Rossi Prefers ‘Making Before Talking’ — What Would You Do In His Shoes?

In a recent response to a reader asking questions of Andrea Rossi about the state of progress with the E-Cat project, Ross made the following comment:

Dear Mark Saker:
You are right: very much is going on behind the scenes, because in this matter is best first do things, then talk of them.
We will give due information of all the facts we will have made, while during the making of them we prefer to work in silence, to work better.
The 1 MW plant is for military purpose, it cannot be seen, but when we will have (soon) a plant in operation that will be visitable, People like you, who have helped us, will be invited to visit it.
Very important things are in the making, but, again, I prefer making before talking.
Warm Regards,

It’s a familiar refrain from those who have been following this story. I have been wondering what the advantages would be if Rossi decided to change his strategy and start providing more detailed information about what he is doing.

What would happen he invited people in to his factory and workshop to see the production line being built, and see the testing on his E-Cats in progress? What if he released more video or photos of his He would be taken more seriously by people who say his whole story is some kind of fabrication — but he would probably have to deal with visitors, both supportive and antagonistic. Competitors would likely be scrutinizing his operations, trying to understand his technology. If his co-workers and employees could be identified and questioned they might not have the same discipline as Rossi in being able to keep a lid on sensitive information.

So as frustrating as it is for we who want to know as much as possible about the E-Cat, I can see the logic in Rossi’s stance. He is clearly developing his technology from the point of view of a businessman — not interested in releasing his secrets in an open source manner — and so he is doing what he can to maintain a competitive advantage and protect his trade secrets. This happens all the time in the business world.

So, assuming he has the technology he claims, would you do anything different? I’m interested to find out if people think there might be a better way for him to operate at this stage of the game.

  • jabba

    I am so tired of this trade secrets excuse. It is pure BS. You can demonstrate a working device without disclosing its function.

    Now one could question why Rossi isn’t doing it, maybe because there is no working device? I bet the blue box is still in his workshop getting the fittings replaced.

    But true believers are incapable of understanding this. It doesn’t fit into their reality I guess.

    • Allen McCloud

      So you have done interviews/polling with these “true believers” and have data on what they are and are not capable of understanding? I want you to demonstatate this claim or I call FRAUD!!

      • jabba

        Rossi himself, others and OP have used the trade secrets issue to explain his modus operandi. No need for polls, just google a bit.

        Or are you trying to imply that Rossi and his supporters(true believers) understand that the trade secret argument is just an excuse. LoL. Thanks you.

        • Stanny Demesmaker

          You know you have to have solid proof to accuse someone of fraud.
          When you follow this story for a long time, you know it’s very unlikely that this is a fraud.
          In two months Defkalion will give a press conference. Until that moment all the discussion here will be useless.

          • twmemphis

            Interesting, so we have to have proof to say it is fraud, but Rossi needs no proof to have a group of believers working for him.

    • If you are so tired of it why are you still here? Are you here at the command of your OCPD?

  • Paul Stout

    Rossi is better off if most of the world does not believe this is real – until such time as he has a product he can sell you right now. By maintaining this lack of certainty, he is keeping competition to a minimum.

  • Jason

    In my career I have worked on the bleeding edge of technology. Be patient, there is much more to do and these things cannot be done on a predetermined schedule because there are still many things to learn.

  • John

    I guess it takes a while to “make” something. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut in the beginning. On the other hand, if he’s an investor scammer, it makes sense to talk instead of show you have nothing.

    I’m not saying he’s a scammer, it’s just that his behavour resembles one to a degree.

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  • PersonFromPorlock

    If Rossi believes in ‘making before talking’, he must already have made quite a lot of stuff!

    • sparks

      LOL, you beat me to it!

