Rossi: E-Cat Factory “Under Another Name” For Security Reasons

There has been quite a bit of speculation about the whereabouts (or even the existence) of Leonardo Corp.’s factory where Andrea Rossi has said he is building his E-Cat production line. The only details that Rossi has provided on its location is that it is in Florida. A Journal of Nuclear Physics reader recently posted this question about the factory.”I’m having a running disagreement with colleague. He contends that you don’t own a factory in Miami Florida, but perhaps have a subcontractor. I contend you have said you have a factory, implying ownership either by you or by your corporation. Could you clarify so I can be assured of my interpretation.”

Rossi’s answer: “We have a factory, but for safety and security reasons it is under another name and we will not disclose it until the situation is like the present. What counts for our Customers is that our products work well.”

Rossi doesn’t confirm or deny that the factory is in Miami, but since he has an office there, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were. The fact that the factory is under different name will make it hard for amateur E-Cat sleuths to track down the location — it might not be so hard for professional investigators with a reason to find it.

  • Petrol

    Does this mean he knowingly lied to FRC?

    • admin

      I don’t think it means that. I think he said that the FRC would be able to visit the factory at any time — probably those with a need to know would be given the location.

    • Ged

      Rossi has never said the factory is in Florida as far as I have seen? I really doubt that’s where it is if he has one. Might be so! But NH sounds more likely, or somewhere along the upper to mid eastern seaboard (Maryland?).

      Heck, the factory he’s talking about may be the one in Bolongia under the Eon srl name.

      • Frank

        Andrea Rossi
        March 12th, 2012 at 10:03 AM
        Dear CWatters:
        We are manufacturing in the USA all what necessary to make the production, which also will be made in the USA, of the E-Cats, in our factory in Florida.

        • Ged

          Oh I see. I am a little behind on the most recent news.

      • dsm

        Read a lot more then you will discover what Rossi told us all



    • dsm

      Misspoke is the word 🙂



  • skeptic

    I fully agree with Rossi’s statement:”What counts for our Customers is that our products work well.”

    That’s the right focus, mr Rossi!

    So, lets show a Product that works well to the Customers, how about it?

    • I have an e-cat at home. Works just fine. Super device. I recommend it.

      What the heck, if Rossi can make up his own fake universe alternate reality, so can I. It’s a free country.

      • Paul Richards

        Heckle, heckle, heckle is that the best you can do.

        If you don’t like the “show” why are you here?

        That’s right I forgot,
        for the heckle heckle, heckle, heckle ………….
        Oh yeah and it’s a “free country”, really?

        • Dante Alighieri

          +10 🙂

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  • clovis
  • Dun

    This scam gets sillier all the time. Keep digging the hole deeper, Rossi!

    • Karl

      I guess Rossi really like all the attention he get for the paid horde of pseudosceptics.

      • Frank

        I’m sceptic – although I don’t get paid for my attidude. ;-(

    • Knighthawk

      Indeed, I just dropped by for the latest dose of comedy.

  • I d’nt like too the response of A Rossi about
    the change of name for security reason and
    working in peace.

  • NH

    Wired Magazine

    “Darpa, the Pentagon’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, has been quietly pursuing LENR for some years. Its budget plans for next year, released earlier this month, listed some significant achievements: “Continued quantification of material parameters that control degree of increase in excess heat generation and life expectancy of power cells in collaboration with the Italian Department of Energy. Established ability to extend active heat generation time from minutes to 2.5 days for pressure-activated power cells.”
    “Race for cold fusion: Nasa, MIT, Darpa and CERN peer through the keyhole,” By David Hambling, 27 February 2012, Wired Magazine UK

  • OnTheWaterfront

    Put down the crack pipe, he lied to FRC, he told them he has no factory in the US. The only thing that Ro$$i does reliably is lie.

    • NH

      And technically does not and has related such. It is under another name for security reasons. With all due respect, sniping comments are not constructive. Maybe you would share what you would do if you had invented such a product. I would be willing to bet that the discourse would be centered around your inexperience in these matters.

    • Andrea

      The Rossi statement about ispection was wery clear for an italian and doesn’t contain any lie. You have to re-read it in order to understand it. But, please, do it only if you really want to understand.

    • Ged

      If he has a factory in another state, it’s outside the FRC’s reach and so they would say he has no factory.

      Aside from that, there is no -operating- factory in the US as far as we know, as it’s still being made (robotosized?). That’s even assuming that the factory he’s talking about when he says that is about a US one instead of the one we already know of in Bologna.

