Rossi Responds to Questions

In an attempt to find out more of what might be going on with the E-Cat, I sent a few questions to Andrea Rossi. Below are the questions and Rossi’s responses in caps.

1. a) How is progress going with the production of electricity? b) Are you
at a point where you are able to start building a 45 MW self-sustaining
electrical plant?

2. Do you have any sense on how the applications for safety authorizations
are going?

3. How is progress with building the domestic E-Cat production line?

4. a) You mentioned recently that a plant was being built that would be
open to the public. b) Is this plant going to be purchased by a customer
who has agreed to allow people to visit? c) Can you provide a rough time
when this might be open?

5. a) Can you say how many orders you have received for the 1 MW plants? b)
Is interest increasing?

6. When the 10 kW units go on sale, will air conditioning options be


  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    “Within next Winter”

    Does he mean Winter 2012-2013 or Winter 2013-2014 ?

    • Kim

      Winter of 2013-2014


      • Daniel M. Basso

        next winter in the north pole starts in 2012…

        • daniel maris

          HI last pronouncement on timing was July 2013 at the latest.

          • daniel maris

            Sorry – that should have been “His last pronouncement…etc”

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  • Kim

    This LENR business seems to be teaming with
    lots of people making promises.

    The controlling Elite seem to have given the green

    There seems to be alot of posturing and clandestine
    behavior going on.

    Like “Holy chit, Really! ???, OK give me/us a chance
    to get our chit together, before you say anything or go forward to quickly with this. (caught with your pants down syndrome)

    Must be big money to cause this much silence / distress ect…


    • Sorry to say this but I really don’t hew to conspiracy theories. There is no controlling elite giving their OK to when info is released or attempts to control the story. There is just a confederacy of dunces that choose to ignore anything that disturbes their beautiful little world and a cadre of OCPD snits running interference here in these chat rooms because that is what they are compelled to do. It is much simpler than you think.

      • Kim

        God I hope you are right.


      • jacob

        i think Kim is right on,the oil rich boys
        have tried to pull up their big girl panties in fear
        of losing billions, and buying all their university cronies government bought buddies,their personal slaves the lobbyists
        their press buddies free wine and beer to get them drunk ,to clear their minds ,to come to some quick prevention and lots of misinformation strategy ,so the majority
        of the public won’t find out , and because the oil price is based on speculation ,if
        the majority finds out about this and demands LENR , there will be the end of what can we can charge for gas and oil,based on what the market can bear.

        • GreenWin

          Hah! You people are ALL correct! There is panic in the Orthodox cathedral (of controlled human beings.) There is BANGING on the cathedral door. What is it?? No less than the ghost of Martin Luther – bringing forth the Second Reformation!

          Overseerers will be vanquished. The righteous will rise. Resistance is futile.

    • GreenWin

      Well put Kim.

    • spacegoat

      Agreed the green light has been given because even the psychotic will need energy when fossil fuels end, but not before they’ve had their nuke war to slim down us useless eaters. Just look at the middle east – a farce peddled on the MSM to prepare for war.

      • It feels more like sabre-rattling bluff to me – at least for as long as Obama sits on the throne. The US right wingers are just crazy enough and stupid enough to go for it though.

        Meanwhile here in Europe we’re watching fuel prices hike through the roof as the oil flow from Iran stops, due to our incompetent puppy dog governments’ ‘sanctions’ backfiring.

      • sapain

        the west is trying to slow down the development of the east by controlling the energy flow. war with iran will be the distruction of the western elite. no oil out of the persian gulf will collaspe the western economy. 90 days of oil supply won`t do the trick when it will take yrs to rebuild the oil infrastucture.
        what happens if the electrical grid is knocked out in a dozen places.
        who will 300+ million people vent their anger on. there r alot of fingers pointed in that direction now.
        the world will b pissed at those responsible for allowing it to happen.

        i`m glad i have solar and an electric vehicle.

  • daniel maris

    Well you bowled him some easy ones there!

    Why didn’t you ask him about the current location of the 1 MW plant. Was it still in his Bologna facility? Or has it finally been shipped out?

    Adn what about his statements re gamma rays and so on, compared with his statement to the Florida BRC?

