Why Are You Still Following This Story?

A recent comment on this site got me thinking. Someone simply wrote, “Incredible that this stunt is still continuing.” This obviously comes from someone who thinks that the whole E-Cat story is some attention-seeking (or money-seeking) attempt. But it does make me wonder why, after so many months, people continue to follow this story when we are still waiting for any real-world E-Cat or any other LENR technology to appear.

I heard about the energy catalyzer in January of last year, and since that time I have followed it as closely as I can. I have found out in the process of writing about what I have learned that I am not alone. I have my own thoughts on the topic which I have shared, but I am interested in why people keep coming back to this and other web sites. My site stats show that majority of visitors to this site are repeat visitors, with plenty of people returning hundreds of times.

I know that many visitors are not E-Cat enthusiasts, and some are very skeptical. So, I’m just wondering — what keeps you interested after all this time?

  • Tom Krieg


    There is plenty of oil for energy use available with new discoveries every day, yet the retail price of energy continues to climb. We need a game chancer that will shake up the greed driven energy sector and as a side benefit be environmental friendly.

    So, I guess, we cling to these little rays of hope that just maybe there will be some small benefit from this captivating technology.

  • schmued

    keeping the hope that someone makes the big global energy change. Especially when I cross the gas stations in europe 😉

  • vbasic

    I follow the LENR-LENT story because it seems like something big is about to break. There are so many companies, universities, organizations now involved in the technology and many trying to understand the different processes and approaches.
    I follow the e-cat story because almost every week there is news (whether good or bad) on Rossi.
    Rossi may have jumped the gun back in 2011, but doing so created the current buzz abou LENR devices. By naming his devices ‘e-cat’ he avoided the bad connotation associated with cold fusion. Whether he succeeds or not. he probably gave us the best name for a LENR device. In fact, the phrase ‘cold fusion’ is rarely mentioned anymore in any of the companies doing this work. So until the e-cat devices are on the market or unless Rossi gives up, I will continue to follow the e-cat story, I will probably follow the LENR-LENT story for years after that.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Piantelli’s claims of seeing energetic partials emanating from his activated nickel rods when he places them into a cloud chamber makes me think H-Ni systems are real and if a rod works nickel powders (Rossi’s approach) should work as well.
    It really hasn’t been that much time. For example, how long does it take to get a new drug into the marketplace?

  • Jonathan

    1. I want it to be true. The benefit to humanity cannot be overstated.
    2. If it is not true I’m curious why so many would have gone to such extremes to perpetrate the hoax.
    3. I love pokes in the eye of the scientific elite, and this would be one of the biggest pokes ever.

    I check the site at least once per day.

  • Tashi

    Why I am still following this story? Because I really much do hope that it is not fake. We do desperately need an energy source like the E-Cat!

    And by the way… If Rossi is supposedly searching for attention or money… Why does he refuse to do more demonstrations? Why does he keep everything so covered-up? It’s not as if he is pushing any of the “hype” around his unit.

    And it’s not as if I invest that much of my time into it. I’m minding my own business, just from time to time hoping that it will one day come true.

  • Robert Dunnagan

    I visit this site almost every day because I believe that cold fusion is extraordinary technology. I also frequently visit the ITER and NIF sites. Right now, our world is powered by horrific technologies: oil spills, co2 emissions, mountain-top removal, fracking, etc… Many people are deeply disturbed by these practices. Here is a technology that may eventually provide an alternative. Does anyone believe solar, wind, or the like hold as much promise?

  • tech guy

    If a scam, I don’t want to miss the crash and burn.

    If real, I’m waiting to get my order filled.

  • Dave

    When I first read about Rossi and his E-Cat I was skeptical but a little hopeful that he might have accidentally stumbled onto the greatest invention in modern history. The evidence since then proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Rossi is perpetrating either a hoax or a scam.

    Now I follow the story just to see what’s going to happen. I want to know if Rossi will ever admit to the deception, or if he will always maintain that his E-Cat really did work but offer another one of his lame excuses, such as an intellectual property dispute with Defkalion or regulatory issues.

    I also like to see what others say in the comments about how the E-Cat really does or might work. It fascinates me to see how gullible some people can be. I guess they believe what they want to believe.

  • Barry

    As a self employed couple my wife and I have to work harder and harder to make a living. For the last ten years we haven’t been able to raise our prices, because the market (tourist industry) won’t bear it, yet everything keeps going up around us. Oil keeps increasing effecting heating cost, transportation, food, etc… Big oil has become like the “Company Store.” I know there is no super villan here , but more of an out of hand system . To people who have a lot of money I can understand them feeling indifferent but when you live from paycheck to paycheck, LENR REPRESENTS FREEDOM. I hang high hopes on it.

  • Francesco CH

    Because the E-Cat works!!!

  • SH

    If proven viable and safe, this little box will change everything. It will present a opportunity to the world to break free from domination and slavery, thrive in abundance and regain hope for a brighter future.

    For those of us who really understand what this tech can do, and what changes it represents, it is extremely fascinating! It keeps me awake at night.

    How can we not follow this story?

  • I’ve always since kid been interested in science, and especially physic and nuclear energy.
    Never stop follwing the french Scientifica american magazine, and similar books…
    when I start my career in a research&development center, i start to have access to Internet, before the web. on FTP I found a list of abstract for all (was it jed rothwell?) the article on cold fusion… it was a few thousands of printed page that I read in the metro…
    after few month of reading i was convinced it was an interesting phenomenon, and to check… that the pretended rebuttal were weaker that the positive spapers…

    every 5 years i look around… I’ve seem CR39/SPAWAR breakthrough… nothing happens. I’ve heard about rossi and feel quite negative about him, but waiting…
    in november I fall on Rossi and defkalion…
    seems very good. I start to get convinced it was on the good track. I discuss with defkalion, send question to rossi, make computation.. I get very positive avoiur DGT, from my engineer background…

    I’ma passionate because in europe it start to be crasyly depressive, crasyliy anti-science, environmentalist plays the talibans here…

    Too bad for nuclear energy and ITER, I was positive about them, but they are dead.
    I was positive about solar and wind, but quicly I see it was not realistic, and was a bubble like the many I’ve seen in finance at work. happy to see those parasits die soon.

    today I have no doubt it is real (see CERN conference, from mitsubishi to celani), and nearly sure defkalion will succed soon. Rossi seems probably real…
    I doubt about others like Miley, Nichenergy, Brillouin…

    today i’m furious about physicist whe have fired the Opera boss , just for having tried to check the measures…

  • Buffalo

    Ever had a cat wander off? After a while you give up on them but that doesn’t mean they won’t turn up again.

