MIT’s Hagelstein Demos JET Energy Cold Fusion to Mass. State Senator Tarr

Cold Fusion Times is reporting that Massachusetts Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr was hosted at MIT by Professor Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Mitchell Swartz who demonstrated their JET Energy cold fusion paladium-zirconium based NANOR system which has reportedly been able to show a continuous production of excess heat for over two months.

Hagelstein presented a research report about this system at the recent Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals in Siena, Italy. Slides from the Siena presentation can be seen here. Hagelstein will also be presenting about JET Energy’s technology at the upcoming Atom Unexplored conference in Torino, Italy.

From the Cold Fusion Times report:

Dr. Mitchell Swartz and Prof. Hagelstein led the discussion and reviewed the development of nanomaterial cold fusion devices for over more than two decades, and this particular R&D breakthrough and some of the components which allow its function. The group contributing to the discussion on ways to help push the technology forward included Dr. Brian Ahern, Keith Owens (who initiated the visit), A.J. Paglia , and Stephen Mulloney. Sen. Tarr’s excellent questions, and his continued interest to investigate this ultra-efficient and ultraclean energy production technology, herald his awareness of the importance of this alternative energy to the security and energy interests of the Commonwealth.

Outside the limits of those in the blogosphere who are following recent LENR developments there has not been very much attention paid to this cold fusion activity at MIT, and apart from Prof. Hagelstein’s presentations we haven’t seen MIT publicizing this work — which, given the overall climate when it comes to this field of research isn’t too surprising. Senator Tarr, who also has met with Andrea Rossi to discuss his work, seems to be somewhat of an anomaly; very few politicians have been publicly dicussing cold fusion as a potential energy solution.

  • Ramo

    I just hope senator Tarr is keeping a well balanced point of view. I’d like to meet with Mr. Rossi too, doesn’t mean I endorse him.

  • Roger Bird

    Senator Tarr would probably lose his next election because of this if it is in November 2012. If it is even so much as a year or more later, he will win his next election because of this.

    • Allen McCloud

      Since he has nothing to do with this I’d say he is irrelevant. Unless he starts pushing this publically and gets specific legislation passed and appears on major media outlets promoting the technology he won’t even be a foot note in this history. State Senator who?

      • Kim

        At Least Senator Tarr has approached

        How many others, could follow with
        the proper enlightenment


      • Roger Bird

        Allen, I disagree, at least half way. If the political opposition gets a hold of this before an election before LENR breaks out of the incredibility envelope, Tarr is dead meat. If Tarr is running in an election after LENR is “discovered” by the mainstream, then it won’t do him all that much good.

    • Senator Tarr is doing the responsible thing of representing his constituency, and it appears he is doing so without referring constantly as some would the second order and third order effects of his actions. Good on him. At least we have some legislator, somewhere that is not brain dead.

  • Kim

    I read and watched Allen Stirlings report on Brillouin Energy Corporation.

    My impression was:

    1. They seem to have the type of understanding of
    the process of LENR that enables them to engineer
    with out having to guess.

    2. They use nickel in the process, but yet it is not

    3. The Hydrogen is derived from Water.

    4. They drive Hydrogen to a quadronium state.

    5. The reaction is smooth,controlled,and predictable

    6. Production goal in 1 year.

    7. Now Proactively looking for finance.

    8. CEO with a business and Science ground.


    • clovis

      Hi Ya’ll,
      Yes, i too have seen their presentation, and agree with your conclusions, maybe we all should go on a campaign to force feed the main stream media, some of the indisputable facts and note worthy individuals ,and country’s trying to be first out the door with this world saving device. i could call cnn, and say you need to interview sen. Tarr he is holding the worlds most important secret lenr and don’t mention cf..—smile– think their curiosity would overcome suspicions.

      • Kim

        This must now be the attitude of the
        multitude, we hold our own future.

        Its obvious what’s going on with the
        main stream media.

