International Conference in Torino, Italy to Focus on LENR

The Politecnico di Torino in Torino, Italy will be hosting an International Conference on May 4, 2012 entitled The Atom Unexplored. The stated purpose of the conference is to discuss “the hidden potential of the cutting-edge research on nuclear technology.” The following text is from the conference announcement.

Recently, international scenario has seen a renewed interest for research on in‐novative technologies for nuclear energy generation. This improved attention led to the conception of the International Conference “The Atom Unexplored”, aiming for three main goals: identify the most promising alternatives to fossil fuel and current nuclear reactors; inform the scientific, institutional and industrial community about the current advancements and future initiatives in the field of innovative nuclear technologies for energy production; foster the discussion about the relevant workshop topics among the interested stakeholders.

Two issues are addressed in two different sessions: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and High Energy Nuclear Reactions. The former is focused on the new scientific
results currently achieved in the novel field of Piezo ‐, Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions and of Cold Fusion in general, while the latter concerns the deployment
and the critical elements of the promising technologies already developed, such as nuclear fusion and the new generation reactors.

In the morning session, speakers about low energy nuclear reactions will be Dr. Peter Hagelstein of MIT, and Francesco Piaatelli of the University of Siena. Hagesltein’s topic will be “JET Energy NANOR: the Role of the Nanoengineered Lattice in Enabling the CF/LANR Activity; Piantelli will be speaking on “Anomalous Phenomenon in Ni‐H Systems.”

This conference follows in quick succession to the recent workshop about anomalies in hydrogen loaded metals in Siena, and it indicates that Italy is becoming a prominent location for the study and development of LENR technologies. Rossi, Focardi, Piantelli, Celani and others are becoming well known in this field, and we have Bologna, Siena and now Torino as important cities where people are paying attention to this new movement. Rossi’s statement that he will have an E-Cat plant in Italy adds to the mix. In the main it has been Italian media that has paid most attention to Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat invention.

It’s interesting that this conference is going to focus on practical application of new nuclear technology, rather than just on the theoretical side of the subject. The conference is aimed not only at scientists, but also the ‘instutional and industrial community.’ Could we be witnessing an new renaissance starting in Italy which will eventually spread to other parts of the globe?

  • GreenWin

    Yes. This is a New Renaissance led by courageous pioneer scientists in Italy. With the single exception of the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance at University Missouri – looks like the Italian science community is leading the world in LENR research and development.

    It is an exciting time and according to reports thousands of science undergrads are clamoring for LENR education. Why not? Low Energy Nuclear Reactions will have a greater impact on humanity than the introduction of the transistor. Being a part of delivering low cost abundant energy to planet earth is humanity’s next Apollo Mission.

    Complimenti ai nostri amici in Italia!

    • Kim

      Yes the Young Scientists have nothing to loose and
      No fear of ridicule and loss of money…

      You have spoken very well in this article.

      Thanks for posting such an uplifting story.


      • opposite.
        your researcher in modern research, have all their career to lose. if making non-consensual choices they will be burned, black listed as pathologic scientists…

        only old scientist, not far from retirement, with good network of friends, or no hope of better position, nor fear of losing it, can dare to do express heretic ideas…

        but creativity at that age is more rare…

        this is why research does not discover really new things, but do an engineer work to find expected results.

        • Old scientist, new scientist what does it matter? These guys are going to say “I have a black box. It produced fantastic data. Look. See! Sure seems real. I can’t show you what’s inside because .” This no doubt will be followed by blog articles by Frank proclaiming the new dawn of LENR and frustration with the mainstream media for not covering the topic with unbridled enthusiasm. Why do we need to wait until May 3rd for this great revelation to happen?

        • Stephen

          I agree with you Alain…

          Young people in research are typically in a very weak position. Particularly in this age of “contraction”. However, being young should bring with it some degree of bravery 🙂 no risk, no gain… but I think it can be a quite dangerous game.

          Old people in research are very often hard to distinguish from politicians and are often not particularly creative… lack of time to seriously think about something really new, too many presumed truths filling their minds, plus neuron count falling… wisdom (assuming they are wise) is a good thing, but it can be a limit: tends to make you conservative and risk-adverse.

