Defkalion Green Technologies Communicates With Interested Parties

Defkalion Green Technologies send an email out to interested parties yesterday. Someone has uploaded the contents of the communication to Google Plus:

Key points in the letter are:

DGT plans to have a full working prototype ready by July 2012
One license per country will be available to potential licensees
40.5 million Euros is the license fee for a factory capable of producing 300,000 Hyperion units annually.

DGT states, “Defkalion has conducted third party tests on its core technology by internationally recognized and reputable private and public organizations from Europe and America. Today, there is solid, unambiguous evidence confirming our technology. We are at the dawn of a new era of clean, inexpensive, limitless renewable energy.”

  • Bigwilly

    Oh really?

    Me too. I have had a panoply of investors and credible observers independently verifying my claims and inventions that represent the most earth shattering technology since the wheel and fire. Don’t worry, if I write that it happened, it happened. Some time in the future, lets say 2 months to about 15 years from now, I will have an even more working product that even more independent observers and investors will laud.

    Till then please take all my blatantly obvious diversion tactics as being necessary because the technology is so ground breaking and big evil entities are trying to steal it so they can line Dick Cheney’s pockets.

    • Kim

      If the tests were so successful, I find it
      incredulous, and disconcerting that we have not heard 1 damn thing from anybody that participated in the testing.

      Real Goofy…


      • because the testers are big organization.
        they ask for silent, et obtain silence…

        except maybe the few words of sterlin Allan and Woomera,or their mail, which are leaks…

        of cource nothing can give you doubt that you are wrong

      • AstralProjectee

        The results of the tests are expected to come out about now. In the middle of April.


    • Allen McCloud

      Great post willy way to advance the conversation! /sarcasm (in case it wasn’t obvious)

      Guess I’ll check back in July then. 😉

      • Bigwilly

        I beg to differ Allen. It was fun to type and hopefully incited a laugh, chuckle or smile from a few readers.

    • Sladden

      I liked that. Especially, the word ”panoply”. Solid!
      And if your work is ignored or opposed or even ridicule – well, that just adds weight to your claims. Keep us posted on how things are progressing ”behind the scenes”, but don’t give too much away or the schneiks and some pap-a-tear will come after you!

  • Luca Salvarani

    This is really too laughable and also too funny…. the last but not the least greek rip-off (after the previous default and the next one in some months)! Go Rossi go! and please make Defkalion bankrupt as early as possible because its rip-off is extremely dangerous for lenr real research and development… Please shut down this dangerous charlatans!!!

  • Guru

    well, at least one red flag for me:

    – “transfer of FULLY technology, ehm ehm powder cartridges someone will sell to you” – i.e. old song about give us 40,5 mega and we give you blueprint for factory

    • jabba

      But dude…

      it will “create new opportunities for fossil free energy which will have a huge impact on climate change and carbon emissions” and “will also have a great positive impact on the Greek economy with dynamic implications on the global economy.”

      Don’t you see how awesome it is? It is so awesome it looks fake! But it isn’t you know, so awesome it is!

      At least they can make nice spec sheets and stuff…

  • Lu

    Didn’t Defkalion also say (via some recent anonymous post) that they won’t be in the US market? I find this odd. I’m also expecting more detailed results including identity of the testers in late April or May. Back to to the river…

    • GreenWin

      Defkalion would struggle with UL certification in the US – likely due to the H2 bottle in their prototype. Should they change to a hydride for H2 storage – they fare better on safety issues.

      Still they have licenses for the whole world – 200+ countries. I would guess money is held in escrow until a working factory is complete and passes safety/production testing. Investors not insisting on that ask for trouble.

  • EduardoRG

    Is not that I am a full believer… but can so much people, companies (Rossi, Defkalion, Brillouin, etc), professors, Phds and universities be lying ???

    Next years are going to be great !! Some will fall, some will rise. Who ?? nobody knows…

    • daniel maris

      Yes, this is what I call the LIDs issue – what is the critical mass at which it becomes impossible to believe everyone is Lying, Incompetent or Deluded? We must by now be into several hundreds of scientists, technologists and business leaders who are either LIDs or, alternatively, LENR is a genuine phenomenon.

