Rossi Says Additional E-Cat Factory to be Built in Europe

I sent a question to Andrea Rossi today and received an answer, plus information I didn’t ask for. My question to Rossi was regarding the length of time it might take to start producing domestic E-Cat units once safety certification was granted. Rossi replied:

Dear Frank Acland:
We have already made all the engineering of the production line in the two factories we will set up (one in the USA, one in Europe) and we will have just to set up the software of the robots and fix the drawings after the requirements of the Certificators. I think that it will take from 6 to 12 months afer the certifications will be done to start the production.
Warm Regards,

Rossi had told me in February that there would only be one factory built — in the United States. He said at that time that he thought shipping would be cheap enough from the US that it wouldn’t be necessary to have more than one plant. Now a second factory in Europe is announced, so there must have been a change of mind for some reason. Two factories, of course, would mean double the production of E-Cats, so it would help with the rapid deployment of this technology around he world.

When Rossi says that the engineering of the production line is “already made” it seems to me that he means that the hardware is ready to go, with more work required on the software. Rossi has mentioned before that final design of the domestic E-Cats cannot be completed until certification is approved, since the certifying agencies may require modifications in the design of the E-Cats.

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  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    Assuming this is true, the european factory would most likely be in Sweden.

    • Karl

      I think this is good news and I wouldn’t be surprised. The guys involved in Sweden are mainly from Gutenburgh. The city is well known for its industrial strength. Both Volvo and SAAB are manufactured in the region including a large number of sub-suppliers. There should be a lot of capacity available just now that could swallow any E-Cat volume.

  • Pizarro

    I do not understand how some people can listen to a charlatan like Rossi

    • I would respond but have decided to ignore you. Take that!

  • Guru

    Based on experience with Rossi’s public statements,
    he will this version changes 4 times before this will changed into something wholly different.

  • Brad Jones

    Good Rossi will build another plant in Europe they will need this as Dafkalion will not be supplying any systems there for sure.

    • LensmanTheKnowItAll

      Rossi will put a factory in Europe, so that when his European corporation sues Dafkalion for stealing his technology & IP then Rossi will some European gov’t officials (where is factory is located) backing him in European courts.

      Dafkalion is going to be paying Rossi mega Euros once the case is finally settled.

  • clovis

    Hello, all.
    Another smart business move,no clowning around for Mr. Rossie. and i say with a project of this size and scope changes are necessary from time to time,i would expect to see even more good ideas, from this man of vision.—-Clovis

  • qc_jym

    An european factory? Rossi never mention dealing with CE, the european pendant of UL!


    • admin

      Hi JYM,

      Rossi has mentioned that he is working with more than one safety certification body. Hasn’t named any body or country as far as I can tell.



      • Observer

        And that doesn’t give you pause?
        It should be fairly simple to disclose who he’s working with.

        At the same time, doesn’t someone know what certifications are required?

  • Stephen

    Q1: What is the difference between all this and fiction?

    I cannot tell if this is real (I strongly doubt it) o not… but surely I see no difference between this a fiction.

    Q2: why would anybody want his great invention to be undistinguishable from fiction?

    • LensmanTheKnowItAll

      You no nothing so why are you posting here. Rossi’s E-cat works. Just relax.

      • Stephen

        You don’t know what I know.
        And I bet you don’t know if the eCat works either… it is a matter of intellectual honesty, dear LensmanTheKnowItAll

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  • daniel maris


    Much as I appreciate this effort on your part, I do wonder why you don’t ask him more pertinent questions, such as whether the 1MW plant has been shipped out of his Bologna premises, when if ever any tests are going to be done by UniBo and how he squares statements to the Florida BRC about nuclear mechanisms with his other statements about the E Cat process.

    • jabba

      Maybe because Frank knows that asking Rossi critical questions is completely pointless. All you gonna get as response will be some stuff about clowns, snakes and puppeteers

      • daniel maris

        Ha-ha – you may be right Jabba!

