Interview With Robert George and Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy — Announce Successful Cold Fusion Reactor

James Martinez of Cash Flow Radio has conducted an interview with Brillouin Energy‘s Chief Executive Officer Robert George and President and Chief Technical Officer Robert E. Godes.

The reason they said they are ready to conduct an interview at this point (and not earlier) is because they have been able to develop a control system that allows a reaction to start and stop, and run in a steady state mode. They said that next month they will be working with Mike McKubre of SRI International to run a reactor at a higher temperature.

Godes states that the Brillouin’s reaction starts with an endothermic reaction (reaction that absorbs heat) and ends with a more powerful exothermic reaction (reaction releases heat). Brillouin is working on two systems, the first one provides heat at 140 degrees C, (called the “wet boiler”) the second one reaches 400 – 450 degrees C. George says that they have applied for patents, but have been told by a patent examiner at the US Patent Office that the office is still not permitted to grant patents in the cold fusion field.

Robert George said that financing has been difficult to obtain, and they are working towards securing a two million dollar investment. Their business plan is not to manufacture products, but to license technology to third party producers. George says that Brillouin has been receiving visits from a number of entities, including the Naval Research Lab and “major corporations.”

Godes expresses doubts about whether both Andrea Rossi and Defkalion actually have technology that is ready for the marketplace, but says he would like to see them succeed in order to bring recognition and acceptance to the field of cold fusion.

The full audio can be heard as an mp3 recording here at

  • Kim

    Why in Gods name can we not patent anything
    in the Cold fusion Field!


    • Kim


      When will it end.

      When does mankind get to thrive !

      Throw the bums out…


    • Pimp

      Because mainstream scientists are assholes and so are the people who believe them so uncritically.

    • Don’t worry it’s not like these guys have anything. As with all things “cold fusion” wait till next month.

      • Cliff Bradley

        How do you know that they don’t have anything? But, I agree, we don’t have much more time to wait.

        I expect a few companies will put something out, they’ll reverse engineer each other’s stuff and in two years we’ll have something that works pretty well.

        • I sincerely hope to eat my words and admit here publicly that I was a fool. Problem is the opposite seems to happen over and over again. In a month you’ll just have yet another announcement or revelation that promises something in yet another month.

          punt: kicking the ball in order to gain ground in football

          The Rossi’s and Defkalions and now Godes of this world know this concept all too well

          • Right, that is why I put full time work into the project for more than 5 years with out pay. The phenomenon is real and BEC has the IP to build an industrially useful technology.

      • alex

        Who is worrying, I’m all about it. Here is one of their formal presentations:

        • Ged

          That presentation was very interesting. Very heavy on theory, math, raw data from the reactor, and that video showing the reactor exposed and working (in their set up) was fascinating. You can really see that bright “sun like” plasma orb around the cathode (I’m assuming that was the cathode, the Ni wire).

          Considering how heavily they worked on the theory and backed it up with other references and data from published science… I feel pretty confident they are on to something!

      • As long as the government cannot allow a patent how are these guys supposed to market their product?

        Would you show me your thingamabob without a patent?

        LENR is confirmed worldwide and seems to be an accepted science. The Ni-H version of LENR has been replicated by at least 16 entities.

        We now have at least 4 entities claiming the abilities to control LENR, so this is becoming prevalent.

        The other post on Brillouin had about 3 videos worth watching as it explains the process in detail. It is a good video as it shows us what is happening exactly. I only watched the 28 minute video so far.

        • hydroman

          You do not need a patent to have a device independently tested.
          That is so false.
          It can be treated as a “black box” by the testers.
          Why would it matter HOW it works as long as it works?
          So far all i have seen are silly arguments about secrets.
          These are arguments fraudsters always hide behind. “if they tested my claims they would find out how i did it”.
          Im gonna say yeah they probably would find out how you cheated!
          If it is treated as a “black box”
          and you only test input vs output
          how are THEY (the testers) gonna find out?
          Quit making your silly excuses.
          These guys are “framing” the debate
          by making you believe the “testers” would take apart the device and “discover” all the secrets!
          Under the watchful eye of the inventor!
          WHAT these so called “believers” want you to buy into.

