Rossi Confirms Leonardo Corp. No Longer Working With National Instruments — New Supplier Involved

Understandably, Andrea Rossi says he has received many inquiries regarding the news that New Energy Times reported which quoted a National Instruments spokesperson as saying that Rossi was not currently a customer of NI. Today Rossi responded to this news with the following post.

Dear Lu Fong:
I have received many comments with the same questions regarding National Instruments, so I answer to you and the answers are valid also for the other Readers who have put the same questions.
We have worked very well with N.I., and we have learnt from them very much. We are very grateful to them for all what they have teached to us, training our technological people in a very useful way, for weeks.
As I said already, Leonardo Corporation is structurally changed in these last weeks, and the Trust to which now Leonardo Corporation belongs has chosen other suppliers. Also our Customer has chosen other suppliers. We will remain always grateful to NI for what they teached to our people and we will ask in future proposals also to them. Personally, I am convinced that sooner or later we will buy also their systems.
Said this, I want answer in the detail to your questions:
1- Our scheduling, obviously, will not be affected, the suppliers we have chosen are already respecting all the scheduled milestones.
2- 3- Yes, we have already the control systems set up in the 1 MW plant, which will be delivered to the Customer very soon. By the way, such systems have been chosen directly from the Customer, who preferred a supplier he was already working with.
I want to add that we have chosen other Customers not because better, but only because of their longstanding collaboration with our Partners and Customer. I personally think that NI is a very good company and, again, we will maintain them in our list of Suppliers, honoured of this.
The 1 MW plant is a magnificence, and the preparation of the robotized line to produce the E-Cats is in schedule to start the production within Autumn and the deliveries within the next Winter, with some luck; in the worst case, within 18 months we will deliver, and we will deliver at the prices we promised. The technology has been revolutionized, we are testing the new E-Cats and we are very satisfied. This very week we will start to use the new control system made by the new Supplier.
Let me do a last consideration: the fact that snakes and clowns have used this episode to create a mess is the demonstration that we have not to release the names of our Partner, Suppliers and Customers, to avoid the falsifications that the puppet snakes and the clowns make up and, over all, the disturbments that they bring up to all the entities working with us. We all need to work in peace. We have to work in our factories 16 hours per day (also today, Sunday) and we have not time at all to compete in the field of the chatters of snakes who are PAID by their puppeteers to try to create a mess from nothing.
Warm Regards,

Apparently then, the collaboration with NI is over, but being replaced by a different supplier. From what Rossi says here it appears that he no longer is the sole decision maker in the development and commercialization of the E-Cat — the ‘Trust to which Leonardo Corporation now belongs’ is making decisions which possibly may be overriding Rossi’s own ideas.

For those who are intensely curious about what is going on behind the scenes with the E-Cat, it is going to be frustrating to be faced with more secrecy about partners, customers and suppliers, but from Leonardo’s point of view it makes some sense to work in secret. The technology that they purport to have is obviously revolutionary in its nature, and at the prices they say the will offer — if people, companies, factories become public there would be many inquiries, visits, cameras, rumors, competitors etc. to deal with, and working ‘in peace’ would be difficult.

For those seeking third party confirmation of anything Rossi says, this information will not be satisfying, and no doubt distrust and skepticism will continue. Perhaps there will be more revelations in the near future, but so far Rossi and Leonardo have managed to keep secrets locked down pretty tightly. In many ways with this story the more things change, the more they stay the same — we are still going to need to wait for more substantial revelations about the E-Cat.

  • dragon

    I guess all eyes will gaze now on Defkalion… until they will get to be as secretive as Rossi.

    I suspect that they will turn ultra-secretive soon. And some will believe it is to protect the secret of the device. Others will believe it is just smoke and mirrors fur bull-shit.

    • dragon

      I wonder how come the other researchers on LENR are staying so quiet and how come they don’t have anything new to report regarding their research?
      In the last 13 months they got at least a bucket of information regarding new directions on this field. How come they do not report a breakthrough of some kind?
      At least, I would like to know their opinion about Nickel-Hydrogen reactions and if they tried to experiment with this setup and what results they had up until now. There must be at least tens of teams out there… and nothing?

      • joe

        Everyone who aided Rossi in pulling this e-cat off will rise and fall with him. If you are associated with fraud you will never get clean again.