  • Quote “assuming he has the technology he claims, would you do anything different? ” unquote
    On the other hand, we can also say assuming he does not have the technology he claims, would you do anything different ? Playing secrets is the best way to keep a story alive.
    The point is, independent expert review of the calorimetry to support such extraordinary claims would not compromise at all the secret know-how of the technology. Mr Rossi and his team has refused this. Having no stable working device could be a reasonable explanation for this refusal. Considering his history and the inconsistencies that came to light in calorimetric measurements, this attitude is more than suspicious. If he wants to keep secrets, why did he do any demonstrations in the first place ?
    We need to have open eyes, being true believers does not help. This is science and technology, not religion and wishful thinking.

    • Stanny Demesmaker

      People don’t have to focus on Rossi. The main focus right now is at Defkalion where there are tests going on.
      Most sceptics try to silence Rossi because of his odd behavior but are very quiet about Defkalion(see Krivit). While Defkalion claims that it can start its reaction in minutes while with Rossi it takes an hour to start. Also Rossi only claims a COP of 6, while Defkalion claims COP of 20 to 30. So the sceptics needs to focus more on Defkalion not on Rossi 😉

    • sven

      Looking at Rossi’s behavior without having all the cards on the table is probably not going to lead to a sensible conclusion. He needed the fuss around his invention originally to get investor interested. He created a demand for his technology from a point where almost nobody knew LENR existed and to the point where he got according to his own claims, investor on-board. Now he either got the money needed to complete the process and market what ever he got, or he got payed off to stop the process for political or business reasons. The only damage done by doing the demos is that we, “the believers”, are getting frustrated, but who cares? At least Rossi shouldn’t. So for the most frustrated, relaxing and taking a 3-6 month “Rossi news leave” could be the right thing to do. Nothing big is going to happen from that direction anyway during this time.

  • Robert Mockan

    A paradigm shift is needed here. Until something better comes along than thinking, more minds working on a subject progress faster understanding it than one mind. A linear introduction of LENR technology into the market place will delay the benefits to many people for a long time. Both issues can be addressed by revealing the exact composition of the nuclear active catalyst and fuel, and how it is made, to EVERY PERSON, now. Once they have the fuel, technology development will come fast and furious.
    Because lack of energy…kills. Although we may not feel the lack in industrialized countries, most of the world needs more fresh water, more food, more education, more… energy.

    • sapain

      there is no lack of energy, there is a lack of energy converters.
      solar will desalinate all the water necessary, food no comment, and yes more education. teach how to collect and convert quartz into silicon, teach how to purify silicon, teach how to dope silicon and to shape it.
      create 1000s of smelters for quartz to silicon.
      create 1000s of solar cell plants.
      teach how to build stone homes, how to build tidal power, how to greenhouses and grow food.

      90 miles x 90 miles is all that is needed to supply the world and is not much space.

      • Robert Mockan

        Lack of energy converters IS a problem, but the reason for that lack is THE problem. Governments control energy to control people. A converter fixed by location or with a variation of power output can not be secured against the government Nuclear power (any kind) in the hands of individuals has a large enough energy density that it can meet, not only energy needs, but the levels required for any defensive purpose. In a sane world of course solar energy would be the primary source. But we do not live in a world run by sane people.

  • Karl

    Of course most of us that have followed the LENR saga hunger naturally for more information. These in comparison relatively quiet days, is hopefully the silence before the storm. To my understanding Rossi have been giving a lot of information hints already during the last 18 month. It is probably mostly competitors or pseudo-sceptics supported “god knows from where” that are screaming highest for so called more proofs. Rossi has already given more information than most entrepreneurs would do in his position. With his previous talk he has already helped a lot to steer up and create a lot of hot air around CF/LENR again.

    • Per

      I agree. Everytime Rossi demonstrates something he will be met with scepticism. It is probably best for him (and the technology) to work behind the scenes, provided that he now have an economy to do so. There have been hints that a lot is going on behind the scene from himself and from other sources. Attention will only take focus from the development.

      The next big news I guess will be the public 1 MW plant unless Defkalion shows something of substance.

