Rossi Tells 1 MW Plant Will Soon Be Opened to Public

A new interview by James Burgess with Andrea Rossi has been published at the web site. An extensive list of questions are dealt with, many of which are answered by Rossi in a manner that will not be unfamiliar to follower of the E-Cat story, however there some interesting details that come out in the interview which provide some new information from Rossi.

First of all, when asked what the Energy Catalyzer is, Rossi answers in a slightly different way than he has done previously:

“The E-Cat machine is basically a heater. It uses a secret catalyser to fuse hydrogen and nickel together to form copper. Copper has a lower energy state than Nickel, and the excess
energy is released in the form of a gamma ray. The gamma ray hits a wall of lead where it is absorbed and transformed into heat. The whole process is incredibly efficient and can heat any fluid that passes through the machine.”

Asked to estimate the cost of electricity that the E-Cat can produce, Rossi provides a figure of $10 per megawatt/hour (although he warns this is not an “official” estimate)

Rossi’s most intriguing disclosure comes in response to a question about recent developments. He says, “We are very close to completing a 1MW plant in the US which will soon be opened to the public.

An E-Cat plant that would be open for members of the public to visit and inspect would be a new approach from Rossi, who has been very secretive about his work for so long. No doubt he will now be asked questions on his blog about where and when and how the plant can be visited. Let’s hope it won’t be too long of a wait to find out.

The full interview can be found at this link:

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  • sapain

    i would love to c the faces of the energy cartels when rossi goes public. that would b worth a dollar or two.

    • John

      He already has gone public. What has he to show for it? And displaying a box of equipment is not testing it. For all we know, there could be a bunch of hamsters in there running around in their cages powering the hot water. The box could be full of hamster food and hamster water. A few hamsters could last a long time with a large box of food.

      • sapain

        rossi getting promoted on a oil blog. lots of oil investers cruise the site. this isn`t back street of the web. oil writer chasing rossi for interview.
        one hard up reporter looking for something to write?

        there is still one reporter who was at rossi`s test back in nov. that went into a blackout and stated that his report would b written later.

        • GreenWin

          Er, yeah. What happened to the AP (Associated Procrastinators) reporter and photographer sent from NY to Bologna to witness October 28 demo??

          Old school fiefdom prays their little blackouts will stop LENR development. Not likely with 3 billion people on the internet.

          • sapain

            long live the internet lol.

          • I have no doubt that that reporter fellow called up a physicist friend and asked if the phenomena was real and received the same pat answer. Hence there will never be a report from that individual.

    • Josh

      Rossi is already public. Oil has crashed. Oh, it hasn’t? I guess nobody believes his un-buyable product is going to change anything.

      • dragon

        Oil will be expensive even 2-3 years after Rossi starts production of E-CATs. 2-3 million of homes switching to E-CATs will not make a difference for oil.
        We can safely assume “some” significant change will occur only about 10 years after release of commercial cold fusion machines.
        So it will not be a major change over night in oil price. Only WAR can make overnight “miracles”.

        • C

          some” significant change will occur only about 10 years
          Beg your pardon: seems as if we reached the “Oil Treshold” in these “days”. So price of Oil could not lower but increase even if we could really have Cold Fusion. Post scriptum: I will stay skeptic untill it will really appear.

      • sapain

        how many investors will b investing in lenr once the first viable lenr goes public and is proven beyond doubt. i bet there would be like a few hundred billion $ over night, investers will start pulling out of the oil, coal, gas and nucleaur sectors. oil will drop to $20/barrel in a week, oil will no longer have a strangle hold on the energy market. who will b the last to cash out, investors will know a sure thing and pull fast so the don`t lose and be the first at low prices for lenr. investor will pull and reinvest in other enterprises that will become profitable with cheap energy.

        oil industry will trip big time when investors switch markets. once investors start to leave, the operating revenue and financial support will be gone. oil exploration and new site developments will have a problem.
        once an electric turbine is attached, no one will invest to rebuild coal, gas and nucleur power plants, all plants on the table will be scarped from lack of money.

        the first public viable lenr. rossi, dgt will never control the outcome of what would happen next.