  • Kim

    The Science is Proven.

    The Products need work.

    The Psyche is not quite prepared.



    • ricky


      I always love your posts. I told my children that Respect is Love in action.


      • Kim


  • When I saw the video of Rossi and friends bundled up in a dark room with their little E-Cat and they pronounced it was capable of putting out kilo-watts of power, I laughed and wad very skeptical. I felt for sure that it was a fraud. After learning of the association with members of the Swedish Skeptics Society and seeing the data, I became curious and renewed my interest in cold fusion. I am certain there is something to LENR and that Rossi has something but he may not be able to control it well enough to make a consumer product.

    I dismiss the skeptics as those that want to run interference; people with closed minds; and probably autocratic types who lack a veneer of manners.

    There are too many pieces coming together to dismiss LENR. It will certainly be interesting to see the general public’s reaction to the airing of this development. But most interesting of all will be the tumbling of the physicist priest hierarchy and the study of condensed matter physics. Strange things happen at the nano scale.

  • Frank

    Just curious, how long can Rossi with the support from Internet Blogs heat up the e-cat story without providing proper evidence for his fantastic claims – just by ‘hot air’.

  • I can understand that Rossi wants keep his secrets. I’m waiting one or more communication from an e-cat customer with stats who will definitely state “it’s true or not”. I found anyway that the right way would be to sell basic units ( single 5 Kw units )to testers. But I think that Rossi prefers sell big units with a “non-opening condition”.

  • sparks

    My retirement strategy has been to invest my nest egg in energy, especially oil. Oil is a finite and critical resource and its price will go up substantially as it is now at or very near peak. I started following e-cat because, if the world gains an essentially infinite, low-polluting energy source, the entire investment game changes. Even though the material impact of a successful e-cat source would take a long time to become of significant size (it needs to displace a LOT of energy), market psychology is illogical, and a successful e-cat announcement could cause a stampede out of oil stocks, and -poof- , my nest egg would be decimated. The market would not realize that successful LENR would take a long time to replace our main use for oil, transportation, but rather, it would most likely just “react” as if the transition of LENR to transportation is pretty much a done deal. Anyway, if the e-cat or LENR story starts to show signs of a near-term victory, I will not invest in oil funds. Simple as that. And so I’ll stop monitoring this story when there is proof one way or the other.

    • Guru

      Dear Sparks, I was on markets day-to-day for about 20 years. I see Your strategy is very very risky.

      Of course some LENR announcement may be frigid lukewarm. As Rossi style. maybe yes maybe not maybe 500 USD device, no, no 600 USD, no, no 700 USD, no, no 900 USD. And markets reflects only slight movements.

      However it is also possible announcement in Grande Style: Defkalion show to press some 8 independent parties test data, certifications, 60 signed licenses, first batch of devices in supermarkets from day 1, etc etc.

      If some BOLD announcement happened during weekend days, this will big headache for investors, analysts etc. because relevant markets (oil companies stocks, coal stocks, commodities, even FX markets may opened in monday with so called gap. With big jump down.
      Such openings with gap are catastrophic for a lot of businesses.
      Example: a ten thousands farmers doing routine HEDGE against rise in fuel prices this way they BUY with leverage 10:1 even 20:1 futures in oil or gasoline etc. With opening with gap, markets jumps through theirs Stop Loss levels. Such farmers wake up morning and received notice from their commodity broker “your positions are liquidated, you owe us half million dollars”. yes when gap happened, Stop Loss are not triggered because it is non-linear not continuous jump.
      Your portfolio may go south for 6 weeks, 6 months and within first minute after opening too.
      So your strategy is very very risky.
      After whatever real LEnr launch, no one sane new investor will want go in oil, coal, uranium companies, mutual funds will rectified their weights, etc etc. Analysts will not care, that LENR will in aircrafts after 12 years. They understand that 24% share of raw oil is Heating Oil product in U.S.. They will understand future. Oil prices around 123 USD/Brent are surrealistic/bizzare. Think twice about risk and possible gaps.

      • sparks

        I haven’t described what I’m doing. No worries, today I am not at risk at all. I don’t take risks. I pulled out of the stock market throughout 2007, during the peaks, sensing the market was overpriced, and am still way ahead of those who rode out the crash and are still in today. From here forward, the market will only trade sideways as boomers retire and plunder what’s left of their 401K’s. And it is at high risk of crashing.

        • sparks

          What I meant to say in the original post, is that one retirement strategy I am CONSIDERING is energy investment. Today I am invested in nothing but savings accounts. I won’t even touch bonds right now. I see how you got the wrong impression as to what I’m doing. Thanks for your concern.

          • sapain

            my solar systems guards against inflation and a crash. got an electric vehicle to cover distance at no cost. fishing pole has never collected dust. well prepared for what ever the direction the economy goes.

  • Tony Lampet

    I too have been following the E-Cat story since January last year and my faith in Andrea Rossi has been pretty solid. But that’s not to say I did not have doubts about the early demonstrations, or the big one of October 28 last year. Nevertheless, I was sure my doubts would be resolved in good time.

    Then a few weeks ago, Rossi’s favorite critic, (alternatively known as The Snake), released a report highlighting the failure of Rossi’s association with various institutions who he was seeking to collaborate with.

    Earlier, Sterling Allan dropped his bombshell about Hank Mills leaving PESN and then last week, after contradictions emerged about whether nuclear reactions actually occurred in the E-Cat and the location of the factory, Sterling came to the conclusion that AR could no longer be trusted to work with anyone as a team player, so he dropped the E-Cat from the Top Five.

    But AR carries on regardless, steadfastly expressing his disdain for the Puppeteers, Snakes and Clowns that he refuses to play games with. I think that Andrea Rossi caricature t-shirt sums up his views pretty well.

    With a plot like this I plan on staying until the end of the movie!

  • HN

    I find the business methodology being used by Dr. Rossi to be the same as mine if I had his past experiences and was bringing a global game changer to market with minimal interference. Within the existing structure of business on a global scale, I don’t see how it could be done any differently without “watering-down” the ability to distribute product to the public at low-cost. Everyone would want their fingers in the pie, including government taxation and other vehicles to drive cost up to compete with prices within the current energy industry. I have a good feeling Rossi is going to do it.

    • BigWilly

      Dr. Rossi?

      I thought he got a bachelors in philosophy and an engineering degree from some diploma mill?

      As far as his business strategy I am unsure consistent lying and erratic behavior fall inline with any successful commercialization strategy that I am aware of.