    But maybe you wouldn’t have got any answers then!

    • People need to understand that any emission from a nucleus is a gamma ray by definition, which can range from negligibly weak to, I’m not sure,…perhaps 20 MeV. It is the energy produced and the shielding available that matters.

      • daniel maris

        I think I understand that. But it’s not really an answer to the Florida BRC’s question is it? They want to know if there is a nuclear reaction…possibly Rossi resorted to a legalistic definition.

      • Warthog

        Nope. Look up “beta decay”. Also “positron emission” (actually both are “beta decay”…one emits an electron, the other a positron…..from the nucleus).

        There is also “alpha decay”, which is emission of a Helium nucleus.

        Lots of nuclear emissions besides gamma rays. And not all gamma rays come from the nucleus….the above-mentioned “positron-decay” results in two 0.511MeV gamma rays when that positron hits an electron and annihilates. Said gammas go off in exactly opposite directions.

  • John

    I’m thinking you asked him some “easy” questions there just in case he got upset and spurned your questions.

  • What once was only 18 months, now took 2 years, or 24 months, and soon dir {an who are 2 and half years and more and more … the way it is and is not to wait but as expected the fall.

    • jacob

      or not at all

  • What once was only 18 months, now took 2 years or 24 months, and soon will say that two and a half years and more and more. This is how everything happens and nothing remains but to wait, but wait a lifetime?.

  • WOW, What A wealth of information.

  • Mauzen

    Didnt he say air conditioning will be standard with the first domestic ecats at first?

    • Martin

      No, he didn’t. It would be available sooner then the electricity generating module though. And possibly even at launch.

    • alex

      Not that I can remember. So far the only guarantee was heat. R&D for Production of electricity started a few months ago, supposedly. A/C was left out as an optional upgrade later, right around the time he spoke of lowering the cost to be competitive at 500 Euro per kW. Things have changed since, and apparently he believes it could be done, but still as an expensive upgrade. My guess he will offer an electrical generator upgrade and you would just hookup a regular A/C unit up to it. No one knows anything, or if this is all even real yet. The output may not be flexible in voltage, amperage, or frequency as most generators are.

  • Brad Jones

    Thanks for the update – sounds like a typical business start-up – we wish Rossi and his Team well !

    • jacob

      no UL certification ,no factory,every thing
      is in limbo until then.


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  • Dave

    Amazing how Rossi can talk so much without saying anything at all. It’s all about things he’s going to do in some undefined future. All of this without doing anything he said he would do by now. Why does anybody believe this?

    • daniel maris

      Yes, it’s rather disappointing, all so vague. Not encouraging for those of us who are otherwise inclined to back him.

      Let’s hope he comes good on some of the vague promises.

  • GreenWin

    There is a lot more developing in the general area of “zero point energy.” See the current discussion at underway re: TerraWatt Research in CAli. They have a magnetic motor-type energy device and it is a company staffed with extremely weighty advisers including William H. Webster former Director FBI and CIA.

    The ecatnews trolls have refused to answer the challenge put to them. Explain why an eminently accomplished group of science, military and law enforcement leaders have endorsed Zero Point Energy?

    Here’s TerraWatt link:

    People, I hazard to guess there IS an external attempt to prevent the human race from evolving – as universal divinity would want.

    • Ramo

      I see just one person trolling there about some perpetual motion nonsense. Looks like one forum is not enough for the troll.

  • Alexvs

    4,541 voters have given their opinion about Mr. Rossi’s E-Cat.
    Mr. Rossi has produced hundreds of announcements about his E-Cat.
    No independent qualified man has had access to test E-Cat energy balance.
    Get your own conclusions.

    • Redford

      Pr Levi had access to it for 17 hours. At first I thought he was part of the crew but it seems he isn’t. If that’s so he is independant and qualified.

  • Alexvs

    Hello Mr. Admin. Why am I banned?

  • Alexvs

    Excuse me. Refreshing problems.

