More Details About Pirelli High School Cold Fusion Experiment

I am most grateful to one of our Italian readers (‘Francesco’) for supplying this translation of an email sent from Engineer Ugo Abundo to Daniele Passerini which was published on the 22passi blog yesterday. This is much improved from the Google translation I used yesterday.

At last Doctor Passerini!

I’m very pleased to know you. We’ve been able to meet up (on the web).

I’ve been trying through the J. Von Neuman foundation (research body in Artificial Intelligence) to contact your web site, which I’ve been reading for a long time with much interest, appreciating the stylemark. It was my intention to invite your sympathizers to our conference through your blog, for a direct exchange of ideas. We can always remedy this.

In a few days we will publish on the internet the video recording of the whole conference, from the introduction, to the students’ interventions, to the starting of the reactor, to the one and a half hour of confrontation with free questions and collegial discussion. We will also add a bulk of technical material regarding the experiments made and future plans.

I’ll drop you a hint that it it an electrolytic reactor (Mizuno type, Iorio), but with the fundamental difference that free nanopowders are used, not treated or fixed on supports, that we’ve been able to confine and turn on in a totally innovative fluidized-bed reactor.

We, in alternative to whom makes a kind of communication too much vulnerable claiming yelds that are usually denied by detractors, during the conference, while stating to have reached yelds that are in the range of 400% or higher (according to our interpretation of measurements), have not given a live demonstration of such measurements (we have only turned on the reactor to communicate visually what we were talking about), but with a fundamental news.

The news is in the fact that we have patented the powder cathod in the name of the school so that from now on nobody interested in personal gain will be able to patent it.

The Public Institution, on the other side, will be able to supply the reactor to allow experimentations, or just the licence of use at the derisory cost of the illustrative material for the self construction and the best protocol of use.

We are a group of (teachers) engineers with sectorial skills in radioprotection, chemical, physics, mathematics, engineering and we have integrated our strenghts in this accomplishment (with the precious help of our students that have acquired important competencies on the field, even if limited to the educational aspects).

The patent is functional to the most open circulation, both of the construction plans and of the tests and interpretations, in order to be able to share the informations without fearing that the reader patented himself what we have communicated and subsequently precluded us and others to carry on in promising directions.

We have then challenged the detractors to make the measurements by themselves, with us checking where they make mistakes, making us available to even lend our device but making the tests in our attendance (we would unmask even the sleight of hand of a detractor).

Currently we are taking a breather from the big effort made in the organization of the event, and checking the evolution of the post event chain, in terms of diffusion of news, possibly correct (but unfortunately we have found unintentional mistakes of transmission).

In a short we will be able to cooperate with you supplying the said open informations, in order to facilitate their diffusion.

We are gathering around us suitable professionalities to build the critic mass in order to unhinge the wall of technological, scientific and of method difficulties that have not permitted yet to explain the nature of the involved phenomenon, and to aim at an experimentations campaign duly designed with the target of the understanding of the phenomenon (we know that perhaps we are aiming too high, but at least we will pick up some success close to the ground in the worst case, while aiming low usually you can pick up underground targets…)

Ing. Ugo Abundo

I suggest visiting the School site, where the homepage starts to show a list, already not up to date, of links that talk about the event, that are growing up in number so quickly that the boys of the internal editorial office can’t keep up with them.

For immediate release both this letter and our appreciation for your work and for whom makes vivacious your blog, please accept our best regards

Ing. Ugo Abundo

P.S. Engineer Abundo adds:

“it will be possible for the people that read you, to get immediately, free of charge, the construction plans to self build the reactor and make it work, in order to open a campaign of free experimentations with the aim to achieve and hopefully surpass soon, the output achieved by us.

The making of it is not difficult and not expensive, neither for the instruments, so that tenths of independent experimenters can be involved.

Sorry for being short but we are running.

Best regards

UPDATE: A description and image of the Pirelli School’s ‘Athanor’ device are available here at Daniele Passerini’s 22passi blog.

  • jacob

    this information is i am sure appreciated
    by many ,and it appears different approaches
    are possible using different methods to release abundant heat from fusion or bonding.

    I am convinced today ,to see schools involved in
    experimental science and learn and share it freely
    with the world , that we may very well be on a road to reducing pollution and cleaner drinking water,that leads to better health , less disease,
    hopefully avoid a nuclear war ,and we could be
    entering a new utopia for the benefit of mankind

    • Bob

      I too am hopeful for a new clean energy supply. It will be of great benefit to many.