          Now that I think of it, this is SO sad!

        • GreenWin

          The strength and power behind the LENR Renaissance rests in the good will of human nature. Would you rather educate yourself to exploit the meek, then hide behind your personal fortress – or use your skills and talents to enable and benefit ALL your fellows?

          Posed to a collection of science undergrads I will bet on youthful idealism and largess – the real stuff of human evolution.

          BTW, only pussies and wimps shy away from controversial research.

          • I know what a weakly interacting particle is but what is a pussy? Is it too a particle?

          • Ramo

            Roll up your sleeves GreenWin. Why waste time blogging like Rossi? Get the nickel wires, connect the batteries and save humanity.

  • Kim

    Conferences are good.

    So every one can be on the same page

    Develop the Wuju and the Psyche…

    Just to make sure its all Kosher… before we say
    something embarrassing that could ruin a reputation
    same and usual crap.


  • morse

    Give it a few years and we will see what happens. It seems that everybody is doing LENR (Rossi, Defkalion, MIT, NASA, CERN, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Piantelli, Celani,…)
    But common people are not interested in this field. They will only be interested if it is affordable and cheaper then fossile fuel.
    But to stay on topic, a renaissance is needed.

    • GreenWin

      morse, you forgot to mention the military efforts in all developed nations (US Navy esp) – each hoping to corner LENR technology. But as Brad points out, high school students can do LENR experiments with just a Nichrome wire and a cell full of H2.

      Expect to see more announcements and developments as college kids kicking around in the physics lab come up with new iterations of the CF effect. Once a train of this proportion has started – there’s literally no stopping it.

      • morse

        I hope so !
        We need to stop destroying the planet with fossil fuel.
        There is a new cold war going on between Sweden, US, Russia, Canada, Norway to get hold of the oil reserves on the North Pole !

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  • Robert Mockan

    Practical applications? Well, the steam powered airplane flew in 1933, but could still use a nuclear heat source to give it unlimited range.
    Then of course marine applications, including personal submarines.
    Any RV road vehicle could benefit buy using a nuclear heat source for a uniflow steam engine. And the market for mass produced turbine engines would take off if a cheap practical heat source were made.

    It all gets back to one obstacle.

    • Kim

      I agree.


      • Ramo

        With all due respect, what do you agree with?

    • Ramo

      Why the fascination with steam engines? And why just RVs out of all means of ground transportation in particular? Are you a fan of steampunk with a twist?

      • Omega Z


        You just made me realize something. I usually focus on the Electric production of LENR or lack there of from a consumer point of view.

        Rossi has mentioned a U.S. customer- Starts with N. There’s several possibilities, But your steam engine statement suddenly clicked. It may even have to do with Rossi’s focus on a 45Mw E-cat with 30% electric generating capacity. Taken in conjunction with Rossi’s original arrangements with Defkalion. The U.S. was off limits to them as was the U.S. Military.

        The U.S. Navy would Kill for an E-cat capable of 45Mw plus Electric. It would be a Navy dream. 3 or 4- 45Mw plants would probably run a Destroyer or cruiser. Steam turbines could run the drive shafts & produce Electricity at the same time. Condensing the steam for a closed loop system would be simple as would Desalinizing water for the crew.

        A couple more to provide power for their proposed rail guns, Laser defenses, All rolled into one. Presently these weapons systems require additional generating capacity which involves larger/more engines, volumes more fuel, larger ships to accommodate them which increases both building & operational costs.

        Without these additional costs, these weapons become reasonable & lasers become down right cheap compared to other weapons. Also minimal ordinance storage. Rail guns don’t require large stores of powder. Only the steel slug. Lasers require no ordinance storage at tall.

        The size & shape of new Navel vessels would be smaller, more versatile, faster, a shallower draft & much cheaper. No fuel holding tanks which take a lot of space not including the Fuel weight itself which requires fuel to transport. Large ships figure gallons per foot of propulsion, Not MPG.

        Reduced crew size as much less mechanical maintenance plus less crew support. A half dozen multiphase lasers extremely accurate, rapid fire response.

        Some Countries know they can’t confront the U.S. Navy head on and have developed a swarm tactic of small craft to overwhelm our ships. These lasers would end that possibility as well as missiles.