  • Thomas

    Rossi is very special … He is the only man on the whole world who is glad to have a CAPS-LOCK key on the keyboard 😉

  • georgehants

    Institute of Science in Society
    The Z Theory of Everything
    How cold fusion and antigravity experiments led engineer/physicist Frank Znidarsic to a new causal theory that relates all natural forces and might well have interested Einstein; but is he right? Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

  • Sanjeev
    • Oh dear, the wheels seem to be coming off the gravy train at last. They shouldn’t complain – its had a pretty good run considering the ROI.

    • The whole thing started in the late 60’s when people became excited by Russian progress with their Tokamak machines. Scientists went before Congress and exaggerated the claims of progress and future potentials by painting the Tokamak as being in need of only a little bit of research to make it into an engineering device capable of producing useful energy out. Now, many decades and 42 billion dollars later we still are at least two orders of magnitude away from a useful output and the cost would be so astronomical as to require the full faith and credit of the United States to produce such a power reactor. Even then, the lifespan of the device might be so short that it would be an economic failure. This type of hot fusion device is a fraud perpetrated upon the gullible public and a gross distraction from other means to the same end. Go here for another pathway:

  • georgehants

    Mainstream Science warming to Cold Fusion?
    Cold Fusion & LENR – USA
    Cold Fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reaction News in the US!

    He comments on the presentations at CERN by Drs. Srivasta and Celani and at the “Emerging Technologies for Space” conference in Texas by Dr. Miley and cites both as evidence of a growing acceptance of LEARN in the world of mainstream science. He states that, “These are NOT foolish institutions or events. Although there is no official endorsement of the claims made by the presenters, you can bet your next suborbital flight that these groups would take every precaution to prevent their reputations being tarnished by allowing dubious claims being made under their tent.”

  • georgehants

    A Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion – lenr-canr by E Storms
    This is a temporary replacement for the Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion. A new version of that document will be uploaded in March or April 2012.

  • sven

    Seems that Rossi is not going to revel anything to the public in the near future. That was a rather quick change in attitude towards the followers of this story. Defkalion went dark at a very similar time. So possible explanation why they did that could at least include,
    1) There is a technical problem with the control of the process unresolved and therefore public demonstrations are simply not reliable, something they would not admit due to their previous announcements,
    2) There are business reasons for this, new partners stepped into the companies taking practical controls of how information are published. This could either be a partner enthusiastic getting things done or this could well be one or more of the current energy/oil players having almost endless resources to delay the process as long as possible.
    3) Then the conspiracy theory that in an upcoming presidential elections in the US, getting an undeniable proof of a new energy source, affecting the nations energy policy, foreign policy, climate policy and even war strategy, is too much to handle at this point. The problem might have been solved by giving the key players, like Rossi, an offer that they could not refuse. If this is the case, we are not likely to hear anything from this directions for months or longer. Looking at how Nasa turned their head in less than a second after the publication the video from Dr. Zawodny makes you wonder…..what powers are involved.

    • georgehants

      sven , what is so wonderful is that the long history of debunkers and naysayers, because of the Internet is coming to an end.
      people are free now to see the ridiculous and bankrupt arguments that these people put forth.
      They cling to the only rational justification for abuse and attack, the illusory protection of widows and orphans from the ogre of Cold fusion monsters.
      Everybody will have noticed that when challenged on a view or opinion they move to the planet Mars and collapse into a quagmire of irrational abuse and nonsense.
      Psychology is beginning to research the condition that has existed from time immemorial of the person unable to move on, caught in unexplainable web of confusion when faced with a science that suggests on evidence that the Earth may not be flat.

      “I am attacked by two very opposite sects – the scientists and the know-nothings.
      Both laugh at me, calling me ‘the frogs’ dancing master’.
      Yet I know I have discovered one of the greatest forces in nature”.
      Luigi Galvani (September 9, 1737 – December 4, 1798).

      • sven

        Information and knowledge is one thing, but the interests can be huge to prevent that info from being used.

        If we take a simple example, let’s say that you have a net profit of oil business of 20B$ per quarter that would be turned into 5B$ if a LENR technology would be confirmed and generally approved. Then you should spend up to 15B$ per quarter to maintain that situation or until you can change the new discovery into your favor. If you don’t do that, you are failing your shareholders.
        So if LENR is real and the other energy segments are not trying to influence it, that would be a surprise. Call me paranoid but this will be stopped if it can and in the case of Rossi and Defkalion that are in this for the money, that should be fairly easy to accomplish.

