Andrew Macleod


      • daniel maris


    • Robert Mockan

      Since Pons and Fleischmann in 1989 cold fusion has been real. They achieved infinite COP with their “heat after death” experiments, where nail sized palladium rods boiled liters of water away with no external power applied. Researchers who continued to study cold fusion, or LENR, as many like to call it now, know the phenomena is real. It has been so for 23 years! Rossi has brought it back into the public mind, but still the critics and pathological skeptics, some who clearly work for vested interests in the status quo who do not want the technology developed, have delayed progress. And the media has been complicit in their sinister plot to deny the world this energy source. Here is another opportunity to break through the ignorance of skeptical scientists and superstition of conventional physics, and expose the conspiracy of denial once and for all!
      Smith may be setting up for another fail, to try and force LENR back into obscurity, but if he does, it will only reveal his agenda. Very soon, it will be possible for ANY PERSON to make the fuel! And after that, I would not want to be one of the conspirators!

      • Steve Robb

        Conspiracy theories really leave a bad taste in my mouth. I much prefer that people are subject to group think and like to cling to the familiar.

        • Robert Mockan

          That is crimestop doubleplus, of course. In the USA today the DHS says conspiracy believers, especially if about government or OUR GREAT LEADER, are mentally ill. But groupthink is blackwhite oldthinkers unbellyfeel ingsoc doubleplusgood (as expressed in Newspeak).

          • Andrew Macleod

            Translation please.

          • Robert Mockan


            crimestop- thoughts that can not lead to thought crime, because concepts pertaining to any kind of resistance to the conditioning process imposed upon people in government controlled schools are removed from expressions of world view.

            doubleplus- following any government defined concept, expressed as a word, it is used for emphasis. One can say, good (or ungood), doubleplusgood (or ungood). When used by itself without good or ungood, it places emphasis on the concept itself.

            groupthink- people all thinking alike.

            You read Newspeak by sharing the meaning of government defined concepts, expressed as a word, (so as to reduce the possibility of thought crime), with the meaning of adjacent words.

            Thus, to “groupthink is blackwhite”, means that in the present regime approved groupthink, seeming contradictions to what a person may perceive as reality, are not really contradictions at all. Thus black is white, and white is black, IS reality. To assume otherwise is to resist conditioning, or be “unservile doubleplus”. That could lead to thought crime- the thinking of ways to resist, or worse, destroy the regime in power.

            oldthinkers- one who clings to old ways of thinking, but when used next to a government approved concept word, like “blackwhite” it means just the opposite.

            unbellyfeel- feeling absolute nirvana, to the absence of reason of any kind.

            ingsoc- refers to Socialism.

            doubleplusgood- when used at the end of the sentence, the emphasis is placed on the whole sentence. Thus it means very, very good to be a socialist, and feeling it is the only way of life, and to be obedient and servile to the government regime. Used at the end of the sentence, it places emphasis on all the concept words that proceed it.

            When you look for the concept words in any society, you find what is approved by the government, the monetary authority, or religious institutions, of that society. In the USA today, as in other countries, there is a prevailing groupthink, and crimestop is a way of thinking that always supports the groupthink. The conditioning process imposed by the government controlled schools (and that has been their purpose in most countries, that is, to socialize the young people to think the groupthink is the only reality), is essential, otherwise people might start thinking for themselves.

            A perfect example of “blackwhite” in todays society, is voting for presidential candidates when they are all chosen in advance by followers of the insane oligarchs, to say whatever need be said to get elected, but then to obey their masters once installed in office by whatever criminal activity is required, like vote rigging, media complicity, and so on. Candidates who have not been anointed by the insane oligarchs, for example, Ron Paul in the present election process, have no chance of reaching the office. If he did, he would be killed.

    • Steve Robb

      I’m an anybody and I have believe it to be real since I heard from Kullander and Essen made their comments. Have you ever seen an electron, do you believe they are real? If so why?

  • Maybe Dick Smith is an excuse for Defkalion to shorten their tests. We saw 18 hour test from Dr Rossi, and that didn’t satisfy too many skeptics.