        The present laser prototypes aren’t completely up to this task, but next generation in design is expected to be able to burn through several feet of steel in a fraction of a second. Their also being designed with power control so if you don’t want to destroy someone, you can give them a sunburn as a warning to back off.

        A more effective Navy means a reduced size required for defense. Smaller, cheaper & cheaper as in less personnel & support cost all around.

        Also technology boost to the tax payer as developments in energy production will also be applied to the consumer products. The consumer will see electrical E-cats sooner then later.

        These Large E-cats could be used in all maritime shipping. It would be like removing 300 million cars from the road. That’s a hugh Oil reduction.

      • Robert Mockan

        When shaft horsepower can be used directly, as in vehicle applications, there is no need to include the additional mass and cost of a generator and motor. If electrical power is desired auxiliary equipment can be run off an alternator and battery, same as in an automobile, but the primary motive power is still direct drive shaft from the engine.
        I mention RV ( and other vehicles) and not automobiles, because life as you know it will cease to exist when people have energy independence.

    • sapain

      i wouldn`t, why play around with particles that can blow ur dna apart, especially when there r millions/sec.

      just learn how to convert quartz to silicon, add the dopants and then place the solar cell in the sunlight. simple, so simple.

      • Ramo

        You are so predicable, sapain. Do you really own shares in a solar tech company?

  • Ivan

    Show me a water heater prototype.!!!
    how difficult could be to do a simple water heater prototype, no a megawatt plant just a 2kw water heater. ………..Please.
    Too much words not substance.

    • Sanjeev

      You can see a demo here:

      Massachusetts State Sen. Bruce Tarr Visits Still-Operating JET Energy NANOR Demo

      Its reported running since 2 months.

      If you are someone important then you can contact a dozens or so leading researchers and perhaps they will arrange a demo. If you are just like everyone else here, wait and watch. It is going to be exciting.

      • daniel maris

        I couldn’t “see” anythign there – no video.

        Do you have a direct link to a video?

        I’m not doubting it, it’s just I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video of it.

        • Sanjeev

          You will have to go there to see it. No videos.

          What good is a video ? Any 5yo can make one.

  • Ramo

    Perhaps not a mainstream event but it’s interesting. The list of LERN speakers is somewhat short though. I wish we had some young invigorating researchers in the subject area.

  • Günther Rausch

    An overview of the Widom-Larson theory in German:

    “La fusion froide est mort, vive LENR!”

    Does anyone want to translate it?

  • JonathanD

    Since transportation is one of the bigger users of energy, I want to know what is likely to be the dominant means of long distant transportation in the future, if we ever have an abundance of cheap clean energy.


    • Ramo

      #5 of course. Beam me up, Scotty.

    • sapain

      2 man solar powered aircraft is preparing for global fight.
      47million ebikes to b sold 2012, 57 million/yr by 2016.
      trains use electric drive motors, not hard to supply power from solar.
      water, mellinium challenge, solar powered boat just did a global cruise.
      light than air is making a come back.
      hybrid tractor trailors r being built.
      auto industry is now sell million of electric and hybrid cars.

      seen my e-trike yesterday, dealer had to go to a 2 day show, bummer. so it won`t b assembled until sunday. after that i mount a solar panel and i`m cruising. gas at $6.30 a gal, no more to be said, the solar panel will pay for itself in no time and as a bonus, supply power to my home when not in use.

      • Ramo

        “2 man solar powered aircraft is preparing for global fight.”
        sapain, are you suggesting that solar is a solution for air transportation?
        I hate to think what might happen with red eye flights.
        Take it easy. Solar is a promising technology, but not a panaceum for all energy needs. Your constant grinding on the subject is getting boring. Do you have a share in a solar tech company?

        • BigWilly

          I agree Ramo.

          Sapain, I do not want to be rude but your posts are consistantly solar, solar, solar. Sometimes I question if it is a real person posting or a solar bot.

          47 million ebikes? That sounds like a 1 million Ecats projection to me.

          My favorite part about this blog is the plethora of tin foil hat wearers.


