Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy Comments on LENR Research

I wanted to bring attention to comments that Robert Godes of Brillouin Energy has been making on an earlier post about Brillouin’s work. Sometimes comments in old posts get buried, and I thought it useful to bring attention to an interesting comment of Godes about the cost of running LENR tests. He wrote:

“Actually all it takes is the money to pay for the test. You put up the $500K and SRI will run the test and wright the report! Actually Fran at SRI is getting ready to publish papers that show putting a big pulse of electricity through a Pd wire loaded with any form of H produces excess energy. BEC just has the technology to make that wire last a long time while producing the extra energy. I had nothing to do with that experiment or the one performed by Tom Claytor at LANL. That experiment was based on the presentation. The parameters were not correct to produce 4He but is did produce tritium from high purity deuterium with not fast neutrons or 3He formation. That proves that what BEC published in E25Tec.PPS is what is happening. Well at least that the process is the accumulation of low energy neutrons that can be formed by creating rouge waves in a lattice loaded with H.”

It’s always good to hear directly from people involved in the research process, and apparently there are interesting reports to look forward to coming out of Stanford Research Institute (SRI) from their work with Brillouin. Thanks to Robert Godes for his comments here, and I hope we can hear more from him in the future.

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  • jacob

    Brillouin ,just figured it out too,

    I though I had it all together,but then
    i forgot where i put it,up to then i was
    sure,if you couln’t make it in life ,you
    become a comedian ,when no one laughs at
    your jokes you still have another way to make
    the world go around .
    BECOME A POLITICIAN ,no grade 12 required ,need
    to have the gift of gabb ,
    if that doesn’t work out , get some nickel and put it on the beltsander ,to turn the nickel into a fine powder and a little hydrogen bottle go to home depot get some plumbing fittings and a little lead, get your buddy who is a plumber and knows how to solder use your other buddies warehouse , and in a few days you are ready to charge 500,000 buck for a test and it even includes a free test, wow

    • jacob

      i mean free written report

      • Your view of how the world works is rather cartoon like.

        • jacob


        • jacob

          is i not funny? we are all
          puppets we may as well be in a cartoon

  • dragon

    I see there are a lot of con artists working in LENR field.
    Is this a new artistic field, like movies or theater? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • dragon

      That was a comment to the first comment from somebody… that now is gone?

      • jacob

        some comments are missing,are we being
        edited already?

        • If you say something coarse, your posting will be deleted.

  • interesting.
    look like widom-larsen, with another cause …
    less incoherent with experimental results than many other theories…
    too bas they don’t work on nickel, and in gaz phase. much more easy to make an autonomous reactor in hot gaz phase.

  • Renzo

    With little recent news you may find interesting another whisper from Daniele Passerini’s blog:

    1. Do you regularly meet or speak with prof. Levi?
    2. What is his mood?
    1. Yes, I speak regularly with him as we have been doing for the last 30 years (you don’t know how much I’m amused by reading someone stating the opposite with confidence). We live in different cities and we both are busy with job and family but we almost always meet on the occasion of holydays and long weekends. For instance yesterday evening we had a dinner all us togheter 4+5=9.
    2. Good but somewhat tired. He follows 100% the line adopted by UniBo, that is – using my words – not to enter into debate with those who think science must be settled on blogs nor with fake american journalists in cahoots with special interests, etc… but to present the check with interests to all the fake “good samaritans” once the time will come for the official scientific peer reviewed answers by UniBo.

  • Robert Mockan

    Use a nickel wire in hydrogen gas and you can do the same experiment. In fact it even works with Nichrome resistance wire, that is a nickel and copper alloy.
    You can demonstrate LENR by putting a resistance heater using Nichrome heating elements, that you buy at the store, into a container of hydrogen gas at low pressure, and turn it on. Measure the temperature on the outside of the container filled with air and you get one temperature. Measure it filled with hydrogen and you get higher temperature. You can get an accurate measure of the LENR generated power by measuring the power into the heater, and measuring the heat generated by the heater with a flowing water calorimeter about the container. All the nickel hydrogen LENR products do is go to small size nickel particles to increase surface area, add ingredients to increase more spillover of atomic hydrogen onto the nickel particles, and increase hydrogen diffusion through the interstitial spaces of the nickel lattice by hydrogen gas pressure and temperature cycling, with or without the presence of an external magnetic field, and with or without additional lattice and hydrogen stimulation with ultrasonics, radio waves, AC magnetic fields, and so on. If you want proof of LENR, just do it. It is not rocket science.