  • MJS

    This whole FRC thing has probably made many jump off the Rossi ship. Is it sink or swim?

    My bet is he has something more significant than anyone else but not as he has hyped it. He could be buying time and praying that they can work enough issues out to match his prior claims.

    • Ged

      The FRC thing assumes he’s going to be making stuff in Florida instead of some other state. The FRC stuff was also for production which he isn’t doing yet as far as we know, sine he’s still working on making the factory last we heard.

      • MJS

        Ok, that helps put more perspective on this FRC news. Thanks.

  • daniel maris

    Nah, I think the BRC report was focussed on current production. They also touched on what Rossi would do if he sought to set up production in the USA.

  • Frank

    Sorry, but to the once which buy everything Rossi says without providing evidence, shouldn’t you have to think whether you might be a little bit too … gullible ?

    Here some funny stuff which might help you start thinking… (watch it till the end!)

    • Ged

      We’ve seen his Bologna factory, where the 1 MW plant is.

      He didn’t mention any location, but there’s a lot of assumption somehow this is talking about Florida. I think it’s elsewhere if in the US.

      • Frank

        Would you call Rossis premise in Bologna a factory?
        Best case I would call it a workshop – although almost nobody seems to work there.

        • Ged

          Though it’s been called a factory, and that definitely what the structure looks like from the inside, it isn’t outputting any sort of mass production, other than slowly making the 1 MW plants (at least made that one).

    • uppaimappla

      Rossi’s claim that his factory is at a secret location strikes a parallel with how Bernie Madoff fooled his own employees. Quote from today’s Bloomberg news”

      “You are not going to tell me how to run my business,” Madoff insisted during a meeting in the office of the firm’s operations chief, Daniel Bonventre, according to DiPascali. “Trades occur overseas.”

  • NH

    We have thread, fairly credible, that Rossi has been intertwined with the US government for some time, good or bad, he has. His actions and motives, not always well understood are a balancing act, which can be understood. (Speaking out loud here) protecting the release for a world changing product. When do you think we will move out of this stage of discreditation “hoaxer” / “scammer” when there is this huge amount of attention being placed on him and others for this new science? How can he possibly scam anyone, knowing these things?

    My attempt at Italian translation:
    Abbiamo filo, abbastanza credibile, che Rossi si è intrecciata con il governo degli Stati Uniti per qualche tempo, buono o cattivo, che ha. Le sue azioni e le motivazioni, non sempre ben capito sono un atto d’equilibratura, che può essere capita. (Parlando ad alta voce qui) proteggere il rilascio di un prodotto mondo che cambia. Quando pensi che si sposta da questa fase di discredito “burlone” / “scammer” quando c’è questa enorme quantità di attenzione viene posta su di lui e gli altri per questa nuova scienza? Come può eventualmente truffa chiunque, sapendo queste cose?

    • Francesco Razzauti

      Abbiamo una traccia, abbastanza credible, che Rossi abbia avuto rapporti con il governo degli Stati Uniti per qualche tempo, bene o male che sia. Le sue azioni e i suoi motivi, non sempre ben interpretati, sono un come un gioco di equilibrio per proteggere, in maniera comprensibile, lo sviluppo di un prodotto in grado, potenzialmente, di cambiare il mondo.
      Quando pensi che uscirà da questa fase di discredito “burlone/imbroglione” dal momento che c’e’ questa enorme attenzione posta su di lui e su altri per questa nuova scienza ? Se queste cose vengono risapute, come credi che possa imbrogliare qualcuno ?
      My little effort to fix some problem with your Italian translation (which is quite a good one, anyway).

  • We are almost at the end of march. I’m
    anxious on the evolution of 1Mw Ecat
    stayed at Bologne, of which A Rossi has
    promised to give some news.

  • Skiman

    Charles. There is no free country anywhere.

    • Meanwhile back at the ranch … Los Angeles County Regional Planning gave permission the other day to build yet another 1 gigawatt solar ranch in the Far West Antelope Valley.

      If one compares the green industries with LENR/Cold Fusion it’s a shame.

      • sapain

        good to here, we got to get rid of those coal fired power plants that r wrecking havoc on our home.

        • Speaking of havoc on our home, one guy’s ranch is going to be surrounded on all sides by this new solar ranch. These things have 8 foot high fences around them and typically about 2,000,000 solar panels.

      • sapain

        not a shame comparing, lenr isn`t here yet, so a comparing isn`t feasible. once lenr is here, they will complement each other.

        • It’s a shame because LENR is a freak show. Green is a serious business.

