English Translation of Build Instructions for Pirelli Athanor Cell

With permission from Ing. Ugo Abundo, I am posting the following English translation (provided graciously by E-Cat World Reader ‘Francesco’) of the  instructions originally posted in Italian on 22passi.blogspot.com on how to build an Athanor reactor as designed by the Leopoldo Pirelli high school team.




It is with emotion that we are going to take this step: making available on the internet the construction of ATHANOR. Forgive us for the quality of the image, we hope you’ll understand how much we are running. Send us all your questions and with quick replies we will make us forgive the poor quality of the images.

For some reasons we are not yet fully effective in managing the documentation, but we’re categorizing everything.










GOOD EXPERIMENTATION, and may you soon achieve yields higher than those detected by us!


The apparatus, can be easily made and is absolutely not expensive, consisting of a suspended crew with a bar (27) to an external support, and of an open container (15), pyrex, with capacity of 1000 ml, containing a high splashguard (14). The support should allow the easy put on the same axis of the crew.

The container is on a scale (28) with collecting plate (19) of potential drops so they continue to weigh.

The display (20) is protected by drops; on the bottom of the container there is an insulator (23) (between dish and container). The reactor has a cylindrical removable insulation (17).

It is filled with about 900 ml of solution 0.1 – 0.4 molar of potassium carbonate in distilled water.

A set of thermocouples (10) measures the temperature range (which is not uniform).

On the plate, special locks (18) prevent the container to move with the strong action of the plasma.

The anode (8) is made of a stainless steel mesh of the approximate area of 13 sq. cm., interchangeable with grids of different sizes, positively fed from the connector (11) by means of insulated (or isolated?) stainless steel bar. The pyrex tube (9) allows the insulated (or isolated?) leakage of oxygen from the anode, through the outlet (24).

The cathode connector (12) feeds, by means of a stainless steel bar covered with Teflon tube surrounded by heat shrink tubing, the clamp (22) that blocks the bar cathode of tungsten interchangeable of 1.6 mm diameter.

Particular attention must be paid to the implementation of the protection of the terminal from the electrical contact with the conductive solution.

The cap (21) makes access to the screw for clamping the cathode (3) in the terminal.

The ceramic plate (alumina) (4), crossed by the cathode, and ‘glued to the Pyrex funnel (5) by means of high temperature epoxy resin.

On the plate is placed a mixture of tungsten needles (length 3 -5 mm and diameter 0.1 mm) of 2-5 grams and powders, in the form of mud, the grain size between 100 microns and 50 nanometers, in variable proportions, of the weight of g. 1 to 2.

It is therefore evident that it is necessary to keep the powder in the form of mud, opening the container of the supplier under water (distilled), wearing anti-dust and anti-smoke masks specifically suitable (ask the supplier of the filters), using however teaspoons of plastic to limit the triboelectricity ‘ , after building a plexiglass panel with holes and sleeves of manipulation to fit between the hood shutter and plane, with appropriate gaskets.



NOTE: We never had any accident, not even the slightest, we broke a beaker by washing.

The funnel is supported by the support (32), fixed to the bar (27) from the retainer (13). The level of of electrolyte (16) must be maintained in the area indicated, with short reaction times (typically 90 to 240 seconds), so that the level does not vary too much, introducing changes in buoyancy, thus affecting the determination of the weight of the container, although initially calibrated .

A Teflon grid (69) and a housing encapsulating the cathode grid, protected at the bottom by a porous filter made of sintered pyrex (7).

The vertical distance between the surface dust and anode is typically (adjustable) between 30 and 45 mm.

The monolithic cathode (3) must protrude a few mm from the ceramic plate, just to give contact to the needles which, in turn, give it to the powders.

The operating voltages, typically between 60 volts and 240 volts, are obtained, with direct current, by means of rectifiers mounted on a finned base, downstream of a VARIAC connected to the mains.

The typical operating currents vary between 9 and 0.2 Ampere.

The solution may be preheated before entry into the container (enter it slowly into the funnel and allow the overflow into the container), or taken up to temperature of electrolysis.

Typical protocol suggested in early experiments (everyone will refine it or improve it):

Made a plan of combinations of parameter values, we fixed a set (nominal voltage, type and amount of dust, anode surface, interelectrode distance, electrolyte concentration (attention, it has pH> 11));

Make a calibration diagram by the introduction of the same amount of electrolyte at 100 degrees centigrade, without tension, noting, without insulation of the container, for each degree of descent, the corresponding time, so as to calculate the power lost in water by adduction from the walls to the outside, and by evaporation;
Trace the curve Lost Power (y) – electrolyte temperature (x);

after setting the shielded wire thermocouples, calibrated the scale, entered the liquid at least 85 degrees, turned on an ammeter (position 10 amps max) in series with the cell on rectified current, and a voltmeter in parallel, you can gradually increase the tension.

Raising the voltage, it is noted that the current is high, and the manual tension rise of the VARIAC knob must be adapted to maintain the current under 9 Amperes, while the solution is heated, you notice that you can raise the tension without exceeding with the current; at about 90 degrees, it becomes easy to have low currents (depending on the set of parameters, even only 0.3 amperes); Try to turn on the plasma by bringing the tension at about 120-160 volts; make practice with the adjustment of the Variac knob, not believing the indication of this, but to that of the voltmeter; bring, with the heating of the plasma on, the temperature of thermocouple visible by webcam at about 93 degrees, and “drive” the “wheel” of VARIAC so as to maintain the temperature in a very narrow range around 93 degrees, trying to have the minimum voltage which keeps the plasma stable, checking that the current is as low as possible.

Having taken confidence with the first preliminary tests, you can try an evaluation of yield:

conservatively, ignoring the precious hydrogen produced (and the energy that may be available), integrate in time with the details of the reaction duration (90 – 240 seconds) the measurements of electrical power input (V x I) frequently sampled for direct reading (in the orientation tests) and later with computerized reading, getting the energy input.

The energy lost is obtained by the calibration diagram, at a temperature kept constant, by integrating the power for the execution time of the test.

The difference between energy lost (big) and injected (minor) is the excess.

THE COP can then be calculated, but you must pay attention to the ambiguity. We invite you to calculate it as ratio between energy lost and the one you entered, as the energy lost will be the one to be recovered for use (we propose a standard calculation to compare the results of different experimenters).

It is recommended to cross these determinations with independent readings such as the calculation of sensible heat when the temperature varied, and always check the amount of the evaporated solution , counting the corresponding latent heat (DO NOT EVAPORATE TOO MUCH SOLUTION IN A SINGLE TEST!).

