Rossi: E-Cat Plant for Italy

In an interview with italian magazine Corriere Della Fantascienza (Science Fiction Courier), Andrea Rossi comments on aspects of his work, business and personal life. The interviewer, Antonella Spotti Basilico, seems to be more interested in Rossi the man and his lifestyle rather than his technology, and asks about such things as family, food, jet lag and coffee.

She does, however broach the subject of Rossi’s European factory which he announced recently (translated by Google with edits):

Basilico: The plant in Europe will be in Sweden?

Rossi: Most likely, we will work both in Sweden and Italy.

Basilico: Wonderful news, I must say unexpected!

Rossi: I have the Italian DNA, the third generation family of Italian entrepreneurs, I decided that I can’t not work in Italy.

Basilico: Will the factory be in Bologna?

Rossi: (pauses, smiles) No comment.

If Rossi does build an E-Cat factory in Italy it would not be surprising to see it in Bologna, since he already has premises there, and he has dealings with people at the University of Bologna. Swheden would make sense too, since Scandinavia would be a region where there would be a high demand for cheap heating products — think of all the E-Cat powered saunas they could have!

Google translated version of the interview can be read here. (Note, for some odd reason, Google often translates ‘Rossi’ as ‘Smith’!)

Original article in Italian is here.

  • daniel maris

    There’s a whiff of if about this…a familiar odour when it comes to Rossi.

  • Tom

    Making plans for two more factories already? I suppose Rossi is certain his contraption works as advertised.

    • Omega Z

      I suspected Rossi would have to change his plans on U.S. production only when he originally stated that.

      Shipping costs have skyrocketed for 2 reasons.

      1st. The obvious is Oil prices.

      2nd. The less obvious to most people. Shipping was able to use practically a filtered crude oil for fuel at one time. Now their being required to reduce emissions just as we have been for cars for the last 40 years.

      Less CO2 & NOX among many other emissions. To reduce these emissions require higher & higher refined oil products. And the requirements are increased every couple years. This has a major impact on costs. Especially when huge ships measure gallons per foot propulsion instead of MPG.

      These increased shipping costs can easily eat up labor savings costs. Especially if you have to ship in raw materials, then ship out finished products. $2 an hour verses $20 an hour becomes moot. That’s why you see some companies moving manufacturing around.

      There’s approximately 50,000 maritime ships,(Those that transport cargo & oil) in the world. It’s estimated that replacing their fossil fuel engines with super E-cats(3 to 4 each(about 15K to 20K individual cores)) would be the equivalent of removing 300 Million cars from the road.

      The 15K to 20K is figured according to the present information on E-cat cores available. Any improvements or advances in the tech could drastically change these numbers to something much lower.

  • sven

    Sweden could be a large consumer of energy but hardly a good place for manufacturing of mass production products due to the high living standards, salaries and lack of raw material resources related to this technology. There is a large export of Swedish technology to China etc. like Volvo and Saab. Sweden could though make scene for the manufacturing of high tech fuels like the nano-powders or alike, demanding high process control skills, protection of industrial secrets and clean-room manufacturing capabilities.
    From the article Rossi could however just as well be mentioning the locations of the sale offices rather than the actual manufacturing sites.

    • Hampus

      I think Sweden is the best place for this plant. We have highly trained experts and world leading robot factories. Plus we have tons of minerals.

    • sapain

      sweden has lots of quartz. make silicon, lots of water power as well. lots of water for algea farming.

      iceland went from being bankrupt to stability very quick. they use mainly geothermal electric. when they get rid of those gas guzzling cars and go elctric, they will be rocking.

  • Dennis

    Shure, it´s nice with sauna in Sweden but it´s Finland where people almost live in the Sauna and drink Koskenkorva.

  • Hampus

    A sauna have to be wood heated anything else is just wrong. But we (Scandinavians) need ecats for heating our homes during winter, it gets minus 30 sometimes.

    • sapain

      when it`s -30 out side, it`s a sunnny day, adapt solar heating to ur sauna.

      • Carmania

        There is no or almost no sun in the winter. In the north of Sweden it does go up at all and in the south it is up about six hours.

