Italian TV Features E-Cat in “Cold Fusion — Secrets of the New Energy”

On March 19, Italian TV Network aired a Voyager program entitled “Cold Fusion — Secrets of the New Energy” about LENR and the Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer. Of course the video was aired in Italian and so far no translation is available, but E-Cat watchers of any nationality may find some interest in it. I’m not quite sure why there is so much discussion of Nikola Tesla in the show — perhaps simply because he believed that free energy was available — and even Mitt Romney is mentioned, probably because he once made a comment about cold fusion. Hopefully a kind Italian will help us out soon!

  • clovis

    Hi, everyone,
    Someone that knows better than I, can do this translation thing, here,

  • Stephen

    Voyager… amazing “science” TV program: I have seen it few times in Italy… they always dedicate at least 30mins to aliens 🙂

    They are also tipically fond of strange stories and misteries about templar knights, crop circles and more crazy stuff…

    Typical ending: “Is there anything true about this story about … (whatever, add something you like)?! Who knows, maybe not, but we will keep on investigating” [Read: no, it is most probably all BS] 🙂

    So in general I am not sure the fact this story ended on this program is a good sign…

    • Roberto

      In fact I think that the interesting aspect of such tv programs is in the public spread of overall information, not in their scientific completeness.
      There are so many people that do not know the existence of LENR and e-cat at all, and I believe it’s worth they know.

      • Stephen

        I have to agree… maybe I am a bit picky… it is just that in my taste they are pushing things a bit too far, for the sake of the show. I would prefer something a bit more “boringly” scientific. But indeed at least they send the message through.

      • Stephen

        … and by the way, this whole cold fusion story has indeed some misterious sides and I am convinced it cannot just be fake science. I hope we will know one day what happened…

    • daniel maris

      Sounds right up George’s street…

  • Roberto

    This is not a translation but just a my own summary. I’m sorry for my low quality english.

    1) 5 minutes of introduction. 2) Celani says “cold fusion” is a “television” word, and that exact word is LENR. 3) The story of Tesla who may have been killed after his call to US government where he spoke about some discovery, in 1943, in NYC, and then introduces that his death could be related to his “free energy” proposal. 4) The story of F&P and the death of Mallove. 5)In 2002 ENEA (italian energy and environment agency), chaired by nobel Rubbia, instructed three researchers, Antonella De Ninno, Emilio Del Giudice and Antonio Frattolillo, to answer the controversial question if is LENR feasible or not. After 36 months they wrote that the obtained reactions were nuclear reactions. They prepeared a document named ‘rapporto 41’. This important report, misteriously, did not have any follow up. There are the short interviews to the three researchers that confirm the statement, and Frattolillo says some ‘order from the high’ may have imposed to ENEA the silence. 6) Why a so important discovery, for human kind, is being kept undisclosed? Military, political, fossile&oil interests? 7) NASA reports from ’89, only recently re-appeared, confirm the validity of LENR. The documents were hard to find: the keywords used to store them were not pertinent whit the topic. 8) Celani says that NASA experiment from ’89 were positive but not disclosed, and 20 years later, other NASA experiment had better outcomes but yet they were not disclosed. He says that he accidentally found one of the latest and disclosed it, only at that point NASA began to make all this public. 9) One ratio of the secrecy maybe of military origin, Del Giudice says that in his opinion, those discoveries have already been used in recent tactical weapons, and that LENR are more flexible than – difficult to manage – nuclear fission. He has the opinion those weapons have been used in recent Balcans, Cecenia and Middle East conflicts. 10) They jump to our days, and to the topic of a commercially viable LENR prototype. 11) Romney’s sentences during presidential campaing 2012. 13) Talks about e-cat, and all stuff we already know. Celani says that e-cat has to be independently tested before him to have a conclusion. 14) The program closes with a Tesla sentence and says that we have to supervise what is happening in order to avoid a further cover-up by giant energy interests.

    • Kim

      Thank You Very Much


    • admin

      Thanks very much, Roberto! Very helpful and great English!

      • Fibber McGourlick

        Well done. A very good translation. Thanks.

    • Phil-UK

      Thank-you for your time in tanslating this Roberto.

  • sapain

    here is one for the conspiracy theories.
    1.banks open up morgages to anyone.
    2.creates a false housing bubble. cards r given out like candy.
    4everyone is now heavy in debt. cell and silicon purification patents come to an end.
    6.people r so far indebt they can`t even afford to buy their own energy systems.