        • sapain

          u forgot an even larger losers, bankers and governments.

          i also look on the other side, the industries that have their bootom line affected by oil.
          google is at 30% self sufficieny for producing it`s own power and is into alternative big time, how much would they save.
          rail, water transportation, vehicle manufacturing, mining, etc.
          what % does a company spend on energy.
          this is why the western governments r not pushing solar. solar is worse than lenr would b. ask urself why solar manufacturing is not big time. why does the west only have a few solar manufacturing plants and why it took china to push the volume up and cost down in the west.
          with 1.5kws worth of panels on every roof would cut into power producers big time and cripple it.

          1 300w panel will produce a daily average of 1.5kwhrs/day. at $0.10/kwhr that`s $0.15/day. not much, but multiply it by a 100 million people. thats $15 million/day of lost revenue.
          this money stays with the individual and is directed to other sectors like food, clothing, debt reduction, investment into personal long term equity.
          solar is also a buffer against inflation.
          inflation is going to hit electricity producers big time, which will pass down affecting everything that oil does.
          an $800 300w panel will pay off fast once accerated hyer inflation kicks in and elecrticty costs $0.30/kwhr. stores will raise their prices, land tax will go up to cover municiple usage, etc.

          people that learn to live in harnomy with the sun will benefit greatly. as the saying goes, make hay when the sun shines.
          in my $800 solarium, i have a clothes line, saves lots even in the winter and speeds up the drying process (a clothes dryer costs $400 new and depreciates fast, that`s half the cost of the solarium), extends the growing season by a few months, inceasing food production. saves $100s in heating costs. one simple, cheap, low tech device that can b built in a few days will save $1000s/yr. and protect against inflatation.
          how much would a simple solarium take away from the energy sector. my solarium saves me $3/day, a million solarium would take away $300million/day.
          solar electric and heating would cripple the corperate energy sector, banking and goverments.

          the power to save the economy and the way of life lies in the individuals hands. 100million+ strong will win the war without a shot bing fired.

          • BigWilly

            Guys don’t forget about the horse and buggy tycoons. They are pulling all the strings. Rossi and Defkalion have shown working units but the horse and buggy tycoons have masked their results and usurped their claims.


          • It cost me $20 to build a solar air heater that I attach to the south side of my house and that provides 75% of my heat during the winter. I have to remove the glazing in the winter to allow ventilation through the enclosed window. Granted my 500 ft^2 house doesn’t need much but you get the idea of what can be done provided you don’t mind the architecturally ugly sight of a giant storm window attached to your beautiful shack. The three patio windows that make up the glazing were from discarded patio windows and so the cost was only for a few 2×6 and 2×8 boards and steel mounting brackets and paint.

          • One of the biggest losers of all would be the nuclear industry. Their influence is massive – much of the impetus behind ‘green’ policies based on spurious ‘AGW’ theories, is designed to leave only one serious option – nuclear. The one alternative here in the UK – tidal power (hydroelectric lagoons) was shut down a couple of years ago by the government, which does everything in its power to subsidise nuclear and toss obstacles into the path of other generation methods. They are now proposing ‘carbon capture’ as a way to meet the ludicrous promises about reducing ‘carbon emissions’ made by our now ex-energy misister, which will at least double the cost of gas powered generation, as a backdoor way to promote the interests of the nuclear lobby. Until we can expose and get rid of corruption of this kind, we have a major problem ahead with our own governments trying to shaft us every which way.

    • simply think about the interest of actors to inform the population.
      As long as they let people doubt, it let them time to surprise the competitors.

      For defkalion I eve think it is more simple. The radio-silence seems imposed by the testers, who are big organization, afraid of publicity, and afraid to be ridiculized if it is false. afraid also of patho-skeptiks and fans…
      they also want to control the communication, and radio silence is required…

      for Rossi, he is too eccentric to be understood, but a rational investor would ask him to shut up, and fly under the radar until he can bomb the target… hard for this proud man.