  • Alexvs

    If we had not enough with Rossi now comes Defkalion. Promises, announcements, sayings, misterious partners, more misterious testers…,bla bla bla…nothing at all.

    • artefact

      I heard Ford is designing a new car.
      Promises, announcements, sayings, pictures of 3D model… bla bla bla.. nothing at all.

      Well thats business.

      • jabba

        Yes, but we all know that cars are possible and can be produced. Additionally Ford is known to have the knowhow and resources to produce cars.

        If I came up with announcements, sayings, pictures of 3D model… it would be bla bla bla.. nothing at all.

  • Sladden

    ridicule = ridiculed

  • For those skeptics and critics of Defkalion, these statements can either bring joy or sorrow. Because, since they actively hunt for investors and partners for distribution, it is criminal Fraud to make claims of Verifications and proofs of the technology and their claims unless they actually exist.

    So if not true, they could easily be prosecuted and convicted for stating them. Considering they must have lawyers there too, i doubt that fact has escaped them.

    • If that’s true then half the businesses in the Silicon Valley would be shut down and the jails would be full of CEO’s.

      • Not the same at all. The software or electronics companies do not make extraordinary claims for their wholly conventional products without something to back it. They do not state that commercial labs or universities or government agencies verified their claims/products unless they actually did (this is the thing, once you make these statements it is a huge difference legally than talking about “the future”). Having worked in the electronics industry for over 27 years, i know what new product press releases state (and don’t state), since i have helped write them before.

        Now what these Silicon Valley marketeers may lie about about (and it’s not easily proved that they KNOW it’s a lie), is about release dates, feature sets, and functionality.

        There is a lot of difference in lying to potential investors about whether it really has 2 or 4 new “bells and whistles”, and comes out in December rather than the previous May… than claiming Overunity and the breaking of many so-called “laws” of Physics 😉

        The people who invest in Silicon Valley companies WOULD see those CEO’s in prison if that were the case.

    • daniel maris

      Yes, if they were scammers you would expect them to be less definite about what they have. It would be safer for a scammer to entice people by indicating you were on the verge of a discovery, not claiming you have a working machine, although there are still some “get out clauses”.

      • yes, for defkalion, scam does not match their behavior. they seems to give date, short date, and more or less respects them with a classic margin…

        for Rossi, his behavior give the impression to look for delay…
        you can think it is because he is frauding, or just having problems…
        no definitive proofs.

      • jfab

        You’ve never heard of Steorn, I guess?

  • borneo

    It’s a Hoax and to prove is simple
    Why They ask for money when they just have to collect the european tax on CO2 ?

    • Ged


      • X-prize

        Carbon footprints – they are being bought and sold, to avoid taxes.

        • All the while they’re paying farmers 600 Euro per year per hektar not to farm. Instead of letting forests grow on those empty farm fields (which would remove carbon from the atmosphere) they force the farmers to use diesel fueled powered tractors to mow their fields.

  • Ged

    So, where’s that promised third party testing results release? For that matter, why haven’t any third parties just posted it themselves? It is mid-April now, and if Defkalion has good results, as it sounds like, they really need to take the lid off of all this.

    • dragon

      Business first, pleasure later. 🙂
      It is still very encouraging for me that they continue to say summer 2012 and not postponing the whole thing for 1 year or something like that.

      Let’s wait. Summer is over the corner.

    • Ged, its my belief that the Greek government has asked the others to withhold their findings until the Greek scientists can generate a report with all of the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. You know, on government time.

  • GreenWin

    The need to release a live stream of a working box – along with at least one third party data set showing basic calorimetry (air or otherwise.) At that point they start taking orders.

    Plenty people will want in.

  • HN

    Once the Chinese copy it, it will be all over.

    • joe

      You say that like its a bad thing. If the Chinese copy it and make it with ipad labor it will be a dime a dozen.

  • edog

    Symeon Tsalikoglou
    Director, Business Development & Marketing
    Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies (Global) Ltd.

    Anyone know where this guy lives?
    I think he needs to be sat down and have a real good talking to?

  • It would be interesting to know who is at least one of these international widely known and respected organizations who took part in the 7 tests otherwise the reputation matters not.

