The Case for ‘Working in Peace’ on the E-Cat

One of the frequent criticisms of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat project is its secrecy. No one knows where the factory is located, who (other than Rossi) is involved in building it, who is working there, etc., — and all this leads to the speculation from some that there is actually nothing going on at all — that the whole story is a massive lie. In the absence of evidence to the contrary it is hard to prove for sure that Leonardo Corp. is actually involved in building any kind of production facility at all.

If Andrea Rossi is in fact getting ready for mass E-Cat production, he probably won’t mind too much if people don’t believe that there is anything going on. It would mean that people don’t expect to find anything, and won’t be looking for his premises. Yesterday Rossi made the following comment when someone asked him if it would be possible to show some photos of him in his factory. “Within hours the place would be discovered and our safety and security should be jeopardized. The Puppeteers would unleash their snakes. We want to work in peace.”

It’s interesting that he cites ‘safety and security’ here. It is not unlikely that if the E-Cat factory is discovered that there would be many people who would be hanging around the place, trying to get a look inside, perhaps even wanting to break in if they were motivated to steal some technology. You would probably have both believers and doubters hanging around, looking for reasons to believe or doubt. Then there would be the workers to consider. If workers at the plant were identified, they would no doubt be questioned and perhaps harassed by people wanting to know more about the E-Cat technology and Leonardo’s business plans.

So if Rossi is doing what he says he is, it makes good business sense for his production facilities to stay as hidden as possible. If the premises do in fact exist, however, in this day and age with internet scouts all over the world, it may be hard for Rossi to keep them hidden for as long as he hopes.

  • Stephen

    Oh good, here comes excuse #125 from Rossi, security. Usual BS… he could easily provide a picture of the interior of an assembly lab, with all the fabrication facilities without giving any hint of the location.

    As he could have demonstrated 10 thousand times that his thing really works without giving any hint about his famous secrets.

    It simply doesn’t fit. He could do these things easily, but he does not. Why? The most of obvious answer is “because it’s a massive lie”, yes. It is at least reasonable to be very suspicious.

    • Stephen T.

      He doesn’t owe you the time of day, patience.

    • dan

      I agree, it doesn’t fit. He doesn’t seem to be capable of delivering anything that would reduce doubt.

      Regardless of what anyone says – it IS in his interests to drum up confidence in his science & technology if he’s producing a consumer product. Especially if he’s supposed to be facing competition.

  • John

    This whole saga is more mysterious than some Murder Mystery.

    I can’t help but think that a year from now, we’ll be laughing and thinking “well, we really got suckered into that thing involving Rossi. I wonder when he gets out of prison”.

    It’s like some movie where you really know you should just go and wash the dishes, but you really just can’t push the stop button on the remote.

    In some ways, I wish I’d never heard of e-cat.

    • Frank

      … unfortunately there is no fast forward button. 😉

  • Skeptic

    Fankly I’m happy that Rossi doesn’t post any pictures. Otherwise we would have a discussion about them.
    Since no-one knows what an e-cat is supposed to look like, those pictures won’t mean anything.
    Believers would cite them as the Ultimate Proof that the e-cat provides free energy; skeptics would point out that those pictures could be of ANY assembly line.

    I find his refusal to demonstrate an e-cat much more telling, and I am glad he passes on this opportunity to draw up another smokescreen.

  • Andrew Macleod

    Sceptics will find any reason to call Rossi a liar and a fraud, while believers will do exactly the opposite. The only thing we can all do is wait and see.

  • Jason

    I once worked for a startup company that became very successful. I was walking to my car one evening when an investor pulled up beside me in his car and peppered me with questions about the company. I told him to leave me alone but he persisted. I leaned that he did that to many employees. Leave Rossi at peace and we will see in a year. He will deliver or he will not.

  • QC-JYM

    Lots of peolple are wondering about the factory but nobody seems to wonder about traing facility. Let me explain: 1 000 000 units delivered that will need 1 000 000 refilling in 6 months, to be done by certified personel (thats about 10000 persons at 100 units each) but not a word about training facility. Did Rossi overlooked something in his race to built?

    • admin

      Hi QC-JYM,

      The latest from Rossi on that is that customers will be able to change their own refill cartridges. He said they will be shipped with a spare and after 6 months of use you switch out the old one and send it back for recycling.