        • sapain

          where i live in canada, 8hrs of winter light, lots of sunny days. when it`s -30 it`s a sunny day, cloudy day temps r around -15 to -20. winter soltace is 14 degrees above the horizon. excellent angle for reflecting light on a verticle surface.
          my solarium produces +20c in -30 sunny days. every sunny day saves me the equivalent of about 3-4gals of feul oil. dries my clothes as a bonus. cloudy days about 1gal. if i wear heavy clothing, i sweat like there is no tommoro, and use 20c water to rinse.

          a well insulated sauna, r-36 with good sized light capture system will get u to sweat, anything temp above body temp will do. heat gain just has to be higher than heat loss, solar cookie ovens produce 200c, u only need 40c max.

          in the winter, nov1-mar31, 153 days, if u get even 50days of sunlight it`s worth it. even on cloudy days u get a temp. rise. snow acts like a giant reflecting mirror, giving u twice the light energy. direct gain and reflected gain.
          buy a 80w solar panel for $300, convert electricity directly to hydrogen, store hydrogen in an inner tube, use hydrogen to help supply heat to ur sauna.

          • dragon

            Sapain. I’m in Canada also… Are you close to Montreal? Or even Toronto?

            I’m asking because I see you as an expert in solar and I might need help with my first solar system.

          • sapain

            northwerstern ontario.

  • dragon

    At this point we should all take a rest until October-November 2012, to see if anything of this is true.

    • sapain

      in canada, solar panels r popping up all over the place. every yr i c more roof top sytems.
      this spring i noticed alot of ebikes.

      problem is the political party run the show is in bed with oil. they would rather c pipelines going through prestine wilderness just to make a buck.

      i for one, will be glad to c the carbon energy industry become a dino.

      • dragon

        This year I will see how the cold fusion thing is going on, but if nothing happens by the end of the year, then in 2013 I am buying my first solar system and grow from there.

  • artefact

    I think because the demand will be overhelming the way to become the nr.1 “LENR company” will be accomplished by fast expansion. Defkalion seems to be more agressive in that direction. (Rossi only sells distribution rights?)

    So I guess there will be build a lot more factories after the go live (if it works 😉 )

    Or is it possible to produce like 100 million or more devices with 3 factories?
    Apple sold more than 100 mio IPhones. But I don’t think that is comperable.

    • Omega Z

      I don’t see that big a difference between Rossi & Defkalion at this point.
      When the product becomes reality, all is subject to change. Note that if not for Rossi, Defkalion probably wouldn’t even exist. Whether Defkalion copied Rossi’s E-cat or developed their own system, It all started with Rossi.

      Personally I don’t care who produces E-cats long term, But I’m rooting for Rossi primarily because he seems intent on keeping the cost per Kw low for the masses. Basically setting the market price for all other entities that follow with the normal plus or minus factor.

      As for demand, I don’t see it being that over whelming initially, Because it’s basically a supped up hot water heater that still requires energy to operate. Future advances in this technology is what’s promising & demand for these advances will be over whelming.

      If the E-cats work & can be scaled up to produce electricity, The demand will still be tempered by the reality of financial resources available to the average person. Just a reality of life.

      If wants/needs/application=actual demand then it would be overwhelming.

      You could easily assume a need for over a Billion E-cat home sized modules just for the maritime shipping market. A conservative number of about 100 Billion for the world needs.

      If the E-cats work, Figure at least 5 to 10 years for advances to make them truly functional for all purposes & 2 to 3 decades for them to be integrated into society.

      Put simply. If I had investments in the Oil Industry, I wouldn’t freak out when these come to market. There maybe a temporary blip on the prices, but I’d look for it to only stabilize prices rather then never ending price increases.

      My reasoning on this is because demand for energy continues & will continue to increase in the future as most of the world is still developing higher standards of living. We can only hope production of LENR systems can keep up & gain on these demands over time.

      Also, If LENR works & is cheap, there will be entirely new uses for it created besides replacing the existing energy uses.