  • Eric Ashworth

    Great news and lets hope it will happen sooner than later. I would also like to think that somewhere in the near future both Rossi and Defkalion can get back together and give the power industry a run for their money. There is strength in numbers.

  • skeptic


    show the world that an E-cat exists, that it works, and I’d go on all the talkshows.
    Then I would set up a factory (at considerable cost), assured that when the first E-cats are produced, they are sold immediately.
    This would pay back my investment ASAP.
    So in short, I would use my time to convince the world that free energy exists, defeat skeptism, and make sure customers are waiting for me.

    I would NOT keep a cloak of secrecy over the E-cat.
    If I did that, I would have 10.000.000 of them sitting in a warehouse waiting for me to convince the world that they have waited for this all their lives.
    I would NOT wait to win customers while millions of products are waiting in a warehouse.
    I would NOT produce millions of E-cats and run the risk that some competitor got to my customers first.

    I would make sure my customers are waiting for me, and not the other way around.

  • sapain

    two factories we WILL set up. future tense implying nothing is done.

    rossi says, i`ll have a device out in two yrs, maybe 3, 4. so people hesitate on buying and using solar.

    if rossi has the money for two factories why not use it for real free energy and build solar cells and help drive the cost down.

    silicon is highly abundant.
    solar concentrators can supply the energy to smelt quartz for silicon extraction.
    18kg/person is all that is required. 18kg of silicon will produce 3kw of solar panels and convert light to electricity forever.
    at $50/kg for silicon that`s $2124 for 3kw worth of solar. add the cost of shaping and difusion of dopants.
    need more quartz to silicon smelters to drive the cost of silicon to $1/kg. a 1000 more world wide solar cell plants and free unlimited energy is here.

    silicon is more abundant and easier to refine than aluminium, copper, iron etc. but it is way more expensive.

    dgt will charge 45million for a licence of right to produce.
    45million will set up 5 quartz to silicon smelters and 3 solar cell production plants. no licience is required to produce solar.

    • Bigwilly

      What is this?

      I am trying to understand. Are you suggesting that even if Rossi had a working commercial LENR and the capital to build two factories to manufacture them that he should instead invest in solar factories to help drive costs down????

      First of all his investment would be a drop in the ocean compared to the existing investment/subsidies, (Not every little bit counts).

      Second your numbers seem very optimistic. Solar to my knowledge is not right on the other side of the commercially viable fence that just needs a tiny push to make it past some “tipping point”.

      • sapain

        silicon dropped from $500/kg to $50/kg in 4 yrs, why- increased volume of silicon output by way of increased number of smelters.
        solar cells dropped from $7.50 to $2.30/watt retail in 4 yrs, why- silicon dropped and increased competetion and volume output.
        quartz to silicon is cheap, patents controlled the output. there r numerous plants that build solar manufacturing equipment, a few yrs ago there was only a few.
        solar is growing at 35%/yr. drop the price of silicon to $1/kg and the growth rate will hit 200% or more.
        at a $1.5/watt, lenr would not even be required.
        it costs $10million to set up a solar cell plant that puts out 20MW/yr. and a few $100k for a smelter. this cost is even going down.
        silicon is so abundant that u can go out in ur back yd and get what u need. nickel is harder to find and more expensive to produce and is more valuable for other uses than energy production.

        solar can supply it own energy to replicate and isn`t consumed where as nickel is. silicon can be recycled, consumed nickel can`t. how much metal would be consumed producing lern devices. is this comsumption necessary. lern is also a controlled energy device. someone controls the nickel production. solar is not controlled. lenr needs a cooling source, solar doesn`t.
        it take electricity to run lenr. lenr produces heat, the sun is heat.

        tipping point, when solar hits $2/watt it`s at the tipping point, everyone will be putting solar cells on their roof. actually it`s at the tipping point now. right now growth is in solar farms, at $2/watt or less it will be on every roof.
        home owner get 3kw of solar for $6000 that will produce power for ever. and will produce 15-21kw/day aver. a home owner can do this now. $1000 for a 300w panel and grid inverter, producing 2kwhr/day aver., $3000 and u produce 6kwhrs/day aver.