      • clovis

        I agree guys.
        MAN’ This thing is getting verrry interesting can’t hardly wait to hear what will happen next, -smile.

        • clovis

          You know it good that old free energy friends can coleus around the most popular and feasible,projects . very cool in my book.– smile

          • clovis

            One other thing and i shut up,
            Free energy is our further, there will soon be no economics, there will only be (Energy),and how it is distributed.–smile.

  • Sanjeev

    Whether similar fears have been expressed by DGT, Celani and others ? Or the snakes somehow prefer only Rossi.

    Perhaps he doesn’t know that security is only an illusion, it is very easy to find the secret for those who are sufficiently motivated and have resources. Security by obscurity is least effective method.

    A whole factory is difficult to hide, there will be raw materials and finished products going in and out. At least thousands of people will be involved, including govt people, who will not bother to sign NDAs.For now I can safely assume that there is no factory.

    A smart businessman will simply wait for the first product to be available, then produce 10 million copies in few months at half the cost. No need to go illegal ways when its so simple.

  • Tangled Connections

    So, no verification of the device, no verification of the factories for the next year. There’s going to be a lot of non-stories on this site and others. I hope and think the device works and will be released as Rossi states but in the meantime policy makers will continue to develop their mainstream energy strategies with no consideration of LENR. Conclusive tests that would not need to jeapordise IP could have been conducted and changed this situation. That’s the bit that frustrates. Maybe the DGT testing scenario will remedy this. But then there’s the NDA’s.

    • dragon

      Defkalion says:
      “Our protocol has been accepted by leading world authorities and we are undergoing tests under strict NDAs. Nonetheless, we are open to discuss variations such as a 6 hour test, still being able to prove a COP of over 20. But these are formalities to be discussed in private. Should we proceed, Mr Smith will be bound by NDA. He can receive all the publicity he wants after the test.”

      Never mind “undergoing tests”. What happened to: “Testers will be pre-announced” that Defkalion said it is their first step when they setup a test?
      Are we to believe that ALL testers (exception Dick Smith) are against being pre-announced to the public? By now Defkalion should have all information about who is to be the tester(s) for Friday 24th. Do you care to share that info with us?

      It is already one month from the time this testing period was announced and we are hearing about “undergoing tests”, about Friday 24th, but we hear nothing about who is the third party. Any information that cannot be verified is like it’s not happening. It is “no news”. News is when third party is identified and confirmed.

      The Rossi works the same way: everything is NDAs, everything is hidden, no third party confirming anything for sure. Lot of pompous words but not a shred of confirmation from somebody else.

      I was also wandering if anybody from the scientific LENR community is coming to see Hyperion? They all seem so quite now, like they do not even exist anymore. The whole scientific LENR field is so hidden, that you might think it is the best protected secret on Earth.

      We do not have a shred of evidence about these LENR devices, PEOPLE!!!

      Seeing a LENR reaction happening is like seeing a UNICORN eating grass, close to you!

      • Tangled Connections

        Hopefully DGT NDA’S will only cover non-disclosure of key processes and not the actual test results. We should know either way in three to four weeks time. It’s my understanding that the two ventures (Leanardo and DGT) have different business models with DGT Global selling licences to manufacture their device in specific regions (DGT sa being their first customer) while Leanardo is selling regional licenses to market a device manufactured by Leanardo. Perhaps these differences in strategy are reflected in their approaches to open(ish) testing. From an investors perspective the first org to definitively prove their technology would surely have an important competitive advantage although Rossi claims that nearly all the deals regarding licences have been done already. Perhaps his licencees have access to information we don’t, if not, they are willing to take the huge risk of investing in unproven technology in the hope off being first to market and gaining the huge profits that will come if and when the device arrives.

      • John

        “We do not have a shred of evidence about these LENR devices, PEOPLE!!”

        Sadly, this is true. It could all be a practical joke, or a thesis project from some psychology student. I wonder whether any of these posts or comments will be quoted on the thesis?

  • Frank

    If Rossi wants to work in peace, why is he eager to get publicity then?