        Every one jockeying for postion



    • Very deep stuff.

  • Kim

    As the concept Free Energy comes into the Psyche of the American people, here are some of my thoughts on

    Today money is based on debt. Tomorrow money will be
    based on a persons value. Equity based money.

    Debt Money can not survive, its like Water and Oil
    They don’t mix.

    We are now beginning to understand the true quantum and nature of the atom.

    We will have machines that work with software and
    mechanics to construct from the ground up most materials.

    From Scarcity to Abundance.

    The Elite will loose their control, and in fact are
    only now only to aware that their days are numbered.

    The economy will be very different, but in the early
    beginning will thrive as people think of all the new
    ways that abundant energy can change the design of every day living.

    More time for friends and family

    and then the stars.


    • Robert Mockan

      I agree. The paradigm shifts are still too slow and late for many of us, but there is still progress.
      I was just over at Ebay searching for any cold fusion related items, and a few people are selling magazines and books about the subject. I suppose that indicates some interest. But how many people would even think to enter, for example. cold fusion magazine, into the search engine on the Ebay site? Not many yet, but like Google trends it is another way to see the interest level.

      • Kim

        The Main Stream Media will be told to
        not to approach the issue.

        Its the last Sebastian that the Elites

        Once the Main Stream Media is breached it
        will be a done deal

        I would say they have about 6 more months
        of control left, maybe more maybe less.


        • Robert Mockan

          6 more months would put it in the time frame for the war with Iran, used to distract people and keep them occupied while the Elite try to consolidate their position and hold onto their power. They will not go peacefully, under any circumstances, so I expect matters to get much worse. If they believe their days may be numbered that means their behavior will become even more insane than at present.

          • Kim

            Very well stated.

            They are not going to go
            quietly into the night.


          • And that another 6 months of propaganda and preparations for building new nuclear power stations in the US, UK and France – if Fukishima Daichi 4’s spent fuel pond doesn’t fall over or catch fire in the meantime, making Japan uninhabitable forever. The media might be hard pressed to gloss that one over.

          • sapain

            war with iran, raised interest rate 2-4% to escalate inflation or collapse the economy.

            many people and counties r fighting to stop it.

          • Yes, hiking interest rates will be the next step – when we are all ‘indebted’ to the maximum possible extent. The next great depression – artificially engineered so that the banksters can buy the rest of the world for pennies on the dollar.

        • Kim

          I’m not sure why you assume the mainstream embargo on news will hold for only 6 months. Even if anyone is still working towards ‘home’ units (which I personally doubt) it could well be 5 or 6 months before any announcement is made.

          In that case the shills would be out in such force that the event would be rapidly buried in an avalanche of lies, ridicule, misinformation and half truths. Even the few reporters of any integrity who are left wouldn’t dare touch it, and if they did, their editors would bury the reports immediately. Also there are stronger methods available for suppressing news sources that governments and their friends don’t like (look what happened to Wikileaks for example), and they seem to be busily trying to come up with more tools on an almost weekly basis (ACTA, SOFA, PIPA, and now CISPA).

          I think the grip of the ‘elite’ on the mass media may be much tighter than you imagine. If the mainstream media are under your control, and you have the power to take down independent blogs when ‘push comes to shove’ – where’s the problem? (for them).

          • Kim

            The genie is out of the bottle

            There are real Americans that
            smell money and opportunity.

            And why not…

            The Science is real, yet not mature.

            Its obvious that companies like Brilluion want start up
            money and to be noticed

            The Change is now underway


          • sapain

            by what i read, the mainstream media is losing it`s punch.
            more people everyday r denouncing them and using the internet for news. alot of ideas and thoughts r past along through the comment section on blogs with links to guide.
            world wide encyclopedia at ur finger tips.

    • Harold

      I had not thought of our debt based system in that way before. Looked at in that way, it is obvious that those who use scarcity as a tool of power will lose the control they now enjoy. But they will join everyone else in our bright new future, where we will all thrive. Together we can explore the limits of human potential.