          • RichyRoo

            less a business, more a serious welfare queen.

          • sapain

            sorry, mis-interpedation by me. me bad.

  • Skiman

    Why so exited about e-cat. The air heating pumps have coop 6.15 today.

    • Frank

      I am already thinking for some time that maybe at the end of the day Rossi might deliver to his licencees just heat-pumps with a COP of 6.
      I don’t know what exactly may be written in the alleged contracts with licencees.
      If he just promise to deliver a ‘revolutionary’ heating-device with a COP of 6, he could fullfill his part of the contract when he delivers sophisticated heat-pumps.

      • joe

        Given Rossi’s history it more likely his heat pump will not work or at best have a COP of 1.0001

        I miss the early days of world changing e-cat speculation at star trek levels of optimism.

    • Omega Z

      Your talking about Geothermal heating & cooling systems.

      Most people settle for a Cop>4. The cost goes up drastically with incremental increases after that.
      Geothermal is hitting a peak in COP & the heat output is limited according to geographic location. Usually about 80`C. You’ll probably never be able to produce electricity at that temp. At least not cost/benefit wise.

      The E-cat if it works will produce COP>6 for under 2K installed verses about 20K for the Geothermal heat pump.

      The 1st home E-cat is set for 80`C, but future models will go much higher. Geographic location won’t matter.

      But the bottom line is cost. 10 times cheaper installed.

      As for the E-cats. If they’re real. It appears that the patents have been transferred to Leonardo corp. If this is true, we can only hope that Rossi has majority interest. If Not!

      Real World. Investors will press for all new patents to be registered in their name. Or financial support stops. When glitches have been ironed out & your ready for production, they can set the licensing fee’s. $1K per unit or 5K per unit. It’s their call.
      Or they can refuse to license it all together & bury the patents for the next 20 years. I doubt the latter will happen as their are others that appear to be on the path of producing working products.

      This isn’t conspiracy talk. These things really happen!

      Final Note: Rossi & other Researchers have reported COP’s in the hundreds in their research & periods of total self-sustain. This may indicate what may be seen in the future once they better understand the workings of LENR. Also makes a great sales plan. Dual Core/ Quad Core/ 6 core, etc,etc…

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  • sven

    It would surprise me if Rossy is building up a “factory” from scratch in the sense of renting a building, hiring staff, setting up the whole infrastructure, establishing quality procedures, building equipments, resolving logistics etc. Even the big players in electronics like Sony are largely not manufacturing them selves, that is simply not their core competence. Owning a robotized manufacturing line at some large subcontractor location, like Flextronics, would however be the way to go for most industries. This would make the operation flexible between locations, scalable, shorten the time to market, reduce investment cost etc. etc. etc. So looking for a house with a sign saying Rossie’s E-Cat Factory will probably not going to lead to anything 🙂

  • Kaiser David

    I can’t look at this silly theatre any longer! It’s driving me mad! Rossi, ROSSI, RoSsI – aargh…..The factory is here, it’s there, ash, it’s nowhere ! E-cat comes, E-cat goes, with far more Megawatts than before!

    Incredible how people tends to grab anything, ANYTHING that has the even tiniest potential to put us from our misery and unavoidable destiny. It’s like religion, a believe system. And I am not immune against it, that’s why I feel miserable now. Rossi, release us from our pain, please! Or burn in hell if you just betrayed us.

    • dragon

      I feel your pain, Kaiser (Soze :-))), sorry, could not help it) David.

      But take a look here at another scientist (George Miley) talking with Krivit about LENR.
      Please check his dialogue and see how secrecy is so deeply rooted in these scientists, not because they care about LENR, but because they want power and also, they protect the Elite’s power.
      These guys are not Nikola Tesla for sure.

      • Kaiser David

        Thank you man!

      • Kaiser David

        BTW: Im not the usual suspect 😉 Rossi is….

    • sapain

      today i went to c a dealer for an electric trike. cost $2300 new, 80km range. add a 300watt solar panel for $800, priceless. good to go for a cross country trip, no gasoline, it will pay for itself im no time.

    • I’ve been a huge Rossi fan for more like a year, but my faith is broken for the first time, one excuse after another, with the thing of the Florida Bureau of Radiation Control, saying one thing totally different from the things he writes on his journal… and now this, “under another name for security reasons”
      My heart is broken… and I’m a huge fan, I believe that’s why some more wiser people is begining to look to other side.
      Honestly!!! for the first time… I Need A Prove!!!!!