    Could “Dick Smith” be a Defkalion ploy to give us a shoddy 6 hour test?

    Apparently this Dick says a 6 hour test is fine yet NASA said they needed aminimum of 48 hours.

    Dick has gotten Defkalion to shorten their test by 90 hours.

    This bites.

    I hate Dick Smith.

    Here we had a decent scheduled test and some moron (on LENR topic) is trying to get them to shorten it and feels 96 hours is suspicious.

    What if Defkalion is only capable of a 6 hour test and put Dick Smith up to this stunt so we can only witness a shoddy experiment.

    The problem with LENR is it’s stability. We know we can produce excess heat with it, but it is very unstable. If Defkalion is not capable of stability beyond 6 hours then this is a smart way to manipulate the media concerned.

    • Petrol

      What if Defkalion is part of an alien conspiracy to blow up the world by placing nickel salted cold fusion bombs in everyones basements?

      • sapain

        cool, aliens

    • Steve Robb

      Pleeease!!! People! They are called medications not drugs!! Use them as your physician has prescribed!

      • Thomas

        And it’s called dick, not Dick 😀


    • morse

      Absolutely true !

      “I have stated I only require a six hour test period and I am suspicious of their proposed 96 hour period as no person can remain awake that long!”

      That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Now we have the opportunity to test the LENR phenomena for 4 days continuously without interruption and now comes this guy ‘Dick’ who only wants a 6 hour test ?! It is like saying, we are only going to test our new fission reactor for 6 hours because we can’t stay awake for the whole week !

    • Joe

      “The problem with LENR is it’s stability. We know we can produce excess heat with it, but it is very unstable”

      If you know how to produce excess heat with LENR please provide a recipe that i can follow and get excess heat.

  • s

    As long as the 6hr Smith test is in addition to the 96 hr tests, all is well. To me, the 6hr test is worthless as Rossi has already done that. I do not understand Mr. Smiths fascination with repeating what Rossi did. We need to see how the reactor works over multiple bursts over a long period of time. After 10 bursts, for example, is the energy output still the same or has it degraded or destabilized so much that the device is not viable?

    • Stephen

      I don’t understand this 6h test issue. They wanted to do it for 96h=4d. NASA said 48h=2d is the minimum to be conclusive… why ask for 6h if some will still hold doubts, whatever is the outcome? Sleeping of course is not an issue as one can make shifts. Even Defkalion could say that over 96h somebody could do a sabotage 🙂

      The explaination I have is that DSmith is betting that the test will never take place or be delayed forever… and he thus wants to paint this people in a corner by removing any excuse for not doing it. This speaks clearly on the fact he’s 100% convinced it’s all fake.

      You like bets, DS, isn’t it? 🙂

      However, I am a (neutral) skeptical too… but bets are also dangerous: I think we need a conclusive test here. What if they are smart enough to design a 6h test and it’s still a scam? If NASA was asking for 48h there must be a reason. More doubts, delays, inconclusive results… are of no help to anybody.

  • daniel maris

    It ain’t gonna happen. Dick Smith’s protocols will not be used,which will allow him to claim that DGT are running scared. That’s all it’s about. DGT should have rebuffed him more forcefully in my view, but this sort of strategy is difficult to counter.

  • de^mol

    “as no person can remain awake that long!”
    That is the dumbest comment I have ever seen on internet. How the fuck does an oil rig then continue to drill around clock? Never worked in team shifts or with computers or whatever. Bring in one of your buddies dick, and you can work in 12 hour shift.

    Oh mighty, that Dick Smith guy here must be only out there to show the world it is a scam, no matter what, even if it is real. Is he maybe investing in other energy sources and see his investments in danger?

    It seems likely to me.

    • Josh

      Smiths probably wants a -particular- person to watch the whole test, not just any few persons.

      Also, there’s a sure advantage for the same person witnessing the whole test, over fragmented evidences.

      Smith has seen a lot of fraudsters, and his reasoning sounds perfectly logical to me.

