National Instruments Spokesperson Corroborates Rossi’s Account of Relationship

An interesting and important report has been published on the e-Cat Site blog in which the admin (couldn’t find a full name) reports on correspondence with Julia Betts, Corporate Communications Manager at National Instruments. In this correspondence, Ms. Betts confirmed that Andrea Rossi’s account of the relationship between NI and Leonardo Corporation was accurate. She even cited Rossi’s recent statement about his dealings with NI as being accurate.

Here’s an excerpt from the e-Cat Site article:

[Ms. Betts] was in fact was very friendly and helpful, and did in fact provide a very important clarification that many of us missed and others perhaps intentionally obscured.

While Ms. Betts reiterated once again that Leonardo Corp was not currently a customer of National Instruments, there have been ongoing discussions between the two parties . . . After my conversation with Ms. Betts, it would seem that the word “discussion” as used in this context has a meaning with somewhat more depth, with that meaning being ongoing technical collaboration between the parties . . . Over the past several months [Rossi] has frequently stated that he was working with National Instruments on E-Cat development. I specifically asked Ms. Betts if these statements were exaggerations or outright lies on Mr. Rossi’s part and she informed me that THEY WERE NOT, and that indeed Mr. Rossi has been portraying Leonardo Corp’s work with National Instruments accurately.

This should be important information for those who have been looking for some corraboration of Rossi’s statements about his work with National Instruments. There have been a number of people commenting that the recent reports about Rossi no longer being a customer of NI are more evidence that he is involved in some kind of hoax or scam. From the information provide here by Julia Betts it seems that he has accurately reported the situation.

  • I wonder about the anonymous and uncomfirmed author who broke this story. Was all of this
    bruhaha about a single sentence taken out of
    context as not a current customer?

    • Karl

      Any psydosceptic is of course free to call NI and give their report.

    • Enough kirvitting.
      NI doesn’t lend credibility to Dr. Rossi.
      Dr. Rossi lends it to NI.

      In a few years, credibility tables will be turned…
      Establishment scientists & institutions are the New Popes that hope the sheeple will graze on their propaganda.

      Truth without citation is still the truth. A lie with 100 citations or references propelled by “respectable” people or companies … is still a lie.

      These days, anonymous information tends to be more reliable than agendist’s propaganda.

  • Brian

    It’s really fascinating.
    It’s like The Bold And The Beautiful or As The World Turns, but reading instead of watching.

    This tells us about whether the e-cat is real… how, exactly?

    • Stanny Demesmaker

      “Suddenly” National Instruments show interest in LENR, out of nothing in the same period that they work together with Rossi.

  • Stanny Demesmaker

    I wonder if people really think that everything Rossi’s says on his blog is made up by him ?

    • Ged

      People are being cautious, especially with a lot of extraordinary claims going around with a veil of secrecy ontop.

      And it’s right for them to do so. We’ve been burned many times in the past, and we shouldn’t be surprised if somehow this all did turn out to be false, or Rossi and others fooling themselves with data chasing something that would be amazing.

      But, this new turn does set me more at ease, as it seems NI is corroborating Rossi fully, which both increases Rossi’s integrity and increases our confidence in the claims about the E-cat–along with mounds of other evidence for it.

      Still, until we have hard and solid third party use of the E-cat showing it off, it’d be wise to hold a small amount of caution.

  • DesperatelySeekingEcat

    This is going to be a very long year.

    I still have hope that for humanity this will all play out well in the end.

    I want to believe its true.

  • Stephen T.

    Admin: Thank you for doing the heavy lifting. That was useful information. It’s funny how facts get twisted around sometimes ans it takes some “legwork” to get the whole story out in the open where reasonable people can see things for what they are. As I see it they worked together, made some real progress with the control issues. Eventually, Rossi & Co decided on some different electronics. I hope they will work together in the future so NI can have the financial rewards they may well deserve. Don;t know how it worked out for them and I don’t need to know but it would be interesting.