      • psi

        Bigwilly, try listening to Rossi for more than 30 seconds. I don’t care where he got his degree. He is a widely read and highly articulate student of the history of science. That is not itself any evidence for the truth or falsity of any of his particular statements. But it does suggest to me that attempts to criticize his educational background are essentially irrelevant.

    • Dave

      HN, I don’t see how you can think Rossi’s methodology could be anything close to correct. He’s either conducting a hoax/scam, or he’s insane.

      The correct course of action for someone who has truly done what Rossi claims to have done is this:

      1. Get the E-Cat verified by multiple independent reputable 3rd parties.

      2. Get the E-Cat patented. You can get a patent now that the world believes it works. See #1.

      3. Apply for billions in government “clean energy” grants.

      4. Use the grant money to hire engineers and build facilities to develop the E-Cat tech into many different products such as large-scale power plants.

      Has Rossi done any of these things? No.

      • HN

        He doesn’t have to if he has what he says he has got. Bring it to market. Patents are useless within this arena of science, it’s new. Bring it to market. Patent offices don’t know how to treat it. Bring it to market. Patents are excruciatingly slow with new science. Bring it to market. If you do this the way that you mention, you lose all control and rely on others to “allow you” to bring a device to market. You become dependant on others to make the proper decisions and you wait on others to define when and if you get paid. This means will drive you out of business. Dr. Rossi has minimized this (not prevented this) bringing product to market with minimized caveats, and passes this lack of delay, financial, and legal posturing to his customers. If you have never had your own business bringing-in a global game changer, and been responsible for product design, development, production, and distribution, then you don’t know.

        He wants to make the technology available to the guy on the street with no access to energy or is paying a huge bill. He wants to bypass the DOE, the powers that be, and a $200 trillion dollar energy industry. He can’t afford to lose the time and investment for his invention to industrial sabotage that would take place all the way up into the government levels.
        He is doing the right thing, the right way.

  • Dr. No

    1. If Rossi/Defkalion are liers and LENR is not real:
    – Amazing story (more comfortable for me to follow it than to watch a TV series)

    2. If Rossi/Defkalion are liers and LENR is real:
    – Amazing story
    – Good to be informed about the technology which would change the world in the future

    3. If Rossi/Defkalion are true and LENR will be commercially available within one year or so:
    – Amazing story
    – Good to be informed about the technology which will change the world
    – I need this urgently for my properties and it would be interesting also for my business.

    • I concur. Never a dull day on the ecat forum.

      Any way you slice it: Amazing story

  • Pizarro

    I think my case is more theological than scientific: … I have need to believe

  • David

    Was there any truth to Defkalion has recruited Piantelli as a research officer, read a comment about it last week. Maybe just fantasy.

  • This blog and forum is interesting because all of these jokers come out and make wild claims only to be followed by a lock down on details and background due to free enterprise competition or promises to provide full disclosure in the future.

    What LENR needs is a government sponsored X-prize. Whoever can prove that their device works will be super rich. That takes away the business secrecy angle and denial of information excuse. If LENR had an X-prize this forum would be yawn, boring.

    • Robert Mockan

      The big problem with cold fusion is that every person who knows it is real can not sell it.
      Rossi is just the latest in a long line of individuals and companies that have tried promoting it with products. However they keep it in the news, even if to be attacked daily as nonsense or even fraud is better than it not being in the news at all. The x-prize is a great idea. I’m still trying to get to the beach with my surf board, beach chair, a case of beer, and some hot babes. This world is still much to primitive to get serious about, so if I ever get the money, to hell with this world.

  • Al D

    The science was proven in my mind with Pons and Fleischman but the technology has yet to be well understood and it still needs a lot of engineering development in order to become marketable products. When it does, it will be a paradigm changing event affecting technology, economics, lifestyle, and even religion. We can now see a glimmer of a path to this end. Whether or when Rossi, DFK, or anyone else can accomplish this has me on the edge of my seat. I am well advanced in years and would love to see the technology realized in my lifetime.

  • sapain

    mankind is very creative, a relentless problem solver, stuck in a enviroment of control. watching the progress to break the bonds of control keeps the hope alive of ultimate freedom.
    lenr is a step in this journey, breaking the bonds of energy and matter conversion.
    once none matter propulsion is achieved, mankind will be good to go.

    • Robert Mockan

      “..mankind will be good to go..”, should be “people will be gone for good”.

      I could hope for the insane oligarchs, their ancestors (time travel?), their progeny, and their DNA, be eradicated from the universe forever, no matter how long it takes, even if one has to come back in time to send them all to hell for eternity.
      They better keep praying they can keep control.

      • Robert Mockan

        And I’m not even really angry at the insane oligarchs. I understand them. What well they do when the angry people start gunning for them?

      • sapain

        their day of reckoning is approaching.

        • Robert Mockan

          The insane oligarchs, by delaying
          the development of advanced technologies, every century, have effectively murdered billions of people. The few thousand insane oligarchs living today that continue their control, always seeking more power, each second of the day, are contributing to the mass murder of another 300,000.
          Here is an interesting article why people do not immediately dispose of them. http://thedailybell.com/3750/Anthony-Wile-Brett-Veinotte-on

  • AnonymousObserver

    Well, i’m interested to check the overall sentiment of people about this matter, i find interesting to read article after article classifying the sentiment and how it progresses with the pass of time, a never ending war beetween skeptics and enthusiasts.
    Knowing for sure that LENR is a real new scientific phenomenon, the best part is to read comments by sketpics and their elaborated theories to confutate the LENR.

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  • Alexvs

    I think LENR is real. No doubt.
    I keep reading this web almost every day to get news about this scientific discipline, to pulse opinions about the subject and, why not to say: because the blog reading amuses me.
    Otherwise, Rossi`s E-Cat story has all the necessary and enough ingredients to became a fraud.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Oh, I’m just hanging around waiting for the apology to Mary Yugo.

    • JustForFun

      Really? I’m just hanging around waiting for the apology FROM Mary Yugo.

      • sapain

        even mary yugo has switched from not to if.

  • Filip


    • EduardoRG

      Nice answer !!!!! I realized that´s my answer too.


      Thank you !

      • Yeah i agree.. i wish that people would open-source these tegeholocins.. if they really want to change the world, having open access to the technology would do it. Otherwise it will follow them to the grave. The internet was made for this let it out

  • Lu

    It’s an interesting combination of science, business, psychology, people, energy, and community. And if it turns out to be true you can add power, politics, and social upheaval to the mix.

    It’s also very close to disclosure–this year or else. Rossi is going to market (not delivery) this fall. We should finally get a full description of the E-cat when he starts offering them for sale. We should also see one in action. Defkalion is due to release test results in April. We should also see a product from them shortly.