        • LittleKangaroo

          Oil will play a big part in many years to come. There are millions and millions of cars that run on fuel, big tankers, planes or cruise ships also run on fuel or raw oil. Everytime you drink a bottle of coke you are using something that will never disappear, which is plastic, also made from oil. I’m guessing prices will drop just as the e-cat goes public and then go back up as people realize that oil still is very important.

          Oil exporting countries should start thinking about the future though if this is real and not a giant enormous scam.

          If this is a scam Rossi must be mentally I’ll to go through all this crap just to achieve nada and zip.. I can’t really see how this could be bullsh*t, but the world is filled with crazy people and Rossi might be one of them. 😉

          • daniel maris

            Not necessarily. If energy is cheap enough then artificial farming becomes more economic. We might grow the oils we need in plants.

          • sapain

            oil will have it`s part for awhile, but it`s the investers. if u had a million in oil stock and knew lenr was really, would u wait for the market to drop and lose $20k over night.
            algea to plastic on the spot development, power to the original producer of oil. the little guy seems to always win in the end.

  • Kim

    I’m holding my breath.

    Just let me know when I can breath again.


    • hydroman

      I do not think you will be able to hold your breath until hell freezes over and pigs fly. Luckily for Rossi supporters
      breathing is automatic.
      The only thing Rossi is producing is hot air.

      • Sergio

        Not just hot air, hot steam!

        • hydramNM

          Very funny!
          You crack me up!
          Rossi is producing hot steam.
          let us see how he does it on his keyboard in miami florida
          Ok he pours hot water on his keyboard
          and types really fast like the character DATA on star trek next generation.
          The super rapid movements of his hands create friction!
          And voila STEAM!
          Thank you for your sarcastic input

      • I have no doubt that that reporter called up a physicist friend and asked if the phenomena was real and received the same pat answer. Hence there will never be a report from that individual.

  • Jon

    Rossi needs to be a bit more specific. If I use the word “soon” it would mean in the next couple of weeks or at most 2 to 3 months.

    • dragon

      at this point I just hope soon really means “soon” and not “never” like when we lie to our kids about things we don’t want to buy for them.

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  • John

    Soon as in next week, or soon as in sometime before the next millennium?

    • dragon

      The truth is always found in the middle… so lets say 2050.

      • LittleKangaroo

        A millennium is 1000 years. You’re just off 450 years to be meeting anyone in the middle.. 🙂

  • jack

    “will soon be opened to the public” – yeah, at a secret location, for secret public.

    Rossi as usual, nothing tangible.

  • Filip

    The queqtion is: What are we going to see?
    A self sustaining 1MW plant, or a plant behind a fence with a lot of cables hanging out going everywhere.

  • daniel maris

    Thanks for the reminder about AP’s disgraceful lack of follow-up.

    The MSM has a duty to investigate these claims but it does nothing either way.

    • Josh

      They did investigate. They were not impressed and therefore didn’t run a story. Would you stake the credibility of your organization on the likes of Rossi? If so, it either says something about your organization or you.

      • GreenWin

        No excuse Josh. AP is epic FAIL. Failed obligation to report to the public what they paid to see. They didn’t. Whining they didn’t like what they saw is infantile. AP credibility = ZED.

    • sapain

      yes, it`s puzzling. AP could have damaged rossi but didn`t, to say nope, would have been bad if lenr was true, to say nothing is almost like saying yep? maybe it dove him to insanity, realizing that he was cing something work that he`s been told was impossible. 🙂

  • daniel maris

    OK, call me gullible, but I like the sound of this.

    I think something may result.

    We shall see.

    • dragon

      You are gullible…. then again, so am I.

  • Plumber

    Great News!

    I think he have to do this – otherwise it could be
    more difficult to defend his claim against compeditors.

  • daniel maris

    A great interview – classic Rossi. But was await the proof. That said, it does appear to me from a lot else that has been happening that we can give Rossi more credence than a couple of weeks ago.

  • Maarten

    Well, remember that it’s always easiest to believe nothing. It’s hope that gives live. Scepticism is just plain annoying.

    • Josh

      Please contact me, I have things to sell you.