A digital power meter can be used, placing it between the network and the Variac, between the Variac and rectifiers, between the rectifiers and the cell, establishing a framework of reference and comparison with measurements made with simple ammeter and voltmeter continuously (I have a doubt, maybe they mean with direct current).

It should also be made a comparison with exercise, identical, of the reactor with a carbon cathode (without metal powders), inert with respect to the “alleged” fusions or other events catalyzed by transition metals, the mix of dusts, when used with metal cathodes, may contain iron micrometric catalyzing powder, to catalyze the presence of atomic hydrogen rather than molecular.

ONLY the evidences that overall show a coherent picture among the independent readings described can be considered.

We are immediately available to talk about the construction, materials, geometry, planning and execution of tests, the interpretation of results, on which the network will be updated in a realistic time.


(Some will say that this is the opposite of science [ed. Someone will tell for sure!])

A big thank you to all those who will collaborate in any form, and to Dr. Passerini, who will certainly liaison among experimenters and between us and the experimenters.

P. S. Forgive the prolixity … as a professor.

Rome, 3,30 a.m.

Ugo Abundo

  • Ivan Mohorovicic

    That’s Leopoldo Pirelli, not Leonardo.

    • admin

      Thanks Ivan

  • jacob

    wow ,thank you Ugo Abundo and all others involved

  • serinx

    What if this is a ‘hook’ by the powers that be…? Get a few people to blow themselves up and declare ‘cold fusion’ experimentation punishable by jail time and banned FOREVER. Just a thought… be careful + good luck.

    • That’s right, the “powers that be” are always behind the scenes plotting to hoist you with your own petard. They are infinitely devious and evil people who wait with baited breath the sound of your demise.

      • GreenWin

        More slave mentality. Not to say that threatened parties don’t attempt to demonize what they call threats – alcohol, marijuana, electric cars, low cost energy, holistic medicine, biofuels, etc.

      • Omega Z

        Not paranoid ZED

        I’m just more aware of how the world works.

        When Linux open source code was being developed, IBM stepped in providing full support making database & server space available along with Hardware/software expertise all for free to those doing the coding.

        When coding hit critical mass in development, they took what they needed & packaged it to sell for business software. Everything out there is free to the public to use, but the Business package has to be purchased.

        All concerned benefited. IBM saved 10’s of millions in development costs, Out from under Microsoft’s strangle hold while avoiding lawsuits of copyright infringement. It also provided a solid market base where most 3rd party products support Linux. All while providing consumers with a low/no cost operating system alternative to Microsoft or Mac.

        As stated above, I have no problem with the open source LENR project as long as people are aware of the facts. This is just more support for the technology & will help it spread.

        As for Powers in the shadows. They exist. The Bilderberg group is real. These people have a lot of sway in our Political & Corporate system. There’s no hierarchy I’m aware of. These are mostly like minded Elitists who have their own agendas Political, Financial, societal plans & they cooperate together. Most of the time. Political affiliations are of no consequence.

        They manipulate Politicians and there by Corporations by Tax & Regulation. Causing transfer of jobs to poor Countries. (World wealth redistribution.) Earmarked foreign aid to pet projects such as population control & such. They also inject a lot of their own money into these projects including political campaigns.

        You said name one person. Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, George Soros. Do some research & you’ll find well over a hundred people involved from all over the World & from all Political Flavors. And they Don’t always get their way. But their patient. They’ll were the people down over time till they get what they want.

        The Vast Majority of people in the World are unaware of whats really going on. Do you think people in the Middle East are aware that their standard of living is being subsidized by high Oil prices charged to the U.S. & other advanced Countries. Prices that could be alleviated if not for production zones being manipulated by the Elite.

        In the U.S. we blame the greedy oil companies not realizing Governments control the price. Governments Own 90%+ of the resources in the world & regulate the rest. Big Oil gets 10%. World Governments get the rest.

        Many Politicians are recruited years in advance. Recruit enough of them and overtime some will rise to the top. These people are more or less bought & paid for when they reach the National level. They Owe many favors to the Elite who help pave the way with campaign funds & support thru the years.

        I know this for a fact. 20 years ago they tried to recruit me into politics because of statements I made to a certain candidate that got his attention.

        Days later they approached me. From my first name, they had obtained most of my life history. Promised all kinds of political & financial support if I chose to get involved.

        The 1st time I politely declined. The second time I not so politely declined. Persistent little buggers. This left quite an Impression on me and opened my eyes to how the real world works.

        WHY? Because they couldn’t care less about my political beliefs or what I thought was right or wrong. All these things were up for compromise once you excepted their help. Money always has strings. Which is why I was never interested in getting into politics. I find it extremely hard to compromise my principles.

        As for LENR, I do believe these people have decided not to stop it. There are ways they could still do that & proclaim that all of us hoping it pans out are conspiracy nuts.

        But letting LENR come to market won’t stop them from controlling how far it goes for years to come.
        If it requires operation at 300 to 400`C & 4 hundred pounds of pressure to produce Electricity, it probably wont be allowed in homes because of safety concerns. We’ll have to wait for additional technical breakthroughs.

        • Its interesting that both ‘our’ prime minister and our chancellor attended the 2011 Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland. I wonder what their instructions regarding energy sources were?

          The current UK government enthusiasm for new nuclear build, downplaying of Fukushima, penalisation of fossil fuel burners, backdoor subsidies for nuclear, and the sudden, totally unjustified ending of support for tidal power could be a clue. Maybe they’ll get new instructions in the 2012 meeting?

        • jacob

          omega Z, i agree with everything
          you said here ,i have a book here
          that tells the same story,and goes in great detail,its along the same
          lines with names and places and evidence

          • JokerJones

            I know where you can get great deals on foil hats.

          • Hilarious – did you think that up all by yourself?.

  • Roger Bird

    Where is that moron Rogerborg who said that LENR is not true because everyone promises instructions but no one ever delivers instructions?

    • Filip

      Rogerborg is going to reply that he can give you the instructions for a time machine, you can build it, but is it going to work too. Frankly, I can understand the skepticism, there is no scientific media jumping on it, and yet we have the breakthrought of the century, where is everyone? hello?

      • “Scientific media” almost sounds like an oxymoron. Science I assume to be rational in the extreme, that has a long term view. While the media is mostly sensationalistic, breathy, and with no power of concentration beyond one minute.

        • Roger Bird

          Do you mean Discovery Magazine and the like? Scientific American is a little better, but I doubt if they could handle anything fringy.

