Anonymous Source Confirms Anonymous Source on Defkalion

Just in case you missed it in the comments section of the previous thread, another anonymous source has essentially confirmed what the poster who goes by the name of ‘Woomera’ is saying about the state of play at Defkalion Green Technolgies.

The new source goes by the handle ‘AnonymousObserver’ and writes:

I confirm the info of this anonymous report, i know people that has been there many times to defkalion offices and to the R&D facility, i can say for sure that a big USA (i know the name but i will not reveal it)went there at least 2 times for a 4-5 hours test of the reactor (last time the first days of march 2012 and previously in january), they were impressed and surprised for the amount of information on how it works revealed to them, i’ve saw a printed copy of the report of the test but i can’t say more for obvious reasons. I think that during the second part of this year defkalion will finally have a 100% working and stable reactor and big announcements will hit the media.

Of course we need treat such comments with all the caution that anonymous sources deserve, but in an information vacuum there is not too much else to go on. It’s a shame we don’t have more solid sources of information, but in the current climate where potentially trillions of dollars are at stake, and Andrea Rossi is promising to launch legal action against competitors who he thinks have copied his technology, it is understandable why DGT are not being more forthcoming.

The fact that both these anonymous sources say that a US Government agency has been to Greece (first one says Nasa, this one declines to name it) is very intriguing. We know that a NASA team visited Rossi, but it seems that the two parties couldn’t come to an agreement to cooperate. Perhaps they think they could have better luck with DGT.

It’s also interesting that in this snippet the poster indicates that DGT does not yet have a fully stable reactor, while in the previous report, DGT were apparently saying that they will launch product in July of this year.

  • Peter Poulsen

    I witnessed one of their tests myself at the beginning of March. It was highly impressive to say the least. I can confirm that the device is designed in a way so you just need to flick a switch to turn it on or off.
    As you turn it on it takes a little while for it to start up, id say some 4 or 5 minutes, and its very quiet.
    The test lasted 6 hours in which it outputted an average of 24 kWh, and seemed extremely stable.
    For obvious reasons i cant tell much more than that, but i can confirm that they expect a release date in July this year, in which you can buy a device. They do say they probably cant keep up with demand in the beginning but they are in the process of expanding their production capabilities. They also talked about the steam and how they could heat it to around 350 degc. The device they tested when i was there only outputed 250 degc though. They say that the process gets unstable if the steam gets hotter than 350 degc but they have some ideas how to solve that in the near future.

    (Disclaimer: Yes i made it up. but mostly to show how easy people can make things up without proff. Why does AnonymousObserver gets a headline spot when you cant confirm his post at all?)

    • dragon

      It’s because nothing is happening today and needs to keep us (web-users)warm for anything that can happen next 🙂

      Of course, this thread it’s useless.

    • I also agree with Peter Poulson.

      I will repeat my Defkalion comment as it still applies…

      It is nice to hope.

      “Mining companies have in the past announced they hit the mother load. Then investors swarm in and buy shares. Then the company collapses and the CEO retires to a beach in Brazil.”

      Just a thought….

      I would like to remind people.

      -Nobody has ever claimed to have seen a Defkalion Product. Ever, ever.

      -Defkalion openly lied saying they were testing thousands of units, and months later said they had only a few they were testing. This lie was addressed on their forums which are still open for reading if not commenting.

      it was addressed here..

      -Let us also remember that nobody has ever ever seen a picture of a Defkalion product. Some might argue that the possibly faked spec sheet had some fuzzy photos but one was a computer mock-up and the other was too fuzzy to see anything.

      I forgot Sterling Allen visited them and saw the sam green photo one, and we have a video of a lot of tin foiled stuff looking nothing like the fuzzy picture.

      -Let’s remember that they announced they were going to shock the world within 2 weeks, and then 16 days later (not 2 weeks) issued a “spec” sheet that my teenage son could’ve thought up and typed in a few hours. If he handed it into school as a science project he would have failed.