          • What is needed in LENR is not a patent but a very awesome serious lucrative government sponsored X-prize. Whoever can prove they invented cold-fusion should be given a $100,000,000 USD prize tax free. Then the technology should be handed over to the public domain. A person can live off of $100M very comfortably. Take the private sector secret excuse out of the field of LENR. It’s corrupting the field and giving it a bad name. People come out and claim they figured out a way to do LENR but can’t reveal the details because they’re trying to make money off of it. Yeah right!

          • Actually all it takes is the money to pay for the test. You put up the $500K and SRI will run the test and wright the report! Actually Fran at SRI is getting ready to publish papers that show putting a big pulse of electricity through a Pd wire loaded with any form of H produces excess energy. BEC just has the technology to make that wire last a long time while producing the extra energy. I had nothing to do with that experiment or the one performed by Tom Claytor at LANL. That experiment was based on the presentation. The parameters were not correct to produce 4He but is did produce tritium from high purity deuterium with not fast neutrons or 3He formation. That proves that what BEC published in E25Tec.PPS is what is happening. Well at least that the process is the accumulation of low energy neutrons that can be formed by creating rouge waves in a lattice loaded with H.

    • sapain

      it`s classified as perpetual which it is not. big boys don`t won`t to lose control.

      • dragon

        WIKIPEDIA says on Cold Fusion page:

        “Esther Kepplinger, the deputy commissioner of patents in 2004, said that this was done using the same argument as with perpetual motion machines: that they do not work.”

        Well if this is the case of the rejection process than it is very strange to reject if somehow the LENR apparatus is demonstrated to work.

        This quote makes us conclude one of these 2 things:

        – Either no WORKING Cold Fusion apparatus was EVER presented to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office up until now (which means all fraudsters that said they submitted an apparatus for an US patent, LIED to the public).

        – Or that U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is abusive in its refusal to release patents for Cold Fusion and that it works with “the Powers that be” in censuring and destroying people’s hopes for a life with no slavery in it (which means we are currently under the worst oppression since Stalin).

        Take your peak.

        • hydroman

          Ok what is your point?
          That a non working never tested device is being suppressed?
          Or that has NEVER been submitted?
          Or never will be?
          Look dude
          The f___ing device either works or does not
          End of f___ing story!
          Prove it works or just shut the f___ up?

          • dragon

            Are you on drugs right now?
            You sound erratic.
            Clearly you did not bother to understand what I wrote.

          • J Pelsor


            Did you happen to try to understand this presentation?
            I’m no physicist or chemist but this seems to be presenting a fairly well thought out and repeatable hypothesis. I’d be interested in getting this group and Mr Smith’s million dollar be together. Maybe then we’d see some more progress toward a viable commercial product. It certainly looks like the field is about to be ‘heating up’.

  • dm

    Listened to this – very long & in 2 parts. Said a lot of interesting things esp about the difficulty in getting the LENR process to sustain itslef and also their belief that neither Rossi nor Defkalion have solved this problem.


    • sapain

      fusion would b difficult to self sustain, many variables have to be constant.
      fission supplies it`s own energy to sustain itself, doesn`t need pressure and is unstable to begin with.
      once the coulomb field of the reactant can be severely weakened and done so with many atoms at a controlled rate, lenr is out the door, but to do so with energy released by the reactions is one hell of a trick.

      • maybe launching FUD to competitors ahead.

        his vision of coulombian barrier is not the one that propose Widom-Larsen theory, and even his own theory, which also use weak interaction.

        from DGT behavior it is clear they have a stable reactor, and words from Godes is less credible than DGT confidently cornering itself with COP>20 and 48h tests, and even telling the basic of their control method (pulse modulation – so variable don’t have to be constant, and control adapt to changing parameters, measured on the fly).

        • sapain

          but pulse modulation is a variable and if the external modulation is shut down can the fusion reaction sustain it`s own modulation and if so for how long. or will it simply find equilibrium and stop.

        • sapain

          but if it gives high energy output, the enrgy can b self feed into the system to support the sustainablity. lol

          • even a nuclear reactor need external energy, fisrt to make it diverge, than to pump, move bars, feed the electronic.

            of course DGT could use a turbine with alternator to charge a small battery, that will feed the small resistances inside…
            that is probably planned, but for now they sell heaters.

            if you stop the pulse maybe the reactor will either stop or diverge.
            in nuclear power plant ther are sone “resonance” bell curves between temperature and power. you put the reactor working point in the descending side of the bell, so that when heating it slow down…
            If you are not on the good side of the bell, you call that Chernobyl (it was the problem).

            with LENR reactor, maybe there is no bell cur, but just an exponential like power.
            In that case you should avoid being in stable mode, and you should take advantage of a pipeline effect (reaction ils multi-stage, and if WL is right, you have a long minutes radioactive decay delay, compared to 300ns neutron generation pulse), using controlled pulses. you can also use the heat transfert to absorb heat more quickly that it is produced, with a fluid which temperature is not far from the working temp.