        people do not need refridgerators or hot water tanks, they bleed vampiric energy that is mind boggling.

        rossi`s device needs 1.6kw-1.2kws to function. at $0.20/kwrs that`s $6/day on continous run, $180/month for elecrticity, $1100/6 months. rossi will be taking away 600w/device from solar a year and giving it to himself and the utilities and charging people a $1000 to do it. 600w of solar will give a person 3-4kwhrs/day aver for free. u tell me how this saves people money.

        more smelters and manufacturing plants r needed.
        solar kicks out 60GW/yr now, get the output to 600GW/yr. 10 yrs later that`s a constant supply of 6TW forever.
        60-600GW is 10x what is now set up. so add 10x the investment into solar.
        once people learn to use passive solar heating, the world demand will drop by a TW.
        no coal, gas and nuclear and the world wide need will drop by another TW. the energy wasted on maintaince of the dino system is mind boggling. solar has basically no maintiance.

        it takes one yr to set up a solar concentrator. from shovel to switch, putting out a GW or two. factories for mirror tracker r in full swing, computer programing for orientation is perfected. price is dropping as the support system recover their investment.

        how much metal would be recovered once the dino energy system becomes extinct.
        so the solution is more output. buying solar helps to expand and lower the cost, that how i invest in solar.
        lenr if possible can wait, expansion of true free energy is the priority. lenr is taking away investment of solar.

        • You are working this subject in such a hyper-kinetic fashion that I am very glad we are separated by by a great distance.

          • sapain

            hyper-kinetic fashion, how so.

        • D The Designer

          I take solar as the staple. Any other zero point energy is a delicacy. Solar is beyond suppression now. So, you dont have to defend it so hard. And to the guy who said all the world events were manufactured to delay solar… You understand the world way better than most people. Solar means end of oligarchy. Solar is is the new freedom. And rest assured it has won.

  • Camilo

    I think the expression “Rossi Says” will become a part of the English Languaje in the future, I hope that its meaning does not end being derisive.

    • alex

      Maybe Rossi will be president one day. All caps has gotten him this far. If/when he delivers, that could be his slogan. “When Rossi says, Rossi delivers!”. After all, aren’t all presidents based on personal guarantees, and loose promises.

    • Wizer13

      Even if i’m a believer in LENR, I think i’ll start a drinking game for each time Rossi make a statement.

      Wake me up when something do move…

      • Tell me what community you live in so I can safely avoid your streets.

        • sapain

          ur illusions of roosi getting distroyed.

  • sparks

    The start of production has been “6 to 12 months out” for quite awhile now. So let’s not hear anymore “naysayers” complaining that he has been inconsistent in his progress reports!

    //sarc off//

  • Roger Bird

    Rossi says a lot of things. Let him prove it.

  • Shef Clownari

    Rossi keeps spinning these tales as if any thinking man wouldn’t deduce they are all a decoy. The Rossi pattern is that of classic misdirection and distraction – like those used by illusionists. The reason only Rossi speaks for this silly project is to string believers along. Without a legit PR agency or spokesperson – all Rossi pronouncements are transparent deception. Randi-like misdirection to keep the gullible away.

    What is really going on behind the Rossi facade? Some of us have a good idea. But our code of clownery requires absolute silencio. So… wait and see.

  • s

    People – please name one thing Rossi said he would do that he delivered on 100%

    • Bigwilly

      For serious bro!

      Someone said it best:

      Even if Rossi himself said “Look everyone, I was just foolin’. There is no E-cat.”

      People would say that is just a ploy to keep the skeptics and big oil off his back.

      • Stephen

        Yes this is the same “I want to believe” psycology that there is behind some UFO fans, I guess…

  • edog

    Ok fellas, (I have got the feeling there are no women reading this??? prove me wrong??)