      • twmemphis

        Well, if Rossi was a “scientist” as he claims, then he should know and understand that a demonstration to other scientists requires to be very clear and provable. He can not convince any professional with what he has done so far.
        We do not talk about little measurement-errors here, but about things that obviously make no sense to be claimed without proof.
        Example: What sense does it make to show a bit of steam that seems to be by far less than what he claims and not even providing any kind of evidence that the output values he claims are right?

        It is like driving a car through the city and saying “I am driving 250km/h” but not having a speed-meter in the car! And all the professional watchers are guessing that it was no more than 100km/h and wonder why he says he would be driving 250km/h!

        Would all this happen to a real scientist? NO!
        And wouldn’t a real scientist avoid that mistake in the next demonstration? HE WOULD!
        Wouldn’t a real scientist be interested to prove that he is not an idiot, but telling the truth? YES, HE WOULD!
        Just Rossi does not care.

        Since almost two years Rossi seems to be the only person talking. Is there only one person working on the E-Cat, just Rossi? Don’t other involved people have something to say as well?

        And since almost two years Rossi says “I will prove it, wait for the product, it will come!”.
        Yes, we wait and wait and wait. The 1MW plant again did not bring the promised proof. Nobody, really nobody has ever reported anything about testing the e-cat himself. The suspicious buyer of the 1MW plant never said a word, he is still a secret and the 1MW plant still seems to be not delivered.

        So what do we have today?
        We still have the same that we have since January 2011 or before. Just words from one person called Rossi, demonstrations that showed a little steam but no real measurements and lots of more words (again only from Rossi) that everybody who still has doubts would be “a snake”.

        Well, what shall we think?
        My opinion is not to talk about it any more and completely ignore Rossi until he has something to prove to to show or to sell. Until that time I want him to NOT write any more forum-entries, and not discriminate the people who do not believe him. He better should leave us all alone with his messages, stories and rumors until these are provable, with peoples names, company names, real evidence. I do not want to hear “NASA” without a name of a person that someone can call at NASA to get a confirmation for it. I also don’t want to hear of any other companies or universities as long as they are not associated with real persons names and straightforward information.

        If everything is so secret, then stop talking about it until you can bring facts.

        • Jimr

          There is no doubt that Roosi presently does not have a working, CONTROLED device. There is still some hope that Defkalion may have a partially working device. It appears that several individuals and companies have been working on Lenr for some time and may be as advanced or more advanced than Rossi. Rossi’s main accomplishment is that he has brought Lenr/CF to the attention of the world.

      • Rossi is not a scientist, neither an engineer, but an eccentric businessman with engineer competences and interest in science…
        It is his strength to fight the collective delusion, but also his curse.

        at last he pretend to work first, talk second… smoker promise to stop smoking!

        with tenderness I don’t believe much…
        Anyway, maybe he is more comfortable and need less to communicate… maybe he have a boss.

        A businessman have no reason to communicate, and many reason not to communicate, until he need funding or clients.

        this is the style of scammer to communicate too much, and the only serious reason to fear of Rossi and DGT, until recently.

  • Barry

    I respect a man who is diligently working on a new technology that can change the world. What I don’t understand are all the critics whose tone is one of wanting him to fail.

  • Tom

    Personally I’d completely open source it right away, no questions asked. Then no matter what any old patent says, I’d get the recognition and the world gets energy. But I’m not a businessman or an engineer.

    • Matthew

      If LENR as he describes it is legit (and I believe that the theory of hydrogen fusing with nickel, producing copper and heat, is plausible) then Rossi deserves to be the wealthiest man in the history of human civilization. Despite what you, or anyone else says, anyone with a development like this would not release this into the public domain for just the recognition.

      • Tom

        I certainly would. Money would be the smallest factor when deciding what to do if I made this development. Problem is, I didn’t.