      • Kim

        Yes, and it is the responsibility of
        every individual to pass on to all people
        this new Fire, This new Science.

        and it must be done consistently and without
        fear of being ridiculed.


        • I thought you were enamoured of solar.

          • sapain

            solar cell is a free energy device.

      • sapain

        hugh personal debt is why people can`t purchase free energy devices today. the bankers have them locked into fixed contracts for 10-30yrs, all their excess goes to pay high rate fiat interest, include artifical inflation costs caused by a simple 2% increase in energy costs and the aver person wealth or monthly earnings is quickly stripped.

    • sapain

      well said kim.

    • “Today money is based on debt. Tomorrow money will be based on a persons value. Equity based money.”

      Are you suggesting that time will be driven backward? If so why? Your sentiment bring tears to my eyes but the truth is adamant.

      “Debt Money can not survive, its like Water and Oil
      They don’t mix.”

      The time value of money has been recognized for a very long time. What will change that? Will the time of the past be stretched out to compressed to nothing and in a sense debased? If so why do you believe that?

      “The Elite will loose their control, and in fact are only now only to aware that their days are numbered.”

      Hogwash…the “elite” will not lose control as they are the best positioned with money and advisers. it may be that the people at the base will have their utility bills cut but they may also suffer layoffs as a result of the sudden release of this new technology and the highly entropic results that will follow.

      When reform is put off and and put off and then comes on all of a sudden it produces chaos. In way of reference I suggest you witness the decline an fall of the Soviet State.

      • That’s pretty much my take as well. I’m not sure we’ll even see any reduction in power bills – it will probably be argued that any additional profits are needed to pay for the changeover to LENR and the decommissioning of existing non-convertable plant! (All in the cause of ‘carbon reduction’ of course, making it a group responsibility rather than a corporate money-saving decision).

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  • Kim
    • Kim – great link, thanks. My confidence in Rossi is probably at an all-time low, and DGT is difficult to fathom (although IMHO still hopeful). By comparison, Brillouin have shot to the #1 position as far as I am concerned, on the basis of this interview and the calm, professional exposition of the Godes-Hagelstein theory and the progress on their ‘phase one’ device.

  • GreenWin

    Kim, Peter, Robert, et al, – while the “elite” may seem to control this and that – WE control our perception. As George and other QED people will confirm – WE change our world by applying consciousness to it. While little tiny blogs such as this seem unimportant in the big scheme of media – think again. It takes only a few, passionate, well meaning hearts and minds to access the vast powers beyond terra firma.

    Don’t want to sound too woo woo – but recall ML King, his predecessor Martin Luther, Gandhi, Mandela, Rosie Parks, Dali Llama, Buddha, JC etc. We have many friends who are and have been helping us. Recall that it was a 2009 CBS 60 Minutes story that reintroduced cold fusion to the American public.

    Look where we are today: NASA acknowledges, CERN colloquium, MIT short course, NAVY invested, conferences in Italy, France, Germany (not England!) The Sid Kimmel Inst. Nuclear Renaissance at U Missouri. At least 150 funded startups, thousands of online blogs, news sources, and 22 years of peer reviewed science papers, studies, lectures. Recall too that any story can go viral on the net overnight. Fifty million people killed SOFA in a couple days. 800M subscribers to Fbook!

    The unrelenting mountain old school deniers and censors have to climb is a mountain of profit resulting from low cost abundant energy for all. Hearts, minds and business. Stay on course. Stay true and bright. We are making a better world – and the cosmos is on our side. Personally, I’m having a great time!

    • vbasic

      Exciting times. And let’s not forget Nanospire and their Cavitation approach showing high level of transmutations in the lattice core. Then there is Mitsubishi now calling their approach LENR-LENT also showing plenty of elemental transmutations. These transmutations are proof of nuclear reactions, not chemical.
      As for the politicians, it doesn’t matter either way. If the technology works, private investor capital will go there.

