Earth Day Viewing: 3 Years Later, Repost of 60 Minutes on Cold Fusion

It has been 3 years now since CBS’ 60 Minutes revisited the long-dismissed subject of cold fusion in a piece called “More Than Junk Science” in which it took a serious look at the state of research into the field of cold fusion in 2009. At the time of the making of this piece there was no mention of some of the names and organizations currently working in the field, and nickel-hydrogen reactions, now very much in vogue, were not covered.

Some names familiar to today’s LENR watchers are included, however. Michael McKubre of SRI (now working with Brillouin Energy) and Rob Duncan of the University of Missouri (eorking at the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance at MU) are both interviewed for the piece — as well Martin Fleischmann. It’s an old piece now, with lots of developments having taken place since it was first aired, but it may be interesting to people who have not seen it before — and might make for some enjoyable viewing on Earth Day.

  • When you read the story of Robert Goddard you find similar dismissal. He was mocked by MSM-media like New York Times.

    “Finally, the Times pounced. It assumed, wrongly, that Goddard’s understanding of Newton’s laws was flawed:

    That Professor Goddard with his “chair” in Clark College and the countenancing of the Smithsonian Institution, does not know the relation of action and reaction, and of the need to have something better than a vacuum against which to react—to say that would be absurd. Of course he only seems to lack the knowledge ladled out daily in high schools.

    Unbeknownst to the Times, thrust is possible in a vacuum.

    Forty-nine years after its editorial mocking Goddard, on July 17, 1969 — the day after the launch of Apollo 11 — The New York Times published a short item under the headline “A Correction.” The three-paragraph statement summarized its 1920 editorial, and concluded:

    Further investigation and experimentation have confirmed the findings of Isaac Newton in the 17th Century and it is now definitely established that a rocket can function in a vacuum as well as in an atmosphere. The Times regrets the error.”

    • Roger Bird

      Bless The Times for this admission. Let’s hope that they admit that they are wrong about big government liberalism.

      • Yes, of course, lets drag the subject and somehow smear it with your favorite excrement: big government liberalism. Spin, spin, spin.

        • Bigwilly

          Well Zed, there is such an array to bring into this discussion it seems wrong to not involve these other entities. I will list a few for my own reference:

          -Fear mongers
          -Big oil lobbyists
          -Overzealous governmental agencies hell bent on control through your electricity bill
          -horse and buggy tycoons who want revenge
          -lower consciousness
          -non new age purveyors
          -aluminum foil instead of tin foil hat wearers
          -anti solar consortium

          Perhaps I missed a few

      • GreenWin

        Remind of the Vatican’s apology to Galileo – except there they apologized to the man and family. Here the Times admits its error but takes no step to apologize to Goddard. Ah, well, these all are mere mortals.

        Excellent post today! CBS is smack in the center of old school media – yet they had the stones to put this on the air three years ago. It has helped greatly and it’s about time for a follow up:

        Just ask that 60 Minutes update their story to reflect the great changes the last three years.

    • Colin Connaughton

      OMG! That was one incredible booboo. The force exerted by the rocket on the escaping propellant is equal and opposite to the force exerted by the propellant on the rocket. Conservation of momentum of both together.

      The Times was guilty of exactly the misunderstanding of which it accused Prof. Goddard.

    • sapain

      Isaac is the man. father of light and all thing right. gravity and motion was his promotion. remember Isaac for his original notions.

  • Roger Bird

    I notice that the attitude of Dr. Naysayer (yes, we will all forget his name eventually) was not that of an explorer, like he was when he was younger. His attitude is defensive. Such an attitude will never discover anything. Columbus was dead wrong in his theory about these circumference of the Earth.

    I am impressed that 60 minutes would air such a segment, and I congratulate them for their courage.

    And, finally, Mike McKubre is his own credential. He is a very impressive individual.

    • So what would you Roger and Frank want to see? Let’s just say the mainstream media stands up and takes notice. Let’s just say the president authorizes congress to spend lots of taxpayer money on LENR. Several big wigs with lots of clout come on board. What they’ll end up seeing is a vile old man (Rossi) jerking everybody around x1000. Today he’s just got a few diehard dedicated groupies to play with. Defkalion’s price for licensing Rossi’s idea will jump up to 400M euro (from current $40). Brillo will get huge amounts of venture capital. Their CEO’s will drive Ferrari’s and buy the richest Silicon Valley houses in their own names while the corporation is a limited liability enterprise. You and I won’t be any closer to knowing if LENR/Cold Fusion is for real.

      You don’t need 60 minutes et. al. You need a huge government sponsored X-Prize which would automatically force the issue: LENR talks BS walks.

      • Fibber McGourlick

        The development of LENR (or whatever you choose to call it) has been financed with chicken feed, yet in a relatively short time it is massively ahead of the establishment choice of hot fusion, insofar as the prospect of producing cheap, clean energy is concerned. Meanwhile hot fusion has cost the world over 20 billion during the last 55 years since Newspapers around the world declared “Fusion Power Has Arrived”. yet has produced nothing but “someday promises”. Yes, there’s been a few LENR sideshows along the way, but they they’ve been interesting and amusing to some of us spectators. More importantly, they haven’t cost the honest taxpayer anything. The irony of the situation is that History will someday view hot fusion as the real ponzi-scheme sideshow, and it will mourn the waste and the lost opportunities.

