Impressions of Andrea Rossi

A frequent accusation about Andrea Rossi is that he is some kind of con man who has concocted an elaborate hoax to make millions and run away to some distant land to enjoy the fruits of ill-gotten gain. Another angle is that he is a crazy man who has a false delusion about finding a new source of energy.

A reader’s comment on the previous post has prompted some thoughts about Andrea Rossi. Steve Robb wrote:

“It is interesting how when after a long period of time reading the posts from the patho-skeptics about Rossi, I then am given a chance to hear from the man himself, I find such a contrast between the raving lunatic they portray and the rational, humorous, and somewhat self-effacing person Rossi seems to be.”

A simple question to consider for people trying to figure out if there is anything to this whole E-Cat story is how does Andrea Rossi come across? Are there any signs from his speech, mannerisms, body language, writings, that give any kind of indication that he may be something other than that who he purports to be?
Granted, it is not always possible to judge a person by the way they present themselves in public – there are skilled and clever actors who are able to deceive the public by skillful performances. I do not claim to be an expert in the judgment of a person’s character, I have no special training in detecting fraud or fraudsters, so my thoughts on the subject should be taken as a purely subjective opinion on my part.

It is always interesting to hear Rossi discuss his work in a rather matter-of-fact way that would not be remarkable if he was discussing the manufacturing of shoes, televisions or cars. The fact that he is talking about making an energy production devices unlike anything that has ever been manufactured gets people’s attention and subjects him to extreme scrutiny, which is hardly surprising.

As I have observed Rossi in various video interviews, have personally interviewed him myself over the phone, and read much of his writings, my impressions are that he is a man who is very serious about his work and who has a strong determination to succeed in achieving his goals. He seems knowledgeable in his field of engineering, and in the world of business, and is determined to keep confidential any information that might give potential competitors an advantage — and he appears willing to fiercely protect that which he feels he owns. While very confident in his inventions, he seems to be a realist who knows his own, and his technology’s limits, and tends to be conservative and cautious in making projections. While there are still things about his claims that are unclear, there is a general consistency in his statements about his technology and business plans. We have heard over and over about the COP of 6, about no more public demos, about the requirements to make electricity efficiently, etc.

I admit that I could be wrong, but to me, Andrea Rossi does come across as a rational person who is acting like one would expect someone in his position to act. I realize that there are people who think differently — and of course we are not going to know for sure unless E-Cat products find their way into the marketplace.

  • Andrew Macleod

    I think Rossi has good intentions. He touches on one of his flaws/strengths, he loves to talk about his ecat and he is very passionate about it however sometimes he talks too much.

    • NH

      He also recognizes the doppelganger that exists in each of us. The “good” person and the “bad” person. There is a balance we all hope to achieve between the mind and the heart. The mind makes us research and look at the past, the mistakes, the successes, the logic created through experience. The heart urges us to have hope, to believe something that is inherently good. We want the good. Even when the mind tells us “no”. The struggle refining that balance can take a lifetime for some. He is excited, dead-giveaway, and honestly believes that a change willbe underway. God knows we need a change to what we are experiencing now.

      • clovis

        NH, very well said, i couldn’t agree more than if i had said it my self,your good.

  • He can be the nicest and most rational and sane man in the world. That’s irrelevant. Energy is too serious a business to be playing around with like he is.

    • NH


      In this country we are allowed to pursue any legal business successfully or unsuccessfully. What is irrelevant is your opinion on who is qualified or who is not. Anyone is allowed to play, following the locality of business guidelines.
      If we are unsuccessful then the investors have legal recourse to recover investment losses, knowing that going into business has risk. If it is a success, so much the better.

      • I believe the proper terminology for that attitude is “let them eat cake”.

        • Paul Richards

          Well how interesting, another “weasel word” from the master of them.

