Federal Grants Key To Understanding LENR Phenomona, Says U of Missouri’s Rob Duncan

An article published in the University of Missouri’s MizzouWeekly newspaper discusses work that will be done the at the University’s Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance which was recently established through a gift of $5.5 million from philanthropist Sidney Kimmel.

The work of the institute is going to focus on the theoretical underpinnings of LENR reactions. According to John Gahl, director of MU’s Material Science Program, the University’s Research Reactor is currently being used to evaluate various LENR theories. Gahl says, “We’re taking a look directly at the theoretical constructs that have been put forward as a way to explain these phenomena. The theories are falsifiable, so we should be able to construct experiments to show whether this theory or that theory is absolutely incorrect.”

Rob Duncan, MU vice chancellor of research estimates that to date, only $2 million in federal research funds have been allocated to help the advancement of understanding of LENR. He says, ““I think it’s unusual, given the body of evidence, that there isn’t more money being spent to inquire what’s going on . . . Competitive grants — awards based on proven scientific merit — are the key to really getting at what is happening, because then clever research groups around the country can apply for federal funding to try and figure it out.” Duncan notes that since much of the research in LENR is privately funded, research results are proprietary, and therefore hard for other researchers to examine and build upon.

The article notes that Energetics Technologies, a private cold fusion company founded in Israel, but now part of MU’s Life Sciences incubator, will be working with MU researchers.

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  • Matt S

    Mr Duncan is being incredibly tactful here when he says, “I think it’s unusual, given the body of evidence, that there isn’t more money being spent to inquire what’s going on”.

    We can only guess what is really happening, but it is very hard to believe that the reason money is not being put into this is because they still think it is some sort of scam/hoax science now, those in charge of the cash really are running out of excuses to not put more funding into public research and I think Mr Duncan is very aware of that judging by his comment.

    • GreenWin

      Well put Matt.

    • I’m sure that shedloads of taxpayer’s money are currently being poured into CF research by various branches of the US, Russian and Chinese military. I rather doubt the intention is to provide you and me with cheap home heating though.

  • GreenWin

    We greatly admire Dr. Duncan and his work to bring LENR to daylight. His comments underline the extreme problem if not corruption at DOE and US Patent Office. It is now VERY clear the previous two DOE investigations of LENR were heavily prejudiced. Between hot fusion, oilcos, utilities, and NRC – no one wants the people to have low cost, pollution free electricity and heat.

    Comments recently suggest this is an un-scalable wall. It is not. No more than apartheid, segregation, or women’s suffrage. The lack of federal vision demonstrates the strangle hold certain entities have over DOE, Commerce and science establishment.

    The press is playing their part by sticking fingers in ears and singing “La la la…” whenever another LENR breakthrough happens. But now with the Open Source release of the Pirelli High School reactor – students all over the world will be learning the new physics. Who’s gonna stop them?

    Will the USA continue their cognitive denial? Will some courageous politician step forward and demand funds for R&D?? Will red neck physicists like Huizenga and Park be prosecuted??

    Do not touch that dial, folks. It’s the best show in the galaxy.

    • georgehants

      GreenWin, the religious Dogma in science is stronger than that of the Catholic church, that after a slight delay apologised to Galileo, but Giordano Bruno who was burnt for saying there where “other Worlds” is still waiting.
      When science officially apologises to P&F and many more for the abuse they have received from official sources, then science will at last win back some of the respect that it has justifiably lost.

    • @Greenwin: “Comments recently suggest this is an un-scalable wall”. No its not, but it will almost certainly be the initial path taken in most of the developed and developing world, and it will be very hard to scale. Like the abolition of slavery, ending apartheid or womens voting rights, the process could take decades, even if sufficient pressure is brought to bear.

      In the case of my comments, both here and on ecatnews, I’m just trying to warn that when proof of CF finally breaks on the world, nothing much will change, at least not initially. There will be no home generators, probably no home heaters, the energy status quo will continue more or less without a glitch, and our ‘masters’ will continue to gouge energy taxes from us. In short, no bright new world, because it will certainly be stolen from us in one way or another.

      I think there are now some indications that the banksters know that CF could be the key to their own privileged existence after peak oil, but it will be introduced (if this is the case) on their terms, not ours, and in a manner designed to avoid disruption or depreciation of corporate assets.