      However, do not expect wars to decline. It is not the lack of energy that starts wars, it is Mankind’s inherent agressive/tribal nature that causes war. The tensions in North/South Korea are not over “energy” but control and territory.

      The almost daily suicide bombings are not over heating a home, but over control and territory.

      History has shown mankind to war continually and they will continually do so. A male lion will kill all cubs not sired by himself and will kill all intruders to his domain because it is in his nature. Humans are no different. We can decide to do better, but in the end, someone will always give way to thier instinctive, aggresive nature.

      Whether territory, religion, greed or simply ruthless agression, man will war with one another.

      I do not mean to be a pessimist, just that unfortunately, cheap energy will not stop wars, however much I hope it would.

      • GreenWin

        Bob, pretty bleak. You are what you choose to be. The facts are a tiny minority of men instigate wars. Their actions force millions to follow. Many wars are provoked by false flag intrusions or threats – e.g. Vietnam’s Gulf of Tonkin, WW1 Archduke Ferdinand assassination.

        We see the runup to a western attack on Iran due to the purported development of nuke weapons. This is clear from this propaganda vid from the Intl. Atomic Energy Agency (aka NWO):

        The elimination of nuke fission as an energy source limits international finger pointing to aggressions. It also eliminates old school energy monopolies responsible for instigating conflict to protect their financial interests.

        Low cost, pollution free energy takes NWO reasons for conflict off the table. In fact it threatens to send NWO types back from whence they come. Good riddance IMO;)

        • jacob

          right on ,GreenWin

      • jacob

        Bob,you are very much correct,cold fusion
        can not stop wars or stop those that want
        to fight, but i can’t worry about those who want to fight,i can’t do anything about it anyways.
        The US ,Canada , UK , have the military
        capability to stop any waring country dead
        in its track to prevent a nuclear war if
        it needed to be done.

    • Roger Bird

      jacob, although I am also excited about this, it will not bring about the end of human suffering. It will fundamentally change human suffering. More people will suffer because they have too much than currently. And less people will suffer because their necessities are not being met.

      Utopia will exist in every individual’s heart when they let go of lust, greed, anger, and selfishness and work at caring more about others.

      • Camilo

        Well Roger, I have to agree with you that the main problem is in hearts and minds. Great part of my interest in “exotic energy” technologies is the hope that it might somehow provide a background where scarcity will not be the main problem. I often realize that scarcity is also rooted in human behaviour of greed, fear, selfishness, and not so much in a real scarcity. We will see if the advent of free energy ends being a blessing or a curse. I ceryainly will work for making it a blessing,the outcome is not in anyone’s particular hands, but in everyone’s collective hands.

      • jacob

        Roger Bird,right on,utopia can exist and
        can be by choice,if a level is reached were
        one can be independent and free,without
        bondage or addictions ,and become who we
        are destined to be ,to raise our conscience and awareness to be of service of a better
        future without using force.

    • GreenWin

      Clearly the advent of abundant energy is something of a double edged sword. There is always a danger of “overindulgence.” However, adroit government, community leaders and visionary scientists can help administer the adoption of abundant energy.

      This IS a disruptive act. It WILL realign the socio-economic balance of nations. It may have not had to come about this way had the old school not fought so hard to protect their selfish fiefdoms. As commented earlier, David has slew the Goliath – with little more than a beaker, water and the truth.

      The elimination of western “energy taxes” will provide more disposable income to millions. This money should circulate in local economies creating income and new jobs for many. Developing nations will have access to clean water, light, heat and pollution free cooking.

      Perhaps greatest impact will come from massive desalination of sea water along East African coast – delivering fresh water to arid lands – allowing a new era of farming and food production.

      The challenges are great. The opportunities greater. Professor Abundo and his students have changed the world.

      E Goliath cade. Fantastico!

      • jacob

        very well said,greenwin

    • Barry

      This is truly an energy revolution. Next in line, I hope, is an economic revolution. Perhaps LENR will spur it on.

  • Rogerborg

    Yes, yes, the plans will be available reeeeeal soon now. Just as soon as the school has got some more publicity and funding.

    The common theme among all these demonstrations is that they all talk about what *will* happen, not what *did* happen.