  • Alexvs

    Rossi had something he could not fix. He knows that this ‘something’ can be fruitful and he is trying to gain time to make it useful what at the moment is not the case. Rossi’s E-Cat today does not work, he knows that it is so. He is diverting attention to domestic heat production, making electricity, publishing contacts with good established companies etc.
    But the facts are starr. He has nothing.
    , to nothing and is perpetrating a hoax/scam

    • Cliff Bradley

      You talk as if you know this. Are you just spouting off because you’re frustrated or do you really know that Rossi had something he could not fix?

      You talk about facts, so present them. Where are you getting facts that nobody else has access to? This is just silly if you’re just spouting off from frustration. Just wait until August or so. Then you’ll have something the rest of the world calls facts.

    • NH

      An investor might read your statement and choose not to invest or support. Is this what you are trying to accomplish?

  • Brad Arnold

    It is important to understand the background of a person. Rossi is primarily a Leonardo, a person who wants to engineer. On top of that, he is an Edison, a person who wants to build a successful business with his inventions. When he discovered his secret Italian sauce that brought a commercializable COP from a LENR exothermic reaction, he could have chosen any number of different paths, but he ultimately chose to build a manufacturing company from the ground up.'s_personality_traits
    Q: What was Leonardo da Vinci’s personality traits?
    A: Creative, imaginative, could easily detach himself from the rest of the world, loved animals, vegetarian, content, kind. (these are all traits describing him as a teenager).'s_traits
    Q:What are Thomas Edison’s traits? A: He was very determined, open-minded.

    P.S. I personally would have taken the formula and plugged it into the best organization for developing it in the best interests of mankind and my own profit, rather than trying to do it “my way.”

  • NH

    The fact that he has conducted HIS business the way that he has is a lesson to us all within this modern business environment. It’s his business, not our business. He requires and demands the privacy of creating the business and agenda without interference. He protects his invention in order to produce due-diligence to his private investors. He protects his employees and investors. He structures the business around this. Do your work Dr. Rossi.

    • Roberto

      He’s from Bologna, where a little company manufacturing sport-bikes won two years ago the motogp world championship, first non-japan team in the last decades. One single plant against big corporations. I love that people. I agree: do your work Dr. Rossi.
      PS.: and I love ducati 🙂

      • Roberto

        sorry: “small company”.

      • Paul Richards

        Roberto – small company who has the ability to work with incredible specialist parts manufacturers and outsource most of the the intricate design. They are legendary. Viva Valentino.

    • NH

      If he were a hoax, he will suffer the consequences of a hoaxer. A few would suffer financially. Many would suffer emotionally. Dr. Rossi carries this karma in his decisions. His past is seasoned with experiences, good and bad. We all carry the responsibility for our decisions and the result of our decisions. He will not “get-away” with anything in the long-run. His learning process is just like ours.
      If he is correct, he needs our prayers to complete this phase as effectively as possible.

      • Stephen

        I might even pray with you that he has something… it would be great. As a matter of fact he already found himself in a hoax-like situation more than once. With oil first… with thermoelectrics later on.

        Unlucky? Victim of a series of conspiracies? … imho usually the simpler explanation is the most likely.

        Anyway. The more I read about this the more I think we should just stick to hard evidences (i.e. facts, numbers, independently verified). I have not seen them, so far. All the rest is very risky, in particular trying to deduce anything from people’s behavior: people are a mess, I would not try to speculate too much…

        • dragon

          I was trying to educate some people on a forum about LENR and I sent to them the latest “hard” evidence on the E-cat and Hyperion (Defkalion).
          And when I did that i saw how flimsy my “evidence” was for commercial LENR. It is one think to show evidence of LENR phenomenon and another think to say this is commercially viable now.

          I did not have hard evidence to show and it can stay like that for years and years and years.

          So from now on I will listen only to real evidence of commercially LENR device.

          To Andrea Rosii I say: “Talk is cheap.”

  • sparks

    I too am in the camp that thinks Rossi is well-intentioned, but I think he is naive, and he is being driven almost insane by being “so close and yet so far” from successfully stabilizing the process. In other words, he may have a tiger by the tail here. In a small way I’ve been there, being a scientist/engineer, and the journey from discovery of an incredible phenomenon, to eventually the stable, optimal solution, can be an amazingly long and frustrating one.

