LENR: Part of the Onward March of Technological Progress

I’d like to thank Sterling Allan of PESN for bringing attention to the recent three part BBC series on the history of electricity. I have to say these are some of the finest documentaries I have ever seen — the Beeb at its best. As I have watched these shows I cannot help drawing parallels between the current state of LENR research and the beginnings of research into electricity. You will be able to watch the videos at the PESN link above, or on this YouTube Channel.

After watching these programs (each segment an hour long), one of the things that stands out most to me is just how crucial the efforts of a very small group of people who have dedicated themselves to the advancement of knowledge have been upon the world. The pioneers in the field of electricity were people who were working at the edge of the known universe. The BBC documentaries describes many of these people as unusual, driven, ambitious, even eccentric — and yet their contributions to our world have been incalculable. Each pioneer in the field built on the work of those who have preceded him, and sometimes people working independently of one another come up with a similar insight. The result was the world as we know it — modern civilization could not exist were it not for the dedication of these scientific trailblazers.

The march of technological progress over the last few centuries is a really incredible story. We have gone from a very primitive technological state to today’s world in a very short period of time. Have we reached the technological zenith yet? Are we ready to begin a long decline? I very much doubt it. While the exact nature of the next breakthroughs are hard to predict, there does seem to be a gradual unstoppable movement of greater and greater technological achievements — and I don’t think we have seen the best yet. Where all this will lead, we cannot know, but there seems currently to be in some corners of the scientific and engineering community an awakening to the idea that new forces of nature referred to a low energy nuclear reactions can, like electricity in some way, be controlled and directed for the benefit of the human race.

  • Have we reached the technological zenith yet? Hell, no! We haven’t even nailed down LENR yet, and have hydrinos yet to come. Both of these technologies and a lot of other Ni+H technology will make it, and in not too long a time!

  • georgehants

    Derivation Of The Fine Structure Constant
    Jonathan Tooker is a research graduate at Georgia Tech. His recently authored paper provides evidence to support the fact that energy may be harnessed from the spacetime around us.

    • Robert Mockan

      The analogy to a waterwheel to convert energy from space-time is poor. Space energy converters in theory all work on the principle of harnessing the potential energy delta between non-localized space-time. Since one is flowing with it there is no island reference for the “waterwheel” foundation.

  • georgehants

    Particle-wave duality demonstrated with largest molecules yet
    By Matthew Francis

  • georgehants

    Does the Brain ‘Remember’ Antidepressants? More Proof for the Power of Placebo
    Science News … from universities, journals, and other research organizations
    -Funding for the study was provided by the National Institute of Mental Health, Eli Lilly and Company, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, and Aspect Medical Systems; these funders had no further role in the study. Hunter received financial support from Covidien.

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  • Georgehants comments are all advertising spam?

    • Bigwilly

      All I know about Georgehants is he is an ardent supporter of the placebo effect and a vehement opposer to anyone who thinks otherwise.


  • clovis

    Hi, Guys.
    Frank, very nice piece,I know now that,you understand,now be strong.
    And to everyone else,thanks for all the great links,
    Dam,they’er all or so interesting i don’t have enough time to give them due diligence .very exciting times for the whole Human race. i’m loving it—-smile

  • sapain

    wait until room temperature superconductors r developed, that will give our advancement a kick in the butt. like the borg say, resistance is futile.

    graphene is proving to the wonder of the 21 century.

    • bluecollardollar

      Graphene is great but check out this Gaas process called POET, veins developed by a company called Opel Technologies inc. Currently being validated by BAE for commercial applications. Should be ready for market by years end. They just put out a white paper and the data will blow you away. We are closer to a “computer on a chip” than most people think, and all data being transfered by photonics. Very futuristic stuff.

    • recent tly ther have been 2 breakthrough.
      on is the first superconductor at about room temperature…
      the second is on of the first looking good theory (a theory base on percolation theory, using quartet of atoms whone one is different…)

      • sapain

        haven`t checked it awhile, the last time i looked, they were above the temp of nitrogen. time for a refresher.

        one of the things i like about graphene, is it`s ability to seperate mixed compounds, ideal for alcohol and h2o, gas seperations, at basically no energy costs.

      • sapain

        took a look, they created a material that 0 out at 28.5 celcuis, above rt. the other at 18 celcuis.
        looking good, they even open sourced it.

  • Greg

    Didnt Sterling Allen outright denounce Andrea Rossi as having a system that appeared fraudulent based on Mr. Allen analysis of the ecat.

    Strange that he now is being cited here!

    • Omega Z


      I think the situation between Sterling Allen & Rossi is a personality Clash. Not the E-cat.

      I read where they had a disagreement over a Web site. The situation deteriorated from there.

      I also get the impression from what I’ve read that Rossi can be a little pithy if you irritate him. Cut you out of the loop. The person on the receiving end, even if he believes in your project will in turn bad mouth it. So goes life in the real world.

      This is my take on the Rossi/Allen situation.

  • Be aware that the videos are misslabled as part 2 is actually 3 and vise versa.