    • jacob

      ok sven, it is going to be some time for LENR to manifest it self into some thing you can put in you shopping cart ,however there are other free energy
      concepts which are under construction in Indonesia,
      South Africa ,and Australia and it is an electrical
      power plant which runs by the power of the universe,or I quote ” Hidro+ Hydrodynamic power technology ,works based upon the natural phenomena
      of the universe,being the primary renewable energy source” end of quote
      1 under construction a 1000 MWe in Tasmania ,Australia , 1 MW by City Council of George City,
      South Africa and up to 20 MWe plant in Djaktarta,
      Indonesia with it’s first leg to be commissioned in july /Aug this year 2012.

      technology invented by James Kwok ,and technology
      is protected by a world patent , and many other patents.

      and it is called Hidro+TM Hydrodynamic power technology.

      google it and learn and raise your awareness

      also kept out of the news and TV media ,just like
      any other competing technology that competes with
      you guessed it ,black gold

      • sven

        Well unlike the LENR that actually is not a free energy concept but based on burning fuels that can never be harvested again, this technology will never work. It’s a typical free energy concept where people believe they can simply by changing the form of energy few times, get a net gain out of the cycle. In this case the fault is that the energy that is needed to press sufficient air into the buoyant is exactly the same amount as will be gained by it’s up-float. That is, net gain of zero. Getting patents on new methods for creating energy from moving objects does not proof the principle of the free buoyant energy. So this is not something I’m buying into. Hope I’m wrong.

        • jacob

          it is hard to believe and it sounds
          crazy at first ,but i never seen it
          work myself ,so i am not 100% convinced of it ,but why would some
          one build a unit if it doesn’t work
          go and spend a lot of money ,hire people to build them , if it doesn’t work,and he is an engineer ,seems intelligent and down to earth, so what have we not been taught in our school system ,there is something missing somewhere,we base our believes and opinions on what we have been taught and that is our current reality ,which may
          change as we open our minds to learn more.

          thanks Sven,time will tell,if it is for real

        • I think that the Hydro+ system extract energy from the atmospheric pressure,
          see my explanation here:

      • I have found the claim on Kwok’s site about the ‘proposed’ Hidro power plant at Devonport, Tasmania, but finding any verification is another matter.

        To me this looks like just another of those Escheresque systems that look feasible but are simply not possible. There is simply no entry point for additional energy anywhere in the system. Sterling Allen’s ‘picks’ have a habit of going tits up just before push comes to shove (like the recent South African magnet motor) and I don’t think this one is any different.

        LENR is (IMHO) real, but I agree with Sven’s earlier posts, and I don’t think we are very likely to see any applications outside of direct military and corporate control, and not for a long time. Each time anyone seems on the brink of a significant development in LENR, they suddenly ‘go dark’ or are disbanded, disappear (Ahern, Miley), recant in public, or in Rossi’s case, just make more and more claims without justifying a single one of them.

        Frustrating, or what? I think I’ll go and kick the dog.

    • Knighthawk

      You forgot
      4) Their claims don’t match reality.

  • Brad Jones

    Rossi is not interested in explaining once again to the Bafoons who call them selves skeptics of what they have no clue about, Mr Rossi has already showed the experts and most are on board.

  • Roger Bird

    Hot air

  • Guru

    in few words: DESPERATE

    week old interview: “e-CAT open for public”
    after one week: “no, no public, only for Levi, my son and my two plumbers”

    • Knighthawk

      Exactly! What a laugh.

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  • clovis

    HI, guys
    No one knows how to handle this thing, it’s new .
    Your guess is as good as the next guys. And the big energy boys can’t control the whole dam world, when I learned that the Japanese,and Chinese has already began experimentation A while back,well that just cinched it for me ,
    now time will tell. myself I like Mr. Rossie and believe him to be a highly intelligent and honorable business man.and can’t see anything that he has did that is so odd, with the exception of inventing a machine that will change and save the world, a hero in my books. And thanks (Frank) for all you do to keep us informed on all the latest news, and insights on LENR/e-cat And too the rest of you guys for sharing your knowledge on the subject many thanks — Clovis

    • Rui

      I’m100% behind this statement. Thanks Frank for keeping us informed

  • Rossi is the Tim Tebow of the energy world…no talent, but at least he has everyone talking about something

    • Tim

      Happy Easter to you! I wouldn’t say that Rossi has achieved anything like the Heisman Award, or led a team to two National Collegiate Championships, or helped motivate and turn around a losing NFL team and take them to the playoffs for the first time in 6 years. I would think that Mr. Rossi would be happy to be compared to Tim Tebow. If Mr. Rossi has any where near the talent in his chosen field as Tim Tebow, he’ll have even more fans and even “yee of little faith” will benefit from his accomplishments.