      I think he sees more as way of proving LENR works, he doesn’t care at this stage if it stops to be controllable after a period of time (as some here suggest).

      Smith + Defkalion sounds like the perfect combination at this stage. Skepticism + Revolution (allegedly). I couldn’t wish for a better person to be involved in this.

      • de^mol

        Who the fuck is talking about “just any few persons?” He can raise a million dollars without any problem but can’t find ONE, only ONE buddy in the world with 5 billion people that he can trust? No brothers, no friends, what so ever. You must be joking man.

        On an oil rig there are 24 hour geologists working clock round. Oil rigs can’t find decend geologists, so they stop drilling?

        I really don’t buy any of this kind of crap. Sorry. And by the way, I am not a ‘believer’ as you think, just a skeptical follower with some hope that it is true. But for me this Dick guy is busted.

        • Josh

          Who said he can’t find anyone, you must learn to read before rioting, baboon.

          • de^mol

            What is it you don’t understand about “as no person can remain awake that long!”, and “just a few people”. That means that he says he can’t find ANYBODY else than one person, because if he can, the person doesn’t have to stay up that long, but can work in shifts. Just a few people means that there can’t be no credible people in the whole wide world who could do the test… And that makes him not credible. Simply because there should be thousands of people around in this world who can do the tests.
            So please read before you answer.

        • AP

          de^mol, you are wrong. Geologists working with each other on an oil rig are in a cooperative relationship. A skeptic conducting a test of an inventor is in an adversarial one.

          If you have multiple people that have observed they have to aggregate and communicate all their data which opens up additional possibilities that someone misses something or fails to mention something important. It’s even more susceptible in a case like this with the probable need for skilled observers (physicists to understand the experiment, stage magicians to watch for sleight of hand cheats, etc.).

          If Defkalion can’t conduct a 6 hour test (without a believable mechanical reason, which I do not get the impression they have) then they are evading.

  • daniel maris

    I see from “the other site” that Smith is misrepresenting what DGT said about COP. I don’t like his methods at all. He’s clearly one of those self-made millionaires who just expects everyone to agree with him about everything – and of course in their everyday life everyone does! So there’s nothing to stop the ego-inflation.

    The reality is DGT have set up a series of tests. Let’s see how they go. Let people criticise them as they will…Let’s see if we get any further.

    • Tony

      Me neither. It’s an odd way of trying to progress a business relationship.

  • Due diligence means doing your homework and considering all of the angles. I base my life on being nobody’s fool. That’s why I have to ask the following questions about Dick Smith with background about why I’m asking.

    1. Is Dick bankrupt? I know I know he is the richest man in Australia. I have to ask this question.

    2. At Rossi’s Yalta who got the rights to Australia? Was it Dick Smith or a close associate? background: Emperor Rossi divided up the world, minus the Russia and Japan. Who got Australia?

    3. Does Dick Smith dabble in solar/wind investments in Australia? background: In California today there is a gold rush on land in the desert. 1000 acres in the middle of nowhere, no water, no roads, no utilities, goes for $1,000,000. If Dick Smith announces a breakthrough in LENR it will collapse the solar/wind market allowing him to buy up land in the Australian outback for pennies on the dollar (or whatever they use out there).

    • Steve Robb

      If this is real, and it can be used to generate electrical power allowing people to be off grid, it will make land remote from power lines more valuable. The limiting factor is how far from a metropolitan zone do people want to live. Many retirees worry about being to far from a medical facility.

      • Power is not the limiting factor in off-grid living. I recently connected to Edison on my ranch. For the money I spent I could have just as well created an off-grid system and had free power. The problem with off-grid on the remote ranch is theft. If LENR is real I will continue to connect to Edison, albeit at a lower rate. I don’t want to see my ecat or hyperion being sold on craigslist. Also, you failed to take water into account. In Los Angeles County you can’t build without a proven long term tested steady source of water.

        • Steve Robb

          There is a thing called a well. We don’t all want to live in Los Angeles County and be restricted by their regs. If a LENR package can produce power for a thousand dollars then they will be cheap enough that you can run the risk of having is stolen every five years or so.