    • I agree. Although I am very curious to see the reports of these “internationally recognized and reputable private and public organizations” who have confirmed “unambiguous evidence confirming our technology”, I am not dreaming they would publish it. However, at least I would like to see a offical letter of endorsement with a letter head and signature, just for the sake of ruling rule out this is a marketing bluff of Defkalion.
      Surely the investors will want to see that and have the competence to judge it also.

      • Frank

        Have you heard about the Greek ‘Helios’ project.
        “Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos has called solar energy a national priority and he hopes to make a $25 billion investment” – copied from this news-site (and in money other news now)

        How comes that the greek goverment doesn’t count on Defkalion’s LENR technology?
        Didn’t Defkalion say that they have finished testing with high level goverment officials:
        “Tests with the presence of high level government officials have been concluded. Opinions and results were very positive”.
        Dind’t the “high goverment officials” not brief their PM about it, or why else should Greek ‘waste’ money into solar when – according to Defkalion – we are at the dawn of a new energy era?

        • I doubt very much it’s Greek money – more likely a German backed investment. You don’t throw that away on the basis of something that is undeveloped, even if some parties within the Greek government are convinced that it is real. In any case solar energy in Greece is practical and likely to make cheap power – it might even be competitive with LENR. No point having all your eggs in any one basket.

          • sapain

            there r numerous companies now that produce the equipment for smelting silicon, and assembly line equipment for solar sell production. this equipment is also dropping in price.

        • You have made a good point, in deed.
          Here I would like to see the Defkalion statement confirmed by a spokesman of the Greek government….
          On the other hand, we know from the Greek financial crisis that the Greek government can make erratic moves sometimes.

        • sapain

          every country in the world has to become a solar cell producer, eliminating the need for carbon based energy and nuclear.
          greece has lots of sunlight.
          more self sufficency is needed.

          imagine all that recovered metal from the carbon based energy sector and no neuclear contamination.
          3kw roof top system for domestic and concentrators for industrial.
          free energy is here now.

          • prsmith

            Since a smallish house uses about 32 kWh per day (1000 per month; 16 for a REALLY small house), 3kWh (optimum) panels on EVERY home and apartment would replace less than 50% of domestic power consumption even under ideal circumstances. Once we see 10kWh systems at a nominal cost, solar will make its mark.

          • dragon

            yeah, sapain… how much it cost 10 kw solar system for home use (you need to calculate the Batteries and the Invertor plus the
            Installation fees)?

  • > 40.5 million Euros

    The .5 is for how many seconds it takes to make the transfer of the cash to their Swiss bank account.

  • Guru

    Meanwhile, Rossi finally demasked itself.
    He want preserve status quo.
    He really not want to sell e-cats to common folks for house heating, he prefer:

    “I want to add that we are setting up a division to produce and sell thermal energy, in future electric energy. We are in contact with Companies selling thermal energy to put our plants adjacent to their network to produce energy, inject it in their grid.”

    He knows that these companies will bankrupt after widespread of home LENR devices, so he demaked his true intentions.

  • sapain

    52 million dollars, i would b investing in silicon smelting and solar cell manufacturing.
    that way no one needs to buy fuel, be subjected to monoplization.

    • dragon

      You are right, of course, providing that solar gets close to 50% efficiency and become cheap as dirt. They are already at disadvantage because of the amount of real-estate they need to be of “some” use.

      • FredK

        The government will figure out how many photons of sunlight you get per square inch, and tax you on that. They will say that it belongs to all of us, and you are taking it for your own use, and not allowing anyone else to use it.

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  • Ronald Smith

    I suppose the next big breakthru that is imminent is “perpetual motion” no energy needed there.

  • Testa Sterone

    Before investing, just remember all of obama’s preferred green energy risks that received billions of dollars and then went belly up. I, too, would like to see some reports and documentation as to who supported, endorsed or verified Defkalion technologies. Those Swiss bank accounts are way too easy to get and the only winners are those in a closely knit circle around and behind the head cheese.

    • Testa Sterone

      Also consider that they hit all the hot buttons for their potential investors – jobs, “limitless”, cheap, energy source etc. Those kinds of hot buttons immediately raise my skepticism and wariness.

