LENR Presentation at CERN to be Webcast Today

Just a reminder that today at CERN in Geneva Switzerland, Francesco Celani and Yogendra Srivastava will be making a presentation entitled “Overview of Theoretical and Experimental Progress in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)”.

Here is CENR’s description of the event:

An overview will be given on the main progress made –since March 1989- through experimental/theoretical studies on thermal/nuclear anomalies observed in forced interactions of Hydrogen isotopes (H, D), in non-equilibrium conditions, with pure or alloyed materials (mainly Palladium, Nickel).

Most of the experiments used electrolytic environments at moderate temperatures (20-50°C). More recently, gas environments have been used at higher temperatures (between 200-400°C and even temperatures between 500-900°C have been employed).

Specific nanostructures have begun to play a crucial role both in basic studies as well as in, recently claimed, technological/industrial applications.

A plethora of theoretical models have been proposed to explain several experimental anomalies in LENR. A brief description of a weak interaction model shall be presented that claims to explain almost ALL of the anomalous effects found so far.

The presentation will be webcast live via CERN’s Webcast Service at 16:30 Geneva time.

  • Mike Cheek

    This will be very interesting. I’m sure some of this readership will have the time to post a summary for the rest of us who are having to work a day job.

  • Robert Mockan

    For people in USA 16:30 Geneva time is 8:30 AM PDT.

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  • Robert

    I’m skipping work for this:)

  • MajorMax

    LENR ist real. Cool.

  • Here are two slides from the presentation “Overview of Theoretical and Experimental Progress in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)”:

    LENR – the State of the Art

    * The effect described by Fleischmann & Pons in 1989 is confirmed.

    * These reactions, called LENR, occurs in the condensed Matter normally in the crystal lattice of metals.

    * Some radiation emissions, not stable during experiments, confirm the nuclear nature of LENR.

    * The reactions are surface sensitive, increasing the surface increases reaction rate

    * The lattice where reaction occurs shows changes in some physical properties.

    * The complex reaciton environment offers few opportunities for a strict control of the conditions. In the most productive experiments lattice saturation, with H2 or D2, is goverend by a chemical environment with many similar to chemical process based on heterogeneous catalysis.

    The most productive experiments, PERFORMED WITHOUT AN INDEPENDENT SCIENTIFIC CONTROL, claim to use SECRET CATALYSTS to enhance the reaction rate and thermal effects.


    Need for an international Research Program

    * Apart from Rossi and/or Defkalion claims (IN PRINCIPLE VERY INTERESTING BUT NEVER, UP TO NOW, INDEPENDENTLY RECONFIRMED BY THIRD PARTS), the quality of experiments worldwide performed is so high and the results obtained so widespread/reproduced, that I believe it is the time to start an INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH PROGRAM to boost the results.

    * This Program, well funded and based on MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH, shall ahve the objective to design and test “working devices” able to generate heat and, later on, electricity.

    * Clearly, this Program shall not stop the research on the theory side, aimed to devine a general theoretical architecture of the whole phenomena we are discussing today.

    * If successful, this Program should also launch an economic and industrial roadmap to define the guidelines of futre investment and regulations.


    • Ged

      Coming from Cern, this is heavy hitting stuff. So wish I was able to watch this.

  • There will of course, be much discussion as the presentations are reviewed. A couple of things that struck me, certainly with 3 years after Fleishman/Pons were being ridiculed, their work had been confirmed, in secret. Beyond the work of Arata, the Japenese… Mitsubishi, Toyota and others have been doing a lot of research.

    • Ged

      That also struck me, that it was stated some of the data was kept from the public. Considering the news articles at the time about Fleishman/Pons stuff, and how it would produce a new “holy grail” race like the years leading up to the atomic bomb… I guess it’s no surprise if people tried to be nationalistic and secretive?

      • It’s perhaps no surprise, but the treatment of Fleishman and Pons was and is, unforgivable. Can there be any accountability? How do you give back their “best years”? When they, and others should have been embarking on the golden age of clean energy in the years following 1989. Let’s see, 2012 – 1989 = 23 Think of all that might have improved in this world had not some remained silent, and the converse, how many wars, how many lives lost fighting over “energy”. Do the Nobel Prize folks say anything?

  • It was interesting. The slideshows will probably be available on an ecat website, but there were 3 sideshows and 4 pdf available on the same website as the podcast.