    For example, here a statement from Krivit’s New Energy Time Blog:
    Allen [Sterling] also told New Energy Times that Rossi had offered to pay for news stories on Allen’s Pure Energy News Service.

    By the way: Shouldn’t we expect that some of the posters on ecat-websites (which comments on every announcement Rossi does that this makes perfect sense) may also ge ‘benefits’ from Rossi?

    • Sanjeev

      I agree with your first sentence 100%.

      He could simply stop publicizing his plans and work in complete silence. But I guess its not possible to go back for him, he attracted a lot of attention.Now he is trying to hide and its not working.

      Its good that he went public initially and did public demos and interviews. This has helped LENR a lot. So many of us are aware of this tech only because of Rossi.

      Limelight will move to DGT, if their tests are successful and Rossi will fade out. He will get his peace then.

  • Sergio

    OP: “If Andrea Rossi is in fact getting ready for mass E-Cat production, he probably won’t mind too much if people don’t believe that there is anything going on.” In fact, Rossi has a lot to lose if people lose faith in his promises. He is very well aware of this and I have no doubt that he will be putting up a new show to ensure that his pre-orders don’t get cancelled. This show may or may not include a video tour through the factory, a video of a working home e-cat system, or similar never-before-seen material.

    • Roger Bird

      Sergio, I am sure that many people who signed up for the E-cat like myself did so with the understanding that the e-cat would have to be proven before we put any money down.

  • Roger Bird

    Rossi first got our attention because he wanted something from us. (Perhaps he also wanted to be first.) Whether he was a crook or the real deal, he wanted funding and/or help. He has funding and/or help now, so he really doesn’t need us anymore, for a while anyway. We have our own needs, right now, which is certainty and hope fulfillment etc. Our “needs” currently do not match his needs.

    He is like a celebrity whose income depends upon lots of attention from other people. But right now, like a celebrity who just wants to be left alone with his/her family, he wants to be left alone to either work in peace or scam in peace.

  • Tom Krieg

    If Andrea is making anything that impacts availability of energy with even a success probability of 5%, we all should encourage his work. Human kind is extremely dependent on energy to mitigate problems with food production, heating, cooling, and for heavens sake politics (Think about Iran – yuck). In desperation, we have pumped billions of dollars into hot fusion and encouraged it’s development with little result, why can’t we give Rossi a break.

    I suggest we should be encouraging, and patient with his endeavors…. maybe even help him best we can. Sadly, I have not seen too much positive suggestions in most of the forums.

  • sapain

    when i was running my enterprise, the thing that annoyed me the most was when people stopped by while i was doing something to chitchat. not wanting to b rude, i ended up wasteing a hr or two of production time. over time this can add up.
    the ecat is equal to et landing on earth, u would end up having 1000s of people camped out voicing their opinion. something rossi does not need.
    rossi is kind enough to show us a glimse of the future and give up dates to sustain our interest.
    let us be mature enough to b patient and understanding.

    • Steve Robb

      I can just imagine the mob that would surround the extraterrestrials. First would come the hippies, rolling in their wheelchairs, supported by canes, their bodies folded forward by age, their tie-dyed tee-shirts badly faded, long grey hair restrained with headbands, flashing the peace sign, smoking their ganja, all to the sounds of The Grateful Dead. Following closely behind gen-X… Amongst the mob businessmen made obvious by their suits, looking like giant fat raisins floating in a sea of the weird, flash contracts. And in the wake made by the businessmen as they push through the see of what they consider dross, are the mass media their women brightly painted with exaggerated makeup, wearing garish colors that shout “Look at me!”

      I feel a story coming on.

      • sapain

        like in the movie contact. lol

  • Doglas

    Well. I was working on a new project for a company for more than 6 month and i was suffering bad from attacks of malicious hateful ompany’s employees but at the end i finished my project with great success.
    I think Mr. Russi is facing many of this kind of malicious hateful people around the world and he should not pay attention to any of them.

  • Steve Robb

    I want you to know that there are only the two of us on this site, you and me, and all the “other” posters are myself posting under multiple accounts and are a product of my very fertile imagination. Paranoia runs deep.

    • John E

      you talking to me?

  • morse

    I am spending too much time on this e-cat story 🙂

  • sven

    If Rossy has what he claims, he has obviously two chooses, first to publish in an undoubted way a prove of his concept and secondly to keep this as much underground as possible.