      Defkalion has been NOTHING but YAP, YAP, YAP since day one. It is nice to be hopeful, but if you are serious about being a “high priced” investor as this new blog was fishing for I’d think twice. I would at least bring a few physicists with me when testing their equipment.

      I love LENR technology and know it will replace dirty gasoline in all of our cars within a decade. I like that Andrea Rossi and Defkalion have made efforts to publicize LENR. I am very hopeful they are not a bunch of lying scoundrels. But it is only hope.

      I believe in Andrea Rossi, but Defkalion has never shown the world anything except a trumped up Spec sheet with a fuzzy photo.

      Some people know me as a heavy advocate for LENR. I have been supporting Andrea Rossi and others in comments and blogs and telephone calls and emails since February of last year. I know LENR is the fuel that provide our cars with a lifetime worth of clean fuel in 10 years. I do support LENR.

      I really Hope Defkalion is legitimate, but they have given no reason for such belief.

      I would hate if someone invested their life savings with Defkalion only to see it vanish and that I was instrumental in support of them.

      I know LENR is real and confirmed real despite Defkalion, and if any skeptics doubt Defkalion they should at least accept LENR.

      • Peter Poulsen


        Good post, and i agree with your views.
        Hopefully we will have some more tangible proff to discuss in the near future.

        Until then i hope people that is following the development of LENR wont take comments like the one from AnonymousObserver and other as proff that Defkalion og Rossi have a working product.

      • you repeat the same post, so I will redirect to the answer I gave to the same idea.
        the lie you pretend is not a lie, but self-ignition by readers that did not read correctly….

        one difference between the two anonymous sources, is that woomera is an old user of tha site, from 2008, on a site with password.
        He also give some insight about his lifestyle and opinion, that activate some heuristic leading to feeling that this man is real, rich, and not obsessed by LENR by by his money.

        the 2nd anonymous confirm, have no value, since there is no account linked to the pseudonym, nor unpredictable verifiable data.

        of course we are in the “soft proof zone”, vaporware, but in business this is classic until the product is on the market.

        Defkalion have already given many soft proofs of their competence in engineering (including absorption fridge, H2 safety, coolant problems, mechanic, calorimetry, units), and their incompetence in scam technologies : Web sites, video, community management, communication, delay, public controlled demo…

        at least they did not fraud their demo, since they demo nothing, except to claimed testers, who did not yet transmit their report.

    • s

      Can you clarify the output power? You seem to state that it averages a certain energy when power can be an average value while energy has to be a total value. Do you mean it put out 24kW for 6 hrs, a total energy of 144kWh, or that it put out energy of 24kwh over 6 hrs, 4kw? Whenever someone mixes up power and energy, which happens a lot in LENR posts, it might take away from the credibility of their post.

      • Peter Poulsen


        For the sake of arguing:
        I meant an output of 24 kw per hour meaning 24 kW times 6 hours = 144 kW of total power output.

        So what should i write instead of “24kWh”?

        • Torbjörn

          24kWh/h times 6h = 144kWh produced

        • dayton

          I appreciate your post, but have a question about input power. The E-Cat
          has a 6COP (coefficient of ?), I guess
          1:6 is the meaning. Do you know what
          the Hyperion machine ratio is?

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    I agree with Peter Poulsen’s point.

  • George

    I will only believe this when an anonymous source confirms the anonymous source that is confirming the anonymous source.

  • Sergio

    Seriously, this site has recently been posting some utter sh*t. Whoever is running this is losing credibility with these kind of posts. Please stop it. If you have something nice like the CERN colloquium then let us know – and thanks, but if you don’t, we won’t mind that your front page has a news piece that’s 7 days old, we’ll visit your page in the future again anyway – unless of course, you keep up with turning random comments into news…

    • Jimr

      I totally agree. I would rather wait and get some productive information then read this. We don’t demand a release every day.