    • Methusela

      The plans are already available.

      Look on the 22passi website.

      Or look at this sites’ previous article.

    • Victor Victory

      Rogerborg, i think you should read the letter again…slowly this time…to see that they only wish to share this information with the world and then get all the critics and debunkers like you to understand this phenomenon. If you would have read a bit more information on the internet you would have found out that NASA, MIT, CERN and other big organizations are looking into it as well and have succesfully replicated different methods.

    • dragon

      This development is very important in that will force Rossi and Defkalion and maybe others to rush their products out, even if they are not completely ready. It will introduce a sense of urgency to them that was not there. Defkalion said that by Summer 2012 they will introduce Hyperion. Now they will not have the chance of backing down from this, as they previously did in order to get more sponsors by waiting for no reason.

      The Brillouin guy is also waiting to get more money and not releasing the discovery for years now.

      From this Italian high school story and other news like CERN and MIT, it looks like 2012 might indeed by The Cold Fusion Year.

    • artefact

      the plan is already on the 22passi website.

      There should be more information soon though (video ect.).

    • Roger Bird

      Rogerborg, your putting this down is akin to someone saying that there is no future since it’s existence has never been proven.

      • GreenWin

        Roger, don’t confuse the borg!

    • Roger Bird

      Rogerborg is a lying patho-skeptic because he does not look at the evidence. When he looks at the evidence, then his credibility will be better than it is now, which is Ess Ach Eye Tee.

    • jacob

      Rogerborg,this may be a good time
      to sell you oil stocks,oilfields,oil platforms
      and invest in the bright future of cold fusion

      but if you don’t have a pot to pi in,then now
      would be a good idea to switch sides and join
      a brighter tomorrow

      the naysayers and the pu pupers have joined
      Dick Smith,and are asking them selves ,what do we do now ?

      Dick Smith is saying don’t worry boys,I still
      have my million,I came close to losing it to

      All that for a sad attempt to discredit Cold Fusion again , but this time around……

      COLD FUSION WON !!!!!

      A judge reads all the evidence and find out all
      truth ,before he makes a judgment .

      • Barry

        The Italian tech school should demonstrate their CF machine to Dick Smith and win the million dollars prize money he offered to A Rossi. All the skeptics can chip in.

  • vbasic

    It’s good to see younger people becoming the next generation of LENR researchers. Most of the famous researchers are in their 60s and 70s now. The field needs the fresh outlooks and enthusiasm youth provides as well as the experience of the elders.

  • Sanjeev

    This is the greatest news since the first demo of Rossi Ecat last year. I can’t emphasize the importance of it enough. We have a non-profit edu org, open source and someone not affiliated with any other “delayers” or for-profit org… for the first time.

    The has the potential to make CF a household phenomenon. Hobbyists and grad students will pick it up quickly.

    I hope I did not speak too soon. 🙂
    Its almost like a dream.

    • dennis lynn

      Great comments Sanjeev. Clean, abundant energy for the whole world should lead to a huge reduction in world conflicts and regional tensions. That’s my dream!

    • dragon

      Looks like Engineer and Teacher Ugo Abundo will get to be THE COLD FUSION MAN OR THE YEAR!!!
      Bravo for his openes. If this checkes out.
      The whole humanity will thank him for being an honest and caring human being.
      Rossi must have lost all earth under his feet when he got this news: High school Teacher gives LENR device formula on the INTERNET. HA HA HA!!!!!

  • Sanjeev

    I noticed a significant shift in the wordings of MSM today. CF is no more a woo woo thing for the mighty MSM anymore, but its “still in the labs” now.

    What happened ?
    Idk, but I’m happy to see this.

    • Yes, that is rather an abrupt transition for a mainstream mouthpiece. Denial is obviously useless as more and more people get their news from the web, so the next best thing may be, “yes it does exist but it is just a laboratory curiosity and can’t be used to replace oil”. Just a variant on the ‘move along, nothing to see here’ approach.

  • Red_Baron

    The initiative of Professor Abundo is wonderful so far was the best attitude among researchers LNER. Place available for replication experiment shows selflessness and sense of community. Congratulations to Professor Abundo. You are making the real difference is a better human being than those who only seek financial gain above all things. Thanks for your generosity.

    • Barry

      I agree, well put. Though I would also put Mr. Celani on the same list.