            Maybe these two methods are used one by DGT and the other by Rossi.
            maybe because the working temperature of the reactor, because of a different catalysts, are different.

  • Robert Mockan

    Brillouin Energy should research knocking neutrons out of a loaded lattice, perhaps with an intense magnetic field pulse to disrupt the LENR process at intermediate stages, then allowing it to build up again. Neutrons made efficiently (energy efficient synthesis) would have many uses for transmutation (changing elements into other elements). LENR is not just about heat, but new technologies.

  • jack

    Where is the independent confirmation that they’ve got anything? They claim to have the most exciting thing since fire, for lord’s sake!

    What is so friggin difficult to get the device tested independently? Yes, one can test it without revealing the mechanism. All their money issues would be resolved immediately.

    At this point my opinion is that there is not a single entity on this planet in possession of a usable LENR device. In the worst case they might be just Rozzi business scheme copycats.

    • Brian

      Good point: Demonstrate a device, a lab-setup even, and all their money problems will dissapear.

      Somehow this has not occurred to them. I wonder why.

      • first the community of scientific refuse to see that. Celani have good result that are ignored.
        NASA GRC in 89 have undeniable results, that they confirm, but retain them until recently…

        about business, the normal behavior is to have tour reactor be perfect, stay silent. It takes a few month to check and recheck, to make some changes so it works perfectly. than you call testers.
        the harder is to have mainstream testers that accept to see the reactor, because they are afraid to look stupid and be fired by their boss…

        after 1 month of negociation and appointments, you starts the tests.
        It last 1 month to have a handful of testers to make the tests.
        then the testers gather they result, call their bosses, make a report, check and recheck, change sentences to avoid diplomatic wars (I did that – long)…
        after 1 to 3 month of negotiation of the report, it is published…

        oops, that is Defkalion behavior.

    • Yes. Very intelligent. Demonstrate your product without a patent. Every inventor should do this.

      Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

      Demonstrate to me first though please.

    • Stephen


      If you have some stuff sucking 100W and, say, heating 10 times more… OF COURSE you can easily show it is really working and OF COURSE there is no need to reveal anything at all. I don’t understand why some people here think there might be some problem. What problem, exactly?

      Black-box… just two/three/whatever number electrical cables go in… plus a water pipe in, water pipe out. The inventor runs the electronics, the tester can check whatever he/she want on the cables and measure the water temperature and flow in whatever way you want, put one, two, 25 thermometers where you want. Plus let somebody put their hand on the thing to check it’s warm and not cold… just in case one suspects this is some sort of a heat pump. This would be convincing enough to set up a business: after this the inventor would need to hire 10 body guards to keep investors away.

      WHY not to do this. Just give me one good reason.

      PS And don’t tell me this was done already: that is not ture.

      • first if they do that on a video everybody will claim it is fake.

        so you will do that with big recognized labs… see DGT call for independent test…

        not event water to discuss about, just differential calorimetry, which is undeniable with a COP>>20…

        have to wait the report.

        • Stephen

          In principle, I agree…
          But, will a report ever come? Or will we have more unsurprising suprises?

    • jacob

      I hope LENR is going to make it to market

      but will patent be granted

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  • To say that the Patent Office told them that they do not grant cold fusion patents is inconsistent with the fact that a cold fusion patent was granted to NASA just days before the October 28
    2011 Rossi 1MW demonstration.

    • The Zawodny/NASA patent was how to create “heavy” (not heavy but behave slower) Electrons. It is a patent used in LENR and would be associated with cold fusion, but it is also unrelated and could have other possible applications.

    • Actually that was an application NOT a patent!
      Look at his blog
      where he says
      “a patent application for a new technology was made public on a NASA website this past week.”
      dated Jan 14 2012

  • QC-JYM

    Now,that’s interesting.BE and DGT both have a technology that they want to sell license for. Are we gonna have a price war before seeing a product? that would be a first!