          • ‘New Scientist’ might (http://www.newscientist.com/).

            This UK science mag is more populist than it used to be, but still quite ‘serious’ under the headlines. They have covered a number of fringe topics in the past, usually quite objectively.

  • Brad Arnold

    Robert Mockan on April 10, 2012 at 2:45 pm
    Use a nickel wire in hydrogen gas and you can do the same experiment. In fact it even works with Nichrome resistance wire, that is a nickel and copper alloy.
    You can demonstrate LENR by putting a resistance heater using Nichrome heating elements, that you buy at the store, into a container of hydrogen gas at low pressure, and turn it on. Measure the temperature on the outside of the container filled with air and you get one temperature. Measure it filled with hydrogen and you get higher temperature. You can get an accurate measure of the LENR generated power by measuring the power into the heater, and measuring the heat generated by the heater with a flowing water calorimeter about the container. All the nickel hydrogen LENR products do is go to small size nickel particles to increase surface area, add ingredients to increase more spillover of atomic hydrogen onto the nickel particles, and increase hydrogen diffusion through the interstitial spaces of the nickel lattice by hydrogen gas pressure and temperature cycling, with or without the presence of an external magnetic field, and with or without additional lattice and hydrogen stimulation with ultrasonics, radio waves, AC magnetic fields, and so on. If you want proof of LENR, just do it. It is not rocket science.

    • ‘Nichrome’ is actually a nickel/chromium alloy. You might mean ‘cupro-nickel’ – the alloy used in many ‘silver’ coins worldwide. This is available as a resistance wire or strip and is normally designated ‘CuNixx’ where xx is the percentage of nickel.

    • Sorry – I see you are quoting Robert Mockan, but I think he must have meant cupro-nickel resistance wire.

      • Robert Mockan

        Actually I did mean nickel chromium alloy resistance wire, or Nichrome. Mis-spoke about the copper component. Cupro-nickel should work also, but Nichrome typically is the alloy used in household appliances that use resistance wire. Piantelli tried pure nickel, copper and nickel alloys, even certain steel alloys containing nickel, and they worked in his apparatus. I suspect if he had used Nichrome, there might have been more people doing his experiment since it is readily available.

        • Thanks for the clarification, and apologies for indirectly putting words in your mouth!

  • Tom

    Somebody needs to make one of these with videos of simple, straightforward proof all over the internet. Go viral. When enough people believe it, it will be the new fire.

    • Robert Mockan

      Somebody could be anybody. Trying to make a video go viral still requires enough interest so tweeters and facebookers get involved to help spread the message. Especially the tweeters. Tungsten powder is readily available on Ebay. The conventional Muzuno-type cold fusion reactor uses tungsten rods rather than powder, but the idea is the same. I too have noticed that although experiments like this have been done before, even years ago, the publicity effort to try to get people interested is usually atrocious. The Italian school going public online is a refreshing change. Eventually there WILL be viral you tube videos about cold fusion, but it has not happened yet.

      • Tom

        I like to think eventually will be soon. To go viral, we need somebody with plenty of charisma and able to convincingly explain the phenomena in lamens terms. The problem being we don’t quite have the scientific terms of what’s happening let alone lamens terms. Soon though.

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  • HHaram

    Can anyone evaluate the chemical energy available from these ingredients? My concern is that the heating seen is from slow oxidizing reactions of the tungsten (it IS a chemical fuel in powder form, just like any other unoxidized metal).

    Hopefully Agundo controlled for this, but we don’t know what the 400% excess heat means without more data about the actual amount of energy involved.

    • Omega Z


      The Open sourcing is supposed to allow multiple parties to validate their experiments. At little cost to themselves.

      At present none of it has been duplicated or validated.

      As with all of the CF/LENR projects, we have to wait and see!!!
      Only time will tell. This is also just a proof of concept. Not a product for consumers.

  • Omega Z

    First Impressions…

    This appears to be a project intended to allow the patent holders to accomplish 5 or 6 years of research within 6 months or so by way of open sourced research.

    Basic Patents have already been obtained allowing individuals to experiment through collaboration with them. This is similar to working for a Corporation who retain the rights to anything you develop/invent/create.

    The difference in this project is that it’s done at YOUR expense & YOUR risks of any harm or consequence.

    Anything you come up with, your not allowed to patent, market or license. Those who have the patents aren’t restricted from continued development & marketing or licensing of a product at a latter date using anything you help develop.

    I personally don’t have a problem with this approach as long as You are aware. I do wonder where the X-Prize is should a group develop a major break/advancement.

    This would be a great way to catch up with the present Leaders in the field intent on going to market with a product in the near future.

    Another observation is that the Powers that be have boxed themselves into a corner buy running the world economies into the ground & have resigned themselves to allowing this Technology to go forward. They’ve ran out of gimmicks to fix the economy the traditional way.

    Their intent now would be in controlling how fast the transition takes place thus allowing themselves time to realign their own situation with the new reality.

    When I speak of the powers that be, I don’t mean Corporations or Governments. These are just pawns & tools like the rest of us. These powers don’t even control everything. Just Key components/individuals in these entities that they can manipulate to some degree.

    It’s kind of like a game. Most of it works as it should. But in the end it’s rigged in the game masters favor. Does anyone have a Cheat Code.

    • I can’t believe the number of displays of slave morality I read on these pages that border on the paranoid.

      Would you please name a name? Otherwise take your paranoid ramblings some place else.

      • GreenWin

        You can lead em to the water…

    • That’s an interesting ‘take’ on this development, Omega Z – but aren’t we talking about a university lecturer and some of his students here? They seem to be unlikely candidates for that sort of strategic manoever. Besides, the patents probably only apply in Italy, and anyway couldn’t protect derivative systems that didn’t use the patented ideas.

  • georgehants
  • georgehants

    Free Energy Technologies Suppressed by TPTB: the energy baron, war mongers and bankers!

    • GreenWin

      True George. But keep in mind – there are other entities in the universe. They’ve got lots more knowledge and lots more power than any human agency.

      And they like the LENR movement.

      • georgehants

        GreenWin, Ha,Ha, I sure hope they do.

      • wes

        Bumper sticker on a Borg ship: “Powered by LENR!”

        • jacob

          wes and georgehants ,let there be
          no mistake that we are directly related to those who are members of
          the galactic federation of nations of
          people who look just like us .