        It was the only place left for Rossi to go given the fact the cold fusion field readily accepts everyone and their theories at face value.

        No other field would accept someone like Rossi who was jailed for environmental crimes and tax fraud from his previous Oil from waste business venture. That invention only produced toxic sludge from waste so lets hope the e-cat works a little better than that.

        • daniel maris

          Have you heard of Richard Branson -he started off with a VAT fraud case to blemish his record…

          • joe

            Rossi must stand on his own record. Richard Branson or other people cannot give him any legitimacy by association.

      • dsm


        Good points.

        Defkalion have shown that they can produce a powdered nickel + H LENR device that is so effective it is ready for commercialization. They did it in approx 3 months from scratch (around middle of 2011).

        If they can do it when 100s of labs around the world with many years research can’t, then surely anyone can come up with one.

        Well, actually, anyone can claim they have one (a commercial ready LENR generator) but, a claim vs reality are very different.

        The testing by independent and capable testers is the only way any can know when a claim is real or not.

        Doug M

        • Brad Arnold

          I’m sorry did you say Defkalion came up with a LENR Ni-H device from scratch in 3 months?

          Don’t you think it is more than a coincidence that Rossi comes out in January of last year with a demonstrable LENR Ni-H device with a commercializable COP (unlike anything we’ve ever seen or heard of), then he starts working with Defkalion, quits, then Defkalion comes out with a LENR Ni-H device a few months later (before anyone else)?

          Rossi spend years maximizing the LENR Ni-H exothermic reaction, and presumably he had a breakthrough which significantly increased the COP to commercial levels. I think it is safe to say that Defkalion didn’t come up with that “secret Italian sauce recipe” independently over a three month period (although they appear to have improved on it from the point Rossi left the company).

    • daniel maris

      Defkalion have been v. specific about 7 tests, including the first conducted by teh Greek Government no less. If they don’t pony up, they will lose all credibility.

      • Brad Arnold

        Stated another way, if Defkalion didn’t know that they could pony up, they would be acting insane to invite such independent tests. Obviously, Defkalion has a commercial LENR Ni-H device based upon Rossi’s “secret Italian sauce” (although they have apparently dramatically increased the temperature that the reaction could sustain stably).

        Kudos to Defkalion, who appears to have the first commercializable LENR Ni-H generator (and also the first to sustain temperatures hot enough to power a steam turbine to produce electricity – which is in my opinion the Gold Standard in LENR).

        • daniel maris

          I agree they certainly have something and that the tests will take place. They seem highly confident now, whereas a few months ago they sounded significantly less so.

        • dragon


          Also, Defkalion seems to be more serious than Dick Smith. They are pursuing him actively, which sugest they have the real thing (working LENR device).

          Look here… very interesting:

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  • Wonder

    Do you see how Rossi is created his own mess…..

    He is the worst business man ever. He has no PR strategy, no communication strategy, and by not being truthful, he is destroying his own creditability.

    I think he should stop his own clownery as he looks like a snake. His ecat device needs a real business leader, or else he will fade away in history.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Word of mouth alone will market this product, if it’s priced as Rossi has stated and works as advertised. The ecat isn’t just a heater, it’s breathing room for the average joes pocketbook. People will be fighting to get one, imagine a popular Xmas toy at Christmas but worse.

      Even if Rossi does some strange things that we don’t understand, I’m glad he’s at the front. Keeps things interesting while waiting.

    • daniel maris

      This is all irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not he has a working LENR/cold fusion device that delivers a COP better than 3.

      Everything else is immaterial.

    • joe

      If you knew Rossi’s history you would not be so surprised. His previous business including Leonardo Corp is tainted by multiple instances of fraud, making grand claims that are 100% untrue to early investors to their ruin. How many times must he trick people with fraudulent claims before everyone stops believing his latest money scheme will be the real thing.

      • Andrew Macleod

        I have read about his past. The most interesting point of view I heard was Rossi’s on krivits site.

        • daniel maris

          This is a far more plausible account than the idea that some waste pirate was allowed to despoil Italy for 15 years before prosecution. No doubt Rossi is putting the best gloss on it…perhaps he was negligent in his treatment of waste but there is no doubt you can produce diesel (equivalent) from waste. I know of plants in the UK that do that now and power waste refuse vehicles.