      • NanoSpire does not use a lattice core. According to the company president Mark LeClair, “I don’t believe any of the lattice based LENR theories… They argue fusion happens inside the metal, I say it happens on the surface of the electrodes from cavitation reentrant jet impact.” More:

    • Kim

      Smooth, real smooth

      Thanks for the comprehensive history.


    • Roger Bird

      I’m still having fun, but we have been getting too much hot air lately.

      This story is not hot air, thankfully, finally.

    • SH

      Excellent post GreenWin, thank you for that.

    • sapain

      me three, getting my e-trike sunday, solar adaption soon after. going to b a fun build.

      • Ramo

        Take care, sapain. Avoid bird droppings.

        • sapain

          got hit a few times from gulls, lol.

    • Wizer13


    • georgehants

      GreenWin, very inspirational, thanks.
      Morning peter, good posts as always.

      “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand wrapt in awe, is as good as dead.”

      ~Albert Einstein

      • Hello George, and good morning to you. It seems that a few of ‘us’ may be drifting here from ‘moletrap II’!

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  • Sanjeev

    More good news:

    Brillouin had Los Alamos and SRI validations.

    • Ramo

      Should I give them my credit card number? Did you?

      • GreenWin

        For a while now we have been referring to the trollish behavior by pathoskeps on these sites as “pathological skepticism.” We now have an excellent clinical definition of who these people are and why they are irrational. Michael Fullerton writing in the Foreign Policy Journal explains it this way:

        “Skeptopathy [pathological skepticism] is the irrational belief that a theory or a piece evidence is false merely because it is unusual, goes against conventional wisdom, or is simply too difficult to imagine.”

        Fullerton uses examples in the denial of evidence at the 9/11 WTC7 demolition. Read it. It’s right on the money.

        • daniel maris

          Oh dear – anyone who thinks the 9-11 planes were hijacked by Al Queda units and deliberately flown into landmark buildings long ago lost contact with reality. It is a shame that those fantasists have hijacked what could have been a useful word to pursue their own mad fixed ideas.

          For 9-11 to have been a conspiracy it would have to have involved about 10,000 people the way the 9-11 fantasists tell it.

          There are plenty of real conspiracies worry about without creating imaginary ones.

        • GreenWin

          This is meant to demonstrate how even well meaning scientists fall into patterns of denial – like those we see re: LENR. The new term is “skeptopathy.”

          • daniel maris

            I don’t care what it’s “meant to demonstrate” – the concept has been linked to the nutters who don’t believe Al Queda took down the WTC towers – despite Bin Laden’s explicit claims that he did and all the supporting evidence, including the phone calls from the poor about-to-be-murdered victims on the flights. It’s pretty sick when people try to bring the victims in as co-conspirators.

            Anyone who gives any credence to that nonsense gets zero respect from me.

    • Robert Godes’ explanation of the nickel-hydrogen interaction seems feasible, and consistent with observations, such as they are. This theory could also explain how RF/EM input used by Rossi and DGT might interact with and possibly moderate the effect of plasmon ‘Q waves’, through magnetostrictive effects on the metal lattice. Unfortunately I am no physicist and I would very much like to hear the opinion of any open-minded physicists who read this blog.

      So we now seem to have two hopeful but distinct new energy ‘branches’ – Brillouin/Rossi/DGT/et alia type nickel-hydrogen (or Pd-D) interactions, and sonoluminescence/cavitation fusion of the Nanospire variety ( We live in interesting times.

      • daniel maris

        We certainly do – may the Chinese curse not come true.

  • georgehants

    Russia Stunned After Japanese Plan to Evacuate 40 Million Revealed.
    By The European Union Times
    18 April 12

    Lets all forget about Cold Fusion and build more nuclear plants.
    I am sure we can rely on and Trust science and our politicians to do the right thing.

    • daniel maris

      If you believe that, you’ll believe anything George!

