Indian Newspaper Column Calls For Government LENR Program

Here’s more evidence that LENR is being taken seriously in various parts of the world. B.S. Raghavan, writing a column in the Hindu, an Indian English language newspaper, calls for Indian government scientific advisors to study the current research on LENR and brief the Indian government about it.

Raghavan cites a speech recently given by former Associate Director of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Dr M.Srinivasan, who described the current revival in the field of LENR research. The column urges that the Indian scientific community take up serious study of the topic, and not ignore this opportunity for improved energy production.

Here is a golden opportunity that the Principal Scientific Adviser, Dr R.Chidambaram, should not fail to grasp, especially in view of the explicit duty cast on him to create missions and undertake multi-departmental, multi-institutional projects in strategic, technology and other areas of economic and social relevance.

The first essential step is to have the proposal studied in depth by the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet and take it before the Cabinet with a framework and a flowchart for implementation.

It seems that an increasing number of scientists and observers are recognizing the potential of LENR to be an important solution to energy problems. I expect that over time similar calls to this one from India will become more frequent.

  • BigWilly

    If Rossi and Defakalion can crack this cookie than India is sure to.

    • psi

      Agreed. India has a very distinguished tradition of sophisticated abstract theoretical math and physics. Moreover, as Indian commentators have recently remarked in public, the idea of cold fusion is more consistent with Indian cultural values than with “western” ones. Indians as a people are less obsessed with blowing things up than we are. Their philosophical world view places emphasis on the idea that small and subtle causes can have large effects. Gandhi brought the British empire to its knees by making salt. He started the ball that eventually ended Jim Crow when African Americans sat down at a lunch counter or took a seat in a bus…..Cold fusion is right in line with those things – maybe one reason so many powerful people feel threatened by it.

      • Richard

        Agreed that the Indians have the right mentality to pull this off on their own, but I think we may be underestimating the clout of the oil companies. Imagine how much they have at stake in this game, and how easy it would be for them to downplay and ridicule LENR. It would result in the same dead end as Pons and Fleischmann found themselves in. That’s why forums like these are important in raising awareness on a global scale. The Internet may well make the difference this time!

  • I have the impression that in the past the other nations scientific communities had the habit of slavishly following the lead of the United States scientific community. When we dropped research into cold fusion so did they even though some of their people had found positive results. I hope that that link is beginning to break and they can now think for themselves.

    • If anything it would be following the American Acceptance of LENR.

      We have NASA scientists advocating for LENR

      MIT is offering a
      course “cold fusion 101”. scroll down to coarse description on that page.

      LENR is accepted worldwide and doubting this just means your education needs updating.

      What is questionable still is mankinds ability to control this reaction. If not it runs away and melts the metals involved.

      100s of experiments worldwide confirm LENR. 16 entities claim to replicate the Ni-H version of LENR reaction, and 4 entities claim control.

      People like Dr George Miley, Brian Ahern, etc.

      We have entities like Toyota (not american)using their own equipment and supplies confirming LENR results from their rivals at Mitsubishi.

      Every country should be seeking more government research.

      This is a tiny reaction that is known to emit hardly any harmful gamma rays (heavy electrons absorb them and turn into infra red).

      We could replace 600 million smoggy cars with a clean air variety within a decade.

      Imagine breathing clean air in the city. Imagine buying a car that never requires fueling (all fuel built in). Imagine cheap desalination providing water to starving countries. Imagine no oil wars.

      every country should be asking governments for research.

      • sapain

        i got an electric trike, lol, so there is only 599,999,999 to go. one person at a time. solar gives me the electicity to travel at the warp speed of 30km/hr.

    • dragon

      The hidden conclusion from your post imply that USA is under heavy dictatorship from a certain Elite.

      You don’t trust in its scientific freedom anymore and you appeal to other countries (maybe less controlled) to spearhead LENR before its too late and that certain Elite gets control over this LENR breakthrough even in those countries.

      If this is what you think…. SPEAK PLAINLY 🙂


      • BigWilly

        Of all the posts on this blog, which is rife with “scientific Elite” or invisible hands keeping LENR down, Kwilborn’s post appears to just saying that America is leading this albeit slowly.

        I think his sentiments is that it is a tough phenomenon to control but hopefully some entities are gaining traction in this area.


    • sapain

      the creative inventor in the 3 part doc were individual researchers and accomplished hugh steps in knowledge.
      today many scientist work for and/or r supported by government/corp. funding. bell labs discovered the silicon junction, which lead to communication and energy conversion. communication was pursued big time were as energy was put on the back burner. had the photoelectric converter been pursued as great as communication the world would have had energy self sufficiency.

      research is very time consuming and costly. this is the main reason why scientific gains r trapped. once trapped they can be hidden, extorted or manipulated.
      independant inventors/researchers have personal control over their discovery were as government/corp sponsered group doesn`t.

      edison tried to bury telsa.
      morgan buried telsa because of money.
      bell buried solar using patents. wasted 25-30yrs of development time.
      oil is trying to suppress solar.
      F&P discovery went to the oval office, the big boys knew it was a threat to their wallet and killed any funding and attacked it as a hoax.

      the link is weakening, the internet has created mass awareness at a keystock. more people r beening educated for free with unlimited knowledge and reasoning is kicking in. every yr more people r standing up saying enough is enough, when critical mass hits, things will change.

  • andreiko

    V voor victorie LENR !!!!

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  • GreenWin

    Good to see the technologically adept India calling for greater R&D in LENR. Japan, Germany, Italy, Greece, are the real leaders since they are not pretending LENR does not exist.