  • I’m starting to feel victimized now, opening these emails, only to find another empty tease or information-free announcement.

    Please wake me up when SOMEBODY has a proven product or scientifically repeatable demonstration, and not before.

    • jabba

      I feel with you.

      I’ve been following this whole story since last spring. Now one frickin year later there is still zero independent information/evidence.

      IMHO there will be no product nor any scientific verification any time soon.

      All we are going to see and hear is the same BS as now. A lot of chatter with zero content. Welcome to the “cold confusion”.

      • Ash

        What did you expect from a convicted con artist? Scientific breakthrough of the century?

      • sapain

        the present day lenr=the sun.

        `solar solution` removes `cold confusion`.

        90 miles x 90 miles is enough to power the present needs.

        if every one added their own personal 10m2 to the energy matrix, it would be solved in no time.

        no more pressure on the eviroment, more money in the wallet.

        • jacob

          good point

    • Knighthawk

      About time people woke up to it. Congrats.

  • Lu

    Rossi’s messing with us.

    • Kim

      I think he received his phone call
      to: “Tone it down a bit”


  • georgehants

    Cold Fusion Movies And Video
    Best Movies and Films about Cold fusion energy

  • Colin Connaughton

    I quote:-
    ‘2. Do you have any sense on how the applications for safety authorizations
    are going?

    3. How is progress with building the domestic E-Cat production line?

    So, if the safety authorizations have not been certified they why are the domestic ecats being produced? That doesn’t make sense at all. Cart before the horse! Suppose the safety officials required a change in the design of the domestic ecats? Pfff!

    I just don’t see the ecat, if it works, ever getting a safety certificate.

    • qc_jym

      production line is being built, not the Ecats!

      • BigWilly

        Nothing is being built.

  • George

    blah, blah, blah… The only question remains is when will Rossi run out of “anonymous” companies to verify his product? As time goes on the fears of this being an incredible scam and the thought that Rossi may walk away unscathed only to perpetrate another in 10 years only increase. Perhaps this is why God made us mortal.

    • Allen McCloud

      I love how people will use god as an explanation of things and yet think Rossi is a fraud. God/religion = the biggest fraud that’s been going for thousands of years. However, Rossi might be a fraud… but at least he is real and can be held accountable for his actions.

      • artefact


      • jacob

        keep religion far away from
        but if you mean God as in Universal
        Master Creator , a force why electrons
        spin around each atom ,and why E-cat
        works and our conscience is tied into,
        that is a different matter all together.

        Religion is a man made mess , has always
        been a mess and will always be a mess
        just like politics .

      • Stephen

        Agreed 🙂 I think we have significant open problem with the meaning of existence… but not any answer will do for me so yes: I once was religious but one day I concluded it was a man-made fraud!

        Skeptic to the bones… :p

        Yes, at least sooner or later this eCat business will be sorted out. For the rest I guess we can only wait to die 🙂 Hopefully the first one comes before the other one 🙂

  • pierdonia

    Looks like UL is giving Rossi a reality check.
    UL is all about savety for the customer, they will approach a new technology with extreme caution, demanding and defining many tests. Not only zero hour, but in particular worstcase end-of-life situations. Obvious focus areas will be radiation, high temperatures and explosion hazards.
    These tests will take a long time (at least half a year each) and may need to be repeated if the initial results are not completely satisfactory.
    It’s thus not surprising that Rossi’s timeschedule is expanding. Actually you could argue it is proof that UL is now very much involved in certifying the E-cat and see this delay as a positive signal.

    • jacob

      UL is a club for the big boys ,to control
      what gets to market ,if I owned a big oil
      company ,I would voice my concerns , and send
      some envelopes with cash by fed ex and ask them to drag it out as long as they can .