      I could tell it as a crock of whatsit when it said the Chinese had invited millions of Japanese to come live in their “ghost towns” – if there is one thing you can be sure of it is that China would never invite millions of Japanese to live in their country (once cruelly occupied by the Japanese).

      • georgehants

        daniel, not a matter of believing, just free reporting.
        Everybody makes up their own minds and are not instructed how to think by administrations and authority’s.

        • daniel maris

          I’ve nothing against free reporting but you can’t sidestep responsibility for spreading disinformation.

          • georgehants

            well daniel there comes the problem.
            When it is in the open one can investigate and discuss it’s validity in part or in whole.
            When it is hidden and denied by the establishment and media, then like Cold Fusion and many other subjects, the people are left with lies, deceit, and dis-information.
            Rossi’s JONP allows scientists to openly debate subjects and ideas censored by main-line science and publications.

    • I think that the Japanese may be ‘exaggerating’ somewhat in a play for international funds and expertise to try to help manage Fukushima. That said, the dangers posed by the spent fuel rods on the site are very real, and many more people may need to be evacuated in the near future.

      • daniel maris

        I never said there was not a grain of truth in this. I suspect the grain is that Japanese diplomats noted at some point that in the event of the need to evacuate, Japan had far fewer areas to evacuate to than Russia. Some mischief-maker in the Russian Foreign Office then concocted this story and threw in the China element to sow discord between China and her former enemy.

    • sapain

      nuclear plant failures, offshore oil spills.

      people r dreaming of lenr when the solution is already here. if people r concerned, go spend $2000 and solar up. it`s that easy.

    • daniel maris

      But you’ve no business spreading this disinformation unless you think there is good reason to believe it true. Do you spread rumours about people even if you don’t think they’re true?

      To spread a story that China is about to invite millions of Japanese to come and settle in its country is wrong because it is an absurd claim. There is absolutely no chance of it being true – one can say that with certainty if you know anything about China and the history of China and Japan.

      If you are prepared to pollute the wells of discussion with any diseased rubbish, you aren’t aiding free discussion. Rossi doesn’t allow madmen to propound completely crazy and implausible theories on his website. He exercises judgement as to who is allowed to say what.

      • sapain

        100s of 1000s leave war torn areas and cross borders all the time, many countries give aid. i think many countries would acept japanese people, i know canada would.

      • georgehants

        daniel, you are missing the point.
        Science — (in your words – “If you are prepared to pollute the wells of discussion with any diseased rubbish, you aren’t aiding free discussion.”) does this all the time with Cold Fusion UFO’s, Placebo Effect, etc. etc. the media and governments follow blindly.
        The point is that better to have raw and possibly inaccurate information for us all to personals check and investigate than the official lies and deceit that we are fed.
        People are brainwashed by “expert opinion” and DOGMA to the extent that so called intelligent people are unable to work out that UFO’s are either —
        A Psychological phenomena.
        Material or
        Unknown science.
        In any case we want the TRUTH,and not distorted disinformation supplied by the Establishment.
        People need to understand that where ever the information comes from it must be treated with fair skeptasism and an open-mind and do the bloody research.
        Cold Fusion has been delayed for 23 years by “opinion experts” disinformation, lies, denial and incompetence, that ordinary scientists follow like sheep (except for the usual few REBELS) time for the end to censoring and hiding information and let people think for themselves.
        Yes their will be dross in amongst that information, well that means people start thinking critically and not follow the dictates of corrupted authority’s and establishments.

  • sapain

    the problem for electric car in colder climates is winter temperatures. -15 to -25c, causing a low dicharge rate.
    on -15 to -25c days it`s usually sunny.
    what if the vehicle manufatures applied passive solar heating to the battery bank to warm them. plastic light pipes to direct light to a black body inside an insulated storage box.
    excess can be stored with thermal salts etc. to extend warming time.
    just a free energy thought.