  • sapain

    playing with the bones of others.

    military=tax dollars=bones of others.
    if the military is financing rossi, then the people r financing rossi and he is indeed playing with the bones of others.
    military is controlled by the elite, so much for the little guy.
    rossi is playing with the military industrial complex. joining the distruction force of the world.
    if rossi cared about world events, he would b with the little guy and helping to stop the distructive nature by showing the world and stopping the global conquest of resources.
    rossi is turning out to b the snake.
    i`ll support china and solar, since they r more interested in the little guy.

    • adam

      even people who want to change the world need money to do it, the military has it, and rossi needs it.

      • sapain

        don`t need money to change the world, a good thought and the proof will do it by itself.
        prove it to the people, and u won`t need the military industrial complex, it will make them obselete.

    • Andrew Macleod

      You really think that China cares for the “little guy”? LOL I guess that is why they censor the Internet and throw people in jail for blogging dissidence.

      • sapain

        actually internet censorship goes on in the west.
        14 students were shot for dissidence against nam.
        ows protesters get beat and jailed for dissidence. same for g8 summit protests.
        china forced solar to cheap levels and is forcing it down even more. they showed the world the real price of solar. whole sale solar is $1/watt.

  • X-prize

    This is a better way!

    The Open Source LENR Project


    • Karl

      I do not think it is a bad attempt to create an open source in in the field of LENR. It is however strange the man that is said to be behind it, Gary White seems to be the same person that tried to persuade officials to check Rossis potential “dangerous radiation activities”. If this attempts is for real, it could be a good move. On the contrary if this set up is a new attempt to hurt the reputation of the serious personas or activities in the field of LENR it is really bad? Is there someone who know more about it?

    • Robert Mockan

      I have some suggestions.

      The equipment required to do basic LENR experiments and verify the experiments of others, includes electronics, computers, data logger, software, machine shop, vacuum system, and so on. Minimal cost $100,000. Set that lab up and have a project lab technician do basic LENR experiments, and post results. Every body needs to understand how these kind of experiments are done. THEN,
      evaluate requests from members and vote on what experiments they want to see done. Post the cost evaluation and budget. Do those experiments and post results.

      These are the goals listed:

      “Goals of the Open Source LENR project.

      The first goal of this project is to create the first homestead that is heated and cooled with LENR, and with all electricity provided by LENR.
      The second goal will be the design and engineering of different types of devices for sale to the public.
      The third goal will be manufacturing LENR heat and power generators for delivery worldwide.”

      I suggest instead THESE goals, in order:

      1. Make nuclear active catalyst and fuel, do the basic experiments to demonstrate it works, then send products samples to a testing lab and obtain a COMPLETE materials and energy generation evaluation. This can be done with a differential scanning calorimeter over the entire temperature range, with hydrogen gas pressure and temperature cycling. SCAN the official documentation of those tests and POST them on the web site. No more jerking everybody around with unsatisfactory details preventing any person from making the catalyst. POST ALL details of HOW TO MAKE IT, so even an 8 year old kid could make it.

      2. Offer online assistance to any person who decides to make the catalyst themselves for their own projects.

      Then just get out of the way, because everything will start to be developed fast and furious once people know how to make the catalyst and fuel.

      I would expect complete megawatt level reactors, engines, and drive systems for boats within a year after people know how to make the catalyst in volume.

  • Dave

    If I were in his shoes with a device that really works as he claims it does the first thing I would do is get it verified by multiple independent 3rd parties such as researchers at MIT, Harvard, and CalTech. That would allow me to then get a patent on the device because the world would know it works.

    • I would leave CalTech out of it. They are too closely associated with NASA (parent company of JPL). NASA has completely compromised itself in the field of LENR with the Joe Zawodny video. Harvard specializes in humanities. Don’t fret. There are many top notch technical universities around to do the job. Also you might add that these types of institutions have Non Disclosure Agreements and what not, in other words, legal ways to protect inventions that they evaluate.