      • jacob

        Peter Roe, the need for cheap heat
        is great , so great matter of fact,that
        if outlawed ,or prevented to go to market,
        will cause it to be manufactured in shops
        and back Yards across America and the World

        We will not accept the energy control
        over us for much longer.
        We will built our own devices with the
        help of other inventive minds.
        the fact that it would not have a UL or
        CSA sticker on it ,so we can live nice and
        cozy and warm with a heated greenhouse
        and pool ,matters very little to most , as
        long it is well hidden away from law enforcement’s prying eyes ,and can not be
        carried of by them.

        will see what happens

        • Kim

          I agree their will be plans so simple
          that a 10 year old can build it.

          It may not come with the safety ect..
          or a remote control…

          but buy god when you can fill a 250

          gallon drum every day with boiling

          I don’t know what to say


          • jacob

            Kim ,it needs to be save of
            course ,so nobody gets hurt

          • jacob

            Kim ,in the 1980s,i built a building housing a wood burner,and in 1 room i stored
            4500gallons of hot water at 160F to heat our operation and
            hot water,we burned 40 cords of wood a year,that is a lot of trees

      • Barry

        Perhaps a lot of that is true in the old world, but not in the new. The internet, love it or hate it, is playing and will play a major roll in what is around the corner. We can’t even imagine where we will be in five years. Just two days ago I looked up the Pirelli High School’s web site. Everything was in Italian. I hit the Google translate button and pop! the Google system translated it all into english. Rough English but I could get the gist. I felt like I can now communicate with the world. There is a mass movement of communication going on and it will circumvent a lot of old forms.
        We are in for many revolutions (peaceful ones I hope). This is an energy revolution with an unstoppable force behind it. The world will change quickly in it’s wake. I had my doubts before but there are now regular confirmations causing waves of belief.

      • GreenWin

        Dunno Peter. I see water heaters coming from a thousand startups and from DIY kits sold in Pop Mech/Science. The plans from Pirelli HS will prove beyond denial – there is a repeatable anomalous heat effect.

        You can buy nickel and tungsten powders on the open market. You can buy a tank of H2 for $100. Who and HOW is anyone going to stop the home brew ecat from being sold online by the thousands?? What member of Congress wants to say you cannot have cheap hot water – cause we need our pork??

        Defkalion claims to be certifying safety. Rossi says he’s working on UL certification. The cosmos wants planet earth to evolve beyond energy fiefdoms, cartels, and widespread poverty. It sounds strange to say that eh??

        “And therefore as a stranger give it welcome. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet

        • I hope you are right, Greenwin. I think things are in the balance and could come down either way.

          As to the ‘how’ of control, if fear of CF is generated through propaganda, and perhaps an ‘incident’ or two are manufactured, it would not be too difficult to justify making the availability of nickel or tungsten in the right forms subject to ‘licensing’. As far as the average member of the public is concerned, tungsten or nickel are probably just as exotic as uranium or polonium, and they might see little difference.

          There might be ways around this, using ‘home brew’ methods as linked earlier in this thread, but who wants their door kicked in at 3:00 AM by armed SWAT teams, for the sake of cheaper heating?

  • georgehants

    It would I think be unfair to blame the response to P&F etc. all on federal grants.
    The lack of grants, are more a result of the way science has denied and abused the subject of Cold Fusion.
    The question is, has or will the faults shown in the treatment of Cold Fusion change science for the better, will lessons be learned, will the many other subjects denied and abused by the Dogma of “expert opinion” start to be properly addressed.

  • PersonFromPorlock

    That’s one way to look at it. Another is that press releases are the key to federal grants.

  • Jambo

    The federal government has some pretty strong disincentives to promoting the development of LENR – absence of a viable of tax revenue scheme and potential, independent militarization of the technology.

    These represent two pretty big “no no’s” for them and probably why there will be no patents issued for the tech any time in the foreseeable future.

    It will have to be developed with private funds before it is likely finally “pooh poohed” on safety or other contrived grounds to prohibit any further development.

    The best thing that can happen is to open source each discovery with patented details like those school teachers did – because you can’t simply stop that.

    • Filip

      Economy and politics can’t back up with the exponential growth of technology, it’s going too fast.
      I think it’s lack of interest, politicians want votes, if it can’t give them votes, they don’t care.
      So some of them, like senator Bruce Tar, think maybe they can gain a few votes and some attention.
      There is no conspiracy, it’s just random.

  • HHiram

    It really is unfortunate to see so much conspiracy-theory idiocy in the comments on this website. it’s clear that none of the folks who believe such nonsense are actually scientists themselves.