  • Francesco

    Google translates Rossi as because Rossi is one of the most common surnames in Italy, just like Smith in America 🙂

  • Karl
    • Robert Mockan

      Calling them “war criminals” is to dignify them excessively. They did enable organized group stalking of serious professional cold fusion researchers, but they were little more than government or corporate instigators attempting to maintain the status quo. Not worthy of recognition by calling them “war criminals”. Just scum.

      • Karl

        You may be right.

        At the end of the day I think it’s quite a crime to prohibit a natural scientific process to take place. Especially on such an important discovery for the survival of earth as a place for living species. I’m just reading “The Kindly Ones” by Jonathan Litell about the second world war – perhaps I was inspired by it?

  • Bruno

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Too much water under the bridge with nothing to show for it.

  • tom h

    lol so true

    • tom h

      that was mean to be a reply to daniel maris comment:
      “There’s a whiff of if about this…a familiar odour when it comes to Rossi.”

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  • Ivan

    Do not put your hopes in Rossi, He has a very agile tonge, but does it. He will make the best snake oil sales man.

  • Omega Z

    A little skepticism is always good until we have proof positive. I reserve some myself. However, I give a high probability that we’ll see a product on the market within the next 12 to 24 months. Many will be disappointed in the end product because of unrealistic expectations.

    That said, If you believe everything posted on these web sites for your information, you would have to conclude that Rossi is a crackpot or scammer. Reading other people’s posts is not research. Not even Mine. We all have flaws. Some have agenda’s. Some are just trolls posting misinformation intentionally or twisting the spin.

    I have seen so many things attributed to “Rossi said” that he didn’t say. It’s unbelievable. Google translate messing up doesn’t help either. And I’ve watched video interviews with Rossi where he uses the wrong words. This quickly leads to misunderstanding that burn up the Web sites. Rossi does pretty good with english overall, but I wouldn’t call him fluent. Just better then Google translate. Usually…

    Anyone who has asked him questions & received answers are usually aware of contradictions buy way of misunderstanding. But not always.

    Example: It was Recently stated that addons to the E-cat will probably be left to the aftermarket. This was presented as new info from Rossi. Actually, Rossi had indicated this sometime ago. His tinkering with generating electricity is about developing the E-cat so that it is capable of doing that. The Electrical Generators would be provided by others. Not Rossi. Same for heat pumps. All he’s trying to do is provide the means.

    Even Web administrators feed the misinformation at times. Some need to do some serious research. One stated that you could have E-cat power for a dollar a month. He apparently doesn’t realize the E-cat needs electrical input to operate. The present E-cat as proposed requires around 1200 Kwh electric per month. Multiply this by your electrical costs. 12 cents where I live.

    Rossi may even disseminate false information himself. It’s a common business practice. You don’t want your competition to know exactly what you have till it’s on the market. If I were Rossi, I wouldn’t do things much different. Although I might invest in a PR person to minimize confusion. On the other hand, that may be what he wants. Keep everyone guessing till the last instant.

    If the E-cat is a scam, there’s few places in the World where Rossi could go in this day & age to avoid prosecution. The only place that comes to mind where he could be relatively safe & totally cut off from the World would be North Korea. Not much of an Escape plan.

    If the E-cats work, It will be a game changer. It will have a hugh psychological impact on the world. From that point on the process will be very slow coming. I would expect several years before it starts having real world impact potential. It will require lots of advancements in the tech to be anywhere close to peoples expectations.

    Many want to know, if Rossi’s E-cat really works, why he doesn’t open up. Simple. In the real world, people want to steal it.

    You have a game changing invention. I’ll help you financially. Here’s the rules. It’s not perfected yet & every improvement will require a new patent application. I require these patents to be in my name or at least equal claim with yours. I JUST STOLE YOUR INVENTION…

    Now if you want to market this product you have to pay ME a licensing fee for YOUR invention. Or I may prevent you from going to market at all. Try to bypass me & I’ll tie you up in court & see you in prison. Outside Help always has strings & seldom what the common person would expect which would be a simple percentage of the profits. They want control.

    This is how the real world works. Do some research on Lonnie Johnson. He invented the super-soaker among a few other things. He’s working on a Thermal electric device/process that could possibly convert 60% heat to electric or 80% Carnot theory. This is exactly what he is dealing with with his financial backers. In case you don’t know who he is, before saying something silly about the guy who invented the super-soaker, you should check him out. He has quit a pedigree. Worked on major projects with NASA with energy devices & dozens of patents in his name. He also didn’t like the suppressive Nature of main stream science.