    • Matt S


      That is fantastic, it may not be rocket science, but it is still out of the grasp of some of us on here to try it for now, but please keep it going.

      On another note, I recall from a comment you made a few weeks back that you were having a few issues purchasing equipment and materials for your experiments with LENR from your supplier, do you have any updates on what happened there, and any other odd activity you may have witnessed because of it?

      • Robert Mockan

        I’ve been working around the problems. Ended up buying 50 kilos of chemicals on Ebay, from companies not yet affected by reporting requirements to inform the DHS. However certain specialty chemicals needed to make nuclear active nickel catalyst will need synthesis. These additional steps will delay that video.

        The Nichrome wire experiment is part of another video using an ice calorimeter. Heating the wire in hydrogen maintains the reaction temperature range for the nickel alloy surface. Measuring power to the wire, and measuring melted ice volume and calculating power required, provides the difference between just the electric power, and electric power plus LENR power.

        • What does the Department of Homeland Stooges have to do with LENR? Sounds like yet another “I want to but I can’t” excuse. Rossi can’t because the free enterprise system doesn’t let him. You can’t because the don’t ask don’t tellers stop you.

          • Robert Mockan

            As far as I know the DHS has nothing to do with LENR. It is the chemicals that need purchasing. Unless being purchased for legitimate DBA application, individuals can run into difficulties. For example hydrazine, the alkali borohydrides, metal acetylides, and so on. Not only do all require DOT hazardous shipping packaging, but many companies will not sell them to individuals because of their use in clandestine drug synthesis. The list includes many laboratory solvents.
            These kinds of purchases have reporting requirements now to the DHS. and many companies,to avoid possible problems and expense of compliance, no longer sell them except to government or company laboratories. Not an excuse, just an observation that one can run into obstacles trying to obtain them. This results in having to synthesize, and then purify them, when they are needed.
            Rossi has his problems, but different.

    • Please tell us that you have in fact conducted this experiment. Do you have photos and data?

      • Robert Mockan

        Conducted yes, but using Nichrome heating element directly and not in a store bought heater design. This is essentially just the Piantelli configuration, except he was using an external heater coil to heat the nickel and nickel alloy rods he was experimenting with. Using a small section of resistance wire and heating with electricity directly in hydrogen with an ice calorimeter is a smaller and simpler procedure. The video clips need editing, text, and voice over. It will show a test tube in an ice calorimeter, with the vacuum pump, hydrogen gas supply, power supply, power input meter, and data charts and graphs. When will video be ready? With ongoing problems I’ve been having, can just say soon. Sooner the better.

        • daniel maris

          Soon? You’re a Rossi in the making Robert! LOL

          • Robert Mockan

            I will try to reverse that understandable perception.
            People want results, not excuses.

    • jacob

      Robert,nichrome wire as far as I remember is 80%
      nickel and 20% chromium ,years ago i used nichrome
      wire inside a pyrex glass tube to burn water,but did not work,not hot enough, I ended up using a carbon rod hocked up to a welder,inside of a pyrex glass tube to get water to burn , to burn water one
      needs a temperature of at a very minimum 1200 Celsius ,large amounts of hydrogen are produced in steel mills, where water is reacted with red hot steel,
      however i was able to burn water a few times,when i could light the steam ,but it would mostly explode, similar to backfire, and was hard on the nerves .
      But in the end i gave up on it, even though a well
      kept secret that water turns to a plasma state,into single atoms of H+H+O under a vacuum at
      450 degrees celsius ,i did not continue ,it was all rather dangerous, as were my experiences with
      tesla coils ,where i have been badly shocked a few times with high voltage.
      this bloc is rather interesting to me , because i am building and educating people ,
      on centrifugal force machines and how to extract
      energy from the background fabric,the force that
      spins electrons forever around the atoms.
      every one knows if you drive twice as far with
      your car it takes 4 times as long to stop
      if you go 5 times as fast, it take 25 times as the distance ,nature always puts in 50% besides
      what you are putting in
      swing a hammer ,drive a golf ball, the speed of the
      impact determines the distance .
      my units are built on centrifugal force, around 20000g force and work quite well.
      and there are thousands of people who are working on this ,but will not come forward ,because some
      did and applied for patents and the had visits from swat teams ,and had to sign some forms ,it is
      top secret and falls under national security.