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  • > the 1 MW plant is for military purpose

    There are two reasons the government keeps secrets

    1) to prevent damage
    2) to prevent embarrassment

    This military smokescreen (1) excuse might work on everyone else. But it doesn’t fly with Charles Ponzi. Sorri Rossi:)

    That said, I have studied Rossi’s situation and I have concluded that the problem is obvious and so is the solution. The solution to the LENR problem is an extremely generously funded X-Prize to be paid out only after proof is presented. The prize would be enough to make a person just as rich as if he were to start his own business and make lots and lots of money in the free enterprise system.

    • So, you are proposing a prize that runs at least into the hundreds of millions to billion dollars? Where do you propose that money come from and why waste it that way when self interest will do the job at no expense to anyone but those who want to invest?

      • Self interest coupled with deceit is what you have now. Satisfied?

      • sapain

        yes, $1 form every person on earth as a reward or prize.

        • Robert Mockan

          Even 1 cent per person would work for me.

    • sapain

      GE has a $200 million fund to help inovative ideas to add to the energy matrix.

  • I would have done less talking and demos if I was Rossi. He is the lightening rod due to his refusal to deliver to some people what they un-rightfully believe to be their right due to their impatience or their arrogance.

  • Josh

    Rossi ‘Making Before Talking’… like the pregnant girl explaining her abstinence.

  • I don’t think Mr Ros sure to prepare the applications. At this moment, nobody can’t invest in the research for applications. ( Because the little e-cat can’t work alone to heat a home, for example: it needs mixing systems, heat exchangers, regulation )

    • From what has been said or is known about the 10kw device core it can easily be adapted to other external devices to suit the purpose.

  • daniel maris

    This is pointless speculation.

    Rossi has invited the accusations of scamming through his lack of transparency. It’s up to him to show he has a workable device. He says that will be on the market by July 2013. Well, let’s see what he brings forward, if anything.

    one thing would help. He could tell us whehter the 1 MW plant has left the building.

    • Robert Mockan

      No product until July 2013?
      LOL! I don’t think people are going to wait that long.

    • Roger Bird

      Yes, this is pointless speculation. What we need is hard news.

    • Initially he hoped it (10kw) would be on the market in the Autumn 2012 but now he has hedged somewhat to allow for by the end of 2012.

  • daniel maris

    If the phenomenon is real then open sourcing it should be reasonably straightforward.

    I would certainly support open sourcing. If successful LENR could be developed with an international charity to bring cheap electricity to poor isolated parts of the globe.

    • dsm

      Rossi is totally disingenuous in this remark as it was he (with capital letters) who trumpeted that he had working commercial ready LENR reactors.
      In fact Rossi has an amazing hide to make such a remark – it was he who called in NyTecnik’s Matts Lewin to publicise his claims – he flew in the 2 professors from Upsalla.
      Rossi claimed NASA was going to test his eCat.
      Rossi simply lies.

      • Bigwilly

        I feel like Rossi is in the “heat death” of this scam/oversight/delusion/whatever.

      • dsm

        PS – my post wasn’t intended to be chanined off Daniel Maris’s (sorry Daniel) but off the main story.


  • Wes



    The whois record for shows hosting adress: PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St Bellevue, WA 98007. This hosting company has been associated with a number of scam complaints (mostly “Adult” sites). OPENSOURCELENR.COM plans to solicit donations, according to the site. Why would anyone launching a legitimate open source site get hosted with a service known for supporting shady businesses? Enter the address in your browser to research for yourself, before you decide to make any donations to this site.

    • X-prize is hosted at:
      Name Servers:

      There is just a privacy lock until the trust is created, then the site will be transferred to the trust.

      If you have any questions why don’t you ask them on the blog on the site?


    • X-prize

      Oh, by-the-way this is the same hosting service that Andrea Rossi uses:
      Name Servers:

      Maybe you should be calling for a “scam alert” for Andrea Rossi.