      • dragon

        Hopeful doesn’t mean stupid. It just means open minded.

  • Singh is Kingh

    Rossi should have given a projected timeframe, like 1 month, 3 months etc, and whether east coast or west coast etc.
    It bothers me that he is saying it is a heating device. A 10kw device would waste perpetually 7.5 kw in best case scenario as no household perpetually uses 10kw. That is a LOT of heat to get rid off. It cannot be put in the basement. It cannot be put in the balcony.
    This heating device is impractical in a house.

    • sapain

      build a green house, plants would like the extra heat in the cooler part of the yr.
      drying clothes, steam baths.
      lots of ways to use low grade heat. be inovatived.
      never ponder on the problem, ponder on the solution to the problem.

    • Wes Moore

      Many homes are heated with a 60,000 to 120,000 BTU fossil fuel system (17.5KW to 35KW) … electric heat 15 to 20 KW are very common., 60 gallon hot water storage tank (60gallons x 8.3lbs x 100f=49,800 btus /3414= 14.5KW) should I go on?

  • Es poco interesante ver como alguna gente sin interés científico alguno, se involucra en estos foros y lo único que hace es demostrar su bajo nivel de respeto y su gran falta de consideración a quienes sí vemos el asunto de una manera racional.

    Poco falta para que ya algunos muestren imágenes de sus más bajos instintos y además demuestren lo poco que valen sus argumentos.

    Es una lástima saber que exista gente así navegando la red sin un propósito más que el de despedazar lo poco bueno que alguien pueda rescatar de una noticia esperanzadora. por eso, me quedo con los que luchan y desean un mundo mejor y no con los escépticos irracionales, que no se entienden ni ellos mismos con sus absurdas e inconsistentes posiciones. Como pierden el tiempo…en solo afirmaciones espureas.

    • Arthur Robey

      Estoy de acuerdo con Jorge

  • Igualmente es muy triste como en estos foros, imponen una traducción tan pobre de otros idiomas que al final tergiversan lo que uno ha querido decir, por eso, mucho de lo dicho ni se entiende, (POBRE FORO), (POBRE APLICACIÓN DE LA TECNOLOGÍA YA PROBADA), LO QUE ES TAN POBRE EN CALIDAD NO SE MIRA, YA ENTIENDO…

  • quote “the excess energy is released in the form of a gamma ray. The gamma ray hits a wall of lead where it is absorbed and transformed into heat” unquote
    For every technical person this sounds very obscure. It also contradicts to most published papers on LENR and previous claims that the process is virtually free of dangerous radiation. Earlier we were told the energy is released as heat as a result of fusion, now it is gamma rays that converts to heat (on a wall of lead).
    What is going on ?

    • GreenWin

      There are half a dozen theories attempting to explain what is going on Christian. Trouble is the infinite brain trust overseeing science has refused to fund cold fusion research. So, nobody really knows what’s going on. Except measured levels of gamma from ecats are below background. Meaning you’ll get more radiation from your microwave than an ecat.

      • I did in fact study many of the papers dealing with the matter, and I am a open-minded scientist myself. Most of the work on LENR/cold fusion states there is only occasionally radiation (such as gamma rays, beta-decay etc) explained by a new process different from hot fusion. But now Rossi tells (if quoted correctly) the source would be heat generation through gamma rays !! This cannot be right, I would be a major contradiction, and in such a case it is not possible to run the ecat as home device. Perhaps he is just trying to confuse people what is really going on, to keep his secrets going.

        • GreenWin

          Yes. He does have support from U.S. Navy who have pioneered this field. They understandably want to contain details. While Rossi takes the arrows.

    • Technically speaking, any photon emitted from a nucleus, is defined as gamma radiation and range from very low to the most extreme of energy. But gamma rays are also defined as any photon from any source above 100 keV. Annihilation of many particles result in high energy photons such as electron-positron pairs that results in two 511 keV gamma rays.

    • Ged

      That gamma rays are released and converted to heat has been what’s been stated for the process since day one. Most theories pin that has a small byproduct of some of the side, radioactive copper reaction pathways. The main pathways can release heat directly, from what I understand of the theoreticals.