    Yes, this is all purely speculation on my part, but everything I have read on this website for the past 4 months has exactly this feeling. So I continue to expect that it will likely take many years for a successful reduction to practice (i.e., mass-production product). We shall see, of course.

  • Gediminas

    Right article. I have the same opinion. If He succeed, I think Andrea Rossi will be in line with greatest Italy inventors known all around the world – Galileo Galilei, Volta, Marconi etc. Wish him good luck !

  • hydroman

    If he actually ever provides a device to be independantly tested or sells a device to a non secret customer who actually takes custody of it and operates it maybe i will start to believe Rossi actually has something. Until then its anybodies guess. Con men usually are very nice believable guys it is one of the
    requirements of being a con man! (confidance man) thus the term con man. He certainly seems to like hanging out in his condo/factory in Miami and send emails about his fantasy 45mw Ecats!

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  • Filip

    I don’t ‘believe’ Rossi has something.
    I ‘think’ Rossi has something.
    Believe is blind.

  • Stephen

    As usual, I think that anything except hard evidence is very probably misleading.

    I think it is instructive to watch this (in full, but I am putting a time-link to a significant declaration by a public official):

    A couple of thought-provoking statements:

    “…what he did was creating just a media event…”
    “…he was able to persuade in a way I cannot explain…”

    etc… judge yourself!

    • Ah yes, the Petroldragon affair. I have read from other sources that cast a more sympathetic light on Rossi. The most unusual thing about the affair is that on one day the product, bio-diesel, was called bio-diesel and the next day after Italy passed a law declaring all products of toxic waste to also be toxic waste, it too was called toxic waste and the people in possession of the products needed all the proper licenses. Of course they did not have the proper licenses and were declared in violation of the law and were pursued in the Italian courts of “law.” The hand of corruption was very present in that affair.

      • daniel maris

        The waste industry in Italy was – and probably is – notoriously in the grip of the Mafia.

        Clearly Rossi was guilty of a cavalier attitude to care of the environment,but it is difficult to get to the nub of the technological issue.

        Clearly you can make biodiesel out of waste. So, the issue is to what extent Rossi had a workable technology.

  • Mark

    I learned all I need to know about Rossi when I waited 8 months last year to see the rollout of his 1 MW reactor, which he promised would answer all questions, and then when the grand day came he did not provide any sort of objective, outside testing and measuring of the unit that would have truly and finally resolved any doubts that there is a real LENR reaction going on. There is no reason at all that he couldn’t have done that. For whatever reason – fraud, indifference, incompetence, who knows – he gave us no more than he’d shown us before: mysterious black boxes chugging and pumping hot water, with no definitive proof of what is inside.

    Now we’re promised that home heating units are coming this year – a ridiculously over-optimistic estimate of a time frame for rolling out such a product, which would need all sorts of licensing and safety inspections first.

    I don’t trust the guy anymore. Fool me once….I will believe it when I see it.

    • Bruno

      Amen, Mark! I felt the same way on 29 October. Like I walked into an electronics store excited about the great HDTV deal I was going to get, only to learn that the store did a bait and switch on me.

  • John

    Instead of analysing Rossi, why not analyse his machines? The proof is in the pudding. Why analyse the cook when you can analyse the pudding?

    • Bruno

      Because the only thing that we have to go on is the very suspicious actions of the cook, John. He’s never let us taste his pudding.