      • jacob

        I think AR is the original inventor,but
        i have to agree with Sterling Allen , as he went to visit Defkalion in Greece a while
        back ,demonstrating to him a 20 times increase of heat output , and already have
        so much going on ,he was saying 18 countries
        bought to rights to manufacture the 45KW
        thermal unit, to built 18 factories with capacities of 300,000 units each totaling
        capacities of 5.4 million units a year,
        factories set up as franchises .
        Each factory pays 40.5 million Euro for
        licenses , and appearently they have the proper permits to sell them.

        hope that Andrea Rossi still pulls it off

        but still think Defkalion will be the first
        to bring it to market.

        • dsm

          Reality alert.

          Defkalion didn’t produce a world beating LENR reactor from out of a magician’s hat.

          But this is just what they claim to have done!. Just ask yourself how a company that started in Dec 2010 with just an idea (to sell home heaters with Rossi eCats as the energy source), could in mid 2011, terminate the arrangement with Rossi and then claim they had an even better LENR reactor – it just doesn’t happen like that.

          Labs around the world can’t come anywhere near Rossi’s (& now Defkalion’s ) claims of LENR energy.

          Sooner or later more folk will wake up to the reality that magic is a lousy substitute for reality. Only those folk who want to be tricked will keep believing.


          • good question.
            most of the companies that try LENR do it with palladium/deuterium. no hope.
            Most a run by small budget and scientists, not by businessmen and engineer. needed.

            rest of the industry is clearly in denial, so whatever happend won’t see it.

            The strange fact is Piantelli claims of last july, claiming :
            – that he own patent
            – need no catalyst
            – will run a business with partners…

            clearly with Piantelli, Celani, focardi results, any good engineer team can build a machine.
            If a reactor produce as much power as Celani claims, at 300C, with a COP>>2, any good engineer team can make a COP as high as possible (insulation is enough) until it melt… to avoid melting, standard technique of command&control are needed.

            but you are right, one could expect that few serious engineering companies do the job…
            Maybe the denial is the cause.
            the business that believe in cold fusion are not enough funded and competent/staffed in standard engineering.
            If defkalion try that job it seems because it have seen the e-cat (badly) working and get convinced denial was irrational.

          • by the way, pretending that no company except defkalion have engineered LENR, mean that Ni+H LENR is fake/net ready imply that Celani/Focardi/Piantelli experiment are faked.

            this mean that 3 competing scientist, with 3 different protocols, have faked their huge results (nor risk of error, since power is huge).

            if their results are true, Defkalion results is simply EXPECTED.

            note that LENR Pd+D, is real, accumulating various peer reviewed independent test… so no need of extraordinary evidence.

            so 2 solution :
            A- Conspiracy of fraudsters
            Celani, Focardi, Piantelli have frauded. Rossi and Defkalion followed.

            B- Ni+H working, denalism toxic
            Celani, Focardi, Piantelli, have found a powerful energy source. Rossi as a single man company barely succeed it making it work, but could not engineer it, until he get some help by someone who see the e-cat work. Defkalion have seen the e-cat barely work, and design their own reactor (from the public works, or from some hidden scientist, like Piantelli…)

            which is the most credible..

            once you remove the impossible, then remains the truth.

          • jacob

            DSM ,as i said before AR is the guy that started it,and suddenly comes out of woodwork
            those that a sniff of H and NI
            but ,AR blew the cover off and had a working unit,before those copycats got started.
            But now the race is on to
            built them fast and Defkalion is on the fast track.
            However wrong it may seem that Defkalion will make a killing on something they
            borrowed, ok stole,we all benefit from it all.
            the bigger Defkalion makes it the better they will in the end be able to pay ,Andrea Rossi for the patent infringement.

            Maybe if some of you remember the lawsuit between
            kodac and poleroid ,poleroid
            won for the first ones to have invented the instand
            but after ,may have been 30
            years or more after poleroid
            was rewarded a huge settlement,and kodac just wrote a check.
            they had the money ,because they profited from copying poleroids camera.

            If AR is worried every body
            will copy his idea,he may as well not get out of bed in the morning.