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  • I have read comments from skeptics of this development describing the believers as “gushing” with enthusiasm. After listening to Mr. Martinez interview the Godes’ I understand what they mean. Mr. Martinez needs to slow down, take a breath, scoop his brain up off the table and put them back in his head so he can make complete sentences and utterances. Still the interview was interesting.

  • Singh is King

    If this guy is right, then he would have put fire under the feets of Rossi and DGT.
    But this guy is not very smart, to look for funding of 2 million, without anyone being able to test it openly.

    • jacob

      i am not surprised,why in a free world
      one can not get funding for cold fusion
      its very questionable

      oh,and no patent can be granted for cold fusion,
      because of once before is was proven not to be possible

      come on folks wake up,the patent office can be
      the peers can be bought
      because OIL is at risk
      energy is part of national security
      and will be around for a long time to come

      • Rick


        I think you are off here. Its not the evil oil companies that are pulling all the strings and keeping LENR, LENT, solar and everything else that isn’t here and we want it to be.

        Its the horse and buggy tycoons. See when the combustion engine came out the horse and buggy tycoons tried to keep it down but failed. Since then they have been lying in wait to usurp and torpedo the next technology to get some vengeance for there own technology being outmoded.

        The horse and buggy tycoons control the patent office, NASA, peer reviewed journals, fast food chains (those who control food, control the future!), this blog, and pretty much anything else that you can think off.

        Open your eyes people!

        Rossi and Defkalion have working products and there actions are completely inline with their statements and there is absolutely no reason to believe otherwise.

        The horse and buggy tycoons just want you to think that there is…


        • dragon

          if this is true then this is one more reason for Rossi and defkalion to go public despite PATENT and go around the “horse and buggy tycoons control”.

          It is in Rossi’s and Defkalion’s power to do that, but they don’t do it. WHY?

          • Peter Poulsen

            exactly my point also.

            jacob says that the patent office wont give patens for cold fusion because someone is handing money under the table to make them say that.

            Rick says its the rich people that is responsible, for holding cold fusion back.

            Well Defkalion, Rossi and others can do a very very easy thing to checkmate all of these people. Just make a public test and prove they have a working product.
            It doesnt need to be stable, it doesnt need to be ready for commercialisation. It just need to output an impressive amount of energy over lets say 2 days or something.

            If they do that i promise all of you, noone will be able to stop them as the news will go public imidiatelly.

            If on the other hand they already have funding from investors, i can understand why they want to quiet things down.

            In any case im certain that no patent office or any “horse and buggy tycoon” is able or will be able to keep this down if there really is some wonder LENR machine out there.

        • jacob

          ok ,Bigwilly , Henry Ford’s assembly line was financed by Rockerfeller under the condition that he would make them to burn gas,Henry wanted them to run on alcohol ,because every
          farmer had their own still to make alcohol for their stationary single
          piston engine,gasline was dumped in the rivers at night because as of jet there was no market for it,
          see Rockerfeller was a very clever man ,that gave and gave and gave a million dollars to dick smith ,no not dick smith but to a group of women that were against their men drinking alcohol,prohabition past
          by one vote,and for the next 8 to 10 years every stationary engine
          and almost all trucks and cars were running on gasoline,and that was not enough ,rockerfeller believed that every sickness could be cured by leftover of the refineries ,and they are called petro pharmaceuticals ,that’s about the time when he gave large sums of money to medical schools
          to train doctors properly, on how to prescribe petro pills ,and ever to this day , last Year Harvard received 13 million ,Yale 11 million ,so if i am right ,Who then
          owns the Peers?
          but for the sake ,that you are right ,then i would freely admit that I am partially wrong

          but thank for your comment

          • Bigwilly

            Mr Jacob,

            Thank you for explaining that sequence. I must admit that I did not fully grasp its implications though.

            I am assuming you are describing a domino effect initially envisioned by Mr. Rockefeller to permeate mainstream American society with gasoline and petroleum based products.

            My question:

            Did Mr. Rockefeller anticipate LENR or other “free energy technologies” and put barriers or traps in place to thwart their implementation?


          • Rick

            Mr Jacob,

            Thank you for explaining that sequence. I must admit that I did not fully grasp its implications though.

            I am assuming you are describing a domino effect initially envisioned by Mr. Rockefeller to permeate mainstream American society with gasoline and petroleum based products.