    • Andrew Macleod

      It’s not Franks fault there is little or no info to go on, he is just letting people know what is being said. Don’t kill the messenger.

  • J

    This is all just a fantasy, role-playing game, isn’t it?

  • I am still waiting for E-Cat.

  • Kai Tønder

    Its only onething to say to that title -> L.O.L

  • Andrew Macleod

    I could see governments all around the world backing DGT over Rossi. This could bolster the Greek economy maybe even stop the world economic decline/collapse. They can’t keep bailing the Greeks out they need a miricle. This might be it.

  • jettech

    Unlike the UL Mark, the CE Marking:

    Is not a safety certification mark
    Is generally based on self-declaration rather than third-party certification
    Does not demonstrate compliance to North American safety standards or installation codes

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  • Fibber McGourlick

    The second report by the “anonymous source” is obviously bogus. Defkalion would never let 12-year- old in to see their device. (I’m judging his age based on the quality of his writing.)

    The original report by the Australian is far more convincing.

    • Warthog

      You’re making the mistake many do….NEVER forget that for many (if not most) of these situations, English is likely NOT the primary language of many who post.

      Cutting slack is necessary.

      • Fibber McGourlick

        You’re right. Istand corrected.

      • right, sorry for all the English, French, and Indonesian words i have tortured, for the upper case abandoned, the comma lost in the hospital…

  • Brad Arnold

    Obviously both Defkalion and Rossi has something, but if you want “proof,” then most likely the only form you will accept is successful commercialization. That is your right, but the amount of negative certainty is you projecting onto a neutral medium. I mean somepeople are hardwired to be cynical and negative, and then rationalize it by claiming to be “realistic.” Realism is expressing certainty on things you know, not things you suspect.

  • jjaroslav

    As folks spend their time parsing the minute pieces of information that are being leaked out by the contestants I am trying to keep in mind some basic points.
    If this is real then it will be the biggest thing to happen since the industrial revolution. Bigger, I guess.
    Given the enormity of the impact this technology would have on our current financial and social structures you can imagine the forces that are at play here. Not billions of dollars…trillions. And all those trillions can buy for promoting, sabotaging, stalling and discrediting.
    Notwithstanding the outcome of the current race, there are so many similar LNET or LNER effects being demonstrated that it seems highly likely that this technological path will lead to some device which will harness the effect in the near future.
    As for all the criticism of Rossi and Defkalion if you were really in their shoes, how would you manage this and achieve your goals?
    1. Successfully launching the technology
    2. Keeping some of money it will generate
    3. Doing some good in the world
    4. Not getting murdered (figuratively and literally)(watch the money)
    Personally, I would be more careful of how I handled this than anything else I had ever done. Strategically, creating a straw competitor could be the best thing Rossi ever did (if that was his intention).
    The only surprise so far is the apparent lack of interest of the many industrial entities that you would guess would be interested.
    Actually, if some major group (Siemens, GE, Mitsibushi,…) were pursuing the technology I actually would be surprised to see a leak. (Some groups can keep a secret; note all the real info we had for each of the Apple product improvements until they actually were launched. )
    Recognizing also that a failure would be enormously embarrassing (aka CLM) for a corporate type.
    Regardless, I am hedging and shorting anything remotely connected with energy at least until December.

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  • OnTheWaterfront

    When will people realize that Defkalion is another part of Rossi’s scam. Rossi created this whole Defkalion non-sense to try give creditability to his part of the scam.

    • invesplj

      And when will people realize that not everything in the world is scam, just because it sounds too optimistic?

  • chris robinson

    Believe it or not most people from Oz do not begin a post with the words G’day.
    That missive has quite obviously been concocted by someone with the express purpose
    Of giving the impression it originates from Australia . It has all the hallmarks of a well laid
    red herring.

    • good point.
      but this mean tha Woomera account, old from 2008 is stollen, or that this man decided to make a joke…

      doubtful on both side.

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