      the faster you learn how the system works, the better you are off.

      your washing machine is a prime example of the 1000g force your clothing is subjected to on the spin cycle

      by doubling the rpm ,it quadruples the g-forces

      everybody knows how a water wheel is powered ,the weigh of the water pushes on one side of the water wheel.
      if the weight of the water was a thousand times heavier in a rotating machine ,and the machine had 2 water wheels mounted on it,one to right of the center and one to the left of the center and water flowed from the center shaft outward to the 2 water wheels, with proper gearing and power take off,and you have a self running machine.
      It has already been done
      and it takes years to understand the power of nature and by watching her you will learn

      one such man was Viktor Schauberger

      there is no energy shortage in this world.
      we believed what we were taught
      and that is our biggest hurdle to overcome
      seeing such a working machine you will be at awe
      and cant help but keep watching it run , waiting
      for it to stop ,but it doesn’t shut off until the
      valve is closed.

      • BigWilly

        Mr. Jacob,

        I am a Mechanical Engineer and I have always been fascinated by exponential things such as centripetal force and air drag like you discuss above.

        Unfortunately these relations do not yield free energy. I could be wrong and if you could prove any of the free energy methods you mention above you would me a modern messiah and civilization would beat a path to your door.


        • jacob

          Big Willy , thank you for your response,and I will try to explain
          where the free energy manifests itself in a high speed rotating frame,according to physics centrifugal force is a fake force and
          in most universities it is quickly
          passed over ,as physics today does not except the eather or magnetic votices all around us, you may have
          operated a electric hand hrld grinder and when it is running at high speed and you want to quickly
          turn it ,there is a force of resistance, where high speed rotating wheel interacts with the fabric of space.
          if over
          speed is reached ,the wheel
          loses the magnetic bond of the molecules in the wheel and disintegrates .
          we all know centripetal force equals the centrifugal force as long as the string doesn’t brake,
          to obtain a mostly centrifugal force ,a liquid needs to be used,like transmission fluid like i prefer because it does not foam
          up when the rotor is running.
          to get a reaction less force the fluid needs to flow into the center of the rotor,and as soon as it enters the rotor the fluid needs
          to to spin at full speed before it is allowed to flow out radially into tubes that make sure it flows out radially ,the power in put is to turn the rotor ,bearing friction
          air friction and spinning of fluid
          in intake tube before it flows radially outward, producing 4500psi
          under pressure by outward acting forces ,oil exiting out of tiny
          nozzles at end of the radial arms
          and reducing the driving force required.
          oil heats up with in seconds with a thermal output of 40000 btu’s
          drive motor running at 600 watts after oil is hot , 750 watts when oil is at room temperature , operating temperature of oil 95C.
          heat exchange coil used to determine btu”s by flow rate and
          temperature in and out. rotorspeed
          12000rpm g force of 20,000
          rotor 10.5 inches in diameter,2 arms ss 1/2 inch balanced rotor body 2.5 inch extending in to sump
          12 inches tube closed on top with machined place for highspeed bearing running without seals ,lubricated by a small flow of oil
          from the top of hub, bottom of tube
          tapers down to 1.25 inch , and stationary tube feeding return oil under low pressure from sump ,oil recirculating ,flowrate 10 gallons per minute
          motor 1 hp 3450 rpm with 7 inch pulley,rotor 2 inch pulley with flat belt same as serpentine belt
          on cars, this just one style of
          model to heat a house better than 10 times less money compared to heating oil