  • jacob

    we live in a world where oil dominates
    and those that control the world control
    the energy
    it is a good business practice for big oil
    to control anything that interferes with
    the sale of oil
    the andrea rossi ecat of course poses a threat
    mainly to heating oil sales, so if the e cat
    actually makes it to the consumer , it might
    very well be that the powers that control the
    energy allowed this to happen
    if i assume , that the partners or investors of
    Dr Rossi are those in control of energy slash oil
    and let us assume , a factory is set up producing
    a million units a year at 900$ a unit , and commercial units on top of that , with potential sales of a billion a year , and a profit of half a billion it would be better return on the dollar
    and an excellent investment.
    so do the math , a million units a year is not going
    to make a dent in the use of oil
    suddenly new markets for e cats will open up , like
    heated greenhouses , heated pools , why not a nice heated workshop heated by e cat power
    e cat is here to stay , a sound technology a good investment
    yet big oil controlling the volumes of e cats produced ,not to saturate the market and shutting
    down any competition , like the Greek competition

  • georgehants

    Forget if Rossi is legit, time will tell.
    Learn what we can, he has shown that science regarding Cold Fusion is a fraud and incompetent, Rossi has brought Cold Fusion to the fore and yet even now science refuses to fund and investigate a proven phenomenon.
    Forget Rossi, if he is legit we will leapfrog years of establishment dilly-dallying if not nothing changes, why is science not pouring massive manpower into research that holds more hope than Hot Fusion.
    Stop worrying if Rossi has conned a few rich people and ask what is science doing, they are the proven criminals.

    • Stephen

      Criminals, for what?! This is amazing…

      You should pay great respect to a lot of scientists and engineers even only because of the king’s life we are able to lead today… not to talk about knowledge, in general. People like you sooner or later will destroy it all…

      • georgehants

        We are talking about Cold Fusion, now make your point without digressing.

        • Stephen

          I agree that LENRs should be investigated more seriously… I think they have been probably underestimated…

          I understand the logic behind people pushing hot fusion… and remember that searching does not mean finding… and not succeeding is not a crime, particularly in research

          I am skeptical about conspiracies hot vs. cold, beyond standard scientific competition and arrogance (part of the game) …

          I would not mix this discussion with a vocabulary related to crime.

    • There have been times when I though that the behavior of the established physics community bordered on criminal, but really no such case could be made literally. They have displayed the full plumage of most everyone else. They are often vain, arrogant, territorial, greedy, jealous…just average human beasts like the rest of us. That is why the methods of science that remove as much as possible the experimenter’s personal bias and replaces that with instruments that are calibrated, methods of analysis (rational) that everyone can to use, and second party replication of results. Unfortunately the society of physicists has become clubby and when scientists are outside of the lab they may drift in there manner of thinking in a more troglodyte direction.

  • Stanny Demesmaker

    Interessant comment of Alan sterling on Defkalion in his E-Cat Weekly:

    Defkalion is still in the middle of doing 3rd party testing at its facility. The tests are going very well, with huge OU measured. Reports are expected mid April, after all the 7 groups have completed their testing.

    Sounds very promising, so it’s only 1 month to go before hell break loose.
    Damn I am already starting to feel bad for the pathosceptics. It’s going to be a very painfull experience for them 😉

    • PersonFromPorlock

      He doesn’t cite a source for the statement, though.

      And speaking as a ‘pathoskeptic’, I won’t be pained at all if I’m wrong – when people make revolutionary claims, they’re supposed to support them with something besides ‘trust me’. We skeptics are only pointing out they haven’t, not that the claims are wrong.

      It’s the pathobelievers (to coin a phrase) who are setting themselves up for that “very painfull[sic] experience.” We have a basis for skepticism, they have no basis for belief.

      • Filip

        I agree, I would rather be a sane skeptic than a blind believer.
        If Rossi is wrong skeptics ànd believers loose, if he is right we al win.

      • DaveS

        The Defkalion comment on has since been attributed to “first-hand sources”, presumably within Defkalion itself. This could be ground breaking if reputable third party testing confirms the reality of LENR.

    • MajorMax

      Competition is good for business and for science.

      • Matt S

        Also interesting to note that Sterling Allen has effectively washed his hands of Rossi, and has told his website followers to forget the e-cat as he no longer thinks that the e-cat is real following the so called “Florida Gate” cover up and he thinks that Rossi is a liar now.