    Another problem Johnson has is distribution of his research being directed to outside research centers under the financial backers control. Not Johnson’s. Maybe with intentions of cutting Johnson out completely.
    Similar to the Rossi/Defkalion situation based on statements made by one member of Defkalion’s own Board of directors.

    Many of us have a hard time believing these shenanigans take place considering the vast profit potential of a product such as E-cats. But that’s the true nature of the world we live in. Sad…

    Something else people don’t take into account. Say the E-cat works & eventually produces electricity. But this process requires very high temps, say 400`C & high pressures of several hundred psi to be economical. Consumer safety may prevent them from being available for home installation. Just something to keep in mind.

    A few weeks ago one visitor, A scientist I believe, to Rossi’s 1 meg plant mentioned the comings & goings of certain people behind the scenes. Government types & so-forth. Then declined to say more. Said to much already.

    This came as no surprise to me. Over time I had Googled certain names of people usually finding nothing. But on a couple occasions there were connections that stood out. If you told me that you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who worked at the DOE or NASA or Navy so what.
    I can probably do the same to connect to the President of the U.S.

    However when it’s the spouse or brother or someone else closely associated with someone high up in these organizations it’s worth noting. I’ll admit it’s not a smoking gun, but it’s a smolder. All these people employ connections of people they know if they have any qualifications what soever. This prevents a straight connection & plausible deniablity. And it’s seldom if ever at the very top. Usually at an assistant level or sub-department of an agency.

    It has been noted that some web administrators have contacted certain agencies about the E-cat & the response in many occasions has simply been— We are aware. It’s our job…

    The fact that they appear to be maintaining an on going awareness of the E-cat/LENR developments of multiple parties would indicate at least some credibility that they work. You can be sure that if they work, some elements of the Power Elite are going to want to maintain control over how & how fast they come to market & how fast they Evolve. Stable transitional control. Status Quot…

    Another thing about past misinformation. It was stated that Siemens developed & presented a turbine for Rossi’s 1Mw E-cats that was 30% efficient.

    This should probably been that Siemens displayed an existing off the shelf turbine that may work with his E-cat if he could scale it up & increase the temperature to at least 260`C. This is how misinformation gets started. You don’t design & build a steam turbine for something of this nature & you definitely don’t accomplish this within 2 months. It was definitely something they already manufacture. Hence, Also Rossi interest in a 45Mw E-cat.

    You should also be aware that when Rossi says things like he’s working with Siemens or National Instruments, This does not mean their partners.

    Rossi would be a customer working with Siemens to find or develop components or software & controls for the E-cat.

    Siemens also has a sub-divisions that helps setup automated assembly lines for production including CNC’s for machining parts & assembly. These systems would also use Siemens software which would work much better then trying to integrate NI software. Switching from NI to Siemens would make a lot of sense. A one stop shop. Also if Siemens doesn’t have what you need, they know exactly where to find it. That’s their Job.

    I should state that I’m not sure Siemens has their very own software. I think it’s more a Collaboration with a Software Specialty Company with a custom version made for their specific needs.

    Everyone pretty well knows that G.E. is into everything & is huge. The same goes for Siemens in case you didn’t know. These are the big boys on the block. Other big companies may compete against them, but these 2 compete head to head in nearly every market.

    Having taken a more positive position in this posting, Here’s a pessimist point of view for those who hate & want to see the demise of big oil. Although it’s my opinion that Big Governments who really control it. (Governments own 90% of the resources & control the other 10% by laws & regulations.) They have the most to lose. About $7 to every $1 Big Oil makes.

    Do you really think that Corporations that can produce $30 Billion a year profit can’t buy into this New Energy source. Even if they come to the party late??? Really???

    Who are the Financial backers at Leonardo Corp? Who is this consortium of investors? Do you know? And if it’s not them now, it will be when stocks become available. A little research will Show, I believe it was Shell Oil, dabbling in LENR Research themselves in the last few years.