    There is no conspiracy to prevent LENR from developing. The U.S. federal government can barely deliver the mail. It certainly isn’t capable of implementing a comprehensive global scheme to suppress scientific research. Besides, why would foreign countries like China cooperate in such a scheme? It’s absurd.

    The reason there hasn’t been more LENR research is because Pons and Fleischmann rushed to publicize an experiment that couldn’t be replicated well enough, and they humiliated themselves and the rest of the scientific community. Since then, well-respected scientists have been afraid to support cold fusion. Since well-respected scientists are not interested, there is no funding available. This is because funding depends on peer-review and expert advisory panels. With no well-respected scientists to recommend funding such research, or even to review proposals for such research, there is no funding. It’s simple. It’s no conspiracy, it’s just politics and the scientific culture.

    But now, things are changing. Once the results become compelling, well-respected scientists will see less risk in being open-minded about LENR. We are nearing the tipping point, I think. Once we reach the tipping point, there will be a flood of research (and funding) for LENR. If the technology is real, nothing can stop it.

    • jacob

      HHiram,that’s the opinion one would form,if
      someone would learn all they know from textbooks
      magazines and TV.
      you have been fooled , and not know,so all you
      have learned is a clever thought out illusion .

      sorry to have to tell you .

      but i do agree with your last paragraph .

      sorry but i do agree with your last

      • Julien

        Sorry buddy, but he’s right.

      • Julien

        HHiram is right, of course. Not jacob.

        • Warthog

          Actually, HHiram and you are both wrong. There “is” an effort to suppress cold fusion. It probably doesn’t actually rise to the level of an organized conspiracy with leaders and secret meetings, but it “is” there, and has been largely successful. Those behind it are heavily vested in “hot physics”, have large grants to research same, and are influential in the peer review and funding processes.

          “They” (or some of them) may even believe that what they are doing is right….suppressing “pathological science”. But the fact remains that they have succeeded in denying funding to CF research, denying publication of positive results on CF, denying tenure and promotion to young researchers who want to investigate CF, and, in some cases, acting (and sometimes succeeding) in having qualified researchers pilloried/fired for daring to investigate the topic.

          The evidence for this suppression is as solid as the evidence in favor of CF. See what was done to Bockris as a typical example. There are many other such pieces of evidence.

    • tom h

      The government wouldnt be the ones doing the suppression, they are just puppets. The governments of the world do not really control the world, that is just an illusion.

      It gives the masses an impression of control (i.e election voteing) when in reality they are the ones being controlled. Every single one of us is controlled, democracy is an illusion it doesnt exist.

      The thing is the world is slowly realising something’s not right. The whole system is a ponzi scheme that is going to come crashing down. The arab spring, occupy movement etc are just the beginning, change is coming, because the system is collapsing.

      • Kim

        By design.

        The illusion of scarcity is used to
        create the monetary value.

        i.e. oil,gold,diamonds


        With free energy there is no scarcity. No

        With energy,time,technology any material can be produced in abundance.

        This is the problem the elite have now.

        Why are they letting this happen now?

        Why now? Something has changed.



    • GreenWin

      This spin might have worked for the old school. Kids are too smart to buy it any longer. They’ve read Gene Mallove’s Special Report online:



      • jacob

        lots of information there

        reminds me of the MIT plasmatron they
        built and with Arvin Meritor were going to
        built and massproduce to save 30% on fuel
        consumption on every car on this planet.

        Arvin Meritor was bought out by One Equity
        Partners ,owned by the Rockerfeller Family
        and the PlasmaTron was shelved.
        The plasmatron would simply turn all fuel
        into plasma , before combustion

    • dsm

      Good summary to me. Re the conspiracy theorists: These folks are *often* just satisfying an inherent need for coping with evil entities haunting their world. A very human characteristic.
      e.g. when the cold war ended, many US citizens began to see conspiracies in their own leaders. Malitia membership grew like crazy. Then we had a succession of Evil monsters to redirect this human need for them: Manuel Noriega, Muhammar Kaddaffi, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden.
      Right now we need another one as there is a bit of a void – how about Global Warming and the association to Oil Companies, or Power companies and their evil plot to squash new energy.