          • OK fine, if you want to pay $30-40K to dig a well, and pay an engineer to certify it produce water for years to come, you can build in LA County. Congratulations.

            So let’s say for the sake of argument that you want to live in the middle of nowhere where a well with water is possible. With LENR you can do it and have the comfort of off-grid power. I still don’t see everyone flocking to the boonies. There are still things like stores, restaurants, paved roads that are lacking.

          • Steve Robb

            I five miles outside of a small town not the boonies. A well sunk to 250′ costs $10,000. I have a friend moving five miles from power lines and must use a small solar array that will cost about $8000. Not sure what it costs to draw power lines five miles. If a LENR unit is cheaper than that it will open up the acreage available for development by an order of magnitude easily. That will happen all over the country, so some land will become more valuable while other will be less valuable. The local power cooperative, under pressure from the county, stopped being so generous with subsidizing the extension of power lines as it was costing the county money for the extension of services to those new areas.

          • http://tj.jtusz.com/construction/power/

            $10K to connect to Edison power (500 feet to nearest transformer). That includes $3K I had to pay my neighbor for the easement.

            I had to make a decision in October/December just as LENR news was breaking and I have to say that I feel I made the right choice.

            I haven’t purchased a water heater for the main house yet. If LENR pans out I can get an electric 100 gallon heater. If not I’ll get a propane point-of-use heater.

            I don’t want a LENR unit some meth thief can steal on the ranch. I want cheap power.

            By the way, solar ranches with 2,000,000 panels are being built 2 miles away. We have 300 days of sunshine per year. I want to sleep at night knowing that the meth heads that drive by on quads aren’t eyeballing my solar panels.

        • daniel maris

          Don’t you have insurance companies in the USA, Charles?

          • You must be talking about homeowner’s insurance which includes theft insurance. That’s for people who take out loans. I am building my place cash no loan my own labor on weekends. You are not forced to have insurance unless you borrowed money to buy the place. Insurance comes out to something like $1300/year in my parts from what I hear.

            Still, let’s assume you had extremely inexpensive power available to you with LENR. You can run all appliances heating, cooling, etc. using electricity safely and cleanly. Furthermore, with enough cheap power, you can create a system to burn your septic waste and garbage.

            What part of I don’t want a LENR in my backyard don’t you understand? I just want cheap clean power pumped into my grid.

          • Steve Robb

            The part of “What part of I don’t want a LENR in my backyard don’t you understand?” that I don’t understand is the cutting off of one’s own nose to spite one’s face.

    • Robert Mockan

      Item 3 may have legs. Many coastal regions of the world have inadequate water resources for agriculture. If heat from the nickel hydrogen reaction is used for desalination of sea water by distillation, land that is presently almost worthless could become prime real estate.

      • Perhaps you didn’t understand item 3. Consider the $1M to be like insider trading. If you are the only one who knows LENR is real then you buy hedge funds that bet on solar/wind going south. If you know it’s a fake, then you announce a huge success, buy up a whole bunch of land in the desert for pennies on the dollar, and wait for the value to be restored after everyone realizes they have been fooled.

        • sparks

          This is exactly how I see it: As I’ve argued before, many folks with wealth who are a active investors really don’t care whether a LENR energy source will become viable or not. They just want to know WHICH it is, before anyone else does, so they can place their hedges on this “inside information” and make a lot of money on whatever they find.

          • Steve Robb

            I suspect the shock to the renewable industry will not come straight away. Anyway when you decide to place a bet there are double and triple short ETFs available that you can purchase using your precious IRA money. But, be aware that there is a thing called windage that makes those vehicles useful for only a short term bet. If you buy one today and let it sit for a year you will find the value has been cut sharply even though the underlying stock moved in the direction you were betting. Caveat emptor.

    • sapain

      what about the new concepts of ocean living, lenr would magnify that potential of above and below water habitats.

      • Steve Robb

        Or we could live on the Moon. But only if there are cheap and easy moon-babes.