          The idea or the belief, that we some
          how originated from the ape or monkey
          is so absurd ,it is borderline insane.
          If you would study history ,real history ,about ancient Atlantis ,lemuria ,hollow inner earth ,all
          planets are hollow, then you can
          begin to understand ,round wing planes, new Germany ,4 billion population in Venus ,half a billion
          inner earth.
          last nuclear war on Venus was 3000
          years ago, we are close to were they were 3000 years ago.
          The Athenians went to war with Atlantis 11500 years ago that brought
          on Noah’s flood which changed the
          Earth drastically ,nuclear weapons
          were super heated liquid light,a tip
          of a pen amount could scorch 100
          square miles,

          even though we fail to realize that
          we are such a young civilization,and there were 5 civilizations that existed before us,which were wiped out which we don’t know about,and not told about
          just like Cold Fusion doesn’t get
          media coverage ,
          just because you don’t know about it , does make it a stretch to believe
          war war outlawed on Venus after their last nuclear holocaust 3000
          years ago.
          All eyes are on us ,to mature and
          grow up on surface earth ,we have been misled about a lot of things
          including history.

          Look into the DISCLOSURE PROJECT
          and listen to the massive Truth

          We are here because of our Great
          UNIVERSAL CREATOR he uses no magic
          but knowledge and technology and

          • “The idea or the belief, that we some how originated from the ape or monkey is so absurd ,it is borderline insane.”

            Yet strangely we have fossils tracing a nearly unbroken line of descent, and share 99% of our DNA with chimps and benobos. Amazing coincidences.

          • sp. correction: – should be ‘bonobos’

          • dragon

            The idea that after you die it all ends for you is plain nuts. It is not backed up by that thing that you call it soul or individuality or whatever and that is really YOU deep inside.

  • Rob

    Reminds me of following experment:
    The guy uses Tungsten Cabide rods….

  • Bob

    I posted some months ago that possibly the biggest threat to LENR is TAXES. There are probably billions of dollars collected from energy. We are talking individual heating, electric, automotive gas and then industrial generation, equipment sales on HUGE dollar wind, solar, nuclear, gas, coal plants etc. etc.

    Now LENR has a pontential to eliminate those taxes. The governments are not ready for this huge loss of income. (The money individuals will save and possibly pump back into the economy will not offset this loss by any means) The governments probably have no recourse but try to delay the rollout of LENR until they come up with a TAX replacement plan. (Thus the NASA, SPARWAR etc. project shutdowns, the lack of general publicity and embracing of the technology etc.)

    A very small scale but very comparable example is distilling liguor. It is illegal to distill liquor for sale in the US because TAXES are not paid. The sale of black market cigarettes has arose due to taxes. The government pursues these activities with some vigor, especially considering the small scale. However they do not want to set precedent for the avoiding of taxes.

    LENR has the potential to put one’s energy supply at the hands of the individual instead of the large colomerate. One would be free from large public utilities, the large gas corporations and the large government regulations of both.

    “They” simply will not allow this to happen too soon without significant resistance. This technology could/will be a huge economic/social upheaval. Some would say to MUCH too SOON could be disasterous. Others say the faster the better.

    Politics will probably play more of a role in the development of individual LENR than technology will. I.E. the government is spending millions on HOT FUSION but none on COLD FUSION. Why? Because HOT FUSION stays within the current model of energy being controlled by government and government regulated large corporations. LENR destroys that model and makes the individual independant for his energy.

    Yes, legislation will be made that makes home owned LENR power units illegal due to some “safety” reason fabricated by them but totally unfounded. Current power plants will be replaced by cold fusion and the establishment will claim the benefits of cleaning up the atmosphere etc. but still have control over the individual.


    • Kim

      Some of the tax is used to build and repair roads

      The cost of cement would be 80% cheaper.


      • Bob

        Possibly, however think about this. LENR units “appear” to be possible in the size of a suit case. More advances may reduce this size. (New technology is always shrunk down in size with maturity) If a method for direct electricity production is found that is not bulky, an electric car could be ran on a 20KW LENR device. Never needing recharged or using any gas.

        Based upon some “unproven claims” by current companies (Rossi, Defkalion) the fuel for this could be in the range of under $100 per YEAR regardless of how far one drives. Assuming 20 mpg for 20,000 miles, that is 1000 gallons of gas not used or sold. (A good thing!) Current Federal, State, County and City taxes can be up to .70 per gallon or $700 in taxes just for the gas the individual would have used. Not to mention all the taxes gathered along the way in production, retail etc. etc.

        If the nicked powder fuel was $100 retail and current tax rates was 7%, then we would be looking at $7 in tax replacing $700. This is MUCH more than any 80% savings in road construction would off set. (And governments NEVER build/manage anything for less dollars. They only INCREASE budgets)

        So this hypthetical example shows how much impact could be made from LENR. The current government tax models to not accomodate for this. They will try to suppress this until they can form a way to recoup this loss. Governments NEVER get smaller in size or budget until they collapse. (See Greece, Spain, others, soon to be USA if they keep throwing money at problems such as current)

        • dragon

          From what are you saying there, we can logically deduct that sooner or later, people will need to repeat American Revolution to get the power back, from the hands of a few elite individuals back to the general population hands.

          • “…we can logically deduct (sic) that sooner or later, people will need to repeat American Revolution to get the power back,…”

            When you have only one thing floating about in you mind then everything you come upon must be interpreted, colored, and shaped to fit that very small perspective.

          • dragon

            Yes Zedshort. FREEDOM is a “very small perspective”.
            Thank you very much, I will keep my free mind away from slave minds like yours. Be happy with how things play today in the world… I plan not to be…

        • Robert Mockan

          Bob, you said: “..If a method for direct electricity production is found that is not bulky, an electric car could be ran on a 20KW…”.

          Your scenario may already have unfolded with the discoveries of the company Black Light Power. They say they have a device that generates electricity directly from the “hydrino” collapse reaction using hydrogen. Other researchers have commented that possibly the hydrino in a heavily collapsed state is the neutral particle that mediates “cold fusion” reactions, being able to penetrate the electric fields of other atoms. The hydrino MAY have much to do with LENR.