        This change of opinion seems to stem from November when Allen put together a very, very, very poor website after Rossi gave Allen the alleged go ahead to create and run the “official Leo Corp e-cat site” It seems that Allen had his nose put out of joint when Rossi saw the awfulness of the website Allen created and said he did not want it to be the official website for Leo Corp and the E-Cat.

        In my opinion the current E-cat site is about 5 years out of date at least and is not fit for the possible world changing tech it covers, but it is a damn site (s’cuse the pun) better than the 1995 website that Allen created in the name of the E-cat and it seems Allen cannot get over this.

        • dragon

          What Allen doesn’t seem to link is the fact that if Rossi is fraud, then, immediately Defkalion is fraud also.
          I don’t understand how can you cheer Defkalion as genuine when you say Rossi is fraud. Defkalion will not exist without Rossi.

          Even if Defkalion improved on Rossi technology, they did not invent at the same time with Rossi a new Cold Fusion process.

          So the Allen equation should be:

          • Matt S

            I agree with you, you cannot really have one without the other as far as I can tell and it is partly how I came to my conclusion about why Sterling is no longer backing Rossi, nothing to do with the possible product more to do with a personal grudge due to his quite correctly rejected, poorly produced e-cat website.

          • NH

            Exactly. We don’t know the points of the Rossi Defkalion contract but it is obvious that the device operate similarly. The question is how Defkalion will represent the product at point to the NDA. Rossi would have legal discourse to pursue should Defkalion have stolen the product.

        • NH

          You might want to re-think your opinion on anything Sterling Allan says:

          • Matt S

            Point taken.

          • dragon

            LOL 🙂
            “Sterling D. Allan for U.S. President 2004 Foretold in Alphabetics Bible Code”

            That is in the Priceless category!!! :-))))

    • Stephen

      U shouldn’t take it personal, as a “pathosceptic” I would love to be wrong 😉 it would be just great. No problem at all: you would be the only one feeling bad. When (if) hell breaks loose, as u say, I would rather see myself at the pub making toasts to the new era.

      I am just uncapable to mix hopes with evidences…

      • Stanny Demesmaker

        it’s not about hopes, Defkalion have undergo a consistent path. In november they released their spec sheet, and at the end of january they released their test protocol for the tests that are now under way. Which has been verified by Mark dancie and also the Greek government(by their silence).

        So I don’t really get it why people are so extremely sceptic about this. Wait till mid april 😉

        • dragon

          We will wait. Al of us. You can bet on it.

          The problem is what we will do in May, after April will prove to be like all 2011, empty of real proof?

        • Craig Binns

          Wait till October last year, wait till February for Defkalion, wait till April, wait till Autumn, wait for Rossi’s 50 MW behemoth. Wait for BlackLight.

          Dear God! No wonder swindlers, snake oil merchants and phony evangelists make a good living!

  • Dave

    You can have your “impressions.” I’ll stick the evidence, and the evidence shows that Rossi’s E-Cat does not work.

    • NH

      Could you provide a link to that evidence?

      • Stephen

        I agree with Dave.

        Take the steam issue… I would not consider it a hard evidence as we cannot redo the test and/or perform different measurements to be sure of what is going on. However, to me this is still a very strong indication that the eCat is a fraud.

        Now your turn: provide an evidence or a strong indication that the eCat works. I have seen none.

        • NH

          Krivit crap. I see more
          demonstrations towards credibility, than proof that it does not work. NOTHING proves that it does not work. I asked for a link that proves that the ECAT does not work. You provide Krivit documentation. I see demonstrations of the device that are published and video’d. I see competitors coming into view with independant testing. I see people (like you) pick at it and try to justify a fraud. We have 3 different entities basing their business success on LENR technology. You say it does not work. You have no proof and your arguement is the arguement of a Troll.

          • Everything we need to know about Steve Krivit is stated clearly here.

          • Stephen

            I do not care about WHO is behind that argument: this is fully irrelevant. It could even by an argument by a Troll, by the Pope, by Donald Duck, I do not care at all. I have a functioning brain and I can judge myself if an argument is good or not. To me, this is a very interesting argument.