    To publish would mean:
    * Giant influences on energy politics, competitive status of nations, decisions on wars and oil prices.
    * Massive investment in competitive solution and a race to market.

    To keep us ignorant means:
    * Better competitive status when he is ready to enter the market
    * Reduced effort in stopping him and therefore less investment in security operations, less likelihood of legal conflicts and more time to market meaning less need for cash.

    Facing the facts,
    * Rossy should be telling us sweet little lies to distract any attempts to copy him
    * If he delivers his product to the market, we will buy the product if it lowers our energy bill, no matter what untruth he may be telling us during the development process.
    * If he already has the money to finish the job, he does not need his fans.
    * He will be saying as little as possible to build up a brand in LENR and increasing his companies value without jeopardize his competitive status.

    So don’t expect the final prove to come anytime soon from Rossy, short time it’s more likely that other players will come forward with that type of evidence.

  • Al D

    Wait for FACTS and see. Further speculation is only that and nothing more.

  • Jimr

    I realize this would be difficult if not impossilbe, but I whoud like to see no mention of Rossi or his product for a thirty day time period. I think Rossi would be screaming for attention after a couple of weeks. (this may be close to happening in March should Defkalion tests be successful). I think I am beginning to know Mr. Rossi. I have known people like him, they need attention, cannot work with anyone or group except for a short time. Do you know of any upper management people that would spend the amount of time looking and responding to blogs, messages while trying to develop, build and market a new product.

  • I told a friend at Starbucks about this ecat business. He started laughing and came to the conclusion right away that it’s a scam on investors. Then he explained that the way a scam like this works is that he doesn’t have one factory, he has two, but claims to have three. The admin in the article above mentions “the factory” singular not plural. A possibly wrong assumption. The reason for multiple sites my friend says is because with two/three factories one crew has no idea what the other two are doing. For all they know and are told they could be building pressure cookers. For those in the know the third factory which contains the missing ingredient to make it all work is eternally elusive (because it doesn’t exist). An investor will never be shown two factories but not all three factories. Rest assured however it exists.

    • Alexvs

      That is right. And the two factories are settled in different countries. Just as Perendev case.

    • Alexvs

      I missed your precedent post. I agree with you. It is amusing.

    • daniel maris

      What a weird idea. I don’t think that would fool anyone. We have a v good idea of what’s in a LENR device.

  • I have been following Ecat since the begining. Also I have been checking on DGT. I am sick and tired of all this people and the negative comments 99.9 percent of them probably do not comprehend the situation. Rossi really has something, DGT probably gotten from Rossi, the future will tell, but when you all talk and expect them to release the information the way you want it, it is ludicrus. Anybody with a half of brain if they know, what happened to Tesla all way up to Stanley Mayer and all others in between then you should understand secrecy and safety is very important. I am amazed how the entities that interfere or even kill others they have left Rossi and DGT alone. It is time to cease all negative talks without knowledge, after all none of you have invested a penny or beian asked to, however you all demand to be told what you like to know regardless the economical and physical safety or danger this project is under from the same old interest that has been for at least one hundred years. So if you can not support it, then back off.

    • Kim

      Which begs the question

      Why have they left them alone?


      • Robert Mockan

        Given the nature of the development, one might think news about it would be all over the media. There has been some mention of the E-Cat (and less about DGT) in the press and on TV, but compared to what one might expect it has been very slight. Perhaps the plan now is to leave them alone with a conspiracy of silence? Still plenty of time to bury them if that is the final decision.

      • I do not really know, but mass media did not really cover it much, and when they did, they ridicule the technology, however due to internet many thousands of people saw it; also at the begining Rosi said, if I remember well, that if they tried to stop him, he will go open source, and if he did who can stop China?

      • Steve Robb

        There is no plan, no conspiracy, just boneheaded adherence to the conventional and neat pat answers from physicists that “know what they are talking about.” 99% of us will need a physical product performing in front of us to believe such a thing exists.

    • scott H

      I totally agree Harry. I understand their impatience and doughts, but it sounds like some people need to go on medication.