    • sapain

      charles u made some very good points

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  • Steve Robb

    Mr. Smith’s lament that one cannot stay awake for 96 hours is simply silly. After all this time, surely he can find a small number of people that could work in shifts to watch the conduct of the experiment. If he can afford a million dollar bet he can afford to hire the people.

    Mr. Smith is going to pull a Dr. Richard Garwin on us. Dr. Garwin is the one that goes about demanding that people make him a cup of tea with the heat from cold fusion. I have always though that that is a rather belittling attitude. In the 60-Minutes piece on cold fusion, Dr. Garwin said, when presented with a statement from a DARPA memo that concluded that there is “…no doubt there is anomalous heat produced in these experiments.”, responded “I am living proof there is doubt. They can say there is excess heat being produced, but they can’t say there is no doubt. All they can say is ‘They don’t doubt,’ but I doubt.”

    I predict that after the six hour test Mr. Smith will simply state, like Dr. Garwin, that he still has doubt. I am certain however that he will not renege on the payment of the money. I hate to use such words but at some level Mr. Smith is a clown.

  • Oops I just realized what you were getting at. Land speculation for coastal areas in remote deserts without water. What I was getting at is that due to solar and wind projects land that sold for $100/acre a few years ago is now selling for $20,000/acre. Green projects have created a speculative bubble out in the California desert.

    • Robert Mockan

      I got it. There are always opportunities to profit from new technology and the effects on the status quo.

  • Ron

    I don’t know. This seems more like a stunt to me than anything else. But what his game is
    for doing such a stunt is not clear.

    • lark

      Dick became very rich through capitalism and is now in a stage where he is reflecting on how he became rich and how society, the economy and the world behave and he realised that de doesn’t like any of it – he is now on a crusade to use his financial, political and social influence to right some of his wrongs, search for good and press hard on bad….

      His heart is in the right place – believe me, Dick is happy with what he has, he does not need another cent. He want LENR to be real – this would be great for “society, the economy and the world”. This is just the sort of thing Dick is hoping for – He’ll leverage the first LENR to help the world get the most of it. But he needs to know if it’s real first.

      Dick is a very well know Australian – his motives have been pretty clear now for many years, this guy has integrity and am certain he has no sinister ulterior motive.

  • Ummm, seems to me that the basic question here is: does this device work, or not…? Either it does, or it doesn’t. It shouldn’t be news to anyone that just about every week, a new such wonder is announced, stock is sold, time passes, and the organization folds up. Result: the “inventor” retires, and the naifs look for another way to lose their money…

    James Randi.

    • daniel maris

      Is it the real James?

      Well, who’s being naive here? Let’s first of all start with the recognition that there is a spectrum that runs all the way from out and out fraud through genuine inventions that cannot be commercialised through to genuine inventions that can be commercialised and generate huge profits.
      Also on the spectrum are premature inventions.

      So, please tell us what you think about NASA’s patent on LENR. Do you think NASA are fraudsters?

      And then, do you think Focardi is a fraudster?

    • Steve Robb

      Are you really James Randi, the high-school drop-out? I am certain so far as the drop-out part goes. Yes, it is true, “James Randi,” that the world is chock to the hilt with charlatans and hood-winks that pose as something they are not but most of us are able to see through the fog. Even a society of scientists would debate the protocol of such a test. And, in the circus atmosphere of the new-age-wikimedia it might be a tad more complicated as it is the penultimate of democracies where every Tom, Dick and “James Randi” has a say so.

  • Ron

    Its simple. Defkalion should run the test for 48 hours and include some independent scientific observers who record notes along with the instrument data collection. Mr. Smith can observe for any period of time he wants in the 48 hour window. Problem solved.

  • linda

    I am beginning to doubt that this is the real Dick Smith.

    Is there anyone who can verify that Dick Smith exists and that the person claiming to be Dick Smith is indeed Dick Smith?