            I think AR never has to worry about making his boat payments ,because he will just buy them with cash.

          • jacob

            alain, thanks for your input,
            LENR has been accepted technology to those in that field ,nobody wanted to be the first to be ridiculed like
            rossi did and they all gave him a hard time.
            Rossi had the guts to do it,after they just about killed him, LENR impersonators see he is still alive , and now these scientists are saying with still a little hesitation,we
            know LENR works and have known it all along.

            and now its out boys 🙂

            Pons and Fleischmans discovery had worked all along ,but was snuffed out by corporate greed.

            So now I dare say LENR is
            cold fusion,but it was called LENR because the word cold fusion got a bad rap and cold fusion was considered impossible


  • sapain

    i`m working to build an ebike charging system. finding companies that will allow solar to be grid rigged and allow ebikers to charge for free. company will get excesses power for free.

    system will b expanded on need, non profit.

    ebike=48v with 10amphr capacity to go 40-50km.
    480whrs or less per charge.
    300w panel on hand tracker, 300w x 8hr aver.= 2400whrs.
    1 300w panel-$800
    1 grid inverter-$150
    1 outside plug/s
    1 tracker-$100
    20 labour hrs.

    • jacob

      sounds cool ,good luck
      wish i would have a bike like that
      when i used to bike to school in West Germany
      in the 1970’s
      now i need something that is comfy to sit on
      like my dodge ram or land Rover

    • We have 300 days of sunshine per year on the ranch. We also have tweekers (meth heads) in the neighborhood. They drive around on quads looking for things to steal. Let me break it down for you:

      300w panel-$800 – gone
      1 grid inverter-$150 – adios
      1 tracker-$100 – ciao
      20 labour hrs. – 5 minutes to rip it out and haul it away
      priceless – lesson

      • sapain

        never seen a solar system touched yet, with security cameras and numerous people around, i don`t worry about crack heads.

        they mayb happy having a place to charge their cell phones, better yet they might get an ebike and turn in the gas guzzler. quads cost $10k, ebikes only $2.5k. then having a place of free fuel.
        even bad guys like helping a good thing, their own will deal with them.

        • Two miles down the road they’re building solar ranches. I kid you not each one of these involves the installation of a million solar panels. The bigger solar ranches have two million panels. The ranches generate gigawatts of clean power.

          The difference between a solar ranch and Rossi is as follows.

          1. no need to tear up square miles of high desert (not that anybody cares – there’s nothing out there)

          2. employ 300-400 people for 3-4 years (Rossi is a one-man-band and only employs himself)

          3. the technology is available now and actually exists (there is no corroborating evidence whatsoever to prove anything Rossi says)

          • jacob

            solar is great ,wonder about
            the life span of those panels
            how long do they last?

          • jacob

            I mean if no one steals them

          • sapain

            over 100yrs, with recoating of anti-reflective surface, infinite.

          • Gregoryyc

            Not true.
            Efficiency of Cell itself deteriorates visibly down to around 70% at around 25 years never mind colateral repairs if not kept up will cost ya the whole new panel just as much. .
            They give about max 30=35 years then replacement cost kicks in. From what I was told by dealers.

      • Daryl Neal

        I am sorry for you Mr. Ponzi. I too have been burglarized at least four times in two years. Copper pipe, CastIron working heads.,Electrical wiring cut away from my building ,welding grounds and leads cut off my welder.Etc. I’m pretty pissed off.

  • the snake

    hahaha any email from Nigeria promising me a $10mill heritage from a deceased uncle I never knew off sounds more convincing than these antics from an Italian impostor. eee eeee pronto pronto eeee bene bene

    • Knighthawk


    • The Nigerians are getting a bad rap. The Nigerian spam scam is actually composed and generated by a white guy who lives in Innsbruck, Austria. He is right next door to Switzerland where his bank accounts are located.

      • Dr. Ugudelu Sinawe


  • Brad Arnold

    It is a race to successfully commercialize LENR. Defkalion will soon publish independent test results on their LENR generator the Hyperion, and Brillouin Energy Corporation says it might license their boiler technology that would swap out with existing coal and natural gas boilers. Rossi is in a race, good luck Prometheus!