  • pauly wally

    You must all be idiots. It’s a blatant scam. Really, you are mental if you believe this crappy.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Comming to conclusions without evidence is idiotic. There is no difinitive proof for anything right now for or against.

      • Dave

        Andrew Macleod you are 100% WRONG. There is a ton of evidence that supports the conclusion that the E-cat is a hoax or scam.

        1. His own demo videos show that the E-Cat doesn’t output enough steam to account for the heat energy output he’s assuming in his calculations.

        2. His 1MW plant only outputted 470KW in heat energy, which can be accounted for by the giant 500KW generator that was connected to the plant and running during the entire test. Rossi failed to explain why the plant needed a 500KW generator.

        3. Rossi has repeatedly refused to allow a single independent 3rd party test of an E-Cat unit despite the enormous benefits he would receive from getting confirmation that it really worked. We’re talking about billions of dollars in government “clean energy” grants here.

        4. Rossi has continually made claims of business associations that turned out to be false, such as his claim that he was working with National Instruments.

        • Andrew Macleod

          You base all your arguments on the facts you have been given or care to speculate.

          I guess you know the volumes of his device and the hose and I guess you can tell me the volume of the steam that came out of the hose. As well as the ambient temp of the room to account any condisation that was happening in the hose. No ,speculation.

          Do you know that the 1 MW plant was still being supplied by this generator. No ,speculation

          The lack of 3rd party confirmation bothers me , however it is no proof of anything.

          Now for the NI issue. Did they say he did not purchace anything in the statement. No they were talking about the use of engineering tools such as their RIO and the FPGA. It’s funny they mention specific products, and continue to state that their products will work in the LENR area. How would they know this?

          • Dave

            Andrew, the only thing we have to go on are the facts we know. There is more than enough evidence from what we know to say that the E-Cat doesn’t work. There is a slight chance that it still does, but the burden of proof is on Rossi. Get the thing verified and we will believe it!

            1. I’ve seen an analysis of the E-Cat demo steam output that seemed to be pretty conclusive. There just isn’t nearly as much steam as there should be. The room would look like a sauna if the E-Cat was converting as much water into steam as Rossi assumes in his calculations.

            2. The people who observed the 1MW plant test said they saw the 500KW generator connected and running during the entire test. Rossi himself confirmed this, but claimed the generator was for “safety” reasons, which makes no sense. It’s obvious he needed the 500KW generator to fake the 470KW heat energy output.

            3. Lack of 3rd party confirmation IS evidence that the E-Cat doesn’t work. Why wouldn’t Rossi want to get it confirmed so the whole would would believe it works? He’d get more money in government “clean energy” grants than he could even spend. That would let him help the world faster than working by himself on a few units like he’s doing now. It’s like how people who claim to have psychic powers won’t take on James Randi $1 million challenge.

          • Andrew Macleod

            Sorry Dave we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

            The lack of evidence to support doesn’t constitute for evidence against.

        • Andrew Macleod
    • Alexvs

      Please, I am one of the 705. Be civil.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Let me guess you read this article. If you have bothered to read anything at all.

      • Steve Robb

        You shouldn’t expect much from Discovery. Notice how they immediately ask whether it could be used for space travel?

    • sapain

      i c the sun everyday, fusion.
      i have seen films on hydrogen bombs, fusion.
      i have seen nuclear power plants, fission.
      i c films on hot fusion reactor, not yet feasible.
      i c documented articles by professionals on lenr that prove excess heat, fusion.
      i c mutiple lenr designs being introduced in articles.
      am i an idiot for believing that someone has figured out how to attach an axle to the wheel.

      • Tom Krieg

        That a great observation. Good job.

  • Sparks

    Bad fumble, Rossi. Obviously, seeing the OUTSIDE of a factory would reveal nothing but a building. What folks want to see is the INTERIOR of the factory, with assembly line tooling-up in-progress, and the various stages of e-cat assembly pointed out along that assembly line. This can easily be done in a generic manner without revealing any of his claimed proprietary “secret sauce.” And showing the interior will not put his location at risk! Based on this latest Rossi comment, I am more skeptical than ever. Maybe Defkalion has something in the pipeline, but it’s looking more and more like Rossi does not.