    And of course, when someone shows up, claiming to be Dick Smith, how do we prove that this is the Dick Smith who devised the protocol, and that he really has $1 million dollars to put up? He should bring the money with him on the day, along with someone who can verify his identity. And he should be watched, very carefully, by an independent panel of Dick Smith experts, who have their eyelids taped open so that they do not go to sleep during the Dick Smith verification process.

    You can never be TOO sceptical.

    • Steve Robb

      Very, very funny stuff. Good use of irony.

  • s

    Well, people, it seems that National Instruments is now denying any association with Mr. Rossi. Newenergytimes, which seems to try to have facts backing their articles, posted an article where a NI spokesperson denied Rossi is a customer. Again, it’s impossible to say a blog post is always factual. But, if this is the case, then the Ecat appears to have possibly lost support of University of Bologna and NI in a short period of time. Next thing you know, it is possible that some of the people who pre-ordered a home Ecat might start asking to be removed from the list.

    • Steve Robb

      Can you provide a link please?

  • Alexvs

    Reading the succesive titles of the threads of this blog I got the feeling of a very good reasoned and coherente structure. The E-Cat consequences for the world’s future, for the oil companies and most important for persons as we all are (I suppose), are
    thoroughly described. The E-Cat story could be (I write “could”) a splendid one.
    Bad philosophy books are completely true except the first paragraph. The same could happens with E-Cat. First paragraph sounds like E-Cat works. And this is the assumption which can validate or not the whole story.
    Unfortunately the erratic Rossi’s behavior, his announcements, his diatribes, make me think that E-Cat might be a bluff, a stunt, a hoax, a fraud more then a reality.
    Sorry if somebody feels hurt.

  • Omega Z

    What’s Dicks problem

    He can watch their tests for 6 hours & leave.

    If DGT wants to run it for another 90 hours let them. Just provide Dick Smith with the data for the 1st 6 hours.

    • Logic Time Please

      Smith is a busy, multi-millionare philanthropist. He is also a Skeptic but that’s a good thing – he isn’t a denier. Smith’s 6 hour test is typical of a busy CEO – he’ll negotiate the protocls he wants to be sure it isn’t a scam, assign a few properly qulaified observers and that’s it. That’s how real business works.
      And given Smith’s record to date he will also pay if proved wrong and be deeply delighted that he is so. Smith made his money in retail and electronics. Having made his fortune his since put it to good use helping people.
      A 6 hour test sounds simple, logical and typical of someone who operates in the real business world. A 2 day test from Smith’s business perspective would be a waste of time. From a scientific & political point of view, 2 days is needed.
      The ball’s now in Defkalion’s court. Lets see what develops.

  • Skeptic

    Good, 96 hours is good. Just get a team together to watch it.
    Also energy-output is one thing. Gamma-radiation, helium- or copper- generation would also constitute proof that something is going on.
    Measure those, while you’re there.

    Oh and while you’re at it, make sure the water for ‘cooling’ isn’t actually hydrogen peroxide.

    I don’t think the test will actually take place though. Lots of talk, then a fight about something someone said – and then no test, mark my words.

    • Roger Bird

      Gamma radiation may be useful for safety concerns. Helium and copper generation may be useful to scientists. But I don’t give a flying ef you cee kay about helium and copper. I won’t be collecting the helium and copper in my basement and trying to sell it. I just wanna know if it works.

  • Roger Bird

    Dick Smith, may I make a suggestion. Before you go to the test, you get your lawyer or broker or whoever does the real trading for you and tell them to await for a phone call, even if it is in the middle of the night in Australia. Then when you do the test you…..

    (1) If the tests prove that Defkalion has a consumer ready product, then have your guy sell all of your energy stocks and buy energy dependent stocks, like Alcoa. This would not be insider trading because you would not be buying Defkalion, you would be buy based upon your perception that energy as we know it is going to change radically.

    (2) If the test prove that Defkalion does not have a consumer ready product, then have your guy make an appointment with Saturday Night Live with you as the host.

  • Pablo Bindy

    The problem with short scheduled tests is always “interference.” Defkalion is right to want a 96 hour test so that any deliberate interference can be detected, identified and removed.