  • clovis

    I would open source it, it would be too much for little o me,you could make a killing,just lecturing,write a book, and giving interviews,You could make yourself more money than you could ever spend,let alone go down in history has the man that saved the world.and made our beautiful blue planet, clean and on the recovery,and if it don’t happen it should.—smile

  • X-prize

    I see that there are a lot of good ideas here. It would be nice if these ideas would also be posted on the new dedicated blog here, for the whole world to see:

    The Official Blog – Open Source LENR Project


    • Karl


      This is an obvious empty site free from any kind of information and know how in the field of LENR.

      It is most likely a scam site but the purpose of it is dubious however.

      It may not be money but part of the attempts to discredit LENR activities, especially if it connected to the dubious goals of a person operating under under the real of imagined pseudonym of Gary White.

  • Brad Arnold

    First, it is understandable that Rossi would want to build a manufacturing company from the ground up – it is the same uncompromising attitude that gave him the fortitude to try (tens of) thousands of LENR experiments to find his secret Italian sauce.

    OTH, I would proceed on a business and political level, successfully implimented by a lot of military/industrial companies. First, find a group (PR or law firm) of people who have tremendous contacts, and proven results, then enlist them to build a web of supporters. Second, sell hand picked investors on the venture. Third, act as a figure head of your newly minted super company. This paradigm goes with the flow, and is the opposite of the Rossi approach of no compromise, but it would be be the fastest, surest, and therefore the best way to guarantee LENR emerging fast (and still making more money than one man ought to have).

  • David

    If I had a working design I would prove it out and then license the rights. Attempting to build it myself would be as complex and expensive as it is unnecessary. One solid, undisputed public and independently verified demonstration would be enough to make hundereds of millions in licensing rights the first year. The fact that Rossi is not doing this is something that I grow increasingly uneasy about.

  • georgehants

    It is fact that beyond speculation and opinion the Rossi, Defkalion situation is unclear.
    It is equally clear that the Cold Fusion situation in main-line science has been shown to be fraudulent, incompetent and totally unscientific.
    As the Rossi et al situation will clear of it’s own accord with time the only worthwhile discussion until new Evidence arises is how to correct the terrible crimes against Humanity committed by the Scientific establishment and members.
    23 years of censoring and hiding Cold Fusion either by intent or incompetence is enough.
    As Flavio Tabanelli has said regarding Cold Fusion —
    “It is imperative to lead the fight against lobbies on all fronts in the name of justice, equality and welfare of the world population …”

    • please don’t talk of conspiracy or lobbies.
      it is simple group-denial, collective-delusion.
      those pretended lobbies are so sure to be right, despite the proofs
      (that if not believed straight like they swallow fashion stupidity, should raise doubt and fear, thus conservative measures)
      don’t even try to avoid the possible Tsunami.

      they will only accept when thousands of people say they are happy with LENR, and even they will be sure that they are fan and not rational…
      Only in their basement, they will accept it. And to protect their belief they will refuse to install it in their basement. Exactly like Enron Boss who was hiding his banckrupcy yet keeping his shares.
      explanation how:

  • Stephen

    Making before talking??!?! 🙂

    This statement is hilarious… I think that “making before talking” is a very serious and professional way to act. Unfortunately so far he mostly just talked. So it is kind of fun that he is stating this now. Just one more contradiction… but we are used to this kind of stuff.

    • Stephen

      Ah wait… what I would do in his shoes.

      1. Stop talking and spending so much time answering random posts on his website;
      2. Provide a true demonstration of the eCat. Note this does not require to disclose any secret;
      3. Save the world and get hyper-rich.