      In any case, the only claims of “no radiation” were about no radiation above background making it outside the device, which is trivial considering the energy of the gamma rays reported so far can be blocked by a centimeter of lead.

    • Stephen

      I can’t remember the basics, but I think it all depends on the energy of the gamma radiation… if it is high enough you will need a very thick lead layer to stop it… surely way thicker than anything that can be physically contained in the eCat reactor. That’s why a lot of people in the past did not believe in cold fusion based on the fact that all the scientists involved were still alive and well.

      So I agree, stated like that it is a very obscure and vague statement. Tell me the energy spectrum of the radiation and we can start discussing about how much lead is necessary to screen it….

      Ways out: the gammas might be quite low-energy or energy is released mostly in other ways (say, beta decays… which won’t go far); alternative theories like WL… finally NASA just patented a method for screening gamma rays based on “heavy” electrons…

  • Barry

    The most promising thing of all is, like a lot of great discoveries and inventions, just before they come to the surface, competition appears. The contenders are surfacing and the exciting race is on.
    There are a lot of people who do not want Mr. Rossi (or the LENR field) to succeed. There are the money people who stand to lose, there’s the “Flat Earthers”, and at the bottom are the negative critics. In my line of work I welcome and appreciate the positive critics and skeptics, but I’ve learned to ignore the negative critics. The negative critics want you to fail. Perhaps, lower than the bottom, deep in the mud are the liars. I’m amazed how much influence these last two groups have thwarted the development of “Cold Fusion” starting way back in 1989 with Pons and Fleishman. But now there’s a critical mass of belief and evidence in the LENR field. So all of you who just want to knock Mr. Rossi down, or lie, or negatively criticize, your soon going to have to find another arena to disturb.

    • Tom Andersen

      Gammas are usually defined as being over 100keV, but they are also thought of as photons from nuclear reactions. If he is getting 10keV nuclear photons, which he calls gammas, then these would stop on most anything thicker than paper and made of heavy stuff that they run into. Which would be safe.

      • Ged

        I did the analysis of this on one of the older pages. You are quite correct.

  • Thomas Ammons

    “For elements that weigh more than iron (a nucleus with 26 protons), the fusion process no longer releases energy. In even heavier nuclei energy is consumed, not released, by combining similar sized nuclei.” That’s from Wikipedia. Copper is further from Iron than Nickel so it takes energy to transmute from Nickel to Copper. I don’t see how it can release energy as Rossi says.

    • CAt

      becasue your not transmuting Nickle to Copper you are transmuting Nickle & Hydrogen to Copper
      ie 1 & 28->29, and the energy gained from the hydrogen is greater than nickle energy loss.

    • Ged

      Notice the “combining similarly sized nuclei”.

    • Stephen

      No it works… take the mass of Cu and compare with the one of Ni + the one of H. That’s all you need to do to calculate the energy gain, and it’s positive.

      What is peaking around Fe is the binding energy per nucleon (= total / # nucleons) but this does not imply that adding a proton to Fe does not give you an energy gain… you lose on average but you have a +1 proton, so it is still very convenient.

    • Angelo

      BTW, there are other LENR machines in which iron and other elements are found after the process, not just copper. Copper happens to be the most abundant post-reaction element, probably because the interactions to create copper are more likely.

      • sapain

        with palladium and deurtium, i believe aluminium is the highest spike.

  • I’m about to buy 340 feet of #2 copper wire for my construction project from a guy who has a good deal on craigslist. Should I wait for the price of copper to plummet? See this guy goes around and says stuff. If he were taken seriously, which he is not, it would affect other people’s businesses.

    • sapain

      copper will plumet when china, india and brazil`s economy really slows down. they r still building and will do so for a few years yet, unless the eurozone or usa economies tank. see doesn`t affect speculation. that`s what bussiness is, speculation.

      • If the elusive ecat ever starts producing scrap copper I think the price would drop. I’m not holding my breath.

        • Do the math. How much copper can you produce for a nickel?

          • sapain

            6grams/yr x 1million units=6 metric tons. rossi will use that to produce 250 more ecats.