        • Robert Mockan

          Very interesting account of his years in the bio fuel business. It almost looks like he was targeted for being too successful.
          About his latest venture? What can one say, except good luck Rossi!

        • Steve Robb

          Thanks for providing the link. Many more people should read that.

  • For the sake of everyone I hope he has a tangible and visible product soon as per his timeline.

    Hopefully a buyer will buy and show off an e-cat
    1MW plant before autumn.

    It is a valid point as to why some competitor
    has not jumped on the idea of open source
    palladium or nickel devices in the timespace.

    Certainly the first companies to market will
    benefit the most as will the first economies
    to use cold fusion. The question is are they
    really that fearful of the cost of product
    development and the scales of economy costing.

    If so they or an open souce organization might want to collaborate with the generous and much
    needed 5.5 millon U of Missuri grant.

  • Andrew Macleod
    • Robert Mockan

      Interesting. The shaped charge principle used in anti tank missiles, like in the original Bazooka, but on a nano-scale. The re-entrant jet is accelerated by casimir effect during cavitation bubble collapse, resulting in fusion and fission? This would seem to support the Griggs hydrosonic pump, and sonofusion, concepts as well. This does not seem to be LENR, or LANR, that stands for Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions, typically using metal and hydrogen (or deuterium). Power gain is still small, and bulk temperatures low. We need to start seeing 1000 degree temperatures, and gains of 100 or more, before it gets really exciting. Then we are talking replacement for conventional nuclear devices using uranium.

      • Tom

        I hope we aren’t talking nuclear weapons. No doubt if it has a use as a weapon it will get used. I just hope with energy decentralised there will be little left to fight for except religion and real estate.

        • Robert Mockan

          Any power generation process with aerospace applications, for example propulsion that is my interest, can be used in weapons. We will just have to trust people can overcome their inclinations to slaughter one another.

      • Andrew Macleod

        Maybe they should go to dick smith for an easy million. Their COP is 3.4. For their heater.

      • sapain

        it would fall under lenr, as for lanr good question, they talk about crystaline h2o.

    • psi

      Very interesting. Thanks for the link.

  • s

    I have a question about the title of the post. It says “…New Supplier Involved”. Would a more appropriate title be “…Rossi Says New Supplier Involved”?

  • Brad Arnold

    When Defkalion independently (and repeatedly) proves their LENR technology is a commercial COP, that will tend to reinforce Rossi’s legitimacy. Frankly, I don’t blame Rossi for pursuing his plans to build a manufacturing company from the ground up in secrecy, and I will continue to believe that his decision to let proof of concept in the form of proven commercialization was for the best. BTW, you don’t see Krivit pursuing an antagonistic relationship with Defkalion? I wonder why all his venom is directed toward Rossi?

  • Omega Z

    I’ve seen a few people ask if other researchers have used nickel & hydrogen in their experiments besides deuterium & palladium. Yes…

    Most report they get their highest gains using nickel.

    • sapain

      palladium is very cosstly element, market price around $700 per oz. nickel is cheaper and more abundant for mass production.

  • Jack

    “No Longer Working With National Instruments — New Supplier Involved”
    Wtf??? Who was the old supplier? NI have denied to have had a business relationship with Rossi.

    Here is a recent response:
    “Subject: Re: Need info please – Please just one more question.
    Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 13:05:42 -0600
    From: Julia Betts
    To: [Mystery Author]

    Per our previous statement from November, we were only in discussions with the Leonardo Corporation regarding the use of National Instruments engineering tools. Currently Leonardo Corporation/Andrea Rossi is not a customer of National Instruments.

    NI platforms can be used for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) applications, particularly the National Instruments Reconfigurable I/O (RIO) platform that is based on FPGA (field programmable gate array) technology for the control and monitoring needs. The FPGAs are programmable integrated circuits that offer true parallelism, high-speed analysis of data and a high level of reliability needed for control and monitoring applications.

    We do think the field of LENR is a very intriguing research area that has potential to impact the energy crisis that is facing the world. NI believes in providing the right tools and platforms to enable engineers and scientists to focus on innovation and solving the grand engineering challenges such as energy from fusion, cancer therapy in the field of medicine and smart grids for better urban infrastructure, to name a few. We are working with Universities and Research Centers around the world to empower researchers and scientists who are working on magnetic confined fusion, inertial confined fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (some times called “cold fusion”)

    Hope this clarifies.