    • Jonas

      In north of Sweden, when it’s winter and so cold there is not many hours of sun each day…

      • sapain

        u get sunlight in sept, oct, nov, mar, apr and may. those would b cool-cold temp months that would affect battery performance, and warmth would help increase output and battery life.

        cold temps increase magnetic strenght and lowers resistance in wires. just have to keep the batteries at rt for as long as possible. small fuel cell and hydrogen tank would also supply heat to keep up battery output.

    • Bob

      Why worry about anything, If you use LENR just keep everything heated when not running. Why even think of solar?

      • sapain

        if possible, 1 yr, 2yr, 3 yr -10yrs, i never wait, i use what is available now.

        besides u need 1.6kw just to run an ecat, and it consumes nickel. i like non consumeable gadgets. therefore solar.

  • Red_Baron

    Greetings to all, we know without doubt that the exothermic LENR phenomena are real, but the money that people delaying their arrival. Of all the ways the money is always the biggest obstacle or facilitator to make things happen in our world. Were it not for the greed of man exacerbated, we would be on another level of human development, the fossil fuel energy sources are pre historic. It is widely known that there are numerous viable alternatives that can gradually replace the fossil fuels. But the ruling classes do not want a change of energy paradigm. Even those who know the workings of the mechanism of LNER has conditioned the availability of information in exchange for money, they all want money first, money is always the most important element, no matter the hunger, poverty, wars, corruption to inequality among people, all this is secondary. I have hopes for the paradigm shift in the energy sector, but also afraid that human greed could frustrate our hopes. I have followed the events related to LENR for two years uninterrupted, always with hope and fear. I wish that hope wins the fear for the sake of the next generations.

    • GreenWin

      Oddly Red Baron – it may be greed that HELPS spread the LENR technology. Even high school students realize there is a huge pot of money in converting millions of homes from grid electric to home Combined Heat and Power systems. The numbers globally rise to the Trillions of $$.

      How long can the old fiefdoms hide the technology? How many commercial ventures are under way right now to build the first LENR water heaters? Billions of humans will benefit from low cost electricity – manufacturers of LENR for homes and industry will reap huge profits.

      Maybe Gordon Gekko was right: greed can be good.

      • Red_Baron

        Exacerbated greed and individualism is good for some, but not for everyone. Our history demonstrates that, unfortunately we know that history repeats itself often. But I have hopes for real change, we wait.

      • Just note that CHP need a grid.

        about conspiracy, no need, just stupid fearful of change denial.

        note that come oil and oil drilling company were at last LENR workshop near sienna…
        but not sure the board of director is yet informed…

        it is hard to imagine how badly informed are the directors of reality.
        same for ministers.
        all their administration hide them the controversies and the problems, and also what can make them furious.

        • Warthog

          Why do you think CHP “needs a grid”?? LENR should be perfectly suited to “one home, one power plant” installation.

  • artefact
    • Kim

      That approx. 750,000 gallons of waste radioactive


      some of it uranium

      Were screwed!


    • sapain

      had japan spent $1bill on producing silicon and cell manufacturing, $1bill on wind, $1bill on tidal, $1bill on current, $1bill on geothermal. these disasters would not have happened.

      instead, their government has turn their beautiful country and culture into a nuclear disaster zone.
      japan has to import it`s energy, oil, coal,gas and nuclear fuel, guess who profits. elites can move, common folk r left to glow.

  • the snake

    Clearly LENR is suppressed. It’s one of the most amazing potential technology, and whether it’s real or not, nobody can tell right now. I don’t believe in any conspiracy theory, like big oil is buying LENR off or is silencing certain companies. But, no media outlet gives it any priority. Gringos only take for real what’s advertised. They know about buzz words like Taliban, Nazi, Hezbollah and all the latest trends in “terrorism” and what’s bad. News do reflect the interests of the elite. Internet companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon are real because they appear in the offline news and stock tickers. All that supermodels and actors earning millions are the result of insane hyping. LENR is not real because no one is advertising it, and simply the elite is not interested in it for big oil and war mongering for oil.