    • Sparks

      Well said, HHiram. In fact, I would go one step further in what you have to say. Specifically, there have been enough reports of encouraging experimental LENR phenomena, that it is likely that a good number of scientists are in fact already researching LENR at some level, and probably a lot of graduate students looking at it in “their spare time.” All it takes is a few subtle, but repeatable, findings, or less than that, just a plausible theoretical explanation, for a topic to take off and start being investigated vigorously in newfound directions. Non-scientists simply don’t understand how the academic world works, and there are a lot of non-scientists on this forum. They have no concept of the vast realm of young, brilliant, and disciplined minds in that world, and their appetite for forging disruptive new scientific pathways. It is so alien to the non-scientist, that they invent these conspiracy theories instead.

      • Ramo

        Well said both HHiram and Sparks. Well balanced opinions. I am more skeptical about the reality of CF, though. I think that there is hardly any new overwhelming evidence since P&F’s claims, but maybe new research will produce something interesting enough to warrant publicly funded grants.

    • Such a pollyanna view of how the world works is charming, but sadly completely unfounded. The simple fact is that national governments have been largely irrelevant to world developments for decades. Decisions are made by groups of bank-backed power elites operating well outside any democratic control. Anyone who still believes that the US government in particular operates autonomously and in the interests of the American people is quite simply deluded (as they are intended to be). Virtually every department and agency within US Federal government has now been pocketed by corporate interests.

      It is only now that the internet provides the opportunity for people to learn how they are really ‘governed’ in the absolute interest of the elite. If people choose to ignore the information to hand, then that is their choice – but it doesn’t alter the facts.

      For a couple of good in-depth analyses for ‘starters’:


      • tom h

        Well said peter i am absolutely amazed at the amount of delusional people on this board, humanity really is in a dire situation the masses have to wake up NOW!!!

        Ill keep posting this video because people have to watch it, the masses have to realise that we have all been screwed over.


  • Roger Bird

    We don’t need no stinking government intervention.

    • Actually we do. If we had an X-Prize the high school in Italy would be deciding what to do with the millions right now.

      Welfare for scientists is not my idea of positive government intervention. That’s all this UofM stuff will end up being.

      • Kim

        The concept of Welfare would eventually
        go the way of dinosaur with free energy
        as the normal. Unlimited abundance.


      • GreenWin

        And taxpayer grants are not welfare on balance? Billions for AGW??? Joke. And X-Prize tradition is from private funds.

    • Filip

      You are talking like there’s just one government on the planet, typically American.

    • jacob

      Governments make much money from oil revenue,and are not to eager to jump of the cliff ,they are almost bankrupt as it is

  • Alan DeAngelis

    “In 1772 the residents of Luce in France reported that rock had fallen from the sky, causing considerable damage. During the resulting investigation by the Academie Francaise, the respected chemist Antoine Lavoisier pronounced with absolute certainty that the stone could not have fallen from the sky, because there are no stones in the sky. The strength of Lavoisier’s conviction was such that it helped put back the scientific study of meteorites for over a quarter of a century.”
    -From the editors of Reader’s Digest Quest for the Unknown Series volume “Bizarre Phenomena”

  • GreenWin

    Here’s an interesting resource for Open Source manufacture of nickel nanoparticles. Darn. With all this Open Source knowledge coming online – the cost of a home LENR water heater keeps plunging!


    THIS is how the old walls come crashing down. Avoid education bottlenecks. Deliver knowledge directly to the people.

    • Kim

      Yes I agree.

      The time has come for all knowledge to be
      shared, and irrespective of a persons education
      level or proclivity.


      • Ramo

        Which inevitably leads to incompete, crackpot and nutcase interpretations of that knowledge, too.

        • GreenWin

          Absolutely. Like hot fusion power.

  • Kim

    By design.

    The illusion of scarcity is used to
    create the monetary value.

    i.e. oil,gold,diamonds

    With free energy there is no scarcity. No
    Fear. No control

    With energy,time,technology any material can be produced in abundance.

    This is the problem the elite have now.

    Why are they letting this happen now?

    Why now? Something has changed.

    Quarantine lifted. Next stop the stars.



    • GreenWin

      Kim – you see. Thanks.

    • Ramo

      Kim – you see.. this is not how it works. You cannot turn lead into gold even if you have all the power you want. Keep dreaming kiddo.

    • tom h

      Kim scarcity is not an illusion. The earth is just a tiny planet with FINITE resources. Yes the elite control everything and they control us but they do this by owning everything (media, land, food, fiat currency etc).