    • Kevin Jackson

      I feel so stupid.
      Why didn’t I start a phony energy company and get paid millions by my government,as the CEO, before it goes bankrupt becuase of thing out of my control?

  • John

    Biofuels, just like solar panels, receive and convert energy from the sun and require lots of land to collect sunlight. So as for being cheap they can only be as cheap as the land and labor needed. There has not been a fundamental shift in the production of these energy conversion processes in the 30 years since they began. Incremental improvements are likley over time but any “breakthrough” is just marketing hype.

  • Thomas Ammons

    This is still just a claim made with no independent verification. If you read the Sun or the National Enquirer you can find claims like this. Try tracking them down. I remember a Sun story about aliens on Mars. It gave names on NASA officials and quoted them at length. One inquiry to NASA however showed these officials did not exist and NASA denied the whole story. It is still way too early to tell if this story is true. But I happen to have the rights to a bridge I’d like to sell you if interested.

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  • Juan Hunt Greer

    ” 300,000 “hyperion units” annuialy” ? Define hyperion unit,please! My ” Pocket Ref, third edition” doesn’t seem to mention it!

  • hydrono

    I too am working on ground breaking, earth shattering, limitless energy devices that will be ready ONLY when pigs fly!
    And hydrino coated non stick frying pans
    are available to fry that flying bacon!
    However it will be just one week before
    Rossi/defkalion/blacklight power/brillouin punching bag technology is released!
    Send me some money!

    • Kevin Jackson

      Great post!

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  • I’m from Tonga.
    We really want one.
    I’m just going around a few mates now, for some coin…

    How much is 40.5 million Euros in the pa’anga (our local currancy)?

  • Re:
    “Defkalion will become the first global player in LENR using its proprietary technology ….”

    Definition of ‘Proprietary Technology’

    A process, tool, system or similar item that is the property of a business or an individual and provides some sort of benefit or advantage to the owner. Companies that are able to develop useful proprietary technologies in-house are rewarded with a valuable asset: they can either use it exclusively or profit from the sale of licensing of their technology to other parties.
    Investopedia Says
    Investopedia explains ‘Proprietary Technology’
    For example, let’s say a biotech company successfully develops a new drug to treat a major disease. By patenting the process, method and end result of the drug, the company is able to reap substantial rewards from its efforts to develop its proprietary technology.

    In some industries, proprietary technologies are a key determinant of success. As a result, they are guarded closely within a corporation and are protected legally by patents and copyrights.


    Wow! they must have patents and copy-write.. for their stuff, even after they stole it from Rossi

  • James

    I am in contact with aliens from another solar system within our galaxy. They have given me the blue prints for an energy-matter conversion & paradox device. This system is similar to a transporter that can produce items like a replicator and that can travel through time in an adjustable box vortice, like Dr Who.

    The important thing is that the aliens that entrusted me with the schematics, their planet is dying. I had to pay them in advance and now I require your support to repay myself for the wonderful gift that the aliens have given me.

    This is a genuine offer: I will provide you with one set of blue prints upon receiving $40.5 billion dollars from earth governments as a token of my gratitude and experience in this field, which makes me proud to be human and to encompass all emotions and exchanges of good will for the survival of this planet.

  • Well we can see an interesting dynamic going on here in this thread 😉

    If someone is really convinced and hell bent on proving Defkalion “wrong” or “a fraud” (and not just working here as a paid shill)… then they could get a hold of the smallest and cheapest possible “share” or “Distributorship” (where actual money changes hands)… Then demand to see their claimed Verifications. If they will not show them to you, that is all it would take to get them either in court for civil Fraud, or prosecuted for criminal Fraud.

    And it would be a “public service” to do so. Because if this was actually a “psy-ops fake” designed to discredit the entire subject of “LENR” in general, those that perpetrated it would not welcome legal intervention either.

    • hydrono

      Where do you get the idea that people go to jail
      for these scams?
      The investors sign papers.
      Dennis L has been scamming for years with his
      MPG booster, Black Light Power and on and on.
      The scams go on and scammers resurface all the time with new scams.

  • Gregoryyc

    Hey yall. I heard Chinese and Indians got them already..And they are ready to sell to their own folks first so they can make more things real cheap and sell them to us and take all our money .
    after a while we go begging them for scraps off their table.