    • Gregoryyc

      LOOK . Your kind of simpleton logic is the reason for many inventions to come to a “DEAD” stop.
      What do you think couple of million $$$$ will buy in forensic and spying decoding etc….. ???
      Are you gonna help Mr. Rossi’s “survival” ?? literally?
      After that you will be too frightened even to talk about it my dear ignoramus.

  • His business practices are unconventional.

    In hollywood they have guided tours of the
    studios for people to gawk this could be
    another source of revenue.

    From the article its likely he has chosen the secret strategy for a little while.

  • Steve C.

    Rossi is right to be cautious and to be fearful of industrial espionage. There are many that would do anything to steal his secrets.

    • earthhydro

      I agree that espionage would occur. big oil makes 1 million bucks a minute. if they caught someone messing around with THAT money maker…BAM! if you are that naive as to thinking this a stupe monger fest for brain dead monkees vs snakes and clowns…Rossi will die if his device is an overunity tabletop device. big oil woulod be insane to not try and stop him or write him a check. in fact big oil can go pick him up for a little ride right now..without any police action against them. big oil would be insane to not attempt to stop him. or write him a chekypoo. if i worked for big oil and my job was to stop nim…he would be stopped, or they would get someone else to do it. can you say biliion a day? and a nerd will bankrupt them…ha hahahahaha

      • sapain

        there r people that seek the power of lenr and it is more powerful than oil.

      • Steve Robb

        You need medications.

  • David

    Well the latest news from NI basically invalidates Rossi’s best claim at legitimacy. I have been hopeful of him having a product to sell and defended him from the beginning but as of now his claims of having a factory being built don’t seem plausible to me as a manufacturing supervisor. Setting up a high tech production line with the capacity to build a million complete units a year is a daunting task made more so by a robotized line.
    I do still believe in LENR. I feel there is more than enough evidence to support its reality. I do believe that Rossi has had some success in his design but my belief now stops at believing that he has the resources and knowledge necessary to solve his sustainability issues and carry this product foreword. I think his own paranoia has fractured the relationships he needed to do this independently and now he is stuck with a prototype that isn’t reliable and no manpower or money to correct the problems.
    My hope now rests on the Feb 24th testing by Defkalion. I believe they have reverse engineered the Ecat and remain hopeful that they have a solid business plan to move foreword. If this is so Rossi need only keep his name in play long enough for them to begin making money on the Hyperion and then either sue them for royalties or a settlement. This is essentially what happen to the Blackberry a few years back and is a legitimate plan.
    If Defkalion does not show a useable product at the end of their independent testing then I think it will be several years before anything comes of this technology. The black eye LENR will get from such a fiasco will make Fleischmann and Pons seem mild by comparison.

    • Steve Robb

      Not sure many other people are aware of what is going on. This is for the most part a tempest in a teapot.

  • E-Scam Sam

    Of course there are a lot of paid shills running this scam. At this point in the game, do you honestly believe there are STILL so many people who would post idiot excuses for something that is obviously coming apart at the seams?

    Is there ANY excuse, no matter how banal, lame or bizarre, that hasn’t been offered to explain away the myriad otherwise unexplainable contradictions? You want to know who the shills are?

    When Rossi goes missing (absconds with the money) they’ll be the ones in here pushing the alien abduction theories.


    • Steve Robb

      Of course there are a lot of paid shills running interference on this development. At this point in the game, do you honestly believe there are STILL so many people who would post idiot excuses for physics as we once knew it, when it is obviously coming apart at the seams?

      Is there ANY excuse, no matter how banal, lame or bizarre, that hasn’t been offered to explain away the net energy out of the experiments? You want to know who the shills are?

      When the e-cats hit the shelves they will be the ones rolling on the floors in Home Depot gagging on their tongues and turning purple.

      • sapain

        purple troll goo, lol.

      • bill

        I think that mite be the drool left over from the nickle tranmutation combine with the majic beans that Jack had.

  • Beacon

    Even if the ECAT is for real, we should take into consideration how the large energy companys are going to deal with it? People have been shut up for less. $$$$$$$$$$$

    Think about before it you pass judgement. For all our sakes I pray everthing works out.