    But I was thinking, if I was a controlling interest, share holder, in Leonardo Corp.. I would have Rossi locked up and gagged somewhere deep under the earth, the companies PR crew would be handling, us, and there would be so many people thrown at this break through that it would be leaking like a sive!!

    Any comments?? I dont think this is remotely real.

    • Stanny Demesmaker

      If you have something of the value Rossi has, why should you have to act believable ?

      The most sceptics here will only accept that LENR is real, when they can read an article about it on CNN or some other mainstream media confirming it.

      • edog

        Missed my point Stanny.

        I was talking about Rossi’s claim he sold 51% of his company… and how they, the share holders, would be reacting to Rossi mouthing off all the time?

  • Unfortuate that the certifications are taking so long and appear to be the main obstacle to the progress of the production timeline. Rossi’s
    product may not be the first on the market for
    a publicly available low cost small unit size
    of green energy device.

  • Francesco CH



    Experimental results on sub-micro structured Cu-Ni alloys under high temperatures Hydrogen/Deuterium interactions

    • Very interesting Celani slides, lots of new information at least to me.

  • linda

    @edog Why do you presume there are no women here?

    Do you realise you’ve just denegrated half of the world’s population? What’s next, a crack about Asians?

    I’ve been posting quietly here for months. We’re not as aggressive as men, but we are here. Please have a look around you at how the world has changed since you last encountered it.

    • edog

      Thanks for proving me wrong, Linda.
      A cracks about asians… really??
      I didnt think I was having a go?? Just asking a question, my presumptions aside, it was just a feeling?? oops sorry!!!

      Im going to have to look up the meaning of denegrated and see what it means.

      “Ok fellas, (I have got the feeling there are no women reading this??? prove me wrong??)” Sorry if I offended! It would be great to see more female interaction in this “debate”.. on non-fiction vs science-fiction.

      • edog

        Oh.. and cheer up Linda!

    • Antonella

      Here’s another one 🙂

      …in fact we are not so many, I guess.

      • edog

        Good stuff!
        More the merrier!

  • filip

    Can anyone tell me what he needs certificates for?
    He is using legal products you can buy anywhere on the planet, nothing out of the ordinary, he throws it in a shoebox and sells it, so what.
    LENR isn’t even recognized, the burocrates doesn’t even know what it means. How are you going to verifiy something that doesn’t even exists? Someone said before that it is not possible to patent cold fusion? Isn’t it?
    It is like I have invented a empty cup that fills itself with water from the air, automaticaly. How do you certify that? Do they investigate the water quality? Taste it?
    My opinion is that you don’t have to, just sell it.
    Just sit back and wait for something to happen. And what is he going to do when he gets a denial? “Oh, that’s too bad, I’ll invent something else, see you later”

    • vbasic

      He has to certify the safety. Since there is some gamma inside the core, he needs to certify none are releasable beyond the device.
      The energies are supposed to be in a low range with some lead shielding.
      But that’s what the certification is mostly about,
      plus the standard type for electrical devices especially one like this: small box needing 120 V near water.

  • Tom

    I’ll go out on a limb and say he’s using 3D printing. Revolutionary manufacturing for a revolutionary product. Easy to change designs and upgrade software. Only problem is it wouldn’t be to quick to produce 1000000 units.

    • Barry

      Maybe in the future we’ll be able to download Ecat machines and 3D print them. That would get them out fast.

    • Frank

      Of course he will use the latest technology – just have a look at the videos in which you can see the high tech of his ‘labratory’ then you understand.

      Here one of the 3d printer he might use: 😉

      If he uses this ones, he can even install them in his appartment in Florida, and he can built them all alone, without help – so it’s safe to say that currently the ‘robotic line’ is under construction 🙂

      • Tom

        Actually I was thinking slightly more industrial than LEGO. But damn, LEGO really can do everything!