      • EduardoRG

        Bueno, entiendo tu pesar. Yo estoy en la misma situación y para no morirme en la espera o morirme en la posibilidad de una gran depresión si esto termina siendo todo un fiasco he decidido ser un No Creyente y un No escéptico (No believer/No skeptic). Por ende no apoyo a ninguno de los 2 lados puesto creo que hay sufuciente evidencia como para que uno mismo se vaya para cualquier lado, pero no para un lado especifico respaldado por evidencia real y pruebas consisas que te permitan sin duda alguna ser completamente creyente o escéptico. Lamentable situación pero es la mas sana. Terminamos en la pobre situación que hay que esperar. Por otro lado creo que si no es Rossi o Defkalion sera otro… pero creo que esto del LENR va a salir adelante SI o SI. Aguanta hermano en el dolor, aguanta.

  • Roger Bird

    News about LENR is really slow now.

    Have you guys investigated the virtues of coconut milk and coconut oil?

    Now, for other news, I got a feeling that the news about LENR is going to suddenly pick up hugely sometime within the next 6 months.

    In the meantime, I am going to go back to sleep. (:->)

    • sapain

      cern conference in two days.

  • Paul Stout

    A warehouse full of robotic equipment and a few technicians working on programming them is not a factory. So he could be very hard at work at building a factory without having one.

  • sapain

    sterling allen has completely removed rossi from his top 5, top 20. no mention at all. ouch.

  • the snake

    What kind of Visa does Rossi have for United States?? I guess he’s a 90 day tourist with a stamp in his passport.

    • NH

      He is a US citizen.

    • Rockyspoon

      Just the question I’d expect from “the snake”. LOL!

  • Kim

    Someday the earth will be filled with
    people who are intelligent.

    Until then we have to grovel…


    • sapain

      out fox the fox, get into part time self employment, buy a pv panel or two, use the panels to supply power to ur new enterprise, claim them as a tax deduction. get 100%of ur purchase money back. use the free power for as long as u like. use the saved money to expand or pay off debt.

      • Kim

        A Very good Plan


  • Robert Mockan

    I doubt Rossi needs to hide his factory. Take another example where obviously people are not breaking down doors to get new technology. Witts can not even give it away.

    • Gregoryyc

      Witts is religious sect a sort of detratctor of real freee/alternate energy quorum. So nobody really give hoots.
      Where as if you were to have one of these free energy devices you wouldn’t be standing there in open air without care and make callous remarks on “I dare you to come after me , I’ll show you everything”.
      Just make sure to leave few extra words to say posthumosly. ha haha

  • Brad Arnold

    It looks like Defkalion is going to beat Rossi to market. Sure wish someone would successfully commercialize LENR – that would open the flood gates of corporate R&D. Wouldn’t count Rossi out – in fact a successful Defkalion independent testing report would tend to support Rossi’s claims as well.

  • Stephen

    Thank you for the information, AR. I am sure one day you will confess that indeed your factory not only has a secret name but is also located in the state of Florida on another secret planet…

    I would suggest you, if I may, also to put the factory in a parallel universe… maybe it is safer, these days one never knows. How much is it for the teletransport inbetween parallel universes? Maybe you will have to increase the unit price but it might be worth!

  • hydroman

    So Rossi has a factory “somewhere” wow how secret is that? Cool! So the factory can not be in Florida or Rossi would have been lieing to the FBRC!
    So we have potentially we have 49 more states to go!
    How secret is that?
    1.Secret customers
    2.secret catalysts (Ecat)
    3.Secret factories
    4.Secret investors

    So secret customers buying secret Ecats made in secret factories using secret catalysts!

    And “there’s more” for 19.95 extra you get a 45MW
    secret (Siemens secret) Ecat!

    And “there’s more” for FREE we will throw in the extra (secret) refill for 1 year!!!!!

    Don’t forget “Robot Factories”!!
    200 degree celsius!

    Now onto the TRUTH part that all the psuedoskeps are missing

    “If I had the Ecat independently tested THEY would DISCOVER my SECRETS”
    So I choose to let the market decide!

    YEP I am sure an independant test would reveal Rossi’s “secrets”!

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  • OnTheWaterfront

    Dear Supporters,
    I know there has been a lot of questions regarding my factory. Let me assure everyone that my factory does indeed exist, it is being built in absolute secrecy on the island of Caspar (Miami real estate prices are way to high) and to further protect the manufacturing process from envious competitors no humans will be employed at the factory only Oompa-Loompas. So as you can see everything is on track.

    Warm Regards,