    Yet, if I don’t see anything by this fall I will probably no longer follow this saga daily. The odds of an immature technology or fraud will not even justify this.

    • Peter Poulsen

      This is almost exactly how i feel about the LENR technology.(I wont say its only about rossi or defcalion anymore, allthough they are the main sources of news)

      I do keep coming back because there is from time to time, some really good sources of news that is taking a scientific approach, like the CERN presentation. Furthermore as Lu said Rossi and defkalion have pained themselves into a corner so if nothing comes out in 2012 its game over.

      I am abit annoyed about the die hard believers that for example takes Rossi’s words as fact and proff about LENR, which i personally find very silly.
      I can understand everyone really want the E-Cat or Hyperion to be real, but you have to take a deep breath and demand scientific proff, otherwise you hurt the reputation of the LENR technology more than you help it.

  • Joseph Fine

    Transmutations are a real phenomenon NOT explained by standard Physics. (Dark matter, dark energy and other areas are not understood either!)

    Dr. Ruggiero M. Santilli has transmuted Carbon and Oxygen to Silicon et cetera.



    Video has to be restarted from the beginninng since it seems to start at 12 minutes in.


    Why are all the experts coming from Italy? Don’t we know how to do this too? Or do we just have great baseball and football players?


    • Joseph Fine

      I meant “low energy’ transmutations w/o radiation. LENR transmutations. The original name for this field is Alchemy.

  • quotient2

    I follow this site because I am convinced that one of the lesser-regarded theoretical explanations is valid and that LENR evidence is overwhelming and should be accepted.

    Once there has been a generally-acknowledged demonstration of exothermic nuclear reactions, the focus will turn to explaining just what is going on. Those will be the exciting days and I believe that the theory to which I subscribe will be shown to be correct in a manner that excludes alternative explanations.

    • Kim

      The Science has been established

      Spread the News


  • Anony Mole

    Two points:

    1) We are entering desperate times and need something to supplant fossil fuels.

    2) If LENR is truly real, those of us on these forums will have participated in history.

    I’ve commented about these items over on NickelPower.org but will briefly reiterate here.

    Desperate times are upon us, we just don’t know it yet, not in the first world at least. This decade will prove to be a critical turning point in the success or failure of every human on the planet. If we do NOT find a substantial new energy source before 2020 the pending collapse will be catastrophic. We all must realize that we continue to push our plank of fossil fuel dependence out the edge of the looming cliff such that if we do not find a way to prop this plank up – a fall is imminent. LENR may just be the only way to avert disaster it may just be humanity’s salvation.

    If LENR is real, controllable and commercializable, then just think, in 20 years you will be able to tell your kids that you were there when the world changed. When the new age of energy dawned. We, on these lists, will have been considered frontiersmen participating in the breakthrough that propelled humankind into its next phase of evolution. If real, we will all be part of history.

    • Kim

      Very Good.

      Spread the News.


    • Tom h

      Spot on mate, but id say we need to find it sooner than 2020. If LENR cant be commercialised soon then it could be too late to stop the coming collapse.

      Lets all hope.

    • Frank

      The two points you made are exactly – to my opinion – the prime attitudes of which Rossi takes advantage to keep his story and the cult around the e-cat going:

      1.Desperation – the more people get desperate, the more open they get for fantastic promises

      2.Vanity – for what other purpose is Rossi wasting his time with answering to (loyal) postings on his blog. The ones which believe that they are activly participating in the development of a ‘world changing technology’ become is strongest supporters and defenders. Because if the e-cat dream would come true, it’s like someone would have had conversation with Einstein and could tell his grandchildren “Actually I was the one who triggered the idea of …”

    • sapain

      bp and the gulf spill.
      billions spent to build the rig, millions to rent the rig. 60+billion is payout for damage.

      if 60 billion was invested in solar cell production how much electrical energy would the world have.

      silicon is easy to harvest and purify.
      shaping silicon and doping r easy.

      in one yr, a million tons of pure silicon can b produced. in one yr, 1 billion panels can b made.

      6gr of silicon per watt.
      1.8kg/300w panel.
      1111 300w panels/metric ton.
      1.111 billion panels/yr/milliom metric tons of silicon.
      pure silicon costs $50/kg.
      1 million metric tons= $100 billion.
      self replicating systems will lower cost of silicon to $10/kg= $20 billion.
      energy output,333.3MW

      solar produces 60GW/yr and there r only a dozen companies envolved.
      if there were a 1000 big time producers, solar would kick out 60TW/yr. end of energy crisses.

      each person can go out and collect 30kg each of quatrz, carbon and send it in to b processed. this is enough raw material to produce the rough base for a 3kw system.
      that`s just solar voltaics. now add in tidal power that has 4 cycles/day and ocean current power extraction.
      energy shortage is an illusion created to control energy.

  • GreenWin

    “A growing body of increasingly repeatable experimental evidence indicates the LENR effect is real and is likely not fusion, cold or otherwise.”
    Dr. Joeseph Zawodny Senior Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center, speaking to Aviation Week, Oct 24, 2011

  • ash

    It’s a great anthropological case study about our need to believe and pathological science.

    I love reading stories about frauds, self deluded scientists and conmen, and perpetual motion machines provide a deep well. Rossi and Defkalion are probably the best European example of a highly publicized delusion since Blondlot and his N Rays a hundred years ago. American history on the other hand is full of them…

  • Cliff Bradley

    Everyone seems to skirt the REASON that they are following this. One word. GAMECHANGER. How many times in our life have we had a chance to watch something that is an obvious gamechanger. Maybe a couple. Integrated circuit. Moon shot. There just aren’t that many.

    Not only that, Rossi is very entertaining.

    • SH

      In all fairness, the internet revolution is also a gamechanger.

      And the reason why we can follow the next one unfold i might add.

      • Cliff Bradley

        You are correct. Internet is the game changer that makes following this possible. Good one.

      • sapain

        in my life span.
        lasers, computers, space travel, cell phones, dna sequencing, cloning, robotics, artificial gem manufacturing, just to name a few. seen alot a game changers develop.

    • Paul Richards

      Why Are You Still Following This Story? “One word. GAMECHANGER” – Cliff

      Possible game changing scenario is my prime motivator, my weasel word for scanning here and elsewhere is as an early up taker.

      Generally the centre of gravity on this issue is still pro petrochemical and about maintaining the status quo. These types see themselves as realists, with a divine duty to uphold what is right, true and just in their opinion.