            My question:

            Did Mr. Rockefeller anticipate LENR or other “free energy technologies” and put barriers or traps in place to thwart their implementation?


          • tom h

            the rockefellers (David to p
            be precise) also own the biggest oil company in the wrold esso.

          • jacob

            to Rick and Big Willy,i am not here to judge what Mr
            Rockerfeller did,but whether it was Poque’s high milage carburator,which was used in the second world war extensively ,and removed from all the army tanks just after the war,the MIT plasmatron,would have improved gas milage by 30%on every vehicle on planet earth, Arvin Meritor
            an auto parts outfit,was getting just ready to mass produce,when it was bought out by One Equaty Partners
            a company owned by the Rockerfeller family ,just shelved it.
            the curriculums in school,that covers engineers
            doctors,scientists is all set up for the system ,it is a god awful mess,and it has foundations,that not person can do any thing about,fleischman and flinch did not have a chance in this current system.
            all accredited Universities
            are being supported with millions from the Rockerfeller Foundation ,the question is what does their money buy?
            Its business folks,sometimes
            you have to spent a few dollars to make a few dollars.
            Is it ethical or morally right,probably not, but this industry employs a heck of a lot of people in this world
            lose 10% of oil sales overnight ,no more profit
            is being made.
            so big OIl spend billions
            to prevent loss of sales
            if they didnt they would be broke .
            the world would be different
            vehicles would be powered by
            magnetic levitation same as
            those of inner hollow earth,inner Mars ,inner Venus, that is new to most
            round wing air plane, (ufo)
            usa,canada,GB,germany have them ,they control the world,off course it is top secret, it kind of started in canada ,the avro arrow
            the kugelblitz in the second world war were canadian american roundwing
            airplanes , we are the only
            cave men that are still killing each other on surface earth,even on the back side of the moon there is colony of people mining the moon ,supported by motherships from venus ,they bring the food and supplies in trade for the minerals.
            we are the remnants of space
            travelers from long ago,and we have not jet fully evolved to live together as
            brothers and sisters on this earth,but we are created by the great universal creator and have been given a conscience we are tied into that universal force field which affects all matter, and spins every electron of every molecule,or we would
            not be able to live,this power is responsible for our free energy,e-cat ,some call it eather ,space time energy,quantum physics effect.
            you only know as much as you are taught
            the biggest hindrance to knowledge is ignorance
            i know i went to deep for most
            but all planets in this solar system are inhabited
            some only have some colonies
            each with scout ships and motherships ,all the governments know ,the ancient atlanteans and lemurians blew each other up
            with liquid light,the alps used to be the north pole then, the meditranien sea was land with the nile flowing through it.ancient Egypt were the remnants of Atlantis,they had the levitation technology ,that our military now has, the remnants of Lemuria are the people of Easter Island ,natives of Australia,New Zealand , asien ,india ,china ,japan,hawaii,you can still see how advanced the are socially ,in their heyday going back 25000 years ,part of their schooling was 10 years training to be a member of
            lemuria , 12000 years ago noah’s flood happened when through the heat of these liquid light bombs caused a polar shift ,that send sunamies right around the whole world washing over land destoying everthing, these weapons of mass destruction ,caused the dead sea,sahara desert,death valley, a substance of liquid light ,which the germans were working on (red mercury)
            superheated liquid light ,a tip of a pen amount, would scorch a hundred square miles, a hundred times more powerful than an atomic bomb

            to study ancient history like this, you need to go to Tibet and India and learn the ancient language
            of sanscrit ,they have plans how to built space craft from records back 15000 years ago,thanks to the smithonian institute,we
            lost some valuable history

            if you really want to learn something ,what would Jesus
            do ,as a small child ,he went to Egypt ,then as a VIP
            was educated by the king of
            Bodland until the age of twelve years old, further study was done in India and Tibet,dont know what age,to help raise the conscience of our people and he has manifested himself in many
            of us who want peace and harmony,and many other spirits incarnated on earth to raise their awareness and,wake us up from our deep slumber ,the level of love is rising as people stand up for themselves and
            others to raise us up,as we will enter the photon belt soon this planet will rise in the fifth dimension and we feel the full love from
            our universal creator,who’s
            name is Alfa and Omega both
            male and female.
            gods speed to all who believe
            love you all
            we are not alone

          • mike

            I knew it all along. but, how do the reptilian shape shifters fit in?

        • john E

          Let’s agree that fast food won’t be the food of the future, tycoons or not.