          • sapain

            more copper for the electric generator blending with ecat. copper may actually spike abit.

    • Stephen

      I would not base any every-day decision on this sort of things. Assuming viable LENRs will be available within 10y (already a non obvious assumption), u should see what kind of production volume will be available… do you have an idea of the commodity market size?
      (honestly, I don’t… but I am sure it is BIG) Are you sure that a growing LENRs production will affect it in any measurable way (assuming it will ever exist)? My impression is that the size of commodiy markets can be pretty impressive… and very complicate in the mechanisms pushing prices up and down… I would not dare to make any prediction…

      • sapain

        world wide nickel production-1 million metric tons.
        aluninium-4 million metric tons.
        tungsten-72,000 metric tons.

        just to show a rough global yearly trading volume.

  • Dave

    Will the one we buy also need a giant 500KW generator connected to it and running at all times like the one he demoed?

    • Wrong question. It would take an act of God to approve anything that produces gamma rays like the ones described for home use through the FDA. The question is does Rossi know you’re not dumb enough to believe in his home e-cat unit?

      • PersonFromPorlock

        Ah, but are these the mundane gamma rays known to conventional science, or special ‘harmless’ gamma rays unknown until Rossi discovered them? We are, after all, dealing with the Humpty-Dumpty of technological terminology here.

        • you seems not to know the concept of energy and dose.

          radiation is harmless until some dose (50-100mSv), then nearly harmless (<500mSv) then toxic (~1Sv), then deadly(~5Sv)…
          of course don't real the stupidities of greenpeace the refuse to see the threshold, like the physicist refuse to see LENR, the bankers refuse to see subprime crisis, or the climate scientist refuse to see MWP… delusion is very wide because of interest of camps. but the facts are clear and public.

      • I’ve pre-ordered 5 home units, just in case he gets it going soon. Even if it isn’t rossi who gets a “new fire” technology to market first, I hope to be one of the first in line. Flying was considered impossible right up to and even after it was demonstrated. I like Rossi’s focus. There is something going on within his device. He believes in it and I respect a man who goes for it like he has.

    • Sparks

      Hmmm, … the way things are going, you might need to make that a 1 MW generator.

  • Bigwilly

    If Rossi says it, its not true. Do we all atleast agree on this? I hope we do. The only thing he is doing when he speaks is warming the air around his mouth.

    Im exited about the latest news and collection of LENR activity but Rossi’s Ecat? Bahahahahah! Fool me once shame on you, fool me 324 times?

    Krivit nailed this guy a long time ago. My only enjoyment with Rossi is reading the Rossi fanboys gush and the conspiracy theorist blame big “insert entity here”.


    • Allen McCloud

      No, we don’t agree. Any other questions?

      • psi

        Agreed, Allen, we don’t all agree with “Bigwilly.” Bigwilly, look into Krivit with a bit of skepticism. He deserves it. Rossi has his credibility problems, but imho Krivit’s are far worse. Moreover, we may shortly see many of Rossi’s credibility problems disappear — assuming he is able to follow through on his recent promise to run a new 1MW demonstration plan in Florida.

    • EduardoRG

      I do not agree. I am not a believer or a Skeptic. LENR is true. Many are working on the same road as Rossi (Defkalion, Brillouin Energy, Mitsubishi-Toyota, NASA, CERN and many other credible respected professors and doctors). Do you wonder why ???? So this being said, what would you do if Rossi delivers ??? Will you eat your words in this blog publicly ???

      There´s a lot of things yet to discover to state Rossi is true or false. There´s a lot of things you can say to put him down or anyone to completely believe in him, but there is no enough final data, proves or evidence to do any of both. I think that saying Rossi is true or not true is a very dangerous thing right now.

      • Bigwilly

        I am not commenting on LENR. I am exited about that phenomenon and am following it specifically because it has been shown by corroborated evidence to exist.

        Rossi/Defkalion are unknowns. No corroborated evidence. None. Their actions make me think they are frauds/idiots but I dont know. The only reason I can think of for someone to overlook lying and hot blowing is they just “really really want it to be true”.

        And that’s fine too. Just not me.