    • actually I was wrong about that, it’s just that the story jumped about a bit.

  • GreenWin

    Nicely written. We have much to look forward to. And many to appreciate.

  • daniel maris

    Yes, I made the point a while ago, that with LENR we are probably at about the stage as wehn they laid the first transatlantic cable. The people in charge didn’t really understand how electrons worked and as a result they ended up trying to force more power through the cable to make the signal stronger and more reliable, which ended up in destroying the system.

    There is no contradiction between LENR being a complex and difficult to control phenomenon that we understand but poorly and it being a real phenomenon.

  • the snake

    Let’s imagine that LENR works, the technology evolves further, and in a few year we will all have a MW capable electric generator in our homes and cars. Streets will be totally congested because ppl are driving all times in cars the size of a truck. Or, instead of paying high gas prices, we will pay high toll on streets once they become the money generator for corporate greed. The omnipresent mega consumption of energy will cause electric smog like in the immediate vicinity of the radar dome of a navy ship. And most probably, the high energy can be utilized by everyone for weapons. Small RC planes will have the capacity to fly from wherever on the globe right into the White House, Pentagon or every desired target. All problems that come with overpopulation and technical progress will be multiplied, but we won’t be happier or more peaceful with more energy. Economically, control of oil is what backs up the $. If the energy business will become economically obsolete, USA will deteriorate further and fall behind the rest of the world.

    • Kim

      Peanut butter is dangerous too.


    • BigWilly

      Ya and newborn babies armed with toasters that fire anthrax will be available because people wont be spending all their money on regular toasters anymore.

    • GreenWin

      the snake is ignorant of population trends. The facts are that as a population moves to higher lifestyle – population decreases. This is evidenced in the change from agriculture to industry. Agrarian societies need more births to help work small farms. As population gains wealth and education dependence on children shrinks. It shrinks further as population moves to middle class. There the optimum of 2.2 children per family is the only model sustainable – do to far higher costs of child rearing, and college education.

      “Electric smog?” Well, the name you take is fitting.

    • jacob

      Snake, before you go on speculating , before you assume our economy will deteriorate ,consider cheap energy bringing prosperity to the low income and middle class , just by adding up yearly expenses on heating and cooling their homes, the price of gas getting to work and the cost of electricity
      if these costs were 3000$ savings per average family
      this money can then be spend to buy services and goods locally to boost the economy.

    • Robert Mockan

      Driving? You can keep your …roads. I’ll take the VTOL RV with global range, and pontoons for when I want to land in the middle of the ocean to do some fishing. Who is the “we” you refer to not being happy. I’ll be happy.

    • sapain

      living under the ocean`s surface would be cold, lenr can supply heat and electricity. jules vern would be happy.
      lenr would allow the populace to spread into areas of low energy.
      china makes billions selling solar.
      petrodollar is an extortion on the world, i will be glad of it`s demise. back to gold as world currency, not some countries monopoly money.

    • daniel maris

      Yes, roads will always remain a scarce resource. Assuming we don’t develop flying cars then the obvious thing to do is price road usage. This could be done through anonymous purchase of coded mini radio signals for your car. I say anonymous because there is clearly a civil liberties issue about licence plate number recognition technology.

  • jabba

    I am so tired of all this LENR predictions and wishfull thinking. Just show one working device no matter if the output is in kW or W range. A clean reproducible demonstration. Not some Rossi-esque stage show or spec sheet.

    • jacob

      jabba , read free book online (genesis for a new space age) on scribd
      i recommend you reading this while you wait for the ecat or lenr device to make it to market

      most people who are aware of the LENR and follow it
      want to see it develop a lot faster , and the appear
      to be a lot simpler to build than a toaster firing
      almost all planets are hollow ,just google inner earth with its half billion inhabitants on 5 inner earth continents and 7 oceans
      it took many book burnings and the our nations secrecy , as the USA ,CANADA ,and Great Britain continues to control the world to prevent its
      nuclear destruction ,as happened 11500 years ago,
      between the ancient Atlanteans and Arthenians and a nuclear war that brought on the biblical Noah’s
      flood ,before that the suns rays never penetrated
      the firmament ( cloudcover)and people lived to be
      very old , as well as those living in the inner earth live to be just as old ,and those that inhabit Venus ,Mars ,Saturn ,Pluto’s inner planets and their crystal magnifying man made inner lights suns ,and the human history goes back 576 thousand years ago according to a library deep underground the pyramid of giza ,according to their predictions ,we the sixth civilization ,will also destroy our selves with nuclear weapons ,and according to them the remnants of us will come together and outlaw war, as the did on venus 3000 years ago ,after their 160 nations could not agree and started dropping atomic bombs
      surface dweller earth men are the only people in this part of the galaxy ,that have people starving and dying of needless causes
      why has the truth been kept from us?
      we need to stand up for ourselves and love and become a global family and live in harmony and peace.
      We were created by the great creator and are connected to his light and love, by our conscience
      and are part of a whole system ,just like the spinning electrons of every partical of matter,
      his will be done on earth ‘as’it is in heaven

      for most of you this, will be a brain over load ,
      these other civilizations are here to help to avoid another world wide nuclear war , for those of you who do not believe cold fusion have no problem believing in the tremendous power of nuclear fission