    • Robert Mockan

      The Internet Reformation does make suppression more difficult. But unless people learn enough to understand the information that is available, they will continue to follow the lead of the controlled media, and although not “suppressed” in the sense of the information being censored, the effects of ignorance on the part of the masses has the same outcome as if the information were never made available. Case in point is that the hypothesis of neutron synthesis using hydrogen and electrons dates back long before Brillouin and Mark Godes. See for example the web site W.T. Gray not only formed an extensive viable theory for neutron synthesis and subsequent neutron fusion but published details before 2005. The experiments he has done include synthesizing neutrons and generating enough energy in the process to melt targets with the released nuclear energy. Take a look at who was visiting his site as long ago as 2005. See this link.
      Mark Godes does not go into detail about WHY is process works, but W.T. Gray does. See here to understand how neutrons are created using hydrogen nuclei and electrons. And Gray does not need nickel at all, he does it with particle beams.

      Does this explain all forms of LENR? No, it does not. But there is a lot of evidence supporting neutron synthesis and nuclear energy release using them.

      • sapain

        ain`t that the truth, it took me 20 minutes to convince someone that soundwaves were different from radiowaves.

  • georgehants

    Below is more evidence of why Cold Fusion and many subjects are delayed by a science that relies on “expert opinion” and brain-washing of denial rather than evidence and Truth.
    For years science as with Cold Fusion has laughed at the EVIDENCE for plant communication.
    10 Pieces of Evidence That Plants Are Smarter Than You Think
    Plants respond to sounds, and may talk
    Tuesday, 17 April 2012
    by Daniel Cossins
    Cosmos Online

  • morse

    Today is Earth Day. According to Wikipedia: “Earth Day is a day early each year on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment”
    I don’t think anybody will know what LENR is.
    LENR is not attractive enough and need a good advertising campaign !

    • good product don’t need advertising…

      anyway todays society is so crazy, that I’m maybe wrong. Stupidity spread more quickly, because it is pleasant and match our brain needs.

    • sapain

      for me, every day is earth day.

  • Robert Mockan

    WordPress did not allow certain links in my last comment attempt, so re-posted at my own blogspot. It is about the recent claims by Brillouin Energy Corporation claiming they know how LENR works. My blogspot is Open Source Nuclear Fuel. Link to it from any search engine. The last comment is “Neutron Synthesis And Fusion Hypothesis NOT The Whole Story About LENR”.

  • GreenWin

    More evidence of the totalitarian government controlling the mainstream media. Senator Tarr – a public servant – went to a meeting at MIT to witness the latest in LENR technology and discuss its potential. Not ONE word from the Boston “Press” – not the Herald, Globe, Phoenix, TV, radio, even little street rags.

    Sad. We pay the taxes for our government of, by and for the people – and government censors news of breakthrough technology that benefits all mankind. Even the TarrTalk website of the Senator didn’t mention this important meeting.

    Is that Chinese I’m hearing in the State House?? Happy Earth Day!!!

    • you inverse the power. media control the governement, especially in US. but to be honnest, in US business control the media.
      in Europe, green control media, thus politicians who follow the fashion and the wind.

  • Ivan Cevallos

    What is NANOR (nano reactor) a solid state device, but how it gets the hydrogen, and uses water or heavy water
    the amps in volts in? the watts out? some one say 18 others 80 mwatts, could some one clarify, could they be produced in large quantities? a thousand two hundred of them could give about 100 watts. then easily mesured about background errors. it feeds with DC or some kind of wave form.
    Why this inventors keep crucial information out?

  • LENR = LeClair Effect Nuclear Reactions

    The LeClair Effect via cavitation is the answer to understanding P-F cells, sonofusion and hydrodynamic cavitation induced fusion. Lattice based theories are incorrect and obsolete.

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