          • jacob

            i see myself not as the inventor ,the first i heard of it from what was called the
            messiah machine invented by a Syrian farmer a long time ago,and the Peter Lindeman website,but i didnt put 2 and 2 together until I discovered
            the centrifugal force calculator ,and set down for a few days of and on
            and started to built some units,which at first didn,t
            work and left it alone,until
            i started building and balancing 2 armed rotors,and a real quick way of building it with just one
            machined part,made out of a 2.5 inch cold rolled steel,
            nozzles are only 1mm each and oil spray is opposite of rotation.
            and provides some driving force ,if i change the rotation of the motor and oil spray goes opposite the rotor will not come up to speed, testing of up to 20000 rpm has not benefitted
            g forces reaching 50000 benefitted not because of limited oil flow through roughly 1 inch opening on stationary feed tube.
            but the simplicity of this small rotor is well worth it

      • And here I was about to throw out my old washing machine never suspecting it could be turned into a magical-magnetic-centripito-energy-hydrolyzer thingy.

        • jacob

          haha ,thats funny

      • Anthony

        The effect you mention is seemingly similar to the one proposed by Mark Sullivan. Who yesterday appeared in the show Shark Tank. I think this show will give this man a lot of coverage and perhaps solve all our energy problems.

    • Stephen

      Yes, and I am Marilyn Monroe…
      Boo boo bee doo… do you recognize me now? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Stephen

        Com’on, if it was that easy we would not be here discussing about it.

        But, anyway, I might be wrong of course. If IT IS this easy I suggest you to stop posting here… go and do the expriment and show it to the world. Then you could easily… let’s see… get the Nobel prize and then… probably it’s quite probable you can become the richest person on Earth.

        You are wasting your time here ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • jacob

          Steven,come on,i don’t think anybody is wasting their time here, robert is giving us some valuable ideas here ,each of us is contributing
          something here , not everybody understands at the same level,it
          can be a brain overload for some
          people ,seeing is believing.

          Richard Clem engine, self running
          300hp on the dyno
          Joseph Papp engine,selfrunning on
          noble gas , 350 hp out of a 4 cylinder engine,the gas explodes on compression , the gas expands and returns to it’s original form,
          get compressed and explodes again,
          no valves.
          Stanley Meyer,running his car only
          on water.
          Joe Cell ,engine running on orgone
          causes repulsion of gravity

          the, I might be wrong ,yes you are
          google them

          • Stephen

            I think the fact is that to me seeing some engine running on no energy source… is more or less equivalent to see Jesus landing with a spacecraft in my living-room in this very moment. Same level of shock. In LERNs at least there is a possible nuclear source… but again admitting it is there and ready to be used it’s equivalent to… maybe not Jesus landing here, but the Virgin yes… ๐Ÿ™‚ that kind of surprise level.

            Don’t get me wrong: it would be very cool… I hope reality will surprise me.

            I don’t think we waste time anyway… I just said if sbd has something as huge (and it would be HUGE) as a working LERN reactor… why spend your time talking, posting etc… I would just jump around in mad joy and plan about how to save the world. Seriously.

        • Robert Mockan

          LOL! It isn’t about doing it, but selling it. I like the idea of a viral You Tube video that gets Tweeted exponentially about making LENR nuclear active catalyst or fuel.
          Put an E-book on Amazon Kindle to detail more completely than what is in the You Tube. And sure, any body who can do that would do well to do it. But I’m not quite there yet. Soon.