      • sapain

        with the discoveries of man made structures in bosnia, under the oceans in japan and india, do point to civilization being highly developed during the ice age and even before.
        i watched a utube doc on the math of stone hedge, pyramids around the world and the link to the mars face. math far more simple but yet more complex. showing the ability to teach as well as imform, math that we have never used.
        carving of florescent light systems in the pyramids.
        ancient literature about other world visitors. the stone disk found discribing dna. birth cycle etc.
        this shows that something is missing and forgotten about our history.

        add this to the intentional deception of past and current events, points to some people not wanting something known for a specific reason.

        • jacob

          filip,people base their opinions and reality on what they have learned and have been taught .
          ancient human history has been hidden from us.
          our teachers have not been taught to teach us.
          we even know there are pyramids on mars and the and giant structures in the moons craters

          we have never been alone

          the USA ,CANADA,BRITAIN have the military technology
          that has is so incredibly advanced, including laser equipped roundwing airplanes
          that can level a city in minutes,but can only be used
          for defense to protect this planet.
          the alien visitors came to us to help us evolve as humans with our cavemen mentality .
          these three counties that are earth’s guardians ,with their fleet of roundwings can fly around this planet in less than one hour.
          warp speed is the speed of light 189000 miles per second ,warp 2 is is warp 1 squared ,warp 3 is warp 2 squared , so to travel from planet Lyra ,which is inhabited only takes a few days.
          startrek enterprise is more reality than fiction.
          the people of venus ,mars just look like us , because some of our former civilizations were into space travel and venus was originally colonized by earth 33000 years ago,and have been sharing their technology with the military
          so we can defend ourselves
          and scare the bad aliens away with a policy of not shooting at them first

          why this kind of thing is not broadcasted on tv

        • jacob

          but in time it will be disclosed .
          not until war is outlawed , i think
          ,will we use advanced technologies for peaceful purposes including the magnetic lifter technology ,which cancels out gravity ,mayor airlines like boing asked if the could use it ,but maybe soon.
          canada’s avro arrow almost made it
          a long time ago

          • John

            What the f*** ??!! 🙂

            You’re taking your wishes and fantasy for truth. You really need a reality check man.

      • atanguy

        Yes! Elvis is there too…

        • jacob

          Elvis is still alive, for that fact every one lives forever ,just incarnated in different forms and places

    • the spawar experiments have been replicated.
      NASA GRC experiment prove the fact.
      Mitsubishi Transmutation proofs, with 3 independent methods prove the fact…
      Look ate CERN conference for Celani refenrence, and others.

      it you are honest your current believ that LENr is false might be only lack of information.

      about visible proof, consider only scientific proofs. Industrials have no need to prove publicly their device, except to obtaine allowance and start to find end-user client.
      Rational behavior of a LENr builder would be
      1- as long as it have cash, silent
      2- some targeted (due diligence) demo to big clients or investors. secrets.
      3- demo to certifications bodies (like UL, CE label). might be secret, at least confidential.
      4- 3 month befor selling, a big independent demo by well know institutions,
      5- quick sales before the competitors came
      6- innovation to keep in the race

      Defkalion is on that program, except that they communicate too much at the beginning. megalomania as say stremmenos? Startup spirit as say some others ?

      Rossi seems, until 2012, more to be short of cash , delaying also, and irrational… calling for investors, but not using classic networks…

      the most probable is that he had big problem to industrialize Focardi/Piantelli/Celani ideas, because he is alone (Woomera said that). His demo might be fake or not, but anyway it is impossible to have a well working stable reactor without the electronic control that DGT show, and that since 2012 he seems to use.

      anyway who cares, Piantelli/Focardi/Celani and other Nickel powder experiments show higher energy densities.
      the proof are there.

      if you still don’t believe, look at what mecanism might prevent you to see the facts.

      note that it is not specific to LENR, but to most of recent bubble and crashes in economy, science, …

      of course what is said in that article is that you won’t accept to read it, and if you read it you will deny it’s content.

      red pill ? blue pill?

      I bet you will choose the blue pill.
      even with what I say here. blue pill is stronger than ego and materialist interest.
      Blue pill protect your anticipated asset value from reality.

      credits to Roland Benabou

  • georgehants

    Quantum Biology and the Puzzle of Coherence
    Quantum processes shouldn’t survive in hot, wet biological systems, yet a growing body of evidence suggests they do. Now physicists think they know how.
    “The results may open up new possibilities to design low loss energy and information transport systems,” they say.”

  • georgehants

    Nature | News
    British science needs ‘integrity overhaul’
    Medical academics voice concern over research misconduct.

  • georgehants

    Nature | News 03 April 2012
    US integrity effort hits troubled water
    Allegations by integrity officer who lost his job are a setback for plan to quash political inference in science.