  • barty

    Here is the complete mail which defkalion sent to their interestet investors:

  • daniel maris

    Well the Defkalion letter sounds worth discussing (thanks to George Hants posting on the other site):

    Defkalion Green Technologies
    3 Xanthou Street
    Glyfada 16674

    10th April, 2012

    Dear Sirs,
    You have shown interest in our company either for commercial, technical, scientific or research-based reasons. This letter is sent to you privately; it is not a press release, nor intended for publication. We will soon be making our public announcements accordingly. We honour our word to reciprocate your good will and interest in our work during a period that could be defined as “business as unusual”. From now on, we progress full steam ahead, business as usual.
    For over 20 years many have believed in the existence of a new thermal energy source known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). A considerable body of literature, measurements and tests have been pursued by laboratories in many countries. The LENR field has yet to provide a concrete understanding of the fundamental theory. A lot of work still needs to be done in the theoretical analysis and beyond.
    Defkalion scientific team consists of scientific and engineering experts. It has successfully managed to trigger and monitor Chemically Assisted Low Energy Nuclear Reactions caused by Nickel and Hydrogen nuclei. This unique LENR technology is based on proprietary methodologies and engineering designs.
    Defkalion has conducted third party tests on its core technology by internationally recognized and reputable private and public organizations from Europe and America. Today, there is solid, unambiguous evidence confirming our technology. We are at the dawn of a new era of clean, inexpensive, limitless renewable energy.
    We believe that LENR is a technology that should be benefited by everybody. Our core philosophy and vision were always based on responsible use. We believe in creating new opportunities for fossil free energy which will have a huge impact on climate change and carbon emissions. It goes without saying that our technology will also have a great positive impact on the Greek economy with dynamic implications on the global economy. We support the transition of low cost energy to third world countries while also showing commitment to an entirely new field of scientific research that will initiate new products through research and development as well as the rebirth of high cost energy technologies.
    It is unlikely that the commercialization of LENR technology will have an immediate significant decrease in fossil fuel consumption, but a very dramatic psychological impact is expected. Investors will see the medium and long-term implications of significantly lower energy prices, and consequentially lower the assessed value of soon-to-be obsolete energy infrastructure, conventional energy companies, and long-term contracts for their relatively expensive products.
    Defkalion will become the first global player in LENR using its proprietary technology to commercialize its new products and diversify into new Research & Development efforts for new applications. It plans to have a fully operational prototype ready by July 2012.
    Defkalion has the most advanced technical and business development in this new energy paradigm as confirmed and verified by long time LENR experts. Although we still have some more months ahead of us before our commercial product is finalized for market entry, we are ready today to share our plans with potential partners.
    Our launch-strategy for this technology with minimal risk of failure encompasses fast speed, wide applications, many countries, competitive pricing, protection against competition, as well as in-depth international support.
    Your interest represents one of over 1,000 entities from more than 70 countries. Our business with potential partners is two-fold: either as an OEM to manufacture, sell and service our products in given countries, or to jointly create R&D project towards new applications using our technology.
    Defkalion business is primarily a technology licensing company with expected revenues being generated from the following models:

    a. OEM License Agreements
    Licenses to build and sell Hyperion products are sold to companies with exclusivity for a given country. Each license sold for Euros 40.5 million represents one factory with maximum capacity 300,000 units annually (varying capacity and numbers of factories will change the fee accordingly). No further royalty fees are paid by Licensees. Powder (cartridge format) will be sold as a component to each Hyperion unit.
    Defkalion selects one company as OEM from every country based on their readiness to run this technology in their country, their willingness to execute the project, and their ability to handle a 100 million Euro investment.
    Defkalion shall provide to every OEM Licensee a full Transfer of Technology & Know-How concerning production, maintenance, installation and recharge of Hyperion products. This will be done after signing of contracts and will be done in phases through a deliverables matrix.
    b. Joint Ventures through R&D
    Companies can further develop Defkalion’s proprietary LENR technology as a heat source through joint R&D for specific processes and/or applications according to their expertise as global leaders in their own industry. Defkalion shall partner with them with global distribution rights as niche market players, where R&D is coordinated in Greece.
    Existing interest has already come from the following sectors: marine propulsion; water desalination; automobile; small aircraft; mining/extraction; telecom towers; cooling/heating; green-houses; fertilizers; food & beverage; cement; commercial heating; household heating; drying industry; data storage; hospitals; airport take-off & landing strips; district heating; battery charging.
    Should you be interested to continue through one of these approaches, please contact us accordingly. For entities and/or individuals that wish simply to purchase units, you will have to wait until there is a representative in your country. For businesses and/or technical interests, we will need from you the following:
    Entity name, CEO/Director’s name, main address, website, contact details
    History, operational overview, LENR interest
    Future milestone events that you can expect from Defkalion are the following:
    Presentation of a fully functioning prototype shown to the international scientific community, open to the world’s media, during the summer of 2012.
    Not long after, an international press conference with all the companies involved in this project and the OEMs from each country having signed a contract with us.
    We look forward to hearing from those of you whose interest corresponds to our business models. We wish the rest of you – whose anticipation remains the witnessing of a final product – patience and support.