  • My dear friend I cannot tell you how happy I am as all of you are about seeing this school doing the work that they are doing. This will bring so much to the real community of researchers who are doing good work. Now we can finally get it in to the hands of our children worldwide this is more and more than any breakthrough anyone has ever done I cannot tell you how happy I am this is fabulous news. Warmest regards to all
    David Farnsworth

    • jacob

      Thank you for you work,Mr Farnsworth,
      it is appreciated by many.

      regards Jacob Vanderzwaag

  • Al D

    Okaaaaay, 400%, plans available. I guess we can all do this in our garage and make a 75% dent in our heating bill?

    • Ged

      Give it a shot and tell us how it goes! The more replicators of this the better.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Ugo Abundo the unRossi! But I still want to see somebody cook a hot dog with the gadget.

    • edog

      I thought you didnt need to cook hotdogs? just warm them up? Anyway I would rather see a hotdog burn, bun and all!!!!

      • PersonFromPorlock

        “Anyway I would rather see a hotdog burn, bun and all!!!!”

        Moderation in all things. ;^)

  • edog

    Do little Italian kids, their teachers and school lie??
    And they want to go open source!!! an even bigger wow!
    This is a massive screw you to all the rest of the LENR greedy bunch!

    These guys are going down in history, way in front of Jesus, Muhammad and all the rest .. But maybe equal first next to the Buddha. How can you top discovering and sharing the knowledge to possibly save the planet and the human race?

    Has anyone knocked one up yet??
    Is there a translated version of the plans??
    Tungsten!! Really!
    Thanks for the translation Francesco!! You too Frank for sticking with it!

    Am I going off half cocked???

    • edog

      How cool is their name for it too!!!! Hyperion is not so bad but ecat sucks balls.

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      In alchemy, an athanor is a furnace used to provide heat for alchemical digestion. An athanor is a self-feeding furnace, designed to maintain a uniform temperature.

      The athanor was also called Piger Henricus (“Slow Harry”), because it was chiefly used in slower operations, and because when once filled with coals, it keeps burning a long time. For this reason the Greeks referred to it as “giving no trouble”, as it did not need to be continually attended. It was also called the Philosophical furnace, Furnace of Arcana, or popularly, the Tower furnace. [1]

  • zero

    I was wondering about the possibility of using lenr reactions as a direct light source for large areas if the radiation from them is insignificant enough or as some say there isn’t any. You know like those sifi movies where the reactor is a light/heat source for a colony.

  • DistributedIntelligence

    Run, do not walk.

    This technology must be replicated and distributed as widely as possible to a great a number of people as are able to build this.

    Form clubs, communicate by blog, forum, and email. Interpolate and collaborate, share costs and data. Deny the profit motive for now – this is a key transition and must be sheltered to grow. Keep greed away from your design and you will find liberty in this progression!

    • Thomas

      This could be a game changer and should be open and free. No one should own this, mankind should have full access to information on this…

      • Kim

        You go boy.


  • Murilo

    Yes… 1/3 of me is happy, other third is skeptic and last third is angry, since they are ‘competitors’… 8(

    Possibly these good heart guys are just playing with a good welding machine, enthusiasm and some very HOT plasma.

    I’m also a good heart and competitor! Take a look, please:‏
    Be welcome!

  • daniel maris

    Barry – I think the biggest economic revolution might occur in v. poor countries where energy is a big element in people’s budgets (whether financial or time budgets). Also cheap LENR energy will make possible desalination of water vapour extraction projects, solving the water problems of people living in dry climates.

    • dragon

      Don’t forget also LENR saving Japan and possible all life on Earth due to transmutation of the huge pile of spent uranium rods (more than 11000) at Fukushima that is just waiting to collapse any minute now into the ocean… killing all fish life around the world.

      • The main danger with the fuel rods seems to be loss of all cooling either in reactor 4 spent fuel pond or in the main spend fuel containment. Either would result in fire and hydrogen explosions that could scatter the material over a wide area, making clean-up next to impossible – a permanent exclusion zone.

        The worst case scenario would be subsequent melting of the rod assemblies leading to pooling and uncontrolled fission – an open-air ‘meltdown’, completely uncontained. The latter would probably necessitate the permanent evacuation of much of Japan, and would result in massive radionuclide poisoning of the oceans and atmosphere that would affect the whole world to one degree or another. Outside of Japan, due to the dominant direction of air flow, the W. coast of the US and Canada would be the first to be badly affected. However, after a few years it would probably be unsafe to eat seafoods from anywhere in the world, or land crops grown in the US and Canada, and many other locations.