      But critical thinking has to weigh all the issues, counter cognitive biases and be patient. Our current era of communication demands speed and mechanical efficiency. Right now thirty percent of blog traffic is ‘automated’, ‘bots’ or with algorithm generated code travelling at near light speed. What does that tell us about who and what we are dealing with?
      Engineering new systems has never been fast, we are still waiting for the ‘metrics’ on Gen one, two nuclear reactors. Even this utopian dream is still in the experiment stage, despite the spin. So why do we expect results so fast from LENR?

      Motives for comments here range from the;
      ~ hopeful,
      ~ competition,
      ~ pessimist or are just by
      ~ serial skeptics.
      *With a footnote for the few hecklers.

      However all readers still thrive on knowledge, the motives for using it and commenting are fairly apparent to those socially intelligent. So that’s ok.

      Why are we all still following this story?

      The short answer is;
      ~ to gloat over a failure validating our beliefs or
      ~ for a chance to celebrate hope for our global ecosystem.

      I know what I would rather have written on my grave stone.

  • Bernie Koppenhofer

    I think it is fascinating that LENR has been proven over and over again and the US government is able to suppress that simple announcement to the general public while the US Patent office simply announces they are not going to grant any patents for LENR. Why? Big Brother thinks it will be too disruptive? Big money interests want to delay implementation until they are able to control it? Because the military application is too enormous for them not to control it? My immediate question is what else is our “Land of the Free” government suppressing or even burying completely?

  • psi

    What Kim said, and what Tony Lampet said. There’s no better show in town. Plus there’s little doubt that the science is real. When we will see a product, and who will market it, is the question of the day.

  • Ramo

    I visit this site for news like “Anonymous Source Confirms Anonymous Source on Defkatlion”.

  • Linda

    I suppose besides the science and technology, and the hope we have for the future, there is also AR himself; his antics are endlessly fascinating.

    Rossi is an Italian Tucker, who just may deliver a product, though it will probably be a day late and a dollar short.

    To me, he’s the thinking woman’s “Days of our Lives”.

  • dennis lynn

    Think of those who doubted the Wright Brothers and man’s effort to reach the moon. The 2009 60-Minutes episode is eye opening.

  • Anon

    following for the lenr news tis the future

  • Kim

    I follow and support this new
    Energy – LENR

    Because we owe it to our Children


  • John

    Because if it were true, I wouldn’t have to pay for heating. I want to be proven wrong, but I really think this whole thing is a scam, or at least self-deception. I know I should stop reading this site, or at least read it once a month but I can’t. Just like a loose tooth that you just can’t stop moving with your tongue, you know you shouldn’t do it, but you just can’t help it.

  • I follow for self abuse. I was going to bang my head against the wall for a few years but this seemed just as good.

    Now I follow for the day I can stick out my tongue at the skeptics with a holier than thou attitude.

    I see this as the next big thing and am drawn to news on it like a LENR junky.

    I am writing this on a tiny iPhone a hundred miles away from home with one bar of Internet. I need my LENR fix.

  • Kiril

    1 – As Rossi has chosen to be open and honest about his work and dealings, it gives a rare glimpse into the process of implementing and selling a product you’ve developed. I also admire his ability to approach the task philosophically – that is, with full awareness of the fundamental principles involved.

    2 – Because there it is a real phenomenon and understanding it might lead to a new revolution in physics and chemistry – let alone their derivative fields.

    3 – Because, if the machine works as described, it holds promise for business importunity.

  • John E

    It is a feasible hope not in the technology per se, but in its potent effect. Clean inexpensive energy would address many problems from pollution to poverty to politics. It would provide new opportunities for entrepreneurship, business & economic development, and scientific investigation. It would eliminate a major reason for going to war and it would change the current power and privilege structure in a way that could possibly lead to more egalitarian societies.

    So it is the hope for change that would move the world in a direction that is a little more beautiful, a little more just and filled with a little more opportunity.

  • G.Oak

    I follow this site because I’ve read Fucanelli, Canseliet, Geber kervran, Osawa,
    Roberto Monti, namely the ancient and modern alchemists. Alchemy is LENR.
    Rossi’s work has a solid old foundation. You know that Einstein falsified
    Morley’s experiment with disastrous consequences on scientific progress?
    Perhaps we need to learn to make judgments about what is true and what is false.

    • sapain

      many of albert`s theoretical math equations ended with infinite. albert wanted only finite, he altered many thoughts to eliminate infinite.
      newton- F=MA
      albert- E=MC2
      albert applied finite to newton`s infinite.
      who is right, newton or albert.

      albert claim`s that space has a boundry, newton would ask ablert, what`s on the other side of the boundry.

  • clovis

    Hi, Frank,

    • Kim


  • daniel maris

    It’s fascinating, absorbing, addictive on many levels.

    Either this is one of the biggest ever tech stories about to break OR it is about one of the most brazen and complex scams ever undertaken. Both are fascinating narratives.

    Longer term this technology could have profound social implications. I like the idea of making people independent of big business and government.
    This might just be the first step in a huge change in the way we interact with the world.

    In future we might be able to generate our own energy on site, extract all the water we need from the atmosphere, grow our own food at home and 3D print-manufacture a range of goods at home.

  • george

    Just plain old hope for a better future.

    • Rui

      I second that.

    • Kelvin – Spyker

      Yes, a better future and stop big oil from ripping us off, with our governemnts. They will then also have no reasonable excuse to go to war!

  • Luca Salvarani

    I strongly trust in Rossi, this is my why!

  • earthhydro

    Ditto whay daniel morris said. either way its either Pinochio or Tesla. reminds me of my brother one day seeing am article in popular science or sone mag about synthetic blood. So hype started in tech stock by so called science reporter, same scam. round the corner boom with this or that forward looking statement and this test etc that penny stock investors would make millions. Like tech reporters are just guys that drean up lucrative stock schemes on tech news. not knew yknow mark twain lost all his money in tech invesments…new printer that failed. old con game. only an idiot would believe he really sold an eca…its in Bologna. Rossi is in Miami trolling.

  • It is tremendously frustrating to wait, especially when other world events related to energy seem to be moving precipitously.(gas prices, Iran Nuclear power, etc.) It’s not quite fair to say that “nothing is happening” when the recent CERN overview mentioned things that were not commonly known. Mitsubishi and Toyota as big researchers. Transmutation of elements, including tungsten to platinum, gas phase heats of 900 deg. C for extended time. CERN colloquium was followed by Miley’s presentation. Reports are that DefKalion tests continue apace. Why do folks keep checking in? There is a collective sense that something really good is about to happen, and nobody wants to miss it!