    I am a large follower and commenter in this area and was surprised that the Japanese scientists we have been following work for Toyota and Mitsubishi.

    Mitsubishi had a breakthrough that was confirmed independently by (COMPETITION) Toyoto using their own equipment and supplies.

    Very interesting that the most LENR funding in existence today is from Japanese Car companies. Buying a car with a lifetime worth of fuel on board may come quicker than I thought.

    The camera angle only allowed to view 20+ present towards the end, but the applause sounded like 50 or more plus whoever attended via webcast.

    Facts were presented matter of factly and no doubt of LENR was present in the presentations. One skeptic was asking questions, but there is little skepticism
    left pertaining to LENR (note: LENR belief is different than believing Rossi or Defkalion).

    No theories were presented, and it was mainly an overview that LENR is accepted science and why.

    It is not worth watching unless you doubt LENR exists for some odd reasons. Hopefully this will forward research and media in many areas of this front.

    • http://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=177379

      is link to slides and pdf’s (not commentary)

      • Mia

        Looks promising, this made it even funny :
        – F&P effect
        [x]Measure mistake

        Recently Rossi and Defkalion claimed high power output (10kW), suitable for
        an industrial application.
        During Rossi demonstrations were not allowed any independent, third part,
        scientific verification of the results.
        Defkalion test and demonstrations already promised but not yet scheduled.

    • Ged

      Actually, the other speaker, not Celani, was very theory heavy, showing calculations and reaction pathways throughout his slides to explain hypotheses for how LENR works or could work. Over my head, unfortunately.

  • Adam

    In the CERN webcast Mr. Francesco Celani has refereed to Rossi and Defkalion multiple times not mentioning the fact that he is getting significant LERN results himself.
    Also, additional interesting news out of his presentation was him mentioning that the Fleischmann-Pons experiment has been duplicated by NASA in 2009 but the results were kept secret (?) and that he has stumbled upon the slides out of that experiment by accident last summer. Slides from that suppressed experiment are available here:

  • Steve K

    I see the link to the slides. Shall there be, or its here a link to the recorded webcast?

  • Dan

    For me, the science is real now. 2012 is a turning point. I’ve got every reason think that Rossi and his e-cat are genuine.

  • Barry

    I feel Fleischmann and Pons have been vindicated. I can’t understand the cruel criticism they have received over the years. It seemed present even today during the question and answer period of the CERN presentation. I hope now they will be acknowledged as forerunners of a technology that will change the world. Thank you Mr. Fleischmann and Mr. Pons and thank you to all of the scientist who continued their work. I feel hope that I have not felt in a long time. And for those who interfered, you have created obstacles to the advancement of humanity. I am looking forward to the silence of your small voices among the cheering crowds.

    • dragon

      They will be vindicated only when they will get Nobel Prize for this.

      • ora600

        I Agree

      • Nicola De Flora

        The prize is not the Noble, but the recognition of the discovery and its realization, the gift to humanity and the honored place the scientist will be given who did this work and made this discovery.

  • Dun

    Rossi is almost certainly a scammer, whether LENR is a real phenomena or not. His shady past didn’t look good for him from the start, but he has put nothing out there for independent research. He works in secret factories, with secret catalysts, for secret customers.

    Hopefully, this conference marks the start of people turning away from the man who is set to do the most damage to LENR possible.

    If LENR is real, we need real scientists working on it, not shady business men who got their engineering degrees from a diploma mill.

    • dragon

      What about Defkalion? Double Scam? And for what ?

      • Brian

        ‘Defkalion’ is not an established company but something that came into existence when Rossi needed credibility.

        – did not have a website before this year
        – does not and did not produce ANYTHING except the so called hyperion
        – is not referenced ANYWHERE EVER without its hyperion.

        Defkalion is an invention by Rossi to give him credibility, and it is NOT an existing manifacturer approached by Rossi for his E-cat (the story Rossi would have you believe).

        What you think of as ‘defkalion’ is a website, no more.

        • Look like conspiracy theory…
          they show too many proof of real engineering work and competence…
          not really compatible with scam.

          moreover if their goal is to make us wait, they have been quick, too quick, to call for independent test, and pretend to do them, then to go silent… not coherent with a red herring behavior…
          more like someone fed up with incredulity of big deciders, calling for quick disclosure of their power… maybe also afraid to be overtaken by Rossi…

          • Bruno

            Alain, the have not “shown too many proof of real engineering work and competence not really compatible with scam”. The fact is that they showed some engineering props which were never truly tested. The fact that they showed something doesn’t give them automatic credibility. It could simply be evidence of a well run and elaborate scam.