    Julia Betts – Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Manager – National Instruments – 512-659-9643 (mobile)”

    Just to make it more clear once again:
    “Per our previous statement from November, we were only in discussions with the Leonardo Corporation regarding the use of National Instruments engineering tools.”

    Rossi said on 24 December he would work with NI.

    He lied at that time and he obviously lied in the latest reply!

    Is is a Rossi promotion platform? It seems so.

    • Andrew Macleod

      “Per our previous statement from November, we were only in discussions with the Leonardo Corporation regarding the use of National Instruments engineering tools.”. Contacting a manufacture regarding the use of one of their products is a pretty common thing.

    • Andrew Macleod
      • Andrew Macleod

        Additionally, the Leonardo Corporation has intentions to incorporate NI tools in its control system.

        • Jack

          It seems you don’t get it Andrew.

          Rossi claimed end of December to work with NI on the 1MW plant and lean from them. Recently he claimed they have been working with them for some weeks, whatever that means.

          NI states that there have been only talks about corporation and incorporation of tools.

          • Andrew Macleod

            Yes so he buys some off the shelf tools , and through customer support from NI uses these tools to improve his invention. Thus working with NI and learning from them.

          • Ged

            Considering NI touted Leonardo Corp in that link Andrew gave (first I’ve seen that!), it means they must have had a pretty cozy relationship even back then. NI is excited, or they would not have mentioned Leo Corp at all. Curious.

  • Skeptic

    Of course there is need for secrecy.
    If reputable firms find that someone is using their name to grab credibility, they will deny knowing him. Like National Instruments.

    Rossi would do better to invent a firm than to try to use an established name.
    Remember Defkalion?
    Defkalion did not exist before Rossi, did nothing before Rossi and has NEVER had ANY product other than an e-cat.
    The fake competition between the two is a strawman-argument: We’re supposed to argue about their alledged competition, and not about the facts that
    – Defkalion doesn’t actually exist
    – No-one has ever seen an e-cat
    – Rossi categorically refuses to show one e-cat (presumably because he is too busy making 1.000.000 e-cats)

    • Andrew Macleod

      Point 1. NI did not deny knowing him. We were only in talks about using some engineering tools.

      Point 2. D. Smith is arranging testing with DGT. So I guess he’s now part of the scam too?

      Point 3. There are lots of video footage of early e cat testing as well as the 1mw plant.

      I would like to see a newer version of his product but he is now under the constraints of a larger entity, so it might not be his choice anymore. Albeit some might view this a very convienent for Rossi and his “scam” but it is what it is.

    • daniel maris

      In what sense does Defkalion not exist, just out of interest? It seems to have an office,a website and a lab where Sterling Allan witnessed a demonstration.

      It claims that a test will take place on 24th February, to be observed by agents of the Greek Government. If none of that comes to pass you will be free to criticise them and crow about Defkalion being a scam, but it’s premature to do so now.

      • Sparks

        Just hope that the Greek government isn’t overthrown before Thursday!….

    • Ged

      Many people have seen the e-cat, and while in operation–and there are videos you can watch. Engineers and scientists have been at some of the previous demonstrations, along with journalists. Spent fuel was even sent to be independently investigated. Read back up on your history.

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  • Lorenzo

    One more proof that Rossi is a scam…


    • Ged

      This is a hard pill to swallow.

      NI confirmed they were interacting with Rossi months ago. So it’s interesting that he’s not “currently” a customer.

      Still, if Leonardo was bought out by another corporate force, they could change directions on a whim–go for internal or a related company’s controls rather than NIs maybe. I can’t imagine NI is cheap.

      • Ged

        Oh hm, I had never seen this before Andrew posted it below

        Seems NI was actually looking forward to working with Leonardo Corp, and they must have had a pretty close relationship at that point for NI to tout Leonardo Corp as a virtue for others to want to use NI.

        I guess I stand by my analysis more: that the investors may have decided NI was too expensive.

        Or, it’s possible the NI contract was just for that original 1 MW plant and was fulfilled. It also sounds like from what Rossi says above that NI may have been supplying consulting/training to personnel, rather than direct equipment (and per NI’s new statement, it sounds like NI -wants- to supply direct equipment, as their release is kinda like a sales pitch more than anything).