          From their website:

          “BlackLight Power has developed a breakthrough in direct production of electricity from reacting hydrogen to form hydrinos called a CIHT (Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition) cell. The cost is forecast at $25 per kW with no dependence on the electrical grid, fuels infrastructure, Sun, wind, or other external variable power sources allowing the CIHT cell to be autonomous. This clean sustainable technology, independent of existing conventional infrastructure can be directly deployed on site and is ideal to power smaller scale systems. Rapid dissemination of CIHT direct electric at nominal historic cost is expected by deploying many autonomous distributed units that circumvent the economy-of-scale constraints for thermal to electric conversion and the electrical grid. It is expected that CIHT will competitively, economically, logistically, and environmentally displace essentially all power sources of all sizes: thermal, electrical, automotive, marine, rail, aviation, and aerospace. For example, a CIHT electric car is expected to have a range of 1500 miles on a liter of water. This direct application of the BlackLight Process to motive power has the potential of unsurpassed capability in terms of range, capital cost, power, logistics, and pollution abatement to zero, including zero carbon dioxide emission. Moreover, power systems become uniquely interchangeable (e.g. a motive cell may also be used for stationary power).”

          The problem every body has noted with the BLP company is that they have not marketed ANY products, just sold a few licenses to other companies to make products based on the BLP technology.

          • Bruno

            Blacklight Power has been making unsubstantiated claims and unfulfilled promises for six or eight years. Every year they promise to have something commercialized by the end of the year, but nothing ever comes of it. BLP is a scam.

        • Robert Mockan

          @ Bruno

          Six or eight years? LOL! More like 10 or 12 years! You say scam, I say Bob’s scenario of the tax ramifications of new energy may have been playing out for many years, just unrecognized.

      • Ramo

        Can you explain how you came up with the number?

    • Susan Corrigan

      Don’t be silly. President Grover Norquist has eliminated taxes. You must be reading an old newspaper.

      • wes

        President??? When did Grover lose his crown?

    • Who are the they of which you speak or are they just figments of your imagination? If they are talking in the government of stopping the advent of LENR where are the documents or even rumors of such meetings. If such things are happening it would have to happen at many levels in many meeting by thousands of people and there would be a paper trail and the commotion it would create would be very great and reported in the mainstream media. You are creating blather.

      • psi

        Or perhaps Bob is just a bit ahead of the curve. Many of his statements — e.g. the cancellation (or going underground) of Spawar — are documented. That very quiet, mostly paperless conversations of the sort he invokes are already happening is far from inconceivable. Having watched at least one somewhat comparable high stakes paradigm shift unfold I can testify that there are always communications behind the scenes that never become public because they are not documentable by conventional means. For example, a University, say, throws the issue of a newspaper in a dumpster so students can’t read it. Fact. Professors beseige a major newsweekly with angry telephone calls in response to a story they don’t like. Much evidence that this is fact. Can either of these events be proven according to the historians standard of proof? No. Did they happen? Almost certainly.

        • The example of a university throwing out a whole run of a campus newspaper to suppress a story is small potatoes and the extrapolation to a larger issue is a great stretch. Your application of the bad examples set by universities does not support a conspiracy theory at the level of the Federal government; it is a great stretch. At least I now know from whence you come.

          Group think, inertia of institutions, public and private explains much and even without that, it still will take time to bring a design to market and that is especially true when you are dealing with a phenomena that don’t fully understand.

      • Bob

        I am not a conspiracy theorist at heart, but I am not so gullible either. (Not saying others are or are not)

        You would be surprised at how powerful entities such as the US government, and groups such as OPEC can be. A world wide economic crisis was partially started by the “Banking Industries” policies on housing loans! Yes, our society is greatly influenced by power brokers of all sorts.

        As far as your thoughts on “thousand of people… paper trails…” etc. above consider this:

        The Manhantten project. – Totaly secret for a few years and employeed tens of thousands of people over many states and professions.

        Stealth fighter/bomber – Was “rumored” to exist but was operatible from quite some time. No paperwork was available at the time to prove or disprove.

        Non-military examples would be oil price fixing and the auto manufacturing “bailout”. Do not even think that we know all the details behind these multi-billion dollar, behind the door arrangements. Ford did not take a cent and makes more profit now that GM and Chrysler combined. Yet Obama made the CEO’s step down from GM and they still are not going that well! Talk about control and who knows what else went or is going on there!

        No, if LENR is real AND it is so simple that high schools can replicate it, the government and economic engineers will not be able to completely suppress it. But they will probably try to slow it down as much as they can and try take control if possible.

        • wes

          Coming government response to Free Energy: Global warming must be slowed! We, your wise and benevolent governments shall put a tax on every energy consuming device, based on the amount of energy it consumes.” Tax the consumption! Government revenue problem solved. Make all the Free Energy you want! We’ll get you on the consumption. Happy LENRing!

        • darshan

          Reminds me of the scene from Ayn Rand’s anthem – when the main character brings his battery in the candle conference; but he had to run away to escape lynching.

      • tom h

        Zed there is a they (TPTB) and Bob its not the governments, the governments are just puppets. I urge you all to watch the following film, it costs 5 pound to rent but it is worth it. Give the 1 min trailer a go im sure most of you will be intrigued to rent.



        “Four Horsemen is the debut feature from director Ross Ashcroft which reveals the fundamental flaws in the economic system which have brought our civilization to the brink of disaster.

        23 leading thinkers –frustrated at the failure of their respective disciplines – break their silence to explain how the world really works.

        The film pulls no punches in describing the consequences of continued inaction – but its message is one of hope. If more people can equip themselves with a better understanding of how the world really works, then the systems and structures that condemn billions to poverty or chronic insecurity can at last be overturned. Solutions to the multiple crises facing humanity have never been more urgent, but equally, the conditions for change have never been more favourable.”

        • jacob

          If only all people would know the
          way the world works and would not be
          naive and be so trusting ,

          that would be a great place to start

          free energy is every where, nature puts in 50% every time

          speed your car up to 60 miles an hour ,and it will take twice the energy to stop your car ,then the energy you used to accelerate .

          I know it doesn’t seem to be right,

          or drive twice as fast and the braking distance is 4 times longer

          some of you know that,

          drive you car 5 times as fast and
          it will take 25times as long to stop, the laws of nature gives you
          an extra 50% free energy or free lunch.

          sometimes the most simple things in
          life are not understood.

          they were not taught in school,university or any other way
          you would have found out about it,
          until now.

          a bullet traveling at the speed of mach 1, can penetrate 2 inches of hardwood

          same size bullet , same mass ,traveling at mach 3 has 9 times
          the impact force ,compared to the one of mach 1

          the law of nature puts in the extra

          The Law of Nature overrides all
          man made laws.