          • sapain

            lenr is about free energy. solar already gives that. i try and show people that they have free energy at their finger tips and there r alot of ways to lower their energy costs now, without waiting for some futuristic free energy source. u complained that $0.02/kwhr for solar is expensive and u would rather spend $0.20/kwhr to a coal, gas or nuclear power plant and keep people enslaved.
            i try and educated people through my comments, what do u do, other than ask people to stop.
            do u own shares in oil, coal gas, nuclear, car manufacturers. do u make money from dividends and help escalte the prices of goods to the aver. person.

            i have never read a comment from u trying to help people lower their energy costs.
            mayb ur a corperate dictator, trying to silence free energy.
            e-bikes, look it up on the net, there r numerous articles related to it, a news show did a story on it yesterday about it. china, india r going full force, ever ask ur self why china slowed down it`s exports of rare earth, now u know, electric motors for vehicles and ebikes.
            u direct comments r boring, do u think solar is a tin hat affair. i feel sorry for u.

        • sapain

          did u know they had a competion for electric planes. primitive as they r, they get 200 mile range with battery packs, carrying two people. speed is over 100kmhr. winner of competion got a cool $million for the effort.
          solar isn`t boring. it`s freedom.

          how much water weight will b needed to cool a lenr reactor in a commercial jet airplane, how heavy will be the steam electric turbine.

          red eye flight, how about lighter than air vehicle. using hydrogen from solar for lift and propulsion.
          how about feul from algea powering jet engines.

          don`t own a single share in the stock market. don`t give my money to elities to make more.
          lenr if possible will consume alot of nickel and hydrogen. will create a controlled energy market.
          solar comsumes nothing and distroys controlled energy.

  • georgehants

    A Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion by Edmund Storms
    updated April 2012 download .pdf
    “Evidence supporting cold fusion (LENR) is summarized and requirements an explanation must take into account are justified. A plausible nuclear-active-environment is identified by ruling out various possibilities and by identifying an environment that is common to all methods used to produce LENR. When this environment is combined with a plausible mechanism, many testable predictions result. These insights and proposals are offered to help clarify understanding of LENR and to suggest future studies.“

  • sapain

    there r approx. 130 million home in the usa, how hard is it to supply 3-300w panels to each. apply this to each country in the world.

    governments spend millions on drones to blow up innocent villagers. spend billions invading countries and distroying their economy. for what, stupid oil, a few minerals in the ground.or worse, dictate on how they should live.
    everyone in this world is constantly walking on silicon, looking through silicon and their children play in silicon. it is that abundant.
    by not supporting solar, u r helping to perpetrate this act of insanity. people complain that solar is subsidized, but yet they don`t complain when a $20million jet is shot out of the sky, or a million dollar tank is blown up, a world of free energy means no wars, no artifical inflation gouging, no need for credit and the fiat system.
    people complain, not enough sun, cloudy days etc. just get a few extra panels to balance it out. is this planet, our home not worth the few dollars, or r people just to meme in thought. people go out and spend 10s of thousands on a gas car and give 1000s of $ to bankers, but won`t give a cent to solar to supply there own energy, their childrens energy and the grandchildrens energy.

    canadian government in its glorified stupidity, wants to give $35billion to a bunch of war criminals. it incourages investment into a bunch of iron pipes to transport polution, a deadly toxin for u and ur children to breath. all that energy to make iron pipes could b used to manufacture silicon and solar cells. next time u c a picture of those stacked pipes, imagine if they were solar panels. next time u c an $10billion aircraft carrier, imagine all the solar panels that could of been produced. then ask urself if it possible to power the world by solar.

    • Wizer13

      It’s not just a question of bucks, it’s a question of power and authority over the masses. When people will be tired of being lied to, then maybe we will see a change. But they are kept in ignorance, accepting what they are told by the so called “experts” in many domains.
      This is the world we choose to live in. It will take a lot of evolution from Man mentality to do what is right for the whole, and not only for himself.
      Be it solar, LENR, thorium, or biodiesel that brings the change, what’s important is that everybody has access to dignity and a steady living. Subsistance is poverty. It is possible for everydody to have a roof over their heads, three meals a day, education, and meaning in is life. All the rest is superflous.
      People need to be informed. People need to exchange ideas and innovations.

      So, hail to those who make this world a better place to live.

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