      • sapain

        corperation has killed the small independant farmer.
        corperate oil killed the hemp industry.
        corperations has killed self reliance.
        corperations have killed alot of things.

        corperations will distroy anything they can`t cantrol.
        corperations r the quest for monoplization.

        • Bigwilly


          Well I don’t think you are going to deep. The colonies on Venus and the photon belt are all accepted facts.

          What I do not believe in however is that there is a centralized evil entity pulling the strings and constraining so many potentially profitable technologies from getting to the market.

          John E,

          If fast food does go away I will leave this planet and join the Salindras people who live beneath the ice on Jupiter’s moon Gemini.


          • jacob

            BW ,not so much as centralized
            evil, but just business for profit, i own a business,would i do what they do ,i don’t know,if it comes down to being able to feed my
            family ,I would chose my family,for greed I would not.
            I have to live with my conscience ,and justify my
            I think prefer Venus to live on ,4 billion people live there , and is the ancestry of the white races,
            diplomatic relations exist between Venus and Earth

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Well, without an independently verified demonstration, it’s ‘Rossi Godes says’.

    • PersonFromPorlock

      Sorry – ‘Rossi’ is supposed to be a strikethru.

  • Lu

    James Martinez needs to lay off the caffeine!

    Just another $1M and 12-18 months away. Ground floor opportunity. Another Apple!

    I find it hard to believe they are having trouble with financing given how well their product works. Interesting comments on Rossi and Defkalion (not ready for commercialization, hard to start and control). Still with McKubre (SRI) on the board it looks like there is some credibility here.

  • Kim

    The Important thing here is that these are
    2 more Scientists that have established the
    factual reality of the Science.

    Man can fly! we have airplanes.

    Its everyones’s duty here to realize the reality
    of the science and spread the news.

    Yes the product will come…

    The Psyche of the people can only absorb so fast.


    • dragon

      I am already spreading the world on forums with different subject than energy. You should all do the same… if people become more interested in this for whatever reason, then we will get more media coverage in the end. Domino effect.

      • Kim

        Thank You Dragon.

        Its time for human kind to purge this
        earth of filth and purify.


        • Rockyspoon

          May I suggest futures in nickel? Or perhaps take physical possession of the metal yourself? I’m looking into it.

          • jjaroslav

            Puts on old energy will make you rich.

  • rubiofromitaly

    .More unconfirmed reports of success along with reported interest by or associations with legitimate organizations

    ,I’ll get excited when this be confirmed by someone working for big science or a working product can be confirmed by someones mom or dad at the home appliance store

    • Rockyspoon

      “Big Science” isn’t going to be truthful and tell you they screwed up 22 years ago. Indeed, not only did they “screw up”, they committed fraud in suppressing experimentation that would have confirmed the phenomena.

      So you can wait for “Big Science”, which is about like climate realists waiting for the checks from Big Oil.

      Ain’t gonna happen.

      • The hydrogen atom is alosmt twice the size of the helium atom. Mr. Godes knows that, I think the reporter reversed because it is not intuitively obvious. The reason that is important is that the helium atom, despite being heavier, is smaller in radius. Yet the larger hydrogen atom can penetrate the palladium. Why can the larger atom go through something a smaller atom cannot? That was the light bulb moment for Mr. Godes, the realization that something other than normal physical interaction was allowing the larger atom to penetrate where the smaller atom cannot. The reporter does not ask why that was important, what is the implication?The reporter does not ask about independent confirmation, the name of the Los Alamos researchers with whom Mr. Godes will be working (Tom Claytor), any peer reviewed papers that confirm the reported results, etc. While Mr. Godes may well have something worth reporting about, this poorly done article should not have made the cut for publication.

  • Sanjeev

    Ben Goertzel Interviews Brad Arnold on the Evidence for Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions

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  • Brad Jones

    Robert George starts criticizing Rossi and thats when the FLAG WENT up with these guys – its like NO CLASS – Robert George starts right in that this and that will not work – and he has no idea if it will or not – “Robert George” is BAD NEWS- HEADS UP.

    • Brad,
      Actually that was ME Robert Godes making those comments, not the CEO of Brillouin Energy, Robert George II.
      The comments are based on the physics of the reaction and the basic mechanical design that I have observed from pictures and video’s of the Rossi device.

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  • Bottom line….Truth? where? when? how?