    Kind Regards,

    Symeon Tsalikoglou
    Director, Business Development & Marketing
    Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies (Global) Ltd.

    #defkalion #coldfusion #ecat #hyperion #lenr
    2+1Unused plural form

    • daniel maris

      Sorry didn’t see the link below but you have the text there now.

      Seems pretty interesting to me. They are making some definite statements about what will happen in the summer. It’s for them to live up to those statements. But on the face of it, this sounds like the potential breakthrough that Rossi promised and failed to deliver.

    • Frank

      Did Defkalion send this private information to all ‘John Doe’ who have registered on their web-site before?
      If you are seriously looking for investors who can afford to spend 40 millions for a license (and have the cabibilty to set up OEM production lines, marketing, sales etc), would you send e-mails to ordinary people then?
      So, what’s the intention of such an e-mail – probalbly to get attention from the ordinary e-cat and LENR blogs – just to make some headlines again and remain in the news/s… business.

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  • Guru

    for me there are 2 red flags in Defkalion’s mail:

    – “we trigger and monitor reaction” – translate from lawyeresse i.e.: we are not capable to sustain this reaction

    – “transfer of FULLY technology, ehm ehm powder cartridges someone will sell to you” – i.e. old song about give us 40,5 mega and we give you blueprint for factory

    • you seems not to have read their explanation about their triggering and stabilization method.

      first they start the reaction quickly, then they send pulse of heating to control the average heat production…

      anyway with such prejudice, nothing can convince you.

      • Bigwilly


        Although I enjoy reading your comments I believe you may be the opposite of Guru.

        Which such naivety nothing can convince you Defkalion or Rossi do not have something. I know you are an avid follower of this story. What has lead you to a position of caution support of these two organizations?


        • EnergyGuy

          Why should you have the right to foist on anyone the incontravertible belief that neither Rossi nor the Defkalion group have anything? It has not been proved beyond the p;ossibility of a doubt that they have nothing, but nonetheless, there is too much witness testimony that do have a nickel-hydrogen LENR device, and plenty of empirical evidence from folks like Dr. Ed Storms and Dr. George Miley that the LENR phenomenon is very real, not just an illusion, as you insist people like me believe.

          • BigWilly

            Energy Guy,

            Thank you for your response. The scientific basis that supports LENR has welled up and I believe is sound and promising.

            Rossi and Defakalion represent another discussion completely,namely commercial LENR. There has been nothing at all to support either of their extraordinary claims.

            You are right that it has not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not have anything. It is also true that it hasn’t been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can’t play guitar better than anyone who ever lived including hendrix, page, van halen, everyone. Do believe me if I say I do?

            Ofcourse not! The onus is on me to prove that I can, not on you to prove that I can’t. So in Rossi/Defkalion situation the onus is on them to prove their extraordinary claims, not the other way around.


  • skeptic

    In his shoes, I would show the world that an E-cat exists, that it works, and I’d go on all the talkshows.
    I would make sure my customers are waiting for me, and not the other way around.

    Rossi’s way makes so little sense that I am convinced the e-cat does not exist.

    Everything he says is ‘I am going to
    show NOTHING because blablabla’.
    Everyone discusses the blabla. But everyone is missing the ‘I am showing you NOTHING’.