        • Andrew Macleod

          Ageed. NI has engineering tools, the tools they discuss seems to be more for data gathering. Use their tools to hit a sweet spot, then find a cheaper solution for product marketability.

        • In a nut shell: “too expensive.”

          They would want 10 mill up front I would expect.

          No great conspiracies there!

  • Karl

    This is a kind of indication that LENR is for real and that it is probable easy to replicate, bad for Rossi but probably good for many that the technology can be rapidly spread. Once someone gets in close contact with Rossi and he has to reveal some tense information it appears that the secret is easily walking away on its own feet. It seems to be the case with Defkalion and now a similar indication appears to happen with NI. The question for him remains how protected he is with his intellectual property and his financial power to fight back.[email protected]/msg63515.html

    • sapain

      if rossi has a patent in italy, he has about 30 months in order to file in all countries he wants to file in. once filed he has about 3yrs for patent penting before he has to force it into patent inspection for patent approval. so he is looking at 5.5 yrs, then with a patent 25 yrs. if rossi applied and is turned down for a patent but it works, i would hate to b the country that turned it down.

      • Ged

        The patent system is seriously in need of overhaul.

        • sapain

          yes, i agree. patents have caused global financial harm. patent life span should b shortened. solar would be more advanced and cheaper but patent protection kept it high for a very long time, same with medicines.

    • Karl

      I had a second glance on the statement from the NI representant from the link above. It seems that I did a early statement of NIs intention could be heading against Rossi. That must not be the case. The importance with this message is that NI in addition to many other sources like MIT, NASA confirm that LENR is for real. Happy days ahead!

  • Thomas Ammons

    Here is working hypothesis: If Defkalion is of the same ilk as Rossi, (probable fraud) we will see more evasion, qualification, delay, restrictions on testing, refusal to let the device be tested independently. If on the other hand they are basically honest about their claim we will see testing and verification proceed rather straightforwardly. Is this a good test?

    • Ged

      Sounds like a fine hypothesis to me. Thankfully it will be tested on or around the 24th of February… Just gotta wait till Friday!

      (Though, did Defkalion say their tests wound run 96 hours? If so, we’d have to wait till Tuesday or Wednesday of next week to find the results; but at least it’ll begin this Friday supposedly, so if they dodged out of testing we’d know by then)

      • Andrew Macleod

        Btw they take the weekends off.

      • Steve Robb

        The results will probably be kept secret. From Defkalion: “Our protocol has been accepted by leading world authorities and we are undergoing tests under strict NDAs. Nonetheless, we are open to discuss variations such as a 6 hour test, still being able to prove a COP of over 20. But these are formalities to be discussed in private. Should we proceed, Mr Smith will be bound by NDA. He can receive all the publicity he wants after the test.”

    • daniel maris

      I think it’s a good working hypothesis – it’s the one I am running with.

      If we get Rossification of DGT then the needle will move back to scam.

      I still hope Rossi comes good but if he has a marketable product he’s not doing himself any favours.

    • George

      If Rossi is a fraud then Defkalion must also be a fraud. After all if they stole fraudulent technology and claimed it is working then they would also be a fraud. Either e-cat works and Rossi is just a nut case or he is a fraud and so if Defkalion. But in either case Defkalion is a fraud because they have admitted to stealing Rossi’s technology. But perhaps what they have stolen is his method of trickery. Either way time and will tell and until there is some 3rd party confirmation all this speculation back and forth by everyone has little more value then a group of girls at a slumber party. Rossi obviously enjoys all the attention and probably suffers from some sort of psychological disorder that drives him to such absurd behavior, since he could have easily put all this to rest some time ago by a simple demonstration with independent 3rd parties.
      Don’t you all think it is strange that there is NO reputable company that has come forward and stated they are working with Rossi? Or that NONE of his claims can be verified? Where is Leonardo’s headquarters? Who are the officers and managers? Where is this plant that is going to be robot controlled??? Do you really think all this could go on with NO ONE able to verify ANY of it??? How stupid do you have to be? How sad that Rossi has gone to such length to deceive us all. In the beginning I was telling everyone about Rossi and how his invention was going to change the world. I thought because of those who where associated with him, he must be legit.

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  • vbasic

    This LENR is the strangest business.

    Randall Mills and his BlackLight Power has followed the same model as Rossi and Defkalion. He came up with his devices, then associated with a University. Then proclaimed he would go commercial in 2010-2011 along with licensing.