        • Kim

          Once Joe can go to walmart and
          buy LENR device to heat home

          Joe and his buddies will start
          building in Garage.

          The price will continue down down
          down ect…


          • That’s the problem with LENR and why it is considered a sham by the mainstream.

            Party line: “I invented LENR. I can’t give you any details or show you how it works so that you can reproduce it or verify it because I want to make it available at Walmart.”

            Walmart (mass consumption) is the death knell of LENR/Cold Fusion. It is the excuse everybody gives for not releasing any specific.

      • GreenWin

        Michael Fullerton writing in the Foreign Policy Journal explains it this way:

        “Skeptopathy [pathological skepticism] is the irrational belief that a theory or a piece evidence is false merely because it is unusual, goes against conventional wisdom, or is simply too difficult to imagine.”

      • daniel maris

        AS Conrad Black found out, it’s a very dangerous game in the USA to end up appearing to have your hand in the company till in that way.

        • I take it you are referring to my comment about Brillo. No need to have your hand in the company till. Have you seen what executives make these days in salary and stocks? The guy will make $300K per year. He’ll have stocks which will skyrocket on fantastic news about LENR. He’ll sell them sooner than later. Who cares what happens after that. The guy will be a rich man. All this is legal. No hand in the till.

  • Frip Whip

    Please don’t make political statements when you have never spent any time researching the facts.
    It’s a shame that after all we’ve been through as civilization that science/ideas are still ruled by politics(media, money ,ignorance). It appears that the situation only worsens.

    • Kim

      Its rule by FEAR.

      That it in a nutshell.

      It constitutes our brain 24 hours a day.


  • Kim

    I congratulation to 60 minutes.

    Energy sources are being used as a tool
    of control.

    As awareness and consciousness rises, the
    people begin to see this.

    Energy is at the root of 98% of what is going
    wrong in this world today.

    The other 2% has to do with morality and maturity
    of a race.

    A source of free energy would first of all
    give people more physical room, so as not
    to be in constant friction.



    • sapain

      i was talking to a person today, babbling about solar and prices. they mentioned that natural gas being cheap they were surprised no was using gas generators.
      he is a gas fitter. i asked the cost of a gas gen, he replied, $2300. i replied that`s 2 300watt panels and no fuel. asked him, life expectance of a gas gen, parts replacement, oil changes and fuel costs.. replace a gen every five year, oil changes every month, 50% of the energy goes up the exhaust pipe, adds up. that another 2-300watt panels that will last 50yrs or more with a 20yr warranty.
      i was nice and didn`t mention the toxins they force feed under pressure to frack rock, and contaminate the ground water.
      got a gas man thinking about it.

      in 15yrs solar will cost $0.10/watt or maybe the world will have it`s act together and give them away.

      • Kim

        At .10 cents per watt I could power
        my entire house needs for approx. 1500 dollars.

        Solar is nice, and yes they have to
        get the price down

        I still have not a clue as to why
        Truckers don’t covert to natural gas.

        I’m I missing something.

        With fracking natural gas will only
        get cheaper.

        We have no place to store most of
        it now… ect..


        • Wes Moore

          if you look for trends.,. NG should rise sharply. US geology has just been allowed to state that the process is causing earthquakes… Feds (US) have just introduced a bill removing them from the clean air and water act. A doctor has sued for access to info to learn of chemicals being injected, He won the info but had to sign a non-confidentiality stating that he could not even tell the person being treated what he is dying of. The trend is increasing see links here

          • sapain

            they use garbage liquids, the liquids they want to dispose of. like, benzene, florocarbons, basically industral liquid waste. they figure the public is ignorant that they r using fracking as an industrial waste disposal system. they can`t dump it into the oceans. this is te odours peple smell and the taste in the water system.

        • sapain

          some 18 wheelers r now hybrids. going through the test phase.

        • sapain

          $1500 @$0.10/watt= 15kw worth of solar panels. on a stationary system that`s 82.5kwhrs/day aver. how much electricity do u use.

    • QC-JYM

      Talking about awareness:


  • Kim

    Heated Swimming pools.

    Just this in itself can produce huge revenue.


    • jacob

      good points Kim

      what else have we not been told.

      I learned from history
      studying patents from a 100 to 120 years ago.
      I am a builder of custom OU heaters ,its all
      been done before long ago.
      The US Patent office is corrupt.

      No patents can be granted that interferes with
      national security .

      Energy is national security.

      Nikola Tesla said his biggest invention was his turbine .

      some one else tried to patent a hyper centrifuge
      turning water directly into steam with cop of 40
      got no patent but died shortly after
      Richard Clem ,running a car on centrifugal forces
      Stanley Meyer, running car on water directly
      some one else tried to patent an out of balance
      flywheel hooked up to 2 double acting hydraulic
      cylinders ,of course you get more power out then in but he had his machine confiscated,and was told
      leave it alone.

      people forget what you have learned ,and change
      your minds,there is nothing impossible

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  • sylvie lamontagne

    while reading this article I was listening to the radio and there was a story about a body of natural water that was being turned into a tailing pond of waste for a mineral company.there was also a story about a scientist who felt uneasy because he was unable to speak easily to reporters about his science
    after attending a conference in Montreal. And we
    wonder why we’re not advancing as a society?

  • clovis

    Hi, guys
    I agree it was very brave,of CBS, about these guys showed some guts,