          For most people it is impossible
          to comprehend ,because our minds
          have been conditioned by text book

          IT could not be taught , because
          science is still unable to understand why,and gave up trying
          to figure that out long ago

          some engineers may know why.

          whether you swing a hammer ,golf club, baseball bat you put in 50%
          of the work performed,Mother Nature
          puts in 50%, total work performed

          • BigWilly


            You are right about velocity to some degree. But there is absolutely zero “free energy”. Velocity is well understood and the physics that govern it.

            We can write kinetic energy as :

            E = MV^2

            So you are correct that tripling the speed of a bullet increases its energy by 9, (as seen by the above equation), but what you left out is that it took 9 times as much energy accelerate it that fast in the first place. You don’t get any extra energy from the bullet.


          • jacob

            BigWilly ,this time you are
            wrong, answer 4.5

            example : NASA is using it to
            slingshot space probes around
            planets to increase the speed

            If you are right ,then there is no increase of speed.
            It takes years for a mind
            to understand that simple
            truth after years of text book physics

            It may just be harder to understand or believe than
            cold fusion.

            I am just glad Mother Nature
            doesn’t need formulas

          • Craig Binns


            There is no free energy. The space probe speeds up owing to the slingshot effect. The planet slows down.

          • jacob

            see nobody gets it

            A top fuel dragster speeds up to 300 miles an hour in a quarter mile,

            it has half a mile to brake
            and slow down to a stop and it can not do it,but needs a
            braking parachute,if the parachute wont work, the dragster ends up in the 200ft sand strip after the three quarter mile drag strip ,you have to be smarter than a 5th grader to get it,i am just giving you practical exsamples

          • Bigwilly

            Mr. Jacob,

            I think we “get it”. This is not mystical phenomenon we are discussing. Do you have a mathematical, science or engineering background? If not I can understand how some of these concepts may seem nebulous.

            Your example of the dragster is well explained with known physics. It can accelerate to that speed in that distance because there is sufficient coulomb friction/rolling friction to do so because the weight is shifted back onto the large rear wheels.

            During deceleration the weight is transferred forward onto the much smaller and skinnier wheels. This much reduces the friction and requires a much longer distance.


          • jacob

            so again ,the funny car dragster ,has plenty of front tire braking surface and front carbon fiber brakes to slow
            down the car at 3 to 4 g’s,
            just because the tire is a little smaller ,does not mean
            it is drastically changing the braking distance ,more weight per surface area of the tire,
            same with a formula 1 car,little smaller tire up front,it is well known, that
            formula 1 cars accelerate at
            5 g’s and slow down at 5 g’s

            BigWilly ,the ‘we get it’,is who ? you and established science ?

            try again,the slingshot effect you were talking about,that results in the increase of speed of the probe is free energy,the probe increases its speed through the gavity towards the planet and substantially increases its speed and velocity ,as a result of the doubling of
            speed the inertia is multiplied by 4 ,this force
            will cary twice the momentum.

            if you drive your car twice as fast ,it takes 4 times as long to stop.

            and that is the power source of a free energy pulsed flywheel

            just such a flywheel prototype has been built,that produces 7.5 KW
            of energy ,with the only input power required to bring it up to speed,and then runs on its own.

          • Bigwilly


            Your numbers and concepts are just not correct. The top fuel dragster’s front wheels are significantly smaller than its back wheels. I would suggest revisiting this sport as it is one of my favorites and you will see the large difference in size.

            The tires use a combination of static and dynamic friction. This combination is sensitive to surface area, hence less surface area ~ less friction ~ longer stopping distance.

            You say, “BigWilly ,the ‘we get it’,is who ? you and established science ?”

            I will not declare the size or the amount of people that “believe” in what I believe, namely, classical physics. I would guess that the amount is probably no less than 7 orders of magnitude higher than the amount of people who believe in your “new physics”, (i do not mean to insult here).

            The things I have stated, or “established” science can be verified, repeatedly and independently and has been and is why it makes up our textbooks and is taught in our classrooms. Thus making it corroborated fact. In this case the onus is on you to disprove this mountain of evidence to give any credibility to your self invented new physics and free energy.

            As always, thank you for the comments and response.


          • jacob

            thanks BigWilly for your response, I too was convinced
            up until 10 years ago,that there was no such thing as free energy ,created from nothing,i would argue with people about it ,
            I started to look into it a
            little closer,first with the inventor Robert Adams from Australia than with Dr.Evert Deutsch ,and learned about the magnetic ether forces or background
            as some call it ,and the high voltage potential between the earth ground and the ionosphere that get shorted out by thunderstorms, the fundamentals of static electricity and capacitors
            the explosion of water by static electricity ,or lightning to cause thunder,
            static electricity in clothing,and little sparks
            which explode water molecules ,static electricity being negative electricity and capable of lighting a lightbulb even though the wires if shorted out get covered by frost,
            the electrolisis of water with high frequency pulsed electricity ,water turning
            into a plasma state at under a 1000 celsius under vacuum ,as dicoversd by Paul
            Pantone,the energy production by centrifugal
            forces alone ,no problem ,selfrunning implosion machines ,by Viktor Schauberger’s repulsine and repulsator ,water car by Stanley Meyer,Centrifugal force powered car by Richard Clem , Paul Baumans
            free Energy Testatica ,just a few of the top of my head.
            BigWilly ,you are right
            to say that probably I am maybe one in a million ,and i have done my own overunity experiments,and I have to admit among hundreds
            of experiments ,i had
            very litte success,but i am
            successful in building and installing heating units,
            with using centrifugal forces as a power multiplier for heat generation with overunity of 20.
            600 watts in 40000 BTU’s out
            with a rotation of 12000rpm
            20000 g force, heat generated by forcing transmission fluid through
            small 1 mm nozzles, in an 8 inch rotor.

            BigWilly ,I am sorry you have been brainwashed by
            curriculums and textbook physics ,but take comfort in the fact that you are not alone ,just about everybody will agree with you ,or like 7 billion people ,but I have the knowledge
            that very few possess ,and i hope that many more will find the truth.
            I have been illuminated

    • psi


      Excellent analysis. Regrettably, I must agree with at least most of what you say.

    • GreenWin


      think this is an upheaval? Think back on how the orthodoxy felt when they had to admit Copernicus and Galileo were right. They thought – what?? The universe does not revolve around US??? Arghh!!

      Same here. Government will adapt. They’ll tax it with some kinda special excise tax or energy tax or other BS. But the cost of energy will fall dramatically and utilities will likely go BK. The money saved WILL circulate in the economy far better than when going to Exxon-Mobile and CON-Edison. Because it will be in the hands of he people.