  • Wes Moore

    Again, it must be said, Mr Rossi has been showing integrity. I am just amazed, from the tone of so many comments, we still live in a world of petty jealousy. I can not understand why anyone would offer less than encouragement and hope!
    If you read this article, you can not wonder why the man wishes to work quietly:

    • Andrew Macleod

      This is the most detailed account of the story I have read. Really funny that itsssss only found on that site.

    • Steve Robb

      I’m surprised the man managed to pull himself up after that. I can understand his secretiveness after what he has been through.

      • Henry chinanski

        Andrea Rossi “was Italian road-running champion in 1970, and in 1969 held the Junior World Record for the 24-hour run”

        • Steve Robb

          I didn’t understand that about the 24-hour run. They obviously must stop for rest/naps meals etc. otherwise it would result in fatalities. That would have been one tough test.

  • alexvs

    Rossi’s sayings are:

    -We are working together with National Instruments.

    -We have learned a lot from cooperation with National Instruments.

    -Leonardo Corporation has got a new provider other than National Instruments.

    So, if NI corroborates Rossi’s words, Ok. Nothing new.

    What does this mess mean? Clearly that NI is as always was i.e. a serious company and Rossi as always too, i.e. … (qualify yourself)

  • Andrew Macleod

    So all of a sudden a major claim for fraud by the sceptics has actually turned into further confirmation that Rossi is true to his word. Good job!

  • Karl

    I think it is time to really start to think and I mean really think of how to handle the a powerful and virtually free energy source.
    It is of course not only about Rossi and it is understandable that so many pseudosceptics focus on him.
    Rossi is very bold and very important for the breakthrough but there seems to be so many indications from so many sources that anomalous heat production is to be taken for granted. It is in fact ridiculous not to do it from what we know today.

    • Andrew Macleod

      I imagine that many scientists are flustered and annoyed that Rossi is trying to push through the dogma that surrounds the scientific method and the current peer review process. It’s like the dark ages when the church suppressed ideas that didn’t conform to their idea of the world. Really the whole system needs an overhaul along with the patent process.

      • Kim

        I like this post.
        says a lot

        Yes the system is full of greed and fear
        as usual when a dollar is involved.

        Suppression ect…


      • sapain

        me three, the rogue is taking apart their status quo.

    • sapain

      yes i agree, maybe those that don`t know the basic trades, ie. plumbing, electrical, metal working start learning and practicing. it would help with the advancement of lenr and other alternatives. plumbing and a study in thermodynamics would be a primary.

  • Dave

    This is all hearsay. Someone says that someone at NI said something. Even if it’s true it doesn’t give Rossi any credibility. I could say I have a relationship with General Electric because I bought a GE light bulb. Rossi was talking to NI about buying their control products. Nothing more.

    • SH

      That is just bollocks, Dave.

      If this is in fact a statement from NI, then it lends a great deal of credibility to Rossi.
      Let us not forget NIs sudden interest in LENR aswell. These two points should tell you something.


      • Petrol

        All this shows is that Rossi did not lie. It does not hurt him but does not help him either.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Dave your argument is valid.

      I am not a religious person, however there are many in the world who are. Does that mean I can go around calling people idiots for believing. No that is intolerance and should not be accepted here or anywhere. Totalitarian comments like “it’s a scam”, “he’s a fraud”, and “your idiots” with little proof is wrong.

    • Steve Robb

      Don’t know about the rest of you folks but whenever I read a comment like this one from “Dave”, I always find myself sub-vocalizing what I read in the snarlulous, grousing tone of a troll like character.

  • I think it is time to ignore people who do not believe that this technology has possibilities. I think the recent statements by people who oppose this technology are starting to look extremely foolish. Philo T Farnsworth and Fleischmann and pons started this revolution they should be recognized for their contributions for the things that they have done. Now because of Dr. Andrew Rossi he has broken the ice for other good scientist to come out with technology that can speak to the future. I for one know that this Technology Works well and for my company later this summer will be making announcements on our own technology that will address these issues and also bring a new awakening to technology’s that can add to the work of Rossi and others that come before him. To the scientists that are working in the field of this technology I wish you all the best and success in the years to come because this technology is going to bring a bright future.
    Sincerely and warmest regards to all.
    Dave Farnsworth

    • Kim

      Thank You David.