            Again, I would like to specify that this is not conclusive: I am not satisfied by it. However this happens mostly because AR does not let anybody reach conclusions (THIS is suspicious and has nothing to do with secrecy). Despite this unsatisfactory aspect, it is still a strong argument because the discrepancy is SO large.

            Differently, all the demonstrations you mention are unconvincing in my opinion. Devil is in the details… there is no proof the eCat is working. A video with some stuff demonstrates absolutely nothing. The opinion of Mr.X demonstrates absolutely nothing. The fact that Mr.Y, Z and whatever visits AR is again irrelevant. As irrelevant is the fact that somebody thinks LENRs exist (I do, for instance). Also, please mention the three companies basing their successful business on LENRs… demonstrate me they have a product which is on the market. Otherwise.. again this is just a lot of smoke…

          • Stephen

            @Bruce… who cares about Krivit. I have mixed opinions about him. But this is irrelevant (and even boring). An argument is an argument… it can be crappy, sound, whatever… on its own, who care who is bringing it to you.

            On passing, the one rising the argument was indeed this guy from Lund Univ. Again we might say: “oh no… but this is an evil hot fusion guy”. Again: WHO CARES. An argument is an argument, this is logic, the person behind the logic is irrelevant to the logic.

    • Rossi has demonstrated his technology to numerous top-level physicists. While it may be possible to question the validity of the tests, stating “evidence shows that Rossi’s E-Cat does not work” is patently ridiculous.

      • Stephen

        AR has “shown” his technology to numerous top-level physicist. And some of them found it interesting. This is in no way a demonstration. In addition AR flooded us with piles of words, promises, interviews, half-demonstrations (which count as zero)…. in a word, a lot of smoke.

        Differently there exist discrepancies which strongly suggest (not demonstrate… AR would never allow that… he was uncautious enough with what he provided) the eCat is a fraud.

  • InformationIsPower

    It is pretty hard to imagine that Andrea Rossi is a con-man. If this is true, than Institution like CERN or even NASA are coning us too. Here is a link to a youtube video where nasa admis LENR and describes the method that is used by Andrea Rossi:

    If you think that the video is fake, so pull up some info direct from NASA – its full of it: google-link:

    Keep up the great work!

    • Stephen

      Yes but there is a difference between (a) believing LERNs really exist and can possibly lead to something useful… and (b) believing that Rossi’s machine works. I don’t see how a NASA employee supporting (a) can imply anything about (b).

      • InformationIsPower

        than try again!

        NASA does not “believe” in LERNS’s existence, regarding the video. NASA explained the method how LERN works. Believing is a word that goes well with religion but not with facts. Andrea Rossi did nothing unrational in his position that I woud not do either, considering patens and development. And by the way, Nasa does not make videos about hunches and believes and stuff, they are very rational people and they work with facts. You could not build a rocket with mere believe.

        I know that (a) is not causal to (b), they correlate. But so what, the focus of interest is not in Andrea Rossi but in LERN. If Rossi is a fake, someone else will do the job. But I would love to see Andrea Rossi to succeed and outplay the big guys that have way to much power.

        • Stephen

          Fair enough… me too I don’t care if it is AR or somebody else. AR disappoints me very much: I don’t like his ways and I am very very suspicious about what he is doing.

          Dr.Z… (cant remember the surname) is convinced, I am not sure NASA really endorse 100% this patent filing… who knows how many things they patent!

          Anyway, finger crossed about LERNs. We need something similar or we are in troubles for the mid-term future, I think.

  • clovis

    Hi, ya’ll
    I believe that men like Mr. Rossie, thrive, and excels when they are put to the test, what ever it maybe, they love to be themselves and take on all comers, and with their wit,knowledge, and self confidence,they just blow away the competition, and love every minute of it,
    I admire these scientific, and world leaders and give them the respect they deserve,–smile.