        Since no-one knows the exact design of the Ecat, it could very well be a viable option to print it. Or at lest parts of it.

  • Sanjeev

    Gibbs is now attacking the blogs. Names E-catworld. I guess he now knows how to google, but still don’t know how blogs work. Some blogs do post original stories, even if of “Rossi says” kind.

    He has changed his tune a bit and now thinks LENR is real.

    • Barry

      I find Mr. Gibbs insulting and condescending. In his article – Believing in Cold Fusion and the E-Cat – he writes, “From the way they argue I’d guess that many of the Believers probably also wear tin-foil hats. Some of the messages I’ve received from people who appear to be in this group are astounding not just for their lack of basic grammar but for their inability to express coherent thought.” And then he goes on to call a lot of BELIEVERS RUDE- 2012: The Year of Cold Fusion?… there’s a huge army of “believers” who contend (often in a fanatical and downright rude way) that Rossi’s system really does work.
      Why should we believe his opinion of the future of LENR. His articles are not only lacking objective information but he seems to seek out one sided skepticism to support his own one sided skepticism.
      I am skeptical too but I’m also hopeful. Let’s give Mr. Rossi a chance. If he takes six months or a year or,God forbid, even two, at least he’s in a lab working on the problem rather than of sitting behind a computer writing up insults.

      • Barry

        ps: Mr. Gibb statement ended after “… there’s a huge army of “believers” who contend (often in a fanatical and downright rude way) that Rossi’s system really does work.”

        The rest was my own opinion.

        • daniel maris

          I’d be surprised he got more than a couple of e mails. I wouldn’t bother writing to someone about this who was clearly uninformed. I am glad he has highlighted the issue, but he doesn’t seem to know any more than most of us here. He’s just giving his judgement, such as it is (and it’s hedged around with caveats so he can always claim accurate prediction whatever happened).

      • Bigwilly


        You wrote, “I am skeptical too but I’m also hopeful. Let’s give Mr. Rossi a chance. If he takes six months or a year or,God forbid, even two, at least he’s in a lab working on the problem rather than of sitting behind a computer writing up insults.”

        Why would you give him anything when he has given NOTHING? If I tell you that I have invented the holy grail of something, is that statement alone enough to secure your patience and support?


        • Antonella

          >he has given NOTHING?

          He’s giving us a great real(ity) show, isn’t he? nobody is forced to follow the show if (s)he doesn’t like it; the end of the story will be told on mainstream papers anyway.

          • Bigwilly

            Was Steorn story told on mainstream papers? Check out ORBO…

        • Barry

          I’m impressed with all the videos I’ve seen and all of the scientist who say there is something there. I’d like proof but we’re all going to have wait. I can’t be sure but I’m leaning towards, a year from now Mr. Rossi will have something, either a product or a confirmed demonstration.

        • Stephen

          Is he seriously in a lab working on the problem?

          Actually at some point I exactly thought he is probably spending his time sitting behind a computer writing stuff 🙂 … stuff that at times I consider insulting. Surely he seems to have lots of time to answer to his bloggers

          At least at normal hours I have a real job… 😀

          • daniel maris

            If you have a quick mind and nimble fingers you can easily chrun out the (not that great) number of e mails that Rossi does. His e mails bear all the hallmarks of hasty composition. I don’t think there’s anything remarkable in someone of his energy devoting maybe 20 mins a day to reading and answering e mails.

      • James

        …remember, there are billions of people on this planet who believe in God, a supernatural deity or are plain superstitious. As I am an atheist, I believe that they are deluded. Religious people often expect me/us to believe in God. Many of them think I/we are stupid for not doing so. They say: “Of course, there is a God!” Then there’s silence as they offer no proof.

        Similar with LENR: the evidence so far suggests (or rather the lack thereof) that LENR could be real but that Rossi has not actually produced a working model for commercialisation and that he is merely delaying as research goes on.