      If you really think scarcity is an illusion i suggest you do some research and i suggest you do asap. Oil etc is running low we are reaching the peak of everything not just oil most materials and elements are being consumed by human king at an ever increasing rate. We are using up our children’s and grandchildren s future, i suggest you watch 2 films:




      read this aswell from a TED talk entitled THE EARTH IS FULL!!!


      • tom h

        Kim i also suggest you google “the strawman illsuion” watch the video very interesting. We basically live in a matrix type world with hardly any laws (yes i know what your thinking but watch it all will be expalined) the guy also tells you how you can avoid being jailed if you have to go to court some interesting loophole. well really there is N

      • GreenWin

        Tom, the advent of QED and its disturbing confirmations that observers (us) CHANGE the way energy and matter behaves – at the nano scale anyway – is paramount.

        The consciousness movement today enlists millions in a spiritual-based understanding that WE are responsible for our environment. There is abundant energy, food, water, light and love IF you use your heart and mind to make it so.

        What LENR is doing is convincing billions that we have viable, empirical answers for many of the world’s problems. Those answers have not been made available. But High School kids show us THEY can build an LENR experiment with COP 4. i.e. LENR has gone grass roots. Knowledge is carried around the globe openly via internet. The elites have overstepped, misjudged, been selfish.

        Now the walls are crumbling. Abundant energy means fresh water, electricity, food, clean air – and end to Fukishimas, limits to reason for war, etc… Do not assume the human race functions in a cosmological vacuum – it does not. We have friends. Far bigger and more powerful than “elites” and armies and navies.

        BTW paul gilding’s world might collapse – he’s responsible for it. But the worlds of those with vision, light and strong hearts – will not.

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  • georgehants

    From Defkalion website thanks to Sterling
    Defkalion Green Technologies is in the final stages of its industrial prototype. We currently seek professionals to expand our permanent workforce. You will work in a group of creative, ambitious and innovative professionals eager to explore new ideas to further ensure Defkalion’s pioneer position with first market entry. Our guiding principle is having a genuine belief in and respect for a new energy era.
    Currently we seek to recruit 21 professionals with a strong proven track record of performance in various areas of specialization:
    Product Manager 1
    Product Development 2
    Design Engineers 1
    Development Engineers 2
    Mechanical Engineers 3
    Electrical Engineers 2
    System Engineers 1
    Lab Measurement Operators 2
    Application Engineers 2
    Chemical Engineers 1
    Robotics Engineers 1
    Training Engineers 2
    Information & Network Engineer 1
    We seek professionals with the ability to lead and work in multi-disciplined teams, capable of managing multiple tasks with a high degree of initiative and independence.
    English is the official and professional language of the company, despite being based in Greece.
    Relocation packages will be considered where necessary.

    • Robert Mockan

      If I were 40 years younger! Also leading to EU passport and citizenship giving access to all the countries of the world! Expatriate and no longer entangled in the US tax laws! Once employed off shore able to travel and live just about anywhere in the world! And on top of all that in a field with a future!

      Those are dream jobs for the right candidates!

    • GreenWin

      It’ll be amusing to see how the skeps treat this;) “Fake jobs… Part of the con-spiracy… they’re probably making microwave ovens… etc.”

      Skeptopaths cannot tolerate growing good news about this critical new energy source. For some, good is cause for anger.

  • Westreicher

    Defkalion is seeking for professionals to expand their permanent workforce


  • georgehants

    The hot Nuclear industry are advertising how wonderful their power stations are, yet still some countries are planning new builds.

    Fukushima Is Falling Apart: Are You Ready … For A Mass Extinction Event?
    April 26, 2012
    If they are MOX fuel, containing 6% plutonium, one fuel rod has the potential to kill 2.89 billion people. If this pool collapses, as Senator Wyden is now saying too, we would face a mass extinction event from the release of radiation in those rods.
    That is, if we aren’t in one already. Nuke experts like Arnie Gundersen and Helen Caldicott are prepared to evacuate their families to the southern hemisphere if that happens. It is that serious.
    So now you know, if you didn’t before. We are in big trouble.
    More info on reactor 4 down below.

    • The situation at Fukushima really is as dire as this report suggests. If you have not followed the link in Georgehants’ post, and done some online research to corroborate the Infowars summary, perhaps it is time to do so.

      TEPCO has been floundering for a year, they are completely incapable of managing the disaster in any meaningful way. A huge international effort is required to try to mitigate the damage.

      The more people who make themselves aware of the real and imminent catastrophe that may be just around the corner, the more pressure can be bought to bear on our stupid, corrupt and complacent politicians to force them to act before it is too late.