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  • sapain

    i have been watching cold fusion since 1989. watched it appear and disappear in a blink of the eye.
    observed the development from the labs in the shadows over the yrs.
    last yr rossi claimed to have cracked the sustainablity of mirco fusion, as have dgt.
    rossi by his actions, he has brought lenr into the spotlight once again and by doing so he has made the world admit that lenr is real and possible.
    undergraduate students r running sucessful test and courses r now becoming part of the norm.

    rossi has stated that he is building a production plant using robotics and will only be done in the usa and that his device is being tested at ul.

    florida state department gets a complaint of rossi using a nuclear device in the usa. these guys can go anywhere, anytime to investigate. these guys can walk into the ul labs and c it for themselves and there is nothing the ul can do about it.
    interview with ruby. rossi states he has manufacturing plant, but not in usa.

    the saga continues.

  • atanguy

    « Andrea Rossi does come across as a rational person  »
    I agree, but like most of us, he has limits in his technical knowledge, pretty obvious for example, in the description he made of the temperature control of his apparatus or the scientific explanation of LENR. Like Latin people he has this tendency to be too optimistic in his comments and timing of his future realizations. This being said I think that he is basically an honest person.

  • Mix

    Ok. Let’s put this article to the test. Remember, how it all started? Rossi and Focardi called presser to present their invention. And what was the main quoted reason for that? It was Focardi wanting to get famous before he dies. That is really sound business decision. Then they started to play secrecy card, as it was absolutely necessary to call pressers in first place. Then they went ahead with half-hearten video demonstrations that did not overwhelm anybody by the amount of produces steam. That is very rational, technologically- and business-wise plan.

    Than we have this Lewan video, when Teknik recorded the demonstration.

    Around 3:09 camera goes to separate room, there is not much steam initially and then it starts to steam, but camera goes to main room with e-cat. I’m not an expert in fraud and dishonest behavior either, but I think there is some sort of guilt on Rossi face – eyes down, confused posture and speech. What did he do on that video?

    So, there is at least some behavioral inconsistencies and at most important points on timescale.

    • NH
      • joe

        So conducting a test with the presence of high-level representatives of the government in the room makes this a fact in your mind? Were these high-level representatives politicians with science backgrounds and did they conduct an empirical review on the efficacy of the process or did they just sit in their folding chairs and smile for the cameras?

      • Stephen

        This is your opinion.

        My opinion is that it is very doubtful that this machine really works as advertised. If I had to place a bet I would bet on the fraud… without thinking it even 5 minutes.

        Beyond opinions, we would need hard facts, independently verified. We have seen none so far… just piles of words.

        • You are incorrect, sir. It is true that we do not have conclusive proof that Rossi’s device works, or that Defkalion’s does. However, we have solid scientific proof that LENR, including the Ni + H variety, is a valid phenomenon. All the proof you need is here
          , please follow the links provided.

          • Stephen

            Bruce, I might even join your excitement with LENRs in general… I personally think there is something in there and I find it extremely interesting.

            However, even if LENRs exist (which we do not know for sure), this proves absolutely *nothing* about the fact that the eCat works or not.

            A thought provoking question: if you where a scammer and you wanted to build up a fake generator, would you tell everybody it runs on

            (i) magic pixies;
            (ii) nails of blue dragons 🙂
            (iii) a technology which is controversial but possibly/probably true


            We don’t know if the eCat is working. We just know AR is behaving strange. The only safe thing is to stay cool and stick to evidences. I have seen no real one.

          • Bruno

            We have some proof that some over-unity heat can be produced in LENR apparatus. The amount of excess heat that might have been produced is so low that it causes 2 problems: 1) not useful 2) so hard to measure that tests are hard to prove. Even if LENR is validated, it will remain nothing but a laboratory curiosity unless it produces practical levels of excess energy.

  • Kim

    Translated form Google…

    From an energy source to another, the tests were performed sull’Hyperion of Greek society Defkalion. This is the machine of cold fusion alternative to the E-Cat Italian Andrea Rossi. According to the announcement published on the forum Defkalion, everything went according to expectations: “The tests in the presence of high-level representatives of the government are over. ‘Opinions and the results were very positive. Further information will be given after an agreement between the parties at the time yet to be determined. Testing will continue in the coming weeks with the international authorities. ”


    • NH

      Very good news. Looks like it is real. Now for the politics and legalities…

    • Jimr

      Is this not from the 28 Feb. report from Deffkalion.I believe this is old news unless they released the same report again.