        What would I do if it becomes true? I will eat my words, crawl through poop, declare my stupidity and purchase one. Why wouldn’t I? This isnt personal. I just want cheaper energy.

        • If/when LENR reaches the market, all this speculation will cease. No one will if you crawl through poop because everyone will be engaged in participating in a new unfolding world economy. BUT, if you do crawl through, please post it on youtube. It would be fun to watch.

    • Frank

      I’m pretty sure – even if Rossi would anounce that he made just a joke and the e-cat is nothing more than a tea kettle, there would still be some ‘true believers’ and bloggers which would speculate that such an statement is just a clever move by Rossi to confuse the competitors so that he can work in peace…

      It’s really suprising to me how some people give up theire common sense in favor for daydreams.

      • psi

        I’m really surprised at how narrow and unhistorical some people are in evaluating Rossi’s claims.

        • Frank

          Take your time and scroll from the beginning through all the ‘Rossi says’

          and mark those claims which turned out missleading (by intention) or never met – like 1MW plant is ‘gone’, working with NI, promise for independent testing of the e-cat by Universities etc.
          Mark also all substandial claims he made and where there is utterly no evidence that this ever happened or is in progress – ‘robotized’ e-cat factory under construction, planed cooperation with Home Depot etc, donation of half of the earnings from 1st 1MW plant etc.
          And then check which ones of his claims Rossi got really confirmed so far (just for clarification: No one of his e-cat ‘demonstrations’ didn’t prove his claims)

          After this work you hopefully understand what I mean.

          • Bigwilly


            Thank you for your statements and additions to this discussion. I enjoyed the leveled headed tone even when dealing with GreenWin who seems to be using a harsher style of debate.


            Frank and I are only commenting on Rossi’s status with commercialized LENR. I think all three of us a aware of the scientific findings over the last 22 years and are excited about its future use.

            I do not understand your harsh tone and personal attacks. The last post you made referred to hot fusion and I think that is an excellent example to illustrate a point.

            If I showed up in the news purporting to have a working HOT FUSION system we could use the same argument that billions of dollars and many scientist have worked on this over many years and it is unlikely that one poorly funded individual has somehow found the secret. However if I were to show evidence of a commercial device that could be corroborated then it would become fact and you could believe it.

            Now in this case it is COLD FUSION that some scientists and large corporations have been working on with millions of dollars spent over 22 years and some poorly funded individual, (Rossi, Defkalion) purports to have solved it and made it commercially viable. As with the hot fusion example we would believe it unlikely unless it was demonstrated and corroborated. Then it would be fact.

            So in closing, it is unlikely that Rossi or Defkalion have a commercially viable LENR device, however, a verifiable demonstration would easily and immediately prove otherwise.

          • Frank


            Thanks for your comment.
            Yes, I would like to contribute to the discussions on this board, but the problem is that the admin seems to block my latest posting.
            Don’t know the reason why – I think my posting was not insulting (like the one I tried to reply to), just listing some facts and opinions.

            @admin: Would you please give the reasons why my reply from April 1, 2012 11.07pm is still waiting for moderations?

      • GreenWin

        Yeah, right Frankatroll. Why don’t you get off your ass and READ a few of the 1400 peer-reviewed paper and studies documenting 22 years of experimental proof of the LENR aka Pons Fleischmann effect?

        “…a growing body of increasingly repeatable experimental evidence indicates the LENR effect is real and is likely not fusion, cold or otherwise.” NASA Chief Scientist, Joe Zawodney, Aviation Week Oct, 2011

        Or is the problem you cannot read?

        • Frank

          Did I ever deny that LENR might be possible??? – Please show me such a posting!

          … and yes, I read some of the LENR papers – of course not 1400 ones you refer to.
          Did you read them all and do you have the proper scientific background to understand them (or did you just ‘read’ them)?

          Do you have any explanation why the LENR results of Toyota and Mitsubishi citied by Celani are 10 years old, but none of this professional companies didn’t come up so far with any LENR product, probably didn’t even follow up this research further?
          Do you really believe that so many scientist were not able the last 20 years to develope a usefull LENR device, but Rossi found the Holy Grail in his garage?