    • Ричард, уже не впервые в истории науки такое происходит. Я тоже не верю, в то, что история с E-CAT – LENR, будет сейчас иметь революцию в ФИЗИКЕ. Это видно по реакции официальной открытой науки – пытаются притянуть реактор А.Росси хоть как то, через Стандартную модель к академической науке и участие уже известной схемы палладий-дейтеривой модели. А как же быть с реакторами М.И.Солина, А.В.Вачаева, С.В.Адаменко, Л.И.Уруцкоева, К.Шоулдерса – там близко не подойдёшь с этой Стандартной моделью и квантовой хромодинамикой. А коль так – в миг все учебники не перепишешь, уйдет три четыре поколения, пока молодёжь всё осознает и начнет всё переписывать заново. Такова диалектика поведения общества и никуда от этого не уйти!
      С уважением д.ф-м.н.Шадрин А.А.

  • Adam

    Hope in all it’s forms (:

  • alex

    I go to this an other threads hoping someone will start an anti-government or anti-big oil rally. I want to overthrow those that take my money and tell me I can’t live the american dream. I think Rossi has something, and I approve of the peaceful approach to giving strength back to the middle class. However, I am not above the aggressive approach either. I am tired, and cranky about the BS political world, and find a small island of hope in those that seek to make change and chaos through the stuff that seems like freekin magic. These things are high risk. If you have 99 that fail and 1 that succeeds, it was worth the effort for the one to succeed.

    • alex

      🙂 April 1st post!

  • james rovnak

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=mu_iwdjf1gI#t=1s Need I say more. Following fusion developments for years.

    • alex

      heh, A little odd. If this s*** is real, I’ll bet that song will get rewritten.

  • Andrew Macleod

    I keep following the story because I have faith that there is a better way. I have always believed that “we don’t know what we don’t know” and it frustrates me to no end that the mainstream scientific community just doesn’t have room for this mentality. I also hope for my children’s future. Not to mention that the whole story is kind of comical in a way.

  • innocentiousxii

    To gather what limited information there may be. I see nothing wrong with using coal, solar, oil, etc but that does not mean I like the process of trying to get it. Energy means progress, the more expensive the energy, the more expensive the progress.

    Put another way, IF this technology is for real, I can do a lot with it. If it is not then I will have to look for another way. I hope this is real as it would mean unlimited possibilities.

  • Enrico Billi

    I am Enrico Billi, i attended the tests of e-cat, i check your website because is interesting to read from other people news about e-cat and the people involved.
    best regards,
    lavoLaLe lavoLaLe

  • Bob

    People follow this because the Phenomena of cold fusion is being replicated in many labs and many people. Once something can be repeated, at that is required is to engineer it to a higher level for commercialization.
    Rossi I believe has a breakthrough in generated that high energy level, he is struggling with control issues, but that is just development and time.
    Most of of believe its true and see the world changing before our eyes in a short number of years.

  • David

    L.E.N.R interested?

    We are looking for users from different countries who can help us translate and compile information concerning lenr.

    / David

  • Blanco69

    I’ve been following this story closely for just less than a year. I work for a large multi national energy (no oil) company an the implications buried in this story for me will be life changing. I happen to believe that Rossi, and Defkalion for that matter, both have something. However I understand why those who don’t persist here – because, whether you believe in the science or not, the story itself is truly amazing!

  • Martin

    I think Mr. Rossi and his “E-Cat” are highly entertaining.

  • edog

    I am interested in what is going on..

    Lets put it this way.. an analogy to the discovery of making your own personal fire.

    This rossi cave man has claimed he can make fire and this news has spread all around the world to many different cave man clans. There are men like us who want to know the secret…but this guy wont share.. We know it might be possible.. we have seen the lightening make fires, the fire come from the ground. We want to know how to do it ourselves, we can see how much easier life would be in the cave if we could.

    We keep our ears pricked up for any information about this mysterious discovery that may change the world.. our imaginations have been lit.

    What we cant understand, why we sit around, in the dark at night, discussing this Cave man who can make fire.. is because we want it too.. Of course, some of us believe, some dont.. some are happy to wait.. but some of us.. ask..why doesnt he want to share this with the rest of us???

    Then talk turns to other things.. let us clans unite and teach this cave man how to share… he is happy for us to all sit in the cold and dark, while he sits warm and smug next to his fire, eating a nice roasted haunch of mammoth.
    How should we teach him how to share?? Why doesnt he want to share?? Does he want to be king of the cave men?? Is he really an evil sorcerer or witch doctor??

    When we try to talk to him or see him he runs away and evades us? Is he lying to us?? why would he do that?? Maybe he is sick and delusional? Does he need help or a good club over the head?

  • Pingback: Why Are You Still Following This Story? | ColdFusionBlog.net()

  • Stephen

    Good question 🙂

    I think that important issues are at stake here… if LENRs are real and viable I think the consequences would be as massive as I can imagine. They would surely go beyond building a fancy boiler or saving some cash on the bills… it would rather mean the by when I retire I will be able to spend some time on holidays on Pluto ;)… that’s the scale of the thing, in my view.

    I don’t know if this is realistic. I belive there is something in LENRs, I am quite confident about that. But it could well be possible that we will never be able to get something useful out of them. Take room temperature superconductors… they just exist in Avatar 😀 After decades of research, experiments, models nobody still really understand them.

    Then comes Rossi & co. I fully distrust Rossi and he disappoints me very much. I think a lot of people here see him like a saviour, but I rather see him as a clever person exploiting other’s work, authority, hopes… I think that ultimately he will bring more damage than anything else. However I might be wrong: I don’t care who (if anybody) is going to bring out this technology, I don’t care about being wrong or right. Indeed I hope to be wrong, but can’t aviod honestly thinking I won’t.

    PS I am not directly involved in any way in the study of low-energy nuclear reactions.

  • Milo Cook

    I guess I’m hoping it’s for real.

    After all this time, I think the folks involved are deluding themselves. No one can possibly have nothing tangible to show the world if there’s anything substantial to it.

  • Ryan Eisele

    I’ve been interested in free energy ever since I was a kid, before the web, before cold fusion, and before I ever heard of anyone claiming to have invented a free energy machine.

    I follow this because I just love the idea of getting an endless stream of free energy. Imagine a machine you never have to bother turning off for energy costs. Never having to pull in for some gas. Synthesizing hydrocarbons from the atmosphere and using them to run a car just for fun, just like in the “old days.” Reading old physics and chemistry text books that said all of this was impossible. Watching how the mainstream culture is going to adapt to this. Who is going switch sides in a flash, and say they’d always been there, coming up with the cleverest stories first to say that they were ready for this all along? Watching kids grow up who will never know what it was like to pay for energy. Watching windmills and solar panels become the fads of a bygone era. Laughing at all the newspaper articles, all the FEAR people used to have over what we were going to do when the oil “ran out.” (by that time we’ll be synthesizing it out of thin air, as an ongoing celebration of not having to pump it out of the ground anymore. kids will ask why we keep doing that every year on “e-cat day”, and we’ll have to tell them they’d understand if they grew up in our day.)