    • Edog

      I am up for the hunt.
      Anyone else in a bit of corporate espionage?
      Lets find his factory, steal an ecat and see if it really works.
      We will be doing the human race a kindness. Once we prove it or disprove it.. online for all to criticise.
      Think about it, if he has something. why isnt he sharing?
      Lets solve this right now once and for all.

      • $ proudproducer$

        I am somewhat thinking your “hunt” is sarcasm. If so a nice indication your are “kidding” would be good to see.

        If not and you are actually being serious with your comments.

        I do not belong to we , or Let’s you speak of I am:

        Not up for “the hunt”
        Not up for spying on corporations

        Predicting the psuedo-mob of “Lets” never finds the factory, by chance this mob of looters does come upon his factory that it has so many armed guards , extremely long range high definition videoaudio surveillance equipment that records any and all would be trespassing mob participants and the would be criminals unlawfully entering and attempting to rob this man’s work, so that they would be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

        Is it human kindness to steal “anything” from another man? Is it human kindness to loot any individuals idea in the name of others?

        Why is Dr. Rossi’s work so important for you steal? Regardless if it is real, completed, incomplete?

        When you speak of “we” proving or disproving this man’s work online in front of all to criticise… is that human kindness? To otherwords sacrafice him for some alturistic brute force mentality?

        If he has “something” or “nothing” neither is yours or a million and one mob member’s right to take claim of it without his free will and consent to give, trade or sell.

        He has every individual right to trade it at whatever value is placed on it by the market of those who are willing to trade in return for it.


      • JimC

        Why steal it?

        Why not replicate it and build our own? MIT has a demo LENR running at 7.5 COP. We need to ferret out the secret sauce for all the varients and open source it.

        • Gregoryyc

          Actually that MIT thinggy has COP= INFINITEsimal….. “It’s been running on its own for over 5 days”>>> ( self sustaind mode) without any outside power !!
          And it was the last written about it. Who knows its still running HUH ? That makes it over 3 weeks !!!

      • Casey

        Think about it, if he has something. why isnt he sharing?
        Lets solve this right now once and for all.

        He said, he will give proper information at proper time. Not only information, but also mass production of E-Cats for the market to buy it by anyone.

      • uppaimappla

        Great idea. I would have done it, had it resources, courage and energy. If Rossi had really wanted to work in secret there was no need to advertise the whole thing, take pre-orders etc. If he had a secret customer, say, US Navy, what was the need for all these websites? No, we must find out and settle the matter once and for all. The person who does it will not be stealing but doing a service to humanity. If there is nothing to ecat, we can carry on with other renewable energy initiatives.

  • Grauber

    Remember the innovators of waterpowered vehicles or of magnetic motors – NOONE has brought a usuable product to the market !

    I believe in LENR and in Andrea Rossi, but I also know the powers, that turn this globe by using an oil-powered engine.

  • Carl H. Dahlberg

    would like to see a 6 months or longer sustained mode test of the e-cat. So far we have seen only short term sustained mode tests. If people want to invest in e-cats then they should be shown the reliability of the e-cat over a long period of time. It seems like that should be a top priority.

  • I think Clara Peller put it best (

  • dan

    The longer I watch this – the more I’m convinced that we will not see this device.

    Apart from the ‘too good to be true’ factor – I think there has been enough time to settle the independent verification issues. Rossi has simply not done enough to give me confidence.

    Most of us would look at this and say why? Well – for whatever reason, people do feel happy pulling the wool over peoples eyes – usually for money.

    Just Google the ADE-651 bomb detector to see how far people will go.

    We all want this to be true – but deep down you know that at very best, e-cat is highly unlikely to work.

  • vbasic

    If Steve Jobs received this much scrutiny before the iphone and ipad became available for sale, we probably wouldn’t have them today.
    Apple’s competitors would have ripped him off, beat him to the punch and turned the Apple products into minor niche products.
    Thankfully, most people weren’t even aware of Foxcomm (where they are made) until recently.

  • Carl H. Dahlberg

    Noticed that Fransesco Piantelli was able to get patents for lenr. Seems like Andrei Rossi could patent some of his own findings.

  • Jerry Green

    If the plant is ANYWHERE in Florida .. I would drive there and be at the Front Gate with cameras and i would camp out there till I got pictures and lots of them and FILM so Rossi is right I can assure you that.Its Our Right ! YAH