      If I remember right – it’s supposed to be a government “Of, By and FOR the people.” And there is little government can do without risk of revolution to stop dissemination of open source knowledge.

      • Bob

        I believe the governments will have to adapt over time, but not without a lot of pain for the people. (After all, the powers in play at the time threatened to burn Copernicus at the stake. And this for stating something that did not really effect the day to day commerce of the time)

        The problem with the tax situation is this…there is no precedent in the US where a HUGE tax is placed on such a low dollar purchase. In my example above, the $7 of tax on the $100 purchase would have to be replaced by $700 tax on the $100 purchase, just for the government to break even. This would cause great upheaval in that there is NO current tax that even comes close. So the government cannot simply put a HUGE tax on LENR, but then it cannot ignore it either. So what to do????? They will try to delay it until they come up with a new income source.

        • GreenWin

          You seriously think 300M people are going to let their Congress (government) stop them from buying and installing money saving hot water heaters?? How??

          We’ve been hearing for years now it’s belt tightening time. Here it comes. We can save 500B annually by ending oil imports. Start small – and keep cutting. Ron Paul knows how.

    • Bob, I’ve been saying exactly the same for quite some time on another blog. I would like nothing more than to agree with the idealists that distributed power generation will transform the world, but it simply will not be permitted, probably (as you say) on specious ‘safety’ grounds.

      Plant-scale installations such as the Brillouin boiler and Rossi/DGT multi-megawatt units (if they are real) would probably be allowed as you suggest, provided of course that they are under the full control of the military and corporate users. It would be very easy for the establishment to use its control of mass media to introduce fear of the technology in order to justify government ‘licensing’, which of course would only be available to the big boys. Anyone found to be ‘contravening’ the control system, for instance by experimenting in their garages, would almost certainly be treated very harshly to provide a few ‘examples’.

      The oiks of course will not see any reduction in their utility costs and this will probably be justified as necessary to pay for conversion of all existing generation assets to ‘fight global warming’ or whatever.

      If smaller (home scale) units are ever permitted, it would only be subject to direct monitoring of their output, and the introduction of taxation that would level the playing field with centralised utilities. Existing mobile technology could easily be used in the monitoring/taxation regime, and could be used to deactivate a unit if required. Defkalion have already said that their ‘hyperion’ units will include this type of system.

      • GreenWin

        Peter, the fearful worry about energy corporate resistance. But how long has metered energy been around? A hundred years? Before that, people bought coal and non-petroleum oil. Before that wood was gathered at minimal cost to farmers.

        The utilities need to be visionary if they are to stay in business. By branding their own ecats, Hyperions, CHP systems they convert rate income loss to LENR manufacturing, install, maintenance revenue. A not too difficult to envision transition.

        Failure to compete with widespread manufacture of LENR heaters and CHP from Asia, India, renegade EU – is certain doom for old school energy cartels.

        After all, you can do this in a High School science lab! Whose gonna stop billions from adopting it?

        • Greenwin, the existing corporates in the energy sector (including those in the BRIC countries I suspect) like things the way they are. They are at the other end of all the strings and are profiting nicely without doing much more than ticking over.

          There is absolutely no way that they could compete in a ‘straight’ marketplace that included anyone who wanted to, manufacturing LENR devices on any scale they wished. Nor, as Bob pointed out earlier, is there any way that governments could replace the taxes they would lose if oil and gas became redundant for powergen, and cars no longer needed liquid fuels.

          Neither party is going to let it happen.

      • Matt S

        I still maintain that ‘they’ the control freaks will do all they can to keep their control, money & taxes. This is what i think they will do; an early stage LENR/cf device will come to market, very simply they will sabotage a number of these devices and ensure the headlines are made, property damage will occur, someone may be put in hospital, you can already see the headlines in the unthinking mans press, “LENR danger reactor burns down house” “Government to consider ban on home LENR usage”, “Home hydrogen production to be outlawed”.

        As much as i hope i’m being over the top about these possible future scenarios i really cannot see them loosing so many tax dollars/euros to something like this and they will fight real dirty to keep control at all costs, anyone thinking otherwise or claims this to be BS has far too much misplaced faith in what should be right and wrong.

        • Yes – this is inevitable. The sad thing is that most of the ‘masses’ will never understand what they have lost – they’ll just be relieved when they are told that the ‘AGW’ problem is being solved. Until of course the replacement ‘threat’ hits the headlines five minutes later.

  • Kim

    Our society is run by concept “artificial scarcity”

    If it scarce then it has “value”

    Men known as bankers, gather scarcity. gold energy diamonds ect…

    If there is not enough than it has more control value.

    What a crock… Its the grand illusion perpetuated
    from Birth.

    There is plenty of every thing ad nauseum.

    Its the lynch pin to control. i.e. “Slaves”

    Energy is free.

    Why do you think that they suppress it in your face.

    The last thing they want is for the people know
    that every thing is free and abundant.


    • Bigwilly

      Hi Kim,

      I must disagree with your sentiments. Your comments above seem to completely ignore economics. Scarcity is real and always has been, and always will be. There are fixed resources, water, electricity, precious metals, food, etc and unlimited wants, (human demand).

      We as humans always crave more. This is a generalized statement that applies to 99,999 out of 100,000 people and is the reason civilization has moved from the cave to its current position.

      Now I will assume that you are different and if you do not crave material possessions, money or power, than I am joyful for you. But please do not condemn the rest of us. It is like condemning a mountain in the distance. The mountain is there, has been there and will always be there. Disdain for the mountain is completely wasted and fruitless.

      As always, thank you for your comments,


    • If energy is free then much can be made more cheaply, but even the e-cats will require resources that must be extracted and use human resources and there will still be a limit, a bottle neck of some size. Your suggested cornucopia of abundance will never bring free energy nor anything else free except maybe the air. Certainly, compared to where we are today we may be on the cusp of a change and relatively speaking there will be abundance but nothing will be free–ever.

    • Filip

      LENR is clean.

    • Ramo

      Wake up from the dream, Kim. Nothing is free and abundant. Earth is not flat and unlimited. Constant growth is unsustainable in the long run, even with cheap energy. And who is “they”?

  • People, I have confirmation that the high school science project works! My spacecraft is now orbiting around the earth at Lagrangian libration point 5.

    • dragon

      Your comments gives me the silly impression that when Cold Fusion will reign supreme on Planet Earth, you will be the last men to get a Cold Fusion Device to power up your home.
      Is this true?

    • How much are you paid to trot out this crap?