          • @bruno.
            “The fact that they showed something doesn’t give them automatic credibility. It could simply be evidence of a well run and elaborate scam.”

            yes, but is that complex, expensive work realist, while they have very bad communication that kill their credibility in the circle of “normal non engineer people”…
            expensive, high competence scam, with basically stupid communication toward mass…

            not realistic.

            basic theory of “it works”, adding professionalism, corporate methods, “pride and megalomania”, and “conservative coward testers”, is much more coherent and ask for no “new physics”.

            I shave my theories every morning with Occam razor.

    • JonathanD

      It seems to me that you are angry with Rossi for planning to go directly to the public with his work. Therefore, forcing the establishment to come clean. And now you want to punish him by calling him names.

      • Brian

        Nope, but Rossi will rightfulle be called names for:
        – making promises and predictions
        – NOT following up on these
        – presenting NEW promises instead (further and further into the future), and NOT coming up with something substantial at least ONCE.

  • Brian

    Don’t get your hopes up too high.

    This will NOT be an event where LENR will be proven.
    This will NOT be an event where LENR is going to be accepted back into the science family.

    All it is, is an attempt to unify all sorts of anomalous measurements into one theory. So in laymans terms: Lots of people interested in LENR have seen things they say they can’t explain; we think it’s all to do with X-Y-Z.

    • Barry

      As far as hopes are concerned, I have hope that Andrea Rossi will come through, but with LENR as a viable technology, after Mr Celani’s presentation, I now believe.

    • Alexandr

      Я с Вами, уважаемый Брайан, целиком согласен. Хочу подтвердить примерами. Доктор, профессор Магнитогорского Университета А.В. Вачаев создал действующую установку-реактор Энергонива-2, которая после старто-порогового электрического включения, работала самостоятельно после отключения. Она вырабатывала свободное тепло и электричество,перерабатывала водные суспензии отходов горно-металлургического комбината с преобразованием первичных ядер химческих элементов. Механизм действия следующий. Вода по трубе прокачивалась через ячейку в которой первоначально зажигался плазмоид типа шаровой молнии или зарядового кластера К.Шоулдерса. В этой ячейке происходили ядерные реакции преобразования первичного вещества – водных отходов. Энергия электрическая от этих ядерных реакций снималась через внешний индуктор и отводилась для внешних нужд и поддержания тока через плазмоид. Это был период с 1990 по 2007 год. Затем по распоряжению РАН РФ эта установка, как и реакторы М.И.Солина, Л.И.Уруцкоева, С.В.Адаменко, признанные лженаучными по LENR тематике, были закрыты.
      Более того работы великого Виктора Шаубергера, автора летающих тарелок в Германии с1939 по 1945 годы, также были закрыты.
      Имеется бесконечное множество работ в геофизике, астрофизике, ядерной физике, в том числе сверхпроводимость и сверхтекучесть и т.д., в которых до сих непонятен механизм природы явлений, также как и механизм природы массы,гравитации, спина микрочастиц. Сложившаяся наука описывает эти явления сложнейшими математическими теориями, называя их феноменологическими. В то время как микроскопические теории отсутствуют. Чего уж далеко ходить – объясните передачу фронта электрического постоянного тока по проводнику из Москвы во Владивосток со скоростью света – этого нет ни в одной книжке. Все эти неувязки я попытался объяснить в своей книге “Вихроны”, 2011г, Москва, Шадрин А.А. Что из этого получилось решать вам Молодое поколение дерзающих, смелых и честных учёных.
      В свете вышесказанного очень жаль совершенно тщётных усилий А.Росси. И очень хочется пожелать ему очень крепкого здоровья, особенно морального.
      С уважением д.ф-м.н Шадрин А.А. 25.03.12

  • Nicola De Flora

    How very exciting this Lenr/ Coldfusion is.As an ex Chemical engg. and Science dept head I have followed this story from 1989.The rough path Fleishmann and Pons have traveled is not unusual for such a revolutional discovery. Discovery,disputation by the establishment and ruin, replication and more evidence and finally(not yet) theory which is belivied until and an exception to theory is found.If someone can figure this thing out and produce a product we all will be so much wealther, healther and free of so many of the current world problems. Bravo to all who have worked in this thankless effort till now.