    • Jed

      You state: “increase more spillover of atomic hydrogen onto the nickel particles, and increase hydrogen diffusion through the interstitial spaces of the nickel lattice”
      1. Can an in-situ source of atomic hydrogen be created in an atmosphere of pure methane, propane, ethylene, acetylene or hexane or mixtures thereof with an inert gas diluent subjected to electromagnetic fields within an arc or plasma created by an alternating field pulsing device?
      Ref: De Broglie or Dr. R. M. Santilli method of creating neutrons.
      2. Can a small bleed by use of a pressure releaaw valve at opposite side of said example gas be energized to create active forms of H by passing same through a series of insulated gaps such as spark plugs fitted into a tube through T’s prior to flow through reaction chamber and fired by devices such as RFG, Tesla Coils, Buzz ignition coils, Lesion creating oscillators and other triggers. What frequency would you suggest?
      3. For the nichrome heating wire coil, within the reaction chamber, would you suggest dozens, hundreds or thousands of turns activated by which: alternating, direct current or pulsed DC?
      4. What metal hydrides, by rank, would you try as an alternate source of H?
      5. Do you believe that the Rossi chamber residue showing Ni and Fe point to a catalyst of NiFeH powder prepared by heat sinter, reduction to powder followed by H treatment?
      6 You speak of active “catalyst” dispersions in cavities within solids. Can they be dispersed in non reactive liquids as well?

      Carry on. You are the best.

      • Robert Mockan

        Energy efficient methods of atomic hydrogen synthesis are contact ionization with hot filament, high voltage corona discharge (like in neon sign), and microwave irradiation. Items 1 and 2 in your list can also make it but at lower energy efficiency.
        Frequency has more to do with electron resonance in plasma than any vibratory state of molecular hydrogen when doing an energy activated conversion, because it is electron impact in the plasma that causes the molecule to atom conversion. The literature reveals the 27 Mhz and 2450 Mhz bands have both been applied for RF mediated conversion, but that is because those sources are common in laboratory use, and not because of hydrogen molecule nuclei properties. In discharge conversion a Woods tube with porous sintered glass disks separating the electrodes from the conversion zone, and with the inner walls orthophosphate coated, works well for greater than 90% conversion of molecular to atomic hydrogen. Contact ionization is also efficient, but power is lost through radiation from the incandescent filament.
        Item 3 on your list assumes more than the design I described. The purpose of my original comment is to point out a way others could demonstrate LENR using conventional readily available appliances, in this case a resistance heater that uses Nichrome wire. My own experiment uses a “small” piece of flat wire from such a heater, cut so it fits into a test tube where it can be exposed to hydrogen gas pressure cycling. Thus I know the whole heater would also work, but would require a container large enough to hold it and able to withstand collapse from external atmospheric pressure, with low gas pressure cycling of hydrogen inside. My lab grade power supply is just to heat the wire, not provide other means of activation except by pulsing to induce greater diffusion. There is a company that does use a long length of wire with current to heat it and high voltage pulsing in their experiments, but that design is not something the lay person can do with a hardware store heater.
        Item 4 and 5 might be one and the same, although a rare earth addition would provide faster uptake. There are many possibilities for a separate hydride source of hydrogen. The Fe may be a product of nickel transmutation. This gets into what exactly is the composition of the Rossi catalyst that has increased the thermal power generated per unit mass of the catalyst and fuel, and what specifically is he using to increase spillover of atomic hydrogen. There are other ways to accomplish what he has, and my bet is they will function in a superior way, but more progress requires more funds
        to determine what exactly he is using. Meanwhile if one is willing to increase the amount of nuclear active catalyst to compensate for the reduced thermal power per mass ratio, up to 100 times, then one can still build a reactor using just nano-nickel particles that is fully functional. Instead of 1 gram catalyst and fuel per 100 watts thermal power, one would need 100 gram for 100 watts, getting 1 watt thermal power per gram without using any extra activation energy. I do not believe heat sinter is appropriate to maintain catalytic activity. It would tend to anneal the lattice defects, precisely what is not desired. Although mechanical milling would work, I suspect Rossi is using a solution method of precipitating nickel particles from a solution of metal salt, most likely the nickel chloride or nickel sulfate, as these are less expensive than others. These can be easily reduced by sodium or potassium borohydride to give nickel nano-particles from 3 nm to 10 nm size. After centrifuge and washing the clean precipitate it can be activated by hydrogen gas pressure and temperature cycling until the powder maintains an elevated temperature immersed in hydrogen gas. Your item 6 would have the same powder dispersed in liquid with ultrasonic energy used to enhance hydrogen gas (under pressure) diffusion though the nano-particle lattice structure.