    To me, if commercialization happened, it would have been one of the biggest stories last year. Yet, not a peep. But look at their website, for this incredible claim:

    “To date, the Company (BlackLight) has licensed the rights to produce approximately 8,250 MW of new electrical power to seven companies, including five electrical utilities and two independent power producers. Collectively, these utility companies own, purchase, or manage electric power production of approximately 7,600 MW and service nearly one million customers. ”

    Stunning. And yet if it did happen, the world doesn’t know about it.
    Will Rossi, Defkalion, Brillion, Nanospire and others end up like this, where its all hidden?
    Incidentally, I think we can forgot about a home version of the ecat for a few years. This was written by Rossi after he announced a home version.
    Jan 28th of this year:
    “I do not think that you will have one in your home, not in a short term of time anyway, because one thing is to get the authorizations to install an industrial plant, operated by specialoists, a completely different thing is to get the authorizations to install a device like this in a household, without professional operators.”

    This says to me the device may be more difficult to control or operate than thought and may generate more hard energies than thought. It may also explain why companies initially get excited over the technology but then have to scale back expectations.

    • Did you read the above?

      “the preparation of the robotized line to produce the E-Cats is in schedule to start the production within Autumn and the deliveries within the next Winter, with some luck; in the worst case, within 18 months we will deliver, and we will deliver at the prices we promised”

    • Tim

      The BlackLight quote only says they have “licensed the rights” to the entities that produce that much power, NOT that they are producing any of it via BlackLight yet. You quote mined as the next line say “The avoided fuel costs from these agreements COULD BE…”

      And actually that Rossi quote was from last year not this year ”
      January 28th, 2011 at 10:01 PM” – just googled it and got the link to the page.

      • Good on you Tim!

        I have seen so many comments that have false statements detrimental to something that might just save us from wreaking our plannet.

        Are some of these guys working for big oil or what?

  • fumanchu

    Maybe Rossi has traded off working with NI to working with Steorn.

    I could see his secret catalyst being powered by an Orbo as likely as having a functioning Ni-H e-cat hitting the market by 2013.

  • Rossi’s world view:

    clown – anyone who questions or doubts his highness

    snake – anybody who thinks his highness is full of it

    • Tom

      As my view would be if I knew I had a world changing invention.

    • sapain

      tic toc, the 24th approaches, tic toc.

  • Doglas

    I’m totally confused.

    • Doglas

      Rossi, Defkalion , MIT , NASA, D.Smith, ….What is going on ?

      • Andrew Macleod

        Well it’s called “breakfast at the circus”

      • Rossi – figured he has 20 years left on this planet, that darn thing he is working on isn’t stable, sometimes it works though, pulls a scam by saying he found the formula to make it right, and who will be the wiser?

        Defkalion – may be working hand in hand with Rossi, same scam, different angle

        MIT – just in case the thing turns out to be real they got their foot in the door without committing in any way in such a way that if it does pan out they can say they invented it and were in on it from the start

        NASA – one guy bored at work who called a personal hobby/pet project of his a NASA project, conned his bosses into patenting it, and got Rufus to make an official NASA video about it

        D. Smith – I would guess he invested in Rossi’s scam and now he’s scrambling to figure out whether or not he was taken for a ride

        • Rhys

          Dick Smith is an entrepreneur and one of Australia’s most prominent skeptics, he is a millionaire and is evolved because he thinks it is scam and he has the cash behind him to root it out.

  • Doglas

    I believe that e-cat invention is a top secret same as the invention of the atomic bomb in 1945.

    • sapain

      the ecat would make the a-bomb look like a fire craker

  • Roger Bird

    I have a feeling that National Instruments is going to regret this big time.

  • Sanjeev
  • Obviously NIs has out priced poor Rossi who has had to sell his house to get started.

    They could have said “this is a special case” but that’s not the way they work, or they would have ended up long ago doing freebee’s for allsorts of crack pots, and gonna be’s.

    It’s just not NI’s business to take on the customers RISK.

    That been said National Instruments did help Rossi out with some good advice and ideas to put him in the right direction. GOOD ON THEM for that!

    As the process develops I hope they have the guts to help out more.

    Just remember history repeats:
    IBM missed out on Microsoft!
    (Big corporations often have no imagination)