    I follow this because I can’t wait for it. When free energy gets out the first thing I’m going to do is plug in an “eternal fan” which I never turn off. Then I’m going to use the savings to figure out how to make all these other free energy devices like the Joe cell, and Floyd Sweet’s barium magnetic self-resonance vacuum triode amplifier. I’m going to concentrate orgone onto cells and change them back to earlier stages, and all of that, the whole nine yards. Then there’s the anti-gravity and creation of a unidirectional force. We’re gonna figure out how Ed Leedskalnin built Coral Castle using the ancient geometry of resonance. Amazing stuff. I’m gonna follow Bruce DePalma’s plans to make a vehicle that pushes against “space itself” for thrust, and uses cold fusion to power it.

    Most of all I just can’t wait to laugh at the text books from our time.

    • Derek

      Same there is too much evidence we are being taken for a ride by the energy tycoons. Hearing about Nicola Tesla and his inventions and the straight out suppression of his research, inspired me to thinking, we are being had by OIL INC.

  • Sergey from Moscow

    I simple wait when E-Cat will be true.

  • Brian

    Mostly it has already been said but the biggest reason is I mentioned it at work and all my co-workers laughed at me. I want it to be real for the world but will enjoy reminding them at work till I retire. 🙂

    • Alan DeAngelis

      Yeah Brian, They didn’t see it on TV therefore it couldn’t possibly be true but I’m sure they could tell you which celebrities are in rehab.

      • Brian

        🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Stephen

      Yes, talking about LENRs I think there is some unreasonable – and even unscientific – skepticism around… I see many research works which are accepted as legitimate science but in my opinion are much more controversial than LENRs, at its present level of understanding and given the evidences collected so far.

      Talking about all these new commercial ventures… I am very doubtful for a number of reasons. It would be cool if it’s true but realistically I think they are just clever illusionists. While I don’t understand skepticism around LENRs, I understand skepticism around eCat and clones, semi-clones, etc. Of course I might be wrong.

  • Mark

    I think we all want freedom. From big corporation and big government. Their driven by greed. Wanting all they can get. Regardless who they are hurting.
    I believe alot of technology has been surpressed.That would give an indiviual freedom from such bussiness practices.I know technology alone won’t save us.But it would be a great start. We cannot change the thinking of big business. Unless we have a leveage to work with . Technology that would be bascially free energy. Would be a Big help.
    That is why I search for hope and freedom.

  • mrG

    Closure. It’s a sci-fi story without an end, it is a conspiracy story where the Warren Report never concludes; every time we think Rossi is full of it, someone else like Defkalion or some university lab makes some statement that might explain Rossi’s information hoarding (eg that Rossi had no ‘off’ switch, or Rossi himself now saying yes there IS gamma, but that it does not escape the box) — so either some industrial spy steals a Rossi box plan and the cat is out of the bag, or the authorities catch up with the mysterious US factory and expose the hoax with an arrest, either way we’d know.

    but on the other hand, we are also reasonably scientific and engineering savvy people here, and so we also know that these things are not invented or perfected overnight. Rossi gained a lot of attention with his boasting about his delivery dates and price points, and it is looking now that those are mere boasts, as was the initial impression that this thing would be the free-energy solution of TODAY, and not just an adjunct heat-exchange hydro-bill reducer that is now claimed. Boasting by new entrepreneurs is nothing new of course, so I think many of us now think, ok, Rossi’s thing will take time, it won’t be the super-cool sci-fi free-energy saviour of the world, but it IS an interesting device even if it never does anything more than make tea and instant noodles.

    So we keep tuning in, just to see, just on the chance that maybe today there will be some closure. I am finding my eagerness to Share LENR items with my net neighbours is greatly attenuated, but as I say, announcements coming out from other labs are just tantalizing enough that I stay tuned to the buzz on the off chance I can come back to my various groups and, as someone here already said, announce, “See? I TOLD you so!” 🙂

    • MrG has said most of I wanted to say, so just ‘I agree!’.

      One other factor for me – desperation. As I read things, the world is now more or less controlled by supra-governmental powers, who are in the process of tightening their grip incrementally through manipulation of state governments and control of individual politicians.

      I foresee a very dark future for the world unless this grip can be loosened, and the internet and the advent of inexpensive distributed energy systems are currently about the only hopes for this.

  • azap

    Dear Gentleman,
    i read for a long time your comment.
    I m interest to know the new technologies.
    one rime i work in technologies abaut micronization,fragmentation named DDS Technologies
    by an italaian man, perhaps engeenir, all fall down.
    After 5 years i read abaut a new techologies Bioyeast,and is the same old plant that work
    At the end , I believe that ecat is the same story.
    We will live many years to know what there is inside
    ECAT ….
    We said that ” è una filastrocca”

  • HN
  • Dan Woodward

    I follow it because now just about every important lab involved in nuclear and sub-nuclear technology is now pursuing COLD FUSION (aka LENR LANR, LENT, etc.). They know it is a real nuclear process, and that it will eventually result in cheap energy for the world.

    Rossi is simply the first to attempt to commercialize it. His attempt may fail, but someone will follow that up and succeed! I follow Rossi and E-CAT to see when he ships any product to the mystery buyer (my guess is the US Navy. After that, we could learn a lot about the physics and the economics of COLD FUSION.

  • Pipmon

    The main impetus is that I have always rooted for Pons & Fleischmann! It seemed to me at the time, and still, that you don’t get to be a world leading electrochemist by faking results and telling lies. So I’ve always believed there was something to their research.
    Rossi? Well of course he would be an astoundingly resounding vindication of Cold Fusion (a la P&F)

    But while we’re at it, why has the vitriol come out so strongly for Rossi but not for, say, Randal Mills (of Blacklight)? His claims are even more far-fetched (viewed from politically correct science) and long-standing and his results have been constantly delayed. To exacerbate things he definitely has had big money backing him all along.
    Could it be because he’s very discreet while Rossi isn’t? (an understatement LOL)
    Or could the fact that Rossi’s English isn’t very good be a factor? (and he’s from Italy!!!)
    Just wondering.

    • jabba

      Nah, R is all new and fresh. Give him a few years.

      BL have been running their scheme for like 20 years, producing a sload of papers and “independent” verifications.