    • drogaon

      WOW!!! ARe you a new Player in LENR? What do you mean by:
      “I for one know that this Technology Works well and for MY COMPANY LATER THIS SUMMER WILL BE MAKING ANNOUNCEMENTS ON OUR OWN TECHNOLOGY (LENR?)that will address these issues and also bring a new awakening to technology’s that can add to the work of Rossi and others that come before him.”

      • Ged

        Interestingly, click his name to take a look at his company website.

    • Petrol

      It is possible for LENR to exist and at the same time Rossi not have working product.

      Until there is non self-referential evidence for working product commensurate with Rossi claims this saga will be categorized slightly above bigfoot, aliens and motor/generators that produce more power than they consume.

      • Colin Connaughton

        I agree. I note that there is always something about to happen.

      • dragon

        You mean Motors/Generators like this one made in South Africa?
        Allan Sterling reporting today:

        • Robert Mockan

          LOL! I have worked as a motor production manager, and can say without qualification that any design of electric motor that allegedly operates in an over unity condition by harnessing “back EMF” is bogus.
          I say that with awareness of many designs of “over unity” motor-generators, none of which were ever confirmed by “closing the loop” and having the output power return to the input to power the system with any extra net power.

    • Robert

      David, best of luck in your quest to contribute to a brighter future. Interesting company objectives.

      • dragon

        Yes, Good Luck David.
        I checked on Philo T Farnsworth and he looks like one of the greatest… like Tesla and others.
        I am looking forward on what your cold fusion team from your company will come up with. If they can get a cold fusion device to the masses, that is even better than the Rossi E-CAT, than your team deserves as much credit as all cold fusion pioneers.


  • Matt S

    Can anyone far more clever than I make much sense of this news release from NanoSpire Inc.

    Another possible contender for some sort of lenr reaction? They are all falling over each other to come out of the woodwork at the same time it seems now days, why?

    • Robert Mockan

      The article claims “relativistic speeds of
      crystals” reached in short distances. I’m
      not sure how much BS is in this article, but
      that particular phrase certainly is.
      If there is fusion and fission in the device, it is exceedingly unlikely the Casimir effect is responsible.

    • Brainless

      Subsidies and investments.

  • I wouldn’t exactly hold it against Rossi that he replaced NI. The exact opposite is true. National Instruments’ strategy is to be hopelessly behind in order to focus on reliability. Their management is not allowed to release a new product until it is obsolete and incompatible with anything that can be purchased at the current time. For example they cannot release a hardware card with drivers that work with operating system version 5 until operating system version 6 is released. This allows all errors and nuances in v5 to be thrashed out and discovered. It drives anybody who is creating anything state of the art and advanced absolutely nuts.

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  • daniel maris

    Status report:

    Rossi’s credibility somewhat restored though the case of the non-transported 1MW plant still weighs heavily on him.

    DGT unaffected.

    Krivit’s reputation self-wounded by yet another attempt to overstate what has occurred.

    • Andrew Macleod

      Some kind of point system would be funny.

      Good sum up

  • stuey81_in_australia

    I have had this idea for a over unity device for a while now, it involves siphoning water, and i cant for the life of me see how it couldnt work (however it requires some simple but fiddly work, so i havent built a prototype) if anyone wants to email me for a hyperthetical please do, (dick smith mabey?) look forward to an intelligent discussion, as my work mates are dumbshits. – stuey

    [email protected]

    • Colin Connaughton

      ‘i cant for the life of me see how it couldnt work’:-

      conservation of energy? 1st law of thermodynamics? is how, I expect.