        • you raise good points, but about LENR, it seems you are unsure of LENR…

          the proofs are today impossible to avoid.
          I’ve gathered many key references and arguments there.

          basically, SPAWAR replication show that LENr exist, but does not proof usability (it is electrolysis).
          NASA GRC experiment in 89, based on LENR existence certainty, prove that LENR can produce huge energy.
          With that the experiment of Celani/piantelli/Focardi are simply expected.

          the rejection of SPAWAR claims, and of Report 41, is a proof that something is rotten in peer-review and consensus, so no surprise that good results are ignored.

          In that context the loose behavior of Rossi, is mostly challenging his competences, but not necessarily his basic claims…

          No more surprising than Nokia claiming to produce a smart-phone more cool than Apple, in 6 month.

          • Bigwilly


            I disagree. He has no basis whatsoever as far as I know for his claims of commercial LENR.

            His demonstrations have shown nothing and have produced no data.

          • His claim are not solid, the demo look doubtful and sometime more…

            anyway it is feasible with todays data.

            the only question is can he, himself, master that (now old in lab) technology…

            He does not have the good profile to industrialize it, but with help… who knows…

            anyway I don’t care of Rossi… todays question is when Defkalion testers will publish the apocalypse report. (apocalypse -> remove the cover)

  • earthhydro

    This is fantastic! 2 secret ecat factories. double the fun. just need a little software to get them going good. we got the robotics and only need software! well cut me off and call me shorty. i feel just like i was double dipped in dogsh_ _!

  • Alexvs

    NVLLA DIES SINE LINEA. Excuse for the capitals as it were written once upon a time.
    Reading these threads from time to time helps to keep my own capacity of surprise. Thanks so much.

  • Robert Mockan

    Gibbs has made an interesting point about astro-turfing. I have also noticed the lack of original material at many web sites, that seem to post the same source material, and do so with little useful information. I often Google trend subjects to see the growth of interest,(for business reasons to determine if there is enough interest to write a for-pay article about the subject), and have previously seen what Gibbs calls astro-turfing. The phenomena does not appear orchestrated, but can mislead one into thinking there is more interest than there really is.
    To get a better handle on this I started a blogspot a bit over 5 months ago, about LENR subject, and it has reached just 5000 hits on the counter. Tracking the daily moves, I’ve calculated those 5000 hits were made by less than 300 people. Since I’ve posted links to my blogspot on other blogs, those 300 likely constitute the majority who also visit the other blogs with enough interest in the LENR subject to actually click on the links.

    None of this is re-assuring enough to assert that the interest in LENR (at least from the blogs viewpoint),
    is enough to overcome skeptical opinions about it.

    • Barry

      Robert, Thanks for all your contributions. I think I’m starting to understand some of this stuff!
      There does seem to be a small number of people who are hanging on every bit of info that surfaces. I think a lot of the rest are excited but waiting for something they can hook up to their hot water system.
      LENR is dawning and every morning I wake up to check what has happened while I was asleep. It’s an exciting time to be alive and witness.
      As for the skeptics they are low on the statistical scale but high on the sharing of opinion scale.

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  • And one in Asia. And one in South America… And then he woke up.

    • Why are you hanging out here? Is it your vulture nature; are your paid; are you compelled to obey some deep-seated impulse of a bio-chemical nature? If so, there are medication that can help with the latter; I can understand the need to put food on the table; but the first is very low and there is not much that I can suggest but that it might only be slowly burned away in Hell.

  • artefact

    Piantellis Presentation from the 10th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals is online.