      • Kim

        This may be so


    • Bruno

      I ran a successful LENR test in my basement and produced 2 KW with a COP of 12 from a device the size of a cereal box. The test was attended by and validated by highly respected government officials. DOE and DOD were there and so were technical representatives of a Fortune 100 company that wishes to remain anonymous. Sorry that I can’t share the details or offer proof. You’ll just have to believe me.

  • TR

    well, Rossi has dyed hair as can be seen on some videos. He’s definitely very vain and enjoys being in front of the camera.

    I wonder what he’s living from. It may be the case that actually he accepts “investment” money under the desk from people who contact him, certainly he attracts venture capital firms.

    Maybe that’s his business model and motivation, getting donations and attention, keeping up a show for the public and taking money silently.

    • daniel maris

      Maybe, but that’s speculation on your part.

      • TR

        Rossi is not an engineer but has some philosophical degree, or we may mock some liberal arts studies for blablabla. He doesn’t talk like an engineer, his previous explanations were he did some calculations and gave some numbers are boring and pseudo, in his interviews he certainly speaks not like someone who is a researcher, in contrast to for instance Hagelstein or the guys from Blacklight.

        • dragon

          Not to look to gloomy here, but how many commercial Cold Fusion devices Hagelstein or the guys from Blacklight are showing to us?

          If Rossi is fraud and he is out there “selling” Cold Fusion, that is primarily the fault of guys like Hagelstein or the guys from Blacklight or whatever. They are the ones that are supposed to educate the public about what is being done and what was not achieved yet in Cold Fusion.

          Instead we don’t know anything about their research work, because they have the same moral compass as Goldman Sachs.

          • Bruno

            Blacklight is a scam too. Mills has been promising and not delivering for the past 5 years. None of these guys have any credibility left.

          • The difference between Mills and Rossi is that Mills has conducted his testing at the Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and published his results in peer-reviewed, even if second-tier, physics journals. He also has not offered demonstrations that he appaerently once promised, but if that is because his devices are not ready that’s a good reason, and an honest one. Mills has also advanced a far-reaching theory for his device that has been insufficiently tested by independent physicists. Mills has no criminal history, as Rossi does, and while he has the temperament of a spoiled child – something he really ought to work hard on – he is not posing as a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates at this point. In fact, so far as I know, he makes very little in the way of public statements even though the testing that led to a Rowan Unioversity physicist saying that his device produced electricity should have been followed by open public demonstrations of a device that produces electricity. I sure wish I was his PR man – his operation needs help. Rossi could overcome all his negative publicity with a little openness, but the lack of it tends to show he has nothing to show. We may or may not have been conned by a master – the jury is still out.

      • TR

        so recently there was some information about chemically assisted LENR, and Rossi gave details he uses some catalyst that releases H. I wonder how any chemical reaction can last for long enough in assisting the nuclear reaction, and claims the e-cat can run half a year until the fuel cartridge needs to be changed can be true.

        • The answer to that is that little of the the carbon catalyst is used up by the reaction. That is common, chemists tell me.

  • skeptic

    Rossi is far too busy to convincingly demonstrate a working e-cat.
    Strange because he should clearly have by now. When you’re building a factory, you have your product ready to the last nut and bolt.
    Yet he has more than enough time time to give interviews.
    Face it people: Interviews do not generate free energy.

    • daniel maris

      Who said he was “building” a factory?

    • J

      I can cite a sizable list of factories that have been built that have not had a product that even functions properly, let alone ‘ready to the last nut and bolt’. There are plenty of self delusional folks on this planet wasting our oxygen.

  • Roger Bird

    Wow, this one is hot air about hot air. I guess we are all desperate for anything, even if it is the meanderings about hot air.