          • GreenWin

            do you believe a couple hundred thousand scientists working for 60 years on hot fusion have spent $$200 BILLION taxpayer dollars and produced — NOTHING. ZERO. ZILCH?? Gee, with all that money and all those big brains, all that time, coming up with NADA??

            Batteries, electricity, powered flight, steam engine, telegraph, telephone, Heliocentric solar system, continental drift, DNA, incandescent light, all were discovered by one or two men working in their “garage.” Get honest troll.

          • Frank

            I see that that you believe in the reality of the e-cat – like so many – just because it would be so fantastic if the ‘great Rossi’ would send us free energy.
            That’s ‘hope driven’, not based on facts and reality.
            If a used car dealer is a convicted and previously jailed cheater, would you trust him when he comes up with fantastic claims that he found a way how to modify his cars so that they run without fuel?
            If you believe in fairytales, then keep on dreaming.

          • GreenWin

            Halfwit trolls like frankie here are incapable of accepting the huge body of scientific evidence demonstrating the LENR effect is real. So they stick their tiny little heads up their bums and screech about Rossi. Frankie typifies the class of trolls set on ecat and LENR sites on a futile mission to make people think it’s not just real but about to be introduced on a massive scale.

            All “charges” against Rossi were retracted as misdirected. He was acquitted of any wrong doing in the ground contamination fiasco (a waste to fuel project.) So even the last resort of pathoskeps is proven phony. Pathetic.

    • Talk about presumptuous. We all agree? From which planet did you just arrive?

  • GreenWin

    Here’s what a major Wall Street Investment article has to say LENR will do to global equities:

    “Industries that are heavily invested in the design, maintenance and building of nuclear reactors as well as those mining uranium will see dramatic and sustained declines in their business. This is absolutely a death knell for the hot fusion industry over the long term.”

    This newsletter is circulated to 400k investors and Wall Street analysts.

    • daniel maris

      There seems to be a groundswell doesn’t there – market commentators, conventional science teams, big corporations, NASA… At what point to the sceptics give up and accept we are talking about a real phenomenon?

      • dragon

        Only when the phenomenon will be as common as cars on the street.

      • The patho-skeptics are as flies. Just wave them off and go on with your business unless you enjoy giving their troglodyte utterances a jab now and again.

      • GreenWin

        Daniel, were this NOT a real phenomenon – there would be no Trolls. The more Trolls, and the greater their hysteria – the greater proof of LENR.

      • jacob

        LENR is a ground breaking technology,one
        that may help change the way students learn about energy in schools and universities,and the sceptics have been told by teachers and our newtons laws ,that cold fusion is not
        possible ,or in fact so strongly believe LENR
        does not work , based on on what they have been taught or learned by our system of schools ,which is outdated by 60 years
        so sceptics are brainwashed dummies ,that think they know it all,and are closed minded and refuse to look at the facts first,before judging or calling people
        If rossi can display a working megawatt unit to the public , he may just win the public over, I among others would line up to see it ,so i can be part of this

  • Frank

    As suspected, Rossis ‘adjustes’ his time schedule for the e-cat:

    Andrea Rossi
    March 30th, 2012 at 2:35 PM
    Dear Bernie Koppenhofer:
    I appreciate your enthusiasm, but, unfortunately, no, I cannot take this engagement. As I said, I hope to start the deliveries within the next Winter, I think it will be very possible within 16 month ( it was 18 two months ago).
    Warm Regards,

    I don’t know what he said two months ago, but three months ago he said:

    Andrea Rossi
    January 5th, 2012 at 10:09 AM
    Dear Mario:
    When we will put for sale the 10 kW E-Cats ( presumably in Autumn 2012) the sales will be made worlwide by internet and by our licensees, the same day all over the world. Of course in the meantime we will have made all the necessary certifications.
    We are organizing not only the production, but also the logistics for the distribution with specialists.
    Warm Regards,
    Andrea Rossi

    I bet there will be further ‘delays’ … ( licensing problems, safety issues, …)

    • So, where is the conflict? He is aiming to start selling in time or even during the winter. Do you seriously expect a start up company producing even a well established product to hit the target within a few months? I’m not sure your expectations are reasonable. This product on the other hand is revolutionary and has an number of unique hurdles to overcome.