    Q:was the debt crisses created to slow down the switch over to solar.

    oil, gas, coal and nuclear will make $0 once everyone is solarized.
    governments just have to spend $5billion each to setup multiple solar voltaic manufacturing plants and pump out 100-200 GW per yr to switch from carbon based fuels to electric but they (politicians and politicial groups) don`t, why not.
    solar creates long term jobs; mining, smelting, manufacturing etc., creates energy independants, 0 pollution, cheaper than any other energy system; true cost of solar is around $0.01/watt.

    there is more than enough cheap silicon (second most abundant element), solar once formed can supply it`s own power for manufacturing and is long lasting (effiency drop is due to distortion of glazing material which increase reflection, just buff it up every 30yrs) and recyclable.

    • joe

      OMG, i cant believe i did not see the connection before. Yes, the debt crisses WAS created to slow down the switch over to solar.

    • Alain

      classic rational denial, fed by greed, by bankers, salesmen, buyers is much more credible.

      the salesmen just did not care because they had their share, and no risk.
      the local bankers dis not care because they were forced/motivated/protected by the big bosses.
      The big bosses sell the CDO to give the risk to stupid organization abroad (in europe for exemple)

      the fund, refuse to see the risk because accepting to refuse to use tools that are not clear enough, will make them less competitive that others.
      one bank in france, les by an old conservative banker refuse to work with moderne derivatives and structured tools… they escape the cash, but were less profitable.

      Roland benabou have good theory on that rational group delusion, beside the classic fraud like Goldmann Sach have done, selling bad products to clients to escape the crash.

      read that for example:
      and other benabou papers…

      Solar panel industry is another similar group-delusion, fed by subsidies and media support. nobody wan’t to accept that it does not work on the long term, without exploiting the rest of the economy to pay the subsidies.
      they refuse to se

      • sapain

        seimens sold their solar division to oil just before the patents expired.

        if people could buy solar at $1/watt and purchase 1500w system, how much money would the oil companies and bankers make.
        the chinese drove down the global cost of solar and r still doing so.
        obama knows that alot of money is leaving the usa and has reacted to it.

        solar doesn`t get media attention.
        rather c tax money going to green energy than killing machines. with a total electric economy there would be no need for war or foreign exploitation.

        the sun is the fusion reactor that will last 65 billion yrs, silicon cell captures fusion energy and converts it to electrical: will last just as long.

  • Michelangelo

    I am italian. Voyeger is not a science program. It is “gossip science program”. The official science program maybe are “Quark” or you can watch the satellite Tv dedicated at school Rai Scuola or Rai Edu where you can watch Explora, the TRUE science TV.

  • Claes

    Well, it’s still quite likely the deepest program on Italian TV! I don’t mean to offend, but Italian TV is completely unbearable!

    • John Cauchi

      Actually this program tends to feature things on “fringe science”. It is the type of program that would compare Atlantis with Leonardo da Vinci and UFO influence in 25 minutes. No kidding. 🙁 I would actually not take this “exposure” on the media seriously at all, except that more people hear about it. Don’t think scientists watching this program are impressed.

      • Roger Bird

        Probably scientists aren’t watching it.

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  • Roberto

    I believe that, italian or not italian, if you are seeking for free knowledga you have not to see television at all. All over the world.

  • Luca Salvarani

    Trust me since I’m italian: that program is 100% pure rubbish… I trust Rossi but absolutely not that program and the bulk of italian people absolutely don’t trust it.. Indeed it’s also the subject of many comic parodies: search Kazzenger on youtube….

    • Carlo

      First, there is no reason to trust anyone because of nationality and second, Mr. Rossi’s project is certainly not rubish. I have seen it in operation and it has produced the energy he has declared it would produce. There are no harmful emissions of dangerous radiation or volatile gases. It definitely works as described and the only reason he cannot go into full production is that he is also Italian and fears for his life because his invention will completely change the economic highway of the entire world. I am sure that, since you are Italian, you fully understand the “second government” we have in our country.

      • gregoryyc

        Carlos ..
        You actually stood in front of that 1MW ECat working ? …. that’s fantastic !

        In what capacity were you there ? Did you get to actually see power-in meters as compared to power-out meters of sorts ?

  • jack

    Just ran into this:
    “Cold Fusion 101 Demo Still Going (no link; just a quick f.y.i.) – I talked with Dr. Mitch Swartz of MIT yesterday, and he said that his demo that he did for the “Cold Fusion 101″ class is still running, and has been doing so continuously for two months, at 7-times overunity. — (Sterling D. Allan; March 20, 2012)”

    Now if this could be confirmed(ideally with data logs).

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