    He reached: 20 watts in 71 watts produced @ 260 °C

    • Robert Mockan

      Very much like the Piantelli experiments of early 90s. The effect has been observed since then by others in rods, wires, um size particles, nm size particles, with hydrogen loaded into the nickel and alloys from gas, by electrolysis of water, from hydrogen compounds in fused salts, from plasma, particle beams, and so on. It produces heat, and can self sustain when the reactor is insulated. There is an upper temperature limit where the nuclear active material is destroyed, a lower temperature limit where the material is not nuclear active. Activation energy has been just thermal, and also thermal with one or more Dc or AC magnetic fields, radio waves, sound waves, and so on. Nickel or alloy sheets with nuclear active surface electroplated onto them would be inexpensive, as would be nano-particles made from nickel salts reduced to the metal. If this field has been properly funded from 1989 when Pons and Fleischmann went public better materials operating at higher temperature would undoubtedly be available by now. Some progress is still better than no progress.

      • the snake

        But where is proof or indication of an energy source. There can be some energy potential utilized from H with Ni as catalyser, it says nothing about the energy density and depletion of the reactants. Probably Rossi had low energy density and wanted to somehow cycle between multiple e-cats to overcome with, but this can’t work and since then he’s not progressing and plays on time.

        • What?

        • Robert Mockan

          The gold standard used in testing laboratories for characterization of the properties of materials also manifesting endothermic & exothermic reactions over a temperature range is a differential scanning calorimeter. Until these researchers have those tests done and publish the results we will not know critical information like thermal power generated versus temperature. Also we still need thermal power generated per unit mass of nuclear active catalyst material made using different procedures. Difficult to engineer quantitative reactor designs without that information. The other test needed is before and after ICP mass spectrometry. SEM (scanning electron microscopy) for surface morphology determination, and x-ray fluorescence elemental analysis are also essential tests that need to be publicized. In well funded government labs these are all available and would be mandatory for this kind of research. That is one reason I suspect government research labs know exactly what we are dealing with when nickel and hydrogen react. Piantelli’s original research would have been a red flag for government labs to continue research into cold fusion, even as the media was instructed to denounce it at every turn and ostracize Pons and Fleischmann from the scientific community.

    • daniel maris

      So what is it guys? Is Piantelli lying, incompetent or delusional?

      Personally I think this is one of the clearest and most persuasive presentations I have seen.

      If he hasn’t gone wrong somewhere, then I think we have to say this is strong proof.

  • John

    I have to admit that this is getting to the point of no return. If it all turns out to be a scam (I’m 99 percent sure of that) Rossi will have a lot of explaining to do.

    I really don’t understand why he just can’t give a prototype in a sealed box (with an armed guard) to some respected university so they can really certify it being true and believable.

    If he sent a box to Oxford University, I’d “turn” in a day and be a believer if it ran for a couple of months with a net power out.

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  • I have noticed an increase in the presence of the skeptics on the site. They are circling, as vultures will, what they believe to be a wounded beast. What does the future hold? Will Rossi rise, armed with E-Cats and drive off the nickering, snickering flock, or will the story turn belly up and begin to rot, and provide the carrion eaters with a stinking, putrid mess into which they can poke their gore coated heads and smile and smile?

    The clock ticks…slowly…so slowly.

    • sapain

      i`m not interested in giving rossi a $1000 and the utilities $1100 every 6 months, thank u. i`ll take the $2100 and buy 2 300w solar panel for the person next door.

      • Your working and working of that subject is very tiresome.

    • BigWilly


      Your writing here is excellent! No sarcasm intended either. I do not agree with supporting Rossi or Defkalion but the imagery used in your comment was very rich. I have been on a reading tear recently and can appreciate delicious writing.

      Well done!


  • Omega Z

    The change in building a factory in Europe makes sense.

    Shipping costs are getting a double whammy.
    1. Oil prices have increased.
    2. The shipping industry has mandates to reduce emissions just as the Auto industry.
    This requires using more highly refined fuels which cost much more then in the past. Every year or two they increase the requirements…

    I believe the 45Mw E-cat design is of duel purpose.
    First is electrical capacity. Second would be for ship propulsion.
    Replacing fossil fuel plants in all maritime shipping alone would be the Equivalent of removing 300 Million cars off the road. Trivia note: There’s about 1 Billion cars in the world.

  • Your Future

    Robots – so much for making new jobs for people.

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