        By the way, everything I’ve described in my reply is documented in the literature in experiment “descriptions” that were done 5 to 10, or more, years ago. One problem in the LENR field is that the follow-up reports on results of those experiments seldom seem to get published. There is only one reason that happens in science, keeping in mind that negative results are always published. Something happened.

        Take my comments for what you will, but it has been clear to many that this technology is only going to get developed when “every person” knows how to make the nuclear active catalyst and fuel, and practical engineers working with the technology start building devices using LENR catalysts and fuel.

    • James McC (Belfast)

      If you want to post video or other details, maybe put them on
      – where others are reporting interesting home experiments.

  • X-prize

    The Open Source LENR Project
    Has a new “How You Can Help Now!” page.

    One thing they ask is this:

    Help us prevent fraud and self-deception.

    Through the years fraud has followed the search for free energy with many people operating scams that have separated many millions of dollars from hardworking people.

    We want to prevent even one dollar of this project from being part of such a scheme.

    In that context we are asking everyone to give us advise on how we can prevent that from happening.
    How can we let everyone know that this for real and not a scam?
    What should we do differently from what we have outlined on the home page of this site?
    What can we say or do so everyone world wide will know that any money donated will go toward its intended purpose?
    Please leave any suggestions in the blog on this website.

    • Stephen

      A method for preventing fraud and self-deception…?

      Here you are…

      • Stephen

        …in particular, anything belonging to science should be first of all “falsifiable”… i.e. it should produce something (a prediction, an effect, whatever) which can be objectively verified… and either proved or disproved.

        …differently somebody who is promoting a fraud will typically do anything possible to avoid any chance for his statements to be objectively and independently checked and maybe falsified.

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  • Can he not spell write correctly? “Wright the report”??? I lose faith when people cannot spell simple words.

    • I don’t lose faith. It’s par for the course. Communism failed. Capitalism works. Capitalism, in a nutshell, usually means that a very adept and often highly intelligent individual, who didn’t go to school or dropped out, but knows how to snow everybody extremely well, calls the shots. This God’s gift to humanity usually earns 1000x (not exaggerating) what you the highly educated and moderately intelligent individual earns. Get over it. Get used to it.

    • daniel maris

      You obviously don’t type at speed then. It’s quite easy to do as the brain starts working like a stenographer.

      • Andy Kumar

        That is funny but true. God works in mysterious ways. For the record, I still have not lost faith in Rossi.

  • daniel maris

    Great news! Certainly one to watch.

  • GreenWin

    Some VERY interesting abstracts of papers presented at the 10th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals

    Lots of international scientists reporting and working on LENR. Only MIT’s Hagelstein is representing the US. Another reason USA is a follower not leader in LENR research. But there is a new area of physics well underway – in spite of disconsolate orthodoxy.

  • Alan DeAngelis

    Ragheb and Miley thought that tritium could be produced by an Oppenheimer-Phillips reaction in D-Pd.

  • Brad Arnold

    It is too bad that Brillouin is sitting on a gold mine, but doesn’t know it. Predictably, the government will insist upon centralized production of energy from LENR initially, so the “Brillouin boiler” to be swapped out for coal or natural gas dry steam production will be the favored government technology.

    All Brillouin has to do is hire a very powerful PR firm (like Henry Kissinger’s – yeah the old guy is still around). Brillouin spending that much of their limited budget on lobbying and PR means they would have to make a paradigm shift from the technological to the political, which is very likely a more difficult thing for them as developing LENR for successful commercial applications.

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  • i was reading throught some of the posts so i identify the theifs to be plumb interesting. abject my english seriously isn’t exaclty the top. would there be anyway to transalte this into my argot, spanish. it could really help us a lot. since i may be using a par while using the english terminology towards language.