      I worked on the B-2 and understand how hard it is for many companies and individual people to come together, sort one another out, and find a way of working together. While that product was unique the whole idea was not truly revolutionary. Nevertheless, it took time, lots of time, and the schedule was stretched as a result.

      So, there you stand, arms akimbo expecting perfection. Have you any idea of how obnoxious your attitude truly is?

  • Arthur Robey

    Sheesh. Big Oil and Big Coal must have deep pockets. How do I break into the denialist racket?
    Is there a website gateway?
    These are hard times when your only saleable asset is sarcasm.

  • I wonder if soon is before summer.

    “We are very close to completing a 1MW plant in the US” is unclear if it is “made in the US”.

  • Guru

    For oil lovers: folks think empirical !

    As oil consumption go down 4% in words: four percent
    during 2008, what impact had this to market oil prices ?

    Yeah, collapse from 140 something dollars per barrell to 34 something dollars.

    For simplex oil lovers: when consumption slows 4%, prices not must exactly mirroring this ratio.

    Another question: Hyperions, e-Cats, HephaHeats etc are totally possible replacement of heating oil for stationary applications ??

    Mostly Yes.

    What percentage is share of Heating Oil in US to whole raw oil consumption/production ?

    Yeah 24% in words: twentyfour percents

    After first successfull real tangible public
    demonstration and/or first products in supermarkets shelves, EVERY analyst in Wall Street and CME easy understand and will capable calculate that OIL exagerrated prices are artificial bubble.

    I don’t konow whether oil crashed to 40s, 30s within
    half hour or 6 hours or 6 weeks.

    This is irrelevant. Coal, Uranium and Oil will crash.

    This is irrelevant that oil will need even after 5 years from now for cars (old cars).

    As heating oil consumption slows for some minor percentage points, oil producing countries will compete
    in spring 1999 or 1984 style. Their revenues will go south and they will pumping maximum to compensate lower prices.

    New tech in stationary applications within one year from now.
    In commercial ships within 2-3 years from now.
    Within heavy trucks within 3-5 years from now.
    Within passenger cars 4-8 years.
    Within flying drones within 3-5 years.
    Within airliners maybe 8-12 years.

    • artefact

      Good comment.

    • Al S

      Great summation. Thanks

  • Dyou Terium

    Incredible that this stunt is still continuing.

  • sneezy67

    Go for it Mr. Rossi your invention(?)if successful can’t be any worse than our water being poisoned by
    fracking or our being radiated to death by supposed
    safe nuclear plants. Just be careful and watch your backside.

  • charles

    It’s interesting the skeptics list “what Rossi said” and “How it changed” as “evidence” of some kind of fraud. How about attacking CERN, NASA, MIT, the Defense Department and others who are deeply involved with an “obvious fraud”. Surely, these organizations are worthless, pursuing a useless dream, huh? I hear Siemens and National Instruments is on board with this. The skeptics who have nothing but attack for what someone SAYS aught to go out and attack these prestigious institutions for their obvious fraud. Get going, Skeptics! Lead us right away to the Truth of the Great Fraud! Show us how the best scientific thought and the best scientific minds all over the world investigating LENR can spend untold amounts chasing an obvious fraud, clear to you. Please, enlighten us. We wallow in ignorance waiting for Your Truth to lead us. I guess, in Your Wisdom, you resort to name calling, because pointing out obvious fraud might HURT some people, so instead of DELIVERING, you call names. Really, if you are going to save Humanity and the World from such an obvious SCAM, shouldn’t you come up with a little more than “he said this then he said that”? We can take it. Lay it on us. The world and the best institutions and scientific minds of the day await your correction. Move. Save us. Now.

  • Stanley J Dunne

    It will take several years to set up a full manufacturing plant for this type of operation. Between licences,marketing,and robot machinery,if it is not a fraud. We will have to have patience. We still have no proof it is viable. The only way to speed up production is to farm out contracts to other engineering firms,as do the government for military design.