        I think we’d better hope the Japanese can deal with this situation.

    • Barry

      What a great vision. So many countries can become like Ethiopia which, because of the lack of drought in the last ten years, has turned itself around to the point where they are exporting food.
      It looks like all of this is really going to happen.

  • Ivan Cevallos

    Now…replicate or forget…, Motivate school and uni teachers to replicate improve and keep replicating, Lets hope we have news of other replications soon, we also need to see the data. To see how they calculate the gain of energy.
    Prof Abundo approach to open patent is great, instead of keeping secrets to make himself rich, He chooses to make all humans rich in energy, and with open patent no one could stop or hide this technology.
    All of those old gready scientists going to the grave with theirs secrets trying to make companies and be super rich, do not realize life is short and death cames soon, the real richness is to get rid fast of poverty and hunger in the world.

    • Kim

      Very well said

      Life is to short.


      • dragon

        ivan, we are like-minded. Life is short and we need to bring much happiness to people around us. There is too much poverty and pain in this world, to add with our greed some more. We need to start taking care of everybody on this planet.

    • AngeloNg

      Ivan, well said. I think this open approach is great,, similar to the development of Android software, let the best minds take it to its ultimate goal!

    • AngeloNg

      I forgot to add, RESPECT to Ing. Abundo & all the development team!

  • Ivan Cevallos

    And thans to Ponds and Fleishman,for the years of suffering and sacrifice to bring cold fusion to us.

    • dragon

      Yes. Great respect to them both!

    • ZZ

      Yes thanks to Ponds and Fleishman, I really felt sorry for Fleishman, after watching the interview 60-minutes did with him, where this old man feels the urge to be part of the “cold fusion” game again, but realizes it’s to late for him, “wasted opportunity” 🙁

  • Red_Baron
    • This is a very interesting apparatus – it seems to be a sort of hybrid between a PF cell and a Brillouin type dry fusor.

      The nanopower at the cathode presumably becomes partially buoyant (‘fluidised bed’) in the electrolyte as nascent hydrogen becomes attached to the metal particles, while oxygen from the electrolysis is vented off. Any particles that lose or absorb their hydrogen microbubbles will fall down the ‘funnel’ sides, make contact with the cathode and again become attached to nascent hydrogen.

      The mysterious bit seems to be the mechanism by which the hydrogen-loaded nano-particles could then produce excess energy, just by being exposed to the electrical potential between anode and cathode. Perhaps the current flow is pulsed in some way? An English translation of the whole PDF would be very welcome.

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  • J M Hunter

    When I see it I’ll believe it. I am beginning not to beleive any of this anymore. I’ve been holding off on buying a new boiler in hope of having a reactor in my basement for hot water. I’ll take wagers that even the reactor from Greece comming Summer 2012 will not happen.
    Broken Dreams

  • IceColdFusion

    Hello – I`ve been lurking for a while now,now I feel the need to comment for the first time.For the record I believe in the Pons/Fleischmann effect and certainly believe in the possibility of cold fusion,however people on this site are getting way,way ahead of themselves,I get the feeling most of these so called breakthroughs are going to fizzle out into nothing over the next few years,but maybe I`m wrong and one or more will prove effective (for some reason the Brillouin seems the most promising to me),even so I`m willing to bet that they won`t prove anywhere near as effective as some people here seem to believe they will.The comment that it`s going to stop wars is ridiculous.I could take the subject matter a little more seriously if people would stop going on about the evil powers that be,big oil and suppression,you might aswell talk about space lizards and the illuminati – it just makes the subject smack of quack science ala – Searl SEG`s,Radionics etc. – If after a little time one or more do prove effective I still think they will have to compete with other forms of energy generation – someone here keeps talking about solar (fair enough),personally I think tidal power still has absolutely massive potential.