      • stuey81_in_australia

        “In all cases in which work is produced by the agency of heat, a quantity of heat is consumed which is proportional to the work done; and conversely, by the expenditure of an equal quantity of work an equal quantity of heat is produced.”

        can you explain where heat is consumed when siphoning water through a hose?

        • stuey81_in_australia

          this is a case of work being produced without the agency of heat

          • Colin Connaughton

            It sounds like the energy is potential energy of the water being given out as it moves to a lower level. Any object of weight has potential energy which is given off when it moves to a lower level. Getting it back up to where it was will use the same amount of energy plus a bit more (due to inefficiency of the system).

  • Steve Robb

    Thanks poster TimTim for the inspiration provided by your comment that got my poet juices flowing. As TimTim said:

    Enough kirvitting.
    NI doesn’t lend credibility to Dr. Rossi.
    Dr. Rossi lends it to NI.

    In a few years, credibility tables will be turned…
    Establishment scientists & institutions are the New Popes that hope the sheeple will graze on their propaganda.

    Truth without citation is still the truth. A lie with 100 citations or references propelled by “respectable” people or companies … is still a lie.

    These days, anonymous information tends to be more reliable than agendist’s propaganda.”

    I’ve enough of this kriviting noise.
    Distant testemonys lend no meat to this matter
    but do the gell the Mechanic’s story.

    In time the tables shall be turned,
    the high laid low, and the low mechanic,
    raised above Popes of physics.

    A lie told one thousand times will be broke
    in time upon the lathe of heaven
    broke in time.

    And expose the deceit.

    • Wally

      Cool poetry. Nice change of pace.

    • Steve Robb

      By the way, the original PBS version of Ursula K. Le Guin’s novel “The Lathe of Heaven”, is available for viewing on YouTube. I can’t believe I am watching it after all these years. I was stunned when I first saw it and had to watch the repeat that was demanded by the original audience of KUAT in Tucson, Arizona.

  • s

    The positive spin on everything Ecat continues. Rossi seems to possibly imply that he was in talks and discussions with NI and “working with” them in a preliminary technical way. Isn’t this the same that NI would do with any prospective customer? I doubt that NI works for free, so the big question is did Rossi pay NI to deliver anything to him? If the answer is no, I would, in my opinion, have some doubt that the technical advice Rossi received from NI went much further than the technical advice NI would give any prospective customer.

    I still believe that Rossi might possibly have a device that produces LENR excess energy. The question has always been, for me, whether or not the device is stable enough to be commercially viable. This NI episode does not add anything to the argument of the Ecat’s commercial viability one way or the other, to me.

  • the snake

    Let’s wait and see what’s coming out on Defkalion’s presentation on Feb. 24. If they’re successfull, they will pass Rossi. Anyway, Rossi is an exremely bad business man. He may be good in a lab and with related work on experimental physics and prototyping, but that doesn’t mean he can prevail in commercialization. Provided the ecat has merits, he may never earn any money with it. First Defkalion, and then 6 months later you can order e-cats from for $399.