      • GreenWin

        Is this Ponzi the Perv??

        • I have to admit the pear shaped high school (under 18) girl in their slide show caught my eye.

        • By the way, if something is in L5 it isn’t orbiting the earth. If you weren’t paying attention to political correctness you would have noticed the error.

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  • Bob

    An interesting “main stream” article on the research activity at the University of Missouri. Talk about strange “conflicting” statements. They mention all the governmental agencies working on LENR (although recently most have been said to shut down) This is a VERY respected, large University with it’s own Nuclear Reactor on campus. For them to state that LENR is REAL, just not UNDERSTOOD is saying something! The article even points out that it is strange that this is being “ignored” by the government.

    (This article is NOT from some web “ecat” website, but from an completely indenpendant newsource.)


    • It is beginning to look like CF may be being cleared for take-off. Large scale passenger liners and military jets only, of course – no private Cessnas allowed!

      • Robert Mockan

        It would be good insurance that every person learn how to make the nuclear active catalyst and fuel. The world needs this kind of technology as soon as possible. Being able to make efficient nuclear active catalysts means the technology can not be buried (again?).

        • Agreed. Unfortunately it would not be difficult for governments to restrict supplies of (for instance) nickel nano-powder on some pretext. However it would probably be more difficult to control the availability of nickel metal or simple salts, so what we need are reliable ways to precipitate nano-particles from Ni sulphate/chloride/nitrate solutions.

          • Robert Mockan

            I just posted some information about this subject on my blogspot (too long an article to post here). Just do a Google search for OPEN SOURCE NUCLEAR FUEL and follow the link to the blog.

          • Sanjeev

            Those govts and their countries will go down to stone age, if they do so. Not all countries will do that.

            Making a powder of nickel is not a rocket science. I see that no one can stop this….

    • jacob

      that is a good news story

      but universities all over the world
      are trying to find out why LENR
      COLD FUSION works.

      but can’t seem to get the US gov.
      interested,with it’s what a joke
      green energy policy.

      • Jay the Engineer

        I agree 100%, LENR needs to be taken seriously in the US.

        It’s shameful that each day I read the news no scientific curiosity or discoveries but rather tabloids and crap.

      • Bob

        You mean they’re trying to figure out IF lenr works. No one has properly demonstrated it yet.

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  • tom h

    Zed there is a they (TPTB) and Bob its not the governments, the governments are just puppets. I urge you all to watch the following film, it costs 5 pound to rent but it is worth it. Give the 1 min trailer a go im sure most of you will be intrigued to rent and you will be pretty shocked at how the world really works.



    “Four Horsemen is the debut feature from director Ross Ashcroft which reveals the fundamental flaws in the economic system which have brought our civilization to the brink of disaster.

    23 leading thinkers –frustrated at the failure of their respective disciplines – break their silence to explain how the world really works.

    The film pulls no punches in describing the consequences of continued inaction – but its message is one of hope. If more people can equip themselves with a better understanding of how the world really works, then the systems and structures that condemn billions to poverty or chronic insecurity can at last be overturned. Solutions to the multiple crises facing humanity have never been more urgent, but equally, the conditions for change have never been more favourable.”

  • vbasic

    The interesting thing about this is a person with lab knowledge should be able to set up the configuration.
    Although it would be difficult to verify COP, I wouldn’t care. If you’re getting radiation, from what should be only a chemical reaction then it must be a LENR reaction. It’s interesting that they specify a Geiger counter in the configuration.

    • wes

      Geiger Counter? Stick a hamster next to that thing. If the rodent lives through the day, we’re good to go.

      • Ramo

        Animal cruelty!

      • Paul Richards

        Wes – that sort of comment is part of the nuclear industries culture, and right at home on the Simpsons. You must be a BBmr generation and American ; )

        • Paul, I’m not quite sure where you get the idea that ‘babyboomers’ enjoy pulling the wings off flies? (or for that matter, support the nuclear industry).

          • Filip

            It’s irony.
            I am affraid of people with no sence for irony.

          • ‘It’s irony, Jim – but not as we know it.’

          • Filip

            It’s a reply on Wes’ comment, Spock, I’m sorry.

          • Filip

            to Ramo and Paul R

    • HN

      Put a weenie in each ear. When they are done, it’s time to go home!

      • Mark Bachelder

        Irony again. No good science without a little humor, right?

  • georgehants

    University of Missouri
    Nuclear researchers attempt to locate new source of renewable energy
    John Gahl
    In 2011, John Gahl, professor of electrical engineering and director of MU’s Material Science Program, received a Mizzou Advantage grant to conduct low-energy nuclear reaction experiments using the Reactor’s cyclotron. Rob Hill photo.
    Replicating heat reaction is primary goal
    Not long ago, the idea that a scientist could generate energy using little more than a beacon of water, a bit of metal and some electricity was met with widespread skepticism.
    Today, so-called low-energy nuclear reactions, or LENR, are being recorded in laboratories around the world. Scientists from the Naval Research Laboratory, the National Energy Laboratory of Italy, as well as research teams in France, Japan and Israel have all observed the phenomenon — a wallop of heat when electricity is applied to palladium, nickel or platinum submerged in deuterium-enriched water.
    Many scientists are convinced that a new source of clean, cheap renewable energy is within reach. But the experiments to generate the heat don’t always work, and when they do, experts can’t agree why.
    MU researchers are trying to understand the physical science behind the heat effect. Last February their research received a monetary boost via a $5.5 million gift from philanthropist Sidney Kimmel.

  • If you need help with Polish translation of this article I’m ready to help!!!

    • zero

      Do it. We need to get this in as many languages as we can so we can spread it to everyone.

  • dragon

    I don’t know if this idea was put before on this forum but I think we should all put a sticker on our cars saying something like “Powered by LENR!” so that people can see it on the streets all the time and google it to see what it means.
    It is also good for our morale when we will see “brothers in arms” on the streets.
    What do you thinks?

    • Bob

      When you have an actual car powered by LERN, I’m all for advertising it. But in the meantime, lying about it is just wrong.

    • Barry

      I like it!

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  • David

    Ask questions to Ugo Abundo

  • edog

    Any follow up to this article?
    I cant find anything of interest.. this has got to be the hottest article in months.
    Hasnt anyone tried to replicated it yet??
    The ingredients and recipe are right there >>

  • AlanSmith

    @Dragon. ‘LENR’ = Lousy engine, needs replacing.

  • AlanSmith

    @Dragon. ‘LENR’ = Lousy engine, needs replacing.

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