      • georgehants

        Peter, one must take note that once again as with Cold Fusion there is a media conspiracy of silence.
        It is a fact that the Truth is this World only comes from fringe publication websites such as we are reading now.
        These sites are now the Premier Journals of science and more.
        Anybody who rely’s on the main-stream for the Truth is fooling themselves.

      • abou fukushima, stop propagating usual stupidity of some smart manipulators agenda.

        fukushima still killed nobody, won’t kill anybody, but the stupid unjustified forbiden zone, will kill thousands of people , by suicide , depression, alsoolism, like it did in chernobyl…

        ther are some natural zone around 100mSv/year average , which are perfect for living, and some are less deadly for cancer than our smoky cities…

        stupidity spread fast, when spread by dishonnest people having agenda.

        • Let me guess – you work for the nuclear industry?

    • GreenWin

      Don’t miss this letter sent by Senator Wyden to the Japanese Ambassador:

      It is a political reason to end ALL fission reactor development that will be VERY hard to snuff.


  • georgehants

    This should help to discover the theory behind Cold Fusion and many other things.

    Reflections on a tiny crystal supercomputer
    Michael J. Biercuk
    Getting a handle on quantum magnetic interactions between electrons in solids has the potential to revolutionise our understanding of chemistry and biology. It could also give us exceptional new capabilities to engineer designer materials for clean and efficient power distribution or generation.

  • georgehants

    Jed Rothwell
    Thu, 26 Apr 2012 15:42:16 -0700
    I uploaded 3 new papers including PowerPoint slides from Dmitriyeva that
    people here have been talking about. See:
    The document from Fleischmann & Miles is edited by Pam Boss. It includes a
    number of manuscripts and letters. There is a long tale of woe starting on
    p. 239, with a series of letters between Miles and An Editor at a Major Journal.
    Pam sent me another document, 258 pages long, which I am still working on:
    Fleischmann, M., et al., *Experimental Evidence of Nuclear Reactions
    Generated in a Polarized Pd/D Lattice*. 2012, LENR-CANR.org.
    It includes a number of unpublished papers from the Navy. It also has a
    manuscript from Fleischmann “Background to Cold Fusion” with hand written
    notes. We have the finished paper here:
    Below is the table of contents for “*Experimental Evidence . . .*” (The
    upcoming document.) Several of these papers are already on file. Some of
    the ones in this collection are in manuscript format, which will be
    interesting for historians. There are several authors, who are not listed
    in this T.O.C. for some reason. The last paper is by Scott Chubb.
    – Jed

    • Robert Mockan

      When you calculate the Schwinger Ratio, and the BECNF factor for different metals and compounds with
      the isotopes of hydrogen, and chart the data in cartesian coordinates, you find intersections that predict with over 98% accuracy proven nuclear active catalyst compositions. The other intersections potentially correspond to higher temperature and higher power generation compositions. Lattice crystal cluster size, surface morphology, lattice rigidity, intrinsic resistance to atomic migration of lattice, are the variables researchers are also looking at closely. There will be, eventually, simple methods developed for synthesizing optimum nuclear active catalyst compositions. As more people understand how this research is done, and how it is progressing, the chances LANR technology can be stopped (again?) continues to decrease..
      For people who are already at information overload there are especially two articles that should be downloaded and studied carefully, to at least get back on track. They discuss actually two separate hypothesis, but with a commonality as revealed by charting the data points.


    • Robert Mockan

      Thanks for posting the references. If every person reads and at least try to understand those articles available, especially the papers about theory by Bass, there might be a lot less skepticism about the cold fusion subject.

  • GreenWin

    The Fukishima disaster provides further evidence that nuclear fission is NOT the path for future energy:

    Release of radioactive gas “133Xe, which would effectively increase the estimated inventory to 14.4 EBq 133Xe. This release is more than a factor of two higher than the Chernobyl 133Xe source term and most likely the largest radioactive noble gas release in history. There is also strong evidence that the start of the release occurred early, before the first active venting was made.”
    Atmos. Chem. Phys., 12, 2313–2343, 2012 A. Stohl et al Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Kjeller, Norway et al

    This is one reason Senator Wyden (OR) has just written the Japanese Ambassador. Fuel rods in Pool #4 threaten the planet’s entire population.

    If for no other reason than nuclear fission poses a continuing threat from toxic waste – the US public should start petitioning for significant LENR R&D financing. Write your Congressman today.