    The USA is trying to co-opt LENR. Their first move has been to propose an absurd theory called Widom Larsen – the US’s own nuclear physicists all agree this theory is bollocks. Apparently the WL theory which uses “classical” physics, is meant to circumvent the US Patent Office ban on LENR patents. So, we now have NASA and a handful of researchers knowingly submitting a falsified theory in the hopes of cornering patents??

    The US needs to fix its Patent Office – fire the clique trying to co-opt LENR and get some real R&D dollars flowing. Failure to do so opens the door for dozens of other national science programs to patent LENR designs and rule commercial products.

    Hubris. Hubris. Paving the downfall of American science.

    • J the Engineer

      I totally agree with you.

      It’s funny that established, prestigious scientific community believes they know everything about nature and how reality functions.

      Thomas Edison took ~10,000 designs to create a practical light bulb and was thought to be mad by many. He proved them wrong..

      It seems some people forget science is a process of discovery, one that usually begins as an invention in someone’s garage.

  • Money talks bull-expletive walks.

    That said, just throwing money at the problem is not going to solve it. We need a government sponsored X-Prize that will ensure the inventor will be rich beyond all dreams. Too many con-artists come out and claim to have LENR going in their labs but they can’t show it or share information about it because they are trying to make money off of it. Until that excuse not to show me yours is taken away, LENR will continue to be junk science.

    • BigWilly

      “just throwing money at the problem is not going to solve it”

      “We need a government sponsored X-Prize that will ensure the inventor will be rich beyond all dreams”

      These two statements appear to be at least a little contradictory.

      And furthermore the only reason anyone does anything is for money. Do you work 8 hours a day 5 days a week for anything else?

      Just some thoughts of mine.


      • They do not contradict each other if you consider the rules of an X-Prize. Come to the X-Prize committee and show that you have a device that does cold fusion, you get a billion dollars. Well worth it for any government. Not one penny to be paid up front. What this does is takes away the excuse from anyone not to reveal the inner workings of their device because they are trying to market it to make money.

        • sapain

          yep, billion dollar prize, payable by the world.

        • GreenWin

          Ha ha!! Billion dollars! Show me the money.

          • sapain

            a quarter a person is not much, oil bleeds that a sec.

        • Tom

          Instead of paying a billion dollars I’d just wait a couple months.

  • Brad Arnold

    I’ve lobbied several times the Indian paper The Hindu – it would be insane to overlook LENR and it’s potential application to the lives of over one billion of India’s citizens. On a similar note: we’ve got to stop with the false and destructive paradigm of scarcity and zero-sum, instead switching to the infinately profitable paradigm of abundance and win-win. If the West is so ossified and rich that they want to embrace the status quo, then places like India and China will have to lead us into the 21st century. LENR means energy too cheap to meter, and the solution of many previously intractible problems. Shame on Western leaders for being too fat and stupid to seize the moment.

    • Kim

      Fat and Stupid

      I like that.

      Very Good


      • GreenWin

        Brad, Kim… Excellent.

    • Bertuswonkel

      I wish our leaders really were fat and stupid because a revolution would then be much easier to achieve.Our leaders our caught in a web of politics, economics, ignorance and false ideologies. Our leaders are not stupid because you have to be really smart to make people believe it all makes sense! The problem is not the leaders, they come and go, the system is at the root of the problem. We are in dire need of a second democratic revolution wherein companies are governed by the the employees themselves. The problems of the world can only be resolved if economic power becomes more equally distributed.

      • psi

        Fat and Stupid and corrupt?

    • jacob

      right on ,you hid it right on
      if China and India can mass produce LENR
      and sell millions to under developed
      countries, who don’t care about a stupid
      Underwriter Lab. or patents ,i really don’t
      care how it is brought to market and by who,
      but I hope LENR does’nt die and will be forgotten

  • Cold fusion moving in India, a best example,

  • dragon
  • Sanjeev

    More happening in the East. Check out who’s the co-chairman and a surprise in the program schedule.

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  • Bertuswonkel

    All the comments I have read so far of people who are hoping some government or a company is going to invest in LENR research got me thinking. I am a real fan of the early days of the scientific revolution. Back then the scientist had to build most of the instruments themselves. I suggest reading bill Bryson book ‘a short history of nearly everything’ to get a sense of spirit of the age. Sadly, the wonder of scientific discovery and technological advancements is now almost totally commercialized. The only way to get around this system is by building a new one from the ground up. If you are interested in the LENR technology and you wonder if it really works? Why not try to build one! Do the homework, get an understanding of the basic physics, get some people together and give it a try. I would love to see more people engaged in science and technology in a more practical manner.

    • Robert Mockan

      To say that building a LENR device requires a multidiscipline knowledge base and proficiency with experimental procedures and a thorough understanding of what the scientific method is and how it is practiced, is a complete understatement.
      Some extremely fine scientific minds are stumped, about the subject of cold fusion. I think my plan is more feasible. Just show people everywhere how to make the nuclear active catalyst.

      • from Celani, Focardi, Piantelli, Rossi, Defkalion works one can guess that LENR is multidisciplinary, bt not so complicated.

        all todays technology is multi-disciplinary. this explain why Rossi single man commando had problems to stabilize and industrialize his device. and Why Defkalion, and Rossi with his new “partner” make quick progress…

        LENR isn no more research, but engineering.

      • jacob

        getting a little powdered nickel

        some hydrogen

        some catalyst

        Rossi’s building instuctions
        free to the world via internet
        some lead

        some basic skills to solder
        plumbing fittings

        could be built by just about anyone
        for about a hundred bucks