    • MC Jackob

      Rossi only calculated electrical power input vs output but he didnt calculate how much of hydrogen he is
      injecting and how much power is from hydrogen input.
      2011 – The Failure of Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer, Caught on Video PART 2/2

      • jacob

        I watched those videos a couple
        of month ago ,and went through the
        calculations myself,and Rossi is
        correct in his calculations .

        output was calculated in calometric
        calculation ,not electric

    • Barry

      I respect your opinion but I can’t agree about your feelings that most of these breakthroughs are going to fizzle out. It is not like something is happening once every few years now, something historic is happening every week. It all has too much momentum to fizzle. How can it all be not too effective?
      Of course Cold Fusion won’t stop war, but we know oil is often a huge part of political agendas. George Bush senior even said so when the US went into the Persian Gulf. Imagine if you remove oil from the equation. Imagine an energy source in remote places where people have never seen an oil truck. Imagine not having to depend on heating oil and not having to watch gas prices soar. All that’s nothing too be understated.
      One of the problems of free speech is you do read a lot of wacko thoughts, but if that bothers you might as well unplug your computer, its everywhere. Besides I need a place to learn and discuss all of this where people’s eyes don’t glaze over. I told my step-son about the emergence of Cold Fusion, A Rossi, Defkalion, Brillouin, NASA, Celani and CERN, MIT and A TECH SCHOOL in Italy all l got back was “Cool”.

      • IceColdFusion

        It depends if it`s genuine – and what they think is happening is correct.I just don`t think it`s going to be the one stop solution to all energy needs.Great if it`s true, all well and good but I still have my doubts.I still think it will have alot of competition.True enough about the Wacko type comments being everywhere,but there does seem to be alot of tinfoil hat type comments on this subject,doesn`t exactly make it endearing to take seriously.

        • dragon

          IceColdFusion, Your attitude is a very un-enthusiastic one, and I can understand why. Your mind set is not idealistic to say the least. That can be bad thing some times, because you risk to shut out some of your intuitive vision.

          That being said, it needs to be stated that Nobody cares if you or anybody else takes or not seriously The Biggest Scientific Breakthrough since Fire. If this is indeed the Breakthrough we are trying to figure out here, that means your life will be changed no matter what your believes are on this subject.
          That is why we are here and discuss how to prepare for this World Change.
          Solar, tidal wave cannot change the World as much and as fast as LENR, because they have only one function. LENR has many known and so many unknown: Energy, Transmutation, New Space technology, to name just few known.

          • IceColdFusion

            So what is an idealistic mindset? – automaton? – If you can`t see the near religious attitude dislpayed then you seriously need to remove your very rose tinted glasses.Check any youtube video for 2012 conspiracies,ufos etc. and you will find very similar comments.Like I said though I do believe in the possibility of cold fusion,I`m just not so sure about the current crop of starlets.

    • jacob

      thanks for your first comment Ice ColdFusion

      Pons and fleischman Knowledge was suppressed by
      How many wars were fought over OIl ? Falklands,kuwait,Irak,Libia, who is next Iran ?
      Falklands OIl reserves estimated 10 times that
      of Saudi Arabia.
      Who are the keepers of the Knowledge ? Illuminati?

      Do those that control the energy control
      the world ?

      And why do you think it is going to fizzle out in
      a few years, even 6 companies are in a prosess
      to manufacture them .


      • IceColdFusion

        There is a big difference in being suppressed and just not being backed and supported,same with anything new and unknown, people just don`t believe in it,it doesn`t mean they are doing evil behind the scenes if things don`t pan out the way people think it should.

        Some.Most of them historically have been about territory,religion,resources etc.War always has been ,always will be one way or another.
        Are you refering to the actual Falklands war or the recent political back and forth?
        Who are the keepers of knowledge? – Wikipedia?

        Hmmn. – Well they certainly have alot of money.

        Because I`ve seen people get excited about things like this time and time again and after a couple of years it usually fizzles away to nothing.How has it won? – it hasn`t done anything yet.

        • jacob

          Ice ColdFusion ,people just don’t believe in it,because they never heard of it before and don’t understand it.
          I have seen people get excited too,
          but this LENR is different and will
          force current science and textbooks
          to be rewritten .

  • AngeloNg

    Nobel Prof Brian Josephson from the U. Of Cambridge spoke publicly about his belief in LENR. If I had the funds I would askhim to confirm Prof Abundo and the Pirelli students experiment. If proven true,this would give great credence to the LENR research.

    I target this experiment because they have generously offerred it as an open source technology which s I believe a game changer. Imagine thousands worldwide working on this for humanity!

    Maybe someone credible could setup a ‘collection’ to fund ths. I can afford to contribute USD1,000.

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