  • You know what is very sad to me? During the time of Nikola Tesla, either people failed to believe in him at all, or they thought that AC electricity was no good and would kill you. It was a very greedy man named Edison who started that, and JP Morgan finished it. They were trying to protect their investments in the marketplace by destroying another man’s work by making him look either foolish or dangerous. Many engineers throughout history had great contributions to give to the world; they were ignored, abused, forgotten, or their technology was stolen. We would have a very different day if these people had been allowed to bring out technology like they were supposed to.
    And please believe me when I say that the list is long and distinguished.
    The same thing is repeating itself today. We need to protect people like this who are trying desperately to get good technology out into the world that can help mankind worldwide. This is imperative.
    I know, I tried. In 1988 and 1989 I showed to the U.S. Congress a working generator that had 54 times more output than input, with my friend and then-partner Adam. My technology was verified by many big companies, but it was technology that no one wanted out because it threatened the status of the major powers in the world. That was surely not our intention; it was our intention to help, as so many others had tried to do. Once again I see the same old thing happening over and over again, and the same type of narrow-minded people; self-proclaimed intellectuals who cause nothing but grief because they do not believe in anything except for what they do and what they call science, as if there is no reality outside of their limited dogma. I find this deeply disturbing.
    Science is all about breaking boundaries and finding new limits, and sometimes we don’t understand all of these things. That is what makes it worthwhile, because we have the potential to learn. Once we discover that we can do something and make something work, then we look to science to develop and apply the math that correctly describes the phenomenon – not the other way around. Many things in this world have been discovered by mistake and accident because of great men who took chances and believed. They saw beyond what science dictated, and then brought the truth to us. That is what is important. That is what makes our world worthwhile and life worth living.
    As far as limits are concerned related to our own technology, it is our intention to achieve an output that can go up to a gigawatt, and we do have ways to do so. When our team is convinced that power levels are stable up to our goal, then we will announce our intentions and the product. In all these years while I was being quiet, do you really think that I’ve just been sitting on my butt doing nothing?
    I am an old man now, and I hope to impart some of my wisdom from the good Lord to good people by leaving behind some technology that can be of use to people in the future. I never wanted to be known by anybody, and the proof that I offer is that in history I have stayed out of the way since those early days. Now I’m back into some of these things again, and I hope that the knowledge will go on. In fact, I am making certain that the knowledge outlives me, and will be released to the world if I am silenced.
    Again I would like to give credit to Philo T. Farnsworth and Fleischmann and Pons; and now stepping into the future from 1989, I would like to say to Andrew Rossi – congratulations for a successful demonstration! You have broken the ice for many people. Please keep up the good work, we need more capable men and women like you. And please let us not forget the women; there are some wonderful girls out there doing great work that are not recognized, and we need to recognize them. They are as important as us men. They are our partners in life. It is about time we wake up and realize that without them we would be nowhere.
    I have no intentions of replying or writing any more about my feelings, or anything on this forum or about these issues. The reason why is because I am not good at expressing myself. I never have been. So for me, I will go back into my laboratory to continue with my work, and continue to learn as much as I humanly can about the possibilities of what’s out there.
    The only interest I have in giving any opinion at this time was to stick up for the people who are truly trying to do good work. And for those naysayers, I think it’s time you people back off. You are all looking very foolish; like people who have tiny little minds, instead of scientific explorers who have vision. I am eternally grateful that the truth is not confined to your knowledge.
    Remember everyone, our world is growing very small. We all need desperately to look at each other as brothers and sisters no matter what color, no matter what religion, and no matter what political affiliation. These artificial barriers must be broken and put down like a sick animal. If we do not do this for ourselves, we will not survive; and believe me when I say that the globalists who foster these barriers do not want us to survive. They do not want us to turn back to God. They want desperately to kill off at least 2/3 of the earth through disease, poverty, corruption, starvation, or sterilization, the better to control the few who are left. All of these terrible things can be avoided with good technology, and the wisdom and common sense to use it to help the world. I sincerely hope that the moderator will allow this to be said.
    My warmest regards to all,
    Dave Farnsworth

    • Rick

      Dear Mr. Farnsworth,

      Sorry, heard that story before. If you really have something, all you have to do to help the world is open-source your machine and let the techies build them and use them. The PTB can’t stop us all from building a working device. Problem solved. Peace, Rick

      • Alexander

        And that’s all there is too it.

        • dragon

          I guess, open source the damn thing is too hard to do. Yes?
          Better complain about not being protected: “We need to protect people like this who are trying desperately to get good technology out into the world that can help mankind worldwide”.

          Open source your energy device if your serious about not taking it to the grave with you.

  • stew

    I believe that if cold fusion is real ,it will be found in crop circle message( s) .All important events are on them. The internal combustion engine may soon be killed because of a super poison. WE should soon see a glut of oil on the market.

  • rocky

    National Instruments was a USA spy on Russi’s E-Cat device.