      But there is still no product, no truly independent verification. And they still seem to be doing well, able to gain investors.

      I’d rather see BL as an example how long such a “business idea” could be run without getting into trouble.

  • guga

    I always thought that all these renewable energies like solar are too expensive, too complicated, need too many resources. Also energy saving at a certain level seems not reasonable. This is all so retro somehow.
    I always thought that we need the one great invention. The one, that let’s us produce nearly unlimited energy at minimum cost with neglectable waste. That would be the greatest achievement of human intelect. This is so important for the progress of mankind.
    That is why I continue to read and keep my hopes up.

  • Robb

    I’m just like one of the earlier posters–always felt that Pons and Fleischmann got a raw deal and I’ve been rooting for them ever since. I hadn’t checked on the status of cold fusion for a long time but found this site a couple of months ago while Googling for the latest. I knew nothing of Rossi and have found his and associated stories to be tantalizing. Maybe LENR won’t turn out but I REALLY hope it will. I’ll definitely be following here until it’s clear that there’s nothing more to follow. If it does turn out it will be great fun to see mainstream science having to eat some crow.

  • fwiw

    Why do I follow? I don’t know. If I had an answer to that question, it wouldn’t convey any real meaning, anyway. So … I’ll just give you my twisted view instead.

    Try reading the following and imagine it’s the voice of Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong circa 1970 and he’s sitting right next to you with his long hair, big beard, round eyeglasses and that glazed look in his eyes staring right at you.

    Anything can happen, man

    Think about this

    Man is a truly incredible creature.

    I mean, he does some really wild stuff, man.

    Hey, try this on, man.

    Right now … we operate so much stuff … cars, boats, motorcycles … planes, weedeaters, lawnmowers … using a liquid that … contains atoms … that came from creatures … from a long gone era.

    Creatures that are extinct and will never exist again … that we can only imagine what they looked like.

    For real, dude.

    Get this … when you go to the gas station and grab that nozzle … and put in your tank, you’re like putting a liquid … that was once the eyes, the skin, the teeth, the intestines, the brains, the heart, the lungs of a dinosaur …. right into your tank !

    How bizarre is THAT ??

    More bizarre than anything I can think of in this entire world, man.

    So … just ask yourself, man,

    which is stranger,

    Rossi and his device,

    his claims,

    his quirky behaviors


    me n you driving around on the guts of dinosaurs …. man.

  • James McC (Belfast)

    I’m a time traveller from 1895. I hear that some lunatic called Henry Ford is proposing a horseless carriage propelled by a series of explosions. What I want to know is, did anything come of it?

    • martin Brennan

      Re:1895 time traveller

      Some Geezer called Carl Benz has one of those contraptions working in Prussia.

      He built it 10 years ago in 1885

  • Well i certainly know why some post here. They are paid shills for the energy interests.

    When people attack conventional alternative energy, it is either from gross ignorance or because they are paid to do it.

    The fact is, that Solar PV are cheaper than coal or oil. It represents DECENTRALIZED production of energy, that we can do ourselves in our homes or small businesses. And this is what the monopolists fear most… losing their vast political power over us, and the trillions in easy profits. Solar PV may not be “sexy”, but it cuts our power bill way down and gives us independence.

    Germany, the “cloudiest country in continental Europe”, has 17 GIGawatts of solar PV installed, most of it decentralized. It has been a huge success, for very little government incentive (much less than the US gives in corporate welfare to the most profitable corporations in history). Germany has pledged to eliminate highly dangerous fission nuclear all together, and everyone’s power bill has dropped as a result.

    Prices are dropping all the time now, as the Economy of Scale finally kicks in for solar PV.
    Here is a good example… you can see for yourselves, it’s under $1 a watt now

  • Wes

    For decades LENR “fools’ gold” has been the Siren Song of lone visionaries. Careers have been wrecked, fortunes spent, pretenders exposed. The seduction of LENR continues; a story born out of curiosity and desperation… “Good and Evil in the Garden of Energy

  • Roberto

    I’m sorry for the delay. My reasons:
    – hope for a green world;
    – being fascinated by pioneers.

  • Seatec Astronomy

    I tend to think LENR is real and like following the progress of the technology, I have always been intrested in *cough* cold fusionish alchemical processes that people don’t believe in for they can’t really be real, that’s just silly right…

    Oh also this is a game changer for the planet.

  • Roger Bird

    LENR is real. LENR-on-steroids is almost certainly real. Not so certain about Rossi and Defkalion. But these stories about essentially hot air are hot air squared.

  • Ivan Cevallos

    Rossi is most certain a fraud, the steam in his demos could be achieved with 700w. as the water runs very slow though the ecat. And Rossi knows nothing about units, what is a watt hour per hour????? watt per hour makes sense. and all those idiots university teachers in Italy not questioning why so little steam. or why not to force a close system test,where balance of energies could be done. send the steam to the environment, what a bunch of amateurs.
    99.999999 Rossi is scam, do not put you money with him. he never post in his forums questions no convenient to him, I sent many questions about the test, none were published.

  • Eric

    Conflicting reasons…
    1 Same reason people watch NASCAR, just waiting to see the crash
    2 Hoping for the underdog to once be right and win

  • RGCheek

    I follow these threads because the deniars are great for laughs.

    Anyone who thinks that power generation involving nuclear decay of any kind is a ‘perpetual motion machine’ is just flipping stupid beyond words.

    And that is among the milder laughing stocks.

    I think we all know the most prolific deniars are BO astrotrufers. Why should anyone let these cretins get under their skin?

  • ShiveringThermogenesis

    You just never know………..

  • Jin

    I’m following the developments because as a skeptic, I can’t wait for Rossi to be exposed, and I’m curious to find what excuses he’ll find at the end.
    I mean, if the thing was real, we all know that he probably wouldn’t be alive now (killed by big oil, nuclear, wind and solar corporations).
    If my interests were threatened by cold fusion, I’d either kill him or give him billions to stop developing his invention and make it look like a fraud.

  • Knighthawk

    “So, I’m just wondering — what keeps you interested after all this time?”

    I check in from time to time mostly as entertainment, I find Rossi’s never ending string of BS comments very humorous, even more so that so many can’t see through them.

  • I’m a semi-pro SF-Fantasy writer. Part of my job is guessing when big science is wrong about technologies being impossible. I watched the whole Flashman and Ponds disaster, but I always thought they dismissed them too quickly. I’m very curious about Rossini and his competitors. If he’s a crook or nuts so what? But if he is right this is beyond big. Worth